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Think you've played a game like this before? Think again!

With 5 game modes to choose from, each offering a unique experience. Play in Versus, Teams, Elimination, Barricade or even Tug'O'Draw mode, and find out who is the best artist!

Introducing optional 'Mutators' that change how you play. Too good at drawing? How are you at drawing when you can't see the page? What if the ink travels in the opposite direction to your pen? Mutators can really switch up the game with hilarious outcomes.

Child friendly words!
Players can toggle easy mode on and off for individuals, enabling younger players to take part in the same game as everyone else!

Don't think our list of over 1500 words is quite enough? No problem! Add your own with the Word Creator!

-Up to 8 Players or Teams
-Over 1500 words
-5 Unique Game Modes
-5 Mutators that change how the game is played
-'Just Doodle Mode' stripping away the timer and Mutators, allowing you to make your own rules!
-Word Creator
-Easy Mode for individual players

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