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Reviewed: 03/19/02 | Updated: 03/19/02

It could be ALOT better but it's still fun.

Let me just say that RuneScape is a very addictive game. But at the same time has the incredible ability to make you hate life. You are probably wondering how? Well I will explain it step by step.

Graphics: 5/10
The graphics are god awful. Yet after a few hours it doesn't bother you so profusely. It could probably be alot better.

Control is pretty simple. You use the mouse. Click your way around, menus are pretty straight forward. Walking can be a bit difficult especially with the games constant lag.

Fun Factor: 3/10::8/10
Why 2 ratings? Well because the game is mixed. I better go into more detail. The 3 comes from the games rampant scamming, pking of ''newbies'' and selective judgement system.
There is no 3rd party deciding whether ''Vet''1 killing ''noob''2 is evil or not. Officials can be paid off and are kinder to friends and older players. Older as in being a player for longer. Also being a friend of the games creator and final judge of it all Andrew Gower doesn't hurt the 50,000,000,000 people who are his pals. Basically every last little ''newbie''. Abuse and all around evil acts are rampant and considered normal actions if used against ''noobs''. This can create a very irritating enviroment. Especially since every ''vet'' seems to be a pal also. The 8 comes from the games addictiveness. It has got alot of great fun and can be very very cool if you are lucky on that day. It has many many fun quests and the battles while not visually stimulating are fun. There is alot to do in this game and can create a very good time. You can spend hours and hours on this game and not be bored.

Evil Factor: 10/10
Evil is rampant in this game and I am not talking about storyline yet. Veterans of this game all seem to have reached there status by being as evil as evil can be by cheating every new player out of everything they own and killing them. A select group seems to possess seemingly uncanny abilitys to improve their charecter especially if they are pals with Andrew Gower or another RuneScape official. I am not saying that this will make the game worse for you but just harder.

Time Devotion: 50/10
More time must be spent on this game than anything else in your life. 5 hours a day atleast. This is not the kind of game that can be spent playing as a side hobby. You need to devote alot of time to it but it will be pretty fun every step of the way.

Sound: 0/10
There is no sound except in members which is pretty much a veterans only kind of thing. New players should probably not start there.

In conclusion while both fun and yet evil RuneScape is a very good game if you fit the criteria of having alot of spare time and very little problem with killing and cheating every new player in the game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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