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by rockerdood64

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Thieving FAQ by rockerdood64

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/07/10

Thieving Guide

Copyright 2010 Tyler Messa


Hello everyone. My name is Rockerdood64 and I would like to welcome you to my Thieving FAQ for Runescape. This is my third guide, and it is my first guide for both a non-M-rated and non-console game. It's also my first formatted guide. I'm honored to have the opportunity to work on this guide and I hope that it turns out as perfect as I'd like it to.

What is Thieving?

If you're checking out this guide because you want to take your first steps into the grand world of crime, you've come to the right place. Simply put, Thieving is a members-only skill that allows you to steal numerous things from people and places all around the world of Runescape.

What is the point of Thieving?

Like most skills, Thieving is a good source of money when trained properly. However, Thieving can also be used for a number of other skills, such as Magic and Farming (more on that later). Of course, Thieving is also needed for numerous quests and activities.

Types of Thieving

There are five ways a person can train their thieving: Pickpocketing (stealing directly from NPCs), Stalls (market stands from which you can steal goods), chests (treasure chests which often contain money, treasure, and traps), doors (locked doors which do not give any sort of reward. These are solely used to gain access to other areas and are not an effective method), and knocking out (a form of pickpocketing where you lure the person and knock them out before looting them).


Ahhh money, one of man's greatest treasures. And what better way to earn money than by taking it from the pockets of the men who so dearly treasure it? There are many NPCs you can pickpocket from, and the rewards can range from being meager to being incredibly wealthy. Following this paragraph, you will find a table of which NPCs you can steal from, at what level you can steal from them at, the amount of XP you get from stealing from them, and the reward(s) gained from pickpocketing them.

NPCLevel NeededXP Gained from pickpocketingReward
Man/Woman183 gp
Farmer10149 gp
Female H.A.M. follower1518See beneath table
Male H.A.M. follower2022See beneath table
Warrior252618 gp
Rogue323525-40 gp, Wine, Lockpick, Iron dagger (p), Air runes
Cave Goblin3640See beneath table
Master Farmer3843See beneath table
Guard404630 gp
Fremennik Citizen456540 gp
Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit4579Lockpick, Antipoison, 40gp
Desert Bandit537930-50 gp, Antipoison, Lockpick
Knight558450 gp
Pollnivnian Bandit558450 gp
Watchman6513760 gp, Bread
Menaphite Thug6513760 gp
Paladin7015280 gp, Chaos Runes
Gnome75198See beneath table
Hero80275See beneath table
Elf85353See beneath table
Dwarf Trader90556See beneath table

H.A.M.: Low gp, tinderbox, logs, uncut gems, damaged armour, rusty sword, Level 1 clue scrolls, Raw chicken, Raw anchovies, H.A.M. clothes.

Cave Goblin: Low gp, Fingers, Bat Shish, Green Gloop Soup, Frog Burger, Frogspawn Gumbo, Coated Frogs' Legs, Unlit Oil Lantern (with oil), Unlit Bullseye Lantern (with oil), Tinderbox, Unlit Torch, Cave Goblin Wire, 1-4 Iron Ore, Swamp Tar.

Master Farmer: Yanillian seed, Asgarnian seed, Marigold seed, Hammerstone seed, Sweetcorn seed, Krandorian seed, Redberry seed, Nasturtium seed, Woad seed, Tomato seed, Onion seed, Barley seed, Dwellberry seed, Cadavaberry seed, Tarromin seed, Cabbage seed, Marrentil seed, Wildblood seed, Rosemary seed, Jute seed, Harralander seed, Guam seed, Strawberry seed, Belladonna seed, Jangerberry seed, Potato seed, Ranarr seed, Mushroom spore, Limpwurt seed, Irit seed, Toadflax seed, Kwuarm seed, Whiteberry seed, Watermelon seed, Cadantine seed, Cactus seed, Snapdragon seed, Avantoe seed, Poison Ivy seed.

Gnome: 200-400 gp, Earth rune, Fire orb, Swamp toad, King worm, Gold ore.

Hero: 100-300 gp, Death runes, Diamond, Gold ore, Wine, Blood Rune, Fire orb.

Elf: 280-350 gp, Nature runes, Gold ore, Fire orb, Death runes, Diamond, Wine.

Dwarf Trader: 100/400 coins, noted bronze bar, noted iron bar, noted steel bar, noted mithril bar, noted adamantite bar, noted runite bar, noted tin ore, noted copper ore, noted iron ore, noted mithril ore, noted adamantite ore, noted runite ore, noted coal, level 3 clue scroll.

Multiple Pickpocketing

Once you reach a certain level, you stand chances of stealing double, triple, or even quadruple loot from NPCs when pickpocketing them (you also receive double, triple, or quadruple XP!).

NPC and amount of loot that is multipliedLevel NeededXP Gained
Man (double)1116
Farmer (double)20 (with 10 agility)28
Man (triple)21 (with 11 agility)24
Female H.A.M. Follower (double)25 (with 15 agility)36
Farmer (triple)30 (with 20 agility)42
Male H.A.M. Follower (double)30 (with 20 agility)44
Man (quadruple)31 (with 21 agility)32
Female H.A.M. Follower (triple)35 (with 25 agility)54
Warrior (double)35 (with 25 agility)52
Farmer (quadruple)40 (with 30 agility)56
Male H.A.M. Follower (triple)40 (with 30 agility)66
Rogue (double)42 (with 32 agility)70
Female H.A.M. Follower (quadruple)45 (with 35 agility)72
Warrior (triple)45 (with 35 agility)78
Cave Goblin (double)46 (with 36 agility)80
Master Farmer (double)48 (with 38 agility)86
Male H.A.M. Follower (quadruple)50 (with 40 agility)88
Guard (double)50 (with 40 agility)92
Rogue (triple)52 (with 42 agility)105
Warrior (quadruple)55 (with 45 agility)104
Fremennik Citizen (double)55 (with 45 agility)130
Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit (double)55 (with 45 agility)158
Cave Goblin (triple)56 (with 46 agility)120
Master Farmer (triple)58 (with 48 agility)129
Guard (triple)60 (with 50 agility)138
Rogue (quadruple)62 (with 52 agility)140
Desert Bandit (double)63 (with 53 agility)158
Fremennik Citizen (triple)65 (with 55 agility)195
Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit (triple)65 (with 55 agility)237
Knight (double)65 (with 55 agility)168
Pollnivnian Bandit (double)65 (with 55 agility)168
Cave Goblin (quadruple)66 (with 56 agility)160
Master Farmer (quadruple)68 (with 58 agility)172
Guard (quadruple)70 (with 60 agility)184
Desert Bandit (triple)73 (with 63 agility)237
Fremennik Citizen (quadruple)75 (with 65 agility)260
Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit (quadruple)75 (with 65 agility)316
Knight (triple)75 (with 65 agility)252
Pollnivnian Bandit (triple)75 (with 65 agility)252
Watchman (double)75 (with 65 agility)274
Menaphite Thug (double)75 (with 65 agility)274
Paladin (double)80 (with 70 agility)304
Desert Bandit (quadruple)83 (with 73 agility)316
Knight (quadruple)85 (with 75 agility)336
Pollnivnian Bandit (quadruple)85 (with 75 agility)336
Watchman (triple)85 (with 75 agility)411
Menaphite Thug (triple)85 (with 75 agility)411
Gnome (double)85 (with 75 agility)396
Paladin (triple)90 (with 80 agility)456
Hero (double)90 (with 80 agility)550
Watchman (quadruple)95 (with 85 agility)548
Menaphite Thug (quadruple)95 (with 85 agility)548
Gnome (triple)95 (with 85 agility)594
Elf (double)95 (with 85 agility)706


The outdoor market is a thing of beauty: People walking around buying various goods, the smell of fresh baked cake and spices in the air, and rare imported cloths from around the world. All of this is sitting right there in the open, practically begging you to steal it. What kind of thief would you be if you did not heed their siren call? As with the last section, there will be a table underneath this paragraph outlining the statistics of various market stalls.

Type of StallLevel NeededXP GainedReward(s)
Vegetable Stall2*10Tomato, Potato, Garlic, Onion, Cabbage
Baker Stall516Cake, Bread, Slice of Chocolate Cake
Ape Atoll General Stall5**16Pot, Hammer, Tinderbox
Tea Stall516Cup of Tea
Crafting Stall516Chisel, Ring Mould, Necklace Mould
Monkey Food Stall5**16Banana
Rock Cake Stall156Rock Cake
Silk Stall2024Silk
Wine Stall2227Jug, Jug of Water, Grapes, Jug of Wine, Bottle of Wine
Seed Stall2710See beneath table
Fur Stall3536Grey Wolf Fur
Fish Stall4242Raw Tuna, Raw Salmon, Raw Lobster
Crossbow Stall49UnknownBronze Limb, Wooden Stock, Bronze Bolts
Silver Stall5054Silver Ore
Customs Evidence Files63***75See beneath table
Magic Stall65100Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Law rune
Scimitar Stall65100Iron Scimitar
Spice Stall6581Spice
Gem Stall7516Uncut Sapphire, Uncut Emerald, Uncut Ruby, Uncut Diamond
* - Must have completed The Fremennik Trials
** - Must have started Monkey Madness
*** - Must have completed Rocking Out

Seed Stall: Yanillian seed, Asgarnian seed, Marigold seed, Hammerstone seed, Sweetcorn seed, Krandorian seed, Redberry seed, Nasturtium seed, Woad seed, Tomato seed, Onion seed, Barley seed, Dwellberry seed, Cadavaberry seed, Tarromin seed, Cabbage seed, Marrentil seed, Wildblood seed, Rosemary seed, Jute seed, Harralander seed, Guam seed, Strawberry seed, Belladonna seed, Jangerberry seed, Potato seed, Ranarr seed, Mushroom spore, Limpwurt seed, Irit seed, Toadflax seed, Kwuarm seed, Whiteberry seed, Watermelon seed, Cadantine seed, Cactus seed, Snapdragon seed, Avantoe seed, Poison Ivy seed.

Customs Evidence Files: 300gp, Level 2 Clue Scroll, Shark, Bronze Scimitar, Iro Scimitar, Steel Scimitar, Steel Sword, Rune Scimitar, Iron Bar, Gold Bar, Mithril Bar, Uncut Sapphire, Uncut Emeral, Uncut Ruby, Uncut Diamond, Stripy Pirate Shirt (Brown), Pirate Boots, Eye Patch.


The treasure chest is the quintessential "thief's heaven". Many times we have seen movies in which the treasure hunting pirate has dug up a chest full to the brim with doubloons and other such riches. Runescape's chests do not contain doubloons, and players usually aren't pirates, but looting chests is usually still a good source of income. Once again, following this paragraph will be a table containing vital information on the various chests.

LocationLevel NeededXP GainedReward
East Ardougne (2)10710 gp
East Ardougne (2), Relekka28251 Nature Rune, 3 gp
East Ardougne, Wilderness4312550 gp
Hemenster471505 Steel Arrow Tips
Chaos Druid Tower592502 Blood Runes, 500 gp
Ardougne Castle725001K, Raw Shark, Adamant Ore, Uncut Sapphire


Over the course of your adventure, chances are you'll come across a few locked doors. Behind these doors lie various treasures, pathways, and secrets that cannot be found unless one unlocks the door. Doors do not give any sort of reward for unlocking them, and they do not give much experience, so they are mainly used out of necessity. Nonetheless, I shall include them in this guide.

LocationLevel NeededXP Gained
East Ardougne (East of market - southern house)13
East Ardougne (East of market - northern house)1415
East Ardougne (House north of the church)1615
Yanille (Anvil house)1615
H.A.M. Trapdoor Entrance174
Ardougne Sewer3235
Axe House (Wilderness)*3235
Pirate Hall (Wilderness)*3935
Chaos Druid Tower (North of Ardougne)4637
Iban's Cave Jail Doors504
Ardougne Castle6150
Back Entrance to Southern Yanille Agility Dungeon*8550
* - Lockpick needed

Knocking Out

Sometimes stealth won't cut it when stealing from people. Sometimes you need to use a bit of muscle and cunning to get their treasures. That's where this tactic comes in. After completing The Feud, you gain the ability to use a Blackjack (obtained during the quest or bought) to whack people over the head, rendering them unconscious and giving you full access to their pockets. You can only knock out people in Pollnivneach, and the only people you can knock out are Villagers, Bandits, and Menaphite Thugs (the latter two of which can also be normally pickpocketed). Before you knock them out, though, you must lure them to a secluded area, so as to avoid being caught.

NPCLevel NeededXP for Knocking OutPickpocket XPReward
Villager30805 gp
Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit45106550 gp
Pollnivnian Bandit52108450 gp
Menaphite Thug652013750 gp

1-99 Guide

If you are looking up this guide, chances are you'd want to see the best strategy on how to get to level 99. If you are, then you've come to the right place. There are actually a few efficient ways to get to level 99, and Thieving happens to be one of the easiest skills to level up. Not to mention that you'll get an opportunity to buy an awesome skillcape from Martin Thwait in the Rogue's Den for 99,000 gp.

1-38: Do the Buyers and Cellars quest, then pickpocket the trainer/volunteers. Don't forget to cash in your Hanky points as well.

38-99: Pickpocketing Master Farmers. This is one possibility for getting to 99. This is one of the slower methods, but is arguably the most profitable, depending on how lucky you are. If you do choose this method, I would definitely recommend getting your agility up for multiple pickpockets so you can get more seeds and XP. You can go to either the one north of the East Ardougne market, or the one in Draynor market. I would recommend Ardougne because, even though it's further from the bank than Draynor, there is a Bakery stall nearby and you can trap him in a house. This method is not recommended at all unless you really want to make money on your way to 99, as it is incredibly inefficient.

38-55: Do the above strategy, but don't upgrade your agility (unless you want to), and stop at 55.

55-99: This is the second strategy for getting to 99. It's faster than Master Farmers, but doesn't make as much money in the process. This method requires you to pickpocket the Ardougne Knights (found slightly east of the Ardougne market). To make things easier, trap a Knight in a nearby house. This method is very inefficient, unless for some reason you just want to make a few mil on your way to 99. You also need extreme patience.

55-65: As with the Master Farmer strategy, do the same as listed above but stop at 65.

65-99: This is probably the fastest way to get to 99, but definitely the least profitable. The goal here is to do Pyramid Plunder (a minigame that won't be discussed in this guide) until you get to 99. The game gives you XP fast and in large amounts, but make sure you bring food and antipoison. Also, I would recommend either buying a Pharaoh's Sceptre for around 1 mil, or doing Contact!, as it opens up a bank in Sophanem. Unfortunately, it's a very difficult quest, and if you don't think you can complete it, see below.

There is also the option of doing the Sorceress' Garden minigame, which is faster than Knights, but slower than Pyramid Plunder. However, unlike Pyramid Plunder, Sorceress' Garden is completely safe; you will not die there. This is a good method for lower levelled people who don't want to risk their items in Pyramid Plunder, or who could not do the quest required to unlock it (That quest being Icthlarin's Little Helper). Sorceress' Garden also gives Farming experience at a low rate. The major downside of Sorceress' Garden is that you cannot get good Thieving experience and money at the same time. There is an herb patch in the garden, but those take up space which could be used for necessary items. I would recommend doing Sorceress' Garden at or after 65 Thieving, as that is when you unlock the summer garden, which is the most fruitful. (Get it? Fruitful? >_>)

And there you have it folks: Four strategies for getting to 99 Thieving, in order of most profitable/slowest to least profitable/fastest. For those of you who didn't bother to read all that, here's a quick overview of the three methods:

Method 1 (High Profit, Low Speed)

38-99: Pickpocket Master Farmers (Not recommended unless you're really patient and really want to make a profit)

Method 2 (Medium Profit, Medium Speed)

38-55: Pickpocket Master Farmers

55-99: Pickpocket Knights (Not recommended unless Master Farmers are too slow but you still have a lot of patience and want to make a few mil)

Method 3 (Low Profit, High Speed)

38-55: Pickpocket Master Farmers

55-65: Pickpocket Knights

65-99: Do Pyramid Plunder or Sorceress' Garden

If you have a strategy you'd like me to put in, please feel free to send it to me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Look in the Contact Information section at the bottom of the guide.

Q: Where do I get the Thieving Skillcape?

A: From Martin Thwait in the Rogue's Den for 99,000 gp.

Q: What happens if I lose my Skillcape?

A: You can buy it back from Martin Thwait for 99,000 gp.

Q: I have a question that you didn't cover in your Frequently Asked Questions!

A: Cool. Send it to me and I'll put it in and answer it to the best of my ability.

Q: How can all these questions have been asked already? You just put up the guide!

A: I made them all up.






Contact Information

You can contact me with any of the three methods I am about to list. I will place them in order of the frequency in which I check them, with the most checked being listed first, 2nd most checked following, and so on.

Email: Rockerdood64@gmail.com

Runescape: Halfwaycroox

AIM: Rockerdood64


6/5/10 - Started Guide

6/6/10 - Finished and Submitted Guide (dang I work fast!)

6/8/10 - Fixed Table of Contents. These formatted guides are weird >_>

6/18/10 - Added the Sorceress' Garden section

6/26/10 - Revised the 1-99 strategies

10/4/10 - Ran a checkup on all my FAQs, revised the 1-99 strategies yet again, updated my Runescape name, and fixed a typo

Legal Information

You may post this guide to your website, as long as you obtain my permission first via email. I also must be credited as the author, and you may not alter the guide in any way before or after obtaining my permission to use this guide, unless I have given you permission to do so.

Things you need my permission for:

  • Posting it to another website that isn't GameFAQs.com
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  • Altering it

Things you do not need my permission for:

  • Printing it out
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  • Using it as toilet paper (although I wish you wouldn't)

List of sites that are allowed to use this guide

  1. GameFAQs.com

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading everyone, and please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.