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FAQ by Sac!

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 04/13/06

Hiddenworld Online RPG FAQ
By Sac
E-mail: Icaras01@gmail.com
Web site: http://members.dodo.com.au/icaras
Version 2.1

You can always get the latest version of this FAQ from-
GameFAQs           		http://www.gamesfaqs.com

Sac's Hiddenworld Haven		http://sachw.cjb.net (HTML)

Realm of Feldar			http://www.realmoffeldar.com/forum

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Version History
13/12/2003 v1.0 - Text version of the FAQ created for GameFAQs

10/02/2004 v1.5 - Major revison attemping to correct margin errors.

11/02/2004 v1.6 - After reading through GameFAQs help files, I've worked
                  on the format again to try and fix the margin errors.

23/08/2004 v2.0 - Two completely new questions have been added.

13/04/2006 v2.1 - New question about earning money supplied by Taplar.

Feel free to download this FAQ onto your hardrive, but you may not post this 
on your web site (Unless you ask me first), or sell it. Also, this FAQ may 
not be used in any form of magazine walkthru (And that includes fanzines and 
online gaming mags!)

This document is copyright (C)2006 by Trent "Sac" Saraci


Welcome to the Hiddenworld FAQ. Please keep in mind that this FAQ is just that:
A list of some of the more common questions people new to the game ask, and 
the anwsers to said questions. I may make a strategy and equipment at some
point, but it'll be seperate from this file.

The Frenquently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start playing/make my character?
A: Simply type in your desired username and password. As long as your selection 
hasn't been taken, the game will now take you to the character creation screen. 
Keep in mind that your username is NOT your character's in game name, and is 
used only for the purpose of logging in. You'll actually name your character 
when you create it.


Q: How do I exit the game when I'm done?
A:There are three ways you can actually quit the game. The easiest two methods 
are too click on the world map (sign post in the top left hand corner of the 
town map) scroll down to the bottom of the screen and chosoe to "leave the 
hiddenworld". This will cause your character to sleep in the dorm of the 
current town. Bear in mind anybody can attack you, but it's free.
The second method is too simply head to the inn (mid way on the right hand 
side of the town map). You can then rent a room. You have a choice between 
five floor, however the only affect of this is that the higher the floor the 
more you pay...and the more your enemies must pay to attack you while your 
sleep. Once you've chosen a room, the game logs you out.
The third and final method isn't really a method at all, as it's how the game 
deals with characters that haven't recieved any player input for at least 15 
minutes. At this point, your character is automatically logged out, any money 
carried is put into your prefered bank account and the character itself sleep 
in the dorm. The game does this to ensure character that are not being played 
(eg the plyer goes off line but forget to log his character out, or a player's 
computer crashes and she doesn't bother to log back into Hiddenworld).


Q: I need money! How do I get it? 
A: There are many ways to get money in the game. For level one players, you 
have four ways: 
Earn it in forest fights
Join a team and have level 2+ teammates give you some
Get a Knight/Lord to grant you some(fastest)
Place in bank and earn interest(slowest).

However, if you do not want to be on a team or have someone grant you money, 
then there is another way: loans. Simply wait until you reach level two or 
three. Once there, write down the names of the Guardians and Knights. These 
are people who are usually dependable and will stick around in the game. Next, 
go to the bank and look at a full list of banks. Find the banks owned by the 
knights and guardians. Find the one with the highest interest that you can 
open an account at. Open an account at this bank. Next, begin looking through 
the bank listing and find the banks that have lower 'loan interest' than the 
'interest rate' of the night/guardian bank you just opened an account at. 
Then, of those, look for the ones with high loan rates. Open accounts with 
as many of these banks as you can, and take out (max amount - 1) loans from 
them, and deposit them in your knight/guardian bank. 

Then simply let it sit a day. The next day, withdraw the money from the 
knight/guardian bank and pay off your loans. If you have done this correctly, 
you will have reaped a profit. If you wish to keep doing this, simply pay off 
the interest on your loans so that they don't keep going up. 


Q: What do those stats mean? I'm confused!
Strength: How strong your character is. The higher this stat, the more damage 
you can dish out with weapons.

Dexterity: This determines how well your character can dodge attacks and how 
accurate when attacking.

Consitution: This stat determines how many hitpoints you gain when you level 

Intelligence: How powerful and accurate the mage spells are when cast.

Wisdom: How powerful and accurate the preist spells are when cast.

Charisma: This effects how much things cost your character in the stores.

Under 10: Completely Hopeless.
11-13: Poor, bordering on bad. 
14-16: Average. 
17-18: Great! 
19+: Godlike.


Q: When I created my character, the stats listed for his height, weight and 
eye color are wrong!
A: Those stats (Which you can see if you choose to view "detailed" stats in 
the preferences), are generated automatically by the game, based on your race. 
However, they mean nothng and are just there as a guide. Feel free to ignore 
them playing your character and choosing a pic for him/her, if you want too.


Q: What do all the abbreviations people use mean?
FF= Forest Fight
PK= Player Kill
TK= Team Kill
GM= Ghost Mode
RP= Role Playing
IC= In Character
OOC= Out of Character
Rez= Resurecting a dead player in the team hall.
Reset= Midnight for the server, when the game starts a new day. 
Maintinence= The offical term for reset. Not used by most players. 


Q: What do those extra colors mean in the Inn/Ghost Mode chat?
White- Normal text color.
Gray- Player has entered the characters "OOC" before their comment. (Out of 
Character comment)
Ghost Mode
Black Border- Character does not have citizenship yet.
White Border- Character has citizenship. 
Red Border- Character has citizenship or higher status and entered the 
characters "OOC" before their comment.
Purple Border- Character is a Guardian/Game Administrator.

When in the Ghost Mode chat, the 
brighter the colored border around a character's text, the higher their in 
game status is.


Q: How do I find monsters my level, instead of monsters tht are too high/low?
A: These days, when you choose to search for monster tracks, your character 
will find groups of monster. While you CAN find monsters of just one level, 
the chances of this are slim. Instead, you're better off experimenting, seeing 
which groups of higher level monster are too tough, and which groups of lower 
level monster don't give enough exp. You will never be able to get the exact 
group you want 100% of the time, so if you want the best exp gain each fight, 
set aside some time and keep searching.


Q: Why was that monster group able to kill me so easily?
A: The answer is simply that you attacked a monster group that was much too 
high in level. Next time, attack a group of monsters whose maximum level 
isn'tas high. Also, you should keep in mind 6that some monsters are able to 
attack multiple times in one round. These monsters are MUCH more dangerous 
than their single attack counterparts.


Q: Everytime I attack somebody in the inn/dorm, they always go first. Why is 
A:Each character actually has a hidden stat that represents their speed in 
combat. Now normally everyone is equal, meaning the order you attak in is 
random. However, there are some rings that increase your speed in combat, 
meaning that if you're fighting somebody who isn't wearing a speed increasing 
ring, you will ALWAYS go first. And whata re those rings? Well, 
experiment and find out for yourself!

Q: What do the elements on the weapons and (some) monsters mean?
A: Pretty much nothing. Each class has an innate element, so spell casters 
casting a spell that is of their element will do better, however since it's 
imposisble to determine what element a spell is, it's not something worth 
worrying about. The following is each class and it's affiliated element: 

Fighters: Earth

Mages: Fire

Rogues: Wind

Priets: Water

Paladin: Unknown

Ranger: Unknown

Barbarian: Unknown


Q: How can I have my friends with me in the forest?
A: Get on a team and then resurrect somebody. Then, when you go to the forest, 
you'll have the option to take your teammate with you. Only teammates can be 
taken into the forest with you and they must be alive for the option to appear. 
Keep in mind that you can only take teammates along as NPCs, you can't play at 
the same time as your friend.


Q: I can't access the game!
A: This can mean one of the two things: The game has "crashed" (In this case, 
the server will still be up, but the game itself will be running very slowly 
or not responding at all) or there are too many people logged in. In both 
cases, the only solution is: Try again later.


Q: Is the old version still running?
A: No. It won't be put back online at all, ever. However, you CAN view the 
very last full player list from the old version on the stats page.


Q: What happened to the hall of fame?
A: You can access the old Hall of Fame by clicking on a link on the main page.


Q: I can only travel to the original 4 towns in Feldar. Is this a bug?
A: No. It IS possible to travel to the other provinces, but not from Suraly. 
For example, if you go to Haven, you can then access Hal in Morgova and Elem 
in Elem.


Q:What happened to the list of teams at the team hall?
A:It's still there, don't worry! However, now the team hall doesn't show the 
full list by default. If you wish to view it, simply scroll down to the bottom
of the page and click the check box labeled "View full team list" and then 
click "Do it". Then, the game will load up the full list for you. 


Q: What do the colors in the team hall mean?
A: When viewing the full team list at the team hall, each of the listed teams 
will be one of the following colors:

Red: That team's members are all dead.

Blue: Some members of this team are alive, but are not in the same town as 

Green: This team has living members that are in the same town as you.


Q: What's the deal with the church deeds?
A: There are 5 types of church/dark hall/town square donations. 
The first action is used at levels 1-20. 
The second at levels 21-40. 
The third is for levels 41-60. 
Fourth action can be used at levels 61-80. 
And finally, the fifth and final action is for levels 81-100.


Q: Why don't I get exp for donating money at the church?
A: You have to donate a certain amount of money before you'll actually 
receive any exp. Those starting out should not even bother with this, as you 
won't be able to donate enough money to make it worth while. If you DO have 
money to spare, I suggest donating some money, and if you're not happy with 
the results, increase your donation the next day.

Q: I left Suraly and now I can't get back in becuase I'm over level 2! Now I 
get killed all the time! Help! 
A: Go to Lokyn. It's a designated Level 2/3 town, and you will encounter ONLY 
monsters that are level 2 or 3. (Level 2's would be advised to run from level 
3 monsters, unless they know they can defeat them.)


Q:For some reason my murder attempts always fail, even against low leveled 
characters! Why?
A: Your success for murder isn't really effected by your level, unless you 
have a massive level advantage over your victim (50+). What effects your 
chances are your alignment. Good people get a bonus defense against being 
murdered, while evil people get a bonus to succeed when trying to murder 
people. Nuetral people don't seem to get any bonuses either way.


Q:I'm always missing or doing no damage with my attacks? Why?
A:There are three reasons this could be happening. The first is obvious: The 
armor of your opponent is simply much better, meaning their evasion rate is 
too good for your character or their armor absorbs all the damage you can dish 
Now the second reason is becuase of protection spells. These spells, which 
priests , mages and (at higher levels) rogues have access to increases their 
defense to a point that you must be MUCH higher in level (with the weapons 
to match) to damage that spell caster. While these spells do only last for a 
few rounds, sometimes a spellcaster can recast the spell, making them tough 
to damage.And finally, the third reason is that weapon damage is very 
inaccurate. Generally, unless you're 3 or 4 levels above your enemy, your 
attacks will be very inconsistant.


Q:In the preferences, what's the differance between Aggressive, Paranoid, 
Balanced and Defensive?
A:These determine how often your character will drink a potion when fighting 
with a team in the forest or being attacked. 
Aggressive sets your character to drink potions rarely. Good if you think your 
character won't die easily and you'd like to conserve potions. 
Balanced sets you to be just that. Your character will drink potions, but 
won't wait too long/too soon. 
Defensive: Your character will drink potions more quickly. Paranoid will make 
your character drink a potion as soon as it takes damage and is best used ONLY 
if you don't think you can survive in forest fights with teammates.


Q:Why can't I propose/see somebody else's proposal in the church?
A: That's becuase you must be level 10 to access any of the marriage options. 
Basically, if you're not level 10, then you can't propose to somebody (The 
option won't even appear in the church) nor can you accept any proposals, 
because you have no way of seeing them. Also, you cannot propose to 
characters who aren't level 10 or are the same sex as your character.

Q:How can I vote on an election?
A: Your character must have citizenship to vote in any elections.


Q:I've been playing Hiddenworld for ages now, how come I'm not a citizen yet?
A: To gain citizenship, you need a certain amount of Town Reputation. Town 
Reputation is gained every day. However, the more people in the same town as 
you, the slower your Town reputation gains are. This is why many of the older 
players, such as myself, got it quickly, while many younger characters haven't 
gotten it yet. It should also be noted that leaving a town to go to another 
resets your Town Reputation.

Q:Okay then, how do I get to become a member of a Town's Council/Become the 
A: Wait for an election to happen in your town and choose to run. Then 
campaign and hope you get enough votes.(You need at least 5 votes to be 


Q:How do I get Priviledged Guest status?
A: Before you even think about requesting priviledged guest staus, you must 
first be AT LEAST level 10. if you're level 10, then go to the palace and 
request PG status. However, that's not all you need to do. Next you must 
scribe the knights/guardians (The "Inform" option at the palace is an easy 
and quick way to do this) a reason why they should grant you the increased 
status. Just be honest and don't try to suck up and you'll be fine.


Q:How do I become a noble?
A: Basically the same as PG status, albeit, with higher requirements (You must 
be at least level 25-30). Also, in addition to scribing the knights/guardians 
a reason, you must ALSO posses PG status. If you aren't a priviledged guest, 
don't bother for nobility.


Q:I tried to become a Lord, yet I was told I didn't have enough reputation. 
When will I?
A: How much World Reputation that is required depends on how many towns a 
province has(The excpetion is Feldar. Because the Lord of Feldar becomes the 
king of Hiddenworld, Feldar requires the most World Rep of any province). A 
single town province requires you to have 500 World Rep to become Lord. 
Provinces with two towns require 600 World Rep. After that, the values 
are still unknown, becuase nobody has manageds to become Lord of any of the 
larger provinces...yet.


Q:So how can I become a Knight?
A:First you must have at least 500 World Rep. Second, scribe a Lord, because 
Lords are the ones who can nominate people for Knighthood. When somebody has 
been nominated, the other Lords vote on the nomination. If the majority vote 
yes, that person will become a Knight. If they all vote no, the nomiee won't 
become a knight.


Q:How can I check how much Town Reputation I have?
A:You can't, simple as that.


Q:How can I check my World Reputation?
A:If your character has any World Reputation, then you'll find it listed on 
your character's stats. However, if you don't see it listed, even when your 
stats are set to detailed, then your character hasn't earned any yet.


Q:How do I earn World Reputation?
A:By getting a better status within the game. Here's each of the "ranks" and 
how much World Rep they earn daily:

Elder Guardian-0




Priviledged Guest-1

Town Council-1





It should also be noted that Nobles, Lords, Knights, Guardians and Elder 
Guardians can all earn one extra point of world rep by creating a bank.(Elder 
Guardian and Guardian are admin positions and cannot be obtained through play.)


Q:How many characters can I have?
A:As many as you can handle. It was the last version of the game that limited 
how many you can have. HOWEVER, these characters can't interact in the game, 
menaing they can't be on the same team an can't give each other money/items.


Q:Where are all the stat boosting items?
A:You can find many stat boosting items in various towns. Generally, if you 
see an item that doesn't look like it belongs to a set of armor (eg. It's not 
part of the "glass armor set") chances are that item will have some extra 


I'd like to thank the following people who've helped me with this FAQ in one 
way or another:
Heren the Ranger
Morgoth Dawndeth


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