Error code 160-4711?

  1. Ok so I got a new usb to use with my wii u. Trouble is I get error code 160-4711 whenever I try to transfer stuff to it. Anyone know a fix?

    User Info: krsonic

    krsonic - 6 years ago


  1. It seems that the Wii U may not supply enough power to work with some drives that pull power from the USB port. Even if you use a y cable to pull power from two of the ports.
    If it is a power problem and you're using a y cable, you might try plugging the extra power cable from the y to a powered USB hub. If that worked, I'd probably move the saves to the Wii U to be safe. Then look for an externally powered drive. It wouldn't hurt to check for drives specifically recommended for Wii U.

    User Info: RetroSpective19

    RetroSpective19 - 6 years ago 3   5

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