Can't get back to Vah Medoh?

  1. So I was an idiot and didn't bring enough cold protection to last for completing Vah Medoh. Decided to nip back to Rito Village and get the cold protection armour just before the boss fight, so I left. My issue now is I can't get back - the only way I can see of getting back up there is to leap on from the tall column in Rito Village but I can't get to the top without running out of stamina. Am I missing something obvious?

    User Info: KLBobbin

    KLBobbin - 4 years ago


  1. Once you've done the outer divine beast fight you can warp back up via your Sheikah Slate. There's a travel gate that takes you back to the dungeon.

    User Info: fate311

    fate311 - 4 years ago 18   80

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