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Pew pew pew!

A vibrant, futuristic, twin-stick style shooter.

It's 2147 and the human colony on Europa has suffered a terrible fate. Rebooting after hibernation, two super-intelligent AI cores awake to find themselves installed within a couple of old security drones. Their attempts to uncover what occurred may end up becoming a lower priority than merely surviving...

-Lots of robots, lots of lasers, lots of aliens, lots of explosions! Retro arcade influences are front and center, but spiced up with a colorful modern style, a generous helping of sci-fi intrigue, and a dash of RPG ELEMENTS!
-Don't fight alone! Up to 4 players can battle together, but you'll always have your trusty (AI-controlled) robo-buddies by your side.
-In Story mode, battle through the labyrinth-like colony as you attempt to shed light on the calamity that has ocurred.
-Hone your skills in the arena-style Arcade mode. Battle wave after endless wave of the alien horde.
-Versus mode pits you against up to 3 friends.

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#48 hardest WIIU action game (#80 on WIIU, #3389 overall)


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