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A challenging auto-runner for 1 to 5 players.

Absolutely Unstoppable MineRun is a challenging auto-run platformer. The lava keeps rising and the Miner is out of control, so you'll need to use carefully timed jumps and double jumps to reach the top safely.

-Play dangerously for bigger scores stay close to the lava for bonus multipliers
-16 vertical levels, ranging from very easy to almost impossible
-3 objectives per level for extra challenge
-2 multiplayer modes for up to 5 players (Additional Wii Remote controllers required)
-In multiplayer, expert players can control 2 Miners using a single Wii Remote
-Describe & Draw multiplayer mode draw clues on the Wii U GamePad for other players to guess. Drawings will obscure the gameplay, but correct guesses will add seconds to the timer
-Unlockable Endless single player mode
-3 save files high scores are shared between the files

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