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by I Rock Ths

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Woodcutting Guide by I Rock Ths

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/29/12

Legal Information

Runescape - Woodcutting Guide by Andrew Fox (I Rock Ths)

Version 1.0: Has everything you need to know about Woodcutting. Information about trees, hatchets, training methods, and money making methods.

Version 1.2: Added nests (how could I forget those beloved things), a couple more locations, and the Evil Tree.

Copyright 2012 Andrew Fox. This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any other website or distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide as part of any unauthorized public display is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright owners. These websites have permision to use this guide:


My sources

runescape.com: got all my prices and levels from the game itself.

zybez.net: got my locations and some other information.

gamefaqs.com: helped me format the guide and with legal information. Also hosted the guide.

Hey guys, Rock back again. I gotta admit, I still love Runescape. And I like to cut wood. So I figured I'd bring an updated guide to Gamefaqs, because the woodcutting guide is from 04, and they've changed a LOT since then.

The Hatchets

Hatchets are what you use to cut down trees (formerly called axes). The more expensive and harder to obtain the hatchet, the better it is for cutting down trees. Note hatchets can be used as weapons, but they aren't intended for that purpose, so they won't do as well as a sword or battleaxe.

Bronze Hatchet1Equip at Atttack Level 1
Iron Hatchet1Equip at Atttack Level 1
Steel Hatchet6Equip at Atttack Level 5
Black Hatchet6Equip at Atttack Level 10
Mithril Hatchet21Equip at Atttack Level 20
Adamant Hatchet31Equip at Atttack Level 30
Sacred Clay Hatchet40Obtained from Stealing Creation. Members Only
Rune Hatchet41Equip at Attack level 40
Dragon Hatchet61Equip at Attack level 60. Members only
Inferno Adze92Obtained from All Fired up quest. Members only. Must have 92 Firemaking as well.

Sacred Clay Hatchet

The Sacred Clay Hatchet is one of my favorite items in the game. You need level 40 to use it (no attack requirement to wield it), and you must play Stealing Creation to obtain it. It costs 20 points to get a tool (which is essentially one per game), and the tools come in two forms: Morphic and Volatile. Volatile tools transform into a random tool every 10% of charges used up, however their charges drain slower. Morphic tools transform into what you want them to be; however, they drain slightly faster. I choose morphic tools because the drain speed isn't that noticable, and its nice to always have the hatchet. However, because the tool drains and crumbles to dust, it can leave you without a hatchet and no where near a bank. Also, it acts like a bronze hatchet (in terms of cutting speed) unless you have a more powerful hatchet (iron or above) in your inventory. So this essentially makes it a glorified bronze hatchet for actually cutting higher level logs, as the extra hatchet and extra tools needed to replace the hatchet when it runs out take up valuable inventory space.

However, I LOVE the Sacred Clay Hatchet on Ivy, since you don't get anything in your inventory (more on this later). You can put 27 in your inventory (along with a more powerful hatchet) and just camp out at the Ivy for hours. They drain after about 30 minutes of Ivy. However, the drain rate is dependent on the XP gained, not the number of uses.

Inferno Adze

This is a great item. It basically replaces a rune pickaxe (for mining) and a dragon hatchet. Plus, cutting anything besides Ivy will light every few logs for firemaking XP. However, it takes a lot of time to earn, but it really is a good item if you can earn it. Unfortunately I have not had the chance (missing Con/Smithing levels) to earn it.

What you can Cut

There are many different things you can cut with your Woodcutting skill. Most notably are the trees that you see around runescape. But there are other things, such as Ivy and canoes. It is a fairly simple skill however; there is not much else to do with it.


LogLevelLocationXP gainedNotes
Logs1All around Runescape25Can be obtained from dead trees and evergreens as well as regular trees. Best locations are East of Draynor Village and South of Grand Exchange.
Achey Logs1South of Castle Wars25Used in Big Chompy Bird Hunting and Zogre Flesh Eaters to make Ogre Arrows.
Oak Logs15All Around Runescape37.5Best spots are outside Draynor Bank and Catherby
Willow Logs30Near bodies of water67.5Many good spots, including Draynor Village and Barbarian Assault.
Teak Logs35South-west of Castle Wars, Tai Bwo Wannai, Ape Atoll among others85Members Only
Maple Logs45North of Seer's Village Bank, Way north of Seer's Village, Legend's Guild100Can only be cut on Member's servers, can be sold to and burned by free players.EDIT: Can be cut on the Daemonheim peninsula (with 30 dungeoneering).
Bark45Mort Myre82.5 or 357.7Members only, more xp gained when bark is recieved
Mahogany Logs50Tai Bwo Wannai Village, Ape Atoll, among others125Members only
Arctic Pine Logs54Neitiznot140.2Members only. Must have started Fremennik Isles.
Eucalyptus Logs58West of Oo'glog165Members only
Yew Logs60Many Places175North of Varrock Castle, west of Catherby are best spots
Ivy68Many Castle Walls332.5North of Varrock Castle and Castle Wars are best. Free players can see ivy, but must be members to cut.
Magic Logs75Tree Gnome Stronghold, Legend's Guild, Mage Training Area, among others250Members only
Cursed Magic Logs82Wilderness Ruins275Members only; must have completed Spirit of Summer quest.


Canoes can be used to transport between different parts of the world along the River Lum. This really is a waste of time, especially once you get teleport spells. I'll put them in here just in case you guys want to use them, they can be useful at lower levels when you dont have money or the magic levels to get to the grand exchange. Note that the Waka Canoe is the only one that can go into the wilderness.

CanoeLevelXP gainedHow Many Stations traveled
Log Canoe1230One station
Dugout Canoe2160Two Stations
Stable Dugout Canoe4290Three Stations
Waka Canoe57150Four Stations


There are a number of strategies to leveling up, and I have tried many of them, because I used to not be able to do anything for more than 30 minutes straight.

Free To Play

Woodcutting benefits less from member's benefits than other skills, but it does still benefit a lot (I think membership is the best 6 dollars/month you can spend). Woodcutting can still be very profitable and easy to level up without membership, especially early on.

Early on: 1-35

Until you reach level 20, don't bother with anything other than regular logs. Along with being great xp, they are some of the best money you can get early on. Although you can cut oaks at level 15, they are really slow until you reach level 20 or so. Good rule of thumb is to be 5 levels above the requirement for what you are cutting.

At level 20, switch to Oaks. Draynor has a nice supply of them for free players, and catherby has a nice forest right west of the bank, along the path. Oaks sell for decent money as well, to be used in construction mostly. They can be decent XP even later on (I got from 58-60 on oaks partially because I needed the money) and great money.

As soon as you around 179 logs (level 20) go to Grand Exchange and sell them, then purchase (in this order) a Steel, Mithril, and Adamant hatchet. You may not have enough money to buy them all at once, that's why I say in that order (should have enough for Steel and Mithril, maybe not Adamant). Then start chopping Oaks. After 479, you should be at level 35. Sell your logs on the Grand Exchange and buy a Rune Hatchet. Then head to Draynor Village. And get a drink, we're going to be there for a while.

Middle: 35-70

That's right, we're going all the way to 70 here. Just head a little southwest of the bank to a group of Willow trees. Ususally a couple of people will be camped out here doing the same thing you are doing. Basically you just want to fill up an inventory and repeat. If you want money, you can go to Yews at 60, but it will be REALLY REALLY slow. 65 they become faster, but still too slow for xp, I'll talk about the money side later. Oaks are still a viable option if you want a little extra cash (willows sell for decent cash, but not great since they aren't used in construction) and still want the XP. Like I said, I did 58-60 on Oaks, so they aren't terrible XP even at the middle-upper levels.

70+: The remaining 95%

Yeah, you still have almost all of the way to go to get to 99. Right under 95%. This is where members benefits are so helpful (Ivy + SC hatchets = AMAZING XP). Anyway, if you are still a free player, just head on to a Yew tree. Or patch. The patch north of the Varrock Castle is probably the best free to play patch, maybe even the best patch in the game. There's a couple of Yew trees in the ruins in Edgeville, and a few are south of Falador spread out a little bit. And here's the first secret spot I have that I will share with you. The Yew Tree in by the East varrock Church is my favorite Yew spot. Just bank every time the tree disappears and it makes a decent spot if you're having trouble finding a spot. Willows can be great XP still at this point, but once you reach 90 or so anything below Yew really is not a great option (unless you are using the logs for something else).

After a lot more XP (around 11.3m I believe), congratulations, you have 99 Woodcutting!!!

Member's Training

Member's don't really have many more options (other than locations, with the Catherby/Seer's Village area being great) than free to play does at first, so I'm just going to skip to 35 again.


Different place this time for all the levels. Barbarian Outpost is a better place than Draynor. Instead of a bank, there's a Bank deposit box. However, there usually aren't annoying little trolls here. If you don't care about the trolls, it's 6 one/half dozen the other. But the best place is Catherby. There's about 5 of them right past the bank, only 2 clicks away, and it's never busy (maybe another person there), and there's a farming patch a little north of the bank so you can train that as well. Another good place is right behind the Seer's Village bank, by the maples. Closer to a bank, although further from the farming patch and more people are there. Of course, most people there are cutting the maples. If you're training Firemaking, there's a spot of 28 squares right behind the bank as well so you can burn.

If you wish to use a beaver and cut willows, the best place is Draynor Village. Not only is it the closest spot to a bank, but there is also a small obelisk on screen

At 45 you can start maples (again, wait til 50 or they will be slow as hell). Although they aren't as good for XP, they are much better for money than willows, since Free players like to burn them as well. If you want to bank them, the only good place to cut them is right north of the Seer's Village bank. There are 3 scatter throughout Seer's village itself, but they aren't together. The huge forest by the Sinclaire Mansion is about halfway between Relleka and the Seer's bank, and it's just a little far to be efficient with the seer's bank.

At level 60, you can start on Yews. There is a grove of them just west of Catherby (just past the willows) with 6 yews. However, the best place for yews is the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Three Yews and a Magic tree (with a Tree Farming Patch) in view of a bank. Once you get 60 farming you can have 4 yew trees there, with one being your own private Yew tree. However, without the Teleport to Ardounge spell it can be a pain to get to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Either go to Catherby and head west, or to Castle Wars and head north to get to Ardounge. Then head west to reach the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Once you reach 70, it would be a good idea to go play Stealing Creation for a while and get some tools. Then take a Ring of Dueling to Castle Wars and settle in.


This is where members really benefit over free players. Ivy might be the best addition to this game. You can camp here for hours and never have to bank. Bring a Strung Rabbits foot and just keep chopping. The Rabbit's foot will give you a 10% greater chance at getting a nest. But there is no better XP at this point than Ivy. It will be slow at first, but probably faster than Yews or Magics. With a Sacred clay Hatchet, you get 665 xp each time you cut away some Ivy. It easily become 100k an hour with an SC hatchet.

At 75, Magics become available. Unless you want money, don't bother with them. They are never better xp than Ivy, and even if you do want money for the most part yews are better to cut for profit. About 90 is when Magics start to become "fast", although like I said they never really start to outgain Yews. The only place worth cutting Magics are the Tree Gnome Stronghold and the Mage Training Arena. And really the Mage Training Arena isn't that good. For XP, just stick with Ivy.

It will be very hard work to get there, but after a while you will have your 99. Go get your skillcape my friend!

Making Money

Woodcutting is a good money making skill, especially early on (compared to other skills). With Regular Logs being wanted for Construction and Fletching, you can make a lot of money without a lot of time investment. These can be great money for a long time.

But eventually you'll want to move on from regular logs. Another good option are Oaks, but they will never outearn Regular Logs in pure profit. However, if you want to gain more xp at the expense of a few GP, definitely worth the move, as early as 15, although I would still recommend waiting until level 20. After that comes Willows. Not too much money is earned on willows, as they aren't used in construction. However, they are still used in fletching and woodcutting training for a long period of time, due to their low cost to xp ratio.

Maples provide a better way to make money. Maple logs sell higher because no one wants to burn Yews, and they cannot be cut on a Free server. Maples are a great way to make money between levels 50 and 65, and probably the best option before Yews become reliable.

Yews are possibly the best money in the game (for woodcutting that is). Hovering around 500 gp each at the time of this writing, you can make approximately 250k per hour. However, money making requires a lot of investment, no matter how you try and do it. They are better than magics because they are chopped faster, and are usually much closer to a bank.

However, because so few people do chop them, Magics are very good for making money later on. Although they will never be the best XP option, in terms of money, the Magic Tree becomes better around 90 or so, as they start to become faster, albiet they never really become fast. 1630 at the time of this writing.

NOTE: This was written about a month after bot nuke day, so the markets are slowly dropping. People were freaking out that the items, especially things like Magic Logs, Nature Runes, and Flax, would barely be for sale, since bots harvested most of them. Hopefully it will stablize soon. Still, remember that any price in this guide is subject to change at any time, since the markets usually update daily on demand.


These are a woodcutters best friend. Occasionally you will have a birds nest drop. ALWAYS PICK THESE UP. The nests are worth around 10k each (crush them with a pestle and mortar to trade them), and they always contain either a seed, egg, or ring. The seeds can be Acorns (oak), Willow, Maple, Yew, and Magic Tree seeds, plus Apple, Banana, Orange, Curry and pineapple seeds. Calquat seeds and spirit seeds are occasionally in the nests. Spirit Seeds and the eggs are untradeable. You can get bird's eggs, which can be hatched at 50 summoning with a raven, or a Guthix, Saradomin, or Zamarok egg; these three can be hatched at 70 summoning.

Nests can be a huge supplement to your income, however, they don't happen often. The lower level the tree, the higher the chance you will get a birds nest. So a regular tree is more likely to give you a birds nest than any other tree. When I'm farming for nests, I prefer to chop willows. Great XP even in high levels, plenty of spots near banks, and you can always find buyers.

Training Firemaking with Woodcutting

The two skills go hand in hand, so I would feel remissed if I didn't mention them. You will gain more XP for lighting logs than chopping them, so your Firemaking level will be higher than your woodcutting level if you purely chop and burn. I would burn until you can burn the next level, then save the logs and sell them. If you are going for FM xp, I would switch to Oaks at level 15, and willows again at 30.

Now here is where this gets fun. Once you get to level 30, stop training. but only if you have decent combat. Go to Barbarian Assault and get a penance horn. Just talk to Commander Conrad and you can get one. Equip it and switch the statue to XP. Instead of earning penance points, you add potential to the horn. This doubles the xp you earn for Firemaking, Mining, and completing laps on an agility course. But we're only interested in the Firemaking boost here. If you play a few complete runs, or even 2 (from wave 1-10) you'll be able to get plenty of double XP. If you choose to do so, read the zybez guide on Barbarian Assault before you go, and especially the parts on the Penance Queen. Note Barbarian Assault is Member's Only.

Whether you not you get the penance horn (you should be at least level 90 before playing), once you have 30 Firemaking and Woodcutting, add a tinderbox to your toolbelt, grab a hatchet, and head out to the crafting guild. This is another secret spot I have. There's quite a few willow trees here, and a couple rows of 28 (you will always step west) to light your logs. And no one ever comes out here for Woodcutting. Hell, pretty much no one uses the crafting guild, since it's no where near a bank. You can easily get quite a few levels here, as willows are great through about level 70. They're easy to chop and great for xp in both Woodcutting and Firemaking. If you have a Penance Horn, a great idea is to switch between chopping and burning, then when that gets boring head back to Barbarian Assault and refill your horn.

If you are a member, you have a choice to make actually around level 60-65. At this point you can head to Seer's Village bank and start on maples. I mentioned this one earlier in the member's section. If you still don't like the XP, you can use the willows instead. The problem is more people are likely to be chopping and burning in Seer's compared to outside the Crafting Guild, cause I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who knows about that spot.

Never burn anything about maple. It's a waste of money. I would burn Willows until AT LEAST 70. If you are members (and aren't a skiller) I would HIGHLY recommend at that point, start participating in Barbarian Assault if you aren't already. Remember, you still have 95% of the XP to earn before 99. From here, training them together involves chopping a lot of willows, and then probably at some point you will get bored and want to switch to maples. Chop and burn all the way to 99.

Evil Tree

One of the Distractions and Diversions JaGex added to the game, this one involves Woodcutting, Firemaking, and occasionally farming. Every 2 hours an evil tree will pop up around the world in one of seven types (Normal, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic, and Elder). The requirements to affect the evil tree are the same as a like tree (Elder is 85 wc and 85 fm) and the farming level is off on most trees (Elder is only 42 to nurture) but you only use it to grow the Evil Tree... to the point where you can kill it. If you want to kill the Evil Tree, there are a few ways of finding it. If it is within 2 minimaps of you, it will hit you with a root. If have done Tree Gnome Stronghold, you can ask the Spirit Tree where it is and when it will appear. There's also a third option: Join a tree hunting Friend Chat. The most famous one is probably Eviltreefind, but there are others. They usually report the locations of the trees, as well as the type to allow all in the chat the opportunity to kill the tree.


well, that's all I have for now. Simple skill, compared to some of the others. I hope to make a few more guides eventually, especially for Stealing Creation first. Check out the other guides I've already made:

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