• Clone any item in less than a minute *new*

    This glitch will allow you to clone any item as many times at they want. First you need link's house (3000 rupees) and you need to get every weapons display. Next get six or seven X2 or X3 bows, and get 30 or 20 electric arrows (will be explained later on) Equip the items you want to clone, then use your bow to shoot your electric arrow at the ground once then switch to your second bow and then repeat until you shot once out of every X2 or X3 bow you shoot. this will override BOTWs system causing you to look funny in the inventory menu, if link is floating in the inventory but the item you want to clone on the display. and then take the item on the display to clone your item, and Presto cloned item!

    Contributed By: Amoogus.

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  • Double your maximum fairies

    Fairy fountains will only spawn fairies when the amount of fairies in your inventory is at 2 or less, but when they appear they will not disappear unless you scare them away. This means that if you hold enough fairies in your hands to make the inventory counter go down to 2 then more will spawn in a few seconds, then you just need to put them back in your inventory and collect the others near the fountain. If you drop 1 fairy and hold 5 in your hands so your inventory counter is at 2, after waiting a few seconds 4 more will appear that you can get after you put the fairies in your hands away and rush up to catch the stray one. This will give you 12 instead of 6 as the maximum amount of fairies.

    Contributed By: lilcomputin.

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  • Infinite Sprinting (Whistle Sprinting)

    Sprinting while holding B will drain stamina, but pressing down on the D-Pad will make you whistle which is not a stamina consuming action. By tapping B over and over while holding down on the D-Pad, you will regain any missing stamina and keep up a running speed. Since you are refilling stamina, this allows for infinite sprinting. This does not apply to any other stamina consuming action.

    Contributed By: XseriesFan.

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  • Skip Blood Moon

    If you're tired of the Blood Moon respawning everything you kill, then you are going to love this. On a night where you can see that the Blood Moon is rising, take yourself to any shrine throughout the world and taking care to keep a close watch on your in game time, go in just before midnight. You can either wait until you think it's safe to leave again or just run through the shrine's puzzle and then leave. If enough time has passed the Blood Moon event will not have triggered and you can go about your business without worrying about pesky respawns until then next scheduled Blood Moon event.

    Contributed By: EndlessPandemic.

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  • Amiibo Common Unlockables

    You can scan an Amiibo toy once per day to get its common unlockables. These are the items you can get from the chests if you don't get the rare unlockable. Note that some items won't appear unless you obtain the Paraglider or complete one Divine Beast dungeon.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bows or Special ArrowsBreath of the Wild Archer Link
    Broadswords, Boomerangs or Special Arrows30th Anniversary Wind Waker Link
    Claymores or Special Arrows30th Anniversary Ocarina of Time Link
    Claymores, Gems or Monster PartsSuper Smash Bros Ganondorf
    Dragonbone, Spiked or Boko WeaponsBreath of the Wild Bokoblin
    Guardian, Ancient or Rusty EquipmentBreath of the Wild Guardian
    Random Items (But No Chests)Any Non-Zelda Amiibo
    Shields or GemsBreath of the Wild Zelda or 30th Anniversary Wind Waker Zelda
    Shields or GemsSuper Smash Bros Zelda or Super Smash Bros Sheik
    Swords or Special ArrowsBreath of the Wild Horse Rider Link
    Swords, Shields or Special ArrowsSuper Smash Bros Link
    Swords, Shields or Special Arrows30th Anniversary 8-bit Link
    Wolf Link AllyTwilight Princess Wolf Link

    Contributed By: Elranzer.

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  • Amiibo Rare Unlockables

    You can scan each Amiibo once per day. A few of them have rare items. Each time, you have a random chance of the Amiibo dropping its rare item. All of the Tunics are actually 3-part armor sets (Cap, Tunic and Leggings). Some items only appear after obtaining the Paraglider (including Epona) or after completing one Divine Beast dungeon. Note: Epona is guaranteed to drop the first time you scan SSB Link, but it only ever happens once per save game. You should only summon Epona if you have access to a Stable to keep her permanently.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Biggorron's Sword30th Anniversary Ocarina of Time Link
    EponaSuper Smash Bros Link (1st Time always, randomly after if she is lost)
    Hero's Shield30th Anniversary Wind Waker Zelda
    Sea-Breeze Boomerang30th Anniversary Wind Waker Link or Super Smash Bros Toon Link
    Sheik's MaskSuper Smash Bros Sheik
    Sword30th Anniversary 8-bit Link
    Sword of the Six SagesSuper Smash Bros Ganondorf
    Traveler's Saddle and BridleBreath of the Wild Rider Link
    Tunic of the Hero (Armor Set)30th Anniversary 8-bit Link
    Tunic of the Wind (Armor Set)30th Anniversary Wind Waker Link or Super Smash Bros Toon Link
    Tunic of Time (Armor Set)30th Anniversary Ocarina of Time Link
    Tunic of Twilight (Armor Set)Super Smash Bros Link (2nd Time and Beyond)
    Twilight BowSuper Smash Bros Zelda

    Contributed By: Elranzer and thatguyryan.

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  • Arrow Farming (Pre-Patch)

    As you progress through the game, you may notice that you'll be running out of arrows a lot. Fortunately, there is a little trick you can do that will give a ton of arrows with no cost. All you have to do is find a group of bokoblins riding on horse-back and make sure they have bows. Get their attention, but don't kill them. Once they are aware of your presence, pan the camera up so that you are looking at Link from an overhead view. Now, just stand and collect. The bokoblins will continue to shoot at arrows at you, but will always miss as long as you have the camera in overhead view. You can get a hefty amount of regular arrows doing this with little to no effort and in a short amount of time.

    Contributed By: BlueJester007.

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  • Refilling your stamina while climbing walls, and climb in the rain

    On many wall surfaces, Link can jog for a brief moment before he decides to latch onto the wall and start climbing. By pressing B to let go of the wall and holding a direction that faces the wall, you can make Link move that direction for a short moment, letting him jog a bit and refill your stamina. He will then latch back onto the wall once more. Repeat the process to finish your climb or refill your stamina gauge. Most of these walls are set at most a 70 degree slope, so be careful around very sheer cliff walls. Any higher of a slope and you will fall. You can also use this trick to climb rainy slopes, but use the running animation to climb rather than the actual climbing mechanic.

    Contributed By: XseriesFan.

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  • Turn rusty items into better items

    Take a rusty weapon or shield and find a Rock Octorok (the one that inhales and then spits an exploding rock at you). Drop your item on the ground and it'll suck up the item then glitter for a bit before abruptly spitting a better item out (at a very high speed). Be very mindful of your surroundings (Extreme heat, cliffs) so that you don't lose your new weapon/shield.

    Contributed By: XseriesFan.

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  • Weapons are useful for climate control.

    Fire swords will increase Link's ambient temperature and Ice swords will decrease Link's ambient temperature. Use this to your advantage when exploring high peaks and hot areas, respectively.

    Contributed By: ObligatoryFate.

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Area/Level Hints

  • Eventide Island

    When you arrive at Eventide island for the first time if you step on shore it triggers a trial where you lose all your equipment. To easily get around this and keep some of your favorite weapons/items you can do the following. Before you step on shore toss some of your items onto the island (weapons work, I have not tried food items). Once you trigger the start of the trial the weapons will be laying there for you to reclaim. This makes defeating the Hinox much easier.

    Contributed By: Talan1177.

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