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Magic Guide by Ultimasaber

Updated: 03/23/08

RRRRRRR   ---------------------------------------------------------------------
R     R   U    U   N    N   EEEEE  SSSSSS   CCCCCC    AAAA    PPPPPP   EEEEE
R     R   U    U   NN   N   E      S        C        A    A   P    P   E
RRRRRR    U    U   N N  N   EEEE   SSSSSS   C        A    A   PPPPPP   EEEE
R   R     U    U   N  N N   E           S   C        AAAAAA   P        E
R    R    U    U   N   NN   E           S   C        A    A   P        E
R     R   UUUUUU   N    N   EEEEE  SSSSSS   CCCCCC   A    A   P        EEEEE
R      R  ---------------------------------------------------------------------
----------------------------------MAGIC GUIDE----------------------------------
Table of Contents
I. Magic and Its Uses
II. Runes and Runecrafting
 A. Rune Mysteries Quest
 B. Talisman and Alter Locations
 C. Combination Runes
 D. Pouches
III. Mage Armor/Robes and Staffs
 A. Mystic/Enchanted Robes
 B. Splitbark Armor
 C. Infinity Robes
 D. Lunar Ceremonial Robes
 E. Ahrim the Blighted's Robes
 F. Ghostly Robes
 G. Staffs
 H. Other Magic Items
 I. Useful Robe Combinations
IV. Spells
 A. Modern Magic
 B. Lunar Magic
 C. Ancient Magicks
V. Mage Related Quests
VI. Mage Areas
 A. Castle Wars
 B. Pest Control
 C. Mage Training Arena
 D. Mage Arena
 E. Wizards' Guild
VII. Mage Pure
 A. Basic Magic
 B. Lunar Magic
 C. Ancient Magicks
VIII. Leveling Up
IX.. Credits
X. Copyright

-------------------------------Magic and its Uses------------------------------
Magic is a great skill in runescape. It has many, many uses. It can help in
making rings, amulets, and necklaces(enchant spells), teleport, and even kill
enemies with minimal damage. The Lunar Magics, explained later in the guide,
have a wide range of support spells to make your life easier, while Ancient
Magicks has a broad range of power spells to devastate opponents! All of this
will be explained later in the guide.

------------------------------Runes and Runecrafting---------------------------
As you have probably figured out by now, to mage, you must have runes. And for
runes, you either make them from rune essence or buy them from other players.
Now first things first, heres a guide to the Rune Mysteries Quest.

A. Rune Mysteries Quest
1. Talk to Duke Horatio in Lumbridge Castle
2. Take the air talisman to Sedridor, in Wizard's Tower basement.
3. Take the research papers he gives you to Aubury, located south of Varrocks
east bank.
4. Takehis findings back to Sedridor, and you have completed the quest!

Now you can mine rune essence, which, with the correct talisman at the corect
ruins, can be made into runes! There are five places currently that you can
teleport to the Rune Essence mines:
1. Aubury at Varrock
2. Sedridor at Wizards Tower
3. Brimstail at Tree Gnome Stronghold(west of the bank in a tunnel)
4. Disdentor at Wizard's Guild
5. Cromperty East in Ardougne(Northeast of market stalls)
Nonmembers will only be able to mine rune essence, which can only be made into
fire, water, earth, air, mind, and body runes. If you are a member and you have
at least 30 mining, you will always mine pure essence, which can be made into
any runes of your choosing.

*A tiara is can be fused with a talisman to make a charged tiara. You can wear
this and save an inventory space for another essence, seeing as you wear the
tiara and not carry it in your inventory. To make a tiara, just use a talisman
on the alter in the middle of the ruins. It will fuse with a tiara.

B. Talisman and Alter Locations

*The following talisman locations are just a few examples. There may be other
enemies you can get them from.

Nonmembers' Runes
1a. Air talisman- Reward from Rune Mysteries, goblins
1b. Air Alter- Southwest from Falador's south entrance(1)
2a. Mind Talisman- Imps, Wizards
2b. Mind Alter- North of Falador, between Goblin village and Black Knights'
3a. Water Talisman- Wizards and Dark Wizards
3b. Water Alter- Lumbridge Swamps, southeast of the (!) on the map
4a. Earth Talisman- Men, Farmers, Al-Kharid Warriors
4b. Earth Alter- Northeast of Varrock, south of the Lumber Yard
5a. Fire Talisman- Dark Qizards, Skeletons(lvl18), Guards
5b. Fire Alter- North of Al-kharid, just north of the entrance to Duel Arena
6a. Body Talisman- Guards, Giants
6b. Body Alter- West of Barbarian Village, South of Monastery

Members' Only Runes
7a. Cosmic Talisman- Ice Giant, Lesser Demon, Caskets from Big Net Fishing
7b. Cosmic Alter- Zanaris, through a twisted path to the south of the farm
8a. Chaos Talisman- Giants, Ice Warrior, Lesser Demon
8b. Chaos Alter- Wildy(lvl 9-10), southwest of the Dark Knights' Fortress
9a. Nature Talisman- Moss Giant, Lesser Demons, Red/Green Dragons
9b. Nature Alter- North border of Shilo Village, Southeast of mining site
10a. Law Talisman- Obtained after completing "Troll Stronghold"
10b. Law Alter- Entrana, north of the bridge
11a. Death Talisman- Obtained after completing "Mourning's End Pt. 2"
11b. Death Alter- Temple of Light
12a. Soul Talisman- Unreleased
12b. Soul Alter- Unreleased
13a. Blood Talisman- Unreleased
13b. Blood Alter- Unreleased

You are able to make multiple runes per essence after certain lvls, Here is a

Rune Name     XP per ess    1x   2x   3x   4x   5x   6x   7x   8x   9x   10x
Air           5             1    11   22   33   44   55   66   77   88   99
Mind          5.5           2    14   28   42   56   70   84   98
Water         6             5    19   38   57   76   95
Earth         6.5           9    26   52   78
Fire          7             14   35   70
Body          7.5           20   46   92
Cosmic        8             27   59
Chaos         8.5           35   74
Astral*       8.7           40   82
Nature        9             44   91
Law           9.5           54
Death         10            65

*For information on Astral runes, refer to the Lunar Magics Section

C. Combination Runes
Combination runes are, as you have probably guessed, two-runes-in-one. They are
members only and only serve the purpose of saving inventory space. These runes
are not recommended due to the fact they may fail without a binding necklace
and you will lose a talisman making them. This can only be performed on the
elemental runes(air, water, fire, earth).

First, you must bring an elemental rune to any alter except its own, along with
the talisman of that rune, and rune essence. You must also bring the talisman
of the alter you are entering. Then go to the alter that you would like to add
the element of. Enter the ruins and use the talisman of the different rune and
use it on the alter. Now you have combination runes! I suggest you use a
binding necklace to ensure it goes through. I know this is a rough explanation,
so i'll use an example.

Let's say you want to make a lava rune. You can either bring earth runes to the
fire alter, or fire runes to the earth alter. Lets say you bring earth runes to
the fire alter. You bring along 25 earth runes, a fire tiara/talisman, an earth
talisman, and 25 rune essence(and a binding necklace to ensure results). You
enter the ruins, and use the earth talisman on the fire alter in the middle.
You now have lava runes, but you have also used up the earth talisman. I don't
recommend making these unless it's for a quest, because every trip uses up a

D. Pouches
Pouches store essence to help you runecraft and save trips to the alters. They
are extremely helpful if you have some of the more useful ones. But, first
things first, here's how you obtain them.

Zamarok Mage Mini-quest
1. Talk to the Zamarok Mage in lvl 5-7 wilderness. He is located at the end of
the river lum, just northeast of edgeville. He will tell you to meet him in
varrock at the chaos alter.
2. Now head to the Chaos Alter located southeast of Aubury in Varrock. After
all of the talking, he will need you to teleport to the rune essence mine from
three different places while carrying the orb he gave you.
3. Teleport to the rune essence mine from three different locations(see above).
Make sure you are carrying the orb he gave you. After you are done, return to
the Mage in varrock and give him the orb. Mini-Quest complete!

You will recieve 1000 runecrafting experience. He will explain everything you
need to know about the abyss and the runecrafting pouches. He will also give
you a small pouch.

The Abyss
The abyss is a great way to speed up runecrafting. Unfortunately, to get there,
you must head back to the Zamarok Mage in wildy. Watch for PKers. When you use
the "teleport" option on the mage, he will teleport you to the abyss(along with
skull you and drain all of your prayer). You are now on the outside perimeter
of the abyss. You must now get to the center. You can use a pickaxe to break
through some rocks, use your wc axe(hatchet) to cut through vines, distract the
eyes with your thieving, or sqeeze through a crevice using your agility to get
to the center. You will now see a bunch of doors, each marked with a rune
symbol leading to the respective alter. Pleasy note that when you exit the
alter, you will end up outside of the ruins. It's advised you bring an Ammy of
Glory with a charge to teleport back to edgeville. In the center of the circle,
will find a Zamarok Mage. He will repair your degrading pouches and replace
your small pouch if it is lost. You can also get the Elemental Talisman from
the monsters here. These will allow passage into the four elemental alters.
They cannot be made into tiaras.

Pouches are, as I said before, ways to carry extra essence to an alter to craft
runes. The pouch size will determine how many it can hold. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 1
OF EACH POUCH AT A TIME. There is no possible way to get 2 of the same kind.
Pouches are obtained from the monsters that lurk in the Abyss. To use them,
just fill the pouches and empty them when you craft.

----------------------------Mage Armor/Robes and Staffs------------------------
Like all of the other skills in Runescape, You need equipment to mage. This
includes robes and staffs. If you aren't a member, all you have is normal black
or blue robes along with a normal elemental staff. But members on the other
hand, have a wide variety to choose from. The robes explained below are members

A.Mystic Robes
Mystic Robes are good robes to be used as a mage. Unfortunately, it has no
melee defence at all. This armor is only useful if you're using protection
prayers, you have a place to hide, or the enemy is a total pushover who
could barely harm you. Blue Mystic Robes can be purchased at the Wizards' Guild
which requires 66 magic to enter. The full set is 235k(235000) coins. The
colored Mystic Robes(Black/Red and Gold/White) can be obtained from Slayer
monsters(if you have the required level) or purchased from another player. Red/
Black Mystic costs about 500-600k and Gold/White costs up to 500000gp. The
colored Mystic Robes are the exact same as the regular Blue/White. Overall,
Mystic Robes are a good choice to use as a mage. Just make sure to wear a good
shield, ammy, or cape to make up for the nonexistant melee defence. These
require 40 magic and 20 defence to wear.

*Enchanted Robes give the same stats as Mystic Robes, but cost more

B. Splitbark Armor
Splitbark Armor can be made from bark and fine cloth at the Wizards'Tower south
of Draynor. Bark can be obtained from cutting hollow trees east of Canifis.
Fine Cloth can be obtained from getting keys from burning shades in Mort'ton
and using the keys in the Shades' Lair. To make the full set without including
the money required to get the items is 77k. You will need 11 bark and 11 fine
cloth to make the full set. If you buy this armor from other players, they may
price it up to about the same cost as Blue/White Mystic.

Splitbark Armor does not give good mage increase. What it loses in mage, it
makes up for in melee defence. This armor is intended to fight monsters that 
have to safe spot to hide and mage. Unfortunately, this armor has poor range
defence, which can cause problems. Overall, this armor is good for head-on
battles, but does not give alot of mage increase. These require 40 magic and 40
defence to wear.

C. Infinity Robes
Infinity Robes are a great mage choice, but unfortunately, these robes are hard
to acquire. They can only be obtained from the Mage Training Arena, north of
the Duel Arena. It takes a huge amount of points(explained below in the Mage
Training Arena section) to get the full set. Thus, Infinity Robes are expensive
and rare. These robes sell for some decent cash but not alot of people sell.

Overall, Infinity Robes are a bit stronger in Mage increase than Mystic Robes.
It also gives a (hardly noticeable) increase to melee defence(10). These robes,
like Mystic, are not very useful in face-up combat. These are more useful if
there is a place to hide and/or you have Protection Prayers. The gloves and
boots are useful when used with Ahrim's Robes(see below). These robes require
50 magic and 25 defence to wear.

D. Lunar Ceremonial Robes
These robes are untradable and can only be obtained during/after the "Lunar
Diplomacy" quest. If you lose them, replacement is about as much as full
Mystic. This set includes a cape, ring, and amulet, but these three are usually
ignores because they can be replaced by something better(Glory, God Cape, Ring
of Wealth, etc.).

Overall, the stats are not very great when you are wearing the full set, if you
change a few things(ammy, cape, ring), you can have some pretty useful robes.
These robes are not very common due to the fact that not many have completed
the quest. These require 65 magic and 40 defence to wear.

E. Ahrim the Blighted's Robes
These robes are the most powerful robes currently. They give a decent melee
defence(average approx. 100), along with a great mage increase. You must
remember that this is a Barrows Armor, meaning it will decay and follow all of
the other rules Barrows' Armor has to follow(did you think the best robes in
the game were that easy to use?).These robes are very, very useful(and possibly
expensive). You can obtain them from Barrows(the chances aren't too high) or
you can buy them from other players. The full set including the staff is a bit
over 2 million gp. These robes require 70 defence, 70 magic, and 70 attack(if
you use the staff) to wear.

F. Ghostly Robes
Ghostly Robes can be obtained after Desert Treasure, and consist of hood, body,
skirt, gloves, boots, and cape. The full set gives +21 magic attack and defence
and usually is used for PKing, due to magic boosts and easy replacement. These
robes give no melee or range defence, so you can easily be killed.

What is a warrior without his weapon? what is an archer without a bow? what
would a mage be without a staff. Answer: Not really anything. The mage type
weaponry are staffs. There are different kinds with different purposes. They
are mainly used to auto-cast spells, increase your magic boost, and sometimes,
hit people with. You can set an auto-cast on the Attack Style screen. Just
choose one(make sure u have the appropriate runes) and your normal attack will
be a spell(until u run out of runes. If you run out of runes, you will have to
resort to hitting enemies with your staff(sounds like someone with a cane). 
Here are the different types of staffs:

1. Staff: This is just a normal staff with no special abilities. You can auto-
cast spells and the melee increase is weak. Not a good staff to use.
2. Elemental Staffs: These come in four kinds: air, fire, water, and earth.
They auto-cast spells and give an ulimited supply of a certain runes. These are
useful, but melee increase is weak.
3. Battlestaff: These staffs are just about the same as the normal staff, just
an added melee power. These can be used to make elemental battlestaffs.
4. Elemental Battlestaffs. These come in six types: air, fire, water, earth,
lava, and mud. Lava and Mud cannot be made. They are dropped by certain enemies
or bought from other players. These in all ways, are better than a normal staff
due to a higher mageincrease and melee increase.
5. Mystic Staffs. You can get your Elemental Battlestaffs enchanted at Thormac
the Sorceror's Tower after the "Scorpion Catcher" quest for a cheap price of
40000 coins. These are a bit stronger than battlestaffs.
6. Lava Battle/Mystic Staff: These are the same as other staffs. They just give
an unlimited supply of earth and fire runes.
7. Mud Battle/Mystic Staff: These take the place of Earth and Water runes.
8. Iban Staff: Obtained after "Underground Pass" Quest and can cast "Iban
Blast". After so many casts, you need to take it back to the well to recharge.
9. Slayer Staff: Used for the "Slayer Dart" spell. Requires 55 slayer and 50
magic to use.
10. God Staffs: These are used for God Spells. You must train youGod Spell
100 times in the Mage Arena(explained later in the guide) to use outside of the
11. Ancients' Staff: This staff's sole purpose is to auto-cast Ancient Magick
spells. Only this staff can auto-cast them. The melee increase is similar to
that of a Mystic Staff's. You can buy this from Elbis after the "Desert
Treasure" quest. 
12. Lunar Staff: A pretty useless staff, only used during the quest and to
enter Zanaris. This staff cannot auto-cast spells nor does it have a good melee
increase. Obtained after the "Lunar Diplomacy" Quest.
13. Ahrim's Staff: This staff goes with the Ahrim's Robes. It is 2-handed and
one of the strongest staffs in the game. Obtained from Barrows or bought from
other players.
14. Mage Training Arena Wands: Increase mage, You must first get Beginners,
then keep upgrading to get Master(+20 mage)

H. Other Magic Items
1. Farseer Helm: Fremennik Helm, requires completion of "Fremennik Trials",
also requires 45 def to wear, increases mage atk/def and gives slight melee
2. Magic Amulet: Increases Magic attack by 10
3. Power Amulet: Increases Magic attack and defence by 6
4. Culinaromancer's Chest gloves: increase magic attack and defence(Recipe for
Disaster Quest required to buy, untradable)
5. Glory Amulet: Magic Attack +10 and defence +3
6. Fury Amulet: Magic attack +10 and defence +15
7. God Capes(Mage Arena): Magic attack and defence +10
8. Seers' Ring(Fremennik Ring): magic attack and defence +4
9. God Books: Completed books increase stats(requires "Horror from the Deep")
10. Mages Book: Mage Training Arena, magic attack and defence +15
11. Capes: Obsidian(+9 magic def), Legends(+7 magic def), Fire(+1 atk, +11 def)
12. Wizards Mind Bomb: Temporarily increase mage by a few lvls, amount
depending on your original lvl
13. Mature Wizards Mind Bomb: Temporarily increases mage by a few lvls, 1 lvl
more than the normal Mind Bomb would.
14. Skillcape of Magic: Buy this from the robe merchant in the Wizards' Guild.
The defence matches the stats of the Obsidian Capes.

I. Useful Robe Combinations
-Nonmembers Robes
Head: Wizard Hat(preferably blue)
Amulet: Magic/Power
Cape: Any
Body: Wizard Robe Top
Weapon: Elemental Staff
Shield: None/Armored Shield
Gloves: Any
Legs: Armored Legs/Leather Chaps
Boots: Any
Ring: Any

-Experienced Mage
Head: Farseers/Lunar/Splitbark/Mystic
Amulet: Glory/Fury
Cape: God/Obsidian/Legends Cape
Body: Lunar/Splitbark/Mystic
Weapon: Mystic/Ancients/Slayer Staff
Shield: Elemental/God Book
Gloves: Lunar/Mystic/Splitbark
Legs: Lunar/Mystic/Splitbark
Boots: Lunar/Mystic/Splitbark
Ring: Any

-Master Mage(best combination)
Head: Ahrims Hood
Amulet: Glory/Fury
Cape: God/Obsidian/Legends/Fire Cape
Body: Ahrims Robetop
Weapon: Mystic/Ahrims/Ancients/Slayer Staff or Master Wand
Shield: God Book/Mages Book
Gloves: Infinity
Legs: Ahrims Robe Bottom
Boots: Infinity
Ring: Seers

-Rich Mage(to show off)
Head: Infinity Hat
Amulet: Glory/Fury
Cape: God/Obsidian/Legends/Fire Cape
Body: Infinity Robetop
Weapon: Master Wand
Shield: Mages Book
Gloves: Infinity
Legs: Infinity Robe Bottom
Boots: Infinity
Ring: Seers


A. Modern Magic
These are your normal everyday spells that everyone starts out with. There are
many different types of spells. Here are a few charts to show them all.

Home Port-Lumbridge

Battle Spells
Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Wind Strike     1 air 1 mind             1         Basic Air attack
Water Strike    1 air 1 mind 1 water     5         Basic Water Attack
Earth Strike    1 air 1 mind 2 earth     9         Basic Earth Attack
Fire Strike     2 airs 1 mind 3 fires    13        Basic Fire Attack
Wind Bolt       2 airs 1 chaos           17        Low-Leveled Air Attack
Water Bolt      2 airs 2 waters 1 chaos  23        Low-Leveled Water Attack
Earth Bolt      2 airs 3 earths 1 chaos  29        Low-Leveled Earth Attack
Fire Bolt       3 airs 4 fires 1 chaos   35        Low-Leveled Fire Attack
Wind Blast      3 airs 1 death           41        Medium-Leveled Air Attack
Water Blast     3 airs 3 waters 1 death  47        Medium-Leveled Water Attack
Earth Blast     3 airs 4 earths 1 death  53        Medium-Leveled Earth Attack
Fire Blast      4 airs 5 fires 1 death   59        Medium-Leveled Fire Attack
Wind Wave*      5 air 1 blood            62        High-Leveled Air Attack
Water Wave*     5 air 7 water 1 blood    65        High-Leveled Water Attack
Earth Wave*     5 air 7 earth 1 blood    70        High-Leveled Earth Attack
Fire Wave*      5 air 7 fire 1 blood     75        High-Leveled Fire Attack

Law Rune Spells
Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Home Teleport   None(no xp also)         1         Tele to Lumbridge(Slowly)
Varrock Tele    3 Airs 1 Fire 1 Law      25        Tele to Varrock Square
Lumbridge Tele  3 Airs 1 Earth 1 Law     31        Tele to Lumbridge Castle
Bounty Locate   1 Air 1 Fire 1 Law       32        Tele to your BH target
TelekineticGrab 1 Air 1 Law              33        Grabs an Item
Falador Tele    3 Airs 1 Water 1 Law     36        Tele to Falador
House Teleport* 1 Air 1 Earth 1 Law      40        Tele to Your House
Camelot Tele*   5 Airs 1 Law             45        Tele to Entrance of Camelot
Ardougne Tele*  2 Waters 2 Laws          51        Tele to Ardougne Marketplace
Watchtower Tele*2 Earths 2 Laws          58        Tele to Watchtower(Yanille)
Trollheim Tele* 2 Fires 2 Laws           61        Tele East of TrollStronghold
Ape Atoll Tele* 2 Fires 2 Water 2 Law    64        Tele to ApeAtoll-needsbanana
Teleoth Lumbri* 1 Laws 1 Earths 1 Souls  75        Tele Other to Lumbridge
Teleoth Falador*1 Laws 1 Waters 1 Souls  82        Tele Other to Falador
Teleoth Camelot*1 Laws 2 Souls           90        Tele Other to Camelot

Nature Rune Spells
Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
BonesToBananas  1 Nature 2 Earth 2 Water 15        Changes Held Bones-Bananas
Bind            2 Nature 3 Earth 3 Water 20        Holds Target for 5 Seconds
Low-Level Alch  1 Nature 3 Fires         21        Changes Item into Money
Superheat Item  1 Nature 4 Fires         43        Smelts Ore W/O Furnace
Snare*          3 Nature 4 Earth 4 Water 50        Holds Target for 10 Seconds
High-Level Alch 1 Nature 5 Fire          55        Changes Item to More Money
BonesToPeaches* 2 Nature 4 Earth 4 Water 60        Changes Held Bones-Peaches
Entangle*       4 Nature 5 Earth 5 Water 79        Holds Target for 15 Seconds

Stat-decreasing Spells
Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Confuse         3 Water 2 Earth 1 Body   3         Decrease Attack by 5%
Weaken          3 Water 2 Earth 1 Body   11        Decreases Str by 5%
Curse           2 Water 3 Earth 1 Body   19        Decreases Def by 5%

Cosmic Rune Spells
Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Enchant Bolts*  Varies                   4+        Adds effect to gem-bolts
Lvl-1 Enchant   1 Water 1 Cosmic         7         Enchants Sapphire Jewelry
Lvl-2 Enchant   3 Airs 1 Cosmic          27        Enchants Emerald Jewelry
Lvl-3 Enchant   5 Fires 1 Cosmic         49        Enchants Ruby Jewelry
Lvl-4 Enchant   10 Earths 1 Cosmic       57        Enchants Diamond Jewelry
Lvl-5 Enchant*  15 Earth+Water 1 Cosmic  68        Enchants D-Stone Jewelry
Lvl-6 Enchant*  15 Fire+Earth 1 Cosmic   87        Enchants Onyx Jewelry

Specialty Spells(needs staff)
Name            Runes                    Lvl       Staff
Magic Dart*     1 Death 4 Minds          50(slay55)Slayer Staff
Iban Blast*     1 Death 5 Fires          50        Iban Staff(Needs Recharge)-
SaradominStrike*2 Blood 2 Fires 4 Airs   60        Saradomin(Hurts Prayer)~
Claws of Guthix*2 Blood 4 Fires 1 Air    60        Guthix/Void(Hurts Defence)~
Zamorak Flames* 2 Blood 1 Fire 4 Airs    60        Zamorak(Hurts Magic)~

-Iban Staff N0eeds an Occasional Recharge
~God Spells Decrease Stats Depending on Damage Done

Other Spells
Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Crumble Undead  2 Earth 2 Air 1 Chaos    39        Hits Certain Monsters Only
Charge*         3 Air 3 Fire 3 Blood     80        Increases God Spell Power

*signals members-only

B. Lunar Magic(Members)
Lunar spells have ABSOLUTELY NO direct battle spells. It is only used to make
Runescape a bit easier on you, performing multiple of tasks that can be tedious
Some spells require only completing Lunar Diplomacy, but others also require
Dream Mentor. Lunar Magic Spells require astral runes, which can be runecrafted
from lvl 40 RC.

Home Port-Lunar Isle

Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Bake Pie        1Astral 5Fire 4Water     65        Cooks Pie Without Range
Cure Plant      1Astral 8Earth           66        Cures Diseased FarmingPartch
Monster Examine+1Astral 1Cosmic 1Ming    66        Shows HP, Max Hit, and Info
NPC Contact+    1Astral 1Cosmic 1Air     67        Contacts Certain NPCs
Cure Other      1Astral 1Law 10Earth     68        Cures Poison on Others
Humidify+       1Astral 3Water 1Fire     68        Fills Certain Items w/ Water
Cure Me         2Astral 1Law 2Cosmics    71        Cures Poison on Self
Hunter Kit+     2Astral 3Earth           71        Gets Many Hunter Tools
Cure Group      2Astral 2Law 2Cosmic     74        Cures Poison in 3x3 Grid
Stat Spy+       2Astral 2Cosmic 5Body    75        Look At Stats of a Player
Superglass Make 2Astral 6Fire 10Air      77        Makes Glass Without Furnace
Dream+          2Astral 1Cosmic 5Body    79        Sleep, HP Recovers Faster 
String Jewelry  2Astral 10Earth 5Water   80        Strings Jewelry w/o Wool
StatRestoreShare2Astral 10Earth 10 Water 81        Shares Certain Potions
Magic Imbue     2Astral 7Water 7Fire     82        Able to Combine Runes
Fertile Soil    3Astral 15Earth 2Natures 83        Fills Patch w/ Supercompost
Boost Pot Share 3Astral 12Earth 10Water  84        Shares Certain Potions
Plank Make+     2Astral 15Earth 1Nature  86        Logs->Planks, Reduced Price
Energy Transfer 3Astral 2Law 1Nature     91        Hurts, Transfer Spec and Run
Heal Other      3Astral 3Law 1Blood      92        Transfer HP to Another
Vengeance Other^3Astral 10Earth 2Death   93        Gives Another Vengeance
Vengeance^      4Astral 10Earth 2Death   94        Gives Self Vengeance
Heal Group      4Astral 6Law 3Blood      95        Transfer HP to 3x3 Grid
Spelbook Swap+  3Astral 2Cosmic 1Law     96        Changes Book for 1 Spell

^Vengeance reflects a large percentage of damage taken back to the inflictor
for one attack.

Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Moonclan Tele   2Astral 1Law 2Earth      69        Tele to Lunar Isle
Group Moonclan  2Astral 1Law 4Earth      70        Group Tele to Lunar Isle
Waterbirth Tele 2Astral 1Law 1Water      72        Tele to Waterbirth Isle
Group Waterbirth2Astral 1Law 5Water      73        Group Tele to WaterbirthIsle
Barbarian Tele  2Astral 2Law 3Fire       75        Tele to Barbarian Outpost
Group Barbarian 2Astral 2Law 6Fire       76        Group Tele to BarbOutpost
Khazard Tele    2Astral 2Law 4Water      78        Tele to Port Khazard
Group Khazard   2Astral 2Law 8Water      79        Group Tele to Port Khazard
FishGuild Tele  3Astral 3Law 10Water     85        Tele to Fishing Guild
Group FishGuild 3Astral 3Law 14Water     86        Group Tele to Fishing Guild
Catherby Tele   3Astral 3Law 10Water     87        Tele to Catherby
Group Catherby  3Astral 3Law 15water     88        Group Tele to Catherby
IcePlateau Tele 3Astral 3Law 8Water      89        Tele to Ice Plateau
Group IcePlateau3Astral 3Law 16Water     90        Group Tele to Ice Plateau

+Needs Dream Mentor

C. Ancient Magicks
Ancient Magicks have the most powerful Spells, that not only inflict damage,
but also have an extra effect added to them. Some Spells are multi-target,
hitting in a 3x3 grid, with your orginal target in the middle. These spells
can do intense damage, especially with multi-combat spells, but take alot of
expensive runes.

Home Port-Edgeville

Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Smoke Rush      2Death 1Fire 1Air 2Chaos 50        Poisons-Starts at 2
Shadow Rush     2Death 1Soul 1Air 2Chaos 52        Decreases Target's Atk Lvl
Blood Rush      1Blood 2Death 2Chaos     56        Heals 1/4 of Damage Done
Ice Rush        2Death 2Water 2Chaos     58        Freezes for 5 Seconds

Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Smoke Burst     2Death 2Fire 2Air 4Chaos 62        Poisons-Starts at 2
Shadow Burst    4Death 2Soul 2Air 4Chaos 64        Decreases Targets' Atk Lvls
Blood Burst     2Blood 2Death 4Chaos     68        Heals 1/4 of Damage Done
Ice Burst       2Death 4Water 4Chaos     70        Freezes for 10 Seconds

Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Smoke Blitz     2Death 2Fire 2Air 2Blood 74        Poisons-Starts at 4
Shadow Blitz    2Death 2Soul 2Air 2Blood 76        Decreases Target's Atk Lvl
Blood Blitz     4Blood 2Death            80        Heals 1/4 of Damage Done
Ice Blitz       2Death 3Water 2Blood     82        Freezes for 15 Seconds

Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Smoke Barrage   4Death 4Fire 4Air 2Blood 86        Poisons-Starts at 4
Shadow Barrage  4Death 3Soul 4Air 4Blood 88        Decreases Targets' Atk Lvls
Blood Barrage   4Blood 4Death 1Soul      92        Heals 1/4 of Damage Done
Ice Barrage     4Death 6Water 2Blood     94        Freezes for 20 Seconds

Name            Runes                    Lvl       Effect
Paddewwa Tele   2 Law 1 Air 1 Fire       54        Tele to Edgeville
Senntisten Tele 2 Law 1 Soul             60        Tele to Digsite
Kharyrll Tele   2 Law 1 Blood            66        Tele to Canifis
Lassar Tele     2 Law 4 Water            72        Tele to Ice Mountain
Dareeyak Tele   2 Law 2 Air 3 Fire       78        Tele to Wilderness Ruins
Carrallanger Tel2 Law 2 Soul             84        Tele to Wilderness Graveyard
Annakarl Tele   2 Law 2 Blood            90        Tele to Demonic Ruins
Ghorrock Tele   2 Law 8 Water            96        Tele to Ice Plateau

--------------------------------Mage Related Quests----------------------------
Certain Quests have relations to mage. Even though there are plenty, I'm only
listing the more important few.

Lunar Diplomacy: Access to Lunar Magics and 5k magic experience
Dream Mentor: Access to More Lunar Magics and 15-30k magic experience
Enakhra's Lament: 7k magic experience
The Eyes of Glouphrie: 12k magic experience
Swan Song: 15k magic experience
Watch Tower: 15250 magic experience
Desert Treasure: Ancient Magicks and 20k magic experience

----------------------------------Mage Areas-----------------------------------
Magic can be used in many places. Here are some of the places u can mage at:

A. Castle Wars
Mage can be very useful in Castle Wars. Mages can attack from the battlements
surrounding the castle. Ancient Magicks are useful due to the fact that people
may travel in large groups at times. An ice barrage followed by more would be
very useful here. Unfortunately, you may not be the only person with Ancient
Magicks, meaning you may be hit with Ancients while hitting others with
Ancients. This would be very, very bad if you don't know, so watch out.

B. Pest Control
Pest Control is a bit more recommended than Castle Wars. You don't attack real
players, meaning there are no worries about getting hit by Ancients. You can
attack down from the towers, but certain enemies can range you. Nearing the end
of the game, many enemies may gather, meaning your Ancient Magick multi-target
spells have more to hit. You can also use this place to train mage, as trading
in your points for mage experience is a great idea on higher levels.

C. Mage Training Arena
The Mage Training Arena is a way to train your mage and get some useful robes
at the same time. There are four areas to the arena, each unique. The four
areas include the Telekinetic Theater, Enchantment Chamber, Creature Graveyard,
and the Alchemist Playground. the portal leading to the rooms are labeled, so
theres no point in telling you which portal leads where. You obtain "Pizzazz
Points" to exchange for stuff at the guardian upstairs.

-Telekinetic Chamber
The Telekinetic Chamber makes you think more than the others. You have to use
the "Telekinetic Grab" spell to guide a statue through a maze. You must stand
on a side of the maze and cast your spell to pull the statue toward you. You
must move the statue to the square that looks different than the rest. Keep in
mind that when you cast the spell, the statue will keep moving unless blocked
by the wall or an obstacle. The only advice I can give is to click the
"Observe" option on the statue to get a better view. Then, think the maze
through and begin casting your spells. Each maze requires 7-10 spells, and
rewards you with 2 telekinetic pizzazz points. Every 5 mazes you complete in a
row without reseting gives you an extra 8 points, 10 law runes, and 1k magic

-Enchantment Chamber
Here is where you'd probably spend the most time if you are after the items you
can recieve from the rewards guardian. Here, you must get the shapes from the
piles to enchant and change into orbs. One shape will be the bonus, which keeps
changing and gives you 1 Encantment Pizzazz Point. Every 10 shapes you turn
turn into orbs gets you some more points. How many you get depends on what
spell was used. The lvl of the spell(1, 2, 3, etc.) is how many points
obtained. You also can pick up Dragonstones, which spawn in the room, and
enchant them for more points. The amount of points obtained is determined by
the lvl of the spell multiplied by two. After you have the orbs, you drop them
into the hole in the middle of the room. Every 20 orbs you deposit gets u 3
Blood, Death, or Cosmic runes. If you leave the room, you will not be able to
take shapes, orbs, or the stones with you, so theres no point in trying. The
only advise I can give you is to wield the staff of the other rune(s) needed
and bring Cosmics. You can either wait for the bonus to change to what u desire
or just keep enchanting. Try to get the D-Stones, as they give you more points.

-Creature Graveyard
The Creature Graveyard is the more eventful section of the mini-game. You must
pick up the bones from the piles in the room and cast "Bones to Bananas" or
"Bones to Peaches". Then you must deposit the fruit into the chutes located all
around the room. Doesn't sound very eventful? Well, the eventful part is the
fact that you will constantly be hit with 2s by falling bones. Thus, you must
eat some food. There is no way to stop this. You either eat your own food or
eat the food created by your spells. Unfortunately, if you are using the
bananas spell, you will be constantly clicking the mouse to eat them, as they
only heal 2 each. It is strongly recommended that you obtain and use the "Bones
to Peaches" spell, as peaches recover far better than bananas. Every 16 fruit
you deposit will get you 1 blood, death, nature, earth or water rune, 1
Graveyard Pizzazz Point, and bonus magic experience. The only advice there is
is to keep running and get "Bones to Peaches" if you think you may do this for
a while. You should also look at how many fruit each bone will change into,
which is displayed at the lower-right corner. Every 4 of one bone you get will
change the pile into a different bone-type. THe next bone type will be 1 better
than the previous, going up to 4, then returning to 1. I advise u get 4 of
bones 1 and 4 on your first trip, then get 4 of 2 and 3 on the next trip. This
way you get 20 fruit deposited each trip, except the occasional trip where you
have to recover health.

-Alchemists Playground
From personal experience, I have concluded this as one of the best way to get
magic experience, and that this is one of the best places to waste natures.
Here, you must use your Low and High Alchemy spells to change items into money,
which you deposit into the chute for extra magic xp. The amount of money each
item will alch into is shown in a chart in the top-right corner of the screen.
The amounts constantly change and there may be a "free-to-convert" item, which
will not take runes to alch(you will still get normal xp). The routine is basic
and simple. First, you must get the items from the cabinets all over the room.
Then, you alchemy them into money. Last, you deposit the money and get your
rewards. You will recieve Alchemist Pizzazz points depending on the amount of
money deposited. You will also be given bonus experience equal to twice the
amount of money you deposit. The last reward is money, equal to one-tenth of
the amount deposited(deposited straight into your bank when you leave the
room). You cannot take money with you in here and you cannot leave with the
items you obtain from in there nor the money obtained from alchemying. The
reason this is such a great training plce is due to the fact that you can
obtain nearly twice the possible xp per nature. For instance, you high alch an
item into 30 coins. High alch spell gives you 65 xp, and depositing the coins
gets an additional 60 xp. That's a possible 125xp per nat. Of course, this
method doesn't help you get your money's worth to buy nats(if you do).

-The Rewards
Reward                           TelePoints  EnchPoints GravPoints AlchPoints
Beginner Wand                    30          300        30         30
Apprentice Wand                  60          600        60         60
Teacher Wand                     150         1500       150        200
Master Wand                      240         2400       240        240
Infinity Hat                     350         3000       250        400
Infinity Top                     400         4000       400        450
Infinity Bottom                  450         5000       450        500
Infinity Gloves                  175         1500       175        225
Infinity Boots                   120         1200       120        120
Mage's Book                      500         6000       500        550
Bones to Peaches Spell           200         2000       200        300
Mist Rune                        1           15         1          1
Dust Rune                        1           15         1          1
Mud Rune                         1           15         1          1
Smoke Rune                       1           15         1          1
Steam Rune                       1           15         1          1
Lava Rune                        1           15         1          1
Cosmic Rune                      0           5          0          0
Chaos Rune                       0           5          1          1
Nature Rune                      0           0          1          1
Law Rune                         2           0          0          0
Death Rune                       2           20         1          1
Soul Rune                        2           25         2          2
Blood Rune                       2           25         5          2

D. Mage Arena(60 Magic required)
The Mage Arena is a place to obtain powerful "God Spells". Shouldn't be hard?
Well, it wouldn't be if the arena weren't located in high lvl(55) Wilderness.
The first part of this mini-quest is easy, but the other half may not be. Here,
I will tell you what to do to obtain the God Spells.

Now, first things first, getting the God Staff needed. You must first get into
the arena. There is a small building just above the arena, which has two
spiderwebs blocking the way. You must bring something sharp to cut through.
Then, pull the lever to get into the banking area, which isn't wilderness.
There is someone here you can talk to to access your bank and there is a magic
store. You will have to fight Kolodion, who has 5 different forms. Access your
bank and bring out your best Magical Robes along with a staff and runes for
spells. I recommend you use Death Rune spells and up, but Chaos works fine as
well. Take enough runes for about 100 casts, more if you think you need it. I
also advise you have 37 prayer for Protect From Magic. If you have a prayer
potion, bring it(only need 1 potion). I will explain a few different ways to
defeat Kolodion, depending on your conditions.

Talk to Kolodion and you will be teleported to the Mage Arena(you cannot get
attacked while fighting Kolodion. Now you will have to fight Kolodion in 5
different forms. The first, is normal him, with only 3 hp, the second, an ogre,
the third, a giant spider, the fourth, a ghost, and the fifth, a black demon.
Only Magic attacks can be used inside the arena, so Kolodion also only uses
magic. There are different things to do determined by the conditions you have.

-Without 37 prayer
This factor may make it harder for you to defeat him. You will need to bring
food(lobsters+ recommended). Cast your spells and don't let your hp fall too
low. You shouldn't have too much trouble if you brought the right equipment.

-37+ Prayer, no potion
With these conditions, you should bring a few food at least. Kill Kolodion
without prayer to start off. When he reaches his 3rd or 4th form, activate your
prayer. When you should activate is determined by your level. Hid first forms
shouldn't pose a threat, so it shouldn't be hard.

-37+ Prayer, with potion
Easiest and simplist way. Just activate your prayer, sit back, and let your
character win. Drink a dose of prayer potion if you start to run out nearing
the end of the battle.

After you have defeated Kolodion, he will teleport you back into the banking
room. After he finsihes talking, step into the pool near you to be teleported
to another room. Walk forward and you will see a staff merchant. You must pray
at one of the three statues to obtain a god cape. After you have a cape, go
back to the staff merchant and he will give you a staff corresponding to the
cape you obtained. This staff is free. If you want the others, you will have to
buy them from him for 80k ea. You also can only have 1 of the 3 god capes at
any time. When you are done, head back to the banking room.

After this, you have completed the easy half. The 2nd half will be alot harder.
You currently are only able to cast the spells inside the arena. When you have
cast them 100 times in there, you will be able to cast them elsewhere. Not
hard? It wouldn't be if the arena itself is a wilderness region.

To get into the arena, pull the lever to be teleported back outside of the bank
room. Then slash through the 2 webs(if not already). You should see more webs,
blocking a small room with a knife and a lever in it. You must pull the lever
to be teleported into the arena. After coming in, you will be on the outside
perimeter of the arena. You should see a bridge leading into the middle, along
with many mages in there. You can only use magic attacks here. This arena is
not multicombat, so you cannot be teamed on. While you are inside the arena
training your spell, the mages of the gods you arent wielding the equipment of
will attack you. Mages of the god you wield the equipment of will not attack
you unless you attack them. Cast your spell 100 times and a message will tell
you that you are enperienced enough to cast the spell away from the arena.

*Watch out for Pkers while training your spell
*God Spells have a max hit of 20 and require 2 blood runes.
*Slayer Dart requires 1 death and has max of 19
*God spells aren't worth the trouble of getting bloods unless you cast "Charge"
*"Charge" spell raises the max hit of God Spells to 30 for a few minutes(7)

E. Wizards' Guild
This place is for experienced mages, so you cannot enter unless you have a lvl
of 66(or 63 with Mind Bomb). The place is a large building located in Yanille.
This place has a few interesting features:

-The Basement
Here you will find caged zombies. You can range/mage them all you want, but
keep in mind, you cannot enter to retrieve your rewards/arrows. You can bring
Telekinetic Grab runes if you think you may need them.

-The Ground Floor
Nothing interesting here. There are a few wizards wandering around, along with
Sedridor, who will teleport you to the rune essence mine. This is the fastest
place to mine essence.

-The Second Floor
The shops are loated at this floor. There is a Robe Merchant who will sell
Blue/White Mystic Robes and the Magic Cape of Achievement. There is also a rune
store owner, with many runes in stock. This may be a good place to buy some
runes that aren't easily obtained elsewhere. There are also a few wizards
wandering the floor, if you want to kill them.

-The Top Floor
A few wizards wander around here, along with a few portals leading to different
places. The eastern portal leads to the Wizards' Tower south of Draynor. The
southern portal leads to the Dark Wizards' Tower, west of Falador. The western
portal leads to Thormac the Sorcerers Tower, southwest of Seers' Village. You
should also remember that the portals are 1-way, so dont look for a return
trip if you're expecting one!

Thats all there is to the Wizards' Guild. Have fun!

----------------------------------Mage Pure------------------------------------
Since magic is a very useful skill, it's pretty obvious that includes PKing, or
player killing. Most Mage Pures have high mage, no attack, no strength, a
decent hitpoints level, and possibly some defence. Here are two examples:
----------------------Example 1-----------------------Example 2----------------
Attack                    1                               1
Strength                  1                               1
Defence                   1                               20
Hitpoints                 25                              35
Magic                     60                              60

The first example is a full mage. He has no defence and can possibly be easily
killed, due to the fact of no armor. But this type of mage can keep combat low
by sacrificing defence. Which means, his combat can match those of some of the
weaker-levels. Which means, since mage can hit hard, they may not need to take
a hit, thus, destroying the need for armor. Someone with this setup will only
wear normal robes of some sort, blue wizard,zamarok robes, priest robes, etc.
Unfortunately, killing some of the stronger enemies may be hard with this, due
to the fact that if melee pures get a hit on you, it may hurt quite alot.

The second example, on the other hand, has defence. This type is used to PK
some stronger enemies, due to the fact you can have armor. The other reason to
increase defence would be to wear certain members-only robes, Mystic, Splitbark
and the others. This setup is a bit easier to PK with, but it also increases
combat a few levels. Those with this setup, and if a member, may wear Full
Mystic, Splitbark, or Infinity. Some may use Lunar Armor due to it's decent
melee defence. Those with this setup and are not a member may wear a Wizard
Hat, a Wizard Robe Top, and Platelegs(due to the fact bottoms are actually
skirts purchased at Varrock Clothes Store for no other reason but the looks).

With both of these setups, needs a shield of some sort. Members may use Prayer-
Books, melee shields(which decrease mage attack), a Mage's Book(very useful),
or other things to help them get a bit of bonus. Nonmembers will have to resort
to melee shields or the Anti-Dragon Shield, which does not decrease mage
attack bonus.

A. Basic Magic

The strategy when using a mage pure is to get things finished from a distance.
On melee enemies, you can use of the holding spells(bind for example), and then
attack from a distance. It is advised you recast a holding spell every now and
then to make sure your foe will not break free and run away/attack you. Members
can cast "Teleblock", at lvl 85 magic, which stops the foe from teleporting
away. If you're not a member, your foes may teleport away, but some may not.
when a ranger is near, you will need a different strategy. Even if you use a
spell to hold them, they can still attack you. Due to the fact that mage armor
is sometimes weak against range, this may cuase a big problem. Your options are
(1) send a holding spell to stop them from following and then run, or (2) stand
and fight anyway. The reason why not to do this is because range armor is very
resistant to mage, and it's recommended you wear melee armor fighting them to
decrease damage. It is in these situations that Example 2 are useful. If you
choose to stand and fight, just hope for the best.

B. Lunar Magic(Members)

This form of magic will not be able to kill anyone while Pking. This is more
useful in a large group of PKers, whereas, it can support the team. Sharing
your life and potions with your teammates can support them, and the "Vengeanse"
spell can give your team an overall boost. Splitting your special attack energy
may give your team enough of a boost to get the kill!

C. Ancient Magicks(Members)

This is possibly the most useful of the magicks in Pking. The devastating ice
attacks freeze your enemies AND inflicts devastating amounts of damage. The
problem with using this type of magic is due to the fact that it has no
Teleblock spell, meaning the ooponent cant teleport away. There are a few ways
to attemp to get by this. Some people will keep their life semi-low to attract
a Pker to attack them. With Ancient Magicks and the element of surprise, you
can kill them quickly and unsuspectingly. Another attaempt would be in a multi-
combat zone with a person who has normal magic with the ability to cast
Teleblock. All you have to do is get your partner to Teleblock the enemy and
you can do the rest. The reason Ancients are so useful is the fact that some
ice spells hit multiple enemies, meaning you can get a large amount of kills
with just a few attacks. Some groups may pack all of the members into a few
squares to make it look like there isnt alot of people. This is effectively
using the element of surprise, but if it's a muti-combat zone and there's a
Pker with Ancient Magicks....it may not be too pretty for them. when Pking with
Ancients, you will have no choice but to carry a large amount of runes due to
the large amounts needed to cast a spell. The downside, is your enemy: the
archers. They will do alot of damage on you, even with ancients, so watch out
when you're fighting them.

That's about all you need to know. Have fun Pking!

---------------------------------Leveling Up-----------------------------------
These are a few ways you can level up your magic. These are just suggestions so
it's best to find what works best for you.

-Starting Off

Level 1- Not many choices, either use Wind Strike or do a few quests. A few
easy quests give a low amount of magic xp, so you may want to do those. This
includes quests such as "Witch's Potion" or "Imp Catcher."

Level 9-You can start training with with Earth Strike. I do not recommend Fire
Attacks for training due to the need for the extra airs, which may waste time.

Level 17-You can start training with Wind Bolt, but I do not recommend this
unless you have the money to buy Chaos Runes, as making them is a pain. If you
do train with Chaos spells, I recommend waiting til you are able to cast Earth
or Fire Bolt.

Level 19-You can start training with Curse. It is recommended you cast in a
location you cannot be attacked in. Once an enemy has been hit by this spell,
you cannot cast the spell on him/her until later on. The Barbarian Longhall is
a good place, as you can hide behind tables/chairs, and the barbarians are
constantly killed, meaning not much waiting will occur.

-Becoming an Accomplished Mage
*Somewhere along these levels, it is highly advised you get strong mage robes

Level 41-You can start training with Death Rune spells, but I don't recommend
this unless you have tons of cash to burn, as making them takes a long time and
they aren't one of the cheaper runes. If you do train with Deaths, I suggest
waiting until you can cast earth or fire.

Level 45-Camelot Teleport is a great spell to train with, as it is the spell
that gives the most xp per law. You can do Law Running to get laws to use, and
then just keep teleporting for xp.

Level 50-You can use Magic Dart(lvl 55 Slayer) to train Slayer or go to Barrows
and try to profit there. I recommend this spell more than using the Blast
spells, as this spell is powerful and can be a money-maker.

Level 55-High Level Alchemy is one of the best ways to get xp. You can use this
spell to make money, train mage, or do both at the same time. Alch stuff for
cash if you think you should. Go to the Mage Training Arena if you have alot of
Natures to burn. Make and alch Steel Plates or other things for money and xp.

-Going Further
*If you have the stats and money, get Ahrims if you want it.

Level 50+-If you have completed "Desert Treasure", Ancients can be used for
training. I do not recommend you train with this unless you use the multi-
target spells at places like Castle Wars or Pest Control, to get your money's
worth, as these spells can be expensive.

Level 62-You can start training with Blood Runes, but unless you have alot of
money, don't do this. If you do train on Bloods, wait until you can cast Fire.

Level 65+-You can start training with Lunar Magicks, but they don't give much
xp, so I don't recommend it. It's your choice if you want to. If you do, keep a
stock of Astrals in your bank.

Level 75-If you have the money, buy Soul Runes and Teleother your friends. You
can also do this at later lvls, when you can Teleother Falador/Camelot.

-Other Possible Ways
*Casting "Charge" gives good xp, but only do it if you dont mind using Bloods
*High Level curse spells can be used, but the cost per spell may bother you

*Jagex for making the game(and for a bit of info in the knowledge base).
*Gamefaqs for hosting the site.
*Runehq for a decent amount of useful information.
*Zybez for some great info.

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use. It may not be placed anywhere else except on Gamefaqs. Violating this, is
a violation of copyright.

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