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FAQ/Walkthrough by slatkabundeva

Version: 1 | Updated: 01/18/16

                        Adventure Time:
                 Finn and Jake Investigations

        Table of Contents

         [int]  Introduction
         [con]  Controls:
         [com]  Combat/Controls
         [wal] Walkthrough:
               [w1] Sweet Sweet Magic
               [w2] Lumpy Ice Princess
               [w3] Sour Notes
               [w4] Everything Must Go
               [w5] Album (Re)cover
         [oth] Other

        Introduction :
     This game plays much like classic point and click adventure games. You go
through the story interacting with objects and people, collecting items, and
figuring out their correct usage to proceed. I will outline all of the
necessary items and interactions. However, I recommend using every interactable
icon if you wish to see the full humor and story in the game. This has so far
been my favorite Adventure Time game. My only complaints are that you
can't skip through or speed up some of the dialogue and it is slightly on the
easy side. (Probably why I am able to write a guide instead of needing one)

-Press Up or Down on the directional pad to highlight every possible
interactable (they will be noticeably sparkley).

            Controls :

Main Controls
  X Run
  A Take / Interact / Talk
  B Look
  Y Use

  R and L  to browse inventory
  R or L on D pad to Open Inventory

 To Combine: Open inventory and browse through the items with the joystick.
  When object 1 is highlighted press Y. Highlight the second object and Press Y
  Lastly, press X.

            Combat :

    The controls in the Combat Time! parts of the game work differently than the
main controls. The combat is very easy button mashing. You take no damage, and
as far as I can tell cannot die. Strategy is not heavily required, where it is
I will explain in the walkthrough. You get "Dosh" depending on how good
you do, but it is just to look at and not really important.

     The main attack button is Y. You can hold down Y anytime to do a charged
attack. Hold down B to roll. You will see your "fist pump" gauge fill as you
hit enemies. When it is full you will have two options: special Jake move or a
special sword move.

Jake Move:
  Left Dpad Jake War Dog: Ride on Jake and ram enemies.
  Down Dpad Jake Catapult: Aim the taget to shoot Jake.
  Up Dpad Jake Suit: Get super strength with the Jake suit.
  Right Dpad Jake Top: Spin around rapidly and damage enemies.

   You will unlock new swords as you proceed through the game. Each does a
different special attack. Press R to change swords. Swords can be viewed in
your basement of the treehouse, if you wish.

 -Scarlet: The starting sword, when you hit an enemy it will do the same damage
to all enemies. (Which also can blow enemies further away from you which is
kind of annoying)
 -Pink Jewel Sword: Rains jewels doing damage over the whole area. My Favorite
 -Sword of the Dead: When you hit an enemy, it will become a ghost warrior and
help fight the other enemies.
 -Root Sword: Roots enemies to the ground so they're stuck
 -Lightening Sword: Hits enemies with lightening

    A new paragraph with a directional arrow, or room description
indicates a new area/screen and any directions within that section of
text is to be done in that area. When an NPC talks to you, you have to go
 through every speech option and the order doesn't matter.

     Sweet Sweet Magic :
You have an option to view a tutorial if you would like.
I wouldn't recommend exploring the treehouse, because you will do that anyways
as part of a later quest.

  A Examine Tickertype to start investigation

We are in the Candy Kingdom!
  Y Use Jake on the right side of the bridge
  Y Use sword on the middle pipe
  *** Combat Time ***

<- Enter the doors to the castle and go through the second door
  A Talk to Princess Bubblegum

V Go back to the hallway and enter the 1st door, (previously banana guarded)
  A Talk to Starchy
  A Examine the table
  A Talk to Gum Guardian at the window
  A Take Circle Thing off of the floor
  B Examine Jellybeans on the floor/table
  A Talk to Banana Guard

Return to hall and return to Princess Bubbegum
  A Talk to Princess Bubblegum
  Answer in order: "Pamphlets" "Jellybeans" "Abracadaniel is innocent"

Return to the hall and enter the kitchen (4th door from right)
  A Take Soap from the Counter
  A Take Pink Plastic Bottle from the floor
  Y Use Pink Plastic Bottle on the sink
  Combine Bottle of Water and Soap
  Combine Bottle of Soapy Water and Circle Thingy
  A Take Candles from the cake
  Y Use Business Card on Banana Guard
  Y Use Bubble Blower on the balcony- before we use it we need to free Abrcdnl

Return to the hall and enter the 3rd door to the dungeon
  Y Use Jake  near the bananaguard to go up
  A Take Keys
  Y Use Jake to return down
  Y Use Keys on the cell door

Leave the castle and go back outside
  B Examine the Snail on a corner of grass near a pole/mailbox
  Y Use Jake on the Beehive at the end of the path
  Y Use Jake near the house
  Y Use Beehive on the Chimney
  *** Combat Time***

Enter the house
  A Take Peppermint Buttler Note from the table
  A Take Book of Matches from the counter

Enter the castle and enter the 1st door
  Y Use Candle on the candlestand on the bookshelf
  Y Use Book of Matches on the candle

Enter secret room
  A Take Abracadaniel's Cake Plate from the table

Return to the Dungeon
  Y Use Cake Plate on Abracadaniel
  A Examine the portal to Wizard City
  ***Combat Time***

We're in Wizard City!
  A Take Abracadaniel Wand from the ground
  Combine Jake and Wand
  Y Use Jake and Wand on the Crank on the wall

-> Enter the main area of Wizard City
  A Take Mop
  A Take Slime Puddle
  A Talk to Rock Wizard

-> Go to the upper right area
  ***Combat Time***
  root sword unlocked
  A Take Length of Rope

<- Go back to the main area
-> Go to the lower right area
  Y Use Length of Rope on the 3rd pillar
  A Take Heavy Brick

Go back to the upper right area
  Y Use Jake near the graffiti
  Y Use Jake on the left wall
  Y Use Heavy Brick on the gnome
  A Take Bucket of Black Paint
  Y Use Jake to go back down

<- Return to the main area
  Combine Mop and Bucket of Black Paint
  Combine Impressive Wizard Bear with Slime
  Y Use Impressively Sticky Wizard Beard on Rock Wizard
  A Talk to the Cyclops in line
  Y Use Coin on the vending machine

-> Lower right area
  Y Use Crow Bar on the rubble to get the Eye Sized Gem

<- Main area
  Y Use Eye Sized Gem on the cyclops
  A Talk to Flambo
  Combine Cracked Eye Gem and Mop Handle
  Y Use Makeshift Staff of Relief on the hole in the top left corner
  Y Use Coin on the vending machine
  Y Use Dusting Brush on the 1st staff of relief
  A Talk to Flambo
  Y Use Coin on the vending machine

->Enter Ron James shop
  B Examine the snail left of the door
  A Take Gunther
  A Talk to Ron James
  A Talk to Ice King

<- Main Area
  A Talk to Huntress Wizard

-> Lower right area
  Y Use Gunther near the bottle
  *** Combat Time ***
  A Take Broken Bottle Bottom

<-Go to upper right area
  *** Combat Time ***
  A Take Broken Bottle Top
  Combine Broken Bottle Top and Bottom

Return to Ron James Shop
  Y Use Bottle on Ron James

<- Main area
  A  Take # from the bulletin board
    Option A:
      Use Wizard Coin on the phone booth 10 times for an achievement and
      some funny dialogue. Then use the phone number on the booth.
    Option B
      Use the phone number on the phone booth
  Y Use Anchovy Pizza on the Huntress Wizard
  A Take the Hooked Staff off of the ground near the phone booth
  Y Use Hooked Staff on the vending machine

-> Ron James Shop
  Y Use Chips on Ice King
  Y Use Pizza on Ice King
  Y Use Cola on Ice King
  A Take Old Rod right by the umbrella
  Y Use Old Rod under the chandelier
  Y Use Old Rod with Oil on the fireplace
  Y Use Magic Rod on the candles left and right of the bookcase

^ Enter the Secret Room
  A Take Man Hole Cover
  Y Use Man Hole Cover on the 2nd manhole to the right
  A Take Rusty Hook from the left side of the room

V Enter the manhole
  B Examine toolbox on the right
  A Take Wrench
  B Examine the snail on the copper pipe on the right

Go back to Ron James shop
  Y Use Wrench on the wheel/ valve

Return don the manhole
  Y Use Valve on the pipe on the very right
  Y Use Wrench on the valve
  A Activate Valve

<- Go through the newly opened exit on the left
  A Talk to Candy Peeps
  A Examine Chest

Go through the door
  Combine Jake and the hook/chain
  Y Use Jake + hook on the hanging chain

Enter the newly unlocked door to go to the wizard party
  Y Use Sword on the rope
  Y Use Key on the wand stand near frog wizard
  Y Use Abracandaniel Wand on the wand stand

! Investigation Complete!

Lumpy Ice Princess:

In the treehouse
  A Accept new investigation on the tickertype

In the forest
  Y Use Jake near the apple tree
  A Take Vibrant Flower
  A Take Axe
  A Take Wood Planks
  A Knock on Tree Trunks House

^ Go up the path -> then go to the upper right path
  Y Use Jake on the apple tree

<- Go back <- and go to the upper left path
  Y Use Axe on the rope bridge
  Y Use Jake on the rope bridge

V Go back to Tree Trunks house
  Y Use Key on the house and enter
  A Talk to Tree Trunks

-> Return outside and go up the path
  A Talk to Tree Stump
  Combine Pretty Flower ad Vibrant Flower

v Go back inside Tree Trunks House
  Y Use Scented Flower Blend on the tea kettle

-> Go back outside up, and up the right path and approach the train
  ***Combat Time***
  Sword unlocked

Return to Tree Trunks House
  Y Use Medicinal Herb on the kettle
  Y Use Apples on Tree Trunks
  A Take Towel from the floor

^ Go up
  Y Use Apple Pie on Tree Stump
  A Take Hammer

<- Go Left
  Y Use Wood Planks on the ledge near the ledge
  Y Use Hammer on the wood

^ Go up  [?] For some reason in this area pressing Up+ to highlight didn't work
  B Examine Snail on the Washer
  Approach the Ice wall
  A Take Empty Bean Can
  Y Use can on the well
  Y Use Hammer on Bike
  Y Use Can on Fire
  Y Use Towel on can
  Y Use Handlebar on can
  Y Use the handlebar with towels on the ice

Cutscene and back in the Candy Kingdom
  A Talk to LSP
  A Take shield from the wall

^ Exit through the 2 large doors
  A Talk to Dr. Doughnut

^ Go to the Kitchen (Door Dr. Doughnut was standing by)
  A Take Spatula from the sink
  A Take Note from the fridge

v Return to the hall
  A Take Spray Can
  Y Use Spatula on the wall

<- Go to the left and exit to the outside
  Y Use Note on Nurse Poundcake, who is standing just outside
  B Examine the snail on the corner of the first table
  A Take Candy Rocket by the fountain
  A Talk to Cinnabun

Go in between the houses covered with balloons
  A Take feather, from the garbage can as you enter the area
  A Talk to "Sunny"
  A Talk to Cookie

Go Back
  Y Use Spray Can on the punch

Go Back
  Y Use Punch on Cookie Guy
  A Take Rope Belt from the top of the box
  Combine Rocket and Rope Belt
  Y Use Rocket on the fire to the right
  Y Use Lit Rocket on lock down the alley

Enter the cellar door
  Y Use Bike Handles on the fire wolf

  A Talk to Mallow, who is standing by the tables
  Y Use Shield on the table right of Mallow
  Y Use Cake
  Y Use Feather on Mr. Cream puff
  Y Use Cream on Cake
  Y Use Jewel on Cake

~ Cutscene ~
  A Take Squirt Bottle off of the stool to the right of lsp
  A Interact with the brown recliner to the left
  A Take Pizza
  Y Use Jake on the bottom of the platform on the left
  A Take Phone from Gunther up above
  Y Use Phone on LSP

Go into the door, right of the loveseat
  A Press button
  Y Use Bottle on Gunther
  A Press button
  A Take Bottle
  A Take Scepter from the floor
  Y Use Bottle on the table
  A Take Ring

Leave room and go right to the ninja cave triangle entrance
  Y Use Diamond on Ninja Cave and enter
  A Take Force of Blizzard (FOB) Scroll from the display by the swords
  A Take Force of Frozen Rain (FOFR) Scroll from the display on the right
  A Take Gauntlets form display
  Combine Gauntlets with Jake

  Y Use Gauntlets on Underwear
  Combine Underwear with Bike Handle

Go into Ninja Cave
  Y Use Slingshot on the bottom floor where there is a crack
  Y Use Pizza on the slingshot

Go Back
  Y Use Key on LSP

Go into Ninja Cave to the bottom floor
  *** Combat Time***
  Sword Unlocked

-> Go right into new cave for some puzzles
  Y Use FOB Scroll on the ice block, standing on the "summoning square"

  On the First block use FOB. On the tall ice block use FOFR then FOB
Continue right
  On the ramp use FOB twice. Go back down, use FOB once. Use it
  again on the next summoning square. On the bottom level use FOB.
Continue right

(I apologize if this is hard to understand)
s=summoning square
i= ice block on ground level
I= ice block up high
x= hole

 si1  x  si2 x
o  o  o   o  o  o
o  o  I2  o sI1 o
o  o  s   o  o  o

   Y Use FOFR on sI1

si1  x  si2  x
o  o  o   o  o  o
o  o  I2  o sI1 o
o  o  s   o  s3  o

  Y Use FOB on the new high ice block summoning stone 3
  Y Use FOFR and FOB on summoning stone for I2

s i1 I  si2  I
o  o  o   o  o  o
o  o  o   o  o
o  o  s   o  s o

  Y Use FOB on si2
  Y Use FOB on si1

Go across the ice and Y use Jake on the floor switch
(This was tricky to find the right spot)
  Y Use Scepter on the pulley, go through the doorway
  A Take Scepter and go through the door on the right

 ***Combat Time***
  B Examine Snail and then approach LSP

! Investigation Complete!

       Sour Notes:

A Start new investigation on the tickertype
-> Go right
  A Take Psychic Crystal

v  Return to main room and go down
  A Take Super Spicey Hot Sauce from the table left of freezer
  A Take Squid from the freezer
  A Take Cooking Pot from stove

<- Go left
  A Take Vinegar from the stool
  Y Use Cooking Pot on the Sink

-> Go back
  Y Use Pot on the Stove
  Y Use Vinegar, Super Spicey Hot Sauce, Frozen Sonic Squid Tentacles,
  and Psychic Crystals on the Stove

~ Cutescene
  Y Use Earplug on Marceline
  A Talk to Marceline to get earplugs back
  Y Use Earplug on Princess Bubblegum
  A Talk to PB again to get earplugs back

-> Go upper right
  ***Combat Time***
  A Take Steering Wheel (from the truck)
  A Use well. A Take Hammer (from the well)

<- Go up the left path
  Y Use Hammer on mine cart
  Y Use Wheel on the post
  A Use the wheel
  A Take Witch Hazel

-> Go back
  A Take Old Jar (next to soccer)

<- Go through the Mine Door
   A Take Sunflower

-> Go back
  Y Use Sunflower on the dirt pile
  Y Use Jar on the beehive

<- Go back through mine door and approach tree trunks
  Y Use Jar on the anthill

^ Go Up
  Y Use Earplugs on Wizard
  A Take Earplugs back
  Y Use Witchhazel on the potion machine
  Y Use Jar on the machine
  Y Use Potion on Candy Guy

<- Go left
  B Look at the car to see a snail and continue left

~ Cutescene ~
  A Take Fence Post
  Y Use Fence Post near the fence edge
  Y Use Jake on Fence Post
  A Take Plastic Bag from the Pole
  Y Use Jake on the Buoy
  A Take Plastic Bag and go up the ramp
  A Take Plastic Bag
  A Take Speaker
  Combine Jake with each of the 3 plastic bags

-> Go right across the bridge
  Y Use a Bag on each of the three tires

*** Combat Time ***
   Fight the first 3 enemies normally.
   When Incendo comes, position yourself near he stink bags.
Flame Princess will throw fire to pop the bags and hurt Incendo.

<- Go back left
  A Talk to Flame Princess

^  Go north

~ Cutscene ~

  Y Use Fence Post on a Bubbly Spot
  Y Use Jake on Fence Post
  A Talk to Ice King
  Y Use Fence Post on the other Bubbly Spot
  Y Use Jake on Fence Post
  A Talk to Ice King

*** Combat Time***

v Go Back
  A Talk to Flame Princess
  A Take Shock Collar
  A Take Marker
  Y Use Jake on the hole in the wall
  Y Use File on the cell door and proceed through
  A Take Filed Prison Bar
  B Look at the Barrel [snail]

^ Go up staircase
  A Take short rope (on the wall in between the doors)

Enter the Left-most door
  A Take Lemonsweets doll (from the table)
  A Read Note
  Y Use Marker on Notepad
  A Take Sleeping Bonnets (from the shelf by the window)
  Combine Sleeping Bonnets with Short Rope
  Y Use Rope on Radiator (by the window)
  A Talk to Lemongrab

Go back to hallway, and enter the newly unlocked middle door
  A Take Remote Control
  Y Use Lemonsweets on Mitt
  Y Use Filed Prison Bar on Mitt
  A Hide behind the curtain

Go back to hallway
  A Interact with the machine by the door
  Y Use Remote on the machine

-> Go Right through newly opened door
  Y Use Jar on the fountain

Go back to room with Lemongrab
  Y Use Jar with water on Lemongrab

Exit the door and walk away
  Y Use Jake At the BACK of the cell there is an interactable area (there
is also an interactable area at the front of the cell that will do nothing)
  Y Use sword on the console table

 !Investigation Compete!

  Everything Must Go:

  A Interact with tickertype and start investigation

***Combat Time***

  A Talk to Cinnamon Bun
  A Take Ultra Hot Sauce (from the table in the area)

<- Go left down the stairs

-> Enter door on the right
  A Talk to Flambo (in the cell)
  A Take Liver and Onions (from open cell on the right)

-> Go through the door on the right
  B and A Examine the furnace

Return to main room and go through the door on the right, which previously
  was being guarded ~ Cutscene
  Y Use Liver and Onions on the pot in the middle of the room
  A Take Kitchen Knife from the bag on the right
  Y Use Knife on the cabbage on the left counter
  A Take Cabbage
  Y Use Cabbage on the pot
  Y Use Hot Sauce on the pot
  A Take Large Bone

<- Exit to main room
  Y Use Large Bone on fire wolf

v Go back to the furnace room
  Y Use Large Bone on the furnace

*** Combat Time ***

<- Go back left through door
  Y Use Key on Flambo's cell

<- Go left through door, go left through the door in the next room

 Y Use Jake on the switch on top of the ramp
  Go down and step on the second switch, then walk across the bridge.
  A on the Lever on top of the next ramp. Walk back down and Y Use Jake.
 Walk back up stand on the switch. Cross the next bridge.

***Combat Time ***

  B Examine snail on Boulder
  Y Use Jake near wall
  Y Use Jake again
  A at the end of the walkway near starchy

  A Talk to Sunny
  A Talk to Marceline

*** Combat Time ***

In the throne room
  A Take Flat Rock (go to the left, by the skeleton bones in the gold)

^ Go up the left path
  *** Combat Time***
  A Take Old Gum (Right of the statue)
  A Take Clasp from te cloaked skeleton
  Y Use Jake on the wall (where all the pink rocks are)
  Y Use Jake again on the next ledge
  B Look at the snail (on the blue rock)
  A Take the Blue Gem on the left
  Y Use Jake to go back down the 2 ledges where you came from

^ Go up to the next area convered in spiderwebs
  Y Use flat rock on the switch to the left
  Y Use Jake on the Switch and go stand on the switch to the right
  A Take Green Gem
  A Take Leg Bone (from the ground)
  A Take Dagger (from the skeleton)

^ Go back to the previous room and Y use Jake to climb 1st ledge again
  Y Use Dagger on the rock
  A Take Red Gem

^ Return to the throne room
  Combine Blue Gem with Bone
  Y Use the Blue Gem wand/staff on the statue to the right of the throne
  Combine Gum with Green Gem and Gum with Red Gem
  Y Use Red Gem on the right socket of throne
  Y Use Green Gem on left socket of throne
  A Take Orange Gem from the middle socket. Combine Gem with Gum
  Y Use Clasp on the statue to the left of the throne

^ Go left back to the room with the gold dragon statue
  Y Use Orange Gem on the dragons hand
  A Take Wand and Take Orange Gem

v Go back to throne room
  Y Use wand on the left statue
  Y Use Orange Gem on the throne


-> Go to the kitchen on the right
  A Talk to Cinnamon Bun

<-Return to main room
  A Take Charcoal from up the stairs

v Go down to the hallway and approach the machine
  Y Use Charcoal on the 3rd pipe
  Y Use Wet Willie on the first 2 pipes
  A Press the Red Button
  A Take peppers

^ Return to the kitchen
  Y Use Peppers on pot
  Y Use Charcoal on pot

<- Go back to main room
  A Take plank from left of the steps
  Y Use Plank on the steps
  Y Use Wet Willie on the crack on the ground
  A Take Plank
  Y Use Plank on steps
  A Take Firebone Soup

-> Go to the kitchen
  Y Use Soup on Cinnamon Bun

<- Go back to the hallway
  To make the lemons on the lock match the lemons above the doors
 use Charcoal make it a lemon dirty and use Wet Willie to make it clean

^ Enter the door on the left (Match the lock Dirty Clean Dirty Clean)
  A Take Lemon Candy

-> Go to room with Lemongrab
  Y Give Lemon Candy to Lemongrab
  Combine Lemon Candy with Pepper
  Y Give Spicy Lemon Candy to Lemongrab
  A Take Candy Wad

<-Return to hallway

^ Enter the door with Clean Dirty Dirty Clean
  Y Use Candy Wad on Mit
  A Examine Mit
  A Take Sword

  B Examine table to see the Snail
  Y Use Charcoal on the firepit
  Y Use Bill of Sale on the firepit
  Y Use Pepper on the firepit
  Y Use sword on opening of Billy's Cave

! Investigation Complete !

     wa5: Album (Re)cover

  A Interact with tickertype and start investigation
  A Talk to Marceline

We're back in Wizard city!
  A Take broom (from the left wall)

-> Enter the Wizard store
  A Talk to Ron James the
  A Talk to Sunny

<- Return to the main area
  B Examine the snail near the steps by the vending machine
  A Take Wizard Coin from the vending machine

-> Go back to the wizard store
  Y Use Wizard Coin on James
  A Take Pendant from the counter

<- Return to the main area. -> Go south and right to the next area
  A Talk to the Toad Wizard
  Y Use Pendant on Toad
  A Take Charger
  A Take Real to Reel
  Y Use Broom on the hanging sign to get Crowbar

<- Return to main area. -> Go up and right to the other area.
  Y Use Crowbar on Sarcophagus/Coffin  A Take Magic Battery
  Combine Battery and Charger
  A Take Cable off of the trash can lid
  Combine Cable with Charger
  A Take Cable from near the Wizards Drool wall

Go back to Wizard store
  Y Use Charger on James

^Go into the kitchen
  A Take Glass Bottle from the floor near the machine
  A Take Dirty Plate off of the table
  Y Use Dirty Plate on the sink

V Return to the main room -> Go into the ninja cave
  A Take Blowtorch from the piano
  B Examine the Snail in the center of the bottom floor
  Y Use Glass Bottle on Gunther
  A Take Broom

<- Return to the main room
  Y Use Cymbal on the drums
  Y Use the blowtorch on the frozen wall near the pulley on the left side
  Combine Broom and Saw
  Y Use the broom handle on the weights

<- Exit Room
  A Take clothes

^ Enter the lemon door
  A Take screwdriver from the wall vent
  Y Use screwdriver on table
  A Take Drill from the wall
  A Take Wrench from floor in the cell

Return to the Hallway
  A Take Piece of String form the floor near the lemon panels
  Y Use Wrench on the pipes of the security panel
  Combine Long Iron Pipe with Clothes
  Combine Incomplete Flute with Drill
  Combine Short Iron Pipe with Double Blade Switch
  Combine Harp Frame with Long String

-> Return to the throne room
  A Talk to PB

^ Go up
  B Examine Snail on the ground near Flame Princess
  A Attempt to take picture of Flame Princess
  *** Combat Time***

-> Enter Kitchen
  A Take Mop
  Y Use Mop on Fire Bone Soup
  A Take Hot Coal

<- Return to the main room
  Y Use Stick on Fire Wolf
  A Take Hot Coal
  Y Use Hot Coal on Flambo
  A Talk to Cinnamon Bun
  A Take Picture of Flame Princess
  Y Use Picture on Cinnamon Bun
  Y Use Thank You Notes on Flame Princess

~ Cutscene
  Y Use Sword on the well

V Go south
  Y Use Jake near the clothes

-> Go Right
  A Talk to Stump

V Go South
  A Talk to Tree Trunks
  A Take Spade
  A Take Flower Seedling from planter

^ Go back to the area with the bridge
  Y Use Spade on pile of dirt

-> Go right
  Combine Handful of Dirt with Old Bucket
  Combine Bucket of Soil with Flower Seedling
  Y Use Makeshift Flowerpot on Stump

  Combine Cut Rope with Stick
  Y Use Fishing Pole near PB's outfit
  A Talk to PB

  ! Investigation Complete !

After a fun cutscene
   Choose "The Emotions"

               Other :

After you beat the game starting a new game will delete your previous
data, however there is no option to "continue." Your swords
will not be carried over

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