How do I set the pro controller to player 2?

  1. When I play Super Mario World the pro controller sets itself to player 1. With the gamepad also set to player 1, I can only do single player. Both controllers work with the game, but they control the same character. Is there anyway I can set the pro controller to player 2?

    User Info: ArcadeBlue

    ArcadeBlue - 6 years ago

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  1. While your in the game click Zr and click the box on the top right corner on the wii u gamepad. Then click change player number and switch the wii u gamepad to player 2. I don't think you can set pro controller or classic to player 2 but you can change the wii u gamepad to player 2.

    User Info: doodle75

    doodle75 - 6 years ago 9   5


  1. Plug the pro controller into port two on your system or don't turn on the pro controller until you start the game are my best guess for you as I've never had this problem. Sorry if it doesn't work out for you. I could suggest calling Nintendo support.

    User Info: Shinted

    Shinted - 6 years ago 4   2
  2. Alright guys... Sadly the real answer is mental, stupid enough to make you cringe but you don't need to set up anything, you just need to cause the game itself to detect it (ie: use both controllers at the same time), at least in the case of smash bros even though there is no option or intuitive workaround, if you use both the game pad and the other controller on the character selection screen one will become player 2, while the other one will remain as player 1. NP, better late than never huh? I just figured it out now, I just recently acquired my own wii u.

    Turns out all you need to do is 'try'.

    User Info: Dieselwerk

    Dieselwerk - 4 years ago 4   10

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