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Reviewed: 07/22/02 | Updated: 08/14/02

Possibly the best online strategy/space game created!

Dark Galaxy is a turned (Tick) based space/strategy game where you’re in control of how many planets, spaceships, and populations you choose.

Graphics: 9

Dark Galaxy has a complex graphical interface. First there are the life-like graphics for all the planets. Next there are the graphics for each for each building, soldiers, robots, etc.

Control: 10

Dark Galaxy has very simple controls. The navigation bar at the top makes game play simple. The Home button takes you to the page that tells you your rank, score, credits, and major information. The Planets button takes you to your planet(s) to build, produce, train, and assemble. The Navigation button will take you to the map of the universe, this will list each galaxy, Trading post, etc. this button is very useful to find other planets, players, etc. The Military button will let you control all your fleets of spaceships. The Alliance button will take you to the most important part of the game, this is where you can join or create an alliance. The News button brings up news, the Messages button will bring up the page where you can compose or read messages. The Ranking button will bring up the Top 50 players, alliances, and planets. And when you’re all done you can use the logout button to logoff.

Sound: 0

Currently there is no sound. Sound is a must have for full gaming experience.

Game Design/Effort: 10

Dark Galaxy is designed to be user friendly, fun, and overall entertaining. The game has a Manual that will help expert and novice players alike. The programmers are updating graphics, fixing bugs, and improving overall game play. There are also message boards and IRC to contact the programmers and other players.

Gameplay: 10

Dark Galaxy is fun and simple to play. After sign-up, you log-in and play. Game play involves building structures, such as Metal mines, Farms, and Fusion Reactors. Before building anything you must have the resources to start, each planet has different abundance ratings in each resource, the resources are Metal (sliver square), Mineral (red/orange square), Food (green square), and Energy (blue square). After building certain structures you can produce space ships, train soldiers, and assemble robots. You can also join an alliance, attack/invade hostile planets, and colonize uninhabited planets.

Replayablity/Entertainment: 10

Dark Galaxy is 100% pure fun and entertainment. After one round comes to an end, the programmers start the next round, which gives late starters of the current round a chance to start new. Each round you’re placed with different people in your sector thus providing new allies and hostile players.

Buy or to Rent: N/A

Dark Galaxy has premium accounts you can buy/rent, premium accounts grants you No adds, limits, etc. otherwise you can sign-up for a free account. It is definitely worth buying/renting the accounts.

Overall: 8/10

Dark Galaxy is an amazing fun game, though it lacks sound it has great graphics, game play, etc. Dark Galaxy is a must play for those who like strategy/space genre games.

Rating: 8

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