Is anyone else having difficulty parrying Guardian lasers?

  1. Hey everyone!

    So I seem to be having some issues, and I want to see whether or not there is a something else I am missing when I try to parry a Guardian.

    I found out about parrying and practiced on the Guardians at the Great Plateau for a couple of in game days, and I was consistently parrying; so, I decided to go and get the tower next to Hyrule Castle, thinking I would be able to parry the guardians stationed there.

    I failed every single time. I save and loaded about 9 times and still consistently could not parry properly. So I was like, let me practice some more, and went back to the Great Plateau and took down 20 consistently (obvs whenever they respawned) without one fail. I tried the tower again and was once again got killed maybe 10 diff times without a single successful parry.

    Is there something I need to know, or am I just missing due to luck and the fact that I apparently suck?

    User Info: bruhwhy

    bruhwhy - 4 years ago

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  1. What the previous person said was very wordy. Here's my short version.

    Use Hylian Shield, won't brake if you're too late, easy enough to get. Bring lots of food, especially ones that give temporary health, Cook 1 of them at a time, always a full restore. And save right before each one.

    Can't just practice on one guardian or one type, need to try them all. Different distances require different timing. If you're up close, guard when the eye flashes, if far away, just need to judge the beam and keep practicing.

    User Info: Shadorunce

    Shadorunce - 4 years ago 4   1


  1. I think the mobile guardians are a bit harder to parry than the immobile ones. I believe you can use any kind of shield to deflect but a guardian shield of any type is probably more preferred. A friend suggested that I remain stalk still against the guardian but keep targeting it with the ZL button. Once it has you locked on it should remain immobile until it shoots its beam. Use this time to keep enough distance between you and the guardian where you can best judge when the laser is about to come into contact so you can best time your shield deflection once it has locked on. I have had one successful parry kill on a mobile Guardian but the deflection was not enough to kill it one blow so it might take about three deflections and it did require me to move around alot. If you feel it is too close for comfort, you can try to shoot an arrow in its eye as it is charging up to give yourself enough space but it will all come down to timing, patience, and luck. I recommend a guardian in the Zora domain in the boglands a little ways from the inn/stable building, It is fairly open area and has little to no enemies around so I find it a good place to practice. If you still have troubles, it might be best to wait until you beat the Divine Beast piloted by the Goron Champ. Gives you a skill to auto deflect projectiles and lasers with a fast recharge time.

    User Info: Dan_Spellsword

    Dan_Spellsword - 4 years ago 2   1
  2. You suck. Just kidding. I have the same problem too. Parrying guardians can be a real pain. Too early and you get hit, and too late and your shield breaks. I don't even try it anymore and use ancient arrows to kill them.

    User Info: Reaper8U

    Reaper8U (Expert) - 4 years ago 0   0
  3. I can't say for certain, but I believe that the fully functional and mobile guardians' lasers actually travel a bit faster than the ones from the Decayed Guardians, so the timing is a little different.

    User Info: Aliga

    Aliga - 4 years ago 1   3

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