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PvP Guide by __jinjin5000__

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 12/13/08

Table of Contents 
1. Introduction
   a: The New PvP World Updates
   b: Histroy of PvP
   C: Combat Triangle: Explanation of Melee=Range>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mage
2. Stragety and Equipment for PKING
3. Weapons and Armors
   a. Corrupted Dragon armors
   b. Brawling gloves
   c. PvP Stuff
   d. Stats of the PvP weapons
   e. Prices
4. Understanding the PvP
5. Minigames unplayable in PvP world
6. Dragon Claws: How they work.
7. Lastly: Where to TRAIN!
1. Introduction
15 October 2008 - PvP Worlds 
PvP worlds have arrived! Are you ready to pit your combat skills against 
other players in the halls of the White Knights' Castle? Are you prepared 
to fight to the death in the fields of Lumbridge? Well, now is your chance.

To get started, load up the game like normal (click here to read about 
the changes to the log-in system we've also released today), and then 
choose 'World Select' on the title screen. Then pick a world which has 
a tick in the 'skull' column to choose a PvP world. To avoid nasty accidents, 
if you let the game choose a world for you automatically it will never select 
a PvP world. Also note that you require a Combat level of at least 20 
(not including Summoning) to get into a PvP world.

Before you are logged in, you will be warned that you are entering a 
PvP world which is a dangerous place: you will lose your items on death 
and you will not get a gravestone. Upon entering the world for the 
first time, you'll be teleported to Lumbridge and given a manual to 
explain the finer points of PvP worlds. 

Here's a quick run-down of the features: 

Fight players (within your level range) anywhere on the map, except in a few 
safe areas. 
Safe areas include banks, respawn points and some guilds. 
Level ranges are 10% of your Combat level, plus 5 levels. If you 
are fighting inside the Wilderness, the Wilderness level is added
 to this total. Your current attack range is shown on your screen 
at all times. (The 10% is measured from the higher of the two 
combatants' levels.) Skulling is back - same rules apply. If you initiate 
combat, you are skulled and on death you will lose all items, with the 
Protect Item prayer saving one item as normal. 
Teleport Block is back in the normal spellbook. 
Some minigames are available to play, others are not - please see the Game
 Guide for more details. 
Death drops are back - new rules apply. Drops will be a mixture of items 
from the defeated opponent's inventory and items from drop tables specific 
to PvP worlds. See below for details.

The quality of the drops you get when you PK someone depends on several 
different factors: 

To get a reward from a kill, you also have to risk some items yourself! 
To accumulate a possible reward, you have to risk a minimum of 75k of 
items on a members' world, or a minimum of 25k of items on a free world. 
Note that your three most valuable items won't count as being risked 
unless you've been skulled, as you wouldn't lose them. 
The longer you spend on a PvP world (outside a safe area) with the 
required amount of items at risk, the better your possible rewards 
might become, to reward you for your risk. 
The possible reward increases even faster and goes to a higher 
maximum if you go into a 'hot zone'. 
Note, however, that risking more than the minimum won't improve 
your rewards faster, so it's a good idea to take relatively cheap 
and useful items that won't cost you too much to replace if you die. 

When you get a successful kill, the exact reward you can claim 
depends on a number of other factors, including the level difference
 between you and the value of the items items lost by the dying player.
 Any unclaimed loot is saved for the next kills, so you don't have to 
worry about it being lost if you kill a low level player. 

Don't despair if you are dying a lot and losing a lot of items. 
The game will detect this and improve your chance of getting decent
 rewards when you do eventually get a good kill. 

The above is a simplified description of how it all works. To prevent 
cheating there are various other factors taken into account. 
We've calculated the rewards and rates very carefully, so that a 
successful PKer should be able to get a good income, and PKers who 
get lucky might find themselves with a good drop. Higher level players 
may also get higher rewards to reflect their increased earning ability
when not PKing, such that PKing is still worthwhile for them. The aim 
is to make PKing a fun alternative (albeit very high risk) way of earning
money in the game. 

Included in the PvP-specific drop tables is a wide range of new combat 
equipment and XP-boosting gloves. Members will get access to level 78 
items for all three corners of the combat triangle, including armour as well 
as weapons, and a new set of Ancient Magick spells. Non-members will get 
access to corrupt dragon equipment. To find out more about these items, 
please visit the Game Guide. 

Have fun PKing! 

Mod Benny
RuneScape Content Developer

9th December 2008 - PvP Worlds Improvements

This week, we have made some improvements to the amount of loot you 
can gain while fighting other players on PvP worlds.
We have noticed that many players on PvP worlds choose to leave 
some of their drops on the ground, rather than pick them up or bank 
them. This is because the drops are often too low in value to justify 
picking them up. We have, therefore, implemented two changes to the way 
drops work on PvP worlds:
1) Drops are now slightly more weighted towards a few, higher-value 
drops, rather than lots of low- or medium-value ones.
2) Overall, we have made the drops a bit more generous.
Note: there is no change in the frequency of 'useful' drops 
(e.g. food and potions).

We also wanted to take this opportunity to more clearly explain 
how drops are determined, to help you get better rewards. Broadly 
speaking, the drop system works as follows:
1) For each player, we store a 'drop potential'. Your drop potential 
gradually increases, the more time you spend risking items on a PvP world.
2) When you get a successful kill, a portion of the drop potential you 
have accumulated is used up to generate your drop. How much of your 
accumulated drop potential is used depends on the kill. Any unused 
drop potential is saved up and carried over to any future kills.
3) Finally, the portion of drop potential used determines which drop 
table is used to generate your drop. Generally, the higher your drop
 potential, the higher the AVERAGE value of the drop table your drop 
will be chosen from.
In order to get a good drop on a PvP world, there are a few simple 
things that you must do to both build up a high drop potential and 
to claim that potential.

If you find that you continually only get drops of a lower value than you 
would like, it's almost certainly because you aren't building up enough 
drop potential. In this case, you need to spend more time building 
up your drop potential BEFORE making a PvP kill. To 
do this you must:
1) Spend time outside of safe zones.
For every 30 minutes you spend on a PvP world outside of a safe zone, 
your drop potential will increase. Those 30 minutes do NOT have to be 
all in one go - you can log out or visit safe zones - but the system 
only counts full minutes, so it will likely take longer to 
build up your drop potential if you do not spend 30 consecutive 
minutes outside of safe zones.
Note that your drop potential will increase by more if you spend time in 
hot zones (Ardougne, Varrock, Falador and the Wilderness).
2) Risk at least 75k coins' worth of items.
Your drop potential will ONLY increase if you are risking at least 75k 
coins' worth of items on a members' world, or 25k coins' worth of items on a 
free world. An item is considered to be at risk if it is something you would 
have lost if you were to die - i.e. it is not covered by 
the Protect Item prayer or the 'keep three items on death' 
rule. If you are not risking enough, then however long you spend 
outside of safe zones, your drop potential will not increase. 
As an example, one way of doing this is to take 75k coins'
worth of items, not protected by death or prayers, then go outside 
of a safe zone and train as normal (by training a skill of fighting NPCs),
and avoid PvP combat. All the time you are doing this, not only are 
you earning XP from whatever activity you are doing, you are 
also increasing your drop potential. Once you have built up some 
drop potential in this way, you can get your PKing gear on and try to 
get a kill to claim your drop.
1) Once you have built up some drop potential, you will need to find and defeat 
another player to get a drop. Don't forget that the player you defeat must be 
risking at least 25k coins' worth of items (on either a free or members' world)
 for you to receive a good drop. If the player you defeated was not risking that
much, you will only receive a token drop, but, in this case, NONE of your drop 
potential will be used up to determine your drop.
There are some other, less important, rules to PvP worlds, but you should 
read about them on the Knowledge Base to learn more.
We're really interested in hearing your feedback on these changes, 
so please feel free to visit the Forums after trying them out.


Mod Benny
RuneScape Developer

b. History of PvP 
PvP Stands for: Player vs Player or PK (peekay: Player killing. K?).
At RunEscape Classic, player can either choose to get pk 
(meaning they can PK anyone at anywhere, but can be pked) or can 
Choose not to pk (cant attack people unless in duel and cant get
PKed by others) Lumberidge was the only real area of 'safe zone' 
in the map and weak guards and White Knights went around
Annoying the hell outa people who were peacefully pking to
'Break them up'. In RuneScape Classic, you can only eat outside
of combat and get out of combat after 3 turns. This is why
People in RSC tried to go for '3 hit k0'. At end of August, 2001
JaGex changed it so that you can only get pked in the wilderness.
Well everyone was (partially) happy until at Decembe 10th, 2007,
JaGex removed the Wilderness so that RWT was not possible. They
Replaced it with a glitchy multicombat (fixed months later) 
area named Bounty Hunter (or BH). Noone goes there now though. 
Basically, it was just a waste of update week. It never satisfied
anyone. Well, nots of pking noobs came out and complained about it
and started a nooby riot of people making the game lag and made it
unable to play because of the horrible lag. Well, JaGex lost about
5-10% of n00bs, which didnt really affect them a whole lot-Well
I was happy because those pking noobs were complaining about being
PK'ed and losing thier partyhat/whip/Dharok/Cracker and stuff. How the
HELL do you get lured with a wilderness ditch and you can see
Hordes of ancients at the other side (lv 6wild...) Well I didnt
Completely agree with this update (WTF Trade update) but it was
fine. at October 15th, 2008, largely due to all those spamming
and complaning and some disagreement between mods, JaGex put a 
PvP world where you can pk a person with D claw, AGS, and 
3rd age Armour and get a mithril plate, and PK a noob with
DDS and get Dragon full helm, Dragonfire shield and other
stuff. Well, if you go to the RunEscape Official Forumes, 
You can still see n00bs complaining. GAH. Bounty Hunters 
are now infested with farcasters while PvP worlds are 
Infested by 1 itemers (Such as 1 itemer whip, SGS/AGS/BGSer,
D claw pjer, and mostly n00bs with DDS) and PJER/ Farcasters.
BH is where a real man go to loose all thier stuff. 

C: Combat Triangle: Explanation of Melee=Range>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mage
Thats what JaGex wants you to think. well, too bad. Against 
40+ str or 40+ range, Magic seems horribly weak. Why? It
splashes, and people can mix armours (such as Dragonhide leg
and platebody or just D hide as main armour), and Magic does
tiny bit of damage. Heck, the highest Combat magic (mismic Barage)
Does 32 Damage. 32 damage? It seems a lot right? Well
to get to lv 97 magic, you need around 50m, and an alch source
that you can buy more then 100 an hour. Guess what? You need to 
do Desert Treasure to get ancient magic, which needs couple
of other quests to get to it, quests that you definately need
at least SOME melee combat and at least SOME ranged lv.
Also, monsters lv50+ seems to have ridiculously high mage def
(not counting Granite lobs and stuff. Bosses.) This makes magic
extremely USELESS. Also, magic also has longsword speed which 
makes it extremely hard to k0 someone, and magic has NO K0 Factor.
JaGex intended Magic as a 'stand alone' skill rather then Melee
and Ranged, but magic is plain too slow, or too low damaging
to make someone K0. No, I dont count Vegence as K0. With only
magic, you cant kill anyone but noobs. Well, at least
Dragon Longsword at least HAS some K0 factor in it!
Well, today, magic is used for low lv pking or mixing it with
melee/range. Melee now has ultimate overpowered weapons;
Godsword with 132 STR bonus and Dragon claws with its 225% hit.
Melee can hit up to 92. Also, Note that Dragon Claws almost ALWAYS HIT!
Range meanwhile, has Crossbows and Darkbows. Darkbow can be an 
extremely good k0 weapon as well as Crossbows, which has good 
amount of Ranged bonus+ Bolts with Special affects! Diamond 
bolts that can hit through ARMOR! Dragon bolts that 
can do EXTRA DAMAGE! Dragon bolts can hitup to 69+, and 
Dark bow can hit double 48! Well magic on the other hand, can 
only hit up to 32 at magic level of 97. It is slow, and people
can heal between hits. Whats the point of hitting 32/40 hp?
They will just run to bank/eat and heal fully. Wait, did I mention
you need to have ZURIEL's STAFF EQUIPED TO DO Mismic BARRAGE? 
WASTE OF 10M! Vegence at level 94 magic with luner magic is 
about the only usefull spell (or teleblock or ice barrage)
combination with melee/range though.

2. Stragety and Equipment for PKING
a. Different type of pking 'Pures'
Pures are someone who sacrifice Defence/Prayer for higher
ATTACK, STR, HP, Range, or MAGE level. 

Well, there are many different types of PKING PURES. They are:
1. Rune pure
2. Ancient/DDS hybrid PJERS (ranging from lv50-138)
3. Range/Ancient hybrid
4. Obby maulers (ranging+obby maul, Sacred Clay staff+obby maul)
5. Pure Range
6. Pure Mage (yea you heard it right-They are from lv 3-50)
7. Melee+ancient 
8. Barrows Pure
9. Prayer nubs
10. 'Just Pk with main and see what happens' PKER

And the list goes on...
Well, the thing is you need to pick one of them... Each one
has advantage over one another; Well, Rune pure can have
BOTH good Defence AND high STR and ATTK at the same time, 
but thier defence doesnt really help against other people
with high ATTK. But Rune armor is Cheap; You can replace it
with sacred clay. Range/Ancient has somewhat ok K0 Factor.
Magic Shortbow+Ice Barrage is ok (28-28-30) but really, it
just takes up lots of cash. Pure Range is really good at low
levels as you can have 70+ range at level 40s. Melee+Ancient
is just for PJing. You seen those vids of them DDS/D Claw
A person immadiately after they get a kill wearing mystic/
Ahrim? Yep, its them. Barrows pure somewhat shines with
Dharoks, but needs to get HP low to hit well. They are
GREAT for k0s but now that DHarok is at 5ms.....
Hey, forget about #9. Prayer nubs are just nubs
with protect melee saying (omgomg I have 43/99 prayer n00bs)
Acually, forget about this section. Lets just pick
Rune Pure and go on.

b. Equipment
Well, for those def 1 pures, just go with zammy robe top with
D hide legs. Probelem solved. Ancient PJERS? Ahrim with 
DDS/D Claw+Rune Def, or AGS. Barrows pures? Dharoks.
Well with, Rune Pures, The basic set up/stat
ATTK: 60+ (If aiming for best hit/str per cb lv, stop at lv75 attk)
STR: 70+ (high as you can)
Magic: 94 or nothing.
Prayer: Smite is Useless at PVP. 70 or 25 (for Piety/Protect Item)

Purpose of 'Rune Pure' is to have mediocre armor with good weapon.
Well Rune Pure is supposed to have Rune Plate/Leg, but you
can subtitude that with Sacred Clay which protects over nothing ;)
allowing to keep your precious 1 item. (yea, you can keep even
partyhats over sacred clay)
Fighter Torso? Good Luck losing 5 hours of work! Too bad
Untradeable items dont drop in PvP world. Fire cape at least
dont have n00bs in it screaming DONT KILL RUNNA!!!

Helm: Berserker Helm (requires Fremmenik Trails Quest)
Body: Sacred Clay/Rune Plate (sacred clay armor recommended)
Legs: Sacred Clay/ Rune Plateleg (sacred clay recommended)
Cape: Fire cape/skill cape/obsidian cape 
Arrow: WTF
Ring: Berserker Ring/Ring of Life/ Ring of Reciol
Shield: Rune Defender (Dont have? Get one)
Amulet: Amulet of Strength (cheap AND affective)
Gloves: Recipe for Desaster Gloves/Combat/Regen
Boots: Climbing Boots/ Rune Boots.
Weapon: Any Type of Godsword/Dragon Claw/Whip/D scim/DDS

Inventory: For Vegence Users: IF you dont have 94 magic, replace runes
with food.

If using Whip/D Scim or anything that has No K0 Factor, Put DDS/D claw in.

Super Attack potion
Super Strength Potion
Super Defence Potion
Prayer Potion x3
Anti Poison (Poison can sometimes can make a k0)
80 Astral Rune
200 Earth Rune
40 Death Runes
17 Sharks.
Lumberidge Teletab

Eat when you get below 40HP.

c. Stragety.
Well heres the list: For those High STR weapons with nice SPEC
(Anchor/ DH axe) Just switch it as your opponent's hp gets low 
from your main weapon.

THEN 30!

NOTE #2: You can only use Vengence every 30 SECONDS

For DDS users:
The Stragety is not when you just spec as soon as you attack a person.
Well, start out with your MAIN weapon (fast hitting weapon such as whip
or Scimitar), and try to get your opponent's HP below 40. After that,
Cast Vengence AFTER you think you got your Opponent's HP below
40 which should be little more then halfway the bar (seeing most pkers
have 80+ HP) As soon as you put Vegence on, take out your DDS and
Spec him 2-3 times. Well, dont use all of them UNLESS you are confident
that you can kill him the 4th shot (opponent has >15hp left) You should
be able to k0 him if your opponent hits 20+ on you and the venge hits
15 back on them with your DDS Spec. Remember that timing the VENGE is
CRUCIAL to the PK. Put your DDS near the Venge tab so you can immidiately
switch after you do venge (you dont move the mouse; just hit F4+F1 to
switch to inventory and to click SPEC)

For AGS users:
Just spec when you get your opponent's hp to >40. The chance is, with
90str and 75 attk, you will spec 40ish if you are lucky. DONT USE ALL
THE SPEC. Also, as you are turning your SPEC ON, use venge. 

For D Claw Users:
hmmm.....The weapon that can almost never miss? Just treat it like
DDS user except you get your opponent's hp as low as you can and
TRY TO HIDE THE D CLAW from VIEW. Just before you switch, hit F7
to Venge, while the animation of venge is on, hit F4 to switch to 
Invetory, click DRAGON CLAWS, and hit F1 and click Spec and
CLick your opponent to just make sure you are hitting him.
Just put ALL YOUR SPEC INTO THAT GUY! Even if your Venge HIts LOW
and your opponent realizes that you are specing, with >50hp (healed
with shark) they wont survive the never missing 4 hit DRAGON CLAW 
TWICE! Oh. Berserker Ring wont help much at this. Put Ring of Recoil.
I've seen couple of 30-15-15-5-1-21 for K0 (at least I thought I saw
1 because that Dharoker hit 31 then the recoil hit back and that
D clawer speced and hit full 4 times, then replaced by 21 splat)

The thing is, Dragon Claw, is REALLY REALLY Expensive.
People trade it for any type of 3rd age+junk. ITs well worth 
it I believe. 
Well, Here is the Good news: Dragon Claws acually PROTECTS
over Rune Platebody/WHIP. Dragon Claw's Alch Value is
81k while whip's is 71k. Dragon Claw will protect
over most of the item (under barrows)

Note: JaGex Rounds down even if you hit 29.99999. You will end up
hitting 29.

3. Weapons and Armors
a. Corrupted Dragon Equipment: 
-No they are not. They are just overpriced pvp drop that cost almost 
identical to real ones, but exist in f2p. It starts to degrade
IMMADIATELY after you get damage. It last only one hour. The weapons, 
unlike their real counterpart, doesn't have spec. Who would buy a thing t
hat is worth 100k (or 35k for dragon dagger) with no spec and with time 
Well, they look pretty badass.
List of equip: Chainbody, Medium helm, Platelegs, Plateskirt, Square shield , 
Battleaxe, Dagger , Longsword , Mace, Scimitar , Spear
b. Brawling gloves
They come in variety of skills- Combat, agil, cooking,FM,Fishing,Hunter,
Mining, Smithing, WC, and Thieving. If you use in PVP world, you get 50% 
more exp
Example-I put a fire in GE or whatever in PVP world! I get 6xp instead of 
4xp YAY! (Maybe I put it as too noobish-its not. It might save you 
millions in a skill.

c. Weapons and armor of the new PVP weapons!!!

Statius' Warhammer:

Attacks at 4-speed (battle axe), is one handed, and the special uses 50%.
 With a rune defender, it has 141 crush attack and 119 strength. I am unsure 
if the defense lowering part of the special stacks.

Vesta's Longsword:

Attacks at 5-speed, is one handed, the special uses 25%. This weapon is far 
more powerful than ANY godsword. Its max hit is about 3-5 damage less than
the GS and about 12 damage less than the AGS with its special attack, 
but the special is more accurate than the AGS spec and you get four of them. 
With a rune defender, it has 126 stab/140 slash and 123 strength. 
Though it hits less normally than the GS, it's more accurate (gasp) 
and strikes ~4 times for every three GS hits.

Morrigan's Javelin:

"Attacks at 5-speed on rapid, is one-handed, and the special uses 50%. 
This is by far the most powerful ranged weapon in the game, as the special 
hits up to around 56 damage and then hits 5 damage at dart speed (1.2s/hit)
until it doubles the damage dealt by the original special attack. 
So if you hit a 52 with the special, 
it will hit 5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-2 while you continue to attack. 
If you use both specs, the damage is combined...
So if you hit a 56 with both specs (God help your opponent) you would do an
additional 112 damage over the next 27.6 seconds. These Javelins can also be
poisoned. With a Zamorak Book, it has 113 ranged attack. 

As you can see, all of these weapons provide serious competition against 
the fabled AGS in PvP. The VLS easily wins over the AGS, and the SWH 
is about even. I disagree with the 1 hour limit on all of the armor,
but the weapons DEFINITELY need it.

Just as a note, the MJ special can only be used on other players. 
I am unsure about the other two specs. The ranged weapons do not 
degrade, as they are thrown and sometimes break. The other weapons 
degrade after one hour in combat, regardless of if it is a PvP world 
or not. Oh, and Corrupt Weapons do not have special attacks and last 
fifteen minutes starting from the moment you equip them."
 -from Dragonlordj

Morrigan's Throwing Axe
It sucks. Don't buy it. 

Zurial's Staff
Just a staff that comes with extra spell. Millions of geepees on one 
staff that can cast for only one hour? Fail. BTW its mage max hit 
is only 32 and considering even with maxed mage, you cant even hit 
with a guy in Back D hide.

Armor: Don't buy it -looks cooler then 3rd age¡¦ but last less then 
1 hour/15 minute -.-

Corrupted _________-Something that degrades under 15 min. If you don't 
want to KO facter/ Awesome spec, buy this one. This one will last 5 1/2 
hours at the same price of normal equip. Note: They all have same stats. 
All the equip need 78 Attack OR 78 Defence OR 78 Magic OR 
78 Ranged.

All the corrupted exquipment need 20 Attack OR 20 Defence OR 20 Magic 
OR 20 Ranged.
d. PvP Weapon Stats

Statius's warhammer: 
Stab: -4
Slash: -4
Crush: +123
Magic: +0
Range: +0
Strength: + 114
Prayer: +0

Vesta's Longsword:
Stab: + 106
Slash: + 121
Crush: -2
Magic: +0
Range: +0
Strength: +118
Prayer: +0

Vesta's spear:
Stab: +133
Slash: +113
Crush: +120
Magic: +0
Range: +0
Strength: +
Prayer: +0

Zuriel's staff:
Stab: +13
Slash: -1
Crush: +65
Magic: +18
Range: +0
Strength: +72
Prayer: +0

Morrigan's throwing axe:
Stab: +0
Slash: +0
Crush: +0
Magic: +0
Range: +93
Strength: +0
Prayer: +0

Marrigan's Javlin
Stab: +0
Slash: +0
Crush: +0
Magic: +0
Range: +105
Strength: +0
Prayer: +0

Statius's full helm: 
Stab: +86
Slash: +100
Crush: +112
Magic: -4
Range: +118
Summoning: +15
Strength:+ 3
Prayer: +0

Statius's platebody:
Stab: +154
Slash: +145
Crush: +121
Magic: -6
Range: +157
Summoning: +60
Strength: + 5
Prayer: +0

Statius's platelegs: 
Stab: +110
Slash: +106
Crush: +97
Magic: -4
Range: +121
Summoning: +30
Strength: +4
Prayer: +0

Vesta's chainbody: 
Stab: +120
Slash: +131
Crush: +145
Magic: -3
Range: +140
Summoning: +60
Strength: +6
Prayer: +0

Vesta's plateskirt: 
Stab: +86
Slash: +100
Crush: +112
Magic: -4
Range: +118
Summoning: +30
Prayer: +0
Zuriel's hood: 

Stab: +20
Slash: +16
Crush: +22
Magic: +8
Range: +0
Summoning: +15
Strength: +0
Prayer: +0
Zuriel's robe bottom:

Stab: +38
Slash: +35
Crush: +44
Magic: +24
Range: +0
Summoning: +30
Strength: +0
Prayer: +0
Zuriel's robe top:

Stab: +63
Slash: +45
Crush: +74
Magic: +35
Range: +0
Summoning: +60
Strength: +0
Prayer: +0

Morrigan's coif:

Stab: +8
Slash: +11
Crush: +14
Magic: +8
Range: +12
Summoning: +15
Strength: +0
Prayer: +0
Morrigan's leather body:

Stab: +61
Slash: +53
Crush: +66
Magic: +75
Range: +62
Summoning: +60
Strength: +0
Prayer: +0
Morrigan's leather chaps:

Stab: +35
Slash: +29
Crush: +37
Magic: +46
Range: +35
Summoning: +30
Strength: +0
Prayer: +0

e. Prices of PvP stuff
Go and look at zybez.

4. Understanding the PvP

IM 1337 NAW! Well, this is false. After certain number of kills, your 
drops will turn to piece of ----. You need to die once in a while and 
stay in hotspot for like 1 hour.
 Go like this:
1 kill: Higher level player kills lower level player
2 kills: Lower level player kills higher level player
3 kills: Both players are skulled when lower level player kills higher 
level player. (May be more than three kills, but I'm pretty sure it's 3)

Well, PvP works exactly like lootshare points. You gain PvP 'points' when
 you stay in hotspot and don't go to safe zones. Items you lose in PvP 
affects drop you get from another player (over 25k noobs) You will get 
the same point for items you lose as GE points- maybe I explained this 
wrong; You lose Brozne dagger? You will get 6gp worth of PvP points to 
compensate for your loss. Next time, you might get 6+gp as drop! YAY! 
If you don't feel safe with these (killing your friends), just one item 
with whip/d scim (HAVE TO BE 75k+ WORTH IN GE) Just turn off protect item 
as your friend gets low hp (in 30s Hitpoints area)
It doesn't matter of you lose 25m or 25k. Your opponent will get the same drop.
It also doesn't matter if you lose 75k or 75m. You will get the same drops.
Don't go to safe zone if you are going to kill your friend continually. 
The quality of drops will drop dramatically.
You CAN get drops without 75k worth of items: sardines, bones and 
iron dagger (p). Woo..
You CAN get drops without 25k in your opponent's inventory!!!: Bones, 
sardines, or maybe mithril 2h. wow

Also: If you kill lots of players in short time, your quality of drops 
will fall to abyss. 
In general, the most important factors are the value of items you are 
risking, the amount your opponent drops and how long you have survived 
(ideally in a hot zone). A good tactic is to let your drop value build 
up by training in a hot zone for a while (which will be especially 
beneficial if you have some brawling gloves), then try to get a kill or 
two for a better chance of some good drops. Then you can go back to 
training to let your drop value increase again.

Proff from KB (purposely spelt wrong) FROM KB

Drops will improve if you are carrying at least 75,000 coins' worth 
of items (or 25,000 coins' worth on a free world) that you will lose 
if you die - your three most valuable items are not included in this.
 To get better drops, your victim must also lose at least 
25,000 coins' worth of equipment. 

Note that if you risk significantly more than 75,000 coins in items, 
your drops will not improve further, nor will they improve if your 
opponent loses 25 million coins' worth of items - the values are 
minimum boundaries. 

In general, the most important factors are the value of items you are 
risking, the amount your opponent drops and how long you have survived 
(ideally in a hot zone). A good tactic is to let your drop value build 
up by training in a hot zone for a while (which will be especially 
beneficial if you have some brawling gloves), then try to get a kill 
or two for a better chance of some good drops. Then you can go back to 
training to let your drop value increase again. 

Note that if you die, your drop value will temporarily increase to 
compensate you for your loss, but it won't get you the value of your 
lost items - it's not a sensible way to get good drops!

5. Minigames unplayable in PvP world.
Barbarian Assault 
Bounty Hunter 
Castle Wars 
Duel Arena 
Fist of Guthix 
Tears of Guthix 
Trouble Brewing 
TzHaar Fight Pit 
Falador Party Room

Note: Dont bother to go to BH Unless you want to be instantly
PKed. Its near the bank, so its one of pker's favorite hangout.

6. Dragon Claws: How they work.
OMG! Dragon claws can hit 40-40-40-40!! OMG BESTA EVEAETERT!! 

No it doesn't: It works like this.

-M = Miss
-F = full hit
-H = half of full hit
-Q = quarter of full hit

F-H-H-Q (225%)
F-H-Q-Q (200%)
M-F-H-H (200%)
M-M-F-F (200%)
M-M-M-F (100%)
M-M-M-M (0%, likely a rare hit)

Misses can come in ANY of the hits.

The first non-miss hit is always 100%;
The second non-miss hit, if it is the last hit, 
hits for 100%; otherwise, it deals 50%.
The third non-miss hit hits 50% on rare occasions, 
but usually deals 25%;
The fourth non-miss is always 25%.

It's a fancy way of doing up to 225% more damage 
(2 and quarter multiplied- you hit 20, max it will hit is 45)

I have to admit that D Claw is an excellent PJing and K0 Weapon, 
but its pricy; It is usually traded for 3rd age armors, or with 
cash with their Junks (often 20m+;junks such as vesta's long and
 other PvP stuff)+Dragon Platebody (sadly turned into junk 
because of glitch in tormented demon dropping more lump then it should)
+claw which is about 43m, and 3rd age stuff's rate in Clue Scroll is 
Even Noob of the noob can hit 30 on D Claws. That's really good 
for level 60ish. The spec only uses 50% of the bar. There is a 
glitch that makes D claw only hit 0-1. 

Summary: D claw is DDS #2 without any miss.

7. Where to TRAIN!
Well....Heres the problem... HOW DO YOU TRAIN?
Here are some options
Rock Crabs
Flesh Crawlers
Monkey Guards
Pest Control
Experiments: They require you to do half way through the 'Creature of
Fenkenstrain Quest' IT will take you around 5 minutes for you to 
get here.

-Little requirement
-101 HP
-only level 25!
-Hits like 0s all the time

-There are 4 'rooms' Well not exactly. There are only like 15 or so
creatures. This place is infested with pures trying to kill one.
-Bone for drops

Rate: 5/10 would be 6/10 if it wasnt so crowded
XP: I would say 40-60K xp per hour at most

Rock Crabs: Ah rock crabs; NO QUEST REQUIREMENT!
-50 HP!!!!
-COMMON GOLD CHARM DROPPER (Well, you might want to train summoning
in future)
-Somewhat mediocre drops; better then nothing.
-Multi COMBAT! YAY! Multi Rock Crab at once!

-Multi COMBAT! YAY! Multi Players stealing kills at once!
-Somewhat high def for n00bs
-its rather frequently to noobs.
-THEY HIDE IN Rock; they are agressive but they wont attk
til you go close to them.

Rate: 4/10; would be 7/10 if it wasnt for all those noobs.
XP: I would say 30-60k xp per hour; 70k at most if it wasnt crowded
which is pretty much impossible.

Yaks: Hmm.....Yaks. Lower level then experiments, lots of them in cage!
-Lots of them in cage at once. 
-50 HP
-WHOO! level 22!!!

-filled with level 90+ rangers with knives
-Need to start Fremennik Isles- which needs quiet a bit of req for ya :P

Rate: 8/10-Believe it or not, you can acually find empty worlds.
XP: 40-70k xp per hour.

Flesh Crawlers: Inside SoS
-No Quest Req
-inside lv 2 Stronghold of Security
-lots of them little buggers in one room
-Awesome herb drops (since ur afking)

-Annoying Secrity Questions
-Becomes Unagressive
-Hits quiet often

Rate: 7/10; Meh.
XP: 50-70k per hour.

Monkey Guards: whoo..big Monkey things//

-You need to go into Ape Atoll
-Good with Dharoks/ high hitting weapons
-need to do Monkey Madness
-Protect prayer on all the time
-Protection off=instant death
(most death caused by this little spider)

Rate: 9/10; :)
XP: 70-110k per hour: you can get up to 110k with Dharoks.

Pest Control: :o

-Need at least 30 CB LV
-Filled with nubs
-lose all the time because of noobs who doesnt know how to play
-freaking void knight just gets ownd there

Rate: 8/10; 10/10 before the Nerf. Do it for void set at least
XP: up to 100k per hour b4 nerf. Now like 60k per hour.

Bandits: Middle of Desert

-Need HOly/UNholy sign
-Hits somewhat through armor
-Guthan is bit too expensive to train there
-hotspot for noobs
-lots of crashers

Rate: 9.5/10-because its best training place eva (not ever but nvm)
XP:50-120k per hour. Crowded with noobs though

Well, Bandit and Monkey Guards are obvious choice. Bandit for AFK 
and Monkey Guards if you want to pay attention.

All in thanks of Dragonlordj, Lord Klotski, Boa1891 , and Doomedrusher ect.
 Most of them are not my work or experiments. 

I just typed this for all of the whining noobs out there that complains about 

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