Can you beat Calamity Ganon without a shield without the divine beast powers?

  1. So...I got myself stuck. I was going around the Hyrule castle and thought, hey let's see how hard Ganon is so I know how to prepare when I'm actually ready. So basically I went into the battle and I did pretty good so I decided to just see how I far I can get.
    I was in the middle of fighting calamity Ganon (phase 2) and he broke all my shields. He's at like 1/3 health and I really really don't wanna quit. I've spent over two hours fighting all four "divine beast" boss gannons.
    Can I beat him without the shield or powers? Or do i end up getting the powers from fighting the other Gannon forms? If so, how do I use them, or am I just screwed?
    Meankat338 - 3 years ago - report
  2. I know that but I WANT to beat him without doing the divine beasts, as a challenge. What ended up happening was he broke all my shields and I was wondering if I could finish the battle, where he's got his shield up and his body is orange, without a shield or the divine beasts powers. Because that's where I ended up. Meankat338 - 3 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. It's entirely possible to beat him withojt a shield or the Champions' powers, certainly. It'd definitely be a challenge, though. Without a shield to Parry his attacks or Urbosa's Fury to stun him, the only way to get through his orange barrier is to dodge his attacks and get a Flurry Rush. And you'd need to be able to withstand his lasers.

    Like I said, it's challenging, but not impossible by any means.
    whisperstar13 - 3 years ago - report 14   10

Top Voted Answer

  1. The ways you CAN beat him involve parrying with your shield ( pressing A as soon as the lock-on noise goes usually ) and/or shooting the laser source with an arrow which will damage and possibly stun CG enough to go wailing in with whatever you have on his body. Certainly it is possible but it is way easier to leave it to later when you have done all the beasts as each one done outside is one less to do inside PLUS each one will provide 12.5% damage to CG's health! Defeating CG in this game is not the big deal it is in most other Zelda games as the game world has been designed to provide a multiple assortment of challenges within a much-enlarged and free-roaming world. Your biggest challenge therefore will be to conquer all or at least most of those alongside the main story boss. Super_cube - 3 years ago - report 11   4

Other Answers

  1. Kleric has a video that shows him beating all 4 blights and Calamity Ganon with nothing but tree branches(he uses a glitch to get a branch with 4 attack and around 80 durabilty) including no shield. Nexxnokk - 2 years ago - report 7   3
  2. You can beat Calamity Ganon with a stick while wearing no clothes and having no Divine Beast powers so not having a shield is perfectly fine. Jakeoraptor15 - 2 years ago - report 10   8
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