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  • The Wii U GamePad is the largest video game controller to date, beating the original Xbox controller.

    Contributed By: XTheGamerX.

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  • The original prototype Wii U GamePad at E3 2011 had circle pads like the one on the 3DS instead of analog sticks.

    Contributed By: XTheGamerX.

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  • The Wii U was the first video game console to come packaged with an HDMI cable.

    Contributed By: XTheGamerX.

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  • The code name for the Wii U during development was known as "Project Café".

    Contributed By: TuxedoAlex.

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  • First Nintendo home console to not have an exclusive Zelda game.

    Contributed By: Master_Magnus.

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  • Electronic Arts discontinued making games for this console in 2013 as sales of the Wii U were not as great as they had expected.

    Contributed By: 91210user.

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