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Advanced Quests Guide by zeroknightxz

Version: 1.7C | Updated: 08/02/07

__________                      _________                            
\______   \__ __  ____   ____  /   _____/ ____ _____  ______   ____  
 |       _/  |  \/    \_/ __ \ \_____  \_/ ___\\__  \ \____ \_/ __ \ 
 |    |   \  |  /   |  \  ___/ /        \  \___ / __ \|  |_> >  ___/ 
 |____|_  /____/|___|  /\___  >_______  /\___  >____  /   __/ \___  >
        \/           \/     \/        \/     \/     \/|__|        \/ 


Advanced Quests Guide
Written by ZeroKnightXZ



Runescape is an online MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) 
created by Jagex Ltd. and Paul and Andrew Gower. In this game, your dealing 
with kicking monster ass, medieval questing, raising levels of skills such 
as farming and combat, and making friends while having a good time.

Quests are a major part of Runescape. There are about 36 quests for Non-
Members, and over 90 for members (and counting)! Quest’s will test your 
skills and your knowledge of Runescape. Can you help King Arthur recover the 
Holy Grail, or find buried treasure in the deep parts of the Shanty Desert? 
How about taking the challenge and help Sir Ramidus Erkle and become an 
honorary member of the Legend's Guild?

This guide will help you on really hard quests (also some quests that have 
not been accounted for in the other Quest Guide on GameFaqs). The easy ones, 
well, you can figure them out yourself or go to a site like Rune 

                          Happy Questing!


| Table of Contents |

i. Introduction
I. Version Updates
II. Quest List
III. Difference Between F2P and P2P
IV. The Quest's

The order of the quest guide will be: ASCII Artwork, Introduction of the 
quest, Requirements, Walkthrough, and then the Reward.


 a. Legend's        (Lg)
 b. Regicide        (Rc)
 c. Monkey Madness  (MM)
 d. Roving Elves    (Rv)
 e. Swan Song       (SS)
 f. King’s Ransom   (KR)
    Knight Wave’s Training Grounds 

V. FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
VI. Ending Credits and Legal


-Version Updates-

7.25.06 - 1.0 Started Guide. Started most of the misc. stuff on the Table
              of Contents.

7.27.06 - 1.0 Finished Legends and Monkey Madness sections.

8.12.06 - 1.0 Finished Regicide sections.

8.20.06 - 1.1 Deleted Desert Treasure and Roving Elves, due to losing
              members and not completing the quests.

8.25.06 - 1.1 Given to Defcon999 for repairs.

8.25.06 - 1.1 Accepted into GameFAQS.

8.26.06 - 1.2 Fixed line breaks, a few typos, and version. Resubmitted.

8.28.06 - 1.3 DSL down so can’t go on the internet. Added some headings for
              the quests. Added FAQ’s and Version Updates (>.<). Legal added
              to VI.

10.1.06 - 1.4 Started a quest guide for Roving Elves. Proofread parts of the
              guide for the first time [LOL]. Don’t expect Roving Elves to 
              be finished quickly...

6.24.07 – 1.5 Renewed membership and have started playing RuneScape again.

7.17.07 – 1.5 Finished Roving Elves and Swan Song quests in-game.

7.23.07 – 1.5 Started quest guides for Roving Elves and Swan Song. 

7.26.07 – 1.6K
		  Finished the new quest, King’s Ransom in-game.

7.27.07 – 1.7C
Finished the Quest Guides for Roving Elves and Swan Song.

7.27.07 – 1.7C
Started and Finished Quest Guide for the new released quest, 
King’s Ransom and also the Knight Wave’s Training Ground.

7.31.07 – 1.7C
Revised, edited, and changed some parts of this guide (none of   
the quests section) Deleted some filler/useless stuff.


-Quest List-

Non - Members:

Black Knight's Fortress
Cook's Assistant
Demon Slayer
Doric's Quest
Dragon Slayer
Ernest the Chicken
Goblin Diplomacy
Imp Catcher
Knight's Sword The
Pirate's Treasure
Prince Ali Rescue
Restless Ghost, The
Romeo and Juliet
Rune Mysteries Quest
Sheep Shearer
Shield of Arrav
Vampire Slayer
Witch's Potion


Animal Magnetism
Another Slice of H.A.M.
Between a Rock...
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Black Knights' Fortress
Cabin Fever
Clock Tower
Cold War
Cook's Assistant
Creature Of Fenkenstrain
Darkness Of Hallowvale
Death Plateau
Death to the Dorgeshuun
Demon Slayer
Desert Treasure
Devious Minds
Dig Site, The
Doric's Quest
Dragon Slayer
Dream Mentor
Druidic Ritual
Dwarf Cannon
Eadgar's Ruse
Eagles' Peak
Elemental Workshop I
Elemental Workshop II
Enakhra's Lament
Enlightened Journey
Ernest the Chicken
Eyes Of Glouphrie, The
A Fairy Tale Part I
A Fairy Tale Part II
Family Crest
Feud, The
Fight Arena
Fishing Contest
Forgettable Tale...
Fremennik Isles, The
Fremennik Trials, The
Garden of Tranquility
Gertrude's Cat
Ghosts Ahoy
Giant Dwarf, The
Goblin Diplomacy
Golem, The
Grand Tree, The
Great Brain Robbery, The
Grim Tales
Hand In The Sand, The
Haunted Mine
Hazeel Cult
Heroes Quest
Holy Grail
Horror from the Deep
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Imp Catcher
In Aid of the Myreque
In Search of the Myreque
Jungle Potion
King’s Ransom
The Knight's Sword
Legends Quest
Lost City
Lost Tribe, The
Lunar Diplomacy
Making History
Merlin's Crystal
Monk's Friend
Monkey Madness
Mountain Daughter
Mourning's Ends Part I
Mourning's Ends Part II
Murder Mystery
My Arm's Big Adventure
Nature Spirit
Observatory Quest
Olaf's Quest
One Small Favour
Pirate's Treasure
Plague City
Priest in Peril
Prince Ali Rescue
Rag and Bone Man
Rat Catchers
Recipe for Disaster
Recruitment Drive
Restless Ghost, The
Romeo and Juliet
Roving Elves
Royal Trouble
Rum Deal
Rune Mysteries Quest
Scorpion Catcher
Sea Slug
Shades of Mort'ton
Shadow of the Storm
Sheep Herder
Sheep Shearer
Shield of Arrav
Shilo Village
Slug Menace
Soul's Bane, A
Spirits of the Elid
Swan Song
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
Tail Of Two Cats, A
Tears of Guthix
Temple of Ikov
Throne of Miscellania
Tourist Trap, The
Tower of Life
Tree Gnome Village
Tribal Totem
Troll Romance
Troll Stronghold
Underground Pass
Vampire Slayer
Watch Tower
Waterfall Quest
What Lies Below
Witch's House
Witch's Potion
Zogre Flesh Eaters

-Difference Between F2P and P2P-

First off, F2p(Non-Members) stands for Free-2- Play while P2p (Members) 
means Pay- 2- Play. F2p is the free version of Runescape and P2p is the 
version where you pay $5 a month to play.

F2p is a limited version of the game that has less quest than members and 
skills you can‘t use. F2p do NOT get big updates like new skills, but if 
you're a member, you will have weekly updates and rarely, new skills.

The quest list for Members is pretty long, while non members list is short.
Plus the extra skills will help boost up your total level. Then there is the
extra places you can go to that non- members can't. Members have a wider map 
of Runescape and extra levels in the wilderness. This helps you not get 
bored too easily and have places to explore.

Non members don't have lots of monsters to chose from, maybe 50 or so, while
members have over 300! This helps train your combat without having to kill
lesser demons, and Giants.

So the difference? LOTS more stuff to do on members and updates while having 
a limited selection to do on non members with almost no updates. That's 
pretty good for only $60 a year.


-The Quests-


.____                                    .___      
|    |    ____   ____   ____   ____    __| _/______
|    |  _/ __ \ / ___\_/ __ \ /    \  / __ |/  ___/
|    |__\  ___// /_/  >  ___/|   |  \/ /_/ |\___ \ 
|_______ \___  >___  / \___  >___|  /\____ /____  >
        \/   \/_____/      \/     \/      \/    \/ 


Accept the challenge of the Legends Guild to map the Southern part of 
Karamja Island, make friends with the natives and bring back a prize to 
display in the Legends Guild Main Hall.

Requirements  (Lg)

The requirements for the Legends Quest :

Quest to be Beaten:

1. Hereo's Quest
2. Family Crest
3. Underground Pass
4. Shilo Village
5. Waterfall quest

Also have at least 107 Quest Points.

Stat Requirements:

1. 56 Magic
2. 50 Strength
3. 50 Thieving
4. 50 Crafting
5. 50 Wood Cutting
6. 50 Smithing
7. 52 Mining
8. 45 Herblore
9. 50 Agillity
10. 42 Prayer

And the power to kill 3 level 92's, 100's, 106's, and 3 level 187 demons.

Item's Required for Quest:

1. 1 Soul, 1 Mind, 1 Earth, 2 Laws ( SMELL )
2. Runes to cast any Charge Orb Spell + Unpowered Orb
3. AT LEAST 2 Gold Bars but more helps
4. 1 of each: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Jade, Opal, Red Topaz
5. Pickaxe, Hammer
6. Vial of Water
7. Lock pick
8. Charcoal
9. Prayer Potions

Helpful Items:
Stat restore pots, Silverlight/ Darklight, Vials, Teleportation Runes or 
Glory or Duel

Items in Inventory at ALL TIMES:
Rune axe, Armor, Food, Machete, Radimus Note's, food, and prayer pots 


Walkthrough  (Lg)

1. Start the quest by talking to the guards in front of the Legends Guild in
North-East East Ardougne (Note that they won't let you pass the gate if you 
don t have the minimum requirements). Go through the gates and don't try to 
get through those doors and be an idiot, because they won't let you in.

Go to the little house just outside the doors of the Guild and talk to Sir
Radimus Erkle. Talk to him about the quest and he will tell you to do 3 
things for him. He will give you Radimus Notes. Search the cupboard for a 
machete if you don't have one and take 2 or 3 papyrus that spawns on the 
table while your at it.

2. Go south of Shilo Village and talk to one of the foresters. Then cut your
way through some of the bushes and trees until you are in the Khazari 
Jungle. There are enemies in here but only the level 64 wolves attack you 

No go to the Western, Eastern, and Middle parts of the jungle and map them 
by clicking on your Radimus Notes (you might run out of Papyrus if you mess 
up so you might want to bring more than 3).

3. Once your done mapping get out of there and talk to the forester. He is
impressed and gives you a Bull Roarer.

Go back into the jungle and swing your new item (note some monsters might 
come to attack you) until a native named Gujuo appears. If you accept the 
right things to say, he will eventually be your friend.  He tells you he 
needs help to rescue Ungadulu from a demon.

4. Follow the North wall of the Khazari Jungle until you see some rocks in a
triangle formation. Search it and accept to squeeze through the rocks. There
isn't a 100% chance of getting in on the first try and can hurt you.

5. Once your in the cavern, look around and you will see a wall of flames. 
Talk to Ungadulu and he tells you that only Holy Water from the Khazari 
Jungle itself can eliminate the flames.

Get back to the surface and call Gujuo.

6. Gujuo tells you that only metal of the sun can hold the Holy Water and 
give you a sketch of what the bowl should look like.

Now go get 2 gold bars or more, hammer, and the sketch and find an anvil. 
The nearest one is near Tai Bwo Wanni Village. If you fail, you will lose 2 
gold bars.

7.  Now take your bull roarer, a lock pick,  pickaxe, the golden bowl, the
SMELL runes, the 7 jewelry gems, a hatchet, machete, and the map. Armor, 
food, prayer potions, and stat restore potions are helpful.

Go back to the jungle and call for Gojuo. You can enchant the bowl but will
need 42 prayer. When your ready to bless the bowl you will start singing and 
if you fail lose some prayer points (you cannot attempt this again if you 
have less than 42 prayer).

Once you have the blessed bowl, head towards the middle of the Khazari 
Jungle until you find a small pond. Cut a water reed with your machete and 
use the cut reed with the pond. You will get a bowl full of Holy Water. Go 
back to the cavern with Ungadulu and use the Holy Water bowl with the 
flames. (you can search the desk for a Shaman's Tomb book but doesn't really 

8. Talk to Ungadulu. He talks funny and will throw you out of the flames
reducing some of your stats.

Search the north-east book shelf and squeeze through it. You will find your
self in a small cave with an Ancient Gate. Use your lock pick on the gate 
and it will open (note that your lock pick might break). Smash the three 
boulders with your pickaxe (if you fail to demolish the boulder, you will 
lose about 2 mining levels and you need at least 52 mining to break through 
the rocks). Once your through the boulders, push the next gate open (you 
need at least 50 strength).

9. Now you will be in a room with a whole mess of Deathwings level 83. Pass
through them and go south-west until your in a hallway and there is a north-
west path. Pass the obstacle and you will find a room with a marked wall on 
one of the sides, search it. It tells you a riddle and use the SMELL runes 
with the wall and you will find yourself in a room with 7 pools with a 
stalagmites in the middle of them. Use your gems in all of the 7 pools until 
they all fit (you will know when the gems fit when they appear on the 
stalagmite). When they are correctly placed you will be teleported to the 
middle of the room and little white balls will come toward the front of you 
and make a book called the Book of Binding. Grab it and read it.

The book tells you how to defeat a demon with Enchanted Holy Water Vials. 
These potions don't really help but here's how you make them:

On the last page of the Book of Binding, it says “Activus”. Make sure you 
have empty vials while doing this. When you click “Activus” , it asks you 
how many vials you'd like to enchant. But be careful! Enchanting 1 vial 
consumes 5 prayer and 4 magic levels! When you have the enchanted vials, you 
have to go to the spring of Holy Water and use your reed with the pond to 
get the water into your Golden Bowl. Then use your Golden Bowl with the 
enchanted vials to get Enchanted vials of Holy Water. When your fighting the 
demon, just wield them for your weapon spot, and throw them at the ugly 

10.  Now go get your weapon and the holy vials if you wish, and  prayer 
potions (REALLY helpful) if you want, and go back to Ungadulu. Get ready to 
fight a level 187 demon. Equip whatever weapon you prefer and talk to 
Ungadulu. The demon appears and might drain all your prayer so drink a 
prayer pot and put on Protection from Melee.

Once you kill the demon, talk to Undagulu again and he will give you Yomie 
Tree seeds. He will put a spell on you so you could get out of the wall of 
fire. Go back to the surface and go to the pond. The pond is muddy and can t 
get Holy Water from it. Call Gujuo and he tells you you need to get to the 
source to get more Holy Water. But to get to the source you will need to 
make a Bravery Potion.

To make a Bravery Potion you need the following ingredients:

1 Snake Weed - SW of Tai Bwo
1 Ardrigal - Search the palm trees NE of Tai Bwo
Use the Snake weed and then the Ardrigal to make the potion.

11. Now bring your bravery potion, lock pick, rope, pickaxe, unpowered orb, 
the spells to cast a charge orb spell, and the 3 items you need to get into 
Khazari Jungle.

Go back to the room with the gems and the pools. Go to the north wall and 
use the spell on the door. It will let you in. You will see a winch but 
before using your rope on it to get down, DRINK YOUR BRAVERY POTION! If you 
forget your rope, some barrels contain one or may contain enemies or 

11. Take the blue hat near the entrance and it will appear into a ghost 
named Viyeldi. Go down the weird stairs and go through the agility 
obstacles.  Kill the 3 ghost warriors named San Tojalon (level 106), Ivrig 
Senay (level 100), and Ranalph Devere (level 92) to get 3 crystals.  Go to 
the NE wall and use the crystals on the lava furnace to make a heart shaped 

Find the rock that looks like a dragon eye on your map and can search it and
search it. Use your crystal on it and it will begin to glow.

12. Go to the SE corner and use the crystal on the little key slot. The 
crystal will fit perfectly. Go through the Shimmering Wall. Go west past the 
lessers try to push the boulder. A ghost will appear and tells you to kill 
Vydeli with a black dagger. Now you have two options:

Go to the blue hat and attack and kill Vydeli. Go back to the boulder and 
use the black dagger with the ghost.  Then push the boulder and another 
level 187 demon will appear.

OR If you want to use a spell that will weaken the demon, go back to 
Undagulu and use the black dagger with him. He will give you the Holy Force 
Spell that will weaken the demon. If you want, you could go bank for more 
food and come back but you will need the charged orb runes.

When you finish slaughtering the demon again, push the boulder until it says
you can get the Holy Water from the surface again. Refill your blessed bowl 
and use it with the yomie seeds to germinate them. You can get water from 
the surface now if you forgot your bowl.

13. Now get your rune hatchet, bull roarer, Blessed bowl with holy water in 
it, and germinated yomie seeds. Bull roar for Gujuo and he will tell you to
germinate the seeds. You already have them so just look for a brown spot 
with fertile soil and use your seeds with the soil.

A tree will start to grow and when it turns into a young tree use water on 
it and it will turn into an adult tree. You need to cut it down before it 
hit's the floor. Keep cutting the tree until you have a totem pole. Beware 
that the totem pole is so heavy you may lose strength levels!

14. Now get ready for the final 4 battles. Go to a dark totem pole and use 
your totem pole on it and the 3 ghost warriors will appear one at a time. 
Kick there ass and then the 3rd and final demon will appear. Kill him and 
bull roar for Gujuo. He will give you a golden totem pole.

15. Go back the Legend's Guild and talk to Sir Radimus Erkle. He tells you 
to come in to the guild. Go inside the guild and talk to him. He tells you 
to choose 4 stats to be trained in...

Quest Complete!

Reward  (Lg)

Now for your reward:

1. Lots of EXP in 4 chosen stats of any out of the 23
2. Access to the Legends Guild
3. The ability to wield one of the strongest shields in RuneScape, the 
Dragon Sq Shield and wield the only white cape in RuneScape, the Legends 
4. Access to the Stores and Bank in the Guild, the Guild Store has stocks of 
the Shield Right Half of a Dragon Square Shield, Mithril Seeds, Maze Key, 
Dusty Keys, Silverlight (might be more). There is also a General Store.
Right half.
5. 4 QPS


__________              .__       .__    .___      
\______   \ ____   ____ |__| ____ |__| __| _/____  
 |       _// __ \ / ___\|  |/ ___\|  |/ __ |/ __ \ 
 |    |   \  ___// /_/  >  \  \___|  / /_/ \  ___/ 
 |____|_  /\___  >___  /|__|\___  >__\____ |\___  >
        \/     \/_____/         \/        \/    \/ 



Continuing the Plague City series, the Regicide Quest takes you beyond the
'Well of Voyage' to a new realm.

King Lathas will employ you once again, this time for the grim task of 
deposing his brother.

Once you have travelled to the realm you will find yourself surrounded by 
new and strange plants, animals and even a new race.

Once there, you will see that everything is not as serene as it first 

Requirements  (Rc)


53-56 Agility (53 with agility potion)
43 Prayer (Not required to start the Quest but recommended)


Underground Pass


1. Antiposin (4) x 2
2. Spade, Pot, Pestle and Mortar
3. Limestone
4. Rope
5. Food/ Prayer potions/ Armour
6. Bow and Arrow
7. 4 Balls of wool

Walkthrough   (Rc)

1. After you have completed the  Underground Pass , a message will be sent 
to you from one of King Lathas's men. Read it and go back to King Lathas.

2. Start the quest by talking to King Lathas. He will tell you that the 
mages have finished their portal to the Elven Land, Isadafar.

3. Head back to the Underground Pass and go through the whole thing. Once at
the gate to the arena where you fight Iban, you'll see those needles popping
out  of the ground. Don't worry, once you open the gate the needles and Iban
will disappear. A portal, some mages, and the helper will be replaced. Enter
the portal and you will be taken to Isadafar. Walk a little up to the path 
and an elf will appear, will shortly get ass kicked by two Crystal Rangers.

4. Follow the path up a little more to find a Leaf Trap (if you fall down 
the trap you will get hit 15). Use the jump leaves option and follow up the 
path until the path is curved north. A wall of trees will block the west 
side but there is a stick trap (will hurt you by 8 damage if you get hit) 
that you can go through to get to the other side. Use the pass sticks option 
and continue north until you hit water and a log you can cross hitting a 
leaf trap on the way.

5. Cross the log to get into Lord Iorweths camp. Talk to Iorweth and he will
tell you to search for his tracker in Isadafar somewhere.

6. Cross the log back and go down all the south (passing the leaf trap) 
until you see a Elf Tracker. Talk to him and say you were sent by Lord 
Iorweth. He won't believe you so go back to Lord Iorweth. He will then give 
you a pendant. Go back to the tracker and talk to him. He tells you to 
search for the Tyras camp. Go a little north near some dense trees to find 
footprints. Search them and then go back to the tracker.

When your ready to fight a level 110 Guard, go past the 3 dense forests near
the footsteps. Kick his ass and then go up the path where there are 2 Trip 
wire traps that is hardly visible. If you don't successfully go past it, you 
will be hit by 2 arrows doing 5 damage each and poison  you.  Go up a little 
more until there is a clearing and then go south through the dense forest. 
You will be at Tyras camp. Talk to General Hining. If your low on health or 
like to buy a halberd, bronze from rune (you can get Dragon after the quest 
is finished) go to the general store there. Go back to the tracker and talk 
to him. Next go back to Lord Iowerth. He will give you a Big Book of Bangs.

7. To make the bomb, you'll need the following items:

1. Sulfur - You can find this south of the Elf Tracker. Use it with a pestle
and mortar to get a powder.

2. Quicklime - You can mine limestone by going back to before the stick trap
and going north past the bridge. Go east of the gigantic gate and you'll
meet some Dire Wolves and a Leaf trap. Once you have found the location of 
the Limestone rocks, mine it and go back to Tyras camp.

Get a pot from the camp and then use the limestone on the furnace (it can 
hurt you by 8 damage) to get quicklime. Then use the quicklime on a pestle 
and mortar to get a powder.

3. Naphtha - get a Barrel from the Tyras camp then use it on the swamp south 
of the tracker to get coal tar, then teleport to Falador and put the barrel 
and some Coal in your inventory (10-20 pieces depending on how well you can
distill). Go to the Rimmington Chemist that was in the Biohazard quest. 
Distill the coal tar by putting the Coal tar in the distiller then adding 
Coal (see instructions below). You want your heat in the red/green areas and 
pressure in the green area. Once you have filled the green 'distilled' bar 
then exit it then you will have naphtha.

How to Distill:
First, Use the tar-filled barrel with the distiller. Then click the right 
side of the valve to the right twice, so the tar should be flowing at 
maximum. You should see the 'pressure' indicator on the left go up. When the 
indicator reaches the green region, click the right side of the valve on the 
left to let out pressure. This should stall the indicator on the left. Now 
you can start adding coal. This will raise the indicator on the right. If 
it's below the green region, add more coal. If it's above, don't add add 
coal until it gets lower. The bar on the bottom will start turning green, 
when it's full you can stop adding coal and close the window on the top 
right to get your distilled tar.

(text on “How to Distill” and how to get the Naphtha was taken from Rune 

8. Use the Quicklime powder with the Naphtha barrel and then with the sulfur
powder. Go back to Isadafar with a hatchet, tinderbox, and 4 balls of wool. 
Go to Iorewths camp and use the wool with the loom to get a cloth. Use the 
cloth with the barrel to get a highly explosive bomb!

9. Go kill a rabbit and cook it with a fire. Use the cooked meat with the 
guy near the catapult near Tyras camp so he will let you use it. Use the 
bomb with the catapult and & BAM! You just blew the Tyras asses.  Go back to 
Iowreth and talk to him.  He tells you well done and go talk to King Lathas 
to claim your reward.

10. Go back to Ardougne and at the steps to the castle -- 

******************!!SPOILER BELOW!!***********************

An elf will appear and tell you that King Lathas and Lord Iowreths joining 
wasn't just to destroy Tyras& it was only the beginning.

11. Talk to King Lathas to claim your reward!


Reward  (Rc)

1. 3 QPS
2. 15k
3. Wield/Buy Dragon Halberd



   _____                 __                 
  /     \   ____   ____ |  | __ ____ ___.__.
 /  \ /  \ /  _ \ /    \|  |/ // __ <   |  |
/    Y    (  <_> )   |  \    <\  ___/\___  |
\____|__  /\____/|___|  /__|_ \\___  > ____|
        \/            \/     \/    \/\/  

                       _____              .___                           
                      /     \ _____     __| _/____   ____   ______ ______
                     /  \ /  \\__  \   / __ |/    \_/ __ \ /  ___//  ___/
                    /    Y    \/ __ \_/ /_/ |   |  \  ___/ \___ \ \___ \ 
                    \____|__  (____  /\____ |___|  /\___  >____  >____  >
                             \/     \/      \/    \/     \/     \/     \/ 


Monkey Madness

The King of the northern Gnomes, Narnode Shareen, is once again in need of 
your help. He recently decided to send an envoy of his Royal Guard, the 10th 
squad, to oversee the decommissioning of the Gnome owned ship-building 
facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja.

It has been quite some time since the 10th squad were dispatched and they 
have been deemed missing in action.

Can you unravel the mystery behind the deception? Can you separate the truth
from the lies? Can you decide for yourself what is real and what is not?


Requirements  (MM)

Here are the requirements for Monkey Madness:

Quest to be Beaten:
1. The Grand Tree
2. Tree Gnome Village

Stat Requirements:
1. Ability to defeat a level 195 Jungle Demon
2. 43 Prayer is a BIG help

1. Gold bar
2. Ball of wool
3. Monkey bones
4. About 5-15 Anti poison potions
5. Teleportation to Al Kahrid (Ring of Dueling/ Glory)
6. Food and Prayer potions
7. Armor to kill the level 195 demon and run through high level monsters.


Walkthrough   (MM)

1. Start the quest by talking to King Narnode at the Grand Tree. He has a 
new quest for you and the traitor Glough was replaced. He gives you a scroll 
that you must give to the King's Royal Guard.

2. Go to the very top floor and take the glider to Karajma.
Go to the nearby shipyard and talk to G.L.O Caranock. He tells you the ship
might have been blown of its course.

Go back to King Narnode and tell him what Caranock thinks. He will send you 
to talk to Daero on the floor with the bar. He takes you to a hangar 

3. Once in the hangar and the two gnomes are finished talking, talk to Daero
and ask why the gliders are folded. He tells you that they're locked.

4. Go to the control panel to start a puzzle that will open up the gliders 
when finished. For this part, you can pay 200k for a free ride. If you wish 
to, find Glough on the tree house SE of the grand tree entrance. The answer 
to the puzzle is in a nearby crate of the starting panel.

5. Once your finished, exit the puzzle page and the room will begin to shake 
if the puzzle is correct. The gliders unfold while the room shakes.

6. You land on an island and you see the crashed glider of the 10th squad. 
Talk to Lumdo and tell him to bring you to Ape Toll. He doesn't listen to 
you. Talk to the pilot of your glider and he orders Lumdo  to take you.

7. Head NW and keep going north (put on Ranged Prayer when the walls start 
to close in) until your shot down by some monkey archers. You will be locked 
up with some of the members of the 10th squad. Drink some of your anti-
poison  and eat some food if your injured then picklock the door when the 
guard is in the switching room with the other monkey in the room and run to 
the west of the jail into the tall grass where Karam is near. (Be warned, if 
your near the rails of the prison, you will be attacked by the monkey 

8. Talk to Karam. There is a temple to recharge your prayer near Karam if 
you need to heal prayer, but there are a lot of level 167 monkeys in there 
so put on protection from melee if planning to heal prayer there. To go on 
to the next step you must speak to the sergeant. The sergeant is SE of the 
temple. Do NOT go around the east side of the temple, go directly south of 
Karam until your south of the temple and then go east. Talk to the sergeant 
and he says you must make an alliance with the Monkey King. He tells you to 
talk to Zooknock.

9. Go to the house south of the statue in the middle of the city and don't 
run that long. You could only stay in the brown part of the house. You must 
enter the house from the back. Search the crates near the trapdoor but don't 
go to near the trap door. You find some monkey dentures. Search the SE crate 
and answer yes to the options. You will land on an underground cavern. 
Search the crates on the NE part of the cave and you'll find a M'Amulet 

10.Teleport to al-kahrid. Go heal your prayer if needed at the altar in the
dueling ring. Store all your armor and weapons and wear armor and weapons 
that increase prayer. For your inventory, take 6 energy potions, 4 anti 
poison potions, 4-6 prayer pots, gold bar, M'Amulet mould, food, and monkey 

11. Go to the glider in al kahrid, go the grand tree, talk to Daero, go to 
the hangar, talk to Lumdo, and then take the boat to Ape Toll. Head west of 
the boat until you see a dungeon sign. Go down and turn on protection from 
melee. Put on run and run like hell! Drink anti poison potions when your 
poisoned, prayer potions when low on prayer, drink energy potions when low 
on running, and eat food if your low on health. Go all the way until the end 
and see 3 gnomes. Talk to Zooknock. He tells you to make the things you 
need, you will need monkey dentures, gold bar, the mould, monkey bones or 
corpse, and a monkey talisman. Use the dentures, gold bar, and the mould to 
make a green bar.

12. Go back to al kahrid. Bring good armor food and weapons, the green bar, 
the amulet, ball of wool, and 4 anti poison potions. Restore your prayer and 
then take the route back to Ape Toll. Get shot down, go to the temple, climb 
down the trapdoor, and then put on protection from melee. Use the gold bar 
on the Wall of Flames and then use the ball of wool with the new item. Go 
back upstairs and teleport back to al kahrid.

13. Heal your prayer, wear your armor and weapon and the monkey amulet, and
take 4 anti- poison potions.

14. Go back to Ape Toll and get shotdown, escape the prison, go to Karam, 
and then go back to the house where you got the dentures. Search the SW 
crates and take 4-6 bananas. Go to the house west of the prison and you will 
see a little alley where there is an entrance to the yard of a house. On the 
yard is a monkey child. And also an aunt passing through every now and then. 
DO NOT let the aunt see you so stay in the alley way when she is coming your 
way. Talk to the monkey child and say you're his uncle. Say the right things 
to get into the next step. He says he need 20 bananas. Talk to him again and 
give him the bananas and tell him they are twenty since he doesn't know how 
to count. He gives you a monkey talisman.

15. Go back to al kahrid and recharge your prayer. Wield armor to increase
prayer and get all the items you needed to get through the tunnel plus the
talisman and monkey remains. Go back to Ape Toll and go through the exact 
same tunnel in step 11. Talk to Zooknock and give him the remains and the 
talisman to get a Monkey Gregree.

16. Teleport back to Al kahrid. Recharge prayer and wield your armor and 
weapon and wielding the monkey amulet. Bring food 4 anti poison potions and 
the monkey gregree. Go back to Ape Toll.

17. You will not be attacked by the monkeys on the island if you wield the
gregree so wear it at all times! Go NW and go through the gate where you
usually get shoot down and go through. Go to the sergeant and talk to him. 
Then talk to the Elder Guard. He wont let you in. Go back to the gate and go 
to the cliff on the north side. Go up the ladder and talk to Kruk. He takes 
you to the king. Ask the king for alliance. He tells you to rescue a monkey 
from Ardougne Zoo.

18. Go back to al kahrid and take the monkey gregree with you to the zoo. 
Wield the gregree and talk to the Monkey Minder. Talk to one of the monkeys 
and convince her to come with you. WALK to the grand tree while the monkey 
is in your inventory. Go back to Ape Toll and show the monkey to the king. 
He will think about the alliance. Talk to the sergeant to get a 10th squad 
or else you will be teleported to the Jungle Demon unprepared!

19. Go back to Al Kahrid and recharge prayer and take teleport runes and at
least 2 prayer potions (more or less if you think you can take him) and 
food. If your planing to range the demon, take at least Green dragon hide 
armor and at least a yew bow with Mithirl arrows +. Another way is to use a 
cannon which is really useful.

Melee is not suggested since he can blow off 30’s with melee and magic. When 
your ready, wield the Sigli and the screen will start shaking. You will be 
teleported to an arena of some kind. The gnome sergeant and his crew will be 
there to help you, but not much. Put on protection from magic when you are  
there, hide on the side of the gigantic statue and kick his ass.

20. Once he is killed, talk to the Gnome that has the arrow pointing at him. 
Go back to The Grand Tree and talk to the king. 

Quest Complete!

Talk to Dareo for the training.

Reward  (MM)

1. Ability to wield Dragon Scimitar
2. 10k GP
3. 3 cut Diamonds
4. 3 QPS
5. Training in strength and hit points OR in attack and defense. 20k in the
choice you didn't choose and 35k for the set you did choose (ex. You chose 
Strength and Hits, you will gain 35k in those skills and 20k exp for Attack 
and Defense).



__________            .__                
\______   \ _______  _|__| ____    ____  
 |       _//  _ \  \/ /  |/    \  / ___\ 
 |    |   (  <_> )   /|  |   |  \/ /_/  >
 |____|_  /\____/ \_/ |__|___|  /\___  / 
        \/                    \//_____/  
				\_   _____/|  |___  __ ____   ______
				 |    __)_ |  |\  \/ // __ \ /  ___/
				 |        \|  |_\   /\  ___/ \___ \ 
				/_______  /|____/\_/  \___  >____  >
  				\/                \/     \/ 


Roving Elves

Deep in the elven forests of Isafdar, live a duo of roving elves: Islwyn a 
grumpy, old elf who dislikes humans and his companion Eluned who is a 
beautiful, friendly, young female elf with a kind heart. 
In this quest you are challenged to overcome Islwyn's prejudice against 
humans and alleviate the burdens of the past.

Requirements  (Rv)

Quest to be beaten:
-Waterfall Quest

Stat Requirements:
-56 Agility (optional)
-43 Prayer (optional but highly recommended)
Ability to defeat a level 84 Moss Giant UNARMED.

-Glarial’s Amulet
-Glarial’s Pebble
-Agility, Strength, and Prayer potions; Ardogune Teleport x3; Food (all 

Walkthrough   (Rv)

Note: For saving quest time, please use Runehq.com’s Isadfar city guide.

1.To start this quest, search the fire remains east of the bridge that leads 
to the Iowerian Elves Camp past the stick trap or near the Magic Trees 
area(refer to map [look for a quest sign]). It will say that the fire is 
warm and that some people may have been hear. You have now started Roving 
Elves. If they are there, talk to Iswlyn and then Eleund, when talking to 
her, tell her the truth (there will be an option). They will tell you to go 
to Glarial’s tomb and recover an elven seed.

2. Now teleport to Ardogune, deposit all your weapon and armor, get some 
food and some potions if you wish, and lastly, get your Glarial’s Pebble. If 
you do not have it, go to the Gnome Stronghold and go to the cave where the 
Dungeon sign is. Talk to Golrie to get your pebble back if you lost it. Go 
to the Tomb and then use your pebble with it. You will now be inside 
Glarial’s Tomb. First, if you have lost your Glarial Amulet, go search the 
Tomb to get it back. Now kill the Moss Giant. The Moss Giant is pretty 
strong and come sometimes hit through your prayer, but prayer still helps. 
Eat when needed and when you kill it, take the Consecration seed.

3. Go back to Iswlyn and Eluend and then talk to Eleund. She will sing in a 
different language to the seed and then she will give it back to you and 
tell you to bring it to Glarial’s Tomb. Go back to Ardogune and get 
Glarial’s Amulet, a rope, and a spade.

4. Now go back to Ardogune and then to the Raft behind the house on the hill 
next to the Waterfall. Take the raft down stream until you crash. Now use 
your rope with the rock on the other side of the river. Make sure you do not 
click “Swim-To” or you will most likely fall down the Waterfall and then 
your going to have to walk back there. Now use your rope on the “Dead Tree”. 
You will fall down next to the barrel. Wield your Glarial Amulet and then 
enter the door. If you do not wear the amulet before entering, you will fall 
down the ledge onto the bankment of the waterfall. When you enter, go to the 
West room with all the Skeletons and search the Crates. You’ll find a key, 
now go to the most Eastern room with the Fire Giants. The next door after 
that will be locked and the next one too, use the key on both of the doors. 
When you get to the top of the mound like hill, “Dig” with your spade and 
you will plant your Consecration Seed. It will grow then disappear, don’t 
worry about this.

5. Now go back to Eleund and Iswlyn and talk to them and tell them what 

Quest Complete! 

Reward  (Rv)

1. 1/2 charges of a Crystal Bow (50 agility, 70 range required) or Crystal   
   Shield (50 agility, 70 Defence required)
2. 10K Strength Exp
3. 1 QPs  


  _________                          _________                      
 /   _____/_  _  _______    ____    /   _____/ ____   ____    ____  
 \_____  \\ \/ \/ /\__  \  /    \   \_____  \ /  _ \ /    \  / ___\ 
 /        \\     /  / __ \|   |  \  /        (  <_> )   |  \/ /_/  >
/_______  / \/\_/  (____  /___|  / /_______  /\____/|___|  /\___  / 
        \/              \/     \/          \/            \//_____/  


Swan Song

Out on the edge of the known world, the Piscatoris Fishing Colony stands on 
the brink of disaster. Angry sea trolls are emerging from the sea and 
attacking the colonists, preventing them from harvesting the valuable 
monkfish that live in those waters. A highly experienced adventurer will be 
needed to drive back the trolls for good. 
The Colony's director, Herman Caranos, has a particular adventurer in mind: 
the notoriously amoral Wise Old Man of Draynor Village (allegations of his 
involvement in a spectacular bank robbery have never been substantiated). If 
you're in the mood for a bit of combat, jump on the boat on the west side of 
the Gnome Stronghold, speak to the Colony's director and prepare to fight 
alongside the Wise Old Man as he embarks on his final adventure - his swan 

Requirements  (SS)

Quest to be beaten:
-One Small Favour
-Garden of Tranquility
-At least 100 QUEST POINTS.

Stat Requirements:
-40 Crafting
-42 Firemaking
-45 Smithing
-62 Fishing
-62 Cooking
-66 Magic or 63 is you use a Wizard’s Mind Bomb.
-43 Prayer Highly Recommended

-10 Mist Runes
-10 Lava Runes
-5 Blood Runes
-50 GP or Ring of Charos(a)
-5 Iron Bars
-Pot Lid
-Brown Apron
-Amulet of Glory (1+) (optional)
-Prayer Potion x1 (optional)
-Strength or Super Strength Potions (optional)
-Teleport Runes to Ardogune x2, Falador x1, and Watchtower x1 (optional)

Required Items That Are Obtainable During Quest:
-1 Log with Woodcutting Axe
-7 Regular Bones

Walkthrough   (SS)

1. You can start this quest by talking Herman Caranos near the hole that 
lets you enter the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. To get there, talk to Kathy 
Corkat next to the small boat northwest of the outside fence to the Tree 
Gnome Village. She will take you up the river for 50 GP or you can [Charm] 
her with your Ring of Charos (a). When you arrive, Herman will be close by. 
Talk to him and he will talk about Sea Troll’s attacking the Colony. He will 
say that he hears that brave adventurers that kill Sea Trolls. If you have 
the required requirements, then you will be able to accept the quest.

2. After accepting the quest, he will tell you to fetch The Wise Old Man. 
Herman says that he was once a strong and brave adventurer. Rub your amulet 
to teleport to Draynor or walk there. Once you talk to him, he will agree to 
do the quest as his “Swan Song” as he calls it, but he will need 10 Mist 
Runes, 10 Lava Runes, and 5 Blood Runes. After you give him the runes, go 
back to the entrance to the colony where he will be. Before going back, 
prepare to fight 10 Level 79 Sea Trolls leaving 7 extra space for the bones. 
Also, bring the 5 iron bars and a tinderbox, bring a Hammer if you wish but 
it is obtainable during the quest.

3. After a short talk, you both go under the hole, and when you are about to 
enter the colony, the Wise Old Man sense that something is coming. Kill the 
10 Sea Trolls and pick up 7 of there bones for a part for the quest. The 
Wise Old Man will help you kill the trolls but only for a little while, then 
he will only do 1-2 damage every hit. Once that is done, enter the Colony. 

4. Once you are inside the Colony, head Northeast to Herman Carano’s office 
area. Talk to him and you will ask about a reward, he will make you help out 
the Colony though, as he and the Wise Old Man plan.

5. First talk Franklin near the entrance of the Colony. He will ask you to 
repair the broken wall on the east side of the Colony. You will have to make 
5 iron sheets. If you do not already have a log, go take the axe next to the 
crates and then cut down a dead tree right outside the Colony walls. Then go 
back into the building North a bit of Franklin. Go to the back of the Metal 
Press machine and then put the log into the burner thingamajig. Then use the 
iron bars on the press. Repair the fence and then talk to Franklin.

6. Next, go talk to Arnold in the General Store and Bank building. He will 
want you to fish 5 Fresh Monkfish. He will give you a small fishing net and 
then start to fish in the Northwest fishing area. While fishing, you will be 
attacked by various level Sea Trolls that get stronger after killing the 
previous one. The 5 Fresh Monkfish will take a while. When you get them, 
cook them in the house South of Arnold and then give him the 5 cooked Fresh 

7. After those two tasks are done, go and talk to Herman, you will ask about 
your reward but he will need you to get an army to fight off the trolls. Now 
go to the Magic Guild in Yanille and go down to the basement. Talk to 
Frumscone and ask about using his Zombie Skeletons as an army for the 
Colony. He will refuse but says that the Necromancer could help you out. 
Talk to Malignius Mortifier South of Falador and ask him about an army. He 
will give you Bone Seeds if you give him the required items. Get your Brown 
Apron and Pot with a Pot Lid and then go to the Crafting Guild. Talk to the 
Master Crafter that seems middle aged, not the oldest or the youngest one, 
he will talk like a surfer kind of. ---Before doing the next part, go to the 
Bank and get all of your equipment ready to defeat a level 170 Sea Troll 
Queen including a prayer potion and food or you will have to suffer a walk 
back to the Colony--- Ask him about Bone Seeds and he will say you need a 
Pot and Pot Lid to hold them. When you have the items go back and talk to 
Malignius and he will give you Bone Seeds, he will then teleport you back to 
the Colony.

Tip’s to defeat the Queen:
1. Wear Armor and a strong weapon and kill the Queen with melee while using 
Protection Against Magic.

2. Wear Dragon Hide armor and then kill her with a strong weapon using 
Protection Against Melee instead of Magic.

3. Use Range or Magic to kill her. (I wouldn’t recommend)

8. Talk to the Wise Old Man when you are ready, a cut-scene will play. The 
pot is open and some Skeletal Mages appear and kill off the Troll pawns, 
then a Sea Troll General will appear. The Wise Old Man kills it off with 
Saradoim Strike hitting 40’s and with his spear. After the fight, the Sea 
Troll Queen will appear and knock out The Wise Old Man, the cut-scene will 
stop and then you will have to kill off the Queen. Turn on Protection 
against Magic or Melee, use a Strength potion if you wish and then kill her 

9. After she is killed, talk to Herman Caranos in his office to finish the 
quest. You will ask for the Wise Old Man’s Party Hat for a reward but he 
teleports before you are able to nag him any longer =p. 

Quest Complete!

Reward  (SS)

1. 10K Fishing Exp
2. 10K Prayer Exp
3. 15k Magic Exp
4. 25K
5. Access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and ability to fish Monkfish.
6. 2 QPs


____  __.__                      
|    |/ _|__| ____    ____‘ ______
|      < |  |/    \  / ___\/  ___/
|    |  \|  |   |  \/ /_/  >___ \ 
|____|__ \__|___|  /\___  /____  >
        \/       \//_____/     \/ 
			\______   \_____    ____   __________   _____  
			 |       _/\__  \  /    \ /  ___/  _ \ /     \ 
			 |    |   \ / __ \|   |  \\___ (  <_> )  Y Y  \
			 |____|_  /(____  /___|  /____  >____/|__|_|  /
			        \/      \/     \/     \/            \/ 
Have fun. Don´t forget to bookmark this website :)

King’s Ransom

Life has been quiet at the Sinclair Mansion since you discovered the 
murderer... too quiet. So quiet, in fact, that the family has gone!  
Suspicions are running high that the Sinclairs' recent departure is tied to 
the disappearance of King Arthur and his knights. But time is running short 
and clues are scarce, will you crack the case in time?

Requirements  (KR)

Quests to be Beaten:
-Murder Mystery
-Holy Grail
-Merlin’s Crystal
-Black Knight’s Fortress
-One Small Favour

Stat Requirements:
-45 Magic
-65 Defense 

-Full Black Armor w/o kite, trimmed armor also works.
-Any piece of granite (i.e. Granite (2Kg), Granite Shield, etc)
-Bronze Med
-Iron Med
-Falador Teleport, Ardogune Teleport, Camelot Teleport (optional)

Walkthrough   (KR)

1. Start this quest by talking to the Gossip outside the Sinclair’s Mansion. 
He will tell you that the Sinclair’s have all disappeared, along with them, 
King Arthur and the Knight’s of the Round Table. Now talk to the guard, and 
he will ask you to investigate the house. Talk to the Gossip again and ask 
him about the Sinclair’s. Now equip your black armor and break the window 
next to the Dog gate and Pierre.

2. Go to the Living Room area and go next to the fireplace and pick up the 
scrap paper on the floor. Now go upstairs and take the Address paper on the 
table in the center room. Then search the bookcase right next to the table 
to find a Black Full Helm. Go back to the guard and tell him about your 
evidence. You will find out that Anna was taken into custody in the Jail 
House next to Seer’s Bank. Go there and talk to the Guard and ask him if you 
could talk to Anna, he will say yes. Talk to Anna and she will say that she 
was framed. She will tell you how to get into Camelot (King Arthur’s Castle) 
if you find evidence showing her innocence. Go back to the Mansion and talk 
to Pierre, Hobbes, the Maid, the Butler, and the Handyman. Ask them all the 
questions given and remember the evidence that shows Anna’s innocence. Once 
you’ve think you’ve gotten enough evidence proving Anna’s innocence, go back 
to the Jail house and go downstairs. 

3. They’re will be a jury, a judge, a prosecutor, and you and Anna. Talk to 
the Judge who you would like to bring to the stand. If you remembered all 
the good evidence and the people who say that, choose them and ask them the 
question you remembered that was good eveidence. If you get enough un-guilty 
evidence over guilty, Anna will be free and she will tell you how to get 
into Camelot. If you want to leave the courtroom before finishing the 
testimony, exit the gate.

4. Anna will tell you that there is a Statue that you could move to get into 
the castle, it is on the other side of the castle (heading to Catherby) 
along the hedges. When you enter the castle, there will be a cut-scene with 
Morgan Le Faye, and Anna. It was a trap and you will then be sent to the 
Knights in a jail. Talk to Merlin and ask him about King Arthur, and the 
Holy Grail. Once you’ve finished talking to him about everything, “Reach” 
for the Vent near the rear of the Jail room. The guards will all gather and 
make a pyramid for Merlin to get out. (If you want, you can go to all of the 
Knights and ask them for anything they have in there pocket, I got a cooked 
Shark from doing this) Now use your lockpick on the Metal Gate and a tumbler 
will open up. There will be a little box to the Left that will show 4 dots, 
above that will be the key. Green means right number and tumbler, Blue means 
1 tumbler or number is right, but the other isn’t, Red means the tumbler and 
number is wrong. Keep trying the lock and changing the numbers and the 
tumbler until you get them all Green. 

5. After opening the lock, you will find your self in Morgan Le Faye’s 
castle. You will see the Knights fighting off the guards, head to the top 
floor. Click on the Table with all the boxes and choose the circular purple 
box near the second most right box. Click on it and then you will get the 
Holy Grail. Now teleport to Ardogune and talk to Wizard Comptry in the most 
Northwest building. Talk to him and ask him about King Arthur being turned 
to granite. He will give you an Animate Rock Spell and tell you that you 
will need a piece of Granite in your inventory to free him. 

6. Now go to the Black Knights Fortress. While wielding a Bronze Med and 
Iron chain, enter the Fortress and then try to push the wall. A guard will 
come and say you can’t go through there, kill the guard and then enter the 
wall. Go downstairs and then you will find King Arthur. Use the Spell on him 
and then he will be freed, he will also take the Iron chain and Bronze Med. 
He will tell you to go back to Camelot to claim your Reward. Teleport to 
Camelot and then enter the castle. Talk to King Arthur and he will give you 
your reward.

Quest Complete!

Reward  (KR)

-33K Defense Exp
-Lamp that gives 5K exp to any skill over 50.
-Access to Knight Wave’s Training Grounds.
-1 QP

Knight Wave’s Training Grounds     

This will be accessible after completing King’s Ransom.

The Knight Wave’s Training Grounds is located on the top floor of Camelot on 
upon completing quest King’s Ransom. Talk to Merlin and he will tell you 
that if you successfully kill all the Knight’s of the Round Table, you will 
be given 20K exp in ALL of your combat skills (Hitpoints, Attack, Strength, 
Ranged, Prayer, and Magic), also, the ability to use the new Prayers (with 
the accurate prayer levels). There is a magical spell placed on the room so 
that you cannot use Prayer, Magic, or Range during the time you enter the 
room. There are approximately 8 Knights that will start at around level 110, 
and they will gain 2 Levels each as you progress. Also, these Knights will 
decrease one of your skills: Attack, Strength, or Defense level every time 
by around 5 each time you are hit with damage. If you die, you will not lose 
anything and you will be teleported outside the room by Merlin. It is 
recommended that you bring a DDS (not as a main weapon, but use of it’s 
special), food (Monkfish+ depending on your hitpoints level and how fast you 
will be able to kill the Knights), good armor and a good weapon, Restore 
potions (highly recommended, no use for Super Restore since Prayer is no 
use), [Super] Attack potions, and [Super] Strength Potions. Also, a combat 
level of 90+ with AT LEAST 75 strength, 70 defense, and 70 attack.

You need to have level 60 and 70 Prayer to use the new Prayers.

- 60 Chivalry – Adds +20% to your Defence, +18% to your Strength and +15% to 
		    your Attack

- 70 Piety    - Adds +25% to your Defence, +23% to your Strength and +20% to 
		    your Attack.

V. FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

|Legend’s Quest|

Q. I used up all of my Yomie seeds! How can I get more?!

A. Go back to the rock triangle cavern and talk to Undagula.


Q. I haven’t gotten a message yet. When will I?

A. Wait for a few hours/minutes, or talk to King Lathas.

Q. When will I be able to buy a Dragon Halberd.

A. You can buy it from the shop in Tyras Camp if it is in stock for 275K or 
buy it from another player after you finish the quest.

|Monkey Madness|

Q. I lost the sigli/ talisman/ gregree! How do I get another one?!

A. To get them back, you have to do the same steps as getting it for the 
   first time.

|Roving Elves|

None at the moment.

|Swan Song|

Q. What will happen if I use the Bone Seed jar while not doing the quest?

A. The Skeletal Mages will appear and do an emote then disinagrate. 

Q. He’ll come I can’t use the Bank at the Piscatoris Fishing Colony?

A. If you talk to Arnold, he’ll tell you that it is not safe to be using 
bank transactions and that he will let you use his facilities after you save 
the Colony.

|King’s Ransom|

Q. Do I really need Full Black Armor?

A. Yes, you need these to brake into the Mansion.

Q. I keep trying to open the Metal Door, but nothing happens!

A. You need to have a Lock pick in your inventory. You could buy one at 
   Rouge’s Den.

VI. Ending Credits and Legal

Thanks GameFaqs and CJayC for hosting my guide, Rune HQ and tip.it for there 
great RuneScape database, and Jagex Ltd. for creating this great game and 

I would also like to thank “http://www.network-science.de/ascii/” for there 
great ASCII generator and Defcon999 for fixing some irregular items in my 


This FAQ should ONLY be hosted on the websites I have given confirmation to. 
This file should not be hosted on any other site (without permission from 
author) and may NOT be sold for profit or gain in any circumstance. You can 
contact me at the address above if you have any questions concerning the FAQ 
and the legal.

Permitted websites:

Thanks! (c) Copyright 2006-2007 Paul Ngo (ZeroKnightXZ)


Introduction of quests were taken from the official “RuneScape.com”
Quest list was taken from RuneHQ.com.

Happy Questing!

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