Review by MyDogRox

Reviewed: 05/25/07

Pretty Good Game

This game has all the makings of a good RPG. It has an actual plot as opposed to the first game made by it's developer Artix Entertainment. The storyline consists of the player training as a dragonlord. So far the player has obtained a dragon egg and is waiting for it to hatch. There are two kinds of players. The first is my type of player. They do not pay for the game so have limited access to the game itself. The second type of player has an item called a dragon amulet. This is obtained by buying it for around 20 US dollars.

Graphics 8/10 The graphics are 2D and have an anime feel to them. The art in the game is very smooth in gameplay but some computers cannot handle the game on the best quality. The art could probably be turned into a television show.

Gameplay 6/10 The gameplay is fun for a while but just keeps repeating itself. Pretty much all you do is click somewhere on the screen to walk and you walk there. In battle you can pick from a variety of moves that are unlockable as you level up. These depend on your class that is chosen when you make your character. There are three classes, warrior, rogue and mage. The abilities for these classes vary from abilities such as stun, to offensive magic of the elemental variety. Still, it repeats itself as you just click the attack you want and it does it. Most players have a set strategy. This, again gets real tiring real fast.

Plot 10/10 This is where Artix outdoes itself. The plot is following your character and his or her quest to be a dragonlord. On many frequent occasions a war will start and your character will have to fight waves of monsters. These waves will be added up with other players scores will a status bar reaches one hundred percent. Your character will then fight a "Boss" monster, who usually has some dialog (Usually quite funny) and then fight, all following a plot. The dragonlord plot however is always changing with many developments and twists (And many delays).

Overall it is a pretty fun game for a while, but you will probably get bored after a while as there is no human interaction outside of a PVP arena, which is just a computer player controlling someone else's player. You should definitely try this game out sometime. You may even run into me on the forums. I advise you to run away.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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