• Dice Escape

    All during game play

    bird's eye view of the gametopdown
    extra timehelpmeplease
    extra timemoretimeruki
    for a wire view of the gameflybywire

    Contributed By: knd1994.

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  • Flash Game Cheats

    These cheats should be typed in while playing the game.

    +1 life in Volcano Run II.glubgar
    +15 seconds to your time in Kiko Match IIineedmoretime
    +30 seconds to your time in Spell Or Starvechannyhungry
    +30 seconds to your time in Sutek's Tombscarabeus
    1 extra life in Crisis Courier.kingaltador
    1 free life in Ice Cream Machinestrawberryvanillachocolate
    30 second time bonus in suteks tombplzsutekcanihavemoretime
    a message will appear --- "Now are you happy?" (more blobs in the game) in Jelly Blobs of Doommarissa
    All the advertisements on the current screen in Advert Attack will disappear. Only one use per game.nopopups
    Bigger Mallet in Whack-a-Staff-Membera5paragu5
    blasts a few slorgs at once in Attack of the Slorgsslorgerizer
    blasts the surrounding enemies in Escape To Kreludorempulse
    Creates a 25 points rainbow negg in jelly blobs of doomrainbownegg
    creates a turdle on your opponents sideturdle
    Creates a whirlpool in dubloon disaster!Scallywags
    Dark Faerie bubble in Faerie BubblesNobubbles
    decreases your bloat by 50% in snowmuncherbuuuurrrrrrrrp
    Double laser range in Moon Rock Rampage(once per game, resets at end of level)superlaser
    Eat the fishnegg and get 50 free pointsfishnegg
    Extra 30 secondsplzsutekcanihavemoretime
    Extra 30 seconds on the timer in Moon Rock Rampage(works only once per game)novisitors
    extra life in Bouncy Supremebouncebouncebounce
    Extra life in Chia Bomber IIgeoffrey
    Extra life in Flycatcher (once per game)deliciousflies
    Extra life in Frumballfrumball
    Extra Life in Korbat's Labspiderbite
    Extra life in Kreludan Mining Corp.kreludor
    extra life in Meepit Juice Breakmeepits
    Extra life in Meepit Juice Breakhungrymeepits
    Extra life in Moon Rock Rampage(works only once per game)rampage
    extra life in Raiders of Maraqua1morekarpohplease
    Extra life in The Last Smiley (once per game)*catfish*
    Extra life in The Return of the Return of Dr Sloth (once per game)drfranksloth
    Extra life in Warf Rescue Teamtrappedkadoaties
    Gain an extra level when input after level two in Attack of the Revengeblackpawkeet
    Get a time bonus in The Great Qasalan Caper (once per game)caperiffic
    Get an extra 10 snowballs in Snowball Fight (once per game)snowghettiandmeatball
    Gets rid of blocks in Faerie Bubblesslumberberry
    Gives you a random bonus item in Ultimate Bullseyecatapult
    Gives you a shield in Volcano Runlava
    Gives you an extra attempt at petpetsitter.Oscillabot
    Gives you an extra life in Attack of the Slorgsmarrow
    Gives you an extra life in Neverending Boss Battleforeverandeverandever
    Hear an evil laugh as a pattern is drawn across the screen in Brucey B. Slotsbrucey
    In Attack of the Gummy Dice, type at any point during the game to transform your current dice into a bomb dice.explode
    In Attack of the Gummy Dice, type during gameplay to change the current gummy dice to a different random color. Once per game.gummydice
    In Attack of the Gummy Dice, typing delightful at any point during the game, will tranform your current dice into a morph dice.delightful
    In Attack of the Revenge, typing that while you are on Level 3 or higher will give you an extra life. (Once per game)blackpawkeet
    In Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway, typing lookoutbruno at any point during the game, will give you an extra life.lookoutbruno
    In Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway, typing monstermovie at any point during the game, will toggle the game into black and white mode or colour mode.monstermovie
    In Destruct-O-Match II lets you play the original version (type on the mode select screen)boohooiwanttheoldgameback
    In Gwyl's Great Escape, typing that when you click on continue game (and enter this code into the code space) will allow you to play a Secret Level.GWYLSGREATESTESCAPEEVER
    In Itchy Invasion, typing pest during gameplay will restore your Pest-B-Gone ammunition to full. (Once per game)pest
    In Kou-Jong, typing that at any point during the game will give you one extra hint. (Once per game)cyodrake
    In Magax: Destroyer II, type this code at any point in the game to restore your health meter to full.xagam
    In Ruins Rampage, typing that will allow you to avoid floor traps or spike traps through the entire game.trapdoor
    In Scourge Of The Lab Jellies, type this code to create 3 consecutive bombs in the game.boomshaketheroom
    In Sophie's Stew, type that during gameplay for an extra life. (Once per game)hungrymeowclops
    In The Usul Suspects, type at any point during the game to get an extra life.lumiwatergun
    Increases your chance of getting a 100 dubloon coin in Dubloon Disasterblackpawkeet
    Large cannonball in Castle Battlessupercannonball
    Make all bubbles turn into one type.FaerieBubbles
    Makes a blimp float across the screen of mynci beach volleyball.dirigibles
    More time in Carnival of Terrorcustard
    Multiplies your score in Snowmuncher by 100 but it does not stay like that.dieter
    Nova bubble in Faerie BubblesStardust
    One extra letter hint in The Castle of Eliv Thaderehaxtint
    Rainbow bubble in Faerie BubblesFaerieland
    Reset the timer in Hasee Bounce (once per game)doughnutfruit
    Resets ALL meepit's timers in Meepit Juice Breakjuice-o-matic
    resets the clock in Escape From Meridell Castlevalrigard
    Restores the laser guide after it cuts out in Attack of the Slorgs. (Can be used as many times as needed)chargex4
    Returns you to full health in Deckswabber (once per game)vitaminc
    Shows the cursor position on screen for The Buzzer Game. Type at the start of Level 1.cheese
    Skip a level in The Last Smiley (once per game)0:-)
    Skip level in Grand Theft Ummagine (but resets your score)ummaginethief
    skips a level in Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Questquaglor
    skips a level in The Buzzer Gamesalamander
    Skips level in frumballkougra
    Skips level on Meriball, but resets points.kougra
    Skips levels in gourmet club bowlssuperbowl
    skips through a level while playing gormball. (no points rewarded though.)kougra
    Sutek's Tomb - Gives hint as to what match to make to line up 3 in a row (Unlimited Use)pyramibread
    The easiest way to turn the radar on and off in Bouncy Supremer
    Toggle to first person view in The Last Smiley:)
    Turns current bubble in to a Nova Bubble in Faerie Bubblesstardust
    Turns current bubble in to a Rainbow bubble in Faerie Bubblesfaerieland
    Type during the Meerca Chase II title screen to unlock the secret ferocious levelferociousneggsareontheloose
    Type during the Meerca Chase II title screen to unlock the secret gravity level.superextrahypergravitymode
    Type this while on the character select screen in Faerie Cloud Racers. This will allow all of the obstacles to disappear for the first round.snowfaerie
    Typing frozensnowflake will allow you to drop one extra item that round. You will hear chimes when the code is activated.frozensnowflake
    will cause Balthazar to freeze in Extreme Herderfreeze
    will increase your chance of having a dubloon fall in Igloo Garage Saledubloon
    Will remove all blocks of one colour from the screen in Destruct-O-Match II. Can only be used once per game.destroyboulders
    Will turn all bubbles into the same color in Faerie Bubblesmanybubbles
    x2 score in Gourmet Club Bowlsshepherd

  • You enter these codes in the website address bar.

    A hidden movie
    A plea from the Space Faerie shown during the reign of Dr. Sloth.
    AirBud Seven Inning Fetch Version 1 (unlisted game)
    Brightbale Books
    Brightvale Armoury
    Brightvale Glaziers
    Brightvale Kingdom
    Brightvale Motery
    Crashed Meteor - Kreludor
    Deactivasion Console
    Dino Brush Teeth (unlisted game)
    Dubloon Disaster Version 1 (unlisted game)
    Faerie Cloud Racers Version 1 (unlisted game)
    Feed Florg Version 1 (unlisted game)
    Free jelly and see Jelly Games
    Fungus Cave
    GadGadsGame Version 1 (unlisted game)
    Gift Shop of 1,000 Rewards
    Go all the way down the page to see the upcoming pet."The Lutari".
    Goldfish Flavor Blasted Getaway (unlisted game)
    Grundo's Gym (unlisted game)
    Grundo's Gym (unlisted game)
    Hidden BattleDome
    Hidden Mind-Control Lab
    Hidden Refreshments Shop
    Hidden statue in Ruins of Maraqua
    Hotrod Health Hound (unlisted game)
    Jelly World's Hidden Neoboard
    Kau Korral (unlisted game)
    KauKorral (unlisted Game)
    Kiko Match Version 1 (unlisted game)
    Lets you see the 2 Gallon Hatz concert.
    Lets you see the Blue Kacheek Group concert.
    Lets you see the Chomby and the Fungus Balls concert.
    Lets you see the Hikalakas concert.
    Lets you see the Jazzmoisis Christmas concert
    Lets you see the Jazzmoisis concert.
    Lets you see the Moehawks concert.
    Lets you see the MYNCI concert.
    Lets you see the Sticks N' Stones concert.
    Lets you see the The Neopian Philharmonic concert.
    Lets you see the Twisted Roses concert.
    Lets you see the Wock Til You Drop concert.
    Lets you see the Yes Boy Ice Cream concert.
    Link to Hidden Tower
    Magical Marchmallows (unlisted game)
    Matching Madness (unlisted game)
    Maths Nightmare Version 2 (unlisted game)
    Most Popular Games List
    Mumbo Pango
    Neopets Portal page
    NeoSchool Classes
    NeoSecret Card One
    Neowardrobe (unlisted game)
    Part of the quest to find King Coltzan's crown. The parrot gives you clues on where to find it.
    Play the original meerca chase.
    Ruins Of Maraqua (unlisted world)
    Shows the ending of Sloth's reign over Neopia.
    Shows the trailer that previewed before Dr. Sloth appeared.
    Shows the winners for a Halloween Costume Contest.
    Solution to the Mystery Island Volcano mystery .
    Tarzan and Jane Version 1 (unlisted game)
    Temple of 1,000 Tombs
    The Chia Bingo Game (unlisted game)
    The Evil Ending to NeoQuest.
    The Grundo's story on Sloth.
    The hidden VirtuPets Space Station NeoBoard
    The Insane Ending to NeoQuest.
    The Kadoatery.
    The Maraqua Battledome. Maraqua is gone, but this is still there.
    The Normal Ending to NeoQuest.
    The old Guildmasters' Dinner Logic Puzzle.
    The secret Jelly World NeoBoard
    The Space Station's Neopet v2 Shell
    The Tyrannian Volcano
    The VirtuPets Marketplace. Shop list for users who have there shop on the space station.
    Tiki Tack Free Stuff Tour. Gives you some nice downloads.
    Ultimate Bulls Eye Version 1 (unlisted game)
    Veiw Year 7 April Fools Joke
    View the 2001 April Fool's Day joke
    View the 2003 April Fool's Day joke
    View the 2006 April Fool's Day joke
    Virtupets' Hidden Neoboard
    Volcano Run Version 1 (unlisted game)
    Wadjet & Ladders (unlisted game)
    Wheel of Knowledge
    Yullieland (unlisted game)

  • Jelly Blobs Of Doom Codes

    When Playing-can be used only once

    one will appear,eat and you will get 25 pointsrainbownegg
    Same,but you will get 50 points!fishnegg

    Contributed By: Misko_01.

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  • Mootix Drop codes

    Go to a Mission Drop screen (where it shows what mission you're going to do) and press up, down, right and left. Some icons appear will appear in the bottom corner. There are three (right, middle and left) columns and four (babaa, spyder, mootix, target) icons. Place them in the following orders to get the results.

    Giant mootixBabaa/Mootix/Spyder
    Heavy mootix and you start with 5 pointsBabaa/Target/Spyder
    Invisible mootix and you start with 5 pointsTarget/Mootix/Babaa
    Small mootixMootix/Target/Mootix
    Start with 8 points in the secret Spyder levelTarget/Target/Spyder
    Start with 8888 points in the secret Spyder level, but you go up instead of down and the level never endsSpyder/Target/Target
    Super Fast mootixSpyder/Target/Mootix
    The whole screen is upside down, and you start with 10 pointsMootix/Target/Babaa

    Contributed By: Jelly Soup.

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  • Secret Emoticons

    Neopets lists the emoticons that you can use, but there are a few others they haven't told you about. Use them just like any regular emoticon.

    Complaining face (animated)*complain*
    Crying Face (Animated)*cry*
    Laughing Face (Animated)*lol*
    Old winking face*yarr*
    Unsure Face (Animated)*unsure*
    Violinist (Animated)*violin*

    Contributed By: Firestorm88, Jelly Soup, and Strong Bad 123.

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  • Toybox Escape

    At the title screen insert one of the following.

    Skips to Level 11DT55KE63
    Skips to Level 16DT73E42H

    Contributed By: l_A_c_i_d_l.

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  • Going to McDonald's Level Codes

    From the main menu chose ''ENTER LEVEL CODE'' and enter one of the following codes.

    Skip to Level 102ECD3L
    Skip to Level 11E0JKP7
    Skip to Level 12FM5JMS
    Skip to Level 135H56GS
    Skip to Level 14A0I87L
    Skip to Level 15BEE6RM
    Skip to Level 16L8E5HQ
    Skip to Level 17AKOMKS
    Skip to Level 180KI87L
    Skip to Level 18VFD32G
    Skip to Level 197DEGNN
    Skip to Level 19289BII
    Skip to Level 20H71C7M
    Skip to Level 20C2W72H
    Skip to Level 21B0EAE4
    Skip to Level 216V959Z
    Skip to Level 7EKLHNO
    Skip to Level 8HB9N7L
    Skip to Level 92EE2E7

    Contributed By: bbobjsaol and TheLethalOne.

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  • Grand Theft Ummagine level passwords

    Enter on password/code screen, by clicking on Use Level Code.

    Level 'The Gardeners Revenge'TWW1Z9
    Level 'The Three Halls Of Insanity'HTROY4

    Contributed By: AmegaiShiryuu.

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  • New Going to McDonalds Codes

    On the Main Menu, choose ''ENTER LEVEL CODE'' and enter the password.

    Skip to Level 10X978YG
    Skip to Level 119VEFK2
    Skip to Level 12AH0EHN
    Skip to Level 130C01BN
    Skip to Level 145VD32G
    Skip to Level 156991MH
    Skip to Level 16G390CL
    Skip to Level 175FJHFN
    Skip to Level 79FGCIJ
    Skip to Level 8C64I2G
    Skip to Level 9X99X92

    Contributed By: TheLethalOne.

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  • Old Plot passwords

    These passwords are from old plots of the wars that neopets had.

    Shows you a coded message that had to do with the Coltzan's Crown Plot.
    Shows you a message that had to do with the missing petpets.

    Contributed By: SergeitheCat.

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  • Skip to higher levels on ToyBox Escape

    Press Enter level code.

    skip to level 11WCOO3XPM
    skip to level 16WCQMXNL0
    skip to level 6IQOWYKY0

    Contributed By: Ihaveneofeavor.

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  • To play any character in Tug-o-war

    Just play a new game, pick a character,and type in the following:

    Brucey B doesn't have any password for you to play him.

    To play as Horakl r l r s s
    To play as Khadirs l t l t s r
    To play as Ramsets s l r t r l
    To play as Theibosl r s l s t s

    Contributed By: chr0matics.

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  • ToyBox Escape

    Click ENTER LEVEL CODE and put in the following codes to get to the following levels without all the hard work because I've allready done it all. ;)

    Gets you to level 115LXXC6YV
    Gets you to level 165LZV6WU9
    Gets you to level 6RZX57T79

    Contributed By: Christyl101.

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  • Tug-O-War level passwords

    While playing tug-o-war enter these passwords in to go to the wanted opponent in the password screen.


    Contributed By: Camo1235.

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  • Hidden Avatars

    These are the ways to unlock the avatars to use on the NeoBoards. If a link is presented, just copy paste it into your address bar to unlock the corresponding avatar.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    'Mmm, custard!'Feed anything with the word 'custard' in it to one of your neopets.
    *CAW*Beat the Black Pteri in the Battledome
    A Day at the BeachGo on a Tiki Tour with one of your pets.
    A Meepit! Run!Score 3500+ in Meepit Juice Break
    Acara - Roberta of Brightvale
    AceScore 550 or more in advert attack and this avatar will be unlocked for future use.
    Achyfi!feed your pet a Dandelion and Burdock Drink (this can be gotten from tombola)
    AdamHave the exact number of NP as Adam when you visit the About Us page
    Aisha - Disco
    Aisha - Hoban the NavigatorGot at least two guesses right in the Cyodrake's Gaze Plot and then visited the guessing page (retired)
    Aisha Defender
    Aisha ScalawagRandomly awarded when winning a prize in Buried Treasure
    Alien AishaUse a nerkmid in the Alien Aisha Vending Machine
    Altador CupParticipated in the Altador Cup and then visited the Prize Shop (retired)
    Altador Cup - Staff TourneyGot at least one correct guess in the finals of the Altador Cup Staff Tournament (retired)
    AngelpussEquip an Angelpuss and refresh Quick Ref
    Angelpuss - Angel
    Angry AcaraView A Male Royal Acara`s Lookup
    Angry Air MoteBuy a R70 or higher mote from the Brightvale Motery.
    AnubisView the pet lookup of any Desert pet with an Anubis attached.
    Attack of the SlorgsScore 1000+ in Attack of the Slorgs
    Attack PeaGiven out on December 4th (2003) at the Advent Calendar
    Avatar CollectorBe in the top 50 of the Avatar High Scores
    Baby BuzzSearch for "i love baby buzz!" in the Seach Bar
    Baby nimmo avatarVisit the userlookup of ANY baby nimmo
    Baby PteriVisit any baby pteri's lookup. Gwaihir_Windlord1
    Battle Faerie AvatarRefresh at the Win Screen after battle
    Battle JubJubVisit any JubJub's lookup. yugioh_kuriboh
    Better Than YouFinish a Better Than You challenge
    BFM - Squished Spyders AvatarYou can only get this if you had fought in the Battle for Meridell war. If you did, and have a shield in your lookup, view your lookup
    Bilge DiceGet a perfect score of 24 on the game Bilge Dice, and keep refreshing the screen
    Bilge Dice - Lucky Streak!Win 10 games of Bilge Dice in a row
    Bleh Avatar
    Bless you, Shoyru!Bless a Shoyru with any Bottled Faerie to get this avatar.
    Blue FuzzlePlay with your Evil Blue Fuzzle until it scares your pet
    Blumaroo - Fire!View the pet lookup of your Fire Blumaroo that has a 30+ day old Fire colored petpet attached
    BomberGet a score of 1300 or more on Chia Bomber
    Bori - GrumpyVisit the look-up of a beaten(0 HP) Plushie Bori.
    brainycomplete the faerie crossword puzzle to unlock this avatar.
    BrightvaleSpin the Wheel of Knowledge and land on the 8 pointed star spot
    Broken AvatarTake any smashed, broken, or ripped item to Donny's Toy Repair Shop and have him fix it for you.
    Bruce-MutantGo here:
    Buzz - MaraquanClick on the very tip of the Maraquan Buzz's antenna on the image for Caption Contest #664
    Buzz-Attack!Go to: Then hold Shift, press Tab once, let go of Shift, press Enter.
    Buzzin'Paint your Buzz with a Split Paint Brush at the Rainbow Fountain
    Camo AvatarView a Camouflage pet's lookup to unlock this avatar
    Cap'n Threeleg's avatarTrain your pet at the pirate acadamy on krawk island, to unlock this avatar
    CaparaFinish the first round of Cheat!
    Captain Scarblade
    Caption Contest - FunnyBe a winner of the Caption Competition.
    Caylis Isca
    chase avatarscore 750 plus on meerca chase
    Chef Bonju AvatarHave Mad About Orange Avatar Active, then visit the cooking for and mix "Gourmet Cooking For Your pet", "Orange Juice" and "Blumaroo Steak"
    Chia BomberEarn a score of 1300 or more in Chia Bomber II to get this avatar.
    ChocolateBuy a chocolate that has a rarity of 90 - 99 from the Chocolate Factory
    ChokatoHave the Chokato (TCG) in your inventory and reload the page
    Chomby - ColourfulView the pet lookup of any Rainbow Chomby
    Chomp!Feed your jetsam a Pepito
    Clay - Ouch
    Cliffhanger - Game OverPlay Cliffhanger and lose.
    Coco RollMust download the Mobile phone game, COROROLL and enter a winning code.
    Coconut JubJubFeed your Cocount JubJub at Coconut Cocktail
    Coconut ShyKnock a coconut off the stand in Coconut Shy.
    CodestonesHave all the current codestones in your inventory and refresh.
    Colourful Korbat
    Curse of Maraqua - Maraquan SupporterIf you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Maraquan Supporter, view your Userlookup
    Curse of Maraqua - Maraquan WarriorIf you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Maraquan Warrior, view your Userlookup
    Curse of Maraqua - Pirate SupporterIf you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Pirate Supporter, view your Userlookup
    Curse of Maraqua - Pirate WarriorIf you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Pirate Warrior, view your Userlookup
    Cybunny - PlushView the pet lookup of any Plushie Cybunny while having any plushie in your inventory
    CyodrakeGo here:
    DariganIf you fought on the Darigan side in the Meridell vs Darigan war, go to your userlookup
    Darigan Peophin Avatar
    Darigan RedeemedVisit Darigans Chambers if you were on Darigan's side during the Meridell War.
    DarkView a darigan peophin pet
    Dark NovaEquip your pet with any battle item whose name contains the words "dark nova"
    Darkest FaerieGo to the following link between 10PM NST and 5AM NST,
    DarklingAfter participating in the Meridell War, go to your user lookup
    Deadly DiceBeat two or more levels of Deadly Dice
    DeckswabberSubmit a score of 825+ in the game Deckswabber
    Defenders of Neopia - Aisha
    Defenders of Neopia - Lupe
    DestroyerGet a score of 3000 or more on Magax: Destroyer
    Destruct-O-Match IIat least 2,500 or more in Destruct-O-Match II.
    Dice Escape AvatarScore over 1000 in Dice Escape.
    Dice-A-RooGet The Jackpot in Dice-A-Roo.
    Do Not eatFeed your pet ANY item with the word carrot
    Dr. Death
    Dr. GrumpsScore at least 900 on Gourmet Club Bowls
    Dr. SlothRandom Event
    Draik - Escape from Meridell CastleGet into the Top 50 (High Scores) for this game
    Draik - HatchedVisit the Draik Nest while having a Draik as your active pet
    Dubloon avatarachieve 1000 plus in dubloon disaster
    DungHave 10 different dung items in your inventory and keep refreshing
    Easter Bunny AvatarSend someone an Easter Neo-Greetings.
    Easter CybunnySend the Easter neogreeting with the jubjubs in a basket.
    EdnaComplete one of her quests (may need to do this more than once)
    Edna CackleKeep doing quests for Edna in her Witch\'s Tower until you get the avatar. When you will get the avatar is totally random.
    Elephante - To War!
    Elephante SurpriseFeed your Elephante a bag of peanuts
    Eliv ThadeGet 1200 points or more in Eliv Thade
    Emo avatarChange your shopkeeper to usul gothic, and hit shop front.
    Escape from Meridell CastleGet on the High Score Tables for Escape From Meridell Castle
    Evil ElivGet a score of 1,200 or more on Eliv Thade
    Evil Fuzzle - BOO!Have your pet play with a Blue Evil Fuzzle, then refresh the screen to get this avatar
    Evil JhudoraUsed to be finishing one of her quests. No longer accessible.
    EXTREMEGet a high score in Extreme Potato Counter
    Extreme HerderSend a score of 250+ in Extreme Herder
    Extreme Potato CounterScore over 100 points at Extreme Potato Counter
    Faerie BubblesSubmit a score of 2000+ in Faerie Bubbles
    Faerie GrundoView the pet lookup of a Faerie Grundo
    Faerie Peophin AvatarView the lookup of a Faerie Peophin to unlock this avatar.
    Faerie Pteri
    Feed FlorgScore 1200+ in Feed Florg
    Feed MeFeed your Skeith a Regal Skeith Helmet
    Fiery Pteri
    Fire PawBuy the TCG card "Fire Paw" and put it into your neodeck.
    Fishing - Titanic SquidCatch a Titanic Squid in Underwater Fishing
    Flotsam - Tough!Go here:
    Flotsam Rainbow AvatarView a rainbow flotsams' userlookup to unlock this avatar.
    FREAKEDScore in the top 50 high scores of Korbats Lab
    Freaked KorbatGet in the Top 50 listing for Korbat\'s Lab.
    Free JhuidahNo longer available - You had to free Jhuidah using a Tagobo Potion during the plot
    FyoraBuy an item from the Hidden Tower in Faerieland
    Fyora - Faerie QueenBuy any artifact from her Hidden Tower and you will automatically get it in your Avatar Dropdown List!
    GadgadsgameGet a score of 1000 or better on Gadgadsgame
    GadsgobenUsed to be that you had to look up Trickster Llugh and the Legend of Gadgadbogen.
    Garlic! Run!!Eat Something With Garlic in it or changing the language to portuguese and eating leek works too
    Gelert - Spotted
    Gelert - StarryHave any 'starry' item in your inventory and visit the pet lookup of a Starry Gelert
    Geraptiku - Deserted TombRandomly awarded when visiting the Deserted Tomb
    Ghost LupeGo to to get him as a challenger,and then beat him
    GnomeHave any gnome in your inventory and go to the garden shop.
    Goggles (Doesn't count in collection)Try on some different items from the NC Mall. Getting this avatar is random. There is no event that gives you the avatar, it just appears in your list
    GoldyVisit a pet look up that has a goldy attached to the pet
    Gormball - GargaroxWin a game of Gormball with any character
    Grand Theft UmmagineSubmit a score of 1100+ in Grand Theft Ummagine
    Grarrl - DariganVisit the pet lookup of any Darigan Grarrl such as KellyDanca, Grelliersc, or Valertica.
    Grarrl - Galem DarkhandLookup the item Galem Darkhand.
    Grarrl KenoCorrectly match four numbers, and this avatar will be unlocked.
    Grarrl WarriorEquip your grarrl with one of the grarrl weapons released on Grarrl Day of 2003
    Grarrl Warrior AvatarHave a Grarrl pet with you, and then equip a Bony Grarrl Club to it
    Grey Faerie
    Grey Wocky "Sigh"You must own a Grey pet and visit its lookup to get this avatar.
    Groovy ChombySee "Chomby and the Fungus Balls" in concert
    Grundo - Faerie
    Grundo - Forever OrangeHave an Orange Grundo and view its lookup
    Grundo Snow ThrowGet on the High Score Tables for Grundo Snowthrow
    Grundo WarehouseGo to the Grundo Warehouse and where it says "Older 10 character codes", type in A384J for the first input box and 228P1 in the second box.
    GruslenHave a Gruslen petpet equipped to your pet for 100 days.
    Gruslen AvatarHave a Gruslen on your pet for 100+ days, then go to that pet's lookup.
    Hannah Avatarachieve 150,000 points in hannah and the pirate cave's
    Happy Birthday!Visit on 15.11.05
    Harris avatarHave the petpet equipped to your pet for 100 or more days to unlock this avatar.
    Has Anyone Seen...If you were among the first 100 to solve the Mystery Island Quest (Volcano Mystery), then you got this avatar
    Haunted Woods Stamp CollectorFill up your Haunted Woods Stamp album and you may get this avatar
    HeermeedjetYou may get this by defeating the Meerca Henchmen in the Battledome
    Hello little Lupe...BOOOM!Lose a battledome fight while using a lupe to fight
    Helpful ZafaraType in the word "Avatar" in the Help Section. Then, click on the FAQ page and keep refreshing.
    Hissi - IceView the pet lookup of any Ice Hissi
    Huggy avatarTo unlock this avatar have this petpet equipped to your pet for at least 100 days
    HungryHave a Drackonack petpet. Then have some cheese in your inventory and keep reloading the page until you get the avatar.
    I *Heart* SlothGo to:, and fill out all of the questions in favor of Dr. Sloth (C, D, B, C, A)
    I Love My RockSee the "Sticks N Stones" in Concert
    I Saved Mystery IslandYou automatically get this avatar if you solved the Mystery Island quest
    I'm SmellyHave 10 various dung items in your inventory and reload the page
    Illusen DollIf you completed a Quest for Illusen on March 17th, 2004 (Illusen Day), then you got this avatar
    Illusen's GladeReach level 20 of Illusen's Glade
    Invasion Of MeridellRandom while playing Invasion Of Meridell
    Ixi-DiscoView the lookup of a disco Ixi to obtain this avatar.
    Jelly avatarachieve 1000 or more points on jelly proccessing factory, and this avatar will be yours.
    Jeran- HeroGo here
    JesterForm a joke that makes the Grumpy Old King laugh
    JesterGet a score of 800 or more on Grumpy Old King
    Jetsam - Bah!Visit a Baby Jetsam.
    Jetsam ChompFeed your Jetsam an Aquatic Petpet, to get this avatar.
    Jhudora's CloudReach level 20 of Jhudora's Cloud
    Jub ZambraWatch 'Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers' play at the Concert Hall
    JubJub - TyrannianView the pet lookup of any Tyrannian JubJub
    Kacheek SwimMake your Kacheek the active pet and bring it to Mystery Island Beach
    Kadoatie AvatarFeed 75 Kadoatie at the Kadoatery
    kass minion
    Kasuki Lu - Heeyah!In the Battledome, beat Kasuki Lu
    Kau-Fortune tellerHave an item with the words " Crystal ball" in your inventory. Then view the lookup of a pink kau
    Kiko - Snack TimeFeed your pet inbetween 3-4 PM NST.
    Kiosk WockyWin A prize in scrathcard kiosk in Terror mountain
    Kiss the mortog avatarDo the kiss the mortog game and win 4 times in a row and collect your winnings.
    KnightAfter participating in the Meridell War, go to your user lookup
    Koi - Spotted PlushieHave any Koi plushie in your inventory and view the pet lookup of any painted Koi
    Korbat - Royal (Boy)Change your gender to FEMALE and visit a FEMALE Royal Korbat!
    Korbat - Royal (Girl)Change your gender to MALE and visit a MALE Royal Korbat!
    Kougra - BabyView the pet lookup of any Baby Kougra.
    Krawk - Island FeverView the pet lookup of any Island Krawk with an Island petpet
    kyrii avatarGo to the Island Mystic on Mystery Island and have your fortune told. If the Mystic mentions "kyrii" in his fortune then you recieve his avatar
    LDP - What Does It Mean?Solve your LDP tablet, then click on each one of your symbols corresponding with the LDP comics.
    Lenny - FinneusRevisit King Altador one day after collecting your Altador Plot prizes
    Lenny - Mutant
    Lenny PlushieWin a Lenny Conundrum game.
    Let it Snow!Have an Icy Snowflake in your inventory, then check the weather in Terror Mountain, if it is snowing then you get the avatar
    Lever avatarto unlock this avatar, you must pull the lever of doom in the virtupets station; the avatar occurs randomly when you LOSE Np
    Lil Devil NQIIYou must beat the DevilPuss in Neoquest II, Cumulonimbus, located in Chapter 5.
    Lil' DevilIn Chapter 5 of NeoQuest II, win against the DevilPuss
    LostRandomly unlocked when you win a prize at the buried tomb
    Lost Desert Stamp CollectorFill up your Lost Desert Stamp album and you may get this avatar
    Lucky Blumaroo Avatarwin the dice a roo jackpot
    Lucky StreakWin 10 games in a row of Bilge Dice
    Lupe - King AltadorVisit the statue of King Altador in the Altador Hall of Heroes
    Lupe Defender
    Maraquan Chomby
    Maraquan Krawk
    Master VexKeep playing Cellblock at Tournament Level 6 or higher until you get this one.
    Math's NightmareGet on the High Score Tables for Math's Nightmare
    MazzewHave a Mazzew petpet for 250 days.
    mediocreYou need to win the grand prize of 1,000 NP on the Wheel of Mediocrity in order to get the avatar
    Meepit vs. Feepit avatarGet 3000 points on Meepit vs. Feepit
    Meerca ChaseScore over 750 while playing Meerca Chase
    MeerouladenAfter reaching level 8 on Defenders of Neopia, go to
    MeowclopsEquip a Meowclops and refresh Quick Ref
    MeridellIf you fought on the Meridell side in the Meridell vs Darigan war, go to your userlookup
    Meuka - SnottyBeat Meuka in the Battledome
    Mmm, custard!Change your language to Portuguese and feed your neopet a 'Illusens Cream Cookie.'
    Moach Avatar
    Moehog - HalloweenHave any item with the word 'Sloth' in its name and view the lookup of any Halloween Moehog
    Moehog Avast!
    MootixHave a Mootix petpet attach to a petpet
    MSPPBuy the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG). Refresh at your inventory to get the avatar.
    MummifiedHave a Mummy baby petpet attached to a ruki for ninety days
    Must Keep Smiling AvatarYou obtain this avatar Randomly after winning at kacheek seek
    MutantChange your pet into a mutant with a Transmogrification Potion
    Mutant avatarTurn one of your pets into a mutant using a transmog potion
    Mutant QuiggleView the pet lookup of an aged Mutant Quiggle
    Mynci - Halloween
    Mynci SpikeYou have to score 850 points or more or beat all six rounds in Mynci Beach Volleyball.
    Mystery Island Stamp CollectorFill up your Mystery Island Stamp album and you may get this avatar
    NabileHave an item with the word 'ring' in your inventory and go to
    Nabile AvatarBuy a item with ring in it the go to neopedia article about nabile
    Neomail AddictSend a Neomail with 'I love Neomail' as the subject and the message.
    Neopian Times WriterAwarded if you got something published in Issue 200 of the Neopian Times
    Neoquest II - Bionic CybunnyDefeat the Bionic Cybunny in Neoquest II (Chapter 5).
    Neoquest II - DevilpussDefeat the Devilpuss in Faerieland while playing Neoquest II
    Neoquest II - WeaklingLose to a plains lupe while playing Neoquest II
    Nimmo-EmoteType :)*angry*:( in any topic in the neoboards
    ninjaHave a Niten Hiroru card in your inventory, then look it up in the Neopedia.
    Not for WreathaleVisit lookup of gurl_12950
    NT StarGet your work into the neopian times 10 times
    Number Six AvatarWhat you have to do is go to the About Us page and have the same amount of NP as Adam does on hand
    OHEMGEE AvatarVisit
    OrangeHave around 15 Non-Magical Orange Chia Pops in your inventory and keep refreshing
    Pack RatStore 1000 different items in your Safety Deposit Box
    Pant DevilHave a Hidden Tower item in your trades and refresh at your inventory (Not all HT items work)
    Peophin-FaerieGo here:
    Petpet LaboratoryHave access to the Petpet Laboratory, then get your petpet zapped into a Pile of Soot
    Pick Your OwnGo to the Pick Your Own game and have 6 non-dung items in your basket.
    Pirate Aisha
    Pirate Krawk
    Pirate Scorchio
    Pirate Shoyru
    Plastic FirRetired - Only avaliable to those who went to advent calander on 12-1-04
    Plushiedonate any plushie toy to the money tree
    Plushie EyrieGo to the NeoBoards and make a message saying "Squawk"
    Plushie TycoonGet a trophy in Plushie Tycoon
    Poogle Racing WinnerIn Poogle Races place a bet on the winning poogle.
    Pteri - DariganView the pet lookup of a Darigan Pteri whose petpet is Darigan colored. This is only available on Pteri Day, once a year.
    Punchbag BobLose to Punchbag Sid when he appears in your Punchbag Bob battle.
    Purple- PeophinView a Purple peophin's lookup to unlock this avatar
    Pwned by the AvatarUse the lab ray and be turned into a different neopet.
    QuadrapusHave a Quadrapus attached to your pet for 60 days.
    Queen Fyora AvatarPurchase a Faerie Queen Doll from the hidden tower or trades/auctions, thenhave your pet play with it
    Quiggle - IslandHave an Island Quiggle and view its lookup
    Quiguki April Fools AvatarView the New Features page on April Fools Day
    Raider of MaraquaGet a score of 800+ in the game Raiders of Maraqua.
    Revenge is SweetGet 2250 points or more in Whack a Staff Member
    RoboPut a item with ROBO in its name, into your Neohome. Robo Quiggles only work when your language is set to Japanese.
    RukiVisit a ruki`s look up and you will obtain this avatar
    Ruki AvatarVisit the lookup of any Ruki. hopper101192
    Ruki-DesertGo here:
    Save JhuidahGo to the Rock Pool and click her picture with a Tagobo Potion in your inventory
    ScarabugView a pet's lookup, that has a scarabug attaches to it
    Scorchio - ScordraxHave any Scorchio plushie in your inventory, then view the TCG album of someone with the Scordrax (TCG) card
    Shoyru - ToughWin a battle in battledome using a shoyru
    SighPaint one of you pets with the grey paintbrush and look at their pet lookup page
    Sinsi ShapeshifterPlay the game Shapeshifter and get to round 6, you only need to fully COMPLETE level 5, once your on round 6 go back to the main page for Shapshifter
    skarrl moodyGet king skarrl mad when you tell him a joke
    Skeith - King HaganRandomly awarded when you score A+ (or 750+ in points) on the Wise Old King
    Skeith - SnarganPlay Double or Nothing and collect your money when you get to 320NP or higher
    SlorgHave a Slorg petpet 100 or more days old and go to its Pet Lookup
    SnicklebeastHave a snicklebeast attached to your pet for 61+ days
    SnorkleFeed your pet a Snorkle Snout.
    Snowmuncher AvatarSimply get 5000 or more points on the snowmuncher game
    Sophie the Swamp WitchVisit to unlock this avatar
    Soup FaerieFeed your pet at the soup kitchen repetedly
    Space FaerieDefeat the Space Faerie in the Battledome
    SpeckledFeed your Neopet any item with the word 'speckled' in its name
    SquawkPost "Squawk" in a Neoboard message
    Sssidney AvatarSimply sratch any winning ticket at the Deserted Fairground Scratchcards
    Stamp Collector - Snowy ValleyComplete your Snowy Valley page in your stamp album
    Star GazerVisit a starry kau's lookup
    Super Attack Pea AvatarYou must have a Pea Chia, and equip a super attack pea to it, then view the pets lookup
    Sutek's TombGet a score of 2000 or more in Sutek's Tomb
    SwabbyScore 800 or more points in deckswabber
    SymolRandom while diving into the Symol Hole in Meridell. Refreshing at the end page does not work.
    Taelia the Snow FaerieComplete a Snow Faerie's Quest.
    Tale of Woe - KrawleyParticipated in the Tale of Woe plot and then visited Sophie's Shack to claim your prizes.
    TastyFeed your pet any item with the word "custard" in it
    TCG - Wanna Play?Anyone who got points in the Battle for Meridell TCG Staff Tournament got this avatar.
    TCG ChampionBeat a TCG Real Life Tournament.
    Techo - CheesyRandom while finish a Cheeseroller race in under 60 seconds
    Techo Master
    TNT AvatarNormal users cannot get this avatar.Only staff members can get this avatar.
    Toasttake the item "Bread" to the volcano, and you will unlock this avatar.
    ToastyTake any item with the word bread in it to the volcano, and you will unlock this avatar.
    TomosHave any item with the words "scarab" in it with 1 NP on hand,then go here:
    Tomos AvatarBuy a item with scarab in it the go to the 2nd how to draw page of tomos
    Tonu - MutantView the pet lookup of any Mutant Tonu with 0HP or is sick
    Top Gamer AvatarHave a High score In two hundred and fifty games; then view your game score
    Turmy AvatarHave your petpet get eaten by the Turmaculus Any petpet will work
    TurtumGet a high score for Ultimate Bullseye
    Tuskaninny SpottedHave A Tuskaninny as an active pet, and a lesser spotted fish in your inventory. Then Visit the Tuskaninny's lookup to unlock this avatar.
    Tuskaninny-RelaxView the lookup of any Island Tuskaninny to receive this avatar.
    Typing TerrorSubmit a score of 3600+ in Typing Terror
    Tyrannian Stamp CollectorFill up your Tyrannian Stamp album and you may get this avatar
    Tyranu EvavuTo get this avatar, you need to play the game Tyranu Evavu and win at least 15 times in a row.
    Ultimate BullseyeGet 225 points in Ultimate Bullseye
    Uni - NightsteedView the pet lookup of any Halloween Uni after 8PM NST
    Uni FabooBuy an item with a rarity of 80 or higher from the Clothes Shop.
    Usukicon Shop KeeperVisit the Usukicon Advert found at the Usuki Shop
    Usukicon UsulsVisit the Usukicon Advert found at the Usuki Shop
    Usul-Royal BoyGo here:
    Valentine ChiaSend the Puppyblew "I Love You (Animated)!" NeoGreeting, and put "I Love You" in the message
    VexedPlay the game cellblock - The level of tournament you need to be on is COMPLETELY RANDOM. It has been confirmed the lowest tourney level was #7.
    Vira AvatarHave any mirror in your inventory. Go to World and then click on Evil. Enter the book, then on the scrollselect, select Vira.
    VirtuPets Stamp CollectorFill up your Virtupets Stamp album and you may get this avatar
    Volcano FaerieYou had to be within the Top 100 people to solve the Mystery Island Volcano Plot
    Volcano Reward AvatarRetired
    Wanna fight avatarUse a jetsam in the battledome and this avatar will be unlocked.
    WeaklingIn the NeoQuest II game, allow the Plains Lupe to kill you, without ever attacking it
    Weakling NQIIHave Rohane, your main character, lose to a Plains Lupe in Neoquest II to get this avatar.
    WerelupeGet a Halloween Lupe
    Whack-A-KassGet a 900+ points in Whack-A-Kass.
    Whee!Make one of your pets have a snowbunny for EXACTLY one year
    Whee! SnowbunniesYou must have a Snowbunny equipped to your pet for 1 whole year (365 days) or more.
    Wheel of ExcitementWin 10,000 Neopoints from the Wheel of Excitement
    Wheel of KnowledgeGet the star/flag by spinning the wheel
    Wheel of MisfortuneSpin the wheel of misfortune and get an item turned to sludge
    Wheel of Monotony - SpinRandom event while playing the Wheel of Monotony.
    Who me?
    Wicked LennyFeed your Lenny a spooky food.
    WizardIf you were a winner of the TCG card game, you got this avatar
    Wocky - Snow DayView the look up of your own 100+ days old Snow pet
    Yes Boy Ice-CreamWatch Yes Boy Ice Cream at the Concert Hall
    yoinkedachieve 1250 or more points in freaky factory
    Yuck avatarFeed your pet a dandelion and burdock drink to unlock this avatar.
    Yurble - ForefitorVisit the Janitor at the Hall of Heroes
    Zafara - Double AgentOwn a Zafara Double Agent Plushie in your inventory while you search 'zafara double agent' in the search bar.

  • Hidden Battledome Challengers

    Here are how to get the unlockable challengers for the Battledome. Those that are gotten when you start an account are not listed.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Advisor BrooRandom Event while playing Dice-A-Roo
    BalthazarHe is a random event.
    BalthazarKeep refreshing at
    Battle Faerie100 Referrals will earn you the Battle Faerie as a challenger
    Black PteriRandom Event
    BoochiRandom Event when Boochi fires his gun at you(he doesn't need to hit you)
    Brain TreeFinish his Quest in the Haunted Woods
    Cave ChiaKeep refreshing at
    Cave ChiaYou can find him by going to the second page of the Cave Paintings in Tyrannia and refresh
    Chia ClownAutomatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
    ChiazillaGet him at the Ruins of Maraqua
    ChiazillaKeep refreshing at
    Commander GarooKeep refreshing at
    Count Von RooHe is a random event, you need to browse around on neopets in the night (Neopian Time)
    Count Von RooRandom Event
    Down For Maintenance PteriFound during a Random Event
    EdnaGo to the Witch's Tower in the Haunted Woods and complete her quest at midnight - 1am (Neopian Time)
    EdnaFinish her Quest in the Haunted Woods
    Evil Sloth CloneRandom Event here:
    EyriekiVisit the Temple of 1000 Tombs and click on any door.
    Fire FaerieTo get her as a challenger, choose her as an opponent for Gormball. If you win, she will challenge you.
    Flaming MeercaAutomatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
    Ghost Lupe
    Ghost Lupego to
    Giant GhostkerchiefGo here:
    Giant Hungry Malevolent ChombyRefresh here:
    GrarrgAutomatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
    Harry the Mutant MoehogAutomatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
    Highland ChiaAutomatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
    Highland ChiaAutomatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
    Jelly ChiaEnter the Gallery of Evil and search for the Jelly Chia under the drop down menu.
    Jelly Chia
    KastralissKeep refreshing at Keep refreshing at
    Kasuki LuBuy a "Kasuki Lu" trading card and click on it once it's in your inventory
    Kasuki LuIf you want him as a challenger, you need to buy his Collectable Trading Card by the same name
    KauvaraGo to Kauvara's shop and refresh. She may challenge you
    Koi WarriorGo to the Ruins of Maraqua and keep refreshing.
    Koi WarriorKeep refreshing at
    Lab Ray ScientistKeep refreshing at
    Lab Ray ScientistFirst you need the secret laboratory map completed, then refresh at
    Lava GhoulHe is a random event or play the Wheel of Excitement and land on him.
    Lava GhoulRandom Event
    Magnus the Torchgo to
    Magnus the Torch
    Maintenance PteriFound in a random event while using the site
    Meerca HenchmenKeep refreshing at
    MeukaUse a Ferocious Negg, Random Event, or Wheel of Misfortune in Deserted Fairgrounds to give your pet Sneezles of Neoflu; then visit Quick Ref
    MeukaYour pet has the sneezles go to your pet's page
    Mootix WarriorAutomatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
    Mr ChucklesRefresh at the Coconut Shy
    Mutated ChiaHe is a random event.
    Pant DevilPut a worthless item in your "your items" page and press F5, he'll show up after a while.
    Pant DevilRandom Event or have him steal an item in the Wheel of Excitement in Faerieland
    Punchbag BobAutomatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
    Qasalan MummyRefresh here
    Quiggle WarlordAutomatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
    Red PteriRandom event.
    Robo GrarrlAutomatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
    Robo GrarrlRefresh here:
    Ryshu the Nimmo
    Ryshu the NimmoYou can find Ryshu at the Mystery Island Training School
    Sabre-XRandom Event in Tryannia
    Shadow UsulHe is a random event
    Shadow UsulRandom Event
    SidneyWin a level 3 or higher prize on one of his scratchcards
    Slug MonsterHave Slug Flakes in your inventory. Go to Maraqua, click and refresh on the screen with the Big Slug until you get an event.
    Snow BeastRefresh here:
    Snow FaerieTo get her as a challenger, go to the Terror Mountain and click on the Snow Quests. Complete one of her quests then she will challenge you.
    Snow FaerieFinish her Quest on the Top of Terror Mountain
    Space FaerieGet her by having one of the "rare codes" given out when you buy NeoPets merchandise
    Space FaerieRedeem a Rare Item Code at the Space Station
    Spider GrundoEnter the Gallery of Evil and search for the Spider Grundo under the drop down menu
    Spider Grundo
    Tax BeastHave some money ready and keep refreshing on your items page. He'll come, takes 10% of your money and challenges you.
    Tax BeatRand Event where he takes 10% of your Neopoints on hand
    Tekkitu the Witch DoctorTake a Tiki Tour on Mystery Island
    Tekkitu the Witch DoctorYou can find him by taking the Mystery Island Tiki Tour
    The Brain TreeGo to the Brain Tree in the Haunted Woods. Complete his quest and he may challenge you
    The DrenchedRefresh here:
    The Esophagor to the Esophagor in the Haunted Woods. Complete his quest (without being on a Brain Tree quest) and he'll challenge you
    The SnowagerHave him blast you at his cavewhen you try to wake him up in the Ice Caves
    The SnowagerVisit the Snowager at his lair when he's sleeping, try to pick something up and when he wakes up he'll challenge you.
    Tiki Tack ManGo to his shop on Mystery Island and you may get him as a challenger.
    Tiki Tack Man
    TurmaculusThe Turmaculus has to eat your pet
    ViraRandom Event
    Zafara RogueKeep refreshing at

  • Hidden Smilies

    Enter these in the Neoboards for special smilies

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Acara Picture*acara*
    Aisha Picture*aisha*
    Angelpuss Face*angelpuss*
    Bag of Neopoints*swagbag*
    Blumaroo Picture*blumaroo*
    Bruce Picture*bruce*
    Buzz Picture*buzz*
    Chia Picture*chia*
    Christas Ornament*bauble*
    Complaining face (animated)*complain*
    Crying Face (Animated)*cry*
    Cybunny Picture*cybunny*
    Eyrie Picture*eyrie*
    Flotsam Picture*flotsam*
    Gelert Picture*gelert*
    Grundo Picture*grundo*
    Jetsam Picture*jetsam*
    Jubjub Picture*jubjub*
    Kacheek Picture*kacheek*
    Kau Picture*kau*
    Kiko Picture*kiko*
    Kyrii Picture*kyrii*
    Laughing Face (Animated)*lol*
    Lupe Picture*lupe*
    Meerca Picture*meerca*
    Old winking face*yarr*
    Poogle Picture*poogle*
    Red Deer Nose*rednose*
    Scorchio Picture*scorchio*
    Shoyru Picture*shoyru*
    Sloth Picture*sloth*
    Techo Picture*techo*
    Unsure Face (Animated)*unsure*
    Usul Picture*usul*
    Violinist (Animated)*violin*
    Warf Face*warf*
    Zafara Picture*zafara*

    Contributed By: Anonymous, electrosho, and Jelly Soup.

    0    0

  • A Sidebar is a theme that you use while browsing the Neopets website. The following are the currently known sidebars and methods for unlocking them:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Altador CupYou need to have participated in the Altador Cup
    BirthdayThe Birthday Sidebar is available on two days of the year: your birthday, and November 15
    Constellation SidebarYou must have completed the Altador Plot
    Curse of MaraquaThis was a prize from the Curse of Maraqua plot, worth 1 point.
    Cyodrake's GazeGet at least two correct guesses in the Cyodrake's Gaze mini-plot
    Haunted WoodsGo to the Haunted Woods at around midnight NST on Halloween
    Neopets Purple
    Petpet Protection LeagueYou got this sidebar if you participated in the Petpet Park mini-plot then visited the prize paget.
    QuasalanYou automatically got this sidebar if you participated in the Lost Desert Plot then visited the Lost Desert Prize Shop.
    Space Faerie PremiumBe a Premium Member and refer five paying people to Premium
    Tale of WoeYou got this sidebar if you participated in the Tale of Woe plot then visited Sophie's Shack to claim your prizes.
    ValentineSend/receive the item Mysterious Valentines Card to another player anytime during Valentines day
    WinterOn the day it was released, it was possible to get this from a winter random event
    0    0

Easter Eggs

  • All for Me!

    Type "Asparagus" in the search box and at the top of the screen will be a picture of Adam and the words "You can't have it, it's all MINE!".

    Contributed By: simsmagic.

    0    0

  • Giant Jelly in Jelly Blobs of Doom

    While playing the game Jelly Blobs of doom, start typing random text. Once you've entered enough random text, a jelly that takes up half the screen will come by and it has the text "You shouldn't enter random text... you never know what will happen!" on it!

    Contributed By: evilchao2.

    0    0

  • Ice Cream Machine: The spinning person

    This is just something funny I found in Ice Cream Machine. Go into the game and start a round. Beat the strawberry round then leave the screen alone for about 10 minutes. (Meaning click onto another screen and do something else) After that time, the ice cream covered player will become a person and will spin when you move your mouse. (And yes, that person is a staff member, or I believe so since you do see him in whack-a-staff member.)

    Contributed By: Starmist.

    0    0

  • Secret Message In Neoboards

    When you are posting a message on the Neoboards, type the number 5514344 in your message and post it. If done correctly, the numbers will turn into the word "Ghostbusters!".

    Contributed By: InstantDeath.

    0    0

  • Treasure

    In the search box, type in the word 'treasure' and press Go. When the search results come up, a picture of a Pirate Grundo with the words 'ARRRR! YE BE SEEKING TREASURE!' underneath it will appear.

    Contributed By: alaskanpie.

    1    0

  • Tug-O-War Blood Spurt

    In Tug-O-War, if you press the F key during gameplay on Level 2 or later, blood will spurt from the water coating the screen momentarily, with white text that says "Oh Yeah!". A voice will also say "Fatality!" You can do this once per level.

    Contributed By: neobeastman.

    0    0


  • Deadly Dice

    Roll the dice and score higher then Count Von Roo to level up but if you roll lower you lose a level. Count Von Roo is only awake from Midnight to 1:00AM NST

    Contributed By: Toejam and Earl.

    0    0

  • Draik Nest

    There is no link on the website for the Draik Nest. If you have purchased a Draik Egg, you may take it to the Draik Nest to hatch the Egg into a Draik Pet. You must use the following URL:

    Contributed By: Firestorm88.

    0    0

  • Fungus Caves

    There is a small cave beside the Smugglers Cove. If you click it, you will enter the Fungus Caves. The direct link (since the cave are hard to find) is:

    If you go there, you will be able to let your Krawk PetPet eat a bit of fungus, letting it grow into a fully grown Krawk Pet.

    Contributed By: Firestorm88.

    1    0

  • Get 40 seconds in Hasee Bounce

    To get 40 seconds instead of 20 seconds, spell Hasee with only orange letters or spell it with only purple letters.

    Contributed By: Bad at Video Games.

    0    0

  • Hidden Tower Location

    To Find the Hidden Tower, go to Faerieland, enter the Faerie City, and click on the the empty space directly left of the leftmost pink tower on the big building in the back to enter the Hidden Tower.

    Contributed By: The Return Of Danman.

    0    1

  • Jelly World

    Jelly World is a world not located on any map. To get there, paste the following URL in your address bar:

    Contributed By: Firestorm88.

    0    0

  • Once a month Freebie

    Once a Month go to the link below for a free 2000 NP and one food item PER neopet that you own.

    Contributed By: TinPhams.

    0    0

  • Rejected Pets

    Want to see the losers in a competition for the new pet? Go here:

    Contributed By: Firestorm88.

    0    0

  • Roo Island

    To find the Secret Mini world Roo Island, you can either look on the explore map and look just to the left of Meridell and click on the small island or enter this URL into your box at the top:

    Contributed By: geniusdude89.

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  • Use Grundo as a ball in Zurroball

    When your picking your ball, try and click the 'N' that's on the Grundo's space suit. Once you click it, the game will start and you will use the Space Grundo as a ball.

    Contributed By: Ryosagi.

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  • Use TPOSG as a character in Tyrannia Mini Golf

    At the 'Choose Your Character' screen, tab until the Chomby is selected, then tab once more and press Enter. Another method is to just click on the right eye of the Lupe (the black part). After you've done either one, you will now see Olliver AKA 'The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy', on the corner of your game screen as your selected character.

    Contributed By: neobeastman.

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