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RuneCrafting Guide by Alain1233

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/03/06

RuneScape Runecrafting Guide
PLatform: Online Only/Web

Author: Alain1232
Copyright: 2006 Alain1232
Email/MSN Address: alainguides@googlemail.com


- Introduction to Runecrafting
- Rune Mysteries Quest
- Rune Essence
- Altars
- Talismans and Tiaras
- Runes 
- Combination Runes
- The Abyss
- Pouches
- Runners and Runecrafting teams
- How to Level Up Runecrafting
- How to make money from Runecrafting
- Credits
- Legal Stuff

==Introduction to Runecrafting==

Runecrafting is one of the best skills on RuneScape, as it allows you to craft
your own runes, which can be used to train your magic and at high levels, it 
can be a big money maker. It can be used by members or F2Pers. This guide will 
explain how to start runecrafting and give tips on how to train it and use it. 

==Rune Mysteries Quest==

To start runecrafting, you need to complete the rune mysteries quest. 
Fortunately it is one of the easiest quests on RuneScape and can be completed 
in under 15 minutes. You don't need any skills or items to do this quest, so it 
is a great quest for beginners.

1) Talk to Duke Horacio in Lumbridge Castle (Lumbridge Castle is right next to 
where you
first start the game). Go up the stairs to the 2nd floor and he should be in 
one of the rooms. He'll give you an air talisman and tell you to take it to the 
Head Wizard at the Wizards Tower. 
2) Walk south-west of Lumbridge, until you come to a long stone path, which 
goes over the water and leads to the Wizards Tower. If you open the World map, 
this should be easy to spot.
When there, climb down the ladder and then enter the room and talk to Wizard 
Sedridor. He'll give you a package to take to Aubury in Varrock. 
3) Take the package to Varrock Magic Shop, which is directly south of Varrock 
East Bank. Inside, talk to Aubury twice and he'll give you some research notes. 
4) Take the research notes back to Sedridor in the Wizards Tower and you've 
completed the quest.

You will be given an air talisman as a reward. 

==Rune Essence==

To craft runes, you need some rune essence. This can be easily mined from the 
rune essence. To get there, you need to go through one of 5 portals. They are 
in the following locations.

- Wizard Sedridor at the bottom of Wizards Tower (F2P)
- Aubury in Varrock Magic Shop (Closest to bank for F2P)
- Wizard Crompety north-east of the market place in East Ardougne (Members only)
- Wizard Distentior in the Magic Guild in Yanille (closest to a bank, Members 
- Gnome Brimstail in a cave in the Tree Gnome Stronghold (Members only)

They will all teleport you into the rune essence, where you will see some big 
rocks. You can mine rune essence from them at a fairly fast rate. With a rune 
pickaxe at the magic guild, its possible to mine 1k rune essence per hour.
Taking pouches into the rune essence mine also cuts the time taken to mine ess.

***New Rune Essence mine***
There is a new rune essence mine underground in the north-eastern part of
Moonclan Island if you've got to a certain part of the Lunar Diplomacy quest.
However, to get to this mine, you have to run past some high-lvl monsters that
can freeze you temporarily and this mine is further from the bank than the 
others so its not useful for fast ess mining.

But, however as of 20 April 2006, there are now two types of rune essence. 
Regular rune essence can now only be mined on F2P worlds, unless you have below
lvl 30 mining and are on a members server. 
However, regular rune essence can now only be used to craft the 6 F2P runes.
- Air
- Mind
- Water
- Earth
- Fire
- Body

In order to craft the higher level runes, such as chaos, nature, law and death, 
you now need pure essence. This pure essence can only be mined on member's 
servers and you must have lvl 30 mining or above to mine it.

If you don't feel like spending lots of time mining your own essence, you can 
buy regular essence from other players for 20-30ea. Pure essence can be bought 
for 95-120ea. 
The best place to buy regular ess is Varrock West Bank on world 1. 
For pure ess, the official forums would be the best bet.


To use the rune essence and craft it into runes, you need to go to the correct
altar for the type of rune that you wish to craft. The altars are in the 
following locations:

Air Altar - South of Falador
Mind Altar - North of Goblin Village and Ice Mountain
Water Altar - Lumbridge Swamps
Earth Altar - North-east of Varrock
Fire Altar - Al Kharid desert near the Duel Arena
Body Altar - south of the monastery close to the Barbarian Village
Cosmic Altar - Southern part of Zanaris (must have completed Lost City quest) 
*Members Only*
Chaos Altar - Lvl 9 wilderness north of Varrock *Members Only*
Nature Altar - in Karamja jungle, north of Shilo Village *Members Only*
Law Altar - north of the church on Entrana (must complete Troll Stronghold 
quest) *Members Only*
Death Altar - at the end of the light temple (must complete Mournings End 
part 2 quest) *Members Only*

Tip: If you can't find the altar, use the locate option on your talisman to 
give you directions

==Talismans and Tiaras==

To get into the altars, you need a talisman or a tiara. You need the correct 
type of talisman or tiara for the altar you wish to enter. Below are the ways 
to obtain the different types of talismans

Air - Given at end of Rune Mysteries Quest. Dropped by goblins and wizards

Mind - Dropped by imps, wizards and dark wizards

Water - Dropped by wizards and dark wizards

Earth - Dropped by men, women, wizards, dark wizards, Al Kharid Warriors, 
Rogues, Lesser Demons and Greater Demons

Fire - Dropped by wizards, skeletons and dark wizards

Body - Dropped by guards, wizards, dark wizards and giants

Cosmic - Given by Mysterious Old Men. Dropped by Lesser Demons. Can be found 
in caskets from big-net fishing. 

Chaos - Dropped by Hobgoblins, Skeletons, Ice Warriors, Shadow Warriors, 
Black Knights, Lesser Demons, Hill Giants, Fire Giants and Moss Giants

Nature - Dropped by Hobgoblins, Jogres, Moss Giants, Green Dragons and random 
event Zombies

Law - Given at end of Troll Stronghold quest

Death - Given at end of Mournings End Part 2 quest, Dropped by Dark Beasts 
(lvl 90 slayer required to fight these)

Elemental* - Dropped by the monsters inside the abyss

*Elemental talismans can be used to enter all of the elemental altars ie.
air, fire, water, earth

***Best way to get all talismans***
Fighting monsters inside the abyss is the best way to collect talismans
as they drop all talismans except law and death at a fairly common rate.

Blood and Soul talismans will be released in the future. These two links on 
the official RS website show evidence of what the talismans will look like


Also, you receive this message upon achieving lvl 77 runecrafting.


You receive the following message upon achieving lvl 90 runecrafting.


Obviously, all talismans cosmic and below on the above list are members only. 

It is also possible to make talismans into tiaras. These can be worn on your 
head and still allow access to the the relevant altar. These save one inventory 
space, which means you can carry more essence with you. 
First, you need to make a tiara using a silver bar and a tiara mould at a 
furnace. You need lvl 23 crafting to make a tiara. If you don't have that level,
just give someone the raw materials and ask them to make it for you.

Now to enchant the tiara, you need to take the tiara and the correct talisman 
to the altar that you want your tiara to work for. When inside, use your 
talisman on the altar and providing that your tiara is in your inventory, 
it should bind with the talisman to create the tiara that you wanted.


These are the levels that you can make certain runes at and the xp you get 
from crafting them.

Air Runes = Lvl 1, 5 xp per essence
Mind Runes = Lvl 2, 5.5xp per essence
Water Runes = Lvl 5, 6 xp per essence
Earth Runes = Lvl 9, 6.5xp per essence
Fire Runes = Lvl 14, 7 xp per essence
Body Runes = Lvl 20, 7.5xp per essence
Cosmic Runes = Lvl 27, 8 xp per essence
Chaos Runes = Lvl 35, 8.5xp per essence
Astral Runes = Lvl 40, 8.7xp per essence
Nature Runes = Lvl 44, 9 xp per essence
Law Runes = Lvl 54, 9.5xp per essence
Death Runes = Lvl 65, 10 xp per essence

*Future Craftable Runes*
These have not been released yet, but will be in the future.
Blood Runes = Lvl 77
Soul Runes = Lvl 90

Evidence of Blood Runes being at lvl 77:

Evidence of Soul Runes being at lvl 90:

At higher lvls, you can make multiple runes per essence!!! This hugely speeds up
the process of crafting runes, as you can get a lot more from 1 trip the altar. 
The table below shows how many runes per essence you can craft at different 

|        | 1x | 2x | 3x | 4x | 5x | 6x | 7x | 8x | 9x | 10x|
| Air    |  1 | 11 | 22 | 33 | 44 | 55 | 66 | 77 | 88 | 99 |
| Mind   |  2 | 14 | 28 | 42 | 56 | 70 | 84 | 98 |    |    |
| Water  |  5 | 19 | 38 | 57 | 76 | 95 |    |    |    |    |
| Earth  |  9 | 26 | 52 | 78 |    |    |    |    |    |    |
| Fire   | 14 | 35 | 70 |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
| Body   | 20 | 46 | 92 |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
| Cosmic | 27 | 59 |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
| Chaos  | 35 | 74 |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
| Astral | 40 | 82 |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
| Nature | 44 | 91 |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
| Law    | 54 |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
| Death  | 65 |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |

==Combination Runes==

These are special runes that can act as two different types of runes at the same
time. However they are a lot harder to craft than regular runes, as you need
two talismans to craft these. One to get into the altar and another to craft
combination runes instead of regular ones. To make matters worse, you only get
50% of the combination runes back and one of the talismans breaks every time.

These are the different types of combination runes and the levels that they can
be crafted at:

Mist Runes = Lvl 6, Air/Water combined
Dust Runes = Lvl 10, Air/Earth combined
Mud Runes = Lvl 13, Water/Earth combined
Smoke Runes = Lvl 15, Fire/Air combined
Steam Runes = Lvl 19, Fire/Water combined
Lava Runes = Lvl 23, Fire/Earth combined

e.g. to craft mist runes, you'd take either a water talisman and ess to the air
altar or an air talisman and ess to the water altar. 

There is a way to craft combination runes with 100% success and this is to use a
binding necklace, which can be found as a drop from monsters inside the abyss or
can be enchanted from an emerald necklace. However, these binding necklaces can
only combine runes 15 times before they vanish.

***New Way to make combination runes***

If you have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest and are using the lunar magicks
spell set, at lvl 82 magic you can use the spell Magic Imbue to help you 
combine runes.

This spell requires 2 astral runes, 7 fire runes and 7 water runes and give you 
the power to make combination runes with a 100% success rate and without a 
second talisman for a short time.

==The Abyss==

The abyss is the place where all the high level runecrafters go to use the 
skill to make money. It allows you fast access to any altar without the need 
for a talisman. However, it is extremely dangerous and there is a risk of being
killed. Because of this, I'd recommend meeting the following requirements before
you start using the abyss.

- Combat 70
- Defence 60
- Heroes Quest Completed
- Own at least 4 Amulets of Glory
- Ranged 50

To enter the abyss, you must first complete a mini-quest. To begin, you must 
speak to the Zamorak mage who can be found in lvl 5 wilderness north of 
Edgeville. Don't take any items with you because there are often pkers in this 
area. Once you speak to the mage, he tells you to go to the Chaos Altar in 
South-East Varrock. Once there, you must speak to him again. He will give you 
a scrying orb and will tell you to teleport to the rune essence from 3 
different portals with the scrying orb in your inventory.

The rune essence portals are in the following locations:-
- Wizard Sedridor at the bottom of Wizards Tower 
- Aubury in Varrock Magic Shop 
- Wizard Crompety north-east of the market place in East Ardougne 
- Wizard Distentior in the Magic Guild in Yanille 
- Gnome Brimstail in a cave in the Tree Gnome Stronghold 

Bare in mind that you only need to go through 3 of the portals.

Once you've travelled through 3 of the portals, go back to the Zamorak Mage at 
the Chaos Altar and give him the scrying orb. He will then reward you with 
1000 runecrafting xp, an abyssal book and a small pouch, which can hold 3 

Now you can enter the abyss. The basic idea is that you run to the Zamorak 
Mage in lvl 5 wilderness, right-click on him and use the teleport option. 
This will instantly skull you and drain all of your prayer points and teleport 
you into the abyss. Once inside, you will see many enemies at lvl 41, lvl 59 
and lvl 81. You need to run past them and on the inner wall, you will see 
things, such as gaps, eyes, rocks and tendrils, which you can pass through. 
To get through some of the gaps, you will require special equipment. 
The only equipment I'd recommend taking is a pickaxe as the rocks that you 
smash with the pickaxe usually respawn closer to you than any of the other gaps
that require items.

Once you go through one of the gaps, you are in the centre of the abyss and 
here, you will find a rift for each runecrafting altar in the game, as well as 
a mage you will repair your pouches if they get damaged. Go through one of the 
rifts to craft some runes.

The fastest way to use the abyss is to carry an amulet of glory, so you can 
teleport straight back to Edgeville Bank. This allows you to make many trips 
in a short amount of time.

The main concern when using the abyss isn't the monsters inside however. Its 
the pkers outside. All decent pkers use magic to try and pk you with teleblocks
and entangle spells. The following setups should give you a much, better chance 
of surviving their attacks.

--Two Survival Tips--

1.Instead of running straight up to the zammy mage from Edgeville, you can cross
the bridge at the north end of Edgeville and run to the mage from the other side
of the river. There's usually less pkers on that side, so its often safer.

A map of this route and the regular route can be found here:

2.To minimise your losses if you die, instead of taking your glory ammy to the 
abyss with you, you could take a duelling ring instead. Once you've crafted 
your runes, you could then tele to Castle Wars, get your glory from the bank 
there and then tele back to Edgeville. This method might add an extra 10-15 
seconds to your trip, but you won't be losing an item worth 80k if you die.

3. Instead of taking a duelling ring, you could take a house tele tablet and use
an unlimited glory hanging on the wall of your quest hall to tele back to Edge.
Houses can have long loading times though, so this isn't especially fast.

The ideal abyss setup is as follows:

- The best dragonhide set that you can wear because of its magic defence.
- Elemental Shield because it increases magic defence. Prayer books can also be
used in the shield slot.
- Amulet of Glory with charges for teleporting back to Edgeville
- Bearhead from the Mountain Daughter quest gives the best mage defence bonus
for headgear. Farseer helm, archer helm, mystic hat and coif are all suitable 
- Any Team Cape gives a small amount of extra defence for a low cost, god cape 
is better if you've done Mage Arena or Legends cape gives good defence as well
- Pickaxe, it doesn't really matter which sort, so you might as well just take 
a cheap one so you have slightly less money to make back if you die.
- Boots of Lightness because it lowers your weight, so you can run for longer. 

I wear the following set-up as I don't encounter abyss pkers every run and I
like to keep my weight down so that I can run for longer. Try to keep a good 
balance, as you won't see as many pkers if your combat lvl is 110+ so you won't
need the maximum mage defence.


The ideal abyss inventory is as follows:


- As many pouches as you can use
- Elf Tele Crystal (obtained at start of Mournings End Part 1) or Ectophial 
(obtained at end of Ghosts Ahoy) so that you can teleport away quickly if a 
pker entangles you. House teleport tablets are also useful, as if you die in 
your house, you don't lose any items, which is very useful if you're trying 
to escape after being poisoned.
- Obviously, pure essence to fill all more remaining inventory spaces
- If your combat level is below 80, you may feel safer if you take a couple of 
lobsters with you for food.

*Top Tip*
I keep my 1-click tele 1 spot above the bottom right, so that I can avoid
accidentally clicking it when switching to run.


There are 4 kinds of rune essence pouches that you can get. They all allow you 
to carry more rune essence with you at any one time. They can all be obtained 
in the abyss.

They are:
- Small Pouch: holds 3 essence, requires runecrafting lvl 1
- Medium Pouch: holds 6 essence, requires runecrafting lvl 25
- Large Pouch: holds 9 essence, requires runecrafting lvl 50
- Giant Pouch: holds 12 essence, requires runecrafting lvl 75

You can obtain the small pouch by completing the Abyss mini-quest. All the 
others can only be obtained by getting them as drops from the monsters inside 
the abyss. You may need to fight for a while to get the pouches, but they are 
medium-rarity drops. You have an equal chance of getting the pouch from any of 
the different abyss monsters, so you might as well just fight the lvl 41s as 
they only have 10hp. Note that you can get any of the pouches as drops even
if you don't have the lvl to use them.

Beware! If you lose any of your pouches, the only way to retrieve them is to 
get them as drops again from the monsters inside the abyss. All pouches are 

==Runners and Runecrafting teams==

There are 2 main runecrafting teams in RuneScape. They offer fast runecrafting 
xp to the crafters and free runes/money to the runners. This is how they work:

- Air Crafting Team - World 16 (F2P)

In this team, the crafters trade 25 noted rune ess and 2.5k gp to the runners
in exchange for 25 unnoted ess that they can craft into airs.

There is a short video giving runners clearer instructions on how to run airs 
in the following links:


- Law Crafting Team - World 66 (Members Only)

In this team, runners go to the law altar on Entrana. Crafters stand outside 
the altar, so runners don't need a talisman or tiara. 
Runners trade 27 unnoted pure ess and crafters give them 27 law runes and 27 
noted pure essence. 

For this, crafters must carry lots of noted pure essence along with 27 
unnoted pure essence to start.

However, some people have started trying to get away with only paying runners
less than 27 laws per trade. These people are leeches and shouldn't be traded
if you see any at the altar.

- New Law Crafting Team - World 99 (Members Only)

In this team, the runners have to supply their own pure ess, so the crafters
just keep on trading laws for pure ess. There are less runners here, so they
get served faster, but this also means that its slower xp for the crafters.

==How to level up runecrafting==

Lvl 1-10: Craft runes at the air altar. Keep on running back to Falador Bank 
to get more essence

Lvl 10-54

F2Pers should run to and from the Earth Altar north-east of Varrock

Members should use a ring of duelling to craft fires quickly. Use the ring to 
tele to the Duel Arena. Run to the fire altar, as its right there. Then, tele 
to Castle Wars. Bank. Tele to the Duel Arena again. Repeat
P2pers can gain 15k-20k xp an hour using the duel ring method depending on 
whether they're using pouches or not.

At lvl 40, members who have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest can also start
to craft Astral runes. These are very close to the bank and can be crafted
very quickly if you use the Moonclan Teleport spell to tele back to the bank, 
whilst crafting them.

Lvl 54+

F2Pers should either stick with earths or join the air crafting team in world 

Members should join the Law crafting team in world 66 if they have the money.
They will need to complete the Troll Stronghold quest to get in the altar 
though. 30k+ xp an hour can be gained at the law company, but you lose your ess 
and make no money back from this method.

Abyss Training is also fast xp at any level and if you don't want to lose money 
by working at a team that employs runners, then the abyss is probably the best 
way to level up for you, as you get to keep all of the runes you craft and
can make up to 400k gp an hour crafting nature runes.

Lvl 91+

At this level, members can craft double nature runes and make 800k-1.2mil an 
hour at the abyss (Note: you need to use super energy pots and constantly run to
get 1.2mil an hour)

==How to make money from runecrafting==

F2P: Craft air runes. You can make multiple airs per essence after lvl 11 and 
airs can be sold for 20ea.

Members: Craft nature runes, law runes or death runes. They can all be sold for 
300-350ea. Craft natures and deaths through the abyss. As you can't take armour 
through the law rift, it may be better to run to the altar from Draynor Bank 
and then use a glory to tele back if you plan on crafting them.

GameFAQs for hosting this guide
Jagex for creating RuneScape
Epilim, El Communist and Obie0 for giving me extra info to improve the guide.
The people who've made threads on the RuneScape board telling me to correct
some errors in this guide.
The Air and Law Crafting teams for providing a great service to 
RuneScape players.

Legal Stuff:
This work is copyright of Alain1232 - as of 3 March 2006 and may only
be displayed on www.gamefaqs.com and www.gamespot.com
If it is displayed anywhere else without my permission, I would like
it to be removed as it is a breach of copyright. This guide can only be
reproduced for your own personal use and must not
under any circumstances be passed on to others as your own work.

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