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Guide and Walkthrough by KIsrael

Updated: 06/30/2020

        http://www.lego.com/spybotics -> "Spybotics Game"


Spybotics: The Nightfall Incident is about the best web game I've ever 
played.  It's a simple wargame in a puzzle game's clothing, with elements
of Intellivision's SNAFU (kind of like "Tron Lightcycle") and Pokemon's
collecting and battles to boot.

The game was formerly made available by Lego, you could go to 
http://www.lego.com/spybotics and click on "Spybotics Game".
and was created at gameLab, http://www.gamelab.com .

GameLab doesn't seem to be around any more, and for whatever reason
Lego has removed the game. 

:::UPDATE 2020::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

In theory, you can play the game at 

However, you will need a browser that supports shockwave, which might
be hard to find.

A better bet might be Patrick Pan's painstaking recreation:
There is a demo there, and for a small price you can get the 
full version of this excellent game. 

:::BACK TO THE SHOW:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The game doesn't have too too much to do with the fine line of 
Lego products (except that the robots are supposedly how you're 
travelling from Node to Node) but I'm grateful they sponsored 
such a clever game.

The game can be a little confusing at first. Luckily there's a bit of a 
tutorial after you choose your spybot...and it doesn't matter which one 
you choose. 

The game takes place on two types of board. The big scrollable area
is the "NetMap".  It contains a bunch of "Nodes". At first only a 
few Nodes are available, indicated by wireframe buildings which turn
into filled-in buildings as you beat each databattle. As you progress,
more and more Nodes become unlocked, including "Warez" nodes where 
you can buy additional program warriors. In addition, you will gain 
security clearances allowing you to progress through the 5 security 

You don't actually fight in this game...instead, you place programs
on the databattle board that will do the fighting for you, and then
direct them against the enemy programs. The tutorial should explain
the rest.

This FAQ has several sections, ending with a walkthrough for the various
nodes. I would recommend NOT using that final section unless you're 
really, really stuck. This is a really fun game, and there's almost
always more than one way of solving a particular board.

If you do look at my walk-through (hoepfully after beating the game
on your own) and have better ideas for individual boards, feel free
to write me at Kirk Israel <kisrael@alienbill.com> -- I'd love to hear
about new ideas, on some of the nodes I could only come up with ugly
or slow strategies.

:::GENERAL STRATEGIES:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

You will always move first. Use this to your advantage! In particular,
on many boards enemies will start taking up only one sector, and can
be destroyed with one hit, as long as you have a warrior who can get 
there fast enough.

You can click on one of your Warez to change the order that they move
in, you're not stuck with the default order.

You can attack the 'tail' a program leaves behind as well as the head.
This is especially useful against a slow-moving with a long tail.
Also, if you're going to attack a single program with two warriors,
make sure that the first hit doesn't shrink the tail to a point where
the second warrior can't reach and get a hit.

You can click on an enemy program to see how far it will be able to
move next turn...and then you can click on one of its attack routine
names to see how far it can strike.

It's ok to sacrifice programs for good causes.  They'll be back for
the next databattle.

Don't go crazy buying stuff as soon as you arrive at a Warez node.
You can always start a node, get the lay of the land, hit Log Out,
and buy any extra warriors you think you'll need.
Enemy programs can't travel over money! You can use this fact to your
advantage; it's like a wall you can go through and they can't until 
you do.

Here is a small cheat. To not give anything away, I encoded it in 
ROT13... goto http://rot13.com/ to translate it...

Urer'f n fznyy purng gung pna pbzr va unaql fbzrgvzrf: vs lbh zbir
lbhe cebtenz gb cvpx hc n ovg bs pnfu, naq gura uvg Haqb, lbh'yy
trg gb xrrc gur pnfu.

And here's an amazing invulnerability cheat sent to me by Jacob Pariseau...
I didn't know about it back when I wrote this, and now I wonder if 
it would make things too easy! But here it is anyway, in ROT13:

v unir n grpuavdhr gung ernyyl urycrq zr naq v jnf jbaqrevat vs lbh 
pbhyq nqq vg. h hfr n ovgzna naq fbzrbar ryfr(v hfrq gur gbjre) naq 
trg he ovgzna gb hfr mreb ba bar bs he thlf.gur rarzl jbag nggnpx nal 
fcbg gung h pnag abeznyyl jnyx ba fb gung cneg bs gur thl vf vaivapvoyr.
sbe ynetre fbsgjner hfr vg ba rirel fcbg.


:::AVAILABLE WAREZ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

LEVEL ONE WAREZ=-=-=-=-=-=-=

HACK Move:2 Max Size:4 Cost:500
Basic Attack Program
*Slice: Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

BUG Move:5 Max Size:1 Cost:750
Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control
*Glitch: Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

SLINGSHOT Move:2 Max Size:2 Cost:750
Basic Ranged Attack Program
*Stone: Range:3 Deletes 1 Sector From Target

DATA DOCTOR Move:4 Max Size:5 Cost:500
Helps Your Programs Grow
*Grow: Adds 2 Sectors To Target

BIT-MAN Move:3 Max Size:3 Cost:250
Makes Sectors of the Grid Appear or Dissapear
*Zero: Deletes One Grid Square
*One: Repairs 1 Grid Square

CLOG.01 Move:2 Max Size:4 Cost:[GIFT]
Slows Down Hostile Programs
*Lag: Range:3 Decrease Move Rate of Target by 1

LEVEL TWO WAREZ=-=-=-=-=-=-=

HACK 2.0 Move:3 Max Size:4 Cost:1500
Improved Hack: Larger Size and Better Attacks
*Slice: Deletes 2 Sectors From Target
*Dice: Size Req:3 Deletes 3 Sectors From Target

GOLEM.MUD Move:1 Max Size:5 Cost:1200
Slow and Steady Attack Program
*Thump: Deletes 3 Sectors From Target

WOLF SPIDER Move:3 Max Size:3 Cost:750
Speedy and Creepy Little Program
*Byte: Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

SEEKER Move:3 Max Size:3 Cost:1000
Solid Distance Attack Program
*Peek: Range:2 Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

TOWER Move:0 Max Size:1 Cost:1000
Immobile Long-Range Program
*Spot: Range:3 Deletes 3 Sectors From Target

MEDIC Move:3 Max Size:3 Cost:1000
Grows Your Programs From A Distance
*Hypo: Range:3 Adds 2 Sectors To Target

TURBO Move:3 Max Size:3 Cost:1000
Speeds Up Your Programs
*Boost: Increase Move Rate of Target by 1 & Deletes 1 Sector from Turbo

LEVEL THREE WAREZ=-=-=-=-=-=-=

HACK 3.0 Move:4 Max Size:4 Cost:3500
The Top of the Hack Series
*Slice: Deletes 2 Sectors From Target
*Dice: Size Req:4 Deletes 4 Sectors From Target

GOLEM.CLAY Move:2 Max Size:6 Cost:3000
Clay is Stonger Than Mud
*Bash: Deletes 5 Sectors From Target

BLACK WIDOW Move:4 Max Size:3 Cost:2000
Speedier and Creepier
*Byte: Deletes 2 Sectors From Target
*Paralyze: Decreases Move Rate of Target Program by 3

MANDELBUG Move:5 Max Size:1 Cost:3000
It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature
*Fractal Glitch: Deletes 4 Sectors From Target

BUZZBOMB Move:8 Max Size:2 Cost:3500
Fast and Annoying
*Sting: Deletes 1 Sector From Target
*Kamikazee: Deletes 5 Sectors From Target & Erases BuzzBomb

FIDDLE Move:3 Max Size:3 Cost:2400
Twiddle and Tweak The Power of your Programs
*Tweak: Increases Move Rate of Target by 1, Deletes 1 Sector from Fiddle
*Twiddle: Increases Maximum Size of Target by 1, Deletes 1 Sector from Fiddle

SEEKER 2.0 Move:3 Max Size:4 Cost:2500
Bigger and Better than Seeker
*Poke: Range:3, Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

MOBILE TOWER Move:1 Max Size:1 Cost:1800
Slow-Moving Long-Range Program
*Spot: Range:3 Deletes 3 Sectors From Target

SATELLITE Move:1 Max Size:1 Cost:3500
Short-Range Hard-Hitting Program
*Scramble: Range:2 Deletes 4 Sectors From Target

BALLISTA Move:1 Max Size:2 Cost:3000
Extreme-Range Attack Program
*Fling: Range:4 Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

DATA DOCTOR PRO Move:5 Max Size:8 Cost:1500
Twice the Expansion Power of Data Doctor
*Megagrow: Adds Up to 4 Sectors to Target
*Surgery: Increases Maximum Size of Target Program by 1

CLOG.02 Move:2 Max Size:4 Cost:2000
Twice as Effective as Version .01
*Chug: Range:3 Decreases Move Rate of Target by 2

TURBO DELUXE Move:4 Max Size:4 Cost:1750 
Slow and Steady is for Losers
*Megaboost Size Rq:3 Range:2 +2 To Move Rate & Dels 2 Sectors from Turbo Deluxe

LEVEL FOUR WAREZ=-=-=-=-=-=-=

GOLEM.CLAY Move:3 Max Size:7 Cost:5000
Nothing Can Stand In Its Way
*Crash: Deletes 7 Sectors From Target

TARANTULA Move:5 Max Size:3 Cost:3500
Fast, with a Venomous Bite
*Megabyte: Deletes 3 Sectors From Target
*Paralyze: Decreases Move Rate of Target Program by 3

HEISENBUG Move:5 Max Size:1 Cost:3000
They Can't Kill What They Can't Catch
*Quantum Glitch: Deletes 6 Sectors From Target

LOGICBOMB Move:3 Max Size:6 Cost:3500
Self-Destructing Attack Program
*Selfdestruct: Deletes 10 Sector From Target & Erases LogicBomb

SUMO Move:2 Max Size:12 Cost:4500
A Massive and Slow-Moving Powerhouse
*Dataslam: Size Req:6, Deletes 8 Sectors From Target

SEEKER 3.0 Move:4 Max Size:5 Cost:4500
Seeker with Extra Deletion Power
*Poke: Range:3, Deletes 2 Sectors From Target
*Seek&Destroy: Size Req:5 Range:2 Deletes 5 Sectors From Target & 2 From Seeker

LASER SATELLITE Move:2 Max Size:1 Cost:5000
Long-Range Hard-Hitting Program
*Megascramble: Range:3 Deletes 4 Sectors From Target

CATAPULT Move:2 Max Size:3 Cost:4000
Extreme-Range Mobile Attacker
*Fling: Range:4 Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

CLOG.02 Move:2 Max Size:4 Cost:3500
Brings Hostile Programs to a Halt
*Chug: Range:3 Decreases Move Rate of Target by 2
*Hang: Size Req:4 Range:3 Decreases Move Rate of Target to 0

GURU Move:2 Max Size:3 Cost:4500
Multipurpose Software for the L33tist of the L33t
*Fire: Range:2 Deletes 4 Sectors From Target
*Ice: Range: 2 Decreases Movement of Target by 3

MEMORY HOG Move:5 Max Size:30 Cost:[GIFT]
Massive Memory-Filling Bloatware

WIZARD Move:3 Max Size:4 Cost:[GIFT]
Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
*Scorch: Range:3 Deletes 2 Sectors From Target
*Stretch: Increases Max Size of Target By 1

:::ENEMY SOFTWARE:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

LEVEL ONE ENEMIES/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

SENTINEL Move:1 Max Size:3
Corporate Data Defender
*Cut: Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

WATCHMAN Move:1 Max Size:2
Corporate Ranged Attack Program
*Phaser: Range:2 Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

GUARD PUP Move:3 Max Size:2
A Speedy Little Corporate Cur
*Byte: Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

WARDEN Move:1 Max Size:5
Slow and Steady Corporate Attack Program
*Thump: Deletes 3 Sectors From Target

LEVEL TWO ENEMIES/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

SENTINEL 2.0 Move:2 Max Size:4
Improved Corporate Data Defender
*Cut: Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

WATCHMAN X Move:1 Max Size: 4
Improved Version of Watchman
*Phaser: Range: 2 Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

GUARD DOG Move:3 Max Size:3
Who Let This Dog Out?
*Byte: Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

SENSOR Move:0 Max Size:1
Immopile Program Eradicator
*Blip: Range:5 Deletes 1 Sector From Target

WARDEN+ Move:2 Max Size:6
Get Out Of Its Way
*Bash: Deletes 5 Sectors From Target


ATTACK DOG Move: 4 Max Size:7
Ravenous and Bloodthirsty Corporate Canine
*Megabyte: Deletes 3 Sectors From Target

FIRE WALL Move:2 Max Size:20
Keeps Unwanted Programs Out of Corprate Sectors
*Burn: Deletes 1 Sector From Target

SENTINEL 3.0 Move:2 Max Size:4
Sentinel That Attacks Several Programs At Once
*Taser: Deletes 4 Sectors From Target

WARDEN++ Move:3 Max Size:7
The Last Word in Corporate Security
*Crash: Deletes 7 Sectors From Target

SONAR Move:0 Max Size:1
Long-Range Program Eradicator
*Ping: Range:8 Deletes 1 Sector From Target

WATCHMAN SP Move:1 Max Size:4
Qui Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
*Photon: Range: 3 Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

LEVEL FOUR ENEMIES/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

SUMO Move:2 Max Size:12 
A Massive and Slow-Moving Powerhouse
*Dataslam: Size Req:6, Deletes 8 Sectors From Target

RADAR Move:0 Max Size:1
Deadly Program Eradicator
*Pong: Range:5 Deletes 2 Sectors From Target

MANDELBUG Move:5 Max Size:1 Cost:3000
Tiny But Has A Big Sting
*Fractal Glitch: Deletes 4 Sectors From Target

LEVEL FIVE ENEMIES/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

BOSS Move:6 Max Size:25
Prepare To Be 0wned
*Shutdown: Range:5 Deletes 5 Sectors From Target Program


Here is the NetMap rendered in ASCII:

       /         /
\      \  L6 W3 /    #5
  \   P4 \      \ P8          /
  C2\   2/      /           /
W1  /L3/P3\#1  3\  #6  #4 /!1
    \/    /     C6\       \5
      C1/P6  P5  C5 \       \
  S1 P1 \    /\       \   P7  \
         1\/  D2\     /4     
 L1 /L2\  /D1   /#2 #3\
  /   / P2\   /         \    #3
    W2\   /C4/D5 D3 L8   /D6
   C3   \/  2\         / 
       L4    /       /   
 L5        /3   D4 /L7   L9
           \       \    W4
             \       \

SYMB       TYPE                PHYS.DESC.
  S_ - S.M.A.R.T. HQ     - crystals
  W_ - Warez Node        - 4 connected silos
  L_ - Lucky Monkey      - satellite dish
  P_ - Pharmhaus         - tower with cone base
  C_ - Cellular Automata - sphere with 4 moons
  D_ - Dr. Donut         - spikey sphere over ring
  #_ - PED               - borg cube
  !_ - Disarray's HQ     - square tower with rectangles

Each Symbol is combined with a number in the walkthrough
below to identify each Node.

Many Nodes give you the chance to pick up extra money.
Sometimes you might want to come back and redo these Nodes
so you can buy more Warrior Warez.  Here are the best 
Cashpoints (in my opinion) and how much you can get there, 
so you don't have to search to refind them:

LEVEL 1 : P2 (2610, but slow) or P3 (1090, faster)
LEVEL 2 : P4 (5840! easy with a Seeker and Bit-Man)
LEVEL 3 : D5 (4230, quick with a BuzzBomb)
LEVEL 4 : L9 (5650, quick with a Golem.stone) or #6 (7980, but slow)


WARNING: Here you have a choice. This is a really good game.
I would strongly recommend NOT using the walkthrough below as a 
walkthrough...instead, use it and the map above to look up
nodes when you're really stuck, if at all.  

SECURITY LEVEL ONE:::::::::::::::::::::::::

S1: S.M.A.R.T. HQ (? First Tutorial)
2 Spots|SENTINELx1
Make sure to hit me "Tell Me more" to start the battle.
As far as I know, you can't lose.
W1: Warez Node Leo's Shop
Hack, Bug, Slingshot, Data Doctor, Bit-Man
You start with 1000 credits...I'd stop here and buy an extra Slingshot, 
and maybe a Bit-Man will come in handy.
L1: Lucky Monkey Tech Support
2 Spots|SENTINELx2
A Hack can take out a Sentinel, no problem, since Sentinels move/regenerate 
so slowly, but a Slingshot is probably in trouble. So buy an extra Hack 
before heading in, or just let a single Hack do all the work.
P1: Pharmhaus PR Database [CASHPOINT: 960]
Here's where you can learn the power of quick strikes before the computer
gets the chance to move/build health, and how good ranged weapons (even 
a puny little thing like the Slingshot) can be. I'd suggest 2 Slingshots.
Move the lower slingshot and take out the Sentinel with one shot. Use the 
two together to take out the Pup after it has moved once. 

Collect the money on the right. Now, the Watchman can only hit if you move 
to the left of the center vertical walkway, but Slingshots can hit it from 
the right side. On the other hand, a Watchman can kill a Slingshot with one 
hit. You'll have to coordinate your attacks, since the computer will
regenerate it if you only attack with one Slingshot.
P2: Pharmhaus Employee Records [SLOW CASHPOINT: 2610]
Here's your chance to try a cool strategy that will come in useful 
again and again. Put a Bit-Man to the right, and put 2 Slingshots in the 
back. Use the Bit-Man's Zero attack to clear a buffer between you and the
pups. (Remember, Programs can't move on the diagonal, so often it's easier 
to not clear straight lines.) Move your Slingshots forward so they can hit 
the Watch-Man before he's in range...if you don't get the  Watchman in time 
you're dead, but sometimes the Pup'll keep him out of range anyway. If you 
want some cash, don't kill the Pups until after using Bit-Man to build its 
own bridge to two remote cash areas. Actually, it takes a long time to get 
to the money, it might be better to go back to P1 a few times.
C1: Cellular Automata Memory Tower #43
Hacks are much better than any of the enemies here. By now you should 
have a bit of cash, it might be worthwhile to buy 4 Hacks...any one can 
kill the Watchmen and the Pups with single blows, and if you keep 
moving, you should be able to recover from any single attack. Just be
careful not to get doubleteamed by Watchmen.

Hacks are slow relative to their max size, so it's possible to get 
their 'tails' kind of tangled.
P3: Pharmhaus Government Affairs [BONUS: Clog 1.0 FAST CASHPOINT: 1090]
4 Spots|GUARD PUPx8 
Four Hacks'll make short work of these guys as long as you get first
strikes. One strategy is to move all the Hacks straight out horizontally
for your first move, that should put you in could position to take out 
4 Pups the next turn. You can collect the money if you want.
C2: Cellular Automata Sydney Project
3 Spots(gift:Bit-Man)|SENTINELx3
Huh, for some reason they give you a Bit-Man for free. Guess they figured
some newbies might not have figured out they needed to buy one. A quick
strike with Slingshots can get the Sentinels before they can move, though
just like P1 you'll have to coordinate attacks to take out the last one 
on the island. Hacks might work as well. Then use Bit-Man to build to the 
island and grab the cash.

SECURITY LEVEL TWO:::::::::::::::::::::::::
It's probably worthwhile begining this area by going to Lucky Monkey L2
(Sattelite Dish) since that'll start heading you towards a new 
Warez Node where new programs await!
L2: Lucky Monkey Club Center
4 Spots|SENTINEL 2.0x2
4 Hacks can take care of this, but barely. It's a good exercise in fighting
in a confined space; you have to use the enemies' buddies' tails to stop
them from ganging up on your characters.
C3: Cellular Automata Inventory Archives [CASHPOINT:1490]
2 Spots|WATCHMAN Xx4
Here's where you learn how a fast program can beat one with a ranged
attack. I'd recommend going back to the Warez Node from Level 1 and buying
two bugs.  Each can take out one Watchman on their first turn, and then
they can attack in tandem to mop up. You might have to be clever to get 
the cash without getting hit.
W2: Warez Node Network City
Hack 2.0 Golem.mud, Wolf Spider, Seeker, TOWER, Medic, Turbo
Hack 2.0 seems the best of the regular fighters. It seems like TOWER's
immobility might be a big handicap, but add in a Turbo, and you're talking
serious firepower. BAM! 
L3: Lucky Monkey Easter Distribution Site 
4 Spots|GUARD DOGx7
Here's my favorite strategy: you need at least 1 TOWER, a Turbo, 
and a good ol' reliable Bit-Man. First thing on your opening move, 
move your Turbo 2 spaces (since it takes damage from using its power) 
and speed up Bit-Man...start him moving towards the narrow bridge. 
Towers can't do anything, yet. One square Zero'd out of the right spot 
can completely stop the Dog army...once your team is safe, use Turbo to 
get the Towers moving, then have them fry Dogs at will. Once they're 
cleared out, use Bit-Man to reconnect the sections then collect the 
loot and call it a day.
P4: Pharmhaus Clinical Trial Database [AWESOME CASHPOINT 5840]
2 Spots|SENSORx5 WARDEN++x1
At first this level intimidated me, but it turns out those Sensors
have poor overlapping fields of fire, and do very little damage.
Charge forward with a Seeker. You might want to fill the second 
slot with a Bit-Man, and then you can get all the loot that's 
just sitting there after safely picking him off the Warden from a 
distance, even though he's a level 3 enemy...yeah baby!
C4: Cellular Automata Communications Hub
I'm calling Warden Level One, thought you don't see him until here
(and if you take the boards in the same order I do, which gets you
to that awesome Cashpoint earlier rather than later, you see Warden++
before the more basic version.) I don't have a great strategy for this
level, I cleared most of the enemies with a Turbo'd up TOWER, my Bug
and Hack 2.0 got killed pretty quickly. Most of the enemies are slow,
except for the dogs...
L4: Lucky Monkey Print Assets
2 Spots|WARDENx4
The Wardens are soooooo slow, that a TOWER and a Turbo can make mince
meat of 'em. Just make sure you never let the TOWER end its turn standing
in a place that is one square away from a Warden, since the Warden will
be able to move and thump ya. Maybe leave one Warden alive, keep Turboing
up your TOWER, and then zoom around and collect the creds.
L5: Lucky Monkey Banane System
(Banane System? Is that like a Banana for the monkey?) Again, I don't 
have a brilliant strategy...either buy lots of Bit-Mans, dig yourself
a defensive trench, and use Turbo'd Towers or other distance attackers
to pick 'em off, or just try to brawl with the enemies, and then 
sneak in a Bug (possibly Turbo-charged?) to make the item grab that wins 
the level.
D1: Dr. Donut Supply Management
Mmmm, Donuts. A decent battle. Regular Sentinels are slow, the 2.0s are 
only a bit faster, and they only do 2 sectors of damage for a hit, so 
maybe just use whatever warez you have around and practice the old stick 
and move, not taking more than one hit per turn, and then moving to regain
your health.
D2: Dr. Donut Franchise Office
These guys are slow! One fun line up is to get 4 Bugs (they're pretty
cheap) and maybe throw in that Clog.01 you were given.  Use the Bugs
in pairs for the Sentinels or 3 at a time for the Wardens, making sure 
you don't land a Bug where a badguy can get to it (one strange 
advantage of Bugs is that since their Max Size is 1, they have no tails
that make them vulnerable...Paradoxically, if their Max Size was 2 they'd
be easier to kill, bigger targets that almost all enemies could still take 
out with a single shot!)

SECURITY LEVEL THREE:::::::::::::::::::::::::
I cleaned up all the Level 2 nodes before moving on to 3 just to be
neat about it, but now that I'm starting three, I'm going to move
north, where I'm only one node away from a whole new set of warez.
L6: Lucky Monkey Toy Properties
This one can be tough. Your a node away from a Warez node, and none
of your arsenal is really ready for those Attack Dogs.  But you have
first strike, and Bugs are fast enough to kill the Attack Dogs on that
turn, before they can grow at all. Once the Dogs are out of the picture,
the Fire Wall is going to be tough...it's reasonably quick so it can guard
its own tail pretty well. Keep in mind that the outermost lighter ring
of grid squares is fine to walk on (sometimes I forget.) Try to get 
the Fire Wall to step on its own tail as it chases you: that way it 
won't grow back as many of the sectors you've blown away.
W3:Warez Node Ready To Ware
Hack 3.0, Golem.clay, Black Widow, MandelBug, BuzzBomb, Fiddle,
Seeker 2.0, MOBILE TOWER, Satellite, Ballista, Data Doctor Pro,
Clog.02, Turbo Deluxe
What a corny name for this place! Hope you didn't waste too many
credits, 'cause there's a lot of great stuff here, especially
with the programs that let you improve your other warriors.
Fiddle is a better Turbo, and Turbo Deluxe is a much better Turbo
as well.
#1:PED Off-Shore Transactions [CASHPOINT 2860]
I put in 2 TOWERS and a Fiddle.  I Fiddled up 1 TOWER 'til it had 
decent movement and size, and kept the other one as backup in case 
I accidentally lost the TOWER. (Leveling up is a slow process, so 
it's faster to make 1 long range hitter very powerful than make 
2 hitters medium powerful.)
P5: Pharmhaus Vaccine Database
4 Spots|WARDEN+x2 SENTINEL 3.0x3
This is a toughie, I'd love to hear some better ideas than what
I finally came up with: 2 Hack 3.0s can take out the Sentinels,
so long as you keep them seperated and don't mind losing one.
The Wardens are tougher...I had to buy a pair of buzzbombs to get
them before they had a chance to move. I think there might be 
a slight bug (no pun intended) in the game, however: the game 
seems to have an internal "order" for your warez during a 
databattle, which determines which program you automatically 
take control of when the previous one you move finishes its attack.
But a buzzbomb's kamikazee forces the behavior to change a bit,
and sometimes the game finishes your turn for you even if you 
haven't had the chance to move all of your Warez. So start your 
turn by clicking on a buzzbomb, kamikaee one Warden, then click
the other buzzbomb and repeat.  Your turn will end, but you should
still be able to take out the Sentinels despite the one turn 
P6: Pharmhaus HMO Procedure Management [GOOD CASHPOINT 3700]
3 Spots|SENSORx10 SONARx1
I thought I'd be clever and ramp up a buzzbomb's speed until it 
could fly in and scoop up the money and the goal without getting 
hit, but it turns out a buzzbomb's speed maxes out at 10.  So I
ramped up its maximum size as well with a Fiddle and made it 
through without too much problem.
D3: Dr. Donut Market Research
I started heading South because the faster I can get to that final
Level 4 Warez Node, the better.  I'd already stocked up on 4 
Hack 3.0s, and they had an easy time of it, since a Hack 3.0 can
kill a Watchman SP in one shot, but they can't return the favor,
and their slow speed and mediocre range lets you prevent them 
from ganging up on your warez. (In case you were wondering, the
Watchman SP description is Latin for "Who Watches The Watchmen?",
about possible abuses of authority.)
D4: Dr. Donut Beverage Subsidaries
Not an easy one. I already had one Golem.clay, I bought another one,
then put those 2 plus a Hack 3.0 and the Turbo, Turbo Deluxe, and 
Fiddle that I had lying around. I didn't rush into the attack,
let them come to me (otherwise I would have been vulnerable to
more of them at once,) and then just carefully fought my way to
victory. The program-helpers all died, but all my warrior warez
made it through.

At this point I'm going to skip ahead to the Level 4 Lucky Monkey
node so I can get to the Level 4 Warez that come after it, but I
want to keep all the level 3 nodes together
D5: Dr. Donut Flavor Evaluation Lab [AWESOME CASHPOINT 4230]
Easy way to get cash! Just get a BuzzBomb and go to town. Watch
your tail, and maybe take out a Sentinel on your first turn 
before they have a chance to grow.

Random bug you can exploit: any cash you pick up stays collected
even if you undo...
L8: Lucky Monkey Lucky Jungle Central
2 Spots|FIRE WALLx4
Any hit by a Clog.02 or greater will freeze the Fire Walls. So 
bring in one of them plus some sort of brawler and you're set.
#2: PED Fiduciary Node
1 Spot|SENTINEL 2.0x4
A Hack 3.0 can handle this as long as you're careful.
C5: Cellular Automata Sub-Station Gamma
4 Spots|SENTINEL 3.0x6 Attack Dogx2
I used 2 BuzzBombs to take out the Dogs with Stings early and then
Sentinels with Kamikazees, and then mopped up with some Golems.
C6:Cellular Automata S.A. Archives
Ugh. I Fiddle'd up a Golem (using the trail of the Golem to prevent
the Fire Wall from reaching the Fiddle!) and of course I needed a 
Bit Man to get the goods. It wasn't pretty, levelling up hardly
ever is. But Memory Hog is a cute reward.
P3:PED Re-Insurance Database [CASHPOINT:6870]
Yeah, it's a good cashpoint, but kind of slow, at least with the 
strategy I used: two bit-mans to make the place safe (cut out a 
shallow U shape pattern), a TOWER and a Fiddle to level up the Tower.
Over 6000 credits to be gotten in the center there, and if you 
sacrifice a Bit-Man you can even make a shortcut to it.

SECURITY LEVEL FOUR:::::::::::::::::::::::::
I actually jumped to here right after "D4" so I could get to the 
Level 4 Warez sooner...
L7: Lucky Monkey Assimilation Timetable
2 Spots|SUMOx1
Sumos are slow. And Clog 2.0 can easily stop them in their tracks.
A Hack 3.0 (or nearly anybody, for that batter) can then help you
pick them off at your leisure...just don't be stupid on the final
approach.  Now gimme them warez!
W2: Warez Node Agora
Golem.stone, Tarantula, HeisenBug, LogicBomb, Sumo, Seeker 3.0,
Laser Satellite, Catapult, Clog.03, Guru
D6: Dr. Donut Recipe Database [CASHPOINT:4300]
4 Spots|SENTINEL 3.0x5 WARDEN++x3
Some late model Hacks and Golems should be able to romp here.
Heck, when I screwed up and put in a Hack 2.0 instead of a 
Fiddle, I could still win. (The way that enemy programs can't 
cross over cash helped.)
L9: Lucky Monkey Film Properties [AWESOME CASHPOINT: 5650]
1 Spot|FIRE WALLx2
A Golem.stone can walk right through this...in fact it won't even have
to take any turns rebuilding its trail. And then you get Wizard, a 
spiffy little program.
#3: PED R&D Backup
I kind of limped my way through this one with my Wizard, my single
Golem.stone, and 2 Hack 3.0s.  The Hacks each need at least one extra
sector from the Wizard to have a chance. The Golem did pretty well,
and the AI of the bugs was really bad, so I was able to use the geography
of the board to make sure only one Bug could strike me at a time.
P7: Pharmhaus System Core
4 Spots|3 SENTINEL 3.0x3 WATCHMAN SPx7
Hack 3.0s are pretty good, but 3 Hack 3.0s and the Wizard are excellent.
Give each Hack at least one extra sector and then they can even survive
2 hits in a row. Let 'em grow up to size 7 (and you have a lot of time,
all the enemies are sloooow) and you're in even better shape.
#4: PED Executive Protocol
2 Hack 3.0s, a Golem.stone, and a Fiddle did ok, I took out the Dogs 
early. Wasn't too pretty.  I tried to get my Clog mojo workin', but 
I didn't get it quite right.
#5: PED Treasury Funds
Sure, they're only level one programs, but their vast numbers makes 
me play this one very cautiously...they can get a lot of hits in if 
you're not careful. I put two Catapults (Balistas would have been 
about as good) in the two center spots, then surround them with a 
"suicide squad" of 4 Bit-Mans. The Bit-Mans zero out the 6 spots 
immediately touch the 2 Catapults. I make sure to zap the eyes before
they get into range, and then it's clear sailing. There might be a 
way to preserve a bit-man so you can get the cash, but darned if I know
what it is. (I came close though)
#6: PED Priveleged Accounts [GOOD CASHPOINT: 7980]
7 Spots|WATCHMAN SPx8 WARDEN++x10 
Once again, I played a wussy strategy, digging an island with 2 Bit-Mans,
then having a lot of long range guys to take care of business. It's 
tough because there's so little room and your programs will get in each
other's way, but it's still not too bad. I'd give this a better cashpoint
rating, but it takes a while...
P8: Pharmhaus Proprietary Research [CASHPOINT: 5770]
2 Catapults, a Fiddle, and a Bit-Man to get the stuff. Catapults clear
out the enemies in the center, then fiddle one up and have it do the 
grand tour, taking out all the Radars.

SECURITY LEVEL FIVE:::::::::::::::::::::::::
!1: DisArray's HQ
The Final Battle! Here's my lineup (keep in mind that my lineups tend to be 
a bix of new stuff (in this case I bought a laser sattelite) and just whatever
I have on hand, so it might not be the best possible mix for the money I
had available.  My top row was Bit-Man, BuzzBomb, Bit-man, BuzzBomb, 
Bit-Man. My bottom row was Catapult, Fiddle, Laser Sattelite, Catapult,
Clog.03.  On my first move, the sacrifice BuzzBombs took out a Watchman
each, the Bit-Mans moved up one and started digging a line above, and the 
Clog slowed the bottom Sumo to a halt...and stopped the next one with its 
next turn.  Then, it was just a war of attrition. Luckily the Boss is really
dumb (hmm, kind of Dilbert, or real life...) and generally doesn't get 
positioned well. I managed to win even when my Fiddle mysteriously went

Martin Ward wrote:
My lates line-up for DisArray's HQ:

My top row: Bit-Man, Catapult, Bit-Man, Catapult, Bit-Man
Bottom row: Catapult, Turbo DX, Catapult, Catapult, Clog.03

After clearing the top Sumo, speed up the the Clog.03
and then sacrifice it to stop the Boss from moving.
Five catapults can clean up the level pretty quickly!

That's the game! If you got this far, you must be L33T, d00d!!!1!!1!
(Well, a little less so if you used this walkthrough too much.)


Copyright 2002-2008 by Kirk Israel <kisrael@alienbill.com>.
Not to be posted, published, or modified without explicit permission.

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