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by OneOf99

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Stat Guide by OneOf99

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/07/2018
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Damage Info

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Jump and Charge Attacks

-Both of these have no additional damage multipliers for any weapons.

-Charge attacks for single handed weapons increase radius. Tier two and three charges can potentially hit twice for full damage each hit.

-The spin attack hits for heavy weapons do full damage. The charge attack can be cancelled with B. The final hit hits twice for full damage each hit.

-The Windcleaver is unique in that its charge attack isn’t a spin attack. Instead, it shoots out a wind slash. Each charge level increases damage dealt by 10. Max is 40. The Eightfold Longblade has the same exact charge attack animation, but it has no sword beam, nor does it get an increase in power. It simply has more knockback to the attack. Useless on the Eightfold Longblade overall.

-Polearms simply hit more per charge level for full damage each hit. Max level charge is 13 hits.

-Jump attacks for each weapon type hit twice for full damage. Shockwave radius increases based on height you fell from.


-Headshots do double damage. Doesn’t occur on frozen targets. Headshots on enemies at lookout towers take 10x damage.

-You can only score up to two headshots on Bokoblins, Lizalfos, and Moblins with multi shot bows. Every hit after counts as a body shot. Overworld bosses can receive headshots from all arrows though. Lynels, Hinoxes, Guardians, etc.

-Elemental arrows add fixed damage. Fire and ice add ten, shock adds 20, and bomb arrows add 50. Ancient Arrows on overworld bosses, minus Lynels and Guardians, have a 1.5 damage multiplier. If shot in the eye, Ancient Arrows instantly kill any Guardian that isn’t a Guardian Scout. Shot at the body reduces their HP by ⅓.

-Explosions off bomb arrows do a flat 50 damage if the arrow doesn't connect.

-Headshots off elemental arrows double the damage of the arrow (or base bow damage if you prefer), then add the fixed damage.

-Shots that end up breaking bows do NOT have an additional damage multiplier like throwing weapons do.

-Multi shot bows with Bomb Arrows only have two explode. The remaining number are duds.

-Multishot bows also break targets frozen by an Ice Arrow. They aren’t good for freezing targets.

-Multi shot bows and elemental arrows only have one arrow do the flat damage. So firing a Shock Arrow off a Savage Lynel Bow will only do an extra 20 damage.

-There is a myth floating around that Light Arrows inflict an extra 100 damage. This is NOT true. Light Arrows are basically regular arrows that fly without any fall off. The two weapons that use Light Arrows, the Twilight Bow and Bow of Light, are affected by attack up buffs.

Thrown Weapons

-Thrown weapons that break on impact do double damage.

-Thrown boomerang weapons that don't break, and can return, have a multiplier of 1.5. Essentially add half its damage.

-Thrown weapons with elemental effects function exactly like headshots with elemental arrows. The thrown weapon does double base damage before adding the fixed elemental damage.

-If an enemy is frozen, and you toss a weapon, the critical damage multiplier is overridden by the ice damage multiplier. There will be no 2x damage multiplier in the formula. Only the 3x ice damage multiplier will be added to it.

Elemental Damage

-Fire and shock temporarily stun your foes.

-Ice halts your foes even longer, but the following hit from anything while frozen receives triple damage. So the 60 damage Master Sword would do 180 in a single strike.

-Firing off shock arrows into water/metallic objects/at wet enemies creates a fixed damage AoE electric field. It does 40 damage regardless of what was used to set off the electric field. These hitboxes do stack with multi shot bows. Hitting a frozen enemies with an elemental weapon discharges the same electric field. It does the same fixed 40 damage.

-Shock disarms your opponents.

-Gold enemies have significantly less stun time from shock and ice status effects than other enemies.

-Most overworld bosses are immune to status effects and elemental damage. Lynels and Guardians are immune to all minus explosions and Urbosa’s Fury. Some Hinoxes have greaves that you can burn, or use to conduct electricity and stun them.

-The continuous damage from fire only applies from environmental damage. If a Bokoblin walks into a firepit, or you set some leaves on fire beneath a group of Bokoblins, it will continuously do damage to them. Direct hits from Fire Arrows, or elemental melee weapons, do not have this property.

-Fire and ice add 10 damage. Shock adds 20.

-This occurs for arrows and all elemental weapons like Thunderblade.

-Elemental damage is always added last to damage as well. Always after every multiplier.

-Elemental damage cannot be stacked while an enemy is under the effect of a similar status condition. As an example, say a Bokoblin is being stunned by electricity. While he’s being electrocuted, no additional strikes from the elemental weapon will add the flat 20 damage. It only applies on the first hit. Same applies for flurry rush.

-Flat elemental damage still applies if an enemy is under the effect of a separate one. If a target is putting out fire on themselves, you can freeze them in the middle of this, and it will still do the flat 10 damage from ice.

-You cannot use ice weapons to flurry rush properly. The first hit will freeze your target, then the second will shatter them, and send them flying. This ends flurry rush.

-You can instantly recharge your elemental weapons by quick swapping to a different weapon, then quick swapping back.

Sneak and Critical Hits

-Have an enormous eight times damage multiplier.

-Elemental damage from elemental weapons is not factored in this at all.

-If a weapon breaks during a sneak attack, the critical damage modifier is not factored into damage done. The sneak attack modifier completely overrides it.

-All attacks on horseback are criticals. Same for Master Cycle Zero.

-The critical hit modifier does double damage on the final hit of the weapon’s standard attack combo.

-Modifier is 2x damage.

-Criticals are also gotten on the hit a weapon breaks, or when you toss it and it breaks.