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Learn while playing video games!

Building Blocks is the video game version the classic wooden stacking blocks. The game lets you build anything you can imagine and uses realistic physics that simulate real-world gravity.

-Counting Sheep is a fun way to learn numbers 1 through 100.
-Menu Math is a fun way to learn addition and also become comfortable selecting items from a menu. All prices are rounded for simplicity to fractional 0.5's (Examples: 7.5, 3, 2.5, 8).
-Ice Cream Colors is a simple color identification game. A color is both shown (with spelling) and said aloud.
-Play Piano is a simplified piano. The piano helps develop creativity and might reveal musical talent. Who knows, your child might be the next big piano virtuoso.
-Shapes is the video game version of the classic shapes toolbox.
-SK8 is a cool skate boarding game that teaches addition based math. Solve a math problem to jump over the oncoming rock as you skate down the street.

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