Is the Lord of the Mountain tied to any quest?

  1. I have tamed the lord of the mountain and I can't register him... is there some side quest tied to him? I don't want to let it go only to find out that I need him for a quest later on

    User Info: SPEOR

    SPEOR - 4 years ago

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  1. Yep, unfortunately you cannot register him at the stable - same as the stalhorse, and other non-horse mounts if you tame one of those as well.

    The actual Lord of the Mountain may be a tribute to the late great Satoru Iwata since the LotM is located on Satori Mountain, and based on its in-game description.

    "This noble creature watches over all animals that make their homes in the forest. Legends say this holy creature is a reincarnation of a sage that died on the lands it now protects. It has an acute awareness of its surroundings, so it seldom appears before people. It's sometimes known by its other name, Satori."
    In-game description

    User Info: Dill_Pickelz

    Dill_Pickelz - 4 years ago 8   2


  1. You can't register him. The Lord is not a real horse and looks like a moose. Somehow, if you leave it or enter a cutscene, you will LOSE him.

    User Info: AweSplat

    AweSplat - 4 years ago 5   1
  2. I have not found any quest tied to him, and I even brought him to the horse expert by the mounted archery test (the one who asks you to get the huge horse) - nothing :(

    User Info: Aliga

    Aliga - 4 years ago 5   1
  3. I finished every side quest, shrine quest, and main quest. I found no special quest for lord of the mountain. However, you can take its picture for the Hyrule Compendium or you can pay 100 rupees to get its picture at the tech-lab.

    User Info: firestargamer69

    firestargamer69 - 4 years ago 3   1

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