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by sokkus

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by sokkus

Version: 0.96 | Updated: 05/03/2017
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2017 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gameplay Basics
    1. Combat
    2. Weapon Damage, Elements and Types
    3. Being Sneaky and Enemy Detection
    4. Runes
    5. Divine Powers
    6. Managing Bars: Health, Stamina, Runes and Divine Powers
    7. Character Progression
    8. Exploration and Travel
    9. Mounts and Riding
    10. Weather Effects and Elements
  3. Campaign Walkthrough
    1. Shrine of Resurrection
    2. Follow the Shieka Slate
    3. The Isolated Plateau
    4. Seek Out Impa
    5. Locked Mementos
    6. Find the Fairy Fountain
    7. Captured Memories
    8. Free the Divine Beasts
    9. Free the Divine Beasts – Lanayru
    10. Reach Zora's Domain
    11. Divine Beast Vah Ruta
    12. Divine Beast Vah Ruta Dungeon
    13. Free the Divine Beasts – Tabantha
    14. Divine Beast Vah Medoh
    15. Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon
    16. Free the Divine Beasts – Wastelands
    17. Forbidden City Entry
    18. Divine Beast Vah Naboris
    19. Divine Beast Vah Naboris Dungeon
    20. Free the Divine Beasts – Eldin
    21. Divine Beast Vah Rudania
    22. Divine Beast Vah Rudania Dungeon
    23. Free the Divine Beasts - Hand in
    24. Interlude
    25. Captured Memories – Part 2
    26. The Hero's Sword
    27. Destroy Ganon
  4. Side-Quest Walkthroughs
  5. Duelling Peaks Region Side-Quests
    1. Arrows of Burning Heat
    2. By Firefly's Light
    3. Flown the Coop
    4. Koko's Kitchen
    5. Cooking with Koko
    6. Koko Cuisine
    7. Koko's Specialty
    8. Misko, The Great Bandit
    9. Playtime with Cottla
    10. Wild Horses
    11. The Priceless Maracas
  6. Hateno Region Side-Quests
    1. A Gift for my Beloved
    2. From the Ground Up
    3. Hylian Homeowner
    4. Robbie's Research
    5. Slated for Upgrades
    6. Sunshroom Sensing
    7. The Hero's Cache
    8. The Sheep Rustlers
    9. The Statue's Bargain
    10. The Weapon Connoisseur
  7. Lanayru Region Side-Quests
    1. A Wife Washed Away
    2. Diving is Beauty!
    3. Frog Catching
    4. Luminous Stone Gathering
    5. Lynel Safari
    6. Riverbed Reward
    7. Special Delivery
    8. The Giant of Ralis Pond
    9. Zora Stone Monuments
  8. Ridgelands Region Side-Quests
    1. A Gift for the Great Fairy
  9. Tabantha Region Side-Quests
    1. A Curry for What Ails You
    2. Face the Frost Talus
    3. Find Kheel
    4. The Apple of my Eye
    5. The Spark of Romance
  10. Wasteland Region Side-Quests
    1. An Ice Guy
    2. Good-sized Horse
    3. Medicinal Molduga
    4. Missing in Action
    5. Rushroom Rush!
    6. The Eighth Heroine
    7. The Forgotten Sword
    8. The Mystery Polluter
    9. The Search for Barta
    10. The Secret Club's Secret
    11. The Thunder Helm
    12. Tools of the Trade
  11. Akkala Region Side-Quests
    1. A Parent's Love
    2. A Shady Customer
    3. Hobbies of the Rich
    4. Little Sister's Big Request
  12. Eldin Region Side-Quests
    1. Death Mountain's Secret
    2. Fireproof Lizard Roundup
    3. The Road to Respect
    4. The Jewel Trade
  13. Woodland Region Side-Quests
    1. A Freezing Rod
    2. A Gift from the Monks
    3. Balloon Flight
    4. Legendary Rabbit Trial
    5. Leviathan Bones
    6. Riddles of Hyrule
    7. The Korok Trials
  14. Hebra Region Side-Quests
    1. Stalhorse: Pictured!
  15. Faron Region Side-Quests
    1. A Gift of Nightshade
    2. Sunken Treasure
    3. Take Back the Sea
    4. Thunder Magnet
    5. What's for Dinner?
  16. Lake Region Side-Quests
    1. Hunt for the Giant Horse
    2. The Horseback Hoodlums
  17. Central Region Side-Quests
    1. A Rare Find
    2. A Royal Recipe
    3. My Hero
    4. The Royal Guard's Gear
    5. The Royal White Stallion
  18. Shrine Walkthroughs
  19. The Great Plateau Shrines
    1. Oman Au Shrine
    2. Ja Baij Shrine
    3. Owa Daim Shrine
    4. Keh Namut Shrine
  20. Duelling Peaks Region Shrines
    1. Bosh Kala Shrine
    2. Ha Dahamar Shrine
    3. Hila Rao Shrine
    4. Lakna Rokee Shrine
    5. Ree Dahee Shrine
    6. Shee Vaneer Shrine
    7. Shee Venath Shrine
    8. Ta'Loh Naeg Shrine
    9. Toto Sah Shrine
  21. Hateno Region Shrines
    1. Chaas Qeta Shrine
    2. Dow Na'eh Shrine
    3. Jitan Sa'mi Shrine
    4. Kam Urog Shrine
    5. Mezza Lo Shrine
    6. Myahm Agana Shrine
    7. Tahno O'ah Shrine
  22. Lanayru Region Shrines
    1. Dagah Keek Shrine
    2. Daka Tuss Shrine
    3. Kah Mael Shrine
    4. Kaya Wan Shrine
    5. Ne'ez Yohma Shrine
    6. Rucco Maag Shrine
    7. Shai Yota Shrine
    8. Sheh Rata Shrine
    9. Soh Kofi Shrine
  23. Ridgeland Region Shrines
    1. Maag No'rah Shrine
    2. Mijah Rokee Shrine
    3. Mogg Latan Shrine
    4. Shae Loya Shrine
    5. Sheem Dagoze Shrine
    6. Toh Yahsa Shrine
    7. Zalta Wa Shrine
  24. Tabantha Region Shrines
    1. Akh Va'Quot Shrine
    2. Bareed Naag Shrine
    3. Kah Okeo Shrine
    4. Sha Warvo Shrine
    5. Tena Ko'sah Shrine
    6. Voo Lota Shrine
  25. Wasteland Region Shrines
    1. Dako Tah Shrine
    2. Daqo Chisay Shrine
    3. Dila Maag Shrine
    4. Hawa Koth Shrine
    5. Jee Noh Shrine
    6. Kay Noh Shrine
    7. Kema Zoos Shrine
    8. Korsh O'hu Shrine
    9. Misae Suma Shrine
    10. Raqa Zunzo Shrine
    11. Suma Sahma Shrine
    12. Tho Kayu Shrine
  26. Gerudo Region Shrines
    1. Joloo Nah Shrine
    2. Keeha Yoog Shrine
    3. Kema Kosassa Shrine
    4. Kuh Takkar Shrine
    5. Sasa Kai Shrine
    6. Sho Dantu Shrine
  27. Akkala Region Shrines
    1. Dah Hesho Shrine
    2. Katosa Aug Shrine
    3. Ke'nai Shakah Shrine
    4. Ritaag Zumo Shrine
    5. Tu Ka'loh Shrine
    6. Tutsuwa Nima Shrine
    7. Ze Kasho Shrine
    8. Zuna Kai Shrine
  28. Eldin Region Shrines
    1. Daqa Koh Shrine
    2. Gorae Torr Shrine
    3. Kayra Mah Shrine
    4. Mo'a Keet Shrine
    5. Qua Raym Shrine
    6. Sah Dahaj Shrine
    7. Shae Mo'sah Shrine
    8. Shora Hah Shrine
    9. Tah Muhl Shrine
  29. Woodland Region Shrines
    1. Daag Chokah Shrine
    2. Keo Ruug Shrine
    3. Ketoh Wawai Shrine
    4. Kuhn Sidajj Shrine
    5. Maag Halan Shrine
    6. Mirro Shaz Shrine
    7. Monya Toma Shrine
    8. Rona Kachta Shrine
  30. Hebra Region Shrines
    1. Danba Taag Shrine
    2. Gee Ha'rah Shrine
    3. Goma Asaagh Shrine
    4. Hia Miu Shrine
    5. Lanno Kooh Shrine
    6. Maka Rah Shrine
    7. Mozo Shenno Shrine
    8. Qaza Tokki Shrine
    9. Rin Oyaa Shrine
    10. Rok Uwog Shrine
    11. Sha Gehma Shrine
    12. Shada Naw Shrine
    13. To Quomo Shrine
  31. Faron Region Shrines
    1. Kah Yah Shrine
    2. Korgu Chideh Shrine
    3. Muwto Jeem Shrine
    4. Qukah Nata Shrine
    5. Shai Utou Shrine
    6. Shoda Sah Shrine
    7. Tawa Jinn Shrine
    8. Yah Rin Shrine
  32. Lake Region Shrines
    1. Ishto Soh Shrine
    2. Ka'o Makagh Shrine
    3. Pumaag Nitae Shrine
    4. Shae Katha Shrine
    5. Shoqa Tatone Shrine
    6. Ya Naga Shrine
  33. Central Region Shrines
    1. Dah Kaso Shrine
    2. Kaam Ya'tak Shrine
    3. Katah Chuki Shrine
    4. Namika Ozz Shrine
    5. Noya Neha Shrine
    6. Rota Ooh Shrine
    7. Saas Ko'sah Shrine
    8. Wahgo Katta Shrine
  34. Armor Locations and Gear Bonuses
    1. Gear Locations
    2. Amiibo-related Gear
  35. Weapon and Shield Locations
  36. Cooking and Resource Gathering
    1. Ingredients and Resources
    2. Cooking Meals
    3. Creating Elixirs
  37. Miscellaneous
    1. Contact Me
    2. About Me
    3. Special Thanks
    4. Version History
    5. Legal

Campaign Walkthrough (Continued)

Keh Namut Shrine

Once you are inside, look just to the left to find a pedestal. Place your Shieka Slate in here. Doing so will unlock the Cryonis Rune.

The Cryonis Rune allows Link to summon up to three blocks of ice. Only three blocks of ice can be generated at a time and if you attempt to create a further one, the first of the three blocks before hand will be dismissed. These icy blocks are useful in that they can be used in rivers to create icy platforms that we can cross (useful in cold areas where the water will freeze you) or in waterfalls to create platforms that can be used to climb to the top. It is possible, to generate a block below certain items, such as gates to lift them upwards.

In the first room, use Cryonis to place some ice block platforms in the small pool of water here and use them to climb up and jump to the ledge above.

The second room has a large pool of water with a large gate at its centre. Approach the gate and use Cryonis to create an ice block beneath the gate. This will lift the gate upwards, allowing you to pass beneath it.

After passing under the gate, kill the Shrine Guardian ahead before continuing to the far end of the room. Here, you'll find a small ramp leading to a platform with ledges above on either side. Before moving onwards, look behind you. Next to the fence with the entrance behind it, on the left you'll see a small raised alcove. Use a Cryonis block to climb up here to find a treasure Chest containing Traveller's Spear.

Return to the small ramp at the end of the room and from this location, place a Cryonis block beneath one of the sections of the platform either side of the centre to create a ramp leading to the upper level. Climb the stairs here and approach and interact with the glowing altar at the top of the stairs for a scene. This will reward you with a Spirit Orb and will complete the Shrine.

Speak to the Old Man at the Temple of TIme

Following the scene, you'll be back outside. If this is your fourth and final Shrine, the Old Man will show up once again. He'll tell you that he's going to tell you everything, but then runs off and only gives you a cryptic riddle as to where to find him. It's really not that hard – head for the large Temple of Time ruins we passed on our way from the Shrine of Resurrection to the Great Plateau Tower.

The ruins of the Temple of time are inhabited by a few Bokoblins, so fight or avoid them as required. The eastern of the two buildings at the north of the main complex houses a Bokoblin and a Treasure Chest with Hylian Trousers in it.

We need to head for the largest of the temple buildings – the one with the steeple on the roof at the top of the hill. There is a single Bokoblin at the door. Kill it and enter the temple. As you do, look to the right to see a small storage room with a Treasure Chest containing a Traveller's Bow. At the southern end of the main building, you'll see a glowing stone statue atop the stairs. Approach this and hit the interact button when it appears to trigger a scene.

During the scene, you'll be able to choose whether you want to increase your Stamina (new Stamina Vessel) or Health (new Heart Container). Make your decision to make it so! After that has occurred, the Old Man will show up for another chat… Except he's on the roof.

Exit the building and climb up to the roof to find the Old Man. There is a ladder which will help you do so on the eastern exterior wall of the temple building. Once you are on the roof, climb to the central section and make your way to the steeple. Here you'll find the Old Man – a scene will play.

Following the scene, you'll be given the Paraglider which will enable you to leave the Greaty Plateau and into the wider world below. You'll also complete the main quest and gain another two. Make ‘Seek Out Impa' your active quest at this point.

When you regain control of Link, we can loot the Treasure Chest here in the steeple for a Soldier's Bow.

Seek Out Impa

After gaining the paraglider, its best to fast travel back to the Great Plateau Tower. From here we'll get a pretty good view towards where we need to do. As mentioned by the King, we'll need to head along the path between the Duelling Peaks (the two large jagged-looking mountains pointing at each other) in the distance. Paraglide down to the ground below and follow the path towards the destination.

As you move along the main road to the east, you'll pass through several ruins occupied by Bokoblins as well as bump into some Moblins – a larger, tougher version of the Bokoblin. Keep moving until you reach the Proxim bridge. Just before this, you'll find the entrance to Bosh Kala Shrine. It's a good idea to clear the Bokoblin Skeletons around it and interact with the shrine's panel to unlock it as a fast travel point.

Head across the bridge and speak with the NPC named Brigo here if you like. At the far end, continue along the main road. There is a pair of enemy outposts on the shore of the river to the left of the main road and a third on a hill to the right of the path as you go. When you do reach the pass, you'll see the Dueling Peaks Tower in the river to the left.

It's a good idea to swim out and activate the tower to get the area map right away. Unfortunately, the river is wide and the current is strong so Link's stamina will drain very quickly. You'll need to perform short swims to successive rocks in the river until you reach one in range of the tower. When you do arrive, climb to the top and interact with the Shieka Slate pedestal for the area map and to unlock a new fast travel marker.

Return to the main road and continue along it between the mountain peaks. On the left-hand side of the river as you pass beneath the mountains, you can find the Ree Dahee Shrine. Even if you don't want to try it out just yet, it's a good idea to activate it using the Shieka Slate for a new fast travel point on the map.

Keep moving to the east thorough the pair of mountains, there is a particularly large enemy outpost on the left-hand shore, so unless you are well prepared, its best to go back to the southern shore. When you come across the bridge. Cross to the north.

At this point, you'll see the Ha Dahamar Shrine in a pool of water to the left. We can't access this front on as if you get too close the spikes surrounding it will damage you. As such, climb the ledge just behind it and from here, use the paraglider to float over the spikes and land on the small platform in front of the Shrine so that we can activate it. Completing the Shrine will lower the spikes, allowing you to exit.

Also by the northern end of the bridge and opposite the Shrine is the Dueling Peaks Stable building. There are a few points of interest here including the stable master who will explain how to tame and store horses and Sagessa by the fire who will let you know about Elixirs (and will even give you one, what a lady!). Once you have spoken to the stable master, there are a couple of Side-Quests here that we can begin. They include:

  • Speak to the NPC named Rensa and he'll give you the Side-Quest Wild Horses'.
  • Speak to the NPC named Domidak and hand over 100 Rupees (the Rupees part is optional), he'll give you the Side-Quest ‘Misko, The Great Bandit'.

From the Duelling Peaks Stable, continue north and across Kakariko Bridge. At the far end, follow the path to the east and as you reach a bend, you'll see a Korok NPC named Hetsu standing on the side of the road. Approach and speak with him and he'll offer up a new Side-Quest The Priceless Maracas'.

Note: Completing this Side-Quest allows you to hand in Korok Seed collectibles to Hestu in exchange for increasing and expanding your inventory slots for Bows, Weapons and Shields. As such, it's definitely worth doing.

Continue along the path until you reach Kakariko Village. As you enter, follow the path towards the large house on the western side of the village, by the waterfalls. As you go, keep an eye out for a trail leading up a hill on the eastern side of the town leading to the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine which we can unlock for a fast travel marker.

Return to the village and continue towards the large house. As you approach the guards in front, they will chat with you briefly before granting you access. Climb the stairs and after another brief chat with the lady at the top of the stairs, enter the house for a scene.

After the chat, speak with her once again and agree to recover your memories and another lengthy story scene. This will end the main quest, but give you two more in its place Locked Mementos' and Free the Divine Beasts'.

Now that we are done with Impa (for now), we are free to explore Kakariko Village and pick up a few Side-Quests whilst we are here. These include:

  • Speak with the NPC Rola in the general store to start the Side-Quest Arrows of Burning Heat'. This is only available at night time.
  • Speak with the NPC named Cado by the armor shop for the Side-Quest Flown the Coop'.
  • Speak with the child NPC named Cottla running around by the armor shop to start the Side-Quest ‘Playtime with Cottla'. This can only be found during the day.
  • Speak with the NPC named Koko by the cooking pot fire near the general store. Doing so will unlock a short Side-Quest chain for her which include the Koko's Kitchen', Cooking with Koko', Koko Cuisine' and Koko's Specialty' Side-Quests. Koko will only be here in the afternoons.

When you are ready to continue with the main questline, proceed onwards to Locked Mementos'. This quest will restore the rest of your Shieka Slate's functionality so it is best to do before undertaking the other that Impa gave you Free the Divine Beasts'.

Locked Mementos

After speaking with Impa, an objective marker for this quest will appear on your map in the next region over to the east.

Reach Hateno Village

Return back the way you came and take the road to the east located just north of the Dueling Peaks Stable and south of the Kakariko Bridge.

Head along the main road here and enter the gate leading to the next region. Once through, continue along the main road until a canyon opens up on the right. Eventually you'll come to a narrow stone bridge that leads to the far side. Rather than continuing straight along the path until you reach the village of Hateno in the distance (where our objective marker is), we can get to and unlock the map at the tower at this point.

To do so, cross the narrow stone bridge and climb to the top of the nearby hill whilst avoiding/killing the Bokoblins and Moblins in the way to find the Hateno region tower. The tower itself is covered in thorns, which will damage Link if he touches them. As such, you'll need to be careful and climb to the successive safe platforms whilst avoiding the thorns. At the top, interact with the Shieka Slate pedestal for the area map and to unlock a new fast travel marker.

From the top of the tower, use the paraglider to launch yourself in the direction of Hateno Village which is directly to the east. If you run out of stamina during the glide, Link will put the glider away and fall, wait a second and just before Link hits the ground, hit the glider button again to stop the fall.

Continue into Hateno Village. Here on the southern side of the town you'll find the Myahm Agana Shrine (activate this for a fast travel marker). We can also explore the town a little to find a few Side-Quests on offer. They include:

When you are ready to continue, head out the eastern end of town and make your way to the large building on the hill overlooking the town indicated by the objective marker. This is the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Head inside when you arrive.

Retrieve the Blue Flame

Upon entering the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, speak to Symin and Purah. They will add another Rune to your Shieka Slate, but only after you run an errand for them (of course!). We'll need to head to the blue flame statue located just north of Hateno Village (you may have seen it on the way to the Tech Lab) and bring said flame to the Tech Lab. It's a good idea, if you don't have one, to grab a Torch from the interior of the Ancient Tech Lab before you go.

When you arrive at the blue flame statue, swing the torch (or another wooden weapon) at the flame itself for the flame to catch on. Now, turn to the right and run up the hill here around the northern end of the water here. By the first tree, you encounter you should see an unlit iron torch. From here onwards there is a series of these unlit torches at regular intervals – these mark a path back to the Tech Lab. Make sure you light these with the blue flames as you go as they will stay lit and if your torch goes out, you can simply restart from the last lit torch rather than having to return all the way back at the blue flame statue. After the second torch, climb the small slope here and run along the outside of the animal pen to find more torches before dropping back to the road and following it back up the hill to your destination.

Upon arriving back at the Hateno Ancient Research Lab, take the flame to the forge area just to the left of the entrance door. Light this with the flame to update your objectives. Doing so will also unlock the Tech Lab as a fast travel location – handy!

Return inside and speak to Purah once again. After a brief chat, a scene will play. This will unlock the following upgrades to the Shieka Slate:

  • Camera Rune – This will allow you to take photographs of the world and its denizens (if that's your kind of thing).
  • Album – This allows you to store photographs that you take. There are already some photos in the album and these photos lead to the next part of the quest.
  • Hyrule Compendium – This will be filled in as you encounter creatures, people, enemies, reagents and various treasures to give you information on just about everything in Hyrule.

Once you are back in control of Link, you'll need to use the Camera Rune to take a photograph of Purah before speaking with her and showing it to her afterwards. After doing so, you'll receive a new objective along with some new Side-Quests:

Return to Impa

To continue with this quest, we'll need to travel back to Kakariko Village in the Dueling Peaks and speak with Impa once again. This will complete the quest and start a new one Captured Memories'.

Before we do that, however, exit Impa's place and speak with the merchant NPC named Pikango close to the pond nearby. He'll give you a new main quest Find the Fairy Fountain' as well (this is entirely optional, though).

Find the Fairy Fountain

You'll find a merchant named Pikango by a pond with the Spirit Orb statue at its centre just opposite the stairs leading to Impa's house. Speaking with Pikango and agreeing to his request will trigger this main quest. Note that this quest is entirely optional.

After agreeing to help Pikango, he'll lead you out of town and up the hill to the north, past the entrance to the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine. A short time after this, Pikango will come to a stop and tell you to go on without him.

Keep following this very same road a little bit further and you'll come across a large plant-like structure sitting atop some bright orange rocks. Approach and interact with this to find a Great Fairy. Unfortunately, she won't come out of hiding until you fork over 100 Rupees. If you don't have enough on you, return to one of the shops in town and offload a few of your unwanted weapons and reagents.

After handing over 100 Rupees, the Great Fairy Fountain will be restored. There are four of these in the game and each of them provides upgrades to specific pieces of equipment. This particular Fairy can upgrade your armor (providing you have the required reagents to do so).

Once you have finished with the fairy, she'll disappear. Use the Camera Rune to take a photograph of the fountain. Return to Pikango and show him the photograph to complete the quest.

As a reward, he'll give you a hint as to the location of Captured Memory 11. It's located by the eastern gate area leading to Mount Lanayru to the east. This at the far end of the Y-shaped water feature in the valley just east of the Great Fairy Fountain.

Note: If you return to Kakariko Village at this point, if you have completed both the ‘Find the Fairy Fountain' optional main quest and the ‘Flown the Coop' Side-Quest you'll be able to speak with the NPC named Lasli by her house at night time (she's the one by the armor shop during the day) to unlock the Side-Quest By Firefly's Light'. Her house is located on the eastern side of Kakariko Village, just above the carrot patch.

Captured Memories

In order to progress with this quest, we'll need to find one of the locations that have been represented by photographs in the album. As you approach one of these areas, a shimmering, glowing circle will appear on the ground. Approaching and interacting with this will give you a flashback scene about Link's pre-cryogenically frozen life.

There are 12 of these in total and some of them are downright tricky to find, or in locations that we probably don't have the strength or ability to last long in at the moment. Fortunately, there are a couple of easy ones that we can go for. In the below list, I'd recommend going for either photograph #2 or photograph #7 as they are by far the easiest to obtain at this point.

After finding one of the photographs, return to Impa in Kakariko Village. She'll hand over the Champion's Tunic.

We'll again need to return to her once we have found all 12 memories. They can be found in the following locations:

Note: Memory 13 only appears after finding the first 12 and then speaking with Impa in Kakariko Village.

  1. Central – This is located at the Sacred Ground Ruins, directly south of Hyrule Castle. This is guarded by a Guardian, so be sure to approach from the south!
  2. Central – This memory is located by a slanted rock on the western side of Lake Kolomo, just north of the end of the path leading to the lake and directly north of the marker for the Oman Au Shrine on the Great Plateau. In fact, you can paraglide down from the wall just behind the Oman Au Shrine on the Great Plateau to a location very close to this spot. This makes it one of the easier memories to reach if you are in a hurry.
  3. Tabantha – This is found in the Ancient Columns area by the Tena Ko'sah Shrine. ON top of the cliff to the south of the road at the western end of the Tabantha Great Bridge leading to the Ridgelands Tower Region.
  4. Wasteland – This can be found on the western side of the oasis at the Kara Kara Bazaar around halfway between Gerudo Town to the north and the Gerudo Canyon Stable to the south.
  5. Eldin – This can be found high atop a rock spire in the Eldin Canyon area of the Eldin Tower Region, just west of Death Mountain and overlooking the Woodland Tower further to the west.
  6. Woodland – This can be found on the hill beside the crescent shaped lake just northwest of Hyrule Castle in the Irch Plain in the southwest section of the Woodland Tower Region.
  7. Duelling Peaks – This is located on a hill on the eastern bank of the Hylia River, just south of the Proxim Bridge and entrance to the Bosh Kala Shrine. It is across the river, directly east of the Scout's Hill label on the map.
  8. Hyrule Castle – On a small elevated bridge linking a guard tower to the main castle. This is found high up on the western side of the castle area.
  9. Akkala – This memory is located in the ruins by the Shrine of Power located in central Akkala, in the small water/ruin area in the Ordorac Quarry and just west of the East Akkala Stable.
  10. Ridgelands – This is found in the Sanidin Park Ruins, which is found on the western side of the river from Hyrule Field. It is also south of the river and along the main road leading south from the Ridgelands Tower.
  11. Hateno – This can be found at the eastern end of a valley marked as Lanayru Road – East Gate on the map. It is located at the eastern end of the ‘Y' shaped body of water at the southern end of Lanyru Heights and just north of the Purifier Lake near the western base of Mount Lanayru.
  12. Central – This memory is located in the small wooded area on the bank of the Hylia River, just north of the Bottomless Swamp on the eastern side of the Central Tower Region.

Once you have visited and watched all 12 memories, our objectives will update and we'll be required to return to Impa in Kakariko Village in order to continue. When you arrive, tell her that you've found all 12 pictures and she'll show you one final picture. This won'r be added to your Shieka Slate, so take a photograph of it before leaving.

The final memory can be found in the Duelling Peaks Region, in the Ash Swamp area just north of the Duelling Peaks Stable and Ha Dahamar Shrine. It is located directly in between the two southern lakes in the Ash Swamp amongst remains of Guardians.

After finding the final memory, the game will mark the quest as complete.

Free the Divine Beasts

After receiving this quest from Impa you'll notice that four objective markers have appeared on the map. Each of these four objective markers represent the start of a quest for each of the Divine Beasts. After completing each of the Divine Beasts, you'll receive a powerful special ability which will make the game a little easier. Below you'll find a list of the Divine Beasts and the associate special abilities.

  • Divine Beast Vah Ruta – This is located in Lanayru on the eastern side of the map. You'll be rewarded with Mipha's Grace, an ability that will completely restore your health (and add a few extra hearts) when you die.
  • Divine Beast Vah Medoh This is located in Tabantha on the northwestern side of the map. You'll be rewarded with Revali's Grace, an ability that will enable you to create your own updrafts which can be used with the paraglider to get around the world map much quicker.
  • Divine Beast Vah Naboris This is located in Wasteland on the southwestern side of the map. You'll be rewarded with Urbosa's Fury, an ability that will summon a storm of lightning strikes in a large area around Link, making group fights a lot easier.
  • Divine Beast Vah Rudania – This is located in Eldin on the northeastern side of the map. You'll be rewarded with Daruk's Protection, an ability that will create a temporary shield to protect Link from damage.

The closest objective marker to our current location is Vah Ruta. This Divine beast also has arguably the best special ability on the list and is among the easiest of the four as you won't need to acquire any specific elemental gear to get through it. As such, let's do that first.

Free the Divine Beasts – Lanayru

The quest to begin this quest is located just to the east of our current location. The fastest way to reach it is to make your way up to the entrance of the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine at the northeastern end of Kakariko Village.

From here, you can use the paraglider to fly down to the Lanayru Wetlands below. If you can, try to fly to the nearby Daka Tuss Shrine on the closest island to unlock a fast travel point. We'll need to make our way across this series of islands as they lead to the north east towards the objective marker.

Be careful as you go though as on the most northeastern island (Kincean Island) you'll run into a mini-boss enemy named Hinox. He's pretty tough at this point, so unless you are quite geared up its best to leave him be for the moment. Continue across the bridge at the northern end of the island and a Zora in the water nearby will strike up a conversation.

Following the conversation, cross the bridge and you should be able to see the Lanayru Tower atop the mountain on the right. Climb your way to the top of this, killing or avoiding the Moblins and Bokoblins as you go. When you do arrive, climb to the top and interact with the Shieka Slate pedestal for the area map and to unlock a new fast travel marker.

Whilst you are on top of the tower, you can speak with another Zora NPC here. Afterwards, look to the north and just across the river from the tower you'll see the Soh Kofi Shrine. Paraglide down to this location and activate it for a new fast travel point.

From the Soh Kofi Shrine, drop to the path below and follow it to the east. As you approach the nearby bridge, a scene will play. During the subsequent chat, you'll be introduced to the Zora prince Sidon. He'll hand over an Electro Elixir (for electrical damage resistance) and upon ending the chat, we'll have a new quest to push on with.

Reach Zora's Domain

After chatting with Prince Sidon on the bridge, he'll inform you that you'll have to follow the set path behind him all the way until you reach the settlement of Zora's Domain. Unfortunately, the river is too strong to swim in for long and due to the constant rain, climbing is kind of out of the question at the moment, so we'll need to hike.

Make your way along the path and you'll encounter two main types of enemies as you go – Octoroks which are balloon-like creatures that will emerge from the water and shoot rocks at you and Lizalfos – lizardmen warriors similar to Bokoblins, but a little tougher and often wielding elemental weapons (electric themed weaponry in this area) . Shoot the former with arrows from afar to eliminate them and take on the Lizalfos as you would any other humanoid enemy type. Killing Lizalfos will often have them drop 5x Arrows in addition to reagents, so this is helpful in clearing the Octoroks as well.

Continue through the area along the river path until you reach the base of a steep hill. At this point, Sidon will show up again in the river and chat once again.

After the conversation, proceed up the hill and as you reach the top, keep your eyes upwards towards the top of the cliff on the right as a pair of boulders will drop down. Avoid them or you are going to lose a lot of health. Keep moving past the boulders, around the corner and kill the awaiting Lizalfos.

Here you'll reach a blockage in the path – it's covered in thorns. Climb the grassy slope to the left of the path, move forward, past the blockage and drop back down to the path again behind the thorns.

In this next turn in the path, you'll encounter a group of 7-8 Lizalfos archers with Electric Arrows shooting at you from atop small guard towers and raised rocky platforms. Remember – hitting them in the heads with a shot from the bow is an instant kill, so do your best to do so. You'll also want to avoid the puddles on the ground – if you are standing in one and an electric arrow goes off, Link will take damage and drop his equipped weapon.

After dispatching the Lizalfos Archers, continue along the path until you arrive at the river once again. As you do, Sidon will appear once more and chat with you.

When you regain control, head through the narrow ravine provided and use your bow to take out the Electric Keese hanging from the walls from a distance. Upon reaching the far end, you'll be back on the bank of the river. There are two campfires going under shelters either side of the main path ahead and both of them are guarded by Lizalfos enemies. We can either stop and fight these fellows, or simply run past them until you reach the large bridge spanning the river.

As you cross the Oren Bridge, Sidon will show up yet again to offer some encouragement.

Proceed to the northern end of the bridge and kill the lone Lizalfos on the far side. Loot his campfire for a few Hyrule Bass and use the cooking pot here to craft yourself some goodies if you like. Continue up the hill when you reach it and as you climb the hill, hug the left-hand ledge because, as before, several boulders will roll down the hill down primarily the main road and closer to the cliff face on the right.

At the top of the hill, climb over the large rock blocking the way. Upon dropping down the far side of the obstacle, kill the Lizalfos hanging out in the small area to the right of the path. Loot this area for a Lizalfos Spear and a Zora Spear.

Continue around the corner and you'll encounter a pair of Lizalfos archers in the distance and a group of three melee Lizalfos enemies on the road. This can be tricky as most of the road is filled with water and those Archers and their Shock Arrows don't need to be particularly accurate to kill you very quickly. As such, move around the corner enough to get the attention of the melee enemies (preferably one at a time) and retreat back out of view around the corner. Fight them off one at a time here before continuing. Repeat until the melee enemies are down before attempting to pick off the archers from a distance.

Make your way across the large bridge ahead and around half-way across Sidon will call to you again. After a brief chat, you'll find a Moblin has snuck up on you. Eliminate it before proceeding.

Once you have crossed the bridge, we'll be relatively enemy free although you will encounter a Wizzrobe around the first switchback area of the trail. He'll teleport around the area before throwing an electric projectile at Link and porting off again. Once he's been dealt with loot him for a Lightning Rod and then loot the reagents and blow up the crates around his location for some extra ammo/weapons/reagents and continue onwards.

A little further along the trail you'll run into another two Moblins (one at a time, fortunately). The good news is, if you picked up the Wizzrobe's Lightning Rod you'll be able to fire at from a distance and two shot each Moblin easily.

When you reach the end of the trail, take the pair of bridges laid out in front of you to reach Zora's Domain. As you approach the objective marker, a scene will play. Afterwards, continue into the settlement. If you continue in a straight path, in a small pond at the centre of Zora's Domain you'll find the Ne'ez Yohma Shrine which we can activate for a fast travel marker.

Make your way to the objective marker in the large structure at the northeastern end of town to progress. As you reach it, a scene will play and the quest will be completed.

You'll be handed a piece of Zora Armor for your troubles. This armor will increase your swimming speed and allow you to swim up waterfalls. Handy!

Divine Beast Vah Ruta

After speaking with the King in Zora's Domain, this quest will begin. Look to the left of the king for a small opening in the wall surrounding his area. Go through here and in the small pool outside surrounding his throne room you'll find a Treasure Chest containing a Silver Shield.

Make sure you equip the Zora Armor that he gave you before following his advice and return to the square near the entrance to the settlement with the large glowing statue. Approach and speak with the NPC named Muzu here for a scene.

Following the scene, our objectives will update and we'll be tasked with heading to the Ploymus Mountain to the east. Before that however, we can pick up a few Side-Quests in the area. They include:

  • Speak to the NPC named Gruve just to the left of the base of the stairs leading to the king's throne to activate the Side-Quest Diving is Beauty!'
  • Speak with the NPC named Laflat on the platform around the stairs leading to the throne room for the Side-Quest Lynel Safari'.
  • Speak with the NPC Ledo by one of the circular sets of stairs in the main square for Side-QuestLuminous Stone Gathering'.

Retrieve the Shock Arrows

To continue, head east across the bridge from the platform beneath the king's throne. At the end, climb the nearby hill until you reach the waterfall. This is the first of a series of three waterfalls all in a relatively straight line, one above each other that will lead to an area close to the top of the Ploymus Mountain.

At the top of the third waterfall, find the path to the left leading upwards to the summit of the mountain. As you do proceed, check out some of the trees as many of them have Shock Arrows embedded in them that we can pick up.

At the top of the hill you'll find a Lynel. He is incredibly powerful and can kill you very, very quickly. At this stage of the game you are probably going to be unable to defeat him without some extremely good gear and or mad skills in terms of perfect guards or dodges (even then, you'll need powerful weapons to take him down). He's also got a ridiculously sensitive ability to detect you as well, so you are going to need to sneak to avoid alerting him to your presence.

As the Lynel is all-powerful at this point, it's best to avoid him for now and instead sneak your way around the outside of the area whilst staying away from the Lynel. There is an abundance of Shock Arrows embedded in the ground, rocks and trees in the area surrounding the Lynel's location and we'll need 20 of them to proceed with the quest.

Note: Whilst we are here, it's a good idea to take a photograph of the Lynel for the Side-QuestLynel Safari' which we can hand in in Zora's Domain later.

Once you have gathered 20x Shock Arrows, our objectives will update. Continue up the slope to the very top of the mountain to the south. This is Shatterback Point. From here we can dive into the reservoir below.

Make your way to the objective marker to spot Prince Sidon. On the platform behind him is a bed and a Treasure Chest containing a Knight's Shield. The stairway behind this platform leads back down the area below Zora's Domain.

To continue with the quest, approach and speak with Prince Sidon.

Subdue Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Once you have agreed to Sidon's request, you'll find yourself on his back flying through the water towards the Divine beast at the centre of the reservoir. As you near this, it will get mad with you and summon blocks of ice which it will fling at you. From Sidon's back you'll need to either bat these away with a melee weapon or shoot them with regular arrows (save your Shock Arrows!). If you fail to hit the block of ice and it hits you, it will regenerate and come at you again until it is dealt with.

After dispatching the first three blocks of ice, Sidon will move in close and swim by the waterfalls coming down from the top of the beast. We'll need to switch to Shock Arrows at this point and as you move past one of the waterfalls, have Link climb up it. At the top, Link will fly into the air. Pull out your bow and shoot one of the glowing pink orbs up here. Afterwards, fall back into the water and interact with Sidon to climb on once again.

We'll need to repeat this process four times. Each time you hit one of the orbs, the Divine beast's attacks will change up a little, though. They play out as such.

  • Before damaging any orbs, it will shoot three cubic blocks of ice at you. You can hit these with melee weapons or shoot them with arrows.
  • After damaging one orb, it will shoot five cubic blocks of ice at you. You can hit these with melee weapons or shoot them with arrows.
  • Upon damaging two orbs, it will shoot three spiked, homing ice balls at you which will follow you and hit from behind. You'll need to shoot these with arrows.
  • Once you have damaged three orbs, the Divine Beast will summon five spiked homing ice balls and five cubic ice blocks. It will shoot them at you in random order. As such, remember to hit the ice balls with arrows and the ice blocks with a melee attack/regular arrow.

Note that if you fail to hit one of the Divine Beast's orbs when launching from the waterfall, you'll have to re-do the previous wave of ice attacks that it threw at you and repeat the process again.

After hitting all four of the glowing pink orbs with Shock Arrows, a scene will play. In addition to opening up the Divine Beast Vah Ruta dungeon at this point, you'll also receive it as a fast travel marker on your map as well.

Divine Beast Vah Ruta Dungeon

Proceed up the ramp to reach the first room of the dungeon. Shoot the eyeball at the top of the ramp with an arrow to destroy it and this will remove the purple corruption barrier allowing you access to the room. As you enter, a short scene will play telling you to check out the room to the left.

Upon entering the first room, approach and kill the Guardian in the distance. When the room is clear make your way towards the pool before the room we got told to check out. Beneath the water on the left side of the door is a Treasure Chest you can pull up with Magnesis (contains 1x Ancient Screw). On the right-hand side of the door, also beneath the water is another eyeball. Shoot this with an arrow to remove the corruption from the door. Summon a block of ice beneath the gate to lift it up. Continue inside and interact with the pedestal to receive the Dungeon Map. We'll also be given the ability to move the Divine Beast somewhat.

Note: After acquiring the map, if you look at it you should see five yellow dots. These represent terminals that we'll need to activate. The other important attribute to the map screen is articulation and moving the Divine Beasts. This Divine Beast Vah Ruta has a trunk that we can manipulate. Taking control of these parts is important in each of the dungeons that you undertake, so don't forget that you have the power!

Return to the previous room where we killed the Guardian and have a look, around. There are another two open doorways – one to the right of the initial entry point (we'll need to go in here later, there's nothing here for us just yet) and at the opposite end of the room from the entrance. There is also a cog on the right-hand wall with a handle.

Use the Magnesis Rune on the cog's handle and wind it a few times to raise a small lift out of the water. Interact with the Divine Beast Terminal on this platform. This is the first of the five Terminals [Divine Beast Terminal - 01/05] that we need to activate.

Exit via the door opposite the entrance and take the ramp up to the second floor of the dungeon. Upon entering, you'll find yourself fighting a Guardian Scout enemy (one equipped with a sword).

Once you have dealt with the Guardian, look at the water pouring from the socket nearby. This is making a cogwheel turn in place. If you look inside the cogwheel, you'll notice that there is another of the Divine Beast Terminals inside it, spinning around with the rest of the cogwheel. Wait until the terminal is at the base of the cogwheel before shooting a block of ice with Cryonis into the water pipe to stop the flow of water. This will allow you to go and interact with the Divine Beast Terminal [Divine Beast Terminal - 02/05].

Whilst we are in this room we can also grab another Treasure Chest. To do so, remove the ice blockage from the water to have the cogwheel spin again and hop into the water on the far side of it from the water. This will let you ride it upwards. When you get high enough, jump to the adjacent cog. From here, activate the Cryonis Rune and edge into one of the corners whilst looking towards the water spinning the other wheel. When you see an opening, Hit it with a Cryonis ice block again. Now, jump to the wheel it had been turning and then from here onto the ice block. Drop down to the platform on the right to find the Treasure Chest. It contains 1x Silver Rupee (100 Rupees).

To continue, we'll now need to visit the map and manipulate Divine Beast Vah Ruta's trunk. You'll want to move it so that the trunk starts shooting water back into its body. The correct setting is to have it four places (or pink teardrops on the map) from the top. This position of the trunk will trigger the larger cog to start moving as well.

Exit the next door and climb the ramp outside. There is another corruption barrier here and this one has a small vortex behind it that will launch flying skull enemies at you. The eyeball controlling this is high up on the wall to the left of the blockage. Shoot this quickly to avoid having to deal with too many skulls. Destroying the eyeball will remove the corruption and the vortex.

Enter the door at the top of the ramp. Here you'll approach the centre of the large spinning cogwheel. Around the centre of this is a Treasure Chest and another Divine Beast Terminal. The panel is locked behind an iron gate which is controlled by the weighted glowing orb which will fall into a recess on the central platform thanks to gravity. Wait until the glowing orb is about to fall into place and hit it with a blast of Stasis. This will enable you to hop into the small capsule with the panel as it lines up with the walkway. Interact with this for the third Divine Beast Terminal [Divine Beast Terminal - 03/05].

To grab the Treasure Chest on the inner section of the large cogwheel, you'll need to use the Stasis Rune as well. Note that the chest is locked between two sections of a stone block. As with the panel, you'll need to hit the block mounted on the top of the Treasure Chest with Stasis just before they all fall due to gravity. Doing so will have the upper block stay put for a moment whilst you hop onto the lower block and loot the Treasure Chest. It contains 1x Ancient Core.

Head back down the ramp to the previous room with the smaller cog wheel. From here, hop onto one of the teeth of the larger cogwheel and ride it across to a platform higher up on the far side of the room. Defeat the Guardian Scout with the spear here.

On this upper platform, you'll see a switch to the left. Step on this to activate a waterfall shortcut which will allow you to swim up the waterfall from the pool of water below with the Zora suit armor equipped. Look back towards the larger cogwheel. One of the cogwheel's teeth has a Treasure Chest and an eye with some corruption on it. Shoot the eye to remove the corruption and jump to the cog's tooth. Loot the Treasure Chest for 10x Fire Arrows.

Drop from the cog's tooth into the pool below and then use the newly formed waterfall witht he Zora suit to return to the previous platform. As Link launches at the top, use the paraglider to reach the platform above where we fought the previous Guardian Scout. Loot the Treasure Chest here for a Knight's Halberd.

Drop down to the platform below. Go through the open door here and move up to the ledge. You should see Divine Beast Ruta's trunk below. Glide down and land on this and destroy the eyeball near the end of it to remove the corruption here and reveal a Treasure Chest. This can be looted for 1x Ancient Shaft.

Head to the map and manipulate Divine Beast Ruta's trunk so that it is six teardrops from the top. From this location, you should be able to make your way back into the corridor that we just came from. Looking back over the trunk again, manipulate Divine Beast Ruta's trunk once again so that it is in the lowest possible position. From the corridor, you should be able to make out a small platform at the top of the end of the trunk. Use the paraglider to glide down to this platform.

On this platform at the end of the trunk, again open up the map and manipulate Divine Beast Ruta's trunk so that it is positioned four pink teardrops from the top. As the trunk moves, so too will the platform. Maneuver Link off the initial platform, around the trunk and onto the small platform on the opposite side of the trunk. Here you'll find another Divine Beast Terminal [Divine Beast Terminal - 04/05]. Activate this.

Once you have activated the fourth panel, look back towards the Divine Beast. You should notice two platforms atop it, either side of the water fountain. Glide down to the left-hand platform. Here you'll find a Treasure Chest covered in corruption. There is an eyeball on the opposite platform you can shoot to remove the corruption. You'll be able to then loot the treasure Chest for 10x Ice Arrows.

From this platform, paraglide down to the platform on top of the Divine Beast's head. In this location you'll find a small, square open hatch we can drop down. After dropping down, quickly hit the eyeball on the roof and deal with any skulls that the vortex on the wall shoots at you.

When the area is clear, grab the handle on the far wall and grab it using Magnesis. Turn it clockwise until the handle goes no further. This will open the roof above. Once said roof is open, head down to the lower level to find the final Divine Beast Terminal in the midst of a group of flame jets. Manipulate Divine Beast Vah Ruta's trunk so that it is at the fifth teardrop from the top. Doing so will have the water come down through the now open hatch in the roof and douse the flames. Interact with the final Divine Beast Terminal [Divine Beast Terminal - 05/05] here when it is safe to do so.

This will now cause the main control unit to appear on the map. To find this, return to the very first room of the dungeon and enter the door to the right of the initial entry point. Activate the panel at the back of this room to trigger a boss fight.

Boss: Waterblight Ganon

Waterblight Ganon is the boss of the Divine Beast Vah Ruta dungeon. For the most part, Ganon will use his large spear to good effect with a number of damaging melee attacks, but he also has the ability to use a few magical attacks later in the fight. This fight takes place over two phases.

StabIn the first phase, Waterblight Ganon will bring his hand to his hip before executing a stabbing attack with which he'll attempt to skewer you. You can perfect guard or side-step this.
Horizontal SlashIn the first phase, if you are at medium range the boss will perform a sweeping attack with his spear which will go through a full circle.
ShockwaveIn the first phase, if Link gets too close to the boss for too long, the boss will plant his weapon into the ground and generate a shockwave.
Spear TossIn the first phase, when Link is at longer range, Waterblight Ganon will throw his spear at you with great accuracy. We can side-step this or run to the side to avoid it.
CryonisIn the second phase, Waterblight Ganon has the ability to summon blocks of ice from the water and throw them at you. The less health he has, the more blocks he will summon at a time.
TeleportAfter taking damage, the boss will disappear and reappear in another location.
Guardian LaserDuring the second phase, the boss can also target you with a powerful laser. This is very difficult to dodge, but can be perfect guarded to inflict massive damage on the boss.
Phase 1 Strategy

During the first phase of the fight, Waterblight Ganon will pretty much stay where he begins – just in front of the entrance. If you stray too far from him, he'll toss his spear and if you get too close he'll slam his weapon into the ground to create a deadly shockwave. As such, we'll want to try and stay at medium range – this way you'll only need to dodge the occasional stab attack and horizontal slashes.

Both of these can be perfect guarded or dodged away from to initiate a flurry rush. When this happens, plant a few good hits on the boss before quickly running away before he triggers his shockwave. If he does trigger the shockwave, sprint in the other direction until it goes off before returning to mid-range to repeat the process.

During this section of the fight, if you can get enough damage in on the boss quickly enough, you can stagger him and he'll fall to the floor for a few moments, opening him up to a number of attacks before he regains his footing.

Once the boss reaches 50% health, a scene will play and the second phase of the fight will begin.

Phase 2 Strategy

In the second phase of the fight, Waterblight Ganon is much more mobile. He can transfer into a blob of water and move around the room freely. When he stops, he'll generate a series of ice blocks which he will throw at you. You can either dodge them, shoot/hit them or use the Cryonis Rune to break them in mid-air. The more damage that you do to the boss and the less health he has, the more blocks of ice he'll be able to summon at a time. In addition to the blocks, Waterblight Ganon can also fire off a laser beam in your direction. This can cause significant damage but can be perfect guarded – if this happened you'll deflect it back at the boss for a good deal of damage. The good news is that most of his magical Cryonis/laser attacks can be stopped by hitting him in the eye with an arrow.

Although the boss relies mainly on ranged magic attacks, still retains use of his spear and he will occasionally use it. He can use his horizontal slash on you if you are close enough and will also throw his spear at you from across the room.

This phase is a primarily ranged phase for the boss. He'll keep his distance and keep you busy with attempting to dodge projectiles. During this phase, you'll want to hit him with as many arrows as you can – hitting him in the glowing blue eye will give you additional bonus damage (it's his weak spot). If you run out of arrows, you'll need to jump to the platform where he hovering above and either use a long-range weapon (such as a spear) or use the Remote Bomb Rune to toss bombs at him and detonate them in midair.

During this section of the fight, if you can get enough damage in on the boss quickly enough (a few shots to his eye in a row with arrows should do), you can stagger him and he'll fall to the floor for a few moments, opening him up to a number of attacks before he regains his footing.

When you have dealt enough damage to him, a scene will play.

When you are back in control of Link, grab the Heart Container and then if you are sure that you have picked up all of the Treasure Chests in the dungeon (we won't be able to re-enter the dungeon afterwards), head over and interact with the main control panel once again.

Once you press the control panel a lengthy scene will play. You'll find yourself back in Zora's Domain when it finishes.

Note: At this point, you'll receive the Mipha's Gift special ability which will automatically regenerate your health and add additional hearts when you die. This has a lengthy cooldown time but is an incredibly useful ability which makes tough fights a little more bearable.

After the scene we're almost done. At this point, we need to simply go and speak with the King once again to end the quest. Following the scene, open the Treasure Chest next to the throne for the Lightscale Trident. Before leaving the area, we can also pick up a few additional Side-Quests.

  • Speak with an NPC named Torfeau in the bath area directly beneath the Throne Room for the Side-Quest The Giant of Ralis Pond'.
  • Speak with an NPC named Jiahto at the northern end of the bath area directly beneath the Throne Room for the Side-Quest Zora Stone Monuments'.
  • Speak with the child Laruta by the glowing statue in the main square to unlock the ‘The Ceremonial Song' Shrine Quest to access the Dagah Keek Shrine.
  • Speak with the NPC Tumbo who is running around by the glowing statue in the main square for Side-Quest Frog Catching'. He seems to only want to give you this in the middle of the day.
  • Speak with an NPC named Fronk, on the small platform just to the east of the general store in Zora's Domain for the Side-QuestA Wife Washed Away'.

Free the Divine Beasts – Tabantha

At this point, you should have three of the Divine Beasts left. Again, we'll be able to choose whichever of the remaining three that you wish to undertake at this point. Use the hyperlinks in the list below to jump down to your choice. Remember, these are the special abilities on offer for each:

  • Divine Beast Vah Ruta – This is located in Lanayru on the eastern side of the map. You'll be rewarded with Mipha's Grace, an ability that will completely restore your health (and add a few extra hearts) when you die.
  • Divine Beast Vah Medoh – This is located in Tabantha on the northwestern side of the map. You'll be rewarded with Revali's Grace, an ability that will enable you to create your own updrafts which can be used with the paraglider to get around the world map much quicker.
  • Divine Beast Vah Naboris – This is located in Wasteland on the southwestern side of the map. You'll be rewarded with Urbosa's Fury, an ability that will summon a storm of lightning strikes in a large area around Link, making group fights a lot easier.
  • Divine Beast Vah Rudania – This is located in Eldin on the northeastern side of the map. You'll be rewarded with Daruk's Protection, an ability that will create a temporary shield to protect Link from damage.

Note: Outside of Divine Beast Vah Ruta in Lanayru, by far the most useful of the remaining abilities is Divine Beast Medoh's as it will greatly improve your ability to explore the open world. Divine Beast Vah Medoh is located in the Tabantha region in the northwest corner of the map. I'd recommend undertaking this quest now, but feel free to take on any one that you want.

If you haven't explored the Tabantha region previously, I'd recommend fast travelling to the Oman Au Shrine on the Great Plateau. From here, glide down to the Central region below.

Note: if you are feeling particularly confident, you can take on the Central Tower which is located in the direction of the castle, directly north of the Great Plateau. It is surrounded by a number of powerful Guardians though, so you'll either need to perfect guard their lasers to kill them or avoid them and climb the tower using jumps and platforms for cover from locked on lasers. Personally, I'd wait for later.

To continue in the easiest way possible, you'll want to take the road directly below the Great Plateau and follow said road to the west and across the river before turning north. Follow this road as it crosses the Nima Plain and across another river via a bridge to the north. This will place you in the Ridgelands Tower region.

As we are in a new region, it's a good idea to go and find the Ridgelands Tower. It is found on a stony water-covered mesa overlooking a much larger swampy area below. Around the base of the tower are numerous Wizzrobes and Lizalfos with Shock Arrows, so you will want to try and kill all the enemies before swimming to the tower (or someone will shoot the water with electric stuff and kill you pretty quick!). When it is safe to do so, climb to the top and interact with the Shieka Slate pedestal for the area map and to unlock a new fast travel marker.

From the Ridgelands Tower, locate the bridge at the western end of the rgion and use the main path leading west at the southern end of the zone to reach it. At the eastern end of the Tabantha Great Bridge you'll find the Tabantha Bridge Stable. At the stable we can do a few things:

  • Speak with the NPC named Toren to receive the A Gift for the Great Fairy' Side-Quest (and 500 Rupees!).
  • Climb the ridge just south of the Tabantha Bridge Stable to find Shae Loya Shrine, unlock this for a fast travel point.

To continue, make your way across the Tabantha Great Bridge, heading west. At the far end of the bridge, you'll be able to see some patrolling Guardian Skywatchers lurking around on the path ahead. Use the stone pillars in the centre of the path as cover and work your way past the Guardian patrol routes undetected.

After the last pillar, continue a little further along the main path, but look out for a gap in the cliffs to the right. If you follow this narrow passage to the end, you'll find a Great Fairy Fountain. Offer the Great Fairy the money she requires (100, 500, 1,000 or 10,000 Rupees) to unlock the Great Fairy Fountain.

Return to the road and continue until you can see the Tabantha Region Tower ahead. This is located at the top of a mountain, so climb on up.

Around the base of the tower, you'll see that it is covered in corruption so we won't be able to approach it from just anywhere. At the northern end of the tower, you'll see a tall stone column. At the base of this is a corruption eyeball. Shooting this will collapse the column which will lean over and come to a rest against the tower. Climbing this will enable you to get above the corruption and reach the tower proper. Climb to the top and interact with the Shieka Slate pedestal for the area map and to unlock a new fast travel marker.

After unlocking the map, make for the bridge at the eastern side Rito Village. Just by this bridge, you'll find the Rito Stable. Here we can pick up a Side-Quest:

Cross the bridges into Thunder Bluff (am I right WoW fans?), I mean Rito Village. Climb to the top of the area, stopping by to activate the Akh Va'quot Shrine in the middle of the village as you go. Once you reach the top, speak with the Owl looking fellow named Kaneli, who is indicated by the objective marker. Speaking with him will trigger the ‘Divine Beast Vah Medoh' main quest.