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Step up and experience the brilliant 8x8 light cabinets of Dot Arcade! You'll enjoy a collection of 3 FULL COLOR GAMES, right on your TV or Wii U GamePad!

Each dot game is focused on a different core of fun gameplay in its most simple form. Stunning "cabinet art" frames the game screen with the designs of featured artists you may discover additional hidden designs too!

Have you become a local legend for your dot game skills? Take it global and share top scores on Miiverse. Friends everywhere are ready to have a Dot Arcade showdown with YOU!

Mr. Snake - Become a galactic snakeback rider on a rip-roaring ride through the asteroid belt! Gobble up cosmic gem fruits, and try not to crash!

Dodge Club - The fans are going wild! Put on a show for them as you guide your dancer about a dangerous disco floor how long can you go?

Rally Driver - You're in the driver's seat of the fastest Formula D racer on the road. Overtake the other cars and become the speed master of Rally Town!

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