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OGame Strategic galactic conquestMillions of intergalactic emperors have been fighting since 2002 in this well-loved browser game of tactical finesse and military strength for universal dominance.Now the original is also available on your iPad!Start out with a small planet and develop this into the hub of an interstellar empire.With the help of your new home's valuable resources you can build a powerful war fleet. Unimaginable advantages can be attained out of research and technology. Expand your empire, in which you colonise new planets, forge strategic alliances or fight tactically against other players. Dangers and challenges but also honour and power wait for adventurous space pioneers in the limitless depths of the universe.At a glance:- Set up a strong infrastructure on your planet.- Build a powerful space fleet, from fighters right up to a deathstar.- Research new technologies for your empire.- Measure your progress in the highscores.- Prove yourself in gigantic space battles.- Extract resources from the debris fields of enemy planets.- Settle on new planets and expand your power.- Unite with others and form a strong alliance.- Secure your resources with numerous defence systems.- Investigate the shallows of space whilst on high-risk expeditions.The time to rise has arrived become emperor of a galactic kingdom!Here and now on your iPad!Gameforge http://www.gameforge.comOGame http://www.ogame.co.ukFacebook http://www.facebook.com/ogame

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#18 lowest rated WEB strategy game (#63 on WEB, #27805 overall)


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#3 hardest WEB strategy game (#7 on WEB, #15846 overall)


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#4 longest WEB strategy game (#12 on WEB, #827 overall)


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