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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (PS4) (HTML) 09/06/19 ExtremePhobia 1.0 714K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PC) (HTML) 08/09/19 Draken70 1.45 360K
FAQ (PS4) 07/01/19 The Bus 1.3 228K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PC) (HTML) 07/04/19 Chromodyne 0.16 159K

In-Depth FAQs

Archive Guide (PS4) 08/03/19 UltimaterializerX 1.0 396K
Bestiary (PS4) (HTML) 06/21/19 LightnessZero 1.0 35K
Food List (NS) 07/13/19 SinstarsFantasy 1.0 2K
Shards List (PC) (HTML) 07/16/19 DanRPS 0.7 7K

Maps and Charts

Arvantville Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/23/19 Zeric 85K
Arvantville Map (PC) (PNG) 07/23/19 Zeric 182K
Bridge of Evil Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/03/19 Zeric 115K
Bridge of Evil Map (PC) (PNG) 08/05/19 Zeric 128K
Den of Behemoths Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 08/01/19 Zeric 159K
Den of Behemoths Map (PC) (PNG) 08/01/19 Zeric 150K
Dian Cecht Cathedral Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/25/19 Zeric 173K
Dian Cecht Cathedral Map (PC) (PNG) 07/25/19 Zeric 215K
Entrance Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/23/19 Zeric 157K
Entrance Map (PC) (PNG) 07/23/19 Zeric 222K
Forbidden Underground Waterway Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/29/19 Zeric 208K
Forbidden Underground Waterway Map (PC) (PNG) 07/29/19 Zeric 231K
Galleon Minerva Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/23/19 Zeric 122K
Galleon Minerva Map (PC) (PNG) 07/23/19 Zeric 210K
Garden of Silence Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/24/19 Zeric 147K
Garden of Silence Map (PC) (PNG) 07/24/19 Zeric 181K
Glacial Tomb Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 08/01/19 Zeric 128K
Glacial Tomb Map (PC) (PNG) 08/01/19 Zeric 139K
Hall of Termination Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/12/19 Zeric 0.5 172K
Hall of Termination Map (PC) (PNG) 07/11/19 Zeric 177K
Hidden Desert Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/31/19 Zeric 124K
Hidden Desert Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/11/19 Zeric 0.5 118K
Hidden Desert Map (PC) (PNG) 07/31/19 Zeric 144K
Hidden Desert Map (PC) (PNG) 07/11/19 Zeric 129K
Inferno Cave Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/31/19 Zeric 111K
Inferno Cave Map (PC) (PNG) 07/31/19 Zeric 117K
Livre Ex Machina Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/28/19 Zeric 185K
Livre Ex Machina Map (PC) (PNG) 07/28/19 Zeric 232K
Oriental Sorcery Lab Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 08/01/19 Zeric 121K
Oriental Sorcery Lab Map (PC) (PNG) 08/01/19 Zeric 148K
Secret Sorcery Lab Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/29/19 Zeric 103K
Secret Sorcery Lab Map (PC) (PNG) 07/29/19 Zeric 97K
Towers of Twin Dragons Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/27/19 Zeric 149K
Towers of Twin Dragons Map (PC) (PNG) 07/27/19 Zeric 225K
Underground Sorcery Lab Enemy Map (PC) (PNG) 07/29/19 Zeric 114K
Underground Sorcery Lab Map (PC) (PNG) 07/29/19 Zeric 120K

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