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Mining Guide by thecheese103

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/09/11

Copyright 2011 thecheese103
Sites with permission to use this FAQ:

Table of Contents: 
(1.0)	Introduction and Mining Description
(2.0)	Items Required to Mine/Recommended Items
(3.0)	Mining Areas
(4.0)	Leveling Guide
(5.0)	Money Making Guide
(6.0)	Conclusion
(7.0)	Credits

(1.0)	Introduction and Mining Description

Hello everyone, in this FAQ, I will be discussing the Mining 
Skill on the popular Jagex MMORPG known as Runescape. There are 
many other skills in the game, and there currently is a mining 
FAQ on the GameFAQs website, but as with many other MMORPGS, 
Runescape is a constantly changing and updating game, and since 
the time that FAQ was written, the Mining Skill has been almost 
completely changed. For the sake of current players, I am 
writing this FAQ so that players will have knowledge of how the 
Mining Skill currently works, what requirements it has, the 
methods they can use to train it, and so much more.

Onto a description of the Mining Skill itself, Mining is what 
Runescape considers to be a resource skill. Resource skills are 
skills where you obtain some sort of resource -in the case of 
Mining we have ore- that will be used in different skills or be 
sold. Mining is done by using any type of Pickaxe on a rock that 
you have the right level to mine, and your character will keep 
swinging their Pickaxe at the rock until you get ore in your 
inventory. Rinse and repeat, and before you know it you will 
have millions of coins and tons of experience, and I hope this 
guide will be able to show you all how.

Before we properly begin, on Runescape I have a Mining Level of 
99 and at the time of this FAQ am currently within the top 
10,000 Miners. My current username is Roggenrola, but with the 
ability to change usernames, please do not expect to look up 
this username months later and get the same character on the 
high scores. Without further delay, on with the guide.

(2.0)	Items Required to Mine/Recommended Items
Before you actually start mining away on those rocks, there are 
a few items that you are actually required to have depending on 
where you mine, and many more items that make Mining easier.

The only item that is technically required is the Pickaxe, which 
comes in many different varieties. Pickaxes can be wielded in 
the equipment slot for a weapon to save you additional inventory 
space. Keep in mind now that I won't list prices, as these 
constantly change on Runescape, it would mess up somebody 
reading this guide a year later.


Bronze Pickaxe:
Required Levels: 1 Mining

Iron Pickaxe:
Required Levels: 1 Mining

Steel Pickaxe:
Required Levels: 6 Mining

Mithril Pickaxe:
Required Levels: 21 Mining

Adamant Pickaxe: 
Required Levels: 31 Mining

Rune Pickaxe: 
Required Levels: 41 Mining

Inferno Adze:
Required Levels: 41 Mining

Dragon Pickaxe:
Required Levels: 61 Mining

As soon as you get the level where you can weild the next 
pickaxe, by it right there. The only exception is the Adze, just 
go from the Rune Pickaxe to the Dragon Pickaxe. There are 
multiple shops throughout Runescape that carry Pickaxes, and all 
of them but the last two can be smithed. The Inferno Adze 
requires completion of the quest "All Fired Up" and initial 
completion of the Beacons Network minigame. The Dragon Pickaxe 
can be obtained by killing Chaos Dwogres beneath the Dwarven 
City of Keldagrim. 

But depending on where you mine, there are several other items 
that can help you, including Mining Urns. They collect exp as 
you mine, and after a given amount of time, you can send them 
away to gain the collected amount of exp. Take note that they 
can be bought empty off of the Grand Exchange, or can be made 

Fragile Mining Urn:
Required Levels: 17 Crafting
Mining Urn:
Required Levels: 32 Crafting

Strong Mining Urn:
Required Levels: 48 Crafting

Decorated Mining Urn:
Required Levels: 59 Crafting

If you are going to be mining in an aggressive area, such as the 
Living Rock Caverns (best place to mine in the game, I will 
cover that below) it is best to wear armour. Recommended items 
would include a version of the Excalibur sword (for a constant 
source of health) and an Amulet of Glory (to gain gems from 
Mining). A good but inexpensive set of armour to wear would be 
the Proselyte armour, which also has a good prayer bonus to 
further protect you. If you are mining in one of the desert 
areas, a great helmet to wear is the Enhanced Water Tiara, which 
you can wear after the "Dealing with Scabaras" quest. It is made 
by using Water Runes on a standard Water Tiara.

The last thing I would recommend is the usage of familiars from 
the summoning skill. There are various familiars that can be 
used to help out with your mining, whether by holding ores, 
increasing your levels or so on.

Desert Wyrm: 
Required Levels: 18 Summoning
Purpose: Gives you an invisible boost of 1 Mining Level

Void Ravager:
Required Levels: 34 Summoning
Purpose: 1 Invisible Mining Boost, one visible level boost.

Abyssal Parasite:
Required Levels: 54 Summoning
Purpose: Can hold 7 pieces of Essence

Abyssal Lurker:
Required Levels: 62 Summoning
Purpose: Can hold 7 pieces of Essence (not an error, it has the 
same function for Mining as the Abyssal Parasite)

Obsidian Golem:
Required Levels: 73 Summoning
Purpose: 7 Invisible Mining Boost levels.

Lava Titan:
Required Levels: 83 Summoning
Purpose: 10 Invisible Boost levels and teleportation near a 
Runite Ore spot.

Abyssal Titan: 
Required Levels: 93 Summoning
Purpose: Can hold 7 pieces of essence, but has the ability to 
teleport them to the bank if you have the correct summoning 
scroll with you.

Also take note that any familiar that acts as a beast of burden 
can hold ore for you, the most notable of these are the War 
Tortoise and the Pak Yack.

(3.0)	Mining Areas

There are many different areas for Mining, each with a different 
selection of ore. Take note of these if you are looking for 
experience or money making.

Essence Mines
Essence Mines are unique in that they have one giant rock with 
infinite essence, and you just click on it once to get a full 
inventory over time.
If you are level 30 Mining or above, you get Pure Essence.
If you are below 30 Mining or on a Free To Play World, you get 
Rune Essence.

North-west of the Duel Arena
Ore: 3 Coal 
5 Silver 
2 Mithril 
9 Iron 
2 Adamantite 
3 Copper 
2 Gold 
1 Tin

South-west of the Lava Maze, Wilderness
Ore: 31 Coal 
19 Mithril 
16 Iron 
8 Adamantite

Barbarian Village:
Ore: 5 Coal
4 Tin

In fenced area of the Crafting Guild
Ore: 7 Gold 
6 Silver 
6 Clay

Crandor Island:
Ore: 10 Coal 
8 Mithril 
3 Gold 
3 Adamantite 

North-west of Edgeville, Wilderness
Ore: 34 Coal

North Edgeville, Wilderness
Ore: 3 Coal 
2 Iron

South-east, Edgeville dungeon
Ore: 2 Adamantite 
1 Mithril 
6 Coal 
3 Silver 
3 Iron 
2 Tin 
2 Copper

North of Lava Maze, Wilderness
Ore: 2 Runite

Lumbridge Swamp, south-east of Lumbridge Castle
Ore: 5 Copper
5 Tin

Lumbridge Swamp, south-west corner
Ore: 2 Adamantite 
5 Mithril 
7 Coal

North-east of Rimmington
Ore: 2 Gold 
6 Iron 
2 Tin 
2 Clay 
5 Copper

South-east Varrock
Ore: 9 Copper 
6 Tin 
4 Iron

South-west Varrock
Ore: 3 Iron 
3 Silver 
8 Tin  
3 Clay

Dwarven Mine
Ore: 5 Clay 
11 Tin 
7 Copper 
12 Iron 
11 Coal 
2 Gold 
2 Mithril 
3 Adamantite

Mining Guild
Ore: 34 Coal 
5 Mithril

And then we have the Living Rock Caverns, which should be a 
category all of its own. Specifically for the reasons that it 
does not fit in with any other descriptions. There are 4 
concentrated Gold Rocks and about 5 Concentrated Coal Rocks. You 
are probably wondering what these are, Concentrated Ore Rocks 
contain Ore like any other Mining Rock, but the difference is 
that they hold multiple pieces of Ore, and depending on how many 
people are mining them, they may not run out for minutes, 
containing potentially hundreds of ores for just one person, and 
that is before they even respawn. The concept is very similar to 
the Essence Mines, but these run out and respawn at random 
intervals. Not to mention with so many people there, the 
naturally aggressive Living Rock Creatures will not be attacking 
you specifically, allowing you to stay here for much longer 
periods of time. This is even further enhanced by any familiars 
you have, and the occasional "Living Rock Patriarch" will spawn, 
giving you an equivalent 275k in items just for killing it once. 
There are specific worlds for mining here to get the best 
results, which at the current time are World 77 and World 84, 
and I doubt either of those worlds will be subject to change.

(4.0)	Leveling Guide

There are many different alternative when it comes to leveling 
up Mining, but do not feel limited to one method. The following 
is what I did until level 99, and I feel it is the most 
efficient method of training Mining. 

Levels 1-15: Rune Essence Mining

You can get a small amount of money by doing this, it is easy, 
and can be done in a very AFK (away from keyboard) method of 
training. This is of course done at the Essence Mines which can 
be accessed by being teleported there from the Varrock Rune Shop 
or several other locations. It has never been more than 15k an 
hour in experience, but at your current level that will not be 
an issue.

You also have the option of doing this until level 30, or...

Levels 15-45 OR 15-99 Free to Play: Iron Ore

There are many locations to do this, if free to play, just do it 
in the mine north of Al Kharid, but if members, go directly 
south of the Piscatoris Fishing Guild and there will be 3 Iron 
Ore Rocks directly next to each other. This way, click on the 
far right one, and mine clockwise, so that buy the time you have 
mined the last one, the one on the right will have respawned 
again. Keep note of the fact that you will not be banking these. 
After a few ores, or if you so choose, the full inventory, start 
dropping them. There is also a great spot in the Dorgeshuun 
mines underneath Lumbridge where you can mine all your Iron Ore 
and sell it to a goblin next to you. It is approximately 30-40k 
experience per hour.

If you are a free player, the leveling guide really ends here, 
there is not a more efficient option than Iron Ore for Free 
Players, but if you happen to have membership...

Levels 45-77: Granite

Do this in the desert after you complete the "Dealings with 
Scabaras" quest. You should be able to get about 50k experience 
an hour this way. Once again you will be dropping ore, do not 
waste any time trying to bank it. Since the area is in the 
desert, you will want to be wearing some form of desert gear 
such as the Desert Robes, and to have the Enchanted Water Tiara 
that you can make after "Dealing with Scabaras."

Here is where things get serious, after level 77, you will 
finally be able to mine within... 

77-80: Concentrated Coal

The Living Rock Caverns. If the way I spoke so highly of it 
earlier was not a huge hint, this is the absolute best place to 
mine for experience in the game, at 55-65k experience an hour, 
probably 65k+ at times with a familiar, it just outclasses every 
other form of Mining in the game... that is, barring the extension 
of the Living Rock Caverns that we will talk about in a minute. 
There are several aggressive monsters here, all Living Rock 
Creatures, so I would recommend the idea I listed earlier in the 
Guide, that is going to Mining worlds (77 and 84) where there 
are countless people, so the monsters take turns deciding who's 
day they want to screw up. The only downsides to this are the 
huge amount of people causing lag and stealing the occasional 
Living Rock Patriarch from you. But seeing as how I found 10 
Patriarchs between levels 77 and 99, and lag is better than 
dying, I would say this is a great alternative. 

However, do not get used to mining coal for this whole time, as 
soon enough you will be moving onto...

Levels 80-99: Concentrated Gold

Now we have the exact same mechanic as Concentrated Coal, but 
with more experience and money to be gained. Just to let you 
know, 77-80 on Concentrated Coal will probably make you an 
estimated 1.5-2 million coins, but 80-99 on Concentrated Gold? I 
did this in the summer of 2010 and made well over 60 million. 
And from what I hear, the prices are fairly stable if not a bit 
lower. But we are not in this section to talk about the money 
being gained, what you should be after here is the huge amount 
of experience.

While mining here, you can easily expect around 60-70k mining 
experience an hour, and that is without the use of a summoning 
familiar to assist you. Say that you will be using a Lava Titan 
for your stay in the Living Rock Caverns, I would not be 
surprised if someone with 90+ mining with a Lava Titan could 
obtain an upwards of 75 to 80k an hour. I myself did not even 
use a familiar and still got huge experience. It is also worth 
noting, if you did not analyze it for yourself, that both 
methods of Living Rock Cavern Training are completely AFK 
training, all you do is click on the rock, bank, and repeat. The 
real challenge? Not the monsters or other players, but the 
amount of time. I clocked the experience I got and how long it 
took me to reach 99, and from 80 to 99 I spent about 190 hours 
of my summer there. But compared to how I could have spent 300 
doing granite or iron until 99, believe me in saying that this 
method is more than worth it.

(5.0)	Money Making Guide

Before you come in expecting easy millions, let me tell you that 
you really have to earn your way in before you can seriously 
expect good money via mining. It does become easy millions later 
on, but the trick is having to go through the profitless 
sections to get there. None the less, in this section I will 
disclose the most lucrative methods of mining, but not nearly 
the most efficient.

1-30: Rune Essence

If you are Free to Play, expect to be doing this until 85. 
Sorry, there is no other way to tell you that. Do not worry 
though, despite being awful experience, your cash per exp ratio 
is extremely high. Continuing on...

30-77: Pure Essence

You might end up shooting yourself in the foot by doing this, 
another reason I recommend just going for experience until level 
77, but the choice is all yours. Again, you can practically do 
this away from your keyboard, there is no risk from being 
attacked by monsters, and the supply of Pure Essence (just like 
the Rune Essence counterpart) is infinite, therefore there will 
be no competition with other players to obtain spots, if 
anything you might make a few friends who are joining you on 
this painstaking experience.

After obtaining level 77, the real money begins.

Levels 77-80: Concentrated Coal

There is not much more I can tell you about Concentrated Coal 
that you would not have already picked up from this guide, but 
from 77 to 80, the level range where you should be practicing 
this method, you can expect a good two million coins.

But before we get to the main attraction, there is another 
alternative for money that is even open to Free To Play 
Runescape players.

85: Runite Ore

For you free to play folk who have braved this far through a 
skill that is unbelievably difficult for non members, consider 
this your reward. But you still need to fight for your happy 
ending. There are only a few Runite Ore locations throughout 
Free to Play Runescape, the majority of which are in the 
hazardous Wilderness. And it takes about 15 minutes for each ore 
to respawn.

For members, there are a lot more safe areas to mine Runite, but 
unless you plan on just doing it on the side, the following 
method completely outclasses it. At this point, you can probably 
guess what that method is...

80+: Concentrated Gold

You probably think that I am just glorifying Concentrated Gold 
mining at this point, but in no way am I exaggerating about how 
great of a money and experience source it is. Just think, I made 
60 million by doing it from 80 to 99, with current prices you 
would still be looking at 50 to 55 million coins. And if the 
rest of this guide was an implication towards it, it is also the 
best source of experience for mining. By utilizing Concentrated 
Gold spots, you will be taking out two birds with one stone, 
gaining the most efficient mining experience in the game and the 
best source of mining money. 

It is also worth mentioning that you can superheat your gold ore 
into gold bars, gaining both magic and smithing experience. This 
method still turns out a profit with current prices. In other 
words, you could be getting 3 level 99 skills at the same time, 
while making money out of it. There is no longer a debate, this 
is without a doubt the best source of Mining based money and 
experience in the game.

(6.0)	Conclusion 

There is nothing left for me to say, here we have the basics of 
mining, what you need, what you should be using, where to go, 
what to do for experience, and what to do for money. If there is 
anything left that I have excluded, feel free to send me a 
private message on GameFAQs, the site that this FAQ is being 
hosted by. My username is "thecheese103" and is also at the top 
of this guide. If you are unable to send me a GameFAQs private 
message, or if you are reading this on a site that is not 
GameFAQs( plagiarism, so be SURE to contact me) then send me an 
email at:


Other than that, I hope this guide is able to help you out, and 
that one day on Runescape I will be able to meet your character 
wearing the Mining Cape of Accomplishment just like mine does.

(7.0)	Credits

Myself: Hey, this guide had to come from somewhere.
CjayC: For providing a site for this guide and many others
SBallen/other GameFAQs administrators: For looking over this 
guide and maintaining our site.
Yourself: "What is an FAQ without Asked Questions?" as I like to 
put it, I cannot really talk about my guide without people who 
are reading it...
The Runescape General Board of GameFAQs: For providing 
entertainment and friends to play the game with.
Jagex: Without them to create and maintain the game, I would not 
be writing this guide, or even worse, not playing Runescape.

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