Why does Link carry on walking when I've let go of the joystick?

  1. So like I said Link moves when we let go of the controller and it's dead annoying because he falls off things all the time. It happens on the menus too, the cursor goes too far! Is there a setting I can change or need a new controller or is it just how it is? I don't think it's happened on any other games.

    User Info: AshsOshawottt

    AshsOshawottt - 3 years ago


  1. Make sure the controller stick is not being pressed in any direction when you power your console on. Its position at power-up determines where the zero point is. If it keeps happening you may need to get a new controller.

    And if it happens again check to see if it happens for other games too. If the controller is going bad I'd expect it to happen on other games as well.

    User Info: mister_jmp

    mister_jmp (Expert) - 3 years ago 7   6
  2. The first version of the left Joy-Con had a problem that caused this. New Joy-Cons don't have this problem anymore. It will happen with other games, but depending on how much you play other games you might not notice that.

    That said, Nintendo offers a free repair for it. Go to their website, fill out and print out a request to have it checked over, and send them their left Joy-Con per mail. You'll get it back either repaired or replaced within about a week.

    User Info: randy191919

    randy191919 - 3 years ago 4   3

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