What Is the best strategy to deal with 3 clouds in smash online?

  1. I currently Picked up super smash bros for my wii u since it is not on the switch yet. When I go Home I immediately open it and play it( since I have not played since My 3ds Broke) While I am online I come across 3 cloud players. I think every thing is going to be ok but I was wrong. The 3 clouds were a giant team. they were working together. and remember this was for fun online. I'M still a little rusty so I try to beat them with my main ness. It did not work they were too fast and since they were working together it was even tougher than dealing with one cloud. I was so Determined to beat them after a couple of matches that I kept using other characters?( some I barely knew how to use) I ended up doing this for an hour. and I felt sad inside jut seeing these clouds mock me and win every match( i did not win a single match) I quit after a while and I just felt bad inside. I was thinking to myself that that was not fair. 3 clouds teaming up together to beat one player that had not played smash in about a year. i felt so bad i started looking up ways to beat cloud. but they were too confusing on youtube because they talk too fats and its alot to put in your brain.I felt very sad when i just left and let them mock me like i'm just a weak smash player. but I want to get better but first i have to know some tips and tricks on how to beat cloud so next time I don't have to sit there and feel bad

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  1. "Cloud's greatest asset is the overall range throughout his moveset, courtesy of his Buster Sword: it grants Cloud's attacks the overall second longest disjointed range in the game, surpassed only by Shulk. Thanks to his range and speed, Cloud can space out the opponent quite easily, stuff out opposing approaches and adeptly punish most careless attacks. A prime example of this trait is Cloud's aerial attack: his neutral aerial covers a very wide area, making it a go-to option for spacing or air-to-ground transition movement. It is also very fast on both ends, can autocancel from a short hop, and has a low launching angle, all of which make it a great edgeguarding tool despite its low knockback" SmashWiki
    So, Here are a few ways to beat Cloud
    [1] Get something with more range than Cloud
    [2] Be Shulk, As stated above
    [3] Be Mario

    Mario, Shulk, And some things with more range are very nice ways to defeat Cloud.
    Why Mario? Down+B, Just... Down+B

    ...oh and here is a good thing to know as mario
    ...and combo start

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  2. First, if you're fighting 3 Clouds, they're all ganging up on you, and it's For Fun, just leave. They're being toxic players that aren't properly being kicked by the algorithm, all you really can do there is to go to another room. If you switch to Cloud, yourself, you probably won't be attacked as much, as either they're frustrated that their room isn't all Cloud (as absolutely stupid as that is), or they'll have more difficulty in picking you out.

    In general, against Cloud, I'd say Shulk wouldn't work too well, as he's just too slow. Mario can work at low levels, but his Down B does absolutely nothing for his combo game, contrary to what's said above; he just gets upward strings off of his down throw. Characters that edgeguard well, such as Sheik and maybe Pikachu, have good matchups against him, as does Fox. Link can work on For Glory, since lag lets you get away with projectiles you shouldn't be using otherwise.

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