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Reviewed: 06/23/20

Year Walk [Uneducated] Review

It has been 3 days since I finished Year Walk, and although I have mixed feelings with it I can't stop thinking in its themes.

I first heard about this game back in 2014 and I wanted to play it since, the fact that you walk and find mythical Sweden creatures lured me a lot, also it was introduced with an "encyclopedia" or the sorts for you to find out about the creatures, sounded great. Back to 2019, I played it on a Wii U and at times I found it brilliant and clever the same amount of times I found it frustrating and design broken. The atmosphere is amazing and the character and environment design are on top, the problem is the gameplay, of course, is a cryptic game and you have to solve your way through but I find its mechanics way too inconsistent, the first difficult puzzle has 2 different "things" that you need to interact with and click them in sequence, but, clicking them doesn't do anything so you may think that you can't go there just yet and you will wander around to find another thing to do, although you can't because you can only advance through that portion, turns out that you need to press L or R buttons on the Wii U, this was so annoying because in the instruction manual which is mandatory, doesn't have listed this buttons, also you don't use them before or after this puzzle, so it just feels cheap and tedious, it's just bad design, a thing that will appear in the future so keep that in mind. There is a plot within this game but is so superficial that by the time game want you to care it just feels too forced, that beign said...

As I said, even when the bad thing were pretty annoying and noticeable, I can't stop thinking about some things, which are related to the true ending and breaking the 4th wall if only just a little, there is an auditive puzzle which is pretty great and also the music is amazing, maybe my favorite part of this game by far, it can be comfy, scary, melancholic or even all of them, is that good.

Even when I had a mostly bad taste with Year Walk, I can't say for sure that is an skipable game, I do think that it's worth to try it by one self and make you own conclusions, I doesn't have that much of replayability but I think I would try it again in a year or so, maybe then it might click on me.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Year Walk (US, 09/17/15)

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