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Fight Arena Guide by KingVashy

Version: V.1 | Updated: 10/11/05

                        |    RUNESCAPE Fight Arena Guide    |
                        |      By Vash Of The Stampead      |
                        |             Version 2.0           |
                        |              10/11/05             |
This is property of VASH OF THE STAMPEAD. This may be not be reproduced 
under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be 
placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance 
written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of 
any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 

/                 \
|Table of Contents|

I.         Version History
II.        What IS the Fight Cave?
III.       What you need to win (stats and Equipment)
IV.        The Monsters!
V.         Conserve your energy and fight wisely
VI.        The Final Bout- the Boss
VII.       Spoils of War
VIII.      Contact Me
IX.        Credits

1.0- First version. I haven't written a guide before, so I sent it to Kirbix,
     and we worked together to make it a coherant and usable piece.
2.0- They rejected it for lack of content... ?? I don't know HOW you can add
     any more content, but OK, FINE- we'll add more content.
       o             O
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |

II. What IS the Fight Cave?

The Official Runescape site has the following to say about the new quest:

"On the edge of the TzHaar city, far beneath the Karamja volcano, there is a 
vast cavern known as the Fight Cave. Used by the hunters of the TzHaar as a 
right of passage, it's been opened up to outsiders as a test of perseverance.
The TzHaar Fight Cave is a fast paced single-player boss encounter, with no 
limits and no restrictions. Are you strong enough to withstand waves of 
creatures, do you have what it takes to last to the very end and claim the 
mark of a survivor?

Talk to TzHaar-Mej-Jal on the North-West edge of the TzHaar city for more 
information. There are no requirements to join in (apart from being a 
RuneScape Member), just turn up and survive!"

Basically, this new quest marks the most difficult challenge Runescape players
have EVER faced. As it says, it's a series of fights that become increasingly
more difficult as they progress. This is not a fight for the faint of heart-
only the best of the best can hope to finish it. 
       o             O
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |


III. What You Need to Win (Stats and Equipment)
First, I highly recommend you have a very high range lvl, anywhere between
85-99. Seeing as range will be your main attacking style, high range is an
absolute necessity.
A high hitpoint (hp) lvl is also needed. These monsters are strong. Again,
85-99 is a safe range to be in. Anything lower and you could be in for some

You should have the following items for the trip:
~ 13 (4) dose prayer pots
~ 2 range pots (4) dose
~ 9-10 sharks
~ Full Guthan - If you don't have it, I HIGHLY suggest you borrow a freinds
~ Black range gear - Chest, Chaps, Vamp's
~ Range boots (recommended) Climbing boots if you don't have a pair
~ Magic short OR Karils Crossbow.
~ 2-3k arrows, or bolts - This really depends on your range lvl. I 
  personally used 2k addy arrows then 300 rune arrows for the Boss.
~ Dragon ammy, or Amulet of Fury.
~ Legends cape

Q. What is Guthans?
A. Guthans armour consists of a helmet, chest, skirt and a spear.
 This armour has a special ability to randomly heal you for however high you 
 hit on a monster. If you hit a 15 (for the sake of arguement), you will get 
 healed for 15hp if the attack was a special one. You will know if the attack 
 was a hit with the special when you see big purple serpents slither over your 
 opponents head.

Wear your Guthan helmet with your range gear before going in. It provides
some extra range defense needed for some of the enemies you will encounter.
It will also lower your range offense by 2, but who cares about that. Higher
defense is more important than the loss of offense.
       o             O
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |


III. The Monsters!
Okay, now it's time to get dirty! Try to save all of your sharks for the 
very end, and use your range pots wisely. If absolutely needed, eat a shark to 
heal. Find a nice "safe spot" along a corner. I used the one west of the 
entrance, but there are many in the pits, so find one that best suits you.

Tz-Kih - Level 22- These are the first guys you'll encounter. They are flaming
                   bat's from hell, literally. They have 10hp and they drain
                   your prayer by one with every hit they get on you. Range
                   these guys FAST, before they can pull off an attack on 
                   you. Long range worked nice for me.

Tz-Kek - Level 45 - These guys play an important role in thefight arena. Their
                    main form has 20hp when you kill him, 2 spawns come out.
                    Each spawn has 10hp. They don't hit very hard, so they
                    aren't a worry. What makes these guys important is that
                    these guys are your healers! Kill them last, always. When
                    you need to heal, don't touch your sharks, throw on your
                    gunthan and kill these guys. Voila!

Tz-Kek - Level 22- These are the spawns that come out of the bigger form, the
                   Tz-Kek - Level 45 They have 10hp each, and pose no threat
                   at all. Use them to heal with gunthans on.

Tok-Xil - Level 90 - These guys are big bullies in the fight arena. They have
                     a range attack and a melee attack if you get close enough.
                     They can hit quite well with both, therefore kill them
                     right away! When I needed to heal, I threw on my gunthans
                     and melee'd them also.

Yt-mejkot - Level 180 - Holy reptile! They guys are deadly, they can hit up to
                        25's with their melee attack, and they hit often as
                        well. They also have the ability to heal themselves and
                        other monsters. The best way to kill these guys is to
                        trap them in your safe spot, so they can't melee you,
                        and range them. They don't have much hp, so take 'em
                        down easy.

Ket-Zek - Level 360 - WAH! These big guys come right after you fight the 2
                      lvl 180's. Be extremely careful and switch your Mage
                      protect prayer on as soon as the 180's are both dead.
                      These guys won't get a single hit on you with mage
                      prayer on, and they won't charge at you to melee.
                      Do not get into their melee range, unless you wanna be
                      a hero (or a moron). They WILL hit up to 45's.
       o             O
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |


V. Conserve your energy and fight wisely

I'll lay this down nice and simple:

~ Try to save ALL sharks for the very end. Only eat them if absolutely

~ Use your Gunthans on the lvl 45's and the 22's that spawn out of them.
  If needed, also use your gunthans on the lvl 90's and 180's. Be careful
  doing this. For the 180's you'll need to use melee prayer protect, if you're
  attempting to heal off them.

~ Using your prayer pots and range pots takes common sense. If you're running
  low, drink up! Just remember to save atleast 1 prayer pot (4) dose and a sip
  of range pot for the end Boss.

~ Use your range pots sparingly, seeing as how you only have 2. Don't start
  drinking them until the 360s come. I would wait until my range lvl went back
  to or 1 away from its normal lvl before I drank another sip. This is
  basically up to you, you be creative.

       o             O
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |


VI. The Final Bout- the Boss
Okay ladies and gents, this is where we seperate the boys from the men.

TzTok-Jad - Level 702 - Dun dun dunnn

You will fight 2 lvl 360's before the Boss. Just before killing the last lvl
360, heal yourself to full hp using your sharks. Restore prayer to full and
sip a range pot. Equip your rune arrows. It's time for war.

Kill the remaining lvl 360 and immediately turn on your "Range" protect
prayer!! I can't stress this enough, he will immediately hit you with a 
range attack if he spawns close to you. Range is his first attack!

The lvl 702 has 2 different attacks; A Range attack and a Mage attack.

~ For his Mage attack, he will lift his 2 front legs up and hold them in the
  air for about 2-3 quick seconds. While he is doing this, switch your mage
  prayer on and start attacking him.

~ For his Range attack, he will lift up his 2 front legs and stomp the ground
  once, very quickly. Be ready, this attack is extremely fast, so switch on
  your range prayer protect as soon as you see him stomp the ground. Then
  continue fireing away.

~ After you get this big guy to half hp, he summons lvl 108 healers to his aid.
  Don't be afraid. Continue watching the lvl 702 and switching your prayers.
  You will need to get these 108's away from him. Shoot them all once (be
  careful doing this, use long range if you have to). Just don't get too close
  to the 702 or he will melee you dead. Once they are all following you (4 of
  them) run your butt away from the 702 until he is off the map. The trick is
  to get all the healers to follow you and stop healing the 702. When they
  have all bunched up, run back to the 702 with range protect on and keep a
  distance from the 702, as far as rapid range can shoot. With the healers all
  lined up behind you they will be too far to heal the 702 (hahaha). You will
  need to take their melee hits, they can hit 11's but not very often. This is
  where your leftover shark comes in play. Only 1 should be hitting you whilst
  the others are healing each others like idiots. This is where you go all out
  and get medieval on the 702. He doesn't have much hp, and with you potted
  and using rune arrows, he will die fast!

Best of luck to you!! And God speed : )

Remember not to get so down if you don't succeed the first time. It takes
patience, time and experience. I died 5 times before I was able to kill him.
(and remember that I have 99 in all combat areas)

       o             O
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |


VII. Spoils of War
After killing this big guy, you will get teleported out. You will be greeted
by the entrance guard sending you his congrats. You will be awarded the Fire
Cape!! And a lovely stack of 8032 tokkul (don't spend it all in one place).
Wear your new cape with pride :) you have defeated thee hardest Boss in
runescape singlehandedly after 2 grueling hours. Oh and remember, after
killing the 702, your hp and prayer aren't restored. So don't mistakingly
click on one of the monsters walking about, or you could get 1 hit if you're
low on hp *.-

Fire Cape stats
+11 to all defense
+1 to all offense
+4 to strength
+2 to prayer

This cape cannot be traded, and it's one hell of a status symbol :).

       o             O
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |


I hope everything has been clear and easy to understand. However, if 
additional help is needed, I can be found on the GameFAQs message boards- feel
free to ask for my help there.

Impaler99 - For having the names of the monsters and levels
            all written down.

Kirbix - For helping put this into proper format, proof reading it all and 
         tuning it up to make it look more official. Much appreciated.

Meekomyo - For prividing a lot of the supplies I needed to take on this task 

GameFAQs, CjayC- for giving me a website where I can post all of my data.

Copyright © 2005

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