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by TourianTourist

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Miiverse Stamp Location Guide by TourianTourist

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/09/2016
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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

Miiverse Stamps Location Guide

Version 1.00

by TourianTourist (touriantourist[at]gmail[dot]com)


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD introduced Miiverse Stamps to the game. You can collect up to 50 of them and then use them for your hand-drawn posts on Miiverse. In the original game for GameCube and Wii there used to be an overabundance of treasure chests with Rupees and the Miiverse Stamps basically add more variety in rewards to the game, so you now have a better incentive to explore everything. This guide will help you, whenever you're missing one of the stamps.

Stamp Locations

The stamps are listed in the same order as in the Miiverse Stamp menu. So, if you're missing a stamp, simply look for its neighbors in the list. For each stamp the list will tell you the area or dungeon, where it's found, and what you have to do to find it. In addition this guide will also list what used to be the reward in the GameCube and Wii versions, if the stamp replaced something in a chest. This was just added out of curiosity and doesn't have any meaning for the Wii U version.

If the stamp is located in a Dig Cavern, it means that you have to look in wolf form for a large digging spot, which leads to a small underground cave.

This guide was written for Normal Mode. Keep in mind that in Hero Mode the game world is mirrored, much like in the original Wii version. For the most part this guide will try to avoid the directions "east" and "west", but where it didn't, you simply have to flip them. So, what's east is west and vice versa.

Hylian Alphabet

AForest TempleIn the room with the Boss Key, not far from its chest jump into the water and enter a small tunnel leading to a hidden chest.10 Rupees
BSnowpeak RuinsIn the room with the large bottomless pit, where you can find the Compass, there's also a small chest with a stamp.20 Rupees
CEldin ProvinceIn the largest area of Hyrule Field, where the first horse battle took place, you can find a Dig Cavern on a brown spot (go north from the exit from Kakariko Gorge, it's not far from the bridge to Hyrule Castle Town). Inside there are many Bomskits and two torches, which you should light for a chest with the stamp. The original 50 Rupees are also still there, in a small chest right beside it.50 Rupees
DArbiter's GroundsIn the large room after you got the Spinner, make your way to the top. Below the exit there's a chest behind two Stalfos.10 Rupees
EKakariko GorgeAt the Owl Statue, use the Dominion Rod to get to the chest.100 Rupees
FLanayru ProvinceIn the North Hyrule Field there's a river that leads into the moat of Hyrule Castle. You can find a large chest there under water behind some grates. Swim above the grates and then dive down with the Iron Boots.100 Rupees
GCity in the SkyIn the west part of the dungeon, on 2F, you will get to a room with Peahats, where you have to fit through gaps on the walls by extending the chain of your Clawshots. In the south of this area you can find a separate island, which you can reach with another Peahat. There's the first Imp Poe of the dungeon, as well as a chest with this stamp.50 Rupees
HGoron MinesIn the large room in the north with the many Bulblin archers jump into the water. You can find a large chest behind some planks under one of the wooden constructs.50 Rupees
ILanayru ProvinceIn the North Hyrule Field you can find a Dig Cavern east of the bridge, under a circle of grass. It's filled with Chuchus, but there's also a new chest there with a stamp.-
JLake HyliaAround halfway through the dark Lantern Cavern you have to light two torches to reveal a chest with this stamp.100 Rupees
KLakebed TempleIn the central room you can find a chest below the entrance to the boss chamber.20 Rupees
LTemple of TimeOn 5F there's a room in the south with a Small Key and a Piece of Heart, where you just have to walk up to the southernmost point to find the chest with this stamp.20 Rupees
MLanayru ProvinceGo down south from the Great Bridge of Hylia, until you can find some rocks on a ledge. Use Bomb Arrows to destroy them and then the Clawshot to get on top of the ledge. This is where you find another Dig cavern with lots of Bubbles inside. Kill them all to reveal the chest.100 Rupees
NForest TempleThis is in the same room as what should be your last monkey, located east of the crossroads with the wind bridge. There you can find a large chest on a wooden platform.20 Rupees
OKakariko GorgeSoutheast of the bridge to Kakariko Village you can find a dark Lantern cavern, which you have to explore to find this chest.20 Rupees
PLanayru ProvinceIn North Hyrule Field you can find a Dig Cavern under a circle of grass at the northwest end of the stream. Inside there are some Skulltulas, as well as three torches, which reveal a chest when lit.50 Rupees
QSnowpeak RuinsRight at the dungeon entrance you can find a small chest behind one of the armors. Destroy them with the Ball & Chain.20 Rupees
RGerudo DesertAt the westernmost border, near the warp portal there's a chest surrounded by chasms. Use your Clawshot on the Peahat to cross over.50 Rupees
SLake HyliaRight before the entrance of the Lantern Cavern you can find a Dig Cavern for bobber fishing. Kill all the Toadpolis to reveal a chest.100 Rupees
TTemple of TimeOn 7F there's a large chest containing this stamp above the giant scale.20 Rupees
UGoron MinesIn the large room in the north with the Bulblin archers there's a chest in the northeast corner, which you can only reach using the Clawshot. So, you have to get back here after the Lakebed Temple.50 Rupees
VLanayru ProvinceIn the small field south of Hyrule Castle Town, there's a giant hole towards Lake Hylia. Here you can use the Double Clawshots to reach a chest below.100 Rupees
WLake HyliaAt the warp portal head south, jump into the water and look for an underwater chest.100 Rupees
XSacred GroveThis is in the place, where you fight Skull Kid for the first time. Return here later, climb the vines and use the Spinner on the rail to get to a chest.100 Rupees
YLakebed TempleAfter you got the Clawshot return to the spiral water slide in the upper east part of the dungeon. You have to climb the entire slide using your Iron Boots (you can use the Clawshot to cut short a couple of times), until you finally reach the top again. This takes some time, but luckily you now get a stamp for your efforts, instead of just measly 20 Rupees.20 Rupees
ZCity in the SkyGo to the upper outside area of the central part of the dungeon, where you have the ropes that you can only cross as a wolf. Follow the vines at the center (there are Skullwalltulas here) to a small chest with 20 Rupees and from there follow the ropes to a platform with another Imp Poe and the chest containing this stamp.50 Rupees

Characters and Icons

RupeeHyrule Castle TownOnce you caught all 60 Poe Souls, talk to Jovani. Visit him in Telma's bar afterwards and then talk to the cat in his house, which will give you this stamp next to the usual 200 Rupees on every visit.-
Treasure ChestLake HyliaExplore the dark Lantern Cavern, the chest will be in an alcove behind a boulder near the end.100 Rupees
Piece of HeartEldin ProvinceNorth of the Bridge of Eldin there's a large lava cave, where you have to jump down into the magnetic streams to find a Piece of Heart at the end. Right next to it there are two torches, which you should light to reveal another chest.100 Rupees
Heart ContainerCave of OrdealsIn a large chest next to the Great Fairy on floor 40.-
Link (Happy)Ordon RanchThere's a Dig Cavern in the barn, where inside you have to light three torches to reveal a chest.50 Rupees
Link (Angry)Lanayru ProvinceIn the field west of Hyrule Castle Town there's a ledge with vines that you can climb with the Clawshot. Up there you can find a Dig Cavern with Helmasaurs inside, which you have to defeat for a chest.100 Rupees
Link (Sad)Eldin ProvinceSouth of the Bridge of Eldin you can find a brown spot with a Dig Cavern full of Bomb Fish and a chest.50 Rupees
Link (Surprised)Cave of OrdealsIn a large chest next to the Great Fairy on floor 10.-
Link (Wolf)Faron ProvinceEnter Hyrule Field from Faron Woods and just east of the exit you can find a Dig Cavern in a corner with Keese, Deku Babas, Chuchus and Rats inside. There's a new chest here that contains this stamp.-
Midna (Happy)Cave of OrdealsIn a large chest next to the Great Fairy on floor 30.-
Midna (Angry)Palace of TwilightOn your way to the first Sol, in the second room, there's a chest on the upper level, which you can reach with the Double Clawshots.100 Rupees
Midna (Sad)Gerudo DesertAround the central north of the desert, there's a small mesa that you can climb using the Clawshot on the plant. Here you can find a Dig Cavern marked with three skulls with two Imp Poes inside it. Light the three torches to reveal a chest.100 Rupees
Midna (Surprised)Arbiter's GroundsThe 2nd time that you pull up a chandelier with a chain, walk right past it to a chest.20 Rupees
OoccooCity in the SkyWhen you return to the room behind the bridge that got destroyed by Argorok, make your way through it with the Double Clawshots. Towards the end, opposite to the exit there's a chest with this stamp.20 Rupees
Zelda (Happy)Hyrule CastleYou have to get all Small Keys in the dungeon. That way you will have a spare key at the end, so you can open the door behind the last Darknut, right before you go to the throne room. This will get you to a treasure chamber, where one of the large chests has this stamp.50 Pellets
Zelda (Angry)Cave of OrdealsIn a large chest next to the Great Fairy on floor 20.-
Zelda (Sad)Hyrule CastleIn the east outside area, after you got the Map, climb up the ladder and follow the wall to a chest.10 Rupees
Zelda (Surprised)Lanayru ProvinceAt the southern gate of Hyrule Castle Town you can find a chest on a pedestal in a fountain. Look at the pillars above the fountain to find a grate for your Clawshot and then use the Spinner on the track. Jump off right at the center to get to the chest.100 Rupees
ZantPalace of TwilightOn your way to the 2nd Sol, in the second room there are multiple chests in the upper alcoves. Use the Double Clawshots to reach them and to find a stamp.50 Rupees
AgithaHyrule Castle TownReceived from Agitha after bringing her 12 Golden Bugs.-
Malo MartHyrule Castle TownWhen you've completed the Malo Mart quest, you can buy this stamp inside the shop for 100 Rupees.-
CuccoLake HyliaPlay the Falbi's Flight by Fowl minigame to land on the pyramid. It's in the third chest from the top.50 Rupees
FairyCave of OrdealsIn a large chest before you jump down to the Great Fairy on floor 50.-
True Midna-If you collect all other 49 stamps, you will receive this one automatically.-


(c) 2016 TourianTourist

This guide was compiled alongside a German guide for ZeldaEurope.de while playing the game. It was published on GameFAQs and it is not permitted to host this guide on other sites.

For the rewards in the GameCube and Wii versions the Hidden Grotto Guide by The New Bejitto and the official Twilight Princess Prima Guide were used. Please contact me, if any information is incorrect.