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Runescape Free Quest Guide by Alpha_Omega9999

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/11/08

 ________                        ____                          
|  _____ \                     /  ___|                          
| |_____) )_   _ ____   ____    \ \   ____ ____ ____    _____ 
|  _____ (| | | |  _ \ / _  )    \ \ / ___) _  |  _ \  / _   )
| |    | || |_| | | | ( (/ / _____) | (__( ( | | | _ |( (/ / 
|_|    |_|\____ |_| |_|\____|______/ \____)__ _| |__/  \____)
                         (____  \
                          ____| |
                         (____  |
                          ____| |
     ____                             _
    /    \   _  _    ____    ____  __| |__   ____      
   |  /\  | | || |  / _  )  (  __)(__   __) (  __)   
   |  \/  | | || | ( (/ /   _\ \     | |    _\ \       
    \___\_\ \____|  \____| |____)    |_|   (____)    

| (                    TABLE OF CONTENTS                    ) |
| (                       [TABLE]                           ) |

Table of Contents<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> [TABLE]
Introduction <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> [INTRO]
Free Quests<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> [FREEQ]
Tips For RuneScape <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> [TIPRS]
Check List <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> [CHECK]
About the Author <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> [ABOUT]
Contact<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> [CNTCT]
Credit <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> [CREDT]

| (                      INTRODUCTION                       ) |
| (                        [INTRO]                          ) |

Welcome to my Runescape Quest FAQ. This is Version 0.51. I am getting
more and more skilled at FAQ writing as I write more FAQs, and this is
my sixth FAQ! This FAQ is about quests. The world of Runescape 
contains many quests. However, the fact new ones appear regularly(Most
new ones are Members-only)Makes it hard to write about. Due to that
I will need you to help me by submitting info about ANY quest. Thanks,
now, let the FAQ begin!

| (                      FREE QUESTS                        ) |
| (                        [FREEQ]                          ) |

Free quests are generally easy, and all take place in the F2P
(Free to Play) area of RuneScape. They are commonly done, and the
Dragon Slayer F2P quest is very useful since you need it to wield
rune platebody (Dragon Too)

|Black Knights Fortress |
|Description: The Black Knights are up to no good.       |
|             You are hired by the white knights to      |
|             spy on them and uncover their evil scheme. |
|Difficulty: Medium                                      |
|Items/Skills Required: 12 quest points, Bronze Medium   |
|                       Helm, and Iron Chain mail        |
|Starting Location: Second floor of White knights Castle |
|Reward: 2500 gp and 3 quest points                      |

-Talk to Sir Amik Varze in the White Knight's castle (2nd floor)
He'll tell you what to do.

-Buy a Iron Chain mail and Bronze Medium helm, then head to the Black
Knights castle, located just north of Ice Mountain. Pick a cabbage 
from the field behind the monastry before entering the Castle.

-Put on your iron chain and your bronze medium helmet. Walk through 
the side door on the east side of the Castle. Then head north inside 
that little room and push on the odd-looking wall. Go up the ladder.

-Go to the grate and listen. A witch will talk to a black knight about
a secret potion. The little goblin is supposed to get a special 
cabbage, but refuses to do it.

-Head back upstairs. Go through the westward door where the black 
knights are. Head to the south room and climb the ladder.

-Once back upstairs, go north and through the odd-looking wall. Use 
cabbage on the hole to destroy the witches potion.

-Head back to white knight's castle and talk to Sir Amik Varze for
your reward.

|   Cook's Assistant    |
|Description: The lumbridge castle cook is in a mess.It  |
|             is the duke of Lumbridges birthday and the |
|             cook is making the cake. He needs a lot of |
              ingredients and doesn't have much time.    |
|Difficulty: Very Easy                                   |
|Items/Skills Required: Bucket, pot                      |
|Starting Location: Lumbridge Castle                     |
|Reward: 600 cooking EXP and 1 quest points              |

-Go to lumbridge castle and talk to the cook in the kitchen.
Tell him you'll help him find the ingredients for the cake.

-Head north of Lumbridge and pick a grain from the field. Go into
the mill and grind it into flour. Collect your flour in the pot.

-Head back to lumbridge and go east. Find the cows across the bridge
and milk one for a bucket of milk.

-Just north/west of the coews are chicken. Collect an egg from the

-Take the ingredients to the chef for your reward.

|     Demon Slayer      |
|Description: A mighty demon is being summoned to destroy|
|             the city of varrock. You find out you are  |
|             one destinied to stop him.                 |
|Difficulty: Medium                                      |
|Items/Skills Required: 25 bones, ability to defeat a lvl|
|                       30 demon.                        |
|Starting Location: Gypsy in Varrock Square              |
|Reward: Silverlight and 3 quest points                  |

-Talk to the Gypsy in varrock. Pay her one coin.She'll tell you
all about the quest.She'll tell you you need silverlight to defeat the
demon. Ask what is the magical incantation? And write it down. It's
randomly generated.

-Talk to Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle. Talk to him about the keys.

-After talking to him, head north from where Prysin is and climb up 
the ladder. Try and find Captain Rovin. Tell him your story and ask
for the key. If you chose the right answers, you will get the key.

-Get a bucket fill it with water at the fountain. Take it to varrock 
castle and use it on the drain to wash the key into the sewer.
Head around the east side of the castle and go down the manhole into 
Varrock Sewers. Just search the little area near the ladder for the
key. It should appear as a red dot on the map.

-While you're at it, get some bones, since you'll need 25 bones for 
the last key. Once you have 25 bones, head to the wizards tower just 
south of Draynor.

-Give the 25 bones to Traiborn for his key. Once you have three keys, 
head back to varrock castle and give them to Sir Prysin in exchange
for silverlight. Head down to stone hedge and enter the circle. Fight
delirth (May have to attack a wizard first) Once defeated, say the
incantation to complete the quest.

|     Doric's Quest     |
|Description: Doric the Dwarf is happy to let you use his|
|             but first he would like you to do a errand |
|             for him.                                   |
|Difficulty: Easy                                        |
|Items/Skills Required: Level 15 mining, pickaxe         |
|Starting Location: Doric's anvil. (North of Falador)    |
|Reward: 1 quest Point, 180 gp, mining EXP, use of Dorics|
|        anvils.                                         |

-Bring along a pickaxe and talk to doric. He'll ask you to mine him
6 clay, 4 copper, and 2 iron. 

-Mine this in the Rimmington Mine. 

-Take these twelve ores back to Doric to complete the quest.

|  The Restless Ghost   |
|Description: A ghost is haunting Lumbridge graveyard.   |
|             The priest of the Lumbridge church of      |
|             Saradomin wants to find out how to get rid |
|             of it.                                     |
|Difficulty: Easy                                        |
|Items/Skills Required:Ability to kill a lvl 19 skeleton |
|Starting Location: Lumbridge church                     |
|Reward: 1 quest point, prayer EXP                       |

-Talk to the priest in lumbridge and he'll tell you about the ghost.

-Go into lumbridge swamp and find the hut with Urhney in it. Talk to
him to get the ghostspeak amulet.

-Talk to the ghost while wearing the amulet and he'll tell you about
his missing skull.

-Head to the wizards tower south of Draynor Village. Go to the 
and check the sothern room. Fight the skeleton and kill it for the 

-Take the skull back to the ghost for your reward.

|   Goblin Diplomacy    |
|Description: There's a disturbance in the goblin village|
|             Help the goblins solve their dispute so the|
|             world doesn't have to worry about rioting  |
|             goblins.                                   |
|Difficulty: Medium                                      |
|Items/Skills Required: 40 gp                            |
|Starting Location: Port Sarim Pub                       |
|Reward: 785 cfating EXP and 5 quest points, 1 gold bar  |

-Talk to the bar tender in Port Sarim. Now collect 3 redberries
from southern varrock mine, 2 onions from from a field, and 
2 woad leafs for 20 gp from the gardener in Falador. Now talk
to the witch in Draynor and make blue, red, and yellow dye.

-Next fight nromal goblins till you have 3 goblin armor. Mix the red 
and yellow dye togther and form orange dye. Use that on one of the 
goblin armors. Next use blue dye on the other, and leave the last one 

-Next, head to goblin village north of falador, talk to the generals.
Give them the orange armor. They won't like it.
Give them the blue armor, they won't like it.
Give them the brown armor... and they LIKE it! (Isn't that where
we started?)

-Claim your reward.

|   Ernist the Chicken  |
|Description: Veronica is very worried. Her Fiancee went |
|             into the ig spooky manor house to ask for  |
|             dirrections. An hour later he hasn't come  |
|             out.                                       |
|Difficulty: Easy(Somewhat long)                         |
|Items/Skills Required: nothing                          |
|Starting Location: Draynor Manor                        |
|Reward: 300 gp and 3 Quest points                       |

-Talk to Veronica outside the Mansion in Draynor. She'll tell you 
about her fiancé Ernest. He went inside and hasn't been out in an 
hour. Go inside.

-Go upstairs and find the fish food. Then go back down stairs and go 
east inside and get the poison. Use the poison on the fish food.

-Then go east into the room with the spade and grab the spade. Head 
outside and go around the house westward and dig through the pile of 
compost by the cabbages by using your spade on it. You'll get a key.

-Then go use the poisoned fish food on the fountain south of there. 
The piranhas will die and then search the fountain and get the 
pressure gauge.

-Go back inside and use the key on the little room with the level 21 
Skeleton just behind the main staircase. Grab the rubber tubing. 

-Then go west and head down the ladder. Follow these directions:

 -Pull A. Pull B. Go through NE door.

 -Pull D. Go through SW door. Go through South door.

 -Pull A. Pull B. Go through NW door. Go through West door. Go 
through North door.

 -Pull F. Pull E. Go through East door. Go through East door.

 -Pull C. Go through NW door. Go through West door.

 -Pull E. Go through East door. Go through South door. Go through 
South door Go through West door.

-Then grab that oil can. Now you should have a rubber tube, a pressure
gauge and an oil can.

-Head back east and go back up the ladder. Head up the main stairs.
Then climb the nearest ladder behind you. Find Professor Oddenstein 
and he'll tell you what happened to Ernest. After he's done talking, 
talk to him again and give him the parts. He'll start up the machine 
and then Ernest will turn back to a human. Then Ernest will reward 

|      Imp Catcher      |
|Description: The wizard grayzag has summoned hundreds of|
|             little imps. They have stolen a lot of     |
|             wizard Mizgogs belongings including his    |
|             magic beads.                               |
|Difficulty: Easy                                        |
|Items/Skills Required: nothing                          |
|Starting Location: 3rd floor of wizards tower           |
|Reward: 375 magic EXP, 1 quest point, amulet of accuacy |

-Just walk around the world collecting beads by killing level 3/5 
Imps, save any of them you get, maybe you could trade 1 yellow if 
you have 2 of them for another black. They can also be bought from 
other players, or from the general store. Once you get a red bead, 
a yellow bead, a white bead, and a black bead head to Draynor Village.
It is strongly suggested that you buy the beads because killing imps 
and collecting the beads can take a really long time.

-Take those beads to the Wizard's Tower and head up the ladder on the 
northwest side. Head up to the third level. Talk to Wizard Mizgog and 
he'll ask you to find his beads. Talk to him once after that and tell 
him you have the beads. He'll be happy and reward you.

|    Pirates Treasure   |
|Description: Redbeard Frank knows where secret Pirate   |
|             treasure is hidden, it may be require some |
|             work to persuade him to let you know.      |
|Difficulty: Easy                                        |
|Items/Skills Required: White Apron, some coins, a spade |
|Starting Location: Port Sarim Pub, maybe docks          |
|Reward: 450 coins, 2 quest point, cut emerald, a gold   |
|        ring                                            |

-Talk to Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim's Pub. Tell him you are in
search of treasure. (Note: you may find him on the docks instead)
He will tell you to get him a bottle of Karamja Rum. Ask the captain
to take you to Karamja.

-Go talk to the Pub in Karamja, buy a bottle of Karamja Rum from the
Pubmaster for 30gp.

-Talk to Luthas in his house and ask for a job. He'll send you
to get  banana's into his crate. Pick ten banana's and put them in
the crate, now stick in the bottle of Karamja Rum. Talk to Luthras
again and ask where the banana's are going. Take the boat back to
Port Sarim.

-Go to the food shop in Port Sarim, you'll need a white apron to enter
the back. Go to the back and search the crate to find the bottle of 
Karamja Rum. Give it to Redbeard Frank.

-Redbeard Frank will give you the key to Hector's Chest, which is
located in the Blue-Moon Inn in Varrock.

-Go to the Inn and head upstairs. Unlock the chest with your key and
you'll get a message telling you to go to Falador's Park. It'll say
to dig behind the south bench.

-Use the spade to dig behind the south bench. Wyson the Gardener may 
attack you, but you should be able to kill him. Once you dig up the
flowers, you can get your reward.

|  Prince Ali Rescue    |
|Description: Prince Ali of Al Kharid has been kidnapped |
|             by the scheming Lady Keli. You are hired to|
|             stage a rescue mission.                    |
|Difficulty: Easy (But quite long)                       |
|Items/Skills Required: Some coins, other items explained|
|             later on.                                  |
|Starting Location: Al Kharid Palace                     |
|Reward: 700 coins, free pass through Al Kharid gate, 3  |
|        quest points.                                   |

-Talk to the King of Al Kharid (in his palace). He'll send you to his
agent Osman, who will tell you what you need for the quest. Get these

 -Redberry:   Go grab 1 redberry in the woods south of Varrock by the 

 -Flour:      Buy a pot (1 coin) at a general store. Then go to the 
              grain field northeast of Draynor village. Pick 1 grain 
              from the field right next to it and go inside the 
              windmill, and climb up the ladders to the top floor. Put
              one grain into the hopper. Then operate it. Then go 
              downstairs, and in the chute you will find your flour.
              Use the pot on the flour and you'll pick up the flour. 
              While you're around the windmill, pick up 2 onions. 
              These can be found south of the windmill, behind the 
              farmer's house.

 -Ashes:      Get some ashes by lighting a fire and letting it burn 
              down. Or fight an imp.

 -Pink Skirt: Buy in the Varrock clothing store for 2 coins, or you 
              can find one in the buildings on a table in southeast 

 -3 Beers:    You need this to get the bodyguard drunk. Go to the 
              Barbarian Village (west of Varrock). They spawn on the 
              tables. Or buy it from any bar.

 -Clay:       Go mine some clay in the mine south west of Varrock, 
              then turn it into soft clay by mixing it with a bucket 
              of water.

 -Bronze Bar: Go mine some tin and some copper, then take it over to 
              a furnace and smelt it.

 -Rope:       Go buy some rope from Ned the Seaman (In Draynor Village
              in little house near bank)

 -Yellow Dye: You need the 2 onions you got from before and 5 coins 
              and talk to the witch in Draynor Village who will make 
              you yellow dye.

 -Wig:        You can bring Ned (in Draynor Village) 3 balls of wool 
              and he will make you a wig.

-Take the yellow dye, mix it with the wig to make a blonde wig. Take
the ashes, the flour, the water in a bucket, the berries , and give
them to the witch in Draynor. She will make a skin colored paste for

-Make sure you have all the items, now head to the jail which is
surrounded by trees and is just west of Lumbridge. Make sure you have:
The three Beers, the blonde wig, rope, soft clay, bronze bar, and
face paste. Talk to Lady Keli. Ask her what her plans are. She'll tell
you she has a valuable prisoner locked up. Ask her if anyone has come
for him yet. She'll mention something about a key. Ask to see it, then
ask to touch it. You'll make an imprint of it.

-Talk to the guard until you get to a question about what he does with
his wages. He'll say he can't resist the sight of cold beer.

-Go talk to Leela outside and ask her about the key. She'll tell you
what to do. now head over to Al Kharid. Once there, talk to Osman 
again and he'll tell you to go back to Leela. But while your there 
ask Osman if your missing anything. He'll go through the list. He 
will say you're missing. 

-Head back to jail and talk to Leela once more. She'll give you the
key ad ask what you're going to do about the guard. Say you're going
to make him drunk. After that, go tie up lady Keli.

-Talk to the guard, say "Here, have some of these beers." He'll drink
them and become drunk. Use the rope and tie up lady Keli. Use the
key on the door and you'll have rescued prince Ali. Give him the
disguise and he'll escape (Finally!)

-Head back to Al Kharid for your reward!

|  Romeo and Juliet     |
|Description: Romeo and Juliet are desperately in love,  |
|             but Juliet's father doesn't approve. Help  |
|             them find a way to get married and live    |
|             happily-ever-after.                        |
|Difficulty: Easy                                        |
|Items/Skills Required: None                             |
|Starting Location: Varrock Town Square                  |
|Reward: 5 quest points.                                 |

-Talk to romeo in Varrock square, he'll tell you of Juliet. 

-Head west past the bank and find Juliet's house. She'll give you a 

-Head back to Romeo. Give him  the message.

-Talk to father lawrence in the church. He'll tell you to go to the
apothecary with Cadava Berries.

-Talk to the Apothecary give him the berries (Found near Varrock's
South-East mine) He'll make you a dreadful potion.

-Talk to Juliet. She'll take the potion. Now go back to Romeo and talk
to him. After a cutscene, you'll get your reward!

|  Rune Mysteries       |
|Description: The duke of Lumbridge wants to ask the     |
|             wizard what's up.                          |
|Difficulty: Easy                                        |
|Items/Skills Required: Nothing                          |
|Starting Location: 2nd floor of Lumbridge Castle        |
|Reward: 1 Quest Point, Air Talisman,ability to Runecraft|

- Go to Lumbridge Castle's second floor and tlk to the duke. 

-He will give you a talisman. Go to the Wizard's tower. Go to the
basement once there. Talk to the wizard there.

-He'll give you a package to take to Audury, the rune shop owner in
Varrock. Audury will give you notes to take back to the wizard.

-Take the notes to the wizard and recieve your reward.

|  Sheep Shearer        |
|Description: Farmer Fred's sheep are getting mighty     |
|            wooly. He will pay you to shear them.       |
|Difficulty: Easy                                        |
|Items/Skills Required: Shears                           |
|Starting Location: House just north-west of Lumbridge.  |
|Reward: 1 Quest Point, 60gp, crafting experience        |

-Talk to Fred the Farmer in the shack North-west of Lumbridge.
He'll tel you to collect some balls of wool.

-Use shears and shear sheep until you have 20 pieces of wool.

-Go to the southern tower of Lumbridge Castle. You'll see a spinning
wheel. Use the wool on it to make Balls of Wool.

-Take all 20 balls of wool to fred for your reward.

|  Shield of Arrav      |
|Description: Varrocian literature tells of a valuable   |
|             shield stolen from long ago the museum of  |
|             Varrock by a gang of professional thieves. |
|             See if you can track down this shield and  |
|             return it to the museum. You will need a   |
|             friend to help you complete this quest.    |
|Difficulty: Medium                                      |
|Items/Skills Required: Coins and a friend to help.      |
|Starting Location: Reldo in Varrock Palace Library      |
|Reward: 1 Quest Point, 600 gp                           |

-Talk to Reldo in Varrock Palace Library. Tell him you're in
search of a quest. Go search the book cases and read a book.
After doing so, talk to Reldo again, who will point you towards

-Talk to Baraek, who, for 20gp, will give you the location of the 
pheonix gang.

-Now you and your friend must choose the gang to join. One must join
the Pheonix Gang, and the other must join the Black Arm Gang.

[Pheonix Gang]

-Talk to Straven, he'll say he wants a Varrock Herald. Get him one. 
He should give you the key to the HQ's. (I've heard a lot of People
swearing and all, saying he wouldn't do anything when given the
Varrock Herald. If you can tell why, please email me at 

-Once inside, go down to the south-east room. Search the chest for the
Shield of Arrav (Actually, half of the shield... So this is why you
need two people)

[Black Arm Gang]

-Speak to the tramp just north of the south entrance to Varrock.
Ask him what's down that alley. He'll say the Black Arm Gang.

-Speak to Katrine. Tell her you want to become a member of the gang.
She'll say you can if you get two pheonix crossbows.

-The Pheonix Gang member must give you a key to the Pheonix Gang's
HQ's. Go to the Pheonix Gang's storeroom in the Varrock Slums.
You'll either need your friend to get another key so he can get
the weapon master distracted by talking to him. Or, you can just kill
the level 25 weapon master.

-Take the Crossbows to Katrine and she'll let you in the gang. Now,
simply go upstairs and search the cupboard to find the half of

[After both Gangs are Completed]

-The shield halves are not tradable. Instead go to the museum and 
give the curator your half. Have your friend do the same.

-The curator gives you two half certificates for the shield. The half
certificates are both the same side though. You must give one half
certificate for one half certificate of your friends to get the
full certificate. Choose to use the half cert on the other half.
They will become untradable.

-Give the full certificate to the king in Varrock Castle for your

|  The Knight's Sword   |
|Description: Sir Vyvin's squire is in trouble. He has   |
|             lost Sir Vyvin's ceremonial sword. Help him|
|             a replacement without Sir Vyvin finding out|
|Difficulty: Medium-Hard                                 |
|Items/Skills Required: Pickaxe                          |
|Starting Location: White Knight's Castle                |
|Reward: 1 Quest Point, and lots of smithing EXP         |

-Talk to the squire in White Knight's Castle about the sword. Then
head to Varrock.

-Once in Varrock, go to the Library in the Palace. Talk to Reldo about
the dwarfs. He'll tell you about the dwarfs LOVE for Redberry Pie.
Make a redberry Pie or buy it off someone.

-Head south below port Sarim and talk to Thurgo. First, give him the
Redberry Pie. Then talk to him about the sword. He'll say he needs
a picture of it.

-Go back to the White Knight's Castle and ask the squire for a

-Go to the northwest side and up two ladders.You'll see Sir Vyvin
standing there. Get someone to talk to him while you search the
cupboard. Once you find the portraite, go down.

-Get 2 iron bars, a pickaxe, then head back to Thurgo.

-After showing him the picture, he'll ask for 2 iron bars and a
blurite ore. Go around his little cliff and down into the mine 
until you see Hobgoblins, then you'll see Ice Warriors and Ice Giants. 
On a crowded server, there is many people and the ice giants/warriors
are to busy to bother with you. Find some blurite ore and mine it.

-Take the 2 iron bars and 1 Blurite ore to Thurgo and he'll make the

-Give the sword to the Squire for your reward.

|  Vampire Slayer       |
|Description:   The people of Draynor village live in    |
|               constant terror. Their numbers are       |
|               dwindling, all due to the foul creature  |
|               that lurks in the manor to the north     |
|               known as a vampire.                      |
|Difficulty: Medium                                      |
|Items/Skills Required: A few coins, ability to defeat a |
|                       level 32 vampire.                |
|Starting Location: Draynor Village                      |
|Reward: 3 Quest points, some attack EXP                 |

-Go to Draynor Village. Go inside the building just west of the grain
field and  head up the ladder. Search the cupboard for some garlic.
Then head downstairs and talk to Morgan.

-Go northeast of Varrock till you reach the Jolly Boar Inn. Talk to 
Dr.Harlow and offer to buy him a beer. You may have to do this a few
times. He should soon say how to kill vampires. Once he talks, he'll
give you a stake. He'll also tell you that a hammer is required to
pound the stake into the vampire. (Ooh, this may get bloody)

-Once in Draynor, head north of the village into a mansion. Go north,
then east, finally south. You should be in a room with stairs. Go
down the stairs and open the coffin. Fight the vampire as he attacks
you. Once dead, the stake should automatically hit him, if not,
manually do it! 

|  Witch's Potion       |
|Description: Become one with your darker side. Tap into |
|             your hidden depths of magical potential by |
|             making a ption with the help of Hetty the  |
|             Rimmington Witch.                          |
|Difficulty: Easy                                        |
|Items/Skills Required: Nothing                          |
|Starting Location: Rimmington                           |
|Reward: 1 Quest point, 275 magic EXP                    |

-Go to the Port Sarim Magic shop and buy an eye of Newt for 3 gp.
Now go to the near by building with cickens. Kill a chicken and grab
the meat.

-Follow the path till you reach a field. Grab an onion from there.

-Head south into Rimmington. Talk to Hetty and she'll tell you the
ingredients you need.

-Go to the building just east of Hetty's house and kill a rat. It
should drop a Rat's Tail.

-Head to the house north of Hetty's. Use the chicken on the range. If
you don't burn it, use the cooked chicken on the range to burn it.

-Take all the ingredients to Hetty. She'll tell you to drnk from the
cauldron. Do so and claim your reward.

|    Dragon Slayer      |
|Description:Prove yourself a true hero. Kill the mighty |
|            dragon Elvarg of Crandor Island and earn the|
|            right to buy and wear the powerful rune     |
|            mail body.                                  |
|Difficulty: Very Hard                                   |
|Items/Skills Required: Steel Bars, Level 33 Magic, A lot|
|                       of coins, a hammer, 12 steel     |
|                       nails, 3 planks, 34 smithing is  |
|                       kinda nice, 32 quest points to   |
|                       enter the Champion's Guild,      |
|                       ability to beat a lvl 83 dragon  |
|Starting Location: Champion's Guild                     |
|Reward: 2 Quest points, Loads of EXP, ability to equip  |
|        rune plate body.                                |

- Talk to the guild master in the champion's guild (32 quest points
required to enter) Ask him about the rune platebody. He will tell you
to talk to Oziach in the cliffs. Head to the little shack west of

-Talk to Oziach. He'll say to go to the champion's Guild again and talk 
to the guildmaster. The Guildmaster will tell you where to find the three
pices of map. Also, ask him where to find the Dragon Breath Shield.

-Talk to Oracle at the top of Ice Mountain. She'll tell you to get in
the room, you'll need to be carrying:
    -Crustation Cage (Lobster Cage) Buy at fishing store in Port Sarim
    -Bowl that has not seen Fire (Unfired Bowl) Mine some clay, mix
     it with water, make a bowl with a pottery wheel. DON'T put in the
    -Sheet of Worm String (Silk) Buy from Varrock clothing store, or
     from man in Al Kharid.
    -Drink of the Mage (Wizard's Mind Bomb) Buy from bar in Falador
     for 2gp.

-Head into Dwarven Mines. Go east throgh a door. Search the chest. At
the door, your bowl, silk, Mind Bomb, and Lobster Cage should disapear

-Inside a chest here is the 2nd piece of Map. Head west and back up
the ladder.

-Head south through Falador. Enter Melzar's Maze.

-You'll now have to kill many monsters. Bring as much food as
possible. Kill the right rat for the Red Key. Use it on the North-West
door there.

-Inside the room shaped like an L, go up the ladder.

-Attack the level 25 ghosts until you recieve the orange key. Use the
key on the second door from the north.

-Go up the ladder and attack the level 31 skeleton's until you get the
Yellow Key. Use it on the South-west door. Go down three ladders.

-Fight level 32 Zombies for the Blue Key. Use it on the door most

-You should see Melzar the Mad. He's level 45. Kill him for the
magenta key.

-Kill the lesser demon (Level 72) and collect the black key. Go 
through the door, and search the chest. Once you have the other map
piece, go up the ladder inside the room, out the door, use your maze
key on that east door once again, and go outside.

-Head to Port Sarim jail and find Wormbrain Goblin. Either kill him
with magic and use telekanic Grab to get the 3rd map piece, or buy
it off him for 10K.

-Combine the map pieces.

-Head to edgeville. Go into the wilderness and collect 3 planks in lvl
17 wilderness. They are also found at the area just south of clan wars

-Now, either make (lvl 34 smithing) or buy 12 nails.

-Head to Lumbridge for a Dragon-breath shield. Talk to the duke for 

-Go to Port Sarim with 3 planks, 12 nails, 2000gp, and a hammer.

-Talk to Klarense and buy Lady Lumbridge for 2000gp. Use the planks
and nails to repare a hole in the hull.

-Now go to Draynor Village and talk to Ned. Tell him you need him
to captain your boat to Crandor. Make sure you have great equipment,
a rune scimitar is recommended, since you must use a one handed
weapon. Use the Dragon Breath Shield and Addy/Rune armor. Fill your
inventory with good food. (I like swordies) and maybe some strength

-Once at Crandor, go north, then west inside a cliff. Then North
again. Once at the top, you'll see some stairs. You'll encounter some
level 25 skeletons and eventually some level 56 skeletons!

-Drink any potions you have now. once you go through that door,
there's no going back. Now strike down that level 83 dragon!
Don't worry, his level is mostly an exaggeration. 
Here's my stats when I fought him:
Attack:           40
Strength:         42
Defense:          40
Hit points:       41
Magic:            36
Prayer:           27
Fishing:          51
Cooking:          56
Combat Level:     50
So as you can see, I used a level 50 combat guy and won. The reason
I told you my fishing and cooking was because I use them loads of
times to get all that food. Fish are easy to get and cook. And 
Swordfish heal tons!

-Head past some lesser demons, Then some Red Spiders. Don't get killed
now! Now run past some skeletons, and go up the ladder to be safe and
sound in Karamja! Get off the island via boat and the Quest is

| (                     TIPS FOR RUNESCAPE                  ) |
| (                        [TIPRS]                          ) |

Do's and Dont's

-DO check general stores. Sometimes a newb sells a rare item without
realizing it.

-DO trade. You can't get good items without trading.

-DO use the Grand Exchange. It sells higher than stores in many things
including uncut gems, bones, ect;

-DO use the bank. You can only carry 28 Items, so the bank is very
useful, not to mention everything stacks.

-DON'T Beg. It's annoying. You'll be ignored, and called a noob! So
don't do it! You have no idea how many "Free Money please" I've heard 
in places such as Varrock and Lumbridge.

-DON'T be a noob. Noobs are annoying. They beg, they flame, they're
generally weak. They're ignorant! NOT what you want to be.

-DON'T sell to the general store. They not only give you low amounts
money far below the actual retail price. The Grand Exchange is so
much better!

-DON'T go into the wilderness unless you understand the Dangers.

-DON'T team up with people you don't know in the wilderness, 
especially higher leveled people. They can turn against you and...

-DON'T carry all your items with you. If you die, you can only hold
3 of them (4 with a certain prayer, and none if skulled)

-Golden Rule of RuneScape: Have Fun! RuneScape is a game made for enjoyment.
So Have Fun!!!

A quick look at commonly used 'words' in RuneScape and what they mean.

Lobbies- Lobsters
Swordies- Swordfish
Nvm- Not Very Much
Nm- Not Much / Never Mind
Np- No Problem
Ty- Thank You
Mem- Members
2hander- Two Handed Weapon
Noob- Weak, inexperienced player
PKer- Player Killer
Pure- Someone who raises one stat to get a lower combat level.
Full *Insert*- A complete armor set containg a Full Helm, Plate Body,
              Pantlets/Plateskirt, and Kite Shield.
Rune- Runite. Good armor and best for non-members
Addy- Adamantite. Good, popular armor used by mid-high leveled
Mith- Mithril. Armor used by low to mid leveled players.
Scimmy- Scimmitar. A very fast and powerful weapon.
Wild/Wildy- The place where players can attack each other.
Newb- A newby.
Btw- By The Way
G2g- Got To Go
Wymm?- Will you marry me? Not commonly seen. It's really a joke.
Brb- Be Right Back
Ge- Grand Exchange
Wtf- What The F***
Wth- What The H***
@ $ $- Another way to get around the swear-word blocking system on
       Runescape. Also a decent way to be banned.

*Got some commonly used things I missed? Submit them to:

| (                      CHECK LIST                         ) |
| (                        [CHECK]                          ) |

Use this check list to keep track of the completed quests.
Feel free to print this off!

|    []  Black Knight's Fortress    3 QP       |
|    []  Cook's Assistant           1 QP       |
|    []  Demon Slayer               3 QP       |
|    []  Doric's Quest              1 QP       |
|    []  Restless Ghost             1 QP       |
|    []  Goblin Diplomacy           5 QP       |
|    []  Ernest the Chicken         3 QP       |
|    []  Imp Catcher                1 QP       |
|    []  Pirates Treasure           2 QP       |
|    []  Prince Ali Rescue          3 QP       |
|    []  Romeo and Juliet           5 QP       |
|    []  Rune Mysteries             1 QP       |
|    []  Sheep Shearer              1 QP       |
|    []  Shield of Arrav            1 QP       |
|    []  Knight's Sword             1 QP       |
|    []  Vampire Slayer             3 QP       |
|    []  Witches Potion             1 QP       |
|                                              |
|                                  36 QP Total |
.--------------------------------------------- .
|    []  Dragon Slayer              2 QP       |
|    Grand Total Quest Points:     38 QP       |

| (                     ABOUT THE AUTHOR                    ) |
| (                        [ABOUT]                          ) |

      Michael Hoffert goes to High School in a small town in Rural 
Saskatchewan, Canada. This is his third FAQ though he plans to make 
some more. His hobbies include sports(Badminton, Curling, Volleyball,
and Track and Field) Video Games (Runescape, Final Fantasy,Pokemon, 
and Legend of Zelda) Writing (He's creating his own novel called 
Omega) and studying.

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-Don't ask questions already answered in the FAQ, don't write 
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-GameFaqs, NeoSeeker, Super Cheats, and all sites that use
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-Jagex for creating RuneScape.
-Global RuneScape.com, abit of information was gotten from there.
-My Computer for not breaking down and all.
-My self for making this FAQ!

|                 End of FAQ                     |

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