Where are some multishot bow locations?

  1. Does anyone know of a location where a Moblin, Lizalfos, or Bokoblin has a multishot bow? (I have no DLC) Kuhbillion - 1 year ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. The only enemies that carry multi-shot bows are all Lynels. Besides that, here are all 6 chests containing Forest Dweller's Bow in normal mode (marked with red, blue circles): i.imgur.com/csAJw5u.png

    Here's the location of the only *respawning* Forest Dweller's Bow, in Lanayru Wetlands: i.imgur.com/mOjvkIl.png

    And you can also get the Great Eagle Bow after freeing Vah Medoh; when it breaks or is lost you can remake it by visiting Harth in Rito Village.
    IfOnlyForOnce (Expert) - 1 year ago - report 14   7
  2. The Duplex Bow doesn't have a spread like the others, but it fires two arrows. Some Yiga footsoldiers carry them - you can encounter them during the Divine Beast Vah Naboris quest and you can get ambushed by them any time thereafter. IfOnlyForOnce - 1 year ago - report
  3. Thank you Ifonlyforonce. This is helpful. Kuhbillion - 1 year ago - report
  4. No problem mate
    IfOnlyForOnce - 1 year ago - report

Other Answers

  1. You can get a 2 shot bow from yaga clan members called the dublex bow you probably won't get it tell you defeat the yaga clan hide out jenmoon1 - 1 year ago - report 3   4
  2. ...oh right, those too
    IfOnlyForOnce - 1 year ago - report
  3. Thanks, that's very helpful. thank you Kuhbillion - 1 year ago - report
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