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Beginner's Guide by TStodden

Version: 2.8 Gold | Updated: 10/02/06

RuneScape Starter's Guide II
by T. Stodden, Ludologist (TStodden@hotmail.com)

Version 2.8 GOLD
NOTE: The information that's listed in this guide was valid at the time it
was published.  Because Runescape is an ever-developing game (as it's an
MMORPG), some information may become dated, missing or incomplete.  While the
author of tries to keep this guide as complete as possible, it's impossible
to keep up-to-date on all developments.  If you seriously play the game on a
semi-regular basis (like a few days a week), it's suggested that you take
some time before you enter the game & read up on the latest developments on
RuneScape's Website (www.runescape.com) & it's knowledge base as it'll have
the most up-to-date information on new developments & quests.

You can find the date this guide was last updated at the end of Section C.

0) The Table of Contents

To quickly access the section you want to view, copy the section name you
want to view & then hit Ctrl+F, paste the section you want into the search
prompt & hit enter to jump right to that section.

<<< PART ONE >>>

1) A Brief Introduction...
2) The Laws of RuneScape
3) Controlling Your Character
4) You are Here -- A Guide to Navigation
5) Working Your Bank Account
6) A Brief Description of Your Skills...
   6.1) Attack
   6.2) Strength
   6.3) Defense
   6.4) Ranged
   6.5) Magic
   6.6) Hit Points
   6.7) RuneCrafting
   6.8) Fishing
   6.9) Cooking
   6.10) Crafting
   6.11) Mining
   6.12) Smithing
   6.13) Woodcutting
   6.14) Firestarting
   6.15) Prayer
   6.16) Herbology (MEMBERS)
   6.17) Thieving (MEMBERS)
   6.18) Agility (MEMBERS)
   6.19) Fletching (MEMBERS)
   6.20) Slaying (MEMBERS)
   6.21) Farming (MEMBERS)
   6.22) Construction (MEMBERS)

<<< PART TWO >>>

7) Fighting for Your Life -- A Combat Guide
   7.1) The Combat Styles
        7.1.1) Melee Fighters (Knights)
        7.1.2) Ranged Fighters (Archers)
        7.1.3) Magical Fighters (Mages)
   7.2) The Combat Hierarchy
   7.3) Attack Strategies
        7.3.1) Knight's Path
        7.3.2) Archer's Path
        7.3.3) Mage's Path
   7.4) Guaging Your Combat Level
   7.5) Usage of Prayer
   7.6) A Beginner's Beastiary
   7.7) Fields of Honor -- A Combat Review
8) Organization for Carry-All Users
9) Timber the Lumberjack -- A Woodcutting & Firestarting Guide
   9.1) A Tree-Trimmer's Toolbox
   9.2) I Didn't Start the Fire...  Yes I Did...
   9.3) Tree Incidents -- Random Events
        9.3.1) Losing Your (Axe Head)
        9.3.2) Wood Sprites
        9.3.3) Fallen Finds (MEMBERS)
   9.4) Clear-cut Woodcutting Review
10) Feeding for a Lifetime -- A Fisherman's Guide
   10.1) Tackling your Toolbox -- An Equipment Guide
   10.2) The Perfect Storm... & Other Unenjoyable Events
         10.2.1) River Trolls
         10.2.2) Whirlpools
         10.2.3) Big Fish
   10.3) The RuneScape Angler -- A Fishing Review
11) Dinner! -- A Cooking Guide
    11.1) Basic Cooking
    11.2) From Butcher to Baker
    11.3) Mastering Your Cookbook
          11.3.1) Making Dough (Bread, Pies & Pizza)
          11.3.2) Bread
          11.3.3) RedBerry Pie
          11.3.4) Meat Pie
          11.3.5) Stew
          11.3.6) Apple Pie
          11.3.7) Wine
          11.3.8) Plain Pizza
          11.3.9) Cake
          11.3.10) Meat Pizza
          11.3.11) Chocolate Cake
          11.3.12) Anchovy Pizza
    11.4) Cooking with The Experts -- The Chef's Guild
12) "Twenty to Life" -- A Miner's & Blacksmith's Guide
    12.1) Mining Your Way to China
    12.2) A Beginner's Miner & Blacksmith's Equipment List
    12.3) Heads Up! -- Random Mining Events
          12.3.1) Finding a Gem
          12.3.2) Losing Your (Pickaxe) Head
          12.3.3) The Steaming Rock
          12.3.4) The Rock Golem
    12.4) "Better Holes & Mineshafts" -- A Mining Review
    12.5) Smithing up a Sweat -- Beginner's Smelting
    12.6) Anvil by Acme, Equipment by You
13) Stitching Time -- A Craftsman's Guide
    13.1) Creating with Clay
    13.2) Branded for Life
    13.3) Silver & Gold -- Jewelry Maker's Guide
          13.3.1) Silversmithing
          13.3.2) Goldsmithing
    13.4) Shear Busywork -- The Other Crafts
14) Next on The Frugal Magician, Rune Crafting!
    14.1) How to Get the Grey Matter... Rune Essence
    14.2) How to Craft Runes
          14.2.1) Basic Rune Crafting
          14.2.2) Crafting Combo Runes (MEMBERS)
          14.2.3) Crafting Multiple Runes
    14.3) Here's Ms. Air 2005 -- The Tiara Infusion Guide
    14.4) Rune Alter Locations for the Hopelessly Lost

<<< PART THREE >>>

15) I'm on a Quest...  to Complete Other Quests
    15.1) Black Knight's Fortress
    15.2) Cook's Assistant
    15.3) Demon Slayer
    15.4) Doric's Quest
    15.5) Dragon Slayer
    15.6) Ernest the Chicken
    15.7) Goblin Diplomacy
    15.8) Imp Catcher
    15.9) Pirate's Treasure
    15.10) Prince Ali Rescue
    15.11) Romeo & Juliet
    15.12) Rune Mysteries Quest
    15.13) Sheep Shearer
    15.14) Shield of Arrav
           15.14.1) Phoenix Gang Route
           15.14.2) Black Arm Gang Route
           15.14.3) Team-up Time
    15.15) Knight's Sword
    15.16) Restless Ghost
    15.17) Vampire Slayer
    15.18) Witch's Potion
    15.A) The Stronghold of Security
    15.B) Member's Quests
16) Marketing Yourself -- A Moneymaking Guide
    16.A) FAQ's for the Broke & Brokers
17) Cloak & Dagger -- A Street Market Guide
18) The Little Black Book...  of Street Market Prices
19) Questionable Offers & Scams
20) Randomcadabra! -- General Random Events
21) Clan Search -- Finding One That's Right for You
22) The Wilderness -- Going Where Few People Dare to Go
23) Final Beginner's Tips & Advice
24) Beyond the Mist -- Member's Benefits
25) Potentially Stupid (& Not-So-Stupid) Q & A
26) A Newbish Glossary of RuneScape Terms

<<< PART FOUR >>>

A) Acknowledgments
B) Suggested Viewing
C) A Brief History of the Guide
D) Copyright Information & Licensing

<<< ============================= PART ONE =============================== >>>
                              ~THE  BEGINNING~

This part of the guide is designed to help Newbies to learn the basics of
RuneScape.  Stuff that most people understand in about a week or less, but
others may need a little help.  If you feel that this information is too
simple for your tastes or needs, skip this part

<<< ====================================================================== >>>

1) A Brief Introduction...
In the Beginning, I started playing RuneScape & I was struggling to get by
before I made a stop at Game FAQ's to get some guidance.  Unfortunately, any
useful information I found was sparse & incomplete...  but it was enough to
help me out.  About two months after I started, I started to compile my own
guide to help others who are having the same difficulty learning RuneScape.

First of all, you'll need to have the following in order to play the game.

* A recent version of your favorite Browser
        * Internet Explorer 6.x or higher
        * Netscape 7.x or higher
        * Firefox 1.5.0.x or higher
* Java Runtime Environment -- Obtainable at www.java.com
* 300 MHz Processor MINIMUM (If you can run XP, you should have this covered)
* 64 MB's of RAM MINIMUM (If you can run XP, you should have this covered)
* An online (Modem) connection (as this is an ONLINE game)

To really enjoy the game, you should have the following:

* Recent version of your favorite Browser (as listed above)
* Java Runtime Environment (as listed above)
* 500 MHz Process or faster
* 128 MB's of RAM or higher
* A Broadband connection (for better gameplay & less lag)
* A Decent Sound Card (preferable with Quicktime stuff as well)

Please be aware that RuneScape can be played using any computer on any OS that 
has Java installed on it.  If your computer is running Mac OS 9.x or lower, 
you'll need to adjust the controls to support a one-button mouse (Mac OS X does
support 2-button mice).

I should note that RuneScape will be laggy (or SLOW) during major holiday events
& whenever they release major upgrades to the game client.  "Holiday Lag" only
occurs during the first 48-72 hours of the event as everybody scrambles to get
the latest holiday items (which are only avaiable for a week around the event).
"Upgrade Lag" only occurs during the first 24 hours of the update as everybody
will be picking up the new version to store in their browser cache.  Upgrades to
the game are usually announced in the news section & I suggest that you take a
day off after major updates for minimal impact.

Before you actually venture into RuneScape, you should have a general working
knowledge of Cyberslang & jargon online as you'll most likely run into them
in the game.

2) The Laws of RuneScape
Before you actually register or login to the game, the makers of RuneScape
have devised some rules to make the game enjoyable to everybody.  If you want
to play RuneScape, you have to acknowledge the rules & abide by them.

1) Only ONE ACCOUNT may be on each world at any given time.

        Even though Runescape allows players to make multiple accounts, those
        accounts can NEVER MEET on a single world at any given time.  Anybody
        who breaks this rule will have both (or all) their accounts banned.

        When you create an account, IT'S YOURS FOREVER!  REGARDLESS ON WHAT

        This law means that you cannot create an account to trade, sell or
        load up with items.  The staff of Runescape do not want item mules
        on their servers at all!

        This law DOES NOT MEAN that you cannot have a LAN Party, just as
        long as everybody are using their own accounts.

2) Do not give your password NOR your Bank PIN to anybody!

        Like I really have to tell you why, but the password & the Bank PIN
        are the only things that are keeping people OUT of your account &

        This law means that you cannot try to scam anybody out of their
        passwords NOR their Bank PINs!  Doing so will get you banned!


        The two laws listed above already make the point, but this law has
        to be addressed because people do it.  There are extremely serious
        problems that arise from this!

        First of all, ALL ACCOUNTS you made belong to you!  Therefore, you're
        responsible for actions performed on that account!  Even if you choose
        to sell, trade or even give your account to another person, YOU ARE
        STILL RESPONSIBLE for that account!

        Second, it's just too easy for the person to reclaim their account
        by changing the password and/or Bank PIN on you & could take weeks
        before the original owner reclaims the account (granted they fill out
        the recovery stuff on their account).

        Third, the multiple accounts on the same world will get you in real

4) Treat the chat system like it's a real chat room.

        This law is pretty big, but the gist of this law is to keep the chat
        system working for everybody.

        First, this means NO SWEARING!  Runescape is a "Family Friendly game
        & swearing is VERY OFFENSIVE to some players.  Player who happen to
        slip a swear word in (even by accident), will have that word censored
        out.  Don't bother bypassing the censors because that's against the
        law of Runescape.  Please be aware that the swear censor is pretty
        aggressive, so any character arrangement that contains a swear word
        will get censored as well.

        EX: "Hand me that bit, chuck" = "Hand me that *******uck"

        Second, no website addresses are allowed either.  This is more of a
        security reason because the staff of Runescape don't want players
        visiting "poisoned sites" (sites that contain viruses, keyloggers or
        any other security bypass programs) or porn sites.  Major key elements
        of websites are censored, so don't try bypassing this either.

        Third, NO SCROLLING OR FLOODING THE CHAT WINDOW!  This rule is just
        a standard chat rule.  Those who disrupt the chat window by constantly
        posting the same thing over & over in quick repetition will annoy
        everybody around them.  THIS IS A REPORTABLE OFFENSE, BASED ON THE
        DEFINITION OF LAWS!  In short, remember the Rule of Three (Do not post
        more than THREE lines in a row).  Please be aware that this ALSO
        APPLIES to the PM system!  So don't cycle your PM permissions either,
	as "PM Flooding" is a reportable offense as well.


        Scamming, by the Laws of Runescape, is obtaining items through false
        pretenses.  The staff of Runescape have created a secure trade system
        to reduce the risk of scamming, but there's still scammers out there.
        Here's a few examples on what's scamming.

        1) Offering non-existant items or services (like Armor Trimming).

        2) Quickly switching items on a person at the last minute.

        3) Trading without using the secure trading system.

        4) Begging for items that you don't need.

        The last example there is a personal addition, but I just can't stand
        people who take advantage of the generosity of others who are trying
        to help the true newbies (who can use a help hand).  People who beg
        for items suck the goodwill out of the people who want to help others;
	The Goodwill that the game could really use to make it a great game.

5) No False Representation allowed!

        This is a dual-purpose Law of Runescape.  First of all, you're not
        allowed to impersonate any staff member, INCLUDING MODS!  First of
        all, Mods & staff members have a special crown-like badge next to
        their names.  Second, staff members will only address abuse reports
        within the game & any account problems will be address through their
        website (NOT in the game).  Third, staff members WILL NEVER ASK FOR

        The second part of this Law is that you cannot submit false abuse
        reports.  First of all, you're crying "Wolf!" (see the fable "The
        Boy that Cried Wolf").  Second, you're wasting the staff's time.
        Third, you ticking the staff off with false reports.  With each
        false report you submit, you're driving another nail in your player's

6) No Macros or ANY FORM OF AUTOMATION allowed!

        This law pretty much states that you have to play the game every
        minute you're on.  If you're going to be away from the game for like
        5 minutes, the staff of Runescape wants you to log off (instead of
        getting kicked off for idling) & they don't want you to use any type
        or program to keep you online.  It can be pretty annoying if a person
        that's out-performing you is using a bot to help them out.

        This law works in conjunction with Law #3, as you're practically
        giving your account to a mechanical entity (being a macro or bot) &
        let it do whatever it wants with your account.  The staff of Runescape
        have added automation-detecting measures to their game to detect the
        players that are breaking this rule.


	Please see Section 25, Question 27 for signs of Macroing.

7) In-game items can ONLY be sold using in-game money!

        This law is pretty apparent on what it means, but people are greedy,
        greedy idiots.  According to the User License agreement that you
        ACCEPTED THE TERMS BEFORE REGISTERING states that all characters,
        items, building, ect. are the intellectual property of Jagex (the
        staff of Runescape).  This means that your account, character &
        items below to them, NOT YOU!  Since most international laws (like
        the US) forbid the selling of items NOT OWNED by the seller.

        This law pretty much restricts the selling of your items to in-game
        money (Gold Coins) ONLY!  You're not allowed to sell your items for
        real money OR even for real-life services (like giving a item to
        somebody who made a graphic for your website).  Doing so destroys
        the value of the in-game monetary system & there's serious security
        risks for spend your hard-earned dollars (or whatever your currency
        it) for a few lousy bytes of data.

        Please be aware that the Jagex DOES MONITOR auction sites like eBay
        for people who are violating this rule.  Chances are they're the ones
        who are trying to ban your account on eBay.


	Please be aware that other MMORPG's have this rule as well, but may not
	enforce this as heavily as others or ask you to use their auction system
	to sell the items...  which still destroys the in-game monetary system.

8) No use glitches or bugs in the game

        The law is designed to keep everybody playing the game like they're
        suppose to, but there may be a some bugs or glitches in the game that
        weren't pounded out by the time updates were uploaded to the servers.
        Anybody who finds a glitch or a bug should report the problem to the
        staff IMMEDIATELY!

        Anybody who constantly access an area they're not suppose to because
        of a bug in the game will get banned for breaking the limits of the

9) No encouraging others to break the laws of Runescape

        This law is designed to punish the actual perpetrator of the rule
        breakers.  Even if that player doesn't break the rules themselves, if
        they encourage another player to break the laws...  they're guilty of
        pushing that player to the wrong side of the law.

        If you tell somebody to break the rules (or even HOW to break the
        rules), you're practically breaking the rules THROUGH them & BOTH of
        you get busted for it.  Pretty much "Guilt by Peer Pressure"...

I know there's other laws of Runescape (as there's about 15 laws), but here's
the major ones you should know.

3) Controlling Your Character
When you log into the game, you'll be shown a pre-game screen that shows when
you've last changed/updated your information (Passwords, personal information,
ect.) as well as the "Play Now" button.  Once you're in the game, the
screen is divided into the following sections.

 |                |  #2  |
 |                |      |
 |       #1       +------+
 |                |      |
 |                |      |
 +----------------+  #4  |
 |       #3       |      |
 |                |      |

Area 1 - The MAIN GAME WINDOW -- This is your view of the world.  You'll click
                (& right-click) in this area to interact with the world.

Area 2 - The Mini-Map -- This shows you where you are & which way your camera
                is facing.  You'll click in this area to easily move around
                the world of RuneScape.

Area 3 - Chat Window -- This area prints out what everybody around you have
                said & states a few actions that you've done in the game.
                Just type your message here & hit enter to talk to everybody
                nearby.  There's a few options in this area as well

 +-------------+  A - Chat
 |             |  B - PM's
 |             |  C - Trade / Compete
 +-------------+  D - Report Abuse
 | A  B  C  D  |

The options at the bottom of the chat window is more of 3 privacy settings.

 * Chat - Who'll be able to talk to you
 * PM - Who'll be able to talk to you privately
 * Trade / Compete - Who'll be able to trade or compete with you.

The settings are as follows:

 * Public / ON -- Everybody in the game can
 * Friends Only -- Only the people on your Buddy List can
 * Private / OFF -- Nobody in the game can OR you can only initiate it.

The "Report Abuse" button is there so you can report any rules violation to
the admins.  All you need to do is type in the person's name & what rule they
broken.  When you hit submit, the last 60 seconds of your actions are saved
for "video proof" of the violation.  Be aware that reporting fraudulent (or
faked) reports will hurt you.

Area 4 - The In-Game Menus -- This area is a CORE SECTION of the game as this
                relatively small area stores a lot of information.  This
                area can be broken up into smaller sections.

 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+   1 -- Attack Style         A -- Buddy List
 |1|2|3|4|5|6|7|   2 -- Character Stats      B -- Ignore List
 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+   3 -- Quest Lists          
 |             |   4 -- Inventory            C -- LOG OUT BUTTON
 |             |   5 -- Equipment            D -- Actions
 |             |   6 -- Prayer List          E -- Configuration
 |             |   7 -- Spellbook            F -- Music List
 |             |
 |A | B|C|D|E|F|

The controls of RuneScape is a point-n-click system.  To move your character,
just click in the direction you want to go on the mini-map.  If you want to
do basic actions, just click on the item you want to grab/open/talk/attack or
whatever you can to with that item.  If you want to do advanced actions, just
right-click on the item you want to do something with & a small options list
will pop up.  Then click on the action you want to do from that list.

Here's what each page of the action window shows

3.1) Attack Styles
This window allows you to select the style of attack you want to perform,
based on what weapon you have equipped.  By default (every time you log on
to the servers), you'll use the general melee attack.

If you want to use a spell for your attack, you have to select it & the attack
spell you want to use here.

June, 2006 Update:
You can also find out your Combat Level on this page, which is a composite of
all 7 combat-related skills, which are shown on the Character Stats page.

3.2) Character Stats
This window shows you the levels of ALL YOUR SKILLS (listed in Section 6) in
a fractional format.  The first number is your "current" skill level, which
may be affected by spells, beer, potions, or other stuff.  The second number
is your "Permanent" Skill Level, which is your current maximum for that skill.

It is possible to temporarily increase your skill level beyond your current
maximum (like 25/20 strength).  This can happen to all skills except for HP.

You can see the EXP that you have for that skill by hovering your cursor over
it.  If you click on the skill, you can get in-depth information on what you
can do or use at that level.  This information will appear in the main game

Your Overall Level is the sum of all your character's PERMAMENT skill levels.

3.3) Quest Lists
This window shows you all the quests (both free & members) that the game
currently has.  You can click on a name of a quest to find out what you need
to do for that quest (in a step-by-step method).  The quest list is also color
coordinated for your convenience , which are listed as followed:

Red    -- You haven't started this quest yet.
Yellow -- This quest is currently in progress...
Green  -- You have finished this quest!

You are allowed to start as many quests as you like, but it's best that you
only focus on one quest at a time so you don't get overwhelmed.

June, 2006 Update: Your Quest Points are listed at the top of this page now.

3.4) Inventory
This window shows you all the items that you're carrying at the moment.  All
these items are usable & will increase your character's weight.

3.5) Equipment
This windows shows you all the items (like weapons & armor) that you have
equipped at the moment.  All equipped items will affect your offense & defense
ratings & will increase your character's weight.

The Equipment page also shows your offensive & defensive stats in the various
types of attacks.

3.6) Prayer List
This window shows you all the prayers that are available for you to use as
well as show you which prayers are currently activated.  Each activated spell
will drain your prayer points until you run out of prayer points.  Once you're
out of prayer points, all activated prayers will automatically be deactivated.

3.7) Spellbook
This window shows you all the prayers that are available for you to use,
granted that you have the runes to cast it.  If you have the runes for a
specific spell (& level), that icon will be lit.

You can also check at how many runes you'll need to cast each spell.  Just
hover your cursor over the spell you want to check the rune requirements.

3.A) Buddy List
This window shows you who's on your buddy list, which shows you who's online
in the game as well as serves as the in-game PM system.  The Buddy status
indicator is color coded for your convenience  as well.

Red    -- This Buddy is OFFLINE... or unwilling to talk to you.
Yellow -- This Buddy is Online, but on a different world
Green  -- This Buddy is Online & the same world.

If the buddy is online, the buddy list will show you which world they're on.
Even if they're NOT on the same world as you, you can talk to them through the
PM system.  If you're on the same world with your buddy, they'll appear as a
green dot on the mini-map (oppose to white) so you can easily locate them
among a crowd of people.

Due to lag that may occur during the loading of a player's buddy list, that
person may APPEAR OFFLINE until their buddy list is fully loaded.  This is a
minor glitch that cannot be helped.  While your buddy list is loading, you
cannot send nor receive any PM's.

If a player adjusts their PM preference to "Friends only" (those on their
list) or OFF, that person will appear offline on your buddy list, even if
they're right in front of you.

To PM a person, you just right-click on your buddy's name on the list & select
"Send Message".  Just enter your message in the Chat Window & hit enter to
send it off.

Once that person is on your list, you can PM them & then remove them from
your list.

3.B) Ignore List
This window shows you who's on your ignore list, which is comprised of users
who you want absolutely NO CONTACT with them.  By placing them on your ignore
list, you will not receive ANY PM's from that person nor can they try to
trade or compete with you.


Please be aware that it's better to add somebody to your ignore list than do
something that would get you reported (or banned).


This window pulls up THE log out button, which you have to click to completely
& SAFELY log out of the game.  When you're done playing, YOU MUST CLICK ON
THIS BUTTON!  The game will log your character out of the game & safely
disconnect you from the server.


Please be aware that if you've been fighting, you must wait 10 seconds before
you can properly log out using this button.  This is to ensure that you're NOT
under attack while logging out as the log out process takes about 5 seconds
(usually less, depending on your connection) to complete.  You need to be in
a "relatively safe" place to log out because it'll take a couple of seconds
to log back in before you're ready to play.

3.D) Actions
This window shows you how much stuff your carrying (weight), the amount of
energy you currently have as well as stuff your character can perform.

On the top have of this page, you have the walk-run buttons.  When you click
on run, your character will run instead of walk while you still have energy
left.  Your energy will drain based on your current agility (decrease drain)
& weight (increase drain).  You'll recover your energy by staying still or
walking.  When your energy hits 0% or when you log out, you'll return to
walking status.  There's also an auto-retaliate option here, which will force
you to attack another creature/player in response to their attack when enabled.
It's best to keep it enabled so a weaker creature cannot kill you as easily.

At the bottom of the page, you have a list of actions your character can
perform.  They vary from simple (head nods) to complex (salutes) to just plain
silly (like dancing).  There are some actions that you may not be able to
perform until you unlock them, like the MIME actions.

June, 2006 Update: With the addition of Player Houses, the "House Actions"
button is added to this page, which allows you to make changes to your house,
kick out guests & generally build stuff.

3.E) Configuration
This window shows you some of the personalization that you can do to make the
game look & sound better.  You can adjust the brightness of the game & the
volume of the music & sound effects.  You can also make a few other changes
to the game for yourself, but you may want to leave them "as is".

The only modification that I highly suggest of doing is turning up the in-game
brightness to "Very Bright" so you can see all the details in the game clearly.
At "normal" brightness, reds & browns (& dark greens) can be hard to tell apart.

3.F) Music List
If you're running the "High Res" version of the game (Low Res version removes
the music to lower the requirements), you can select the music that you want
to listen as well as looping options.

If you prefer to use the manual "Jukebox" system, you can only select the
tunes that are listed in green.  Tunes listed in red are ones that you haven't
accessed before.  The more you travel, the more tunes you will unlock.

4) You are Here -- A Guide to Navigation
Once you Complete Tutorial Island, you're given a Bronze Sword, a Wooden
Shield, & a few runes (as well as 25 G in the bank) before you're teleported
to Lumbridge Castle.  You aren't, however, given any directions on what you
should do & all you can do is fend for yourself.  If you're lucky, you may
have a friend online (or an honorable user) to give you a hand (or two) while
you're trying to establish yourself.

The first thing you should do is figure out where you are & where to go.  For
about a week or two after leaving Tutorial Island, you should load up the
World Map in a new browser window while RuneScape is loading up on the
computer.  The World Map is an interactive map that runs on Java (just like
RuneScape).  The World Map will point out the points of interest as well as
an interactive legend, which means that all points that match the symbol you
click on in the legend will flash.  The World Map will NOT POINT OUT where
you are, so you will have to find where you are by matching the mini-map
within the game with the world map.

Before you start comparing the mini-map with the world map, rotate the camera
so that the compass by the mini-map has North facing up.  Then, try to match
up the landmarks in the mini-map to the same landmarks on the world map.  If
you haven't gone too far from Lumbridge Castle, drag the world map to the
Lumbridge area to give you hand on finding out where you are.  Drag the world
map to find the areas that interest you, then figure out the best path to
travel.  Since the mini-map & the compass will rotate to match the direction
of the camera is facing, you will have to mentally rotate the mini-map to
keep track of where you are.  Once you start getting the world of RuneScape
down, you'll eventually stop relying on the world map as often.  You will
want to load up the World Map if you're planning to heading off to areas that
you're not familiar with.  You should also be aware that the World Map DOES
NOT COVER above nor below ground areas.

Finally, should you get lost along the way, always try to ask somewhere for
some help.  Fellow users will usually stop to answer your inquiry, but some
user will be kind enough to take you to your destination.  Should a user take
you to your destination (or tell you to follow them, which is done by
right-clicking on the player & click on follow), it's customary to give the
assisting user a tip around 25 G or more upon arrival at your destination as
the assisting player went out of their way to help you.

For now, you may want to check out the "Lumbridge Guide" to help newbies with
similar questions like where to go & what to do now in the game.  You'll see
a "?" icon on the mini-map near Lumbridge Castle & the guide is a wizard-like
guy with a bunch of scrolls in the bag he's carrying.  Everybody is welcomed
to talk to him, but his main purpose is to help out new players to get
started in the game.

5) Working Your Bank Account
Your bank account is your personal "security box" to store everything that
you want to keep safe.  To access your bank account or it's options, make
your way to any bank (noted with a "$" icon) & click on an open teller window
(don't mind anybody who actually at the window as you can walk through others
in the game).  You'll be presented with the following options:

* "I'd like to check my Bank Options"
* "I'd like to access my Bank Account"

Pretty much the only Bank Option you'll have is to deal with your Bank PIN.
Your Bank PIN is a second password that is comprised of 4 digits, but the
numbers on the Bank's keypad change after key digit is entered.  This is to
force you to enter a password that you'll remember & NOT just any simple
pattern.  The Bank PIN ensures that if anybody should happen to get into your
account, they would not be able to take any items out of your bank account
unless they know your PIN.  You'll only need to enter your Bank PIN once per
session, or any time you reconnect to the game servers.  Having a Bank PIN

You should also be aware that it normally takes 3-7 days for any changes to
your Bank PIN to go into effect (pending on the player's preference).  This
measure is to allow players to change their mind (or counter a hacker's
actions) & cancel the new Bank PIN.  If you can't remember your Bank PIN for
any reason, the staff of RuneScape will remove your Bank PIN 7 days after
your request.  If you cancel your bank PIN in the game after confirming your
PIN (to confirm that you know the PIN), it'll be removed IMMEDIATELY.

As I've said before, you Bank Account is like a Security Box as you can save
anything you want in there.  All the items you store at the bank will be
stacked, so if you wanted to store 5 trout (which takes 5 slots in your
inventory), it'll only take up one slot in the bank.  When you take items out
of the bank, you have the option of taking the item itself OR take them as
a note.  "Bank Notes" are used to trade large amounts of an item without
taking up all your inventory slots.

In a few banks, you may find a Deposit Box (looks like a column with a slot
in it).  The Deposit Box is designed to allow players to deposit items into
their bank account WITHOUT having you to access your bank account (& enter
your Bank PIN).  It's a good item to use when you want to quickly unload items
to your bank account (like fish or coal).

6) A Brief Description of Your Skills...
As you play the game, you will gain experience in various skills.
This section is designed to give you a brief description of each skill & what
it does.  Since most of these skills are related to another skill, I'll tell
you which skills are related to each other.

6.1) Attack
Related Skills: Strength, Magic, Ranged

Your Attack skill, which is more in tune with Melee Combat, is a key skill as
it affects the amount of damage (usually Melee based) that you can inflict
on your enemies... or I should say the likelihood of inflicting damage.
This skill usually gets experience through normal melee fighting.

As this skill increases, you'll be able to equip better melee weapons.

6.2) Strength
Related Skills: Attack, Magic, Ranged

Your Strength skill is how HARD you can hit your enemies.  The higher this
skill is, the more likely you'll deal a hard blow (usually in Melee Combat).
This skill usually gets experience through aggressive melee fighting.

6.3) Defense
Related Skills: Hit Points

Your Defense skill is how HARD you can be hit by your enemies.  The higher
this skill is, the less damage you'll take & the longer you'll live.  This
skill usually gets experience by using defensive (blocking) attacks.

6.4) Ranged
Related Skills: Fletching

Your Ranged skill is how well you can fight with bows & arrows.  The higher
this skill is, the more damage your arrows can deal.  Using a bow in battle
will increase this skill.

The higher your Ranged Skill is, the better Ranged weapons you can use.

6.5) Magic
Related Skills: RuneCrafting

Your Magic skill is how well you can cast spells, either to help yourself OR
to hurt your enemies.  The higher this skill is, the more more damage your
offensive skills are & the more spells you can access.  Using any spell will
increase this skill.

6.6) Hit Points
Related Skills: Defense, General Combat

Your Hit Points skill is actually your life counter, or how much damage you
can take without dying.  The higher this skill is, the more damage you can
take without dying.  The only way to increase this skill is to actually get
hurt in battle...  which is pretty much a "Trial by Fire" kind of deal, which
some people don't like...

6.7) RuneCrafting
Related Skills: Magic

RuneCrafting skill is your ability to make magic runes out of Rune Essence.
The higher this skill is, the more runes you can make out of each Rune Ess &
you'll be able to craft higher-level runes.  The only way to increase this
skill is to actually make magic runes.  This is a KEY SKILL for Mages!


6.8) Fishing
Related Skills: Cooking, General Combat (for Chicken Feathers)

Your Fishing skill shows how well of an angler you are.  The higher the skill
is, the faster you can catch fish & the more types of fish you can catch.
The only way to increase this skill is to take a break & go fishing.

Please be aware that you'll need to use the right gear at the fishing spot
in order to fish.

6.9) Cooking
Related Skills: Fishing, Firestarting

Your Cooking skill is your ability to turn raw items into good tasting, edible
food...  be it from an oven or a campfire.  The higher the skill is, the less
likely you'll accidentally burn your food & the more items you can cook.
The only way to increase this skill is trial by fire...  The more you cook,
the more you'll increase your cooking.

Please be aware that burning food doesn't give you any experience.

6.10) Crafting
Related Skills: Mining, Smithing, General Combat

Your Crafting skill shows how you turn materials like clay, leather (which
you have to kill cows to get...  hence the "Combat" relation), silver &
gold into functional pieces of art.  The higher your skill is, the better &
faster your items will turn out as well as the more items you can make.
In order to increase this skill, you have to let your inner artist out.

6.11) Mining
Related Skills: Smithing, Crafting

Mining skill shows how well you can wield a pickaxe & retrieve precious ores.
The higher your mining skill, the faster you can mine the ores & the more
types of ores you can mine as well as the type of pickaxe you can use to mine.
The only way to increase this skill is to hit the mines & dig up some ore!

6.12) Smithing
Related Skills: Mining, Crafting

Smithing skills shows how well you can refine ores & craft your metal bars.
The higher your smithing skill is, the more types of ores you can refine &
the more items you can craft from the bars.  You can increase your experience
in this skill by refining your ores into bars & by crafting the bars into
usable items.

Please be aware that failing to refine iron doesn't give you any points.

6.13) Woodcutting
Related Skills: Firestarting, Fletching

Woodcutting skills is your ability to play lumberjack.  The higher this skill
is, the faster you can chop down the tree & the more types of trees you can
chop into logs.  The only way to increase your experience in this skill is
to let your inner lumberjack out & whack away on trees.

Members can now craft logs into canoes as of March, 2006 & use them to travel
the rivers (one way, however).

6.14) Firestarting
Related Skills: Cooking

Your Firestarting skills would normally be a necessary survival skill which
is pretty self-explanatory  The higher your firestarting skills are, the
faster you'll be able to light a fire & light better types of wood.  All you
can do to increase your experience in this skill is to let your inner
pyromaniac out & BURN BABY BURN!!!

6.15 Prayer
Related Skills: General Combat

Feeling Religious?  Your Prayer skill is pretty much your link between the
gods of RuneScape to grant a few temporary powers.  The higher your prayer
skill is, the longer your prayers will last & the more prayers you can use.
The way to increase your prayer experience is to actually show compassion &
honor to your fallen foes by burying their bones.

6.16 Herbology (MEMBERS)

Herbology skill shows how you can turn herbs & magical ingredients into
useful & helpful potions, which can either restore or boost your skills.
The higher you herbology skill is, the better your potions will turn out &
the more types of potions that you can make.  Like all other skills, it's a
trial by fire & you can only increase it by making potions.


6.17) Thieving (MEMBERS)
Related Skills: General Combat (should you get caught)


Don't like getting stuff legally?  Thieving skill is how well you can pick
the pockets of the NPCs (You can't pickpocket other players).  The higher
this skill is, the less likely you'll get caught by the NPCs.  The only way
you can increase this skill is to pick the pockets of NPCs, preferably ones
that are weaker than you...  should you get caught.

6.18) Agility (MEMBERS)
Related Skills: Hit Points


Your agility skill is how well you can actually run.  The higher your Agility
skill is, the long you can run & the faster you can recover your energy.
The only way you can increase your agility experience is to visit special
agility training areas in RuneScape.

6.19) Fletching (MEMBERS)
Related Skills: Woodcutting, Crafting, Mining, Smithing & General Combat


Fletching is the ability to make bows & arrows.  You'll be able to craft
better bows & arrows with higher fletching skills.  To increase your
experience in Fletching, you have to make bows & arrows...  most likely for
you to use yourself.  This is a key skill for Archers.

6.20) Slaying (MEMBERS)
Related Skills: General Combat


Slaying is the ability to kill monsters INSTANTLY.  The higher this skill is,
the more likely you'll be able to inflict one-hit kills.  To increase this
skill, you have to go to special training dungeons & talk to the Slaying
Master of the dungeon to find out what monster(s) you're suppose to kill.

6.21) Farming (MEMBERS)
Related Skills: Cooking, Herbology


Farming is the ability to cultivate the earth & raise plants.  The higher
this skill is, the better your crops will grow & the more crops you'll be
able to plant.  In order to increase this skill, it's pretty much a
trial-n-error deal with a piece a farmland.

6.22) Construction (MEMBERS)
Related Skills: Woodcutting, Crafting (Unconfirmed)


Construction is the ability to build & furnish your own Player house.  The
higher this skill is, the more stuff you can make (or construct) for your


<<< ============================= PART TWO =============================== >>>
                               ~THE TRAINING~

Now that you know the basics of RuneScape, it's now time to dive in a little
deeper & go more in depth with the skills that you'll most likely take time
to work on.  This section includes tools you'll need, events that may happen
to you & a few secrets to help you train your skills.

Please be aware that this part of the guide DOES NOT INCLUDE MEMBERS ONLY
SKILLS.  This is because I'm not a member at the time of this guide was
written & most of the beginners are usually free players.
<<< ====================================================================== >>>

7) Fighting for Your Life -- A Combat Guide
The key to surviving in RuneScape, besides knowing how to earn money, is
defending yourself in battle.  Sooner or later, you will have to do battle
with the monsters &, heaven forbid it ever happens, fellow players in the
game.  Combat skills (as an overall average) is something that others will be
able to see, defines what you can carry into battle & others will eventually
judge you from it.  Before you get your head served on a silver platter, you
should get some knowledge prior to battle as "There is no knowledge that is
not power."

7.1) The Combat Styles
With other MMORPG's, there are different combat styles to suit what people
like to use.  Each style has their advantages & disadvantages, but there's
no one "Ultimate Style" in the game.  In RuneScape, there are three types
of combat styles, which are Melee, Ranged & Magic.

7.1.1) Melee Fighters (Knights)
Melee Fighters (commonly referred to as Knights) like to put their trust in
their strength & their equipment.  Knights like to use swords, maces, war
hammer & axes to attack their enemies & like to swear strong, heavy armor for
defense.  You don't need arrows, runes, or even a weapon to fight as a knight!

7.1.2) Ranged Fighters (Archers)
Ranged Fighters (commonly referred to as Archers) prefer to keep their
distance from the enemies instead of getting up close & personal.  Archers
have moderate costs as they have to buy a bow (or crossbow) as well as
periodically replenish their supply of arrows.  Since Archers need to keep
their distance from their target, their armor selection is usually restricted
to leather armor & other forms of light armor.

7.1.3) Magic Fighters (Mages)
Magic Fighters (commonly referred to as Mages in the general term) prefer to
use the mystical arts over the traditional forms of combat.  Training as a
Magician is the hardest & most expensive form as you'll need to replenish
your supply of runes to cast your spells, which take up inventory space.
You can make some of your runes & buy an elemental staff to help reduce some
of the costs, but you'll still have to pay the hefty prices for most of the
mid & high-level runes.  The Mage's armor is extremely restrictive as their
armor must allow their magical forces to flow through them.  Mages usually
cast their spells & attack similarly to Archers, but Mages don't have to
keep their distance from their enemies.

7.2) The Combat Hierarchy
The hierarchy between each combat style is pretty much a "Rock, Paper,
Scissors" system with each style being strong against one style & weak against
the other.  The cycle of combat is show below:

                   +-------<- Knights -<--------+
                   v          (Melee)           ^
                Archers  ->--------------->-  Mages
                (Ranged)                     (Magic)

7.2.1) Knight's Hierarchy
+ Knights are STRONG against Archers...
        + Knight's heavy armor will resist the damage of the arrows.
        + Knight's weapons can easily cut through Archer's armor.
        - Knights must get close to Archers to attack.
- Knights are WEAK against Mages...
        - Knight's armor impedes the flow of magic, therefore making their
                heavy armor INCREASE the damage of the magic.
        - Knights must get close to Magicians to attack.
        + Knight's weapons can easily cut through Mage's armor.

7.2.2) Archer's Hierarchy
+ Archers are STRONG against Mages...
        + Archer's light armor reduces the damage inflicted by magic.
        + Archer's arrows can easily penetrate Mage's Armor
        - Archers do not have any distance advantage as normal.
- Archers are WEAK against Knights...
        - Knight's heavy armor resists the damage of the arrows.
        - Knight's weapons can easily cut through Archer's armor.
        + Archers can keep their distance from a Knight

7.2.3) Mage's Hierarchy
+ Mages are STRONG against Knights...
        + Knight's heavy armor INCREASES the damage inflicted.
        + Mages can attack from a distance.
        - Knight's weapon can easily cut through Mage's armor.
- Mages are WEAK against Archers...
        - Archer's light armor resists magical damage
        - Archer's arrows can easily penetrate Mage's Armor.
        + Archers do not have any distance advantages as normal.

7.3) Attack Strategies
As each combat style has different ways of preparing for battle, you'll have
to gear your character towards one specific combat style as your primary
attack method.  You can then select a secondary style to train in as well to
help balance out the pluses & minuses of the battle hierarchy if you wish.
You could try to train in all of the battle styles if you want, but be
prepared to spend a lot of time & money training skills that you may not use
that often.

7.3.1) Knight's Path
As I've said before, Knights are the most common combat style as it's the
easiest path to take as it's simple to understand & it holds the most gear
for free players.  As your melee skills increase (attack, strength & defense),
you'll be able to pick up more powerful gear & fight more powerful enemies.

A Knight's expenses are usually for equipment upgrades as they progress
through the skill levels as well as purchasing food to prolong their training
sessions.  Be aware that the market prices for the higher level items will
dramatically increase with the materials.  Knights can try to reduce their
expenses by making the items themselves with mining & smithing skills.

Weapon / Armor Selection:

| LV | Suggested Weapon / Armor                                       |
| 01 | Iron Weapon / Armor of your choice                             |
| 05 | Steel Weapon / Armor of your choice                            |
| 10 | Black Weapon / Armor of your choice*                           |
| 20 | Mithril Weapon / Armor of your choice                          |
| 30 | Adamant Weapon / Armor of your choice                          |
| 40 | Runite Weapon / Armor of your choice**                         |
| * - Black items can only be purchased.                              |
| ** -- Quest Completion Required to properly equip some Runite Armor |

7.3.2) Archer's Path
The way of the Archer (or Ranger) is the middle road of the three paths as it
costs more than the Knights, but less than the Mages.  Unlike Knights, an
Archer's defensive gear is more restricted to light-weight items like leather
to keep your movements unrestricted & your distance, as it's your key defense
against others.

Archers expenses are usually for arrow replenishments, then equipment
upgrades.  Archers have to choose between upgrading arrows OR bows, both will
decide on how much damage you can inflict.  Archers can decrease their costs
by making the arrows & the bows themselves with fletching skills.  However,
fletching is a skill restricted to members only & most free players do not
take this path because of it.

Archers have three types of ranged weapons: Shortbow, Longbow & Crossbows.
Research shows that crossbows are a disappointing weapon in general & should
not be used.  The main difference between the shortbow & longbow is the speed
(short) & distance (long).

Suggested Weaponry:

| Lv | Suggest Bow                | Lv | Suggested Arrow   |
| 01 | Regular Bow of your choice | 01 | Iron Arrows       |
| 05 | Oak Bow of your choice     | 05 | Steel Arrows      |
| 20 | Willow Bow of your choice  | 20 | Mithril Arrows    |
| 30 | Maple Bow of your choice   | 30 | Adamantite Arrows |
| Note: List only includes what Free Players can use.      |

Suggested Armor:

| Def Lv | Rng Lv | Suggested Armor                   |
|   01   |   01   | Vambraces (Arms)                  |
|   01   |   01   | Cowl (Head)                       |
|   01   |   01   | Leather Body (Body)               |
|   01   |   01   | Leather Chaps (Legs)              |
|   10   |   01   | Hard Leather Body (Body)          |
|   01   |   20   | Coif (Head)                       |
|   20   |   20   | Studded Leather Body (Body)       |
|   01   |   20   | Studded Leather Chaps (Legs)      |
|   01   |   40   | Green Dragon Vambraces (Arms)     |
|   40   |   40   | Green Dragon Body (Body)          |
|   01   |   40   | Green Dragon Chaps (Legs)         |
| Note: List only includes what Free Players can use. |

7.3.3) Mage's Path
Those who seek the mystical ways of the Mage first should be prepared for an
uphill battle as this is the most expensive path in the game.  Magicians must
wear specialized clothes in order to enhance their magic power outward, which
makes their armor extremely restricted.  Wearing heavy armor (like Knights)
will not only inhibit your magical powers, it will conduct & amplify magical
attacks from others.  Unlike Archers, who carry their arrows in as part of
their equipment, Mages must carry their runes in their inventory.

On the defensive side, Free players can only obtain a Wizard Hat & Robe.
Most players usually complete the wizard look with a skirt.  These items can
usually be obtained (except for the skirt) from fighting wizards or you can
buy these items off of other players (at extremely high prices).  If you're
planning on buying these items, expect the spend 1,000g

On the offensive side, Free players can buy elemental staffs for about 1,500g
each in Varrock.  The elemental staffs give you an unlimited supply of runes
for that element.  Even you may want to obtain all four elemental staffs, you
will only want to carry the staff for the element that you'll be using the
most for your spells.  When you're starting (Lv 1), you'll probably use an
Air Staff.  Around Lv 13, you'll probably switch to a Fire Staff.
Regardless on what staff you use, you'll need to keep runes on hand.

Suggested ATTACK Spells (& Runes) to use:

| Lv | Suggested Spell          | Runes Needed            |
| 01 | Wind Strike              | 1 Air, 1 Mind           |
| 09 | Earth Strike             | 1 Air, 1 Mind, 2 Earth  |
| 13 | Fire Strike              | 2 Air, 1 Mind, 3 Fire   |
| 23 | Water Bolt*              | 2 Air, 2 Water, 1 Chaos |
| 29 | Earth Bolt*              | 2 Air, 3 Earth, 1 Chaos |
| 35 | Fire Bolt*               | 3 Air, 4 Fire, 1 Chaos  |
| 41 | Wind Blast**             | 3 Air, 1 Death          |
| 47 | Water Blast**            | 3 Air, 4 Water, 1 Death |
| 53 | Earth Blast**            | 3 Air, 4 Earth, 1 Death |
| ?? | Fire Blast**             | ???                     |
| * -- Free Players must buy Chaos Runes, which are       |
|       expensive to buy.  Use weaker spells, if needed   |
|                                                         |
| ** -- ALL PLAYERS must buy Death Runes, which are very  |
|       expensive to buy.  Use weaker spells, if needed   |
|                                                         |
| There's no shame to use Fire Strike as your primary     |
| attack as you can make all those runes for that spell   |

October, 2006 Update: The makers of Runescape have created a special
teleportation spell that everybody can use.  The Teleportation spell will
take you to your "home spot" (which is Lumbridge for most users), but there
are a few restrictions with it.  1) It takes a while (about 1-2 minutes) to
complete the spell, 2) Cannot be used in battle (as combat interupts the
casting of the spell), 3) Takes 30 minutes to regenerate.

7.4) Guaging Your Combat Level
Your "Combat Level" is a composite of all your combat skills, which include
your primary attack skill (Attack, Range or Magic..  whatever skill is higher
at the time), Strength, Defense, Prayer & HP skills.  To check your Combat
Level, click on the stats tab & look at the lower part of the window for the
"Combat Level" listing.  Do not be surprised if your combat level is stated
higher than any of your actual levels.  Again, this is a composite level &
all 6 parts that comprise this level are greater than their separate parts.

If you're within reasonable combat range with a monster, the monster's combat
level will be displayed.  RuneScape uses a visual system to give you a hint
of your survival chances by giving you a "color".  The colors on this system
is as follows...

* No Display  = "Nice Knowing You!" (Practically NO CHANCE of surviving)
* Red Text    = You have little chance of surviving...
* Orange Text = You have a fair shot (33-50%) chance of surviving.
* Yellow Text = You have a 50/50 chance of surviving.
* Green Text  = You'll most likely survive the fight.

Please be aware that the "Combat Color" is based on ideal battle conditions,
like being at full health, & your primary combat skill.  Here's a few examples
of things you may run up against.

EX 1) You have Lv 15 Combat (Melee-based) & you're planning on fighting Lv 10
Dwarves.  You'll probably be able to take on about 2 Dwarves without any food,
but fighting 3 or more in one go could kill you. -- Moral: Know your limits!

EX 2) You have Lv 23 Combat (Melee-based) & Lv 12 Magic fighting a Lv 7 Dark
Wizard.  You'd be able to kill the wizard fairly easy when fighting as a
Knight, but your survival chances drop to 50/50 or less when fighting as a
Mage. -- Moral: Stick to your primary combat skill when needed. 

7.5) Usage of Prayer
The prayer skill, albeit obscured by other combat skills, can be a useful
skill to supplement your combat skills.  Prayers require you to bury bones to
increase your experience & eventually your level.  Like Hit Points, your
prayer points indicate on how much "Divine Power" you have.  The drain rate
for each player will vary & the more prayers you use (you can stack prayers
on top of each other), the faster your prayer points will drain.  In order
to restore your prayer points, you'll have to pray at an alter (any alter you
run across will work) OR drink a prayer potion.

Here's a partial list of prayers you'll learn & use:

| Lv | Prayer              | Effect                  | Drain Rate      |
| 01 | Thick Skin          | Increases Defense 5%    |  4 pts / minute |
| 04 | Burst of Strength   | Increases Strength 5%   |  4 pts / minute |
| 07 | Clarity of Thought  | Increases Attack 5%     |  4 pts / minute |
| 10 | Rock Skin           | Increases Defense 10%   |  2 pts / minute |
| 13 | Superhuman Strength | Increases Strength 10%  |  2 pts / minute |
| 16 | Improved Reflexes   | Increases Attack 10%    |  2 pts / minute |
| 19 | Rapid Restore       | Doubles Restore Rate    | 12 pts / minute |
|    |                     |   Except HP & Prayer    |                 |
| 22 | Rapid Heal          | Doubles HP Restore Rate |  6 pts / minute |
| 25 | Protect Items       | Protects ONE EXTRA Item |  6 pts / minute |
|    |                     |   At Your Death         |                 |
| 28 | Steel Skin          | Increases Defense 15%   |  1 pt  / minute |
| 31 | Ultimate Strength   | Increases Strength 15%  |  1 pt  / minute |
| 34 | Incredible Reflexes | Increases Attack 15%    |  1 pt  / minute |
| .. | ...                 | ...                     | ...             |
| * Drain Rate is subject to error...                                  |

7.6) A Beginner's Bestiary
As you travel around the world of RuneScape, you'll run into various creatures
that you can fight & some that may attack you.  Here's a starter's Beastiary
of creatures that you'll probably be interested in.  This section only
includes characters (up to Lv 40) that you'll spot.

| Combat Lv | Creature       | Attack Type | Drops                           |
|    01     | Chicken        |   Passive   | Bones, Feather, Raw Chicken     |
|    01     | Rat            |   Passive   | Bones, Rat Tail                 |
|    02     | Imp            |   Passive   | Ashes, Beads, Random Stuff      |
|    02     | Cow            |   Passive   | Bones, Cow Hide, Raw Beef       |
|    02     | Cow Calf       |   Passive   | Bones, Cow Hide, Raw Beef       |
|    02     | Man            |   Passive   | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    02     | Ram            |   Passive   | Bones, Random Stuff             |
|    02     | Woman          |   Passive   | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    03     | Goblin         |   Passive   | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    05     | Goblin         |   Passive   | Bones, Coins, Goblin Mail, ect. |
|    05     | Highwayman     | Lv Aggress. | Bones, Coins, Black Cape        |
|    05     | Monk           |   Passive+  | Bones, Monk's Clothes           |
|    06     | Big Rat        |   Passive   | Bones, Rat Meat, Rat Tail       |
|    07     | Farmer         |   Passive   | Bones, Random Stuff             |
|    07     | Dark Wizard.1  | Lv Aggress. | Bones, Black Wizard Stuff, ect. |
|    09     | Wizard         |   Passive   | Bones, Wizard Stuff, Runes, ect.|
|    10     | Barbarian      | Pass./Aggr. | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    10     | W. Barbarian   | Pass./Aggr. | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    10     | Dwarf          |   Passive   | Bones, Random Stuff             |
|    13     | Zombie.1       |   Passive   | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    14     | Scorpion       | Lv Aggress. | NOTHING...                      |
|    15     | Unicorn        |   Passive   | Bones                           |
|    17     | Barbarian      | Pass./Aggr. | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    17     | W. Barbarian   | Pass./Aggr. | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    19     | Bear           |   Passive   | Bones, Fur, Bear Meat           |
|    19     | Ghost          | AGGRESSIVE! | NOTHING...                      |
|    20     | Dark Wizard.2  | Lv Aggress. | Bones, Black Wizard Stuff, ect. |
|    21     | Guard          |   Passive   | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    22     | Skeleton.1     | AGGRESSIVE! | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    24     | Zombie.2       | AGGRESSIVE! | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    25     | Witch          |   Passive   | Bones, Random Stuff             |
|    25     | Skeleton.2     | AGGRESSIVE! | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    26     | Jailman        | Lv Aggress. | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    28     | Hill Giant     | AGGRESSIVE! | Big Bones, Coins, Random Stuff  |
|    28     | Hobgoblin.1    | AGGRESSIVE! | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    31     | Black Knight   | AGGRESSIVE! | Bones, Coins, Bars, ect.        |
|    32     | King Scorpion  | AGGRESSIVE! | NOTHING...                      |
|    36     | White Knight.1 |   Passive   | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    38     | White Knight.2 |   Passive   | Bones, Coins, Random Stuff      |
|    ...    | ...            |     ...     | ...                             |
| + -- Monks prefer to heal themselves INSTEAD of attacking you.             |
| * -- Barbarians will attack you if you talk to them.                       |
|                                                                            |
| Lv Aggres. -- Monster is aggressive against weaker players only.           |
|               Player who are at least 5 Lv's higher won't get attacked.    |
|                                                                            |
| Note: Monster (Level) Variant is noted with a number at the end (like x.1) |
|	to differentiate similarly named creatures, although some monsters   |
|	may have more visible differences (like color or weapons)            |

7.7) Fields of Honor -- A Combat Review
When working on your combat skills, here's a few areas that are pretty good
to train with limited health risks.

-> Chick / Cow Ranches - Lumbridge <-
Suggested Levels: Lv 3 - 30
Location: NE of Lumbridge
Creatures Encountered:
 * Lv 2 Cow
 * Lv 2 Cow Calf
 * Lv 1 Chicken

This is one of the most popular training spots in RuneScape as it's close to
Lumbridge (where all new players start at) & it's the closest place to the
Al-Kharid tanner.  Despite the crowds, the low level animals there will give
beginners a decent challenge & they'll always drop uncooked food & items that
others can use.

For beginners, it's suggested that you carry an axe & a tinderbox so you can
cook the food you pick up as well as eat it to recover your health.  If you
need to, pick up any stray meat (stuff that others didn't pick up) as well to
recover your health as some players don't bother picking stuff up.

-> Falador Ranch - Falador <-
Suggested Levels: Lv 5 - 30
Location: SSE of Falador, N of Port Sarim
Creatures Encountered:
 * Lv 5 Highwayman (outside the ranch)
 * Lv 2 Cow
 * Lv 2 Cow Calf
 * Lv 2 Imp (outside the ranch)
 * Lv 1 Chicken
 * Lv 1 Duck

This Ranch is similar to the Lumbridge Cow / Chick Ranches, but they're joined
together & a smaller area.  This area isn't as crowed, but it does get some
traffic as it's very close to Falador & it's close to the Crafter's Guild
(where there's another tanner, but only those with Lv 40 crafting & a brown
apron equipped can access).

The level suggestion is slightly higher due to the Highwaymen, who will attack
the lower-level players.  You can, however, run away from them with very
little damage.

-> Barbarian Village <-
Suggested Levels: Lv 15 - 40
Location: Barbarian Village (NE of Falador, W of Varrock)
Creatures Encountered:
 * Lv 10/17 Barbarians

The Barbarian Village is a decent area to train once you get your levels up,
but it's not as friendly as it was before.  Due to recent updates to the game,
the barbarians who live there have gotten A LOT STRONGER (+2 to +9 levels than
before).  Unless you have some food on hand, or help (as it's a multi-combat
area) when you're in the lower levels...  you probably want to pass on this.

If your Fishing & Cooking Levels are at least Lv 20, you can go fishing nearby.

-> Goblin Village <-
Suggested Levels: Lv 5 - 35
Location: Goblin Village (NNE of Falador)
Creatures Encountered:
 * Lv 5 Goblin

Goblin Village is one area that you'll have to visit for a quest.  The Goblins
in the area are fairly passive (they won't attack unless you attack them) &
they occasionally drop Goblin Mail, which you'll need for one quest & they're
worth around 15 G a piece.  Players on the low-end of the suggested range
should bring some food with you.

-> Dwarven Mine North <-
Suggested Levels: Lv 10 - 40
Location: Dwarven Mines, North Entrance
        (NNE of Falador, WNW of Barbarian Village)
Creatures Encountered:
 * Lv 10 Dwarf
 * Lv 14 Scorpion

Dwarven Mine's Northern Entrance is the suggested entrance for low-level
players as the Dwarves around the area are passive & there's not a lot of
scorpions in the area until you get close to the Southern Entrance.  Dwarves
will usually drop some low-level items that you can sell at the general stores
for some gold.  It's best to carry some food, especially if you're on the low
end of the suggested levels.

-> Dwarven Mine South <-
Suggested Levels: 25 - 45
Location: Dwarven Mines, South Entrance (in NE Falador)
Creatures Encountered:
 * Lv 14 Scorpion
 * Lv 32 King Scorpion

Dwarven Mine's Southern Entrance is better geared towards mid-level players
as there's plenty of Scorpions & the King Scorpions are a pain for most of the
players in the mine.  It's suggested that you bring some food while training,
especially for the low-level players.  I should note that scorpions don't drop
ANYTHING...  which doesn't make them the best for combat training.

-> Draynor Sewers <-
Suggested Levels: 20 - 40
Location: W of Draynor (west entrance, marked with a "!")
        & W of Draynor Jail (east entrance, marked with a "!")
Creatures Encountered:
 * Lv 13 Zombie
 * Lv 24 Zombie
 * Lv 22 Skeleton
 * Lv 25 Skeleton
 * Lv 26 Jailman (outside Eastern Entrance)

Draynor Sewers is a little known gem for mid-level players as it contains a
decent mix of mid-level creatures to fight.  The creatures usually drop some
gold, but they may drop a decent item or even the occasional rare rune (like
laws & chaos).

Due to the damage that can be inflicted, it's suggested that everybody carries
some food with you, even though you're relatively close to a bank.  Those who
are running low on health should take the west entrance to avoid getting
attacked the Jailmen upon leaving the Sewers.

-> Varrock Sewers <-
Suggested Levels: 15 - 40+
Location: E of Varrock Castle (marked with an "!")
Creatures Encountered:
 * Lv 1 Rat
 * Lv 6 Big Rat
 * Lv 13 Zombie
 * Lv 14 Scorpion
 * Lv 19 Ghost
 * Lv 22 Skeleton
 * Lv 24 Zombie
 * Lv 25 Skeleton
 * Other Unknown Creatures

Varrock Sewers is one of the few "multi-combat" areas where people train, so
it means that multiple players can attack one monster, but multiple monsters
can attack you in return.  While it may be a little extreme for mid-level
Knights, but there's great spots for Archers & Mages to train as there's
usually water or bars separating them from the monsters.

Knights should carry a good amount of food on hand, especially if the
monsters gang up on you while Archers & Mages can get away with less because
they're not in direct melee combat.

If you actually make it into the far depths of the sewer, there are some high
level creatures that you can fight.

-> Scorpion Mine <-
Suggested Level: 15 - 30
Location: N of Al-Kharid
Creatures Encountered:
 * Lv 14 Scorpion

Scorpion Mine is one area that's better geared towards Archers & Mages since
it's an open-air mine.  Archers & Mages can stand on the sides overlooking
the mine & attack the scorpions in the area without endangering themselves.

Knights may want to consider skipping this area unless they're mining as
scorpions do not drop anything.  If you're a low-level knight, take at least
three pieces of food with you as the scorpions will most likely attack you.

-> Edgeville Sewers <-
Suggested Level: 30+
Location: Edgeville / NE of Barbarian Village
Creatures Encountered:
 * Lv 24 Zombie
 * Lv 28 Hill Giant
 * Lv 28/48 Hobgoblin

This area is like THE TRAINING PLACE for all mid & high level players.  While
the southern entrance to the Edgeville Sewers REQUIRE the Brass Key (available
within the sewers near this entrance) to get in & most players charge 50-200 G
for one.  Most players drop in here to train on the Hill Giants that are next
to the southern entrance as they contain fairly good drops like mid level
 runes (like Cosmics & Natures).

Due to the popularity of the area, you'll have to fight other players in order
to fight a Hill Giant...  especially against Mages & Archers.

-> The Stronghold of Security <-
Suggested Level: 15-90+
Location: Barbarian Village (Marked with an "!")
Creatures Encountered:
 * Lv 5/13/16/25 Goblines
 * Lv 11/14 Wolves
 * Lv 12/27 Minotaurs
 * Lv 24 Spiders
 * Lv 26 Giant Rats
 * Lv 28/35/41 Flesh Crawlers
 * Lv 30/44/53 Zombies
 * Lv 49/64/68 Catablepons
 * Lv 50 Giant Spiders
 * Lv 59 Scorpions
 * Lv 68/85 Skeletons
 * Lv 75/82/86 Ankou
 * Lv 76 Ghosts

This place is one of the newest places in the game for free players & there's
creatures that are suitable for lower to high-level players.  There are pieces
of a special weapon (Skull Staff) that includes 5 charges to teleport you to
the entrance of the Stronghold.  Each piece (4 in total) is dropped by a
creature from each level of the stronghold...  so only the high level players
will be able to obtain all the pieces themselves.

There's more information listed in section 15.A.

Suggested Level: 50+ (Actual Range UNKNOWN)
Location: N of Varrock, Edgeville, Dwarven Mines, ect.
        (Just "DUE NORTH" of everything)
Creatures Encountered:
 * UNKNOWN CREATURES (too many to list)

The Wilderness is the UNKNOWN Frontier...  The further you go into the
Wilderness, the more perilous it gets & the threat of other players attacking
you only ups the ante.  You will need to take a lot of food as well as an
escape route (like runes to teleport back to Varrock, should you have Lv 25
Magic) should you get attacked by other players...  Hopefully players that can't
cast Teleblock (which prevents their victims from teleporting, which is an
ULTRA-HIGH Level spell).


8) Organization for Carry-All Users
Even though I prefer to practice the "Minimalistic" ideal for inventory
control, there are some people who prefer to practice the "Boy Scout" ideal &
carry items with them so they can be ready to do anything they want (or come
across).  Here's a good idea on how to organize your items from my RuneScape
Buddy Karl Li so you can be ready for practically anything.  Please be aware
that I'm going from the top, downward on your inventory page.

8.1) First Row
   * Coins/Money  -- aka "Your Wallet", for those "On the Fly" purchases
   * Bow          -- If you switch between Ranged & Melee combat
   * Food (Minor) -- To heal yourself during minor fights
   * Food (Major) -- To heal yourself during major fights

   1) You can carry your arrows in your quiver & therefore keeping them out
        of your inventory.

   2) It's suggested that you keep about 10% of your gold on hand & keep the
        rest of it in the bank.  If you're a magician, you'll want more on
        hand since higher level runes cost more.

   3) Minor food is something for a quick health-fix (Chicken, ect.) & Major
        food is something for large health recovery (Salmon, Lobster, ect.).
        high-recovery food as you can when going into The Wilderness.

8.2) Second Row
   * Axe       -- To chop down trees for timber
   * Tinderbox -- To light fires (w/ logs on hand)
   * Pickaxe   -- For mining ores
   * Hammer    -- For making tools out of metal bars

8.3) Third Row
   * Log (1) -- To make a fast fire
   * Log (1) -- To make a fast fire
   * Log (2) -- To make a long fire
   * Log (2) -- To make a long fire

   Note: The notation of (1) & (2) refers to the different types of logs as
        each type of log lights & burn at different rates.  The first type of
        log should be a lower level log to quickly start a fire & the second
        type of log should be a higher level log to start a longer-lasting
        fire to give you more time for bonfire cooking.

8.4) Fourth Row
   * Fishing Net -- For fishing smaller, lower level fish (like shrimp)
   * Fishing Rod -- For fishing larger, higher level fish (like trout & tuna)
   * Needle      -- For crafting leather items
   * Thread      -- For crafting leather items

   Note: 1 spool of thread will make 5 leather items.  Since the game doesn't
        tell how many items are left on 1 single spool, it's suggested that
        you carry multiple spools for this reason.

8.5) Fifth Row
   * Fishing Bait / Feathers -- For Baited of Fly Fishing (based on rod)

9) Timber the Lumberjack -- A Woodcutting & Firestarting Guide
Woodcutting is one of the obscured skills in the game as a free player as all
you can really do with the wood you cut is light them up, but members will be
able to turn logs into ranged tools.  Firestarting is another skill that
allows you to ignite a specific type of wood, so it goes hand-in-hand with

To cut wood, you'll need a regular axe.  Battle Axes may be used as well to
cut wood, but it's not a good idea to try.  To light the logs that you've
chopped, you'll need a tinderbox.  A tinderbox contains flints that you use
to make sparks to start the fire.  Tinderboxes are usually available at any
general store & costs about 5g or less.

Here's the general level list of trees that you can cut (& burn) at a specific

| Lv | Tree Type |
| 01 | Normal    |
| 15 | Oak       |
| 30 | Willow    |
| 45 | Maple*    |
| 60 | Yew       |
| 75 | Magic*    |
| * Members Only |

March, 2006 UPDATE:  Members with a minimum Woodcutting level of 12 can craft
logs into canoes for water travel.  Canoes are one-way trips & the distance
you can travel will vary with the wood you use.  You can even make it to Lv
35 wilderness with the best canoe.  However, since this is a special member's
skill...  this is as far as I'll be able to say.

9.1) A Tree-Trimmer's Toolbox
Like all other skills, the tool you use will determine how efficient (fast)
you are in chopping down a tree.  Even though you can get away with using just
one type of axe throughout the game, it'll take you a long time to chop the
higher level trees & rival players may get the wood before you.  Here's the
list of axes you'll be able to use.

| Lv | Axe Type   | Shop Prices | Street Price |
| 01 | Bronze     |    N / A    |          5 G |
| 04 | Iron       |    N / A    |         40 G |
| 06 | Steel      |    N / A    |        150 G |
| 21 | Mithril    |    N / A    |        600 G |
| 31 | Adamantite |    N / A    |      2,000 G | 
| 41 | Runite     |    N / A    |     20,000 G |

Please be aware that your Woodcutting Skill MUST be at this level to use the
axe AS A TOOL.  To actually equip the tool & use it AS A WEAPON, your attack
skill is actually one level less that the usage requirement.

9.2) I Didn't Start the Fire...  Yes I Did...
Starting a fire isn't that hard, but it does take some skill.  First of all,
you'll need a tinderbox on hand to light the fire.  Second, you need to have
a log to light, either in your inventory OR on the ground.  All you have to
do is the use the tinderbox on the logs to ignite them.

Your Firestarting skill will determine how long it takes for you to start a
fire & what you can light.  The list of woods you can burn is listed in
Section 9.  If your Firestarting skill is at Lv 15, you can easily ignite
normal wood but it'll take you some time to light up an oak log.

Firestarting skill is somewhat useful as you'll be able to cook any meat or
fish you pick up without having to find a stove to cook on.  The better the
wood is, the longer the fire you started will last.

9.3) Tree Incidents -- Random Events
There are some things that will happen in the game that will most likely
annoy the hell out of you & there's little you can do about it!  Here's a few
things that can happen while you're chopping down trees.

9.3.1) Tree Sprites
Tree Sprites are plant-like creatures that don't appreciate you clear-cutting
their home.  They'll attack you (their combat is based on your own combat
level) until you defeat them OR until you leave.

9.3.2) Ents
Ents are tree-like creatures that don't like getting picked (or chopped).
If you run into an Ent, LEAVE THEM ALONE or your axe may get broken.

You can take your broken axe to Bob's in Lumbridge to get repaired for a fee.

9.3.3) Losing Your (Axe) Head
From time to time, you may find that the head of your axe will fly off its
handle & will land a few feet away from you.  It's fairly annoying, but all
you have to do is retrieve your axe head & place it back on your axe handle.
You will need to quickly retrieve your axe head as it'll be visible to others
after a few minutes.  If you find an axe head without a handle, you can take
the axe head to Bob's Ax Shop in Lumbridge (just south of the castle's gate)
to get it fixed for a fee.

9.3.4) Fallen Finds (Members)
This random event will only happen on Member servers, but it's listed here to
complete the list.  While cutting down trees, you may see a bird's nest fall
out of the tree you're chopping.  These nests will usually contain some random
items, but you'll most likely find seeds that you can use for farming.

9.4) Clear-cut Woodcutting Review
As there's plenty of trees in RuneScape, there are some areas that are better
than others for chopping wood.  Here's a few spots where you can practice
being a lumberjack.  If you need help working on your firestarting skills,
just take your tinderbox along with you.

-> Lumbridge Area <-
Suggested Levels: 1 - 30
Location: Around Lumbridge Castle
Trees Available:
 * Normal Trees (Lv 1)
 * Oak Trees (Lv 15)

Lumbridge is a pretty good area to start on your lumberjack routine as there's
an abundant amount of regular trees in the area & a few oaks here.  This area
is usually overcrowded with low-level players, so it may not be easy to get
some oak logs.

Most starter lumberjacks will either sell the logs at the nearby general store
(which is usually overloaded with wood) or work on their firestarting skills.

-> Draynor Area <-
Suggested Levels: 30+
Location: Just South of Draynor Bank
Trees Available:
 * Willow Trees (Lv 30)

The Draynor Area is THE HOTTEST SPOT for mid-level lumberjacks as the area
near the Bank is loaded with Willow Trees.  This area is usually crowded with
lumberjacks most of the time, so scoring some willow logs may be difficult
due to the competition, but you'll probably get a few logs out of each tree
before it's fully cut.

-> Falador Area <-
Suggested Levels: 15+
Location: Just South of Falador
Trees Available:
 * Normal Trees (Lv 1)
 * Oak Trees (Lv 15)

The Falador Area is a decent area for lower-level lumberjacks as it contains
low level trees (mostly Oaks, some normal trees) & is just a short walk to
the Eastern Falador Bank.  You'll need some combat as you may run across a few
Highwaymen in the area.
10) Feeding for a Lifetime -- A Fisherman's Guide
As the old saying goes, "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day...  Teach
a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime."  Fishing is one skill that some
players may neglect, but it has a good moneymaking potential once you get it
up to a moderate level.  When a player who's buying food is confronted with
high-level Baker & a high-level Fisherman, the player will most likely buy
from the fisherman first.

It's fairly easy to go fishing once you know how.  First of all, you need to
grab the fishing gear for the fish you want to catch.  Next, you'll need to
hit a Fishing Spot (areas marked with a fish on the map).  Once you're at
a Fishing Spot, locate a fishing "Hot Spot" (a spot on the water that looks
active) & click on it to start fishing.  If you have multiple fishing tools
on hand, you may have to select the tool you want to use first.  All you have
to do once you start is sit back, play around with the camera (so you don't
get disconnected) & wait for the fish to come to you.

10.1) Tackling Your Toolbox -- An Equipment Guide
As you'll commonly need different stuff to catch different fish in real life,
the same holds true in RuneScape.  You'll need different equipment to catch
different fish in the game.  Here's a short list of tools you'll be able to
pick up & use as well as the fish that can be caught using those tools.
All the items listed here can be purchased at the Port Sarim Fishing Store.
Please be aware that anything listed next to the tool is an item you'll need
to use that tool & must be obtained separately.

The level listed next to the fish is the level required to catch it.

| Lv | Tool                         | Fish Available    | Cooking Rq'ed |
| 01 | Small Net                    | Shrimp    (Lv  1) |     Lv  1     |
|    |                              | Anchovies (Lv 15) |     Lv 10     |
| 05 | Fishing Rod (& Bait)         | Sardines  (Lv  5) |     Lv  5     |
|    |                              | Herring   (Lv 10) |     Lv 10     |
|    |                              | Pike      (Lv 25) |     Lv 20     |
| 20 | Fly Fishing Rod (& Feathers) | Trout     (Lv 20) |     Lv 15     |
|    |                              | Salmon    (Lv 30) |     Lv 25     |
| 35 | Harpoon                      | Tuna      (Lv 35) |     Lv 30     |
|    |                              | Swordfish (Lv 50) |     Lv 45     |
| 40 | Lobster Pot                  | Lobster   (Lv 40) |     Lv 40     |
| Note: List only includes fish that can be caught by free players.     |
| There are better tools & fish for members, but ONLY A FEW.            |

Please be aware that when you can fish for the higher level fish with the
same tool, you'll randomly catch a few higher-level fish.  For example, if
you have Lv 30 Fishing & using the Fly Fishing Rod, you'll catch salmon around
20% of the time (about 1/5 fish) & the rest will be trout.

10.2) The Perfect Storm... & Other Unenjoyable Events
Like the movies, there's always something that can ruin your enjoyment.
RuneScape is no exception as there's 3 fishing-specific random events that
can happen.

10.2.1) River Trolls
Like other skills you work on, if you fish too long in one area, a River Troll
may pop up & say "Fishies be mine, leave dem fishies!" shortly before it
attacks you.  The troll's combat level is based on your combat level (which
will make the river troll between Lv 29 & 120), so you'll most likely want to
run away for a minute or two since you may not be able to defeat it.

10.2.2) Whirlpools
Whirlpools are another annoying even that will destroy a fishing spot for a
few minutes.  If you're foolish enough to fish while there's a whirlpool,
you'll lose your fishing gear & you'll have to buy a replacement.

10.2.3) Big Fish
If you've ever seen "Big Bass" from Super Mario Bros. 3 (or Super Mario 64.
It's the big fish that would eat you when it has a chance), you have a good
idea what happens here.  The Big Fish, which is big & green, will eat your
fishing gear & spit up your gear somewhere in the area.  All you can do is
stop fishing immediately & wait for the fish to pass by before resuming.
If you happen to get your gear eaten, look around the area nearby or just
buy a replacement, which would probably save you time in the long run.

10.3) The RuneScape Angler -- A Fishing Review
When fishing, you'll probably want to know where the good fishing spots are
so you aren't wasting time fishing in poor areas.  Here's a review of a few
good spots.

-> Southern Draynor <-
Fishing Type: Ocean
Fish Available:
 + Shrimp (Lv 1)
 + Anchovies (Lv 15)
 + Sardines (Lv 5)
 + Herring (Lv 10)

Southern Draynor is like THE starting spot for beginning fishermen as it's
nearby a bank & a lot of players who are working are training on the willows
in the area for Woodcutting & Firestarting, so it's pretty easy to find a fire
to cook your fish.

-> Lumbridge River, Near Lumbridge <-
Fishing Type: River
Fish Available:
 + Trout (Lv 20)
 + Salmon (Lv 30)
 + Pike (Lv 25)

Lumbridge River near Lumbridge is a fairly decent spot to fish at once you
get up to Lv 20 as it's a pretty quiet fishing spot, despite the training
that's going on by low-level players.  Fires aren't as abundant here & the
nearest bank is in Al-Kharid.  If you've completed the "Rescue Prince Ali"
quest, it's a pretty good fishing spot as there's a stove you can use near
the bank.  Otherwise, you may want to pass on this spot since you'll be
paying around 20g per run in tolls.

-> Lumbridge River, Near Barbarian Village <-
Fishing Type: River
Fish Available:
 + Trout (Lv 20)
 + Salmon (Lv 30)
 + Pike (Lv 25)

Lumbridge River near Barbarian Village is a pretty popular fishing spot for
river fishing.  There's two fires in the Barbarian pub that you can use to
cook your fish & you have a choice of two banks (Edgeville & West Varrock) to
store your fish, which is a fair walk.  The one upside with this spot is that
you don't have to pay any tolls.

-> Southern Al-Kharid <-
Fishing Type: Ocean
Fish Available: 
 + Shrimp (Lv 1)
 + Anchovies (Lv 15)

Southern Al-Kharid fishing spot is located just south of the Al-Kharid bank.
There's a stove available to cook your fish just north of the bank or a fair
walk eastward.  Since this area contains only low-level fish, it's not that
popular with players.  Low Level fishermen usually skip this area because
it's relatively out of the way.

-> Karamja <-
Fishing Type: Ocean
Fish Available:
 + Shrimp (Lv 1)
 + Sardines (Lv 5)
 + Herring (Lv 10)
 + Anchovies (Lv 15)
 + Tuna (Lv 35)
 + Lobster (Lv 40)
 + Swordfish (Lv 50)

Karamja is THE ONLY spot you can fish for tuna, swordfish & lobsters on free
servers & all the high-level fishermen stop here to fish.  You can also use
this area to fish the low-level fish as well, but with other areas are better
suited to train the beginner fishermen.

There are about 4 downsides to fishing here.

1) It's fairly crowded, so expect multiple people fishing at the same time.
        So expect some fishing delays (longer than normal)
2) It's a fairly remote place on the free servers.  So it'll take a while to
        travel between here & the nearest bank (East Falador)
3) It costs 60G per round trip.  However, you can earn boat fare by packing
        bananas (30G per crate) or selling fish at the Karmaja General Store.
4) No Range or good firewood trees nearby.  So you'll need to bring your own
        firewood (like Oak or Willow) to cook your catch.  There's a regular
	tree near Luthas's House, but it won't burn for long.

11) Dinner! -- A Cooking Guide
Cooking is one skill that EVERYBODY will need to know as it turns raw meats
& ingredients into edible, health-restoring food.  However, this skill may be
under appreciated by some players as they prefer to buy cooked food from other
players.  To help make you more independent, this is a skill that you'll need
to work on.

11.1) Basic Cooking
Like I really need to tell you, cooking involves one crucial ingredient: FIRE!
Whether it's a bonfire or a stove, you need a source of fire to cook your food.
For basic cooking, all you do is cook raw meat, chicken & fish over an open
fire.  Once you get a fire started, click on the raw piece of food (meat,
chicken or fish) & then click on the fire.  A mini-menu will pop up in the
chat window asking what you want to cook (or more importantly, HOW MANY you
want to cook).  If you click on the one, you'll only cook one piece.  If you
want to cook multiple items in one go, right-click & select the number you
desire or just click "Cook All" to make it easy on you.

As you cook, you will notice that some of the food that you've cooked is burnt
by accident.  At low levels, expect this to happen frequently as it's a sign
of your inexperience.  As your cooking levels increase beyond the minimum for
that piece of food, the less likely you'll burn it.  This means by Lv 15
Cooking, you'll be able to Shrimp without burning a lot of them (you might
burn like 1-2 at the most), but you'll burn about 8-12 Trout at that level as
you're just started with Trout.

11.1.1) Meat Cooking Table
This table shows what level you'll need to start cooking a specific meat as well
as the healing potential.  Please be aware that this list only goes up to Lv 45
as Swordfish is the highest healing "simple" food.  However, members usually go
fishing for Shark when they have the fishing & cooking levels.

| Lv | Meat            | HP Rec. |
| 01 | Raw Beef        |    3 HP |
| 01 | Bear / Rat Meat |    3 HP |
| 01 | Chicken         |    3 HP |
| 01 | Shrimp          |    3 HP |
| 01 | Sardine         |    4 HP |
| 05 | Herring         |    5 HP |
| 10 | Mackerel        |    6 HP |
| 15 | Anchovies       |    3 HP |
| 15 | Trout           |    7 HP |
| 18 | Cod             |    7 HP |
| 20 | Pike            |    8 HP |
| 25 | Salmon          |    9 HP |
| 30 | Tuna            |   10 HP |
| 40 | Lobster         |   12 HP |
| 45 | Swordfish       |   14 HP |
| .. | ...             |   ...   |

11.2) From Butcher to Baker
As you work up your cooking skills, you consider try your hand at baking.
Baking is a slower & more labor-intensive task as it requires you to use two
or more ingredients (even if it's just flour & water) & you have to use a
stove to cook your baked goods.  However, Baked goods usually heal more than
plain meat.  As the recipes will be listed in the next section of the guide
(11.3), here's how to get the flour you'll need for most of your baking needs.
Please be aware that you'll need pots to store & carry the flour.

First thing you need to do is grab some grain.  Head to a wheat field (which
are available south of Varrock & near the windmill between Lumbridge & Draynor)
& pick up as much as you like.  Next, you'll have to head to a windmill.  The
only windmill that's accessible to everybody is the windmill between Lumbridge
& Draynor.  Just head north when you reach the T-crossing.

Each Windmill is a 3-story building.  The first floor (entrance) is where you
pick up your flour.  The 2nd floor is the grinding floor, where the grain is
ground into flour (boring...).  The 3rd floor is the control center of the
windmill.  You place a piece of grain in the hopper & then you pull the lever
to grind the grain.  You'll be moving between the hopper & the levers a lot
since you have to place each piece of grain into the hopper before you can
grind it.  Once all the grain is ground into flour, head back to the first
floor to pick up the flour.  Please be aware that you'll need pots to store
the flour.  If you don't have any pots on hand, head to the nearest general
store & buy a few OR if you're near Lumbridge, you can nick a few pots from
the kitchen.  Don't worry about leaving your flour unattended as it'll be
waiting for you when you get back.

Once you have the empty pots, just click on the flour hopper to fill the pots.

11.3) Mastering Your Cookbook
In order to become a master chef, you need to know how to prepare the food
you want for make.  Lucky for you, this section is chalked full of recipes
for you to use in the game.  Please be aware that the recipes listed here
do not include member recipes.

11.3.1) Making Dough (Bread, Pies & Pizza)
Lv 1 Cooking Required
 * Pot of Flour
 * Jug (or bucket) of Water

Just use the water on the flour & a menu in the chat window will appear asking
you what type of dough you want to make.  This is basic baking ingredient for
most complex foods.

11.3.2) Bread
Lv 1 Cooking Required
 * Bread Dough (see 11.3.1)

After you make the bread dough, just pop it in the stove to bake...

Heals 4 HP

11.3.3) RedBerry Pie
Lv 10 Cooking Required
 * Pie Dough (see 11.3.1)
 * RedBerries
 * Pie Plate

RedBerries can be obtained near the SE Varrock mine.

First, line the Pie Plate with the pie dough.  Then place the RedBerries into
the lined pie plate.  Bake & Serve warm...

Heals 4.5 HP each (5/4) / 9 HP Total

11.3.4) Meat Pie
Lv 20 Cooking Required
 * Pie Dough (see 11.3.1)
 * COOKED Meat (No Fish or Chicken)
 * Pie Plate

Similar to RedBerry Pies, just with meat.  First line the Pie Plate with the
pie dough.  The place the cooked meat into the lined pie plate (be careful
NOT to eat the cooked meat).  Bake & serve warm...

Heals 5.5 HP each (6/5) / 11 HP Total

11.3.5) Stew
Lv 25 Cooking Required
 * Bowl of Water
 * Potato
 * COOKED Meat (No Fish or Chicken)


Fill up your bowl with water from a fountain first.  Next, place the potato
into the bowl.  Finally place the cooked meat into the bowl (Be careful NOT
to eat the cooked meat).  Cook over a stove OR bonfire & serve hot.

Heals 11 HP

11.3.6) Apple Pie
Lv 30 Cooking Required
 * Pie Dough (see 11.3.1)
 * Cooking Apple
 * Pie Plate

Cooking Apples are available in the Chef's Guild.

Like the other pie recipes, you're just using apples now.  Line the pie plate
with the pie dough first.  Next, place the cooking apple into the lined pie
plate & bake.

Heals 7 HP each / 14 HP Total

11.3.7) Wine
Lv 35 Cooking Required
 * Jug of Water
 * Grapes

Grapes are available in the Chef's Guild.

A simple recipe here.  Fill up the jug with water, then place the grapes into
the jug.  All you have to do is wait a few minutes (while you're working on
other stuff) for it to ferment.  Just beware the "Bad Wine".

Heals 11 HP but costs 2-3 Attack Levels (temporarily)

11.3.8) Plain Pizza
Lv 35 Cooking Required
 * Pizza Dough (See 11.3.1)
 * Tomato
 * Cheese

A fairly simple food to make, but the ingredients are little hard to obtain.
You can find Tomatoes & Cheese at Aggie's house in Draynor & at the Bandit
Camp (Lv 23 Wilderness).  First, make the pizza dough.  Next, add the tomato
(Try NOT to eat the tomato) & then add cheese (Try NOT to eat the cheese as
well).  Place in the over & serve hot.

Heals 7 HP each / 14 HP Total

11.3.9) Cake
Lv 40 Cooking Required
 * Pot of Flour
 * Bucket of Milk
 * Egg
 * Cake Tin

You can get milk from the Cow Ranch & an Egg from the Chicken Ranch, both of
them are NE of Lumbridge Castle.

Mix the flour, milk & egg into the Cake Tin.  Bake & serve warm or cooled.

Heals 4 HP each / 12 HP Total

11.3.10) Meat Pizza
Lv 45 Cooking Required
 * Pizza Dough (See 11.3.1)
 * Tomato
 * Cheese
 * COOKED Meat (No Chicken)

This is just a step up from Plain Pizza (See 11.3.9 for the recipe).
Once the Plain Pizza is properly cooked, add the cooked meat to the pizza
& serve hot.

Heals 8 HP each / 16 HP Total

11.3.11) Chocolate Cake
Lv 50 Cooking Required
 * Pot of Flour
 * Bucket of Milk
 * Egg
 * Bar of Chocolate
 * Cake Tin

You can get milk from the Cow Ranch & an Egg from the Chicken Ranch, both of
them are NE of Lumbridge Castle.  The Bar of Chocolate is available in the
Chef's Guild.

Similar to making a regular cake.  Mix the Flour, Milk & Egg into the Cake
Tin.  Add the Bar of Chocolate & Bake.  Best serve cooled.

SHORTCUT:  You can use Chocolate Dust (made by chopping up a chocolate bar with
a knife) on a Cake to make a Chocolate Cake.
You still need Lv 50 cooking to do this, though.

Heals 5 HP each / 15 HP Total

11.3.12) Anchovy Pizza
Lv 55 Cooking Required
 * Pizza Dough (See 11.3.1)
 * Tomato
 * Cheese
 * COOKED Anchovies

Make the plain pizza (as listed in 11.3.9) & then add the cooked anchovies to
the cooked pizza.  Best served piping hot.

Heals 9 HP each / 18 HP Total

11.4) Cooking with the Experts -- The Chef's Guild
The Chef's Guild is a building just NW of the West Varrock gate & is the place
where most cooks perform their serious cooking.  All you need to get in is
Lv 32 Cooking & a Chef's hat.  The Guild master lobbied for white aprons as
well, but dropped it after several guild members had their weapons pointed at
his throat.  The Chef's Guild has almost everything you need to make Apple
Pies & Wine.  The guild also have tools you'll need to make cakes & it's the
only known spot to score chocolate bars (apart from the food stores)

The Chef's guild has it's own Windmill to make your own flour, but the closest
wheat field is south of Varrock.  Just plan ahead & take any extra ingredients
that you'll need (milk, eggs, ect.) when cooking here.

12) "Twenty to Life" -- A Miner's & Blacksmith's Guide
Mining & Smithing skills pretty much go hand-in-hand with each other.  Mining
allow you to obtain the ores from the mines & Smithing allows you to refine
the ores into bars & craft the bars into equipment.  Like all other skills,
you'll be restricted to the most basic ores first & you'll have to work your
way up to the more valuable ores.

In order to prevent some frustration with mining & smithing, mine ONLY the
ores that you can actually use as your mining skill will most likely be a lot
higher than your smithing skills.  Mining the higher-level ores like Mithril
& gold will be useless to you unless you have the smithing levels to refine
them.  You could try selling off the ores to others, but usually those who
buy ores are usually rich & too lazy to actually mine it themselves.

12.1) Mining Your Way to China
First of all, you'll need a pickaxe to mine the ores.  Then you'll have to
head to a mine (which are the brown pickaxe icons on the map.  The gold icon
is the Mining store).  Some mines are pretty safe as there's no aggressive
monsters to attack you, but there are other mines that can be pretty tough to
work due to the "company" that's there.

If you're unsure what ore a rock has, you can prospect it to find out.  This
is helpful so you know what that rock holds.  That way you're not trying to
mine a rock that's above your skill level.  There's also a visual clue to
what ore is in the rock by it's color.

Dark Grey = No Ore currently Available

Tan = Clay
Light Brown = Copper
Grey = Tin
Dark Brown = Iron
Light Grey = Silver
Dark Green = Coal
Yellow = Gold
Violet-Blue = Mithril
Green = Adamantite
Blue (?) = Runite

NOTE: Please be aware that it may be hard to distinguish Dark Brown & Dark
Green.  I originally had both Iron & Coal listed as Dark Brown until Daleron
Hastur pointed this out.  Upon a very close inspection (my nose was almost
touching the screen), there is a color difference that I wasn't able to tell
at normal viewing distance...  and the fact that I have slight red/green
colorblindness.  If you can tell the difference between Dark Brown (HTML
color #5C4033) & Dark Green (#006400), you're not colorblind in the red/green

You should be aware that players will a better pickaxe & higher mining skill
will usually out-mine a lower skilled player should both of them try to mine
the same rock.  If there's others (1-2 others) in the area that's mining the
same stuff as you, it can be beneficial to strike up a verbal agreement with
them.  Sharing the mine's resources can benefit everybody instead of helping
the best-skilled miner for a specific ore.  UNFORTUNATELY, most players just
mine any rock that has ore as they please, regardless who else is there.

March, 2006 Update: As part of the graphical modification in the game, more
rocks in the various mines (pretty much Rimmington, Barbarian Village & the
Crafter's Guide are the most noticeable) are going more subtitle.  The mining
rocks now show streaks of color in relation to the ore in earth-brown rocks.

12.2) A Beginner's Mine List
Here's the list of all the possible ores you can mine.

| Lv | Ore                    | Lv | Ore                     |
| 01 | Clay*                  | 20 | Silver*                 |
| 01 | Copper                 | 30 | Coal                    |
| 01 | Tin                    | 40 | Gold*                   |
| 01 | Rune Essence**         | 55 | Mithril                 |
| 10 | Blurite***             | 70 | Adamantite              |
| 15 | Iron                   | 85 | Runite                  |
| Notes:                                                     |
| * -- Crafting Item                                         |
| ** -- Must Complete the Rune Mysteries Quest to get access |
| *** -- Quest-Required Ore                                  |

If you're planning on picking up the best pickaxe you can get your hands on
before you start mining, DON'T!  Just like combat skills, you can only use a
pickaxe that corresponds to your mining level.  It would be pointless to spend
thousands of gold coins for a rune pickaxe when all you can use is iron.
Here's a general price list for the pickaxes.  Please be aware that prices
(especially street prices) will vary.

| Lv | Pickaxe Type | Shop Price | Street Price |
| 01 | Bronze       |       5 G! |        1 G   |
| 01 | Iron         |    N / A   |       50 G   |
| 06 | Steel        |     500 G  |      250 G   |
| 21 | Mithril      |   1,300 G  |    1,000 G   |
| 31 | Adamantite   |   3,200 G* |    3,000 G   |
| 41 | Runite       |  32,000 G* |   32,000 G   |
| * - Subject to verification                   |
| ! - You can usually find this for free        |

Again, please be aware that levels listed is what you need to use the tool
without equipping it.  To equip the tool AS A WEAPON, your attack skill needs
to be one level lower than listed above.

12.3) Heads Up! -- Random Mining Events
While working in the mines, you may run into some unexpected things in the
process.  You should be aware of these random events that could happen while
you're mining.  Please note that are are more random events inside the game
than these, but these are mining-related.

12.3.1) Finding a Gem
This is actually a good random event.  While mining for ore, you'll eventually
find a random uncut gem (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby or even Diamond for free
users).  You won't get much money for uncut gems, so try to take advantage of
a BONDED Craftsman to cut the gems for you if you don't have the crafting
skills (Lv 20 minimum) to cut the gems yourself.

You can either sell the games to other players for money or store them in the
bank until you're ready to use them in making gold jewelry.  Sapphires are the
most common & least valuable gem, which normally goes for 50 - 500 G / ea uncut
while cut gems are generally worth less (people like cutting their own gems).
I don't really have to say it, but the better the gem, the more it's worth.

12.3.2) Losing Your (Axe Head)
This is an annoying random event, but it'll stop you from mining for a while
as you'll need to pick up your axe head & reattach it to your axe handle to
fix it.  Once the pickaxe is fixed, you can resume your mining.

Please make sure that you recover your pickaxe head PROMPTLY!  If you don't
pick it up after a few minutes, it'll be available for everybody to grab.
If somebody else picks up your pickaxe head, you may have to pay another
player to reclaim it, which may cost thousands of gold pieces.

If you find a pickaxe head without a handle, you can take it to the Dwarven
Mines' Mining Store & get it fixed for a fee.

12.3.3) The Steaming Rock
This is not an immature joke & it can be a serious problem when it appears.
Whenever a rock starts smoking or steaming, STOP MINING THAT ROCK IMMEDIATELY!
That rock is about to explode & it will kill (or seriously injure) the miner
who tries to mine that rock as well as possibly destroy their pickaxe, should
they survive the explosion.  All you can do is wait for the rock to stop
steaming before you proceed to mine it.

It goes without saying that it's EXTREMELY BAD TO DIE IN A MINE as your fellow
miners will loot your corpse & sell it at the nearest general store, if they
don't keep the items they picked up for themselves.

12.3.4) The Rock Golem
This is a potentially dangerous event.  A Rock Golem will only go after a
specific person when they appear & will have a combat level based on the
person it's attacking.  Should you be the target of the Rock Golem, just run
away from the area for a few minutes as you'll be fighting on the losing side
of the one-sided battle.

12.4) "Better Holes & Mineshafts" -- A Mining Review
There's many mining spots in RuneScape, but some are better than others.
Here's a review of some of mining spots in the free area of RuneScape.

12.4.1) Rimmington Mine
Location: South of Falador
Nearest Bank: Eastern Falador

Ores Available:
 * Clay
 * Copper
 * Tin
 * Iron
 * Gold

This mine is more geared towards lower level miners (Under Lv 30) as it lacks
the higher level ores, except for gold (for crafting).  There's no monsters
in the area & it's not that crowded (compared to other mines), but there's a
reasonable walking distance to the nearest bank.  I would recommend this mine
for beginners & those who are mining gold.

12.4.2) Dwarven Mine
Location: South of Ice Mountain & NE Falador
Nearest Bank(s): Edgeville & Eastern Falador

Ores Available:
 * Clay
 * Copper
 * Tin
 * Iron
 * Coal
 * Gold
 * Mithril
 * Adamantite

This mine is the MOST POPULAR MINE on the free servers!  There's so much
traffic here that there's TWO ENTRANCES to the mine.  The northern entrance
(south of Ice Mountain) is more for the low level players as there's only
dwarves (who are passive) while the southern entrance (NE Falador) is littered
with scorpions & the King Scorpion & is more geared for higher level players.

The Dwarven mine contains practically all ores (except Silver & Runite),
making it practically a one-stop shop for all your mining needs.  Because of
the ores available here, the Dwarven mine is VERY CROWDED & it can be hard to
mine ores against higher level miners.  If your combat level is around Lv 20,
you should be able to handle the scorpions, but you'll need around Lv 30
combat to handle the King scorpions with a few pieces of food on hand.

The Dwarven mine includes the Miner's Guild (Lv 60 Mining required), a few
anvils (to shape the bars) & the only mining shops on the free servers.  This
mine is suggested for players with decent combat skills & moderate (Lv 20)
Mining would do fairly well here.  If you're a member, you can use Dwarven
mine to reach the Keldoran mine (where the "superfurnace" is) for a small fee.

12.4.3) Scorpion Mine (aka Scorpion Pit)
Location: North of Al-Kharid
Nearest Bank: Al-Kharid

Ores Available:
 * Copper
 * Tin
 * Iron
 * Silver
 * Coal
 * Gold
 * Mithril
 * Adamantite

The Scorpion Mine is a good compliment to the Dwarven Mines as it has all the
ores you'll want to mine, except Runite.  You can take all your ores to
Al-Kharid to smelt & store, which makes this mine fairly crowded.

The only minor problem with this mine are the scorpions.  As long as you have
around Lv 20 combat & a few pieces of food, you should be able to handle
this mine just fine.  All you'll have to fight are your fellow miners.

12.4.4) SE Varrock Mine
Location: South of Varrock's Eastern Gate
Nearest Bank: Eastern Varrock

Ores Available:
 * Clay
 * Copper
 * Tin
 * Iron

This mine is practically a beginner's mine as it contains ores that only the
low level miners can use & is ALWAYS CROWDED with people.  The mine has no
aggressive monsters in the area, so you don't need any combat skills.
The iron ore is usually fought amongst the miners, so the higher level miners
usually get them.

This mine is more power miners since you have to go to Al-Kharid or Lumbridge
to smith the ores & others just prefer to bank their ores & go to Al-Kharid at
a later time for power smithing.

If you're a beginner, you may want to visit this mine...  otherwise, skip it.

12.4.5) SW Varrock Mine
Location: West of Varrock's Southern Gate
Nearest Bank: Western Varrock

Ores Available:
 * Clay
 * Tin
 * Iron
 * Silver

This is a decent mine for those who have Lv 15 mining or higher as the tin
ore is pretty useless without copper.  The Iron & Silver is fairly sparse
here, but it may not be crowded because a few upper-level miners hog the ores.

12.4.6) Barbarian Mine
Location: Barbarian's Village
Nearest Bank: Edgeville

Ores Available:
 * Tin
 * Coal

This is one of the worst mines in the game.  The Tin's useless due to the
lack of copper & there's only 4 coal rocks, which are ALWAYS COVERED by at
least one mid-to-high level miner.  Just move on as you'll be wasting your
time trying to mine the coal from these miners.

Due to updates to the Barbarian Village, the rocks in the mining area have
been moved & the barbarians around the area are harder than before...  this
makes this mine even less desirable than before.

12.4.7) Wizard's Mine
Location: East of Wizard's Tower
Nearest Bank: Draynor Village

NOTE: Due to modifications to the game, this mine was moved & has been
renamed to suit it's new location.

Ores Available:
 * Coal
 * Mithril
 * Adamantite

This mine is pretty good for the mid-to-high level miners (Lv 30 mining) as
it has a good amount of Coal, Mithril & Adamantite rocks to mine.  Since it
is relatively far from a bank, some players may skip it.  However, it has a
reasonable crowd & probably one of the best spots to mine coal...  apart from
the Mining Guild area.

12.4.8) Edgeville Mine
Location: Sewers of Edgeville / NE of Barbarian Village
Nearest Bank: Edgeville / Western Varrock

Ores Available:
 * Copper
 * Tin
 * Silver
 * Coal
 * Mithril
 * Adamantite

This mine actually resides in the sewers of Edgeville & has two entrances.
The one is located in Edgeville & the other entrance is located NE of the
Barbarian Village, which is over the Lumbridge River.  However, the southern
entrance is LOCKED & you need the brass key to access it (which can be bought
off another player for 50-200 G).

Unless you have good combat skills (Lv 35 general combat) & some food on hand,
you should avoid this mine.  Most players visit the Edgeville sewers as a
training ground.  You'll most likely have to confront Lv 24 Zombies, Lv 28/48
Hobgoblins & Lv 22/25 Skeletons WHILE MINING!  Unless your desperate for some
of the higher-level ores (coal & up), don't bother visiting this mine.

12.4.9) Skeleton Mine
Location: Lv 9 Wilderness, NE of Edgeville
Nearest Bank: Edgeville

Ores Available:
 * Coal

While this mine is located in the Wilderness, there's not a lot of traffic to
this mine.  You won't get a lot of PKers, but there's plenty of skeletons
(hence the name) to bother you.  Unless you really want (or need) coal, I
would suggest passing on this mine.

12.4.10) Hobgoblin Mine
Location: Lv 32 Wilderness, North of Edgeville
Nearest Bank: Edgeville

Ores Available:
 * Iron
 * Coal
 * Mithril
 * Adamantite

Deep within the Wilderness, this mine becomes an occasional target for PKers
& the hobgoblins in the area will keep you distracted from mining.  This mine,
however, contains a good lot of ores.  It's probably best to carry some runes
to cast teleport to make your return trip short & safe.

12.4.11) Runite Mine
Location: Lv 48 Wilderness, North of Edgeville
Nearest Bank: Edgeville

Ores Available:
 * Runite

This is the ONLY MINE that contains Runite for free players!  With this in
mind & being in the Wilderness...  it makes it EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to mine as
you can expect to see PKers here.  If you have a Members Subscription, look
elsewhere for Runite as research shows that there are safer mining places for
Runite.  If you're a free member with high mining, smithing & combat skills
(ESPECIALLY THE COMBAT SKILLS), you'll just have to go for it!  Just make sure
that you have some food on hand as well as the runes to teleport before making
the trek out there.

12.4.12) Lumbridge Mine
Location: South of Lumbridge (near swamp)
Nearest Bank: Al-Kharid / Draynor Village

Ores Available:
 * Clay
 * Bronze
 * Tin

This is a new mine that has replaced the old Lumbridge Swamp Mine.  This mine
is designed specifically for new players to get started on the mining skill.

There's not much here for any skilled miners, but it's perfectly fine for
new users to get started...

12.5) Smithing up a Sweat -- Beginner's Smelting
Even though you can eventually mine your way into fortune by selling the ores
you mine to other players, but you can make more money by refining the ores
yourself into usable bars.  All you need to smelt your own bars are the ores
needed for that type of bar & a smelting furnace.  You can find the furnaces
on the map, but the most commonly used furnaces on the free servers are in
Falador & Al-Kharid.

| Lv | Bar to Make | Ores Needed           |
| 01 | Bronze      | 1 Copper + 1 Tin      |
| 15 | Iron*       | 1 Iron                |
| 20 | Silver**    | 1 Silver              |
| 30 | Steel       | 1 Iron + 2 Coal       |
| 40 | Gold**      | 1 Gold                |
| 50 | Mithril     | 1 Mithril + 4 Coal    |
| 70 | Adamantite  | 1 Adamantite + 6 Coal |
| 85 | Runite      | 1 Runite + 8 Coal     |
| * - Iron has a 50% chance of failure     |
| ** - Silver & Gold is for crafting only  |

If you're planning on smithing multiple bars in one go (which becomes less
able with the higher-level bars), just click on the furnace to bring up the
list of possible bars.  Then right-click on the bar you want to smelt &
select the multiple of bars you want to make (using the "Make X" option would
be the best method).  You'll keep smithing bars until one of the following

1) You complete the amount you've requested
2) Your Smithing level goes up
3) You run out of smithing supplies
4) A Random Event occurs

If you're in an area that's pretty inconvenient to reach a smelting furnace or a
bank, you can use the "Superheat" spell (requires 1 Nature & 3 Fire runes for
those who have Lv 43 Magic) to smelt the ores (& coal, if needed) right where
you're at!  The "Superheat" spell also carries a 100% guaranteed smelting rate
for all metals, so you can guarantee that each iron ore will become an iron
bar by using that spell.  Since the "Superheat" spell costs around 200g per
use (based on the cost of the Nature runes only, since those who will actually
use the spell will have a fire staff), it's best to save this spell for the
higher-level metals like Mithril, Adamantite & Runite due to their relatively
high coal requirements.

On members servers, there's a special furnace called the Keldoran Furnace that
requires only HALF the coal to smelt your ores.  HOWEVER, this furnace does
require the assistance of 5 players to operate & maintain the furnace with
their respective skills (Strength, Agility, ect.) for each station at Lv 30
or higher.  Everybody who keep the furnace operational will receive smithing
experience as well as the skill that station requires.

12.6) Anvil by Acme, Equipment by You
Once you have the bars from smelting, you can turn the bars into usable
equipment.  You will need a hammer, the bars you want to smith & access to an
anvil to work on.  On the World Map, just look for the Anvil Symbol.  The most
common areas to do all your smithing are Varrock & Doric's House, which is
north of Falador (Completion of "Doric's Quest" required to use them) on the
free worlds.  There are anvils in the Dwarven Mines & Draynor Sewers, but they
are really out of the way to be useful for most players.

To bring up the smithing window, just click on the bar you want to use & then
the anvil.  All the possible items that you can make at the time will be
listed in white.  You should also be aware that some items will require
multiple bars, so you'll need to check that requirement as well.  To help you
out, the game uses the Red/Green indicator with the bar text (green = you have
enough).  Like all other skills, you'll be limited to what you'll be able to
make at the start of each bar you can smith, you'll eventually be able to
smith more items as your skill level increase.  You can then sell your items
to other on the street or sell them to the shops.  Unless you're selling
steel items or better, you sell your items to the shops or give them to the
lower-level players...  if you feel generous.

Please be aware that Silver & Gold are "Crafting Metals", which can only be
used in crafting jewelry & not combat equipment.  Because of this, they're
dependent on your crafting skills instead of your smithing skills after you
refine them into bars.

13) Stitching Time -- A Craftsman's Guide
Crafting is a nice skill to have as it can be useful in generating funds, but
it's one skill that doesn't have much use outside the members servers.  You
should still develop this skill as it can be a steady income source once you
reach Lv 40.

13.1) Creating with Clay
Before you can do any fancy craft work, you have to get your hands dirty with
clay.  First you need to mine for hard clay, which you can pick up in the SW
Varrock Mine & the Dwarven Mines.  Once you have your inventory full of clay,
swap your pickaxe with a bucket.  Fill up your bucket with water from a well
or a fountain & then use it on the hard clay to soften it up.  Repeat this
until all your clay is soft.

Now, head towards the Barbarian Village (avoid talking to any barbarians, 
unless you can defeat them) as it's the only public on the free servers that
has a potter's wheel & a pottery furnace.  Click on the potter's wheel & a
menu will pop up in the chat window.  Select the item you want to make (or
just right-click it for the multiple crafting options) & off you go.  You'll
only be able to craft pots at the start, but you'll eventually progress to
pie plates & bowls.  Once you've formed the play into the items you want,
it's time to fire them up into hard, usable items.  Just click on the pottery
furnace & select the same option you used on the pottery wheel to fire up the
items.  Please be aware that some items will crack inside the pottery furnace
& will break before you get them back.  Once the items are fired, you can use
them to store flour or for cooking.

Clay pottery is nothing more than busywork as the pottery is practically
worthless.  You might be able to get a coin or two for a pie plate or bowl,
but that's ALL you'll get.  Either drop the pottery that you don't need OR
store the pottery in the bank for future cooking.

13.2) Branded for Life -- A Leather Worker's Guide
Once you get your Crafting Skill beyond Lv 7 & have around 100 G on hand, you
can start getting into Leather work.  Again, you'll start with a fairly
limited menu of leather items, but you'll eventually work your way up into
more intricate leather items.

First thing you'll need to do is make the leather.  If you haven't guessed it
by now, you'll need cow hides.  The best spot to get cow hides is the Cow
Ranch near Lumbridge.  Just enter the cow pasture & attack any cow that's not
fighting another player.  When you kill a cow, it'll drop three items: bones,
raw beef & cow hide.  Again, it doesn't hurt to grab & bury the bones to
increase your prayer EXP, but it's the cow hide that you really want.
If you're running low on HP, cook some raw beef & eat it as needed.  Once you
have like 20 or so cowhides, it's off to the tanner.  The only publicly
accessible tanner on the free servers is in Al Kharid.  There's two ways to
get there:  The Quick Way (costs 10 G) or the free way.  The quick way is
through the toll gate.  If you haven't completed the "Rescue Prince Ali"
quest yet, you'll have to pay the 10 G toll.  If you don't want to pay the
toll, you have to follow the road north & turn to the right to get to the gap
in the desert fence to reach Al-Kharid.

Once you've reached the tanner, you'll have to pay him 1 G per cow hide to
turn it into soft leather.  Don't bother spending the 3 G for hard leather at
this time as you won't be able to use it until your Crafting skill is around
Lv 30.  Once you have the soft leather, it's time to pull out your needle &
thread.  If you don't have these, you can visit the crafting store nearby &
buy them for 1 G a piece.  Needles will last you a lifetime, but you can only
make 5 items per spool of thread, so you will want to buy your thread in bulk
so you won't run out while you're crafting items.  Since thread is such a
cheap item, you can easily buy 10 spools of thread without breaking seriously
hurting your pocketbook.

To craft the leather into usable equipment, click on the needle & then the
leather to bring up the crafting menu in the game window.  Then click (or
right-click to make multiples) on the item you want to make to craft the item
& each item requires 1 piece of leather & 1/5 spool of thread.  At the start,
you'll be restricted to gloves & boots, but as your crafting level increases,
the more items you can make.

Unless you're training as an archer, you'll most likely want to sell the
leather items you've crafted.  You will not get a lot of money for the leather
items you make, but you'll at least break even or make a small profit.

13.3) Silver & Gold -- Jewelry Maker's Friends
Unless you have your Mining & Smelting skills at Lv 20 or higher (Lv 40
preferred), you'll want to skip this section at this time as you won't be able
to make much use for this section.  Silver & Gold are the special crafting
metals that can be used to make jewelry, which can be enchanted later.
If you're planning to work with Silver, you'll need your mining & smelting
skills at Lv 20 & Gold requires Lv 40 of these skills.  However, the crafting
level need to use these bars are lower.

To make any type of jewelry, you'll need the proper mold.  For Silver, the
molds that are available are: Holy Mold, Unholy Mold (MEMBERS) & Tiara Mold.
For Gold, the molds that are available are: Ring Mold, Necklace Mold & Amulet
Mold.  To craft in Silver, you'll need around Lv 20 Crafting to start.
However, you only need Lv 5 Crafting to start crafting Gold.

To craft in Silver, you take the mold of the item you want to make & the
silver bars.  Click on the Silver bar & then on the smelting furnace to
bring up the "Silver Crafting" Menu in the chat window.  Just click (or
right-click for multiples) on the item you want to make.  For "Holy Symbols",
you can string them by using a ball of wool (see next section) & then get them
blessed at the Monastery.

Tiaras were added to the game in June, 2005 & have gained in popularity to
make as they can be infused with talismans to make "wearable talismans" so
players can reach the rune alters without have to keep a talisman in their
inventory.  Tiaras require Lv 23 crafting to make.  See Section 14.3 for more
information about Tiara infusion.

To craft in Gold, you take the mold of the item you want to make & the gold
bars.  Click on the gold bar & then the smelting furnace to bring up the "Gold
Crafting" Menu in the game window.  Just click (or right-click for multiples)
on the item you want make.  If you want to include a gem with your gold
jewelery, you have to take it with you to the smelting furnace.  Please be
aware that the more valuable the gem you use, the higher your Crafting skill
needs to be.  For gemless jewelry, you only need around Lv 5 Crafting.  If you
want to make Sapphire jewelry, the requirement goes up to around Lv 15 & it
increases higher each gem.  Gemmed jewelry can later be enchanted by magic,
which will make it more valuable.  Free Players can only equip enchanted
amulets, but members can equip enchanted rings & necklaces.

Gemmed jewelry also gives you more crafting experience & more money than
gemless jewelry, so try to get some gems (buy uncut gems when possible to save
money & cut them yourself) before you make any jewelry.  If you have friends
that want a piece of jewelry & have the gem, but not the gold (or the crafting
levels to make it themselves), you may want to be nice & make the jewelry for
them for the experience.

13.4) Sheer Busy Work -- The Other Crafts
The other craft work you can do is pretty much busy work.  They're helpful to
know how to do, but you won't use these crafts that often.  They're Spinning
& Gem Cutting.

Spinning is a pretty easy skill to learn, but it's somewhat time consuming.
You first have to obtain the material you want to turn into a thread, which is
either wool or flax (Members).  To obtain wool, you need to grab a pair of
sheers (costs around 5 G) & head to a sheep pasture.  One of the most easily
accessible sheep pasture is just north of Lumbridge Castle.  Don't be too
discouraged if the sheep get away from you while sheering them, just try
again until you get them.  Once you have the raw wool, take it to a spinning
wheel (they're marked on the map).  For your convenience , the nearest spinning
wheel to the Lumbridge Pasture is the 2nd Floor of Lumbridge Castle.  Just
click on the spinning wheel & then click (or right-click for multiples) the
fiber you want to spin.  The balls of wool can be used to string amulets &
symbols as well as to make rope, fishing nets & even wigs.  Flax & other
fibers are a members-only option & is mainly used to create bowstrings for
fletching (by spinning flax, which requires Lv 10 crafting) & other items.

Gem Cutting is another rarely used crafting skill because finding uncut gems
is pretty rare for free players & you need Lv 20 Crafting to start cutting
gems (starting with sapphires).  It's cheaper to obtain uncut gems & cut them
yourself instead of buying the cut gems from the market.  Uncut gems can cost
around 200 G a piece while cut gems can easily go over 2000 G.

14) Next on The Frugal Magician, RuneCrafting!
Once you've completed the Rune Mysteries Quest, you'll be able to mine rune
essence & make your own runes.  In order to make your own runes, you'll need
two things:  some rune essence (the "Blank Slate" of runes) & the talisman or
tiara of the rune you want to make.

When you complete the Rune Mysteries Quest, you'll be given the Air Talisman,
which is the entry-level rune to craft.  Each Talisman has two functions.
The primary function of the Talisman is to act as a key to that Rune Alter.
Without the talisman, you can access that alter.  The secondary function of
the talisman is to act as a compass to that Rune Alter.  By right-clicking &
selecting the "Locate Talisman", it'll tell you what direction you should go.
Be aware that you'll periodically need to use the locate function so you can
get closer to the Rune Alter.  Once you know WHERE the Rune Alter is for that
talisman, you can later infuse it into a tiara.  Tiaras are a wearable form
of talismans & will be discussed in the next section (14.1).

To reach the Essence Mine, you'll have to talk to a trusted keeper of the mine
(the Rune Shop in East Varrock & the leader of Wizard's Tower) to get 
teleported to the mine.  Once in the Essence Mine, you'll have to make your
way to a rune essence lodestone & mine it as much as you can carry.  To leave
the Essence Mine, just take an exit portal (marked on the map with an arrow)
to return from where you teleported from.

To make runes, you need to take the talisman (or wear the appropriate tiara) &
some rune essence to the "Rune Gate" (it looks like a weird group of stones
that emanating a strange force).  You must use your talisman on the Rune Gate
to teleport to the Rune Alter.  If you're wearing the tiara, you just have to
click on the Rune Gate to reach the alter.  To craft the rune essence to that
type of rune, just click on the rune alter & all the rune essence in your
inventory will be crafted at once.  All the runes you craft will stack into
one inventory slot.

As your rune crafting skill increase, you'll be able to craft other runes as
well as making multiple runes as starting as low as Lv 11 (with Air runes).
The ability to make multiple runes from a single rune essence will depend on
your rune crafting level & the type of rune.  The higher the requirement to
craft one rune, the harder it'll be to make multiples.

As of June, 2005, Members have the ability to make Combo Runes, which are
runes that have been crafted twice.  These special runes only take up one slot
in your inventory, but will count one for each basic type of rune that it was
made from.  To make a combo rune, you'll need the runes of one type & the rune
essence to make the other type of rune for the combo rune.  For example, if
you want to make Mist Runes (Air & Water), you'll need around 26 Air runes &
26 Rune Essence (to maintain the 1:1 ratio) for the Water runes or vice versa.
The Rune Alter will automatically try to make the combo runes if when you make
the runes for the second part of the combo.  However, there's a 50% chance of
failure when trying to combine runes.

I am sorry to report that I do not know what happens to the failed combination
attempts.  The most probable result will be that you'll have runes of for both
types that didn't combine, but there's a possibility that the failed attempts
will destroy themselves.  If you're a member & knows what happens with the
failed attempts, please contact me & I'll make sure you're added to this
guide as a correspondent.

APRIL 20, 2006 UPDATE -- The makers of Runescape (& their infinite stupidity,
in my opinion on this) have altered the nature of Rune Essence to curb people
from breaking the Macro AND In-game purchase LAWS.  People were using macros
to mind rune essence (violating the law the first time), sell the rune ess for
gold, THEN sell the gold they made for REAL CASH (violating the second law)!
Since the staff of Runescape are monitoring trades for unbalanced trades (as
in one player giving another player stuff).

As of the date listed above for this update, Rune Essence is hereby separated
into two classes: Normal & Pure.  Normal Rune Essence is the most common (as
in free) & is restricted to the lower 6 rune alters (Body & lower).  Pure
Rune Essence can only be obtained by members (guaranteed for those with Lv 30
mining), but it can be used with any Rune Alter (Chaos to Death).  At this
time, there's been no major changes with the price of Normal Rune Essence.
The largest potential change in prices is a +5 G / ea. change (bringing the
standard price to 25 G / ea.)

14.1) Here's Ms. Air 2005 -- The Tiara Infusion Guide
Once you get RuneCrafting down, you can turn your Talismans into Tiaras to
make it easier for you to get to the Rune Alters without having the fumble
around with a Talisman. In order to craft the specialized (Rune) tiara, you
must have a regular Tiara & the Talisman for the alter you want to make.

Once you have the talisman & a regular (uninfused) tiara in your inventory
(as well as some rune essence, to justify the trip), head to the rune alter
that corresponds to that Talisman.  Once you're at the rune alter, you just
click on the talisman & then click on the rune alter to infuse the talisman
into the tiara.  The alternate method is to right-click on the tiara, select
"Use Tiara" & then click on the alter.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOUR TALISMAN
WILL BE PLACED INTO THE TIARA!  You'll need one talisman & one tiara for
every Rune Tiara you wish to make.

In order to make the tiara for a specific talisman, you MUST be able to craft
that type of rune.  If your RuneCrafting Level is only at Lv 10, you'll be
able to infuse tiaras up to Earth, but you won't be able to make Body Tiaras.
The game will not allow you to infuse tiaras (or craft runes) beyond your
current RuneCrafting Level.

14.2) Rune Alter Locations for the Lost
If you, for some unknown reason, cannot find the Rune Alters yourself by
using the Talismans (or you're just too lazy to locate the alters yourself),
here's the general locations for each of the Rune Alters that everybody (Free
Players) can access.  I am sorry to tell you that I cannot pinpoint the
locations of the alters in writing (this guide doesn't have pretty pictures
of the map to help you), so please use the location function with the
talismans (by right-clicking on the talisman & the click locate) to help
pinpoint the location.

14.2.1) Air Alter
Lv 1 RuneCrafting Required

The Air Alter can be found South of Falador & NW of the Southern Falador

14.2.2) Mind Alter
Lv 2 RuneCrafting Required

The Mind Alter can be found ENE of Goblin Village, West of the Black Knight's
Fortress & North of Falador.

If you're going to the alter from Falador, you'll have to go west & up the
staircase so you're at the right level before you can reach the alter.

Please be aware that March, 2006 update has pushed the Mind Alter close enough
towards the Wilderness enough that YOU WILL GET A WARNING about it. As long
as you don't go too far from the grave-marker-like pillar (it has a cross-like
carving on top), you'll be OK.

14.2.3) Water Alter
Lv 5 RuneCrafting Required

The Water Alter can be found in Lumbridge Swamp, which is south of Lumbridge,
East of Wizard's Tower & SE of Draynor Village.

Due to a wall that's constructed on the southern side of Lumbridge, you must
reach the alter from Wizard's Tower / Draynor.

14.2.4) Earth Alter
Lv 9 RuneCrafting Required

The Earth Alter can be found ENE of Varrock Square & NE of Varrock's Eastern
entrance.  If you follow the road northward from Varrock's Eastern Gate, the
Earth Alter will just be a little ways East of the road's end.

14.2.5) Fire Alter
Lv 14 RuneCrafting Required

The Fire Alter can be found NNE of Al-Kharid, SE of the Scorpion Mine & just
a little north from the Duel Arena Entrance (Members area).

14.2.6) Body Alter
Lv 20 RuneCrafting Required
The Body Alter can be found WNE of the Barbarian Village, South of the
Monastery (Prayer Guild) & ESE of the Dwarven Mine.

14.2.7) The Member Alters
Beyond Lv 20 RuneCrafting, Members can craft some of the Mid-Level Runes that
Free Members will pay up to 1,000 G a piece.  Since Free players cannot access
these Rune Alters, I'll abridge the information of the member-created runes.
The list below is a general market guide for these mid-level runes.

| Lv | Rune   | Common Usage         | Lv RQ | Shop Price | Street Price |
| 27 | Cosmic | Jewelry Enchantments |    7  |       50 G |        200 G |
| 35 | Chaos  | Mid-Level Spells     |   13  |      125 G |        100 G |
| 44 | Nature | Instant Smelting     |   43  |      200 G |        200 G |
| 54 | Law    | Teleportation Spells |   25  |      125 G |      1,000 G |
| ?? | Death  | Hi-Level Spells      |   41  |      200 G |        200 G |
| Notes:                                                                 |
|                                                                        |
| 1) Lv RQ is the LOWEST LEVEL your magic skill must be to make good use |
|       of that rune for their most common use.                          |
|                                                                        |
| 2) Shop Price is the approximate price that general stores charge for  |
|       their last rune.  Shop Prices will vary based on their stock.    |

April 20, 2006 Update: As part of the Rune Essence adjustment, Members are
now required to use PURE Rune Essence to make the mid & high level runes.
Members must have Lv 30 mining to start mining pure rune essence.  Pure Rune
Essence has a rough market value of 50 G / ea.

<<< ============================ PART THREE ============================== >>>
                           ~THE BOOK OF SURVIVAL~

This part of the guide is designed to help you survive & make it on your own
in RuneScape by revealing some of the unknowns that you may find.  This part
is most helpful for those who have managed to work on their skills & need a
little help with the human element as well as some of the chaos that the
game may throw at you.

You'll usually find some nice gems in this section.  Regardless if you're a
newbie OR a veteran, this part of the guide will make you want to keep a copy
of the entire thing (which is a nice form of flattery).
<<< ====================================================================== >>>

15) I'm on a Quest...  to Complete Other Quests
Eventually, you'll get bored enough that you'll want to go on quests.  Some
of the quests available in the game can be difficult to complete, but others
are pretty simple while some are just time consuming.  All the quests will
give you quest points, which you'll need to enter the Champion's Guild &
even the Hero's Guild on the member's servers, & some of the quests will give
you some other rewards as well.  Usually, the harder the quest you partake,
the better the reward you get.  This section contains only the quests that
free players may partake.

Before you actually start up any quests, PLEASE FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE
WORLD OF RUNESCAPE!  Don't go crying to me if you get yourself lost in the
game while you're working on a quest.  I can't guide you through the quests
in person.  I can only show you the way to complete each quest, but you still
have to complete the quests yourself.

Since I cannot give you images of the map (as this is only a text guide), I
will give you points of interests so you can use the World Map to help you
find these locations.

15.1) Black Knights Fortress
Starting Point: Falador Castle
12 Quest Points Required

Skills Required:
 * Some Combat (Lv 40 or higher preferred)

Items Required:
 * Cabbages
 * Some High-Healing Food (like Tuna/Lobsters)
 * Iron Chain Mail
 * Bronze Med Helm

Enemies Encountered:
 * Lv 31 Black Knights

Points of Interest
+ Falador Castle is located in West Falador
+ Black Knight's Fortress is North of Ice Mountain
+ The Monastery (Prayer Guild) is NE of Dwarven Mine & East of Ice Mountain
+ Chain Mail Shop is located in South Falador
+ Helm Shop is located in NW Barbarian Village

First obtain the iron chainmail & a bronze medium helmet.  If you need to buy
these items, go to Falador for the chainmail & the Helmet Shop in Barbarian
Village for the helmet.  Next, stop by the monastery to pick up a few cabbages
from their patch in the back.  Then, it's off to the Black Knight's Castle,
which is located at the northern base of Ice Mountain.

When you arrive at the castle, you won't be able to walk through the front
door.  Equip the iron chainmail & the bronze medium helm (if you haven't
already) before proceeding to the Guard's Door.  The guard will tell you to
get back to work & will let you into the castle.  The castle is a bit like a
maze, so explore the castle yourself or read on if you're stuck.

First, push the fake wall in the front room & go up two floors.  There will be
another ladder there, go down it.  Now go through two doors to the east, then
up the ladder.  Next, go down the ladder so you can get past the iron wall
(Are you confused yet?  Good!).  You should now be in a room with an alter,
go out onto the balcony & down the ladder, avoiding the knight there.  Then,
walk along the narrow passage until you reach a vent in the wall.  Right-click
the vent & select "Listen".

Now, run back through the castle to the first room where the guard thought
that you were one of them while avoiding damage from the knights along the
way.  This time, go through the eastern door & climb up the ladder.  Walk
along the wall until you reach a hole.  Right-click on the cabbage & use it
on the hole.  MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT EAT THE CABBAGE!  This is way I said
that you should grab some extras.

Once you've done that, return to Falador Castle to complete your quest & claim
your reward.

+ 2,500 G
+ 3 Quest Points

15.2) Cook's Assistant
Difficulty: EASY
Starting Point: Lumbridge Castle Kitchen
No Quest Points Required

Skills Required:

Items Required:
 * 1 Bucket of Milk
 * 1 Pot of Flour
 * 1 Egg

Monsters Encountered:
 * NONE (besides Cows & Chickens)

Points of Interests
+ Lumbridge Castle is nearby the starting point in Lumbridge
+ The Chicken Ranch is on the road to Varrock, NE of Lumbridge
+ The Cow Ranch is also on the road to Varrock, NE of Lumbridge
+ The Wheat Fields are on the road to Draynor, NW of Lumbridge
+ The Windmill is nearby the Wheat Fields between Lumbridge & Draynor

This is one of the easiest quests in the game!  If you haven't taken a look
in the Cookbook (Section 11.3.9 to be specific), keep on reading.  After you
start this quest, raid the kitchen & the cellar (the ladder in in the kitchen)
for pots & buckets.  You'll only need one of each for this quest.  Now,
proceed to Cow Ranch that's just across the river nearby Lumbridge.  To get
the milk, just click on the bucket & then on a cow (preferably one that's
NOT getting attacked by someone) to milk them.  Next, proceed to the Chicken
Ranch that's just a little way north of the Cow Ranch on the west side.
Just look around the chicken coop for an egg, which may be hidden within the
straw.  Once you've gotten the egg, it's off to the Wheat Fields for some

Head south & go over the bridge back to Lumbridge.  Then, follow the road
north (it'll turn west) until you reach a T-intersection to reach the wheat
fields.  Just go into the field (you may need to open the gate) & pick at
least one piece of wheat.  Next, walk to the windmill nearby.  When you reach
the windmill, climb the ladder to the top (2 floors).  To make the flour, you
place the wheat into the hopper & pull the level to grind the wheat into
flour that's on the 1st floor.  Climb back down the ladder & pick up the flour
into your empty pot.

With all the ingredients all together, return to Lumbridge Castle Kitchen &
give the items to the cook to complete the quest.

+ some Cooking Exp.
+ 1 Quest Point

15.3) Demon Slayer
Difficulty: Moderate
Starting Point: Gypsy Tent, Varrock Square
No Quest Points Required

Skills Required:
 * Lv 30 combat (higher preferred)

Items Required:
 * 1 G
 * 1 Bucket of Water
 * 25 Bones

Monsters Encountered:
 * Random Monsters (Lv 2 & higher)
 * Delrith (Lv 27)

Points of Interest:
+ Varrock Square is the large area in the center of Varrock with the fountain.
+ Varrock Castle is in Northern Varrock & West of the Museum
+ Wizard's Tower is south of Draynor
+ Varrock Sewers are beneath Varrock.  The Entrance is near the Museum
+ The Castle Tower is in Varrock Castle

First, visit the Gypsy tent in Varrock Square & pay her 1 G.  She will then
tell you to see Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle.  Sir Prysin will instruct you to
find three keys, where the locations of them are listed below:

Key #1: Ask Captain Rovin in the North Tower of Varrock Castle for it.

Key #2: Go to the Palace Kitchen & fill your bucket with water.  Then go
outside through the kitchen side door & example the drain.  Next, use your
bucket of water on it to wash the key down into the sewers.  Enter the Varrock
Sewers & follow the northwestern path until you find the key next to a
skeleton.  Don't worry, it's only a corpse & you can take the key without any

Key #3: Head towards Wizard's Tower & fight a bunch of monsters (Goblins,
Cows, ect.) until you've collected 25 sets of bones.  Once you get all those
bones, talk to Traiborn (he's on the 2nd floor) & he'll magically retrieve the
key for you in exchange for all those bones.

With all three keys in hand, return to Sir Prysin to unlock the chest &
retrieve the Silverlight.  Once you've obtained the Silverlight, equip it
before proceeding to Dark Wizard's Circle (looks like Stonehenge) just south
of Varrock.  Attack Delrith with the Silverlight & say (actually select) the
correct magical words to defeat him.  If you've skipped some of the text
accidentally (or if you were just too impatient to read about it, which would
have seriously hinder your progress here), the magical words are:

"Carlem aber camerithum purchai gabindo."

Just make sure you select this or Delrith will recover!  Once Delrith is
defeated, head back to town & party!!!

+ You get to keep the Silverlight (which is good against Demons)
+ 3 Quest Points

15.4) Doric's Quest
Difficulty: EASY
Starting Point: Doric's House
No Quest Points Required

Skills Needed:
 * Lv 15 Mining (suggested)

Items Needed:
 * 6 pieces of clay
 * 4 pieces of copper ore
 * 2 pieces of iron ore

Monsters Encountered:
 * None (except for random events & Dwarves)

Points of Interest
+ Doric's House is located NNW of Falador
+ Dwarven Mine (North) is just East of Doric's House & NNE of Falador

This is a pretty simple quest.  After you talk to Doric & start the quest,
head to the Dwarven Mine & mine the ores & the clay needed.  If your mining
skill is under Lv 15, you'll need to buy the iron ore from the mining shop
that's near the entrance or buy the iron ore from somebody for 50 G per ore.

Once you've obtain all the materials requested, return to Doric's house to
complete the quest.

+ 180 G
+ Some Mining EXP
+ Permission to use Doric's Anvils (which is a good perk)
+ 1 Quest Point

15.5) Dragon Slayer
Difficulty: EXTREME!!!
Starting Point: Champion's Guild
32 Quest Points Required (to enter the Champion's Guild)

Skills Required:
 * Lv 35 Smithing
 * Lv 50 Prayer
 * Lv  8 Crafting
 * Lv 50 Combat (preferably higher)
 * Lv 33 Magic (optional, but preferred)

Items Required:
 * 2,000 - 12,000 G
 * 3 Wooden Planks
 * 12 Steel Nails
 * 1 UNFIRED Bowl
 * 1 Wizard Mind Bomb (Ale)
 * 1 Lobster Pot
 * 1 Piece of Silk
 * Super Potions (Optional)
 * Prayer Potions (Optional)
 * PLENTY OF FOOD (high healing stuff, like lobsters & pizzas)

Monsters Encountered:
 * Lv 89 Dragon
 * Lv 80 Demon (use the Silverlight)
 * Random Monsters (Lv varies)

Points of Interest (Partial)
+ The Oracle is on Ice Mountain, South of Black Knight's Fortress
+ Melzar's Maze is south of the Crafting Guild
+ Port Sarim is SSE of Falador
+ Ned is located in Draynor



Once you start this quest at the Champions Guild, you'll need to obtain the
map pieces... In any order you choose.

Map Piece #1: Head to the Port Sarim Jail.  Either Kill WormBrain & use the
Telekinesis spell (Lv 33 Magic) to grab the map piece OR buy it from him for
10,000 G.

Map Piece #2: Take an unfired bowl, a piece of silk, a Wizard Mind Bomb ale &
a lobster pot to the Oracle on Ice Mountain.  Then search the chest inside
the locked room of the Dwarven Mines.

Map Piece #3: Enter Melzar's Maze with a lot of high-healing food as this is
an endurance challenge.  Enter the maze & kill the rats until you get a red
key, use it on the door & go up the ladder.  Next, kill the ghosts until you
get another key to proceed.  Then, kill the Skeletons until you a key & then
you have to kill Zombies for the last key.  When you finally reach Melzar,
talk to him before killing him to advance to the demon room.  Kill the demon,
grab the key & proceed through the door to the chest that contains the final
map piece.

Once you get all the map pieces put together (just use each piece on each
other until they're all together).  Now, head to Port Sarim & buy a boat at
the end of the harbor for 2,000 G.  Even though it seems to be a bargain, it
has a large hole in it & you need to repair it before you can use it.  Obtain
some planks & smith some steel nails then return to the boat with these items
& a hammer to make the repairs.

Next, go to Draynor & ask Ned to take you to Crandor.  He'll agree & will wait
for you at your boat.  Now is the time to prepare for your trip.  Bring some
form of teleportation with you (Lv 25 Magic minimum required) or you'll have
to fight your way through some deadly spiders to get out.  Stock up a lot of
high-healing foods (except cakes, which aren't as effective).  Talk to the
Duke of Lumbridge to pick up a Dragon Fire Shield & equip a strong weapon
(like a Rune Battle Axe) before going.

Return to your boat & set sail for Crandor.  When you arrive on the island,
equip your Dragon Fire Shield (if you haven't already) & run into the dungeon,
then run into the dragon's room.  The Dragon won't hurt you too much if you
have the shield & a high defense skill.  A good, but time consuming tactic is
to Run, Heal, Hit & Repeat until the dragon is killed.  If you have decent
range or magic skills, you could use them to attack the dragon from a more
remote position to reduce your potential damage further.

Once the dragon is defeated (which will mark the end of the quest), either
use a teleport spell OR take the underground tunnel (which is one-way, I may
add) to Karamja.

+ Some Strength EXP
+ Some Attack EXP
+ The Ability to Wear Dragon Bodies & Rune Body Plate
+ 2 Quest Points

15.6) Ernest the Chicken
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Starting Point: Outside Draynor Manor
No Quest Points Required

Skills Required:
 * The ability to read & comprehend instructions (listed below)
 * The ability to properly read the in-game compass

Items Required:
 * None (All are within the Manor)

Monsters Encountered:
 * Lv 19 Ghost
 * Lv 22 Skeleton
 * Lv 25 Witch

Points of Interest
+ Draynor Manor is North of Draynor

Once you've started this quest, go to the top floor of the manor & you'll find
a chicken that just happens to be the person you're looking for. The professor
will need your help to return him back into a human.

Take a spade from one of the rooms & dig in the compost pile to recover a
rubber tube.  Then search the bookcase in the room with the red carpet to find
the secret room.  Solver the lever puzzle to collect the oil can.

If you cannot figure the puzzle out, the solution is listed below.  Because
this puzzle may be hard to comprehend, I'll break the solution down, room by
room.  PLEASE KEEP CLOSE EYE ON THE COMPASS!  Directions are listed by room
you should be in.  If there's 2 doors on a wall, place yourself between the
doors to figure out which door to take.

1) Pull Lever A, Pull Lever B, then go through the NE Door
2) Pull Lever D & go through the S Door (the door you entered through)
3) Pull Lever A & Lever B, then go through the NW Door
4) Go through the W Door
5) Go through the N Door
6) Pull Lever E & Lever F, then go through the E Door
7) Go through the E Door
8) Pull Lever C & go through the NW Door (the door you entered through)
9) Go through the W Door
10) Pull Lever E & go through the E Door
11) Go through the S Door
12) Go through the S Door
13) Go through the W Door to complete the puzzle.

Next, take the fish food from the second floor & spike it with the poison from
the witch's room.  Then, use the poisoned fish food on the fountain (which is
located in the SW corner of the grounds) to kill the piranhas in the fountain.
Once the piranhas are dead, search the fountain to retrieve the pressure gauge.

Take all three items back to the professor to finish the quest & return Ernest
back into a human.

+ 300 G
+ 4 Quest Points

15.7) Goblin Diplomacy
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Starting Point: Pub in Port Sarim
No Quest Points Required

Skills Needed:
 * Lv 10 Combat (approx.)

Items Needed:
 * 3 Goblin Mails
 * 200 G (approx.)
 * Some Dyes (listed in Walkthrough)

Monsters Encountered:
 * Lv 5 Goblins (for the Goblin Mail)

Points of Interest (Partial)
+ The Goblin Village is located North of Falador & Doric's House
+ Aggie's House is located in Draynor

This quest isn't too hard, but it's pretty time consuming with all the travel
you'll have to do.

Once you start this quest, head towards the Goblin Village & talk to the
Goblin Generals.  They'll tell you that they're having an argument about the
color of their armor.  When you ask them if you can help them, they'll ask
you to show them a goblin mail in a specific color.  Since their color
requests will vary per player, you'll need to know how to make the dyes for
every possible color.  The basic dyes that you can make are Red, Yellow &
Blue.  Below is where you'll be able to find the ingredients for each color
of dye.

Red Dye:  You'll need to obtain 3 bunches of RedBerries for each bottle of
red dye you want.  You can find RedBerries in the forest just West of the
SE Varrock Mine.

Yellow Dye:  You'll need to obtain 2 onions for each bottle of yellow dye
you want.  You can find Onions in a field North of Rimmington & West of the
Rimmington Mine.  The Rimmington Mine is SSW of Falador.

Blue Dye:  You'll need to obtain 2 woad leaves for each bottle of blue dye
you want.  Wyson, the Falador Park gardener, is the only person who has them.
Talk to Wyson & give him 20 G to pick up 2 Woad Leaves.  Wyson will only give
you one leaf if you give him 15 G & nothing if you go less.

Once you have the materials you need for the dyes, head to Aggie's House in
Draynor.  Aggie will charge you 5 G for each bottle of dye you want to make.
Once you have the primary color dyes, you can make secondary color dyes by
combining the primary colors.

Orange Dye: combine Red & Yellow dyes together
 Green Dye: combine Yellow & Blue dyes together
Purple Dye: combine Blue & Red dyes together

Once you have the dye color you need, use that dye on the goblin mail to
change its color.  Return to the Goblin Village to show the generals.  They'll
complain about the color & ask you for a different color.  Dye another piece
of goblin mail to their requested color & show that to the generals.  They'll
complain about THAT color & will ask you for brown goblin mail, which is
actually the original color of their armor.  Just grab a piece of UNDYED
goblin mail & show it to the generals to complete the quest.

+ Some Crafting EXP
+ 1 Gold Bar
+ 5 Quest Points

15.8) Imp Catcher
Difficulty: Easy
Starting Point: Wizard's Tower, 3rd Floor
No Quest Points Required

Skills Required:
 * Some Combat

Items Needed:
 * Red Bead
 * Yellow Bead
 * White Bead
 * Black Bead

Monsters Encountered:
 * Lv 2 Imps

Points of Interest
+ Wizard's Tower is South of Draynor

Once you start this quest, all you have to do is kill imps until you've
obtained all 4 colored beads (listed above).  Then take the beads back to
person that gave you the quest at Wizard's Tower to complete the quest.
Simple, huh?

+ Some Magic EXP
+ Amulet of Accuracy
+ 1 Quest Point

15.9) Pirate's Treasure
Difficulty: Easy
Starting Point: Outside Port Sarim Pub
No Quest Points Required

Skills Required:

Items Required:
 * 100 GP
 * White Apron
 * Spade

Monsters Encountered:

Points of Interest
+ Port Sarim is located SSE of Falador
+ The Island of Karamja is SE of Port Sarim & accessed through Port Sarim

After you start the quest, talk to the Sailors at the docks & pay 30 G for a
one-way trip to Karamja.  Once you reach Karamja, head to the nearest pub &
buy a bottle of rum for 30 G.  You just have to return to Port Sarim with it
& you're all done, right?  NOT REALLY.

The customs officer will tell you that Asgarnia (where Port Sarim resides) has
embargoed the import of all alcoholic beverages.  If you try to take the rum
with you on the boat, it'll be confiscated.  You'll have to find a way to
smuggle the rum past customs.  Head to the banana plantation nearby & find
Luthas.  He'll tell you that his exports don't get searched.  Asked for a job
& pick up a few bananas.  Place the bananas & the rum into the crate.  You
can then either keep filling up the create with bananas or leave.  If you fill
up the crate, you can talk to Luthas & he'll give you 30 G for your work...
which is enough for the return trip to Port Sarim.  (This isn't a coincidence,
it's just good programming to give you way back to the mainland.)

Once you return to Port Sarim, equip the white apron & head to Wydin's Food
Shop.  If you don't have a white apron, you'll have to buy one from another
player for about 10 G (the backroom has an extra apron for others to pick up)
OR you'll have to make a trip to Varrock's clothing shop to buy one (which is
a big waste of time).  Head to the back room, where the crate is located.
If Wydin stops you from entering, ask her for a job & try again.  Once the
rum is back in your possession, take it to the pirate outside the Port Sarim

Frank will tell you a story about a treasure & will give you a key.  Proceed
to Blue Moon Inn in Southern Varrock.  Head upstairs & open the chest using
the key you have.  The chest holds a note that gives you a clue to the
location of the actual treasure.  If you have problems figuring it out, read

Head to Falador & dig (using the spade) at the location that the park statue
is pointing.  As the cliche‚ goes, "X marks the spot" where the two paths
intersect.  The quest is completed once the treasure is found.

+ 450 G
+ 1 Gold Ring
+ 1 Cut Emerald
+ 2 Quest Points

15.10) Prince Ali Rescue
Difficulty: Fairly Hard
Starting Point: Al-Kharid Palace
No Quest Points Required

Skills Required:
 * Lv 30 Combat (Preferred)
 * Some Mining skill
 * Some Smithing skill
 * Some Crafting skill

Items Required:
 * 500 G
 * 1 pile of Ashes
 * 1 Bucket of Water
 * 1 Pot of Flour
 * 7 Balls of Wool
 * 2 Onions
 * 1 Bunch of RedBerries
 * 1 Lump of Soft Clay
 * 1 Bronze Bar
 * 3 Beers
 * 1 Pink Skirt

Monsters Encountered:
 * Lv 26 Jailman

Points of Interest (Partial)
+ Ned is located in Draynor
+ Varrock Clothing Store is located in Varrock Square
+ Aggie is located in Draynor
+ The Jail is located East of Draynor Bank

Talk to Osman to start your quest & to get all the information you'll need.
Next, Obtain 7 balls of wool & talk to Ned about making them into a rope & a
wig.  Next, talk to Leela (next to the Jail) & she'll send to you Aggie.
Aggie will offer to make what you'll need if you bring her the ingredients
needed.  You'll need a pot of flour, a pile of ashes, a bucket of water &
a bunch of RedBerries to make the skin paste & 2 onions to make the yellow
dye for the wig.  It'll cost you 10 G in total for both items.

Now, head to Varrock's Clothing store & buy a pink skirt.  Then, head back to
Leela & talk.  Next, grab some soft clay & a bronze bar before heading to the
jail (try to avoid the guards, if you can).  Talk to Keli & tell her that
she's famous & ask for her plans.  Then ask if she's sure that nobody will try
to free the prince.  Next, Ask Keli if you can see the Key.  Use the Soft Clay
on the key to make an imprint.  Go to Osman with the imprint & a bronze bar.
Return to Leela to pick up the copy of the jail key.

Return to the jail & talk to the jail guard inside.  Make sure to discover
what he buys with his wages.  Then, go back to Leela to discuss your plans on
the jailbreak.  Pick up at least 3 beers (try not to drink them along the way)
& talk to the guard.  He'll drink the beers until he passes out.  Now, use
the rope to tie up Keli & keep her out of sight.  Next, use the key on the
prison door so you can talk to Prince Ali, disguise him as Keli & escape.

Return to Al-Kharid (you should be able to take advantage of the toll gate
part of your reward) & talk to Hassan in the palace to complete the quest &
obtain your reward.

+ 700 G
+ FREE passage through the Al-Kharid Toll Gate (10 G value per passage)
+ 3 Quest Points

15.11) Romeo & Juliet
Difficulty: EASY
Starting Point: 2nd Floor of Juliet's House
NO Quests Points Required

Skills Required:
 * Basic Knowledge of Varrock's Layout

Items Required:
 * Cadaver Berries

Monsters Encountered:

Points of Interest
+ Juliet's House is located next to the West Varrock's Bank.
+ The Church is North of the East Varrock Bank.
+ The Apothecary is SW of Varrock Square & West of the Sword Shop.
+ The Cadaver Berries are located west of the SE Varrock Mine.

Talk to Juliet & she'll explain her situation.  Then, deliver the message that
Juliet gives you to Romeo in Varrock Square (next to the fountain).  Romeo
will read the message & will instruct you to visit Father Lawrence, who
resides that the church in NE Varrock.  Father Lawrence will tell you that you
need to make Cadaver Potion, which the Apothecary is willing to make once you
get the final ingredient: Cadaver Berries.  Once you get Cadaver Berries
(they're the light-violet berries), return to the Apothecary to pick up the

Deliver the Cadaver Potion to Juliet.  Before she takes the potion (if you've
read the story, seen the play or the movie...  it only knocks her out long
enough to make her seem dead), she instructs you to tell Romeo the plan.
When you talk to Romeo, he'll misunderstand you (which will trigger the series
of tragic events of their story to come).  He'll thank you for all the work
you've done & reward you.

+ 5 Quest Points

15.12) Rune Mysteries Quest
Difficulty: EASY
Starting Point: 2nd Floor of Lumbridge Castle
NO Quest Points Required

Skills Required:
 * Basic Navigation Skills
 * High Bordom Tolerance (as all you'll be doing is running around)

Items Required:
 * NONE (All included within the quest)

Monsters Encountered:

Points of Interests
+ Wizard's Tower is located South of Draynor
+ Varrock's Rune Shop is located South of the East Varrock Bank

After receiving the Air Talisman from the Duke of Lumbridge, he instructs you
to visit Wizard's Tower to solve the mystery of them.  Head towards the
basement of Wizard's Tower & talk to the (Head) Wizard there.  He'll take the
Talisman from you (temporarily) & gives you a package that needs to be
delivered to Aubury's Rune Shop in Varrock.  Talk to Aubury twice (once to
drop off the package & again to pick up a note) before returning to Wizard's

After you give the note to the Head Wizard, he'll divulge the secrets of the
Mysteries of the Runes & the purpose of the Talismans (like the Air Talisman
that you gave him earlier), which will complete the quest.

+ The Air Talisman (to make runes)
+ Access to the Rune Essence Mine (from Wizard's Tower & Varrock Rune Shop)
+ 1 Quest Point

15.13) Sheep Shearer
Difficulty: EASY
Starting Point: The Sheep Ranch
NO Quest Points Required

Skills Required:
 * Some Crafting skill

Items Required:
 *  1 Set of Shears
 * 20 Balls of Wool

Monsters Encountered:
 * NONE (besides Rams)

Points of Interests
+ The Sheep Ranch is located North of Lumbridge Castle
+ The Spinning Wheel is located on the 2nd floor of Lumbridge Castle

After talking to Farmer Fred, head to the Sheep pen & shear 20 sheep.
Once you've picked up 20 pieces of wool, head to Lumbridge Castle & use the
spinning wheel to spin the wool into balls.

Return to the Sheep Ranch & talk to Farmer Fred with 20 balls of wool to
complete the quest.

+ 60 G
+ 150 Crafting EXP
+ 1 Quest Point

15.14) Shield of Arrav
Difficulty: Moderately Hard (as this is a Co-Op Quest)
Starting Point: Varrock Library
NO Quest Points Required

NOTICE: This is a Co-Op Quest!  You will need another player to assist you in
this quest!  This Quest will dictate which path you'll must take in a couple
of Member Quests.

Skills Required:
 * Some Combat
 * Trust with another player

Items Required:
 * About 100 G
 * Another Player (Preferably a friend)

Monsters Encountered:
 * Johnny the Beard (Phoenix)
 * Phoenix Master of Arms (Black Arm)

Points of Interest
+ The Varrock Library is located in North Varrock Castle
+ The Fur Trader is located in Varrock Square (Phoenix)
+ The Blue Moon Inn is located in South Varrock
+ Tramp is located near the South Varrock Gate (Black Arm)
+ The Phoenix Gang Building is located in SE Varrock, SE of the Blue Moon Inn

Have you & your friend search the library until both of you find the book.
Now, here's the tricky part of this quest.  Both of you have to join one of
each rival gang:  The Phoenix & Black Arm Gangs.  The quest Breaks off into
2 parts at this point.

CAUTION: Your choice in this quest will affect the path you'll take in a
future members quest.  Choose Wisely!

15.14.1) Phoenix Gang Route
Talk to Reldo & ask where the Phoenix HQ is, then go to the fur trader in
Varrock Square & pay him 20 G for him to leak the gang's location.  Head to
the hideout (which is in Southern Varrock, if you skipped the text).  Head
down the stairs & talk to Straven.

He'll tell you that you must kill Johnny the Beard to get a report that was
for the Black Arm Gang.  Head to the Blue Moon Inn, kill Johnny the Beard &
take the report back to Straven.  Straven will acknowledge you into the
Phoenix Gang, where he'll give you a key to the Phoenix Armory & access to
the Gang's HQ.  Your half of the shield is located inside a chest in the
backroom of HQ.

15.14.2) Black Arm Gang Route
Talk to Tramp near Varrock's Southern Entrance.  Ask him what's down the alley
& he'll tell you it's the Black Arm Gang's HQ.  Go into the alley & talk to
Katrine.  Tell her that you know about the gang, but you won't give away their
information.  Then tell her to test you to see if you're trustworthy.

Katrine will ask you to obtain a crossbow from the Phoenix Gang.  You must go
outside of the Phoenix HQ & ask your friend for his key to their Armory.
Use the key on the door outside & go upstairs to kill the Phoenix Master of
Arms.  Take the crossbow dropped (& anything else you want) & return to
Katrine.  Katrine will acknowledge you into the Black Arm gang & access to HQ.
Go upstairs into HQ & obtain your half of the shield.

15.14.3) Team-up Time!
Now it's time to put your trust to the test.  One of you has to give their
half of the shield to the other person to complete the Shield of Arrav.  Once
the shield is complete, head to the Varrock Museum & talk to the curator.
The Curator will give the shield holder 2 certificates, which must be split
up between you two.

Once each of you have a certificate, go see the King of Varrock to complete
the quest & claim your half of the reward.


+ 600 G (half of the original reward)
+ 1 Quest Point

15.15) Knight's Sword
Difficulty: Hard
Starting Point: Falador Castle
NO Quest Points Required

Skills Required:
 * Lv 10 Cooking
 * Lv 15 Mining
 * Lv 37 Prayer (Optional, but highly suggested)
 * Lv 50 Combat (highly Suggested)

Items Required:
 * 2 Iron Bars
 * 1 Blurite Ore (obtained on Quest)
 * 1 RedBerry Pie
 * A Pickaxe

Monsters Encountered:
 * Lv 53/54 Ice Giants
 * Lv 53/54 Warriors

Points of Interest
+ Varrock Library is located inside Varrock Castle
+ Rimmington is WSW of Draynor & SSW of Falador
+ Thurgo's house is South of Rimmington

After starting the quest, head to Varrock Library & ask the librarian about
the Imcando Dwarves.  Afterwards, make a RedBerry Pie if you don't have one
on hand.  Then head south of Rimmington to look for a dwarf named Thurgo.
Offer him a piece of the RedBerry Pie before asking him about making a special

Head back to the squire (of Falador) for information about the looks of the
sword.  Go to Sir Vivin's room in the castle & open the door.  Wait for Sir
Vivin to walk out of the room before searching the cupboard for the painting.
Once the painting is obtained, return to Thurgo.

Thurgo will tell you to collect 2 Iron Bars & 1 Blurite Ore.  Pick up 2 Iron
Bars & prepare to pick up some Blurite.  Climb down the ladder in Thurgo's
house & activate the Melee Protection Prayer OR just run & pray that you don't
get hammered by the Ice Giants.  Mine a blue rock (it contains blurite) near
the Giants quickly & get out before your prayer points run out (or you'll risk
dying).  Take the materials back to Thurgo & he'll make the sword.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SPECIAL NOTICE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
There is a way to obtain 2 Blurite Swords!  When Thurgo the Imcando Dwarf asks
you to obtain the iron bars & the blurite ore, obtain 4 Iron Bars & mine 2
Blurite Ores.  Talk to Thurgo to make the Blurite Sword.  Now, drop the first
Blurite Sword on the ground & quickly talk to Thurgo again to make another
sword.  Pick up the Blurite Sword you dropped before & head towards Falador.
Either bank one of the swords or drop one before you talk to the squire.
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Take the Blurite Sword back to the squire to complete the quest.

+ Some Crafting EXP
+ 1 Quest Point

15.16) Restless Ghost
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Starting Point: Lumbridge Church
NO Quest Points Required

Skills Required:
 * Lv 15 Combat (or higher)

Items Required:
 * None (included in this quest)

Monsters Encountered:
 * Lv 12 Skeleton

Points of Interest
+ The Church is located ESE of Lumbridge Castle
+ The Swamp is SW of Lumbridge, but you're required to take the long way.
+ Wizard's Tower is located South of Draynor

After starting the quest, go to the Lumbridge Swamp & look for a house in the
area.  Talk to the person inside & explain that you need his help.  He'll
give you the Amulet of Ghostspeek. (NOTE: You'll need the amulet to complete
other members quests, so try not to lose it... but you can get a replacement
from him, if needed)

Head to Lumbridge Graveyard (next door to the Church) & talk to the ghost
inside the mausoleum (the only building in the graveyard) with the Amulet
equipped.  The Ghost will explain that he can't rest until he retrieves his
missing skull.  The skull is located in the basement of Wizard's Tower.
As you pick up the skull, a skeleton will appear & attack you.  Kill the
skeleton, return to the mausoleum & place the skull in the coffin to complete
the quest.

+ You keep the Amulet of Ghostspeak (Needed for some Members quests)
+ 1,125 Prayer EXP
+ 1 Quest Point

15.17) Vampire Slayer
Difficulty: Moderately Hard
Starting Point: Draynor
NO Quest Points Required

Skills Required
 * Lv 40 Combat (Higher preferred)

Items Required
 * 50 G (Estimated)
 * 1 Clove of Garlic
 * 1 Wooden Stake
 * 1 Hammer

Monsters Encountered
 * Lv 39 Vampire

Points of Interest
+ The Jolly Boar Inn is NE of Varrock, next to the Lumber Yard.
+ The Crypt is located in the basement of Draynor Manor

Once you start the quest, go upstairs & open up the hanging wall shelves to
obtain some garlic.  Then proceed to the Jolly Boar Inn (CAUTION: NEAR THE
WILDERNESS!) to get a wooden stake.  Once you arrive at the Inn, talk to a
person that looks like a doctor, who wants beer.  Keep on giving him beer
until he gives you a wooden stake.

Before proceeding to Draynor Manor, make sure you have everything you need on
hand.  If you're missing any items (Garlic, Wooden Stake & Hammer), stop by
a Bank in Varrock (or stop in Draynor) to pick up everything you need.

Enter Draynor Manor & head to the basement (where the crypt is).  Open the
coffin there & Count Draynor will attack you.  Once his HP bottoms out, you
will automatically kill him with the wooden stake.  If you don't have all
three items, his HP will regenerate.  The quest is completed once Count
Draynor is destroyed.

+ 4,800 Attack EXP
+ 3 Quest Points

15.18) Witch's Potion
Difficulty: Easy
Starting Point: Rimmington
NO Quest Points Required

Skills Required:
 * Some Combat
 * The Ability to Burn Meat... if that's a skill...

Items Required:
 * 50 G (estimated)
 * 1 Piece of Burnt Meat
 * 1 Rat's Tail
 * 1 Eye of Newt
 * 1 Onion Clove

Monsters Encountered:
 * Lv 1 Rats
 * Lv 2 Cows

Points of Interest
+ The Falador Ranch is located S of Falador
+ The Onion Field is NW of Rimmington
+ The Witch's House is in Rimmington

Once you start the quest, it's as simple as obtaining all the ingredients.
You can pick up the rat's tail by killing the rats around Rimmington.
The Eye of Newt can be purchased in Port Sarim's Rune Shop.  After obtaining
some raw meat from a cow, just cook the meat TWICE to burn it...  unless you
can find some burnt meat on the ground.

Give all the ingredients to the witch & drink the potion to complete this

+ 325 Magic EXP
+ 1 Quest Point

15.A) The Stronghold of Security
Difficulty: Moderate - EXTREME!
Starting Point: Barbarian Village
NO Quest Points Required

Skills Required:
 * Good ammount of PH (more the better)
 * Ability to accurate read maps
 * Some Agility (for weaker players)

Items Required:
 * Food & plenty of it! (mostly for weaker players)

Monsters Encountered:
 * VARIES PER LEVEL (Lv 5 - 86)
   * LEVEL 1
     * Lv 5/13/16/25 Goblins
     * Lv 11/14 Wolves
     * Lv 12/27 Minotaur
   * LEVEL 2
     * Lv 26 Giant Rats
     * Lv 28/35/41 Flesh Crawlers
     * Lv 30/44/53 Zombies
   * LEVEL 3
     * Lv 24 Spiders
     * Lv 49/64/68 Catablepon
     * Lv 50 Giant Spiders
     * Lv 59 Scorpions
   * LEVEL 4
     * Lv 68/85 Skeletons
     * Lv 75/82/86 Ankou
     * Lv 76 Ghosts


SPECIAL NOTE: Please be aware that the Stronghold of Security first & foremost
a tutorial for account security.  Second, it's a mid-to-high level training
area. Each level includes various combat areas & sets of doors.  As you may
enter these "safe areas" between the doors, in order to proceed forwards, you
must correctly answer an account security-related question.

Please be aware that this walkthrough section will be divided into each level
as you may leave the stronghold on any level (Just take the ladders upward),
so you may choose how deep you want to go.  Since I cannot show you a map in
this guide (as this time), I will try my best to navigate each level.  Please
keep a close eye on your compass as the directions will rely on this heavily.
You should be aware that each level's walkthrough starts at the enterance of
each level.

For your convienance, I have included a "Heads Up" on the monsters you'll be
facing in the next chamber when possible.  If there's no note, there's no

Finally, if you get hopelessly lost in the Stronghold of Security, you can
find maps at the RuneScape Knowledge Base (at www.runescape.com) OR on Rune HQ
(at www.runehq.com).  Please be aware that you'll still need some map skills
to make it useful.

15.A.1) LEVEL 1
1) Go through the South doors (as it's the only one)
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 5/13 Goblins
2) Go through the NE doors (the East doors closest to you)
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 12 Minotaur
3) Follow the path Eastward through the next doors
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 5-25 Goblins, Lv 11 Wolves
4) Go through the NE doors, but feel free to take a rest here.
5) Go East through the next doors
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 16/25 Goblins
6) Follow the path Southward towards "The Gift of Peace"

15.A.2) LEVEL 2
1) Go through the West doors
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 28 Flesh Crawlers, Lv 30 Zombies
2) Head Southwestward & go through the Northern doors
3) After taking a short break (possibly heal yourself), go through the
        SW doors.
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 26 Giant Rats, Lv 28 Flesh Crawlers
4) Go through the NW doors
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 41 Flesh Crawlers, Lv 53 Zombies
5) Go through the South coridor (to avoid the monsters) & through the doors.
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 44 Zombie
6) Go through the East coridor (to avoid the zombie) & through the doors.
7) Follow the (short) path to the "Grain of Plenty"

15.A.3) LEVEL 3
1) Go through the North doors
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 50 Giant Spiders
2) Go through the East doors
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 49 Catablepon, Lv 50 Giant Spiders
3) Go through the East doors & take a rest
4) Go through the North doors
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 64 Catablepon
5) Go through the NW doors
6) Go through the West doors & follow the path to the "Box of Health"

15.A.4) LEVEL 4
1) Go through the NW Doors
2) Head Northwest & Go through the West Doors
3) Follow the path & go through the South Doors
   * Monsters Ahead: Lv 76 Ghosts, Lv 86 Ankou
4) Go through the East Doors
5) Follow the path to the "Cradle of Life"

NOTE: Reward is based on the level you've completed.

L1: 2,000 G + "Flap" Emotion
L2: 3,000 G + "Slap Head" Emotion
L3: 5,000 G + "Idea" Emotion + Stats Restoration 
L4: Your choice of either Fashionable or Horned Boots

Note: If you choose to change your choice, you must go back to the "Cradle of
Life" to make the exchange.

15.B) Members Quests
After you complete all the Free Quests listed above, you'll have to become a
member to start up some other quests.  These quests will vary in difficulty
from Easy to EXTREME & one quest allows you to start training in Herbology.

Since I don't have access to the Member Servers, this is where I leave the
quest walkthough.

16) Marketing Yourself -- A Moneymaking Guide
Once you've built up your skills, it's time to make a profit from them!  This
section is all about helping you line your pockets with gold.  Here's a few
things you can do to earn some money.

purely trained in one skill area), SO YOU WILL NEED TO DIVERSIFY YOUR SKILLS

Skill-Pure characters are usually used in conjunction with another high-level
characters (one that's more developed in the skill levels), which may make
the admins ban BOTH ACCOUNTS.

16.1) Rune Essence Miner
Time Requirements: About 5-15 minutes (per 100, pending on your skill)
Operating Overhead: 0 G

Items Required:
 * A Pickaxe
 * Completion of "Rune Mysteries Quest"
 * Lv 30 Mining or higher (Members, for Pure Rune Ess)

There's people (usually mages) who craft large amounts of runes & don't
want to spend the time to mine the Rune Essence themselves.  These players
also buy in bulk, trying to pick up anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 notes worth
the Rune Essences (item notes are required to transport large amounts of
items that can't be stacked within inventory).

To take advantage of this, go to the Varrock Rune Shop & talk to Aubury OR
go to Wizard's Tower & talk to the head Wizard to teleport to the Rune Essence
mine.  Once in the mine, go to one of the Rune Essence Lodestones & mine until
you fill up your inventory.  Take the nearest portal back to where you came
from & head to the bank to drop off the Rune Ess you've mined.  Repeat this
process until you feel like you have enough Rune Ess to sell.

The best place to do your mining is in East Varrock as it has the shortest
distance between the Bank & the Rune Shop

When you're ready to sell the Rune Essences, head to the bank & withdraw all
the Rune Essences at you want to sell as item notes.  You must withdraw the
essences as item notes so you can hold more than 28 of them.  You can either
wait for a buyer to show up or advertise that you're selling Rune Essences.
You can either set the price you're willing to sell or let the buyer set the
price.  You should, however, make sure that the per-item price you're getting
is at least 10 G a piece.  The buyer will also make sure that you're price
isn't over 30 G a piece.  Most players sell Rune Essences around 20 G each &
Pure Rune Essence around 50 G each

Payout: 10 - 30 G / ea. or 1k - 3k G per 100
        50 - 75 G / ea. or 5k - 7.5k G per 100

16.2) Cape Makers
Time Requirements: 30 - 60 minutes
Operating Overhead: 100 - 200 G

Items Required:
 * Numerous Capes
 * Various Dyes

This is one of the more laborious ventures, but you can make some quick money
by selling various colored capes to others.  People like to customize their
characters by wearing different colored items & many will pay large amounts
of money (upwards to 4,000 G) to buy them.  These items are Capes, Gloves &
Boots (members only?) that people like to buy.  Unlike the Gloves & Boots,
Capes are the easiest to make...  granted you're willing to take the time.

First thing you must do is obtain some capes.  You can either buy them at a
shop for 2 - 8 G a piece OR fight Lv 5 Highway Men south of Falador for free.
Please note that most of the capes you buy will be red & most of the capes
you pick up from the Highway Men are Black.  You will need at least 6 or 7
capes to make a set of colored capes.

Next, pick up the ingredients to make the dyes you need to color the capes
(See Section 15.7 for information on making dyes).  Please note that you will
not need any red dyes except for making Orange & Purple dyes if you've bought
your capes.  You will also make to make sure that you keep a few Black capes
untouched if you have some as you can sell it with your dyed capes.

After dying your capes with the various colors, you're now ready to sell them
in the street markets.  You should keep a mental note that you'll need to
sell each cape for a minimum of 30 G a piece to break even.  However, you do
not want to announce a fixed price for the capes as it can damage your income
potential.  If you allow the buy to name their price, you can make money
while appearing to save the buyer some money as well.  You should only tell
the buyer your minimum price after they present you an offer that's under
your production costs.  The only exception to this are for purchases of your
red & black capes, because they have a low to no production costs.

The standard procedure to selling the capes are, show the buyer one of each
color of capes & ask them what color(s) they want.  Remove the capes that the
buyer doesn't want & ask for their offer.  If their offer is above 30 G per
cape, you can accept the deal OR ask for more.  Please be aware that you only
make money if you can close the deal with the user.

Payout: 50 - 2000 G per cape (based on what the buyer's willing to pay)

16.3) Smith for Hire
Time Requirements: 60 minutes or more
Operating Overhead: Varies

Items Required:
 * Ores (Iron or better)
 * Coal
 * A Pickaxe
 * A Hammer

This trade is one that requires moderate to high levels of mining & smithing
as you'll need to be able to work with steel or better to become profitable.
This trade is pretty basic as all you do it mine the ore, smelt it & shape
the bars into usable equipment that others will want, including weapons &

Steel equipment is desirable for low level users (Lv 5 & up), but you'll be
able to make big money once you get into Mithril & Adamant.  Rune stuff is
the biggest money maker, but it carries the highest risks as you must venture
out into the high-level wilderness to mine it.

Please note that a "Full Armor Set" is comprised of a Full Helm, Kite Shield,
Leggings & Plate mail.

Payout: 80 G to 220k G, based on item & metal.  See Section 18 for a more
        detailed price guide for the items you've made to sell.

16.4) Fisherman's Market
Time Requirement: Varies
Operating Overhead: Varies

Items Required: (Varies with the type of fish)
 * Fishing nets
 * Fishing rods (normal / fly)
 * Lobster pot
 * Harpoon
 * Feathers / Bait

To make money this way, you'll need to get relatively high fishing & cooking
levels (Lv 20-50) to make any decent money here, but you'll want to fish
Trout, Salmon, Tuna, Lobsters & Swordfish.  After you catch the amount of fish
that you want, you'll have to cook the fish before selling them.  People will
only take cooked fish because they want "Ready-to-Eat" items because they
don't want to waste 100g on a fish just to burn it (& render it useless).

Please be aware that the higher level fish will get more money, except for
lobsters...  which will yield more since it's a high-demand item.

Payout: Varies by fish, See Section 18.5 for more detailed information.

16.5) Rune Crafters
Time Requirements: 30-60 minutes (varies on rune)
Operating Overhead: about 20 K - 50K G

Items Required:
 * Rune Essence (1000 or more)
 * Pure Rune Essence (1000 or more -- Members)
 * Rune Tiaras OR Talisman (the type of runes you're crafting)
 * RuneCrafting Skill (varies on the rune you're crafting)
 * Knowledge of the Rune Alter Locations

NOTICE: This is moneymaking opportunity is more geared towards Members than
free players as Members can get access to the higher-level Rune Alters.
Members should be cautious of making Combo Runes due to the potential failure
rate (50% failure) of combining.  Due to the unknown hazards that are involved
with the member alters, please take precautions before trekking out!

This venture is geared towards the pocketbooks of the magicians of the game
as all you do is make the various types of runes for them.  First thing that
you'll have to do is obtain large amounts of Rune Essences (a minimum of
1000 ), which can be easily obtained by purchasing them from other players at
the price of 20-30g a piece.

Next, toss a rune tiara on your head (or grab a talisman), fill up your
inventory with rune essences & head to the Rune Alter.  Return to the bank
to dump your newly crafted runes & pick up another load of rune essences.
Repeat this cycle as many times as you like or until your rune essence stock
is exhausted.

When you're filled up with runes to sell, hit the markets to sell your wares.
Please be aware that unless you're a member & selling high-level runes or
combination runes to free players (or fellow members), you may be taking a
LOSS ON THIS VENTURE unless you've mined your own rune essence.

Payout: 2G - 1000 G / ea. -- See Section 18.4 for detailed prices.

Note: Cosmic, Nature, Law, Chaos & Death runes can only be crafted by members
as those rune alters are beyond the boundaries of the free players & require
pure essense to make them. These specific runes, however, are desirable by free
players as they're used in high-level & teleportation spells.  Please be aware
that the mid-level runes require Pure Rune Ess, therefore require more operating
overhead & hence, higher costs.

16.6) Coal Miner
Time Requirement: 30-60 minutes
Operating Overhead: 0 G

Items Required:
 * Lv 30 Mining (or higher)
 * Pickaxe

This business venture is similar to Rune Essence Miner, but instead of mining
Rune Essence, you're mining coal.  Mid & High-Level Smithers require large
amounts of coal to smelt their ores.  For those making Steel bars will only
need 2 pieces of coal per bar, but those making Rune bars will need 8 pieces
of coal!

Since the Mid & High-Level Smithers are driving the demand for coal & that
there aren't a lot of good places to mine coal (only 3 safe spots on the free
servers out of like 6 spots, excluding the wilderness), it's hard for the
smithers to obtain large amounts of coal.  Therefore, they're willing to pay
others for large amounts of coal, usually in units of 100.  All you have to
do is find a good mining spot (usually an area that's not too crowded with
people) & mine coal until your inventory is full, drop off your coal to the
bank, then return to the mine area & repeat the process until you reach your
specific target number.

When selling coal, go to either Falador's OR Al Kharid's Bank & withdraw all
the coal you want to sell in NOTE FORM before you start advertising that you
have coal for sale.

Payout: 100 - 200g / piece of coal

16.A) FAQ's for the Broke & Brokers
Since there's a lot more marketable ideas than listed here, I've complied a
special list of FAQ's specifically for the people who are trying to increase
their pocketbooks.

Q.1) What are Brokers?
A.1) Brokers are people who buy & sell items.  Pretty much, they buy items at
        a low price & then sell those items at a higher price.

        In Runescape, people who are selling items in the street market are,
        in the basic sense, brokers in a specific commodity.

Q.2) What commodities do brokers usually deal in?
A.2) Brokers will usually deal in a commodity that's usually in (high) demand.
        Stuff like Rune Essence, Lobster, Coal & even Iron Ore are the most
        commonly purchased commodities...  but this isn't all of them.

Q.3) Where should I buy stuff?
A.3) Usually the best place to buy is where the commodity is obtained at.
        However, this is now always the case.  Some banks near the commodity
        are used to sell that commodity.

        The reason why the place where the commodity is available to buy the
        commodity is that supply is high, while the demand is low...  which
        makes the place ripe for decent deals!  Those who'll need the money
        will usually take any offer you give & it makes it easy to blow off
        unfair deals.

        For example, you should be able to buy Cow Hides at a Cow Ranch for
        3-5 G a piece.  Your upper buying limit should be 10 G / ea before
        blowing deals off.

Q.4) Where should I sell stuff?
A.4) Usually the best place to sell your commodities are near banks or places
        where the commodity will be used.  Banks are usually the best since
        people can quickly access their money & make purchases.

        The other reason is that the demand is relatively high & supply is
        limited...  which allows you to increase the price to maximize your

        For example, if you're selling Cow Hides at Al-Kharid Bank (near the
        Tanner), you can get between 10-20 G / ea before people refuse to buy
        from you.

Q.5) People are demanding outrageous prices!  What gives?
A.5) In a word: Capitalism!  Any place where players can freely trade between
        each other, players are allowed to set prices that they see is fair.
        While somebody who charges 100 G for 1 Cow Hide see it as fair deal,
        another player may believe it's a total rip off!

        Pretty much people who are greedy usually try to gouge you, while
        people with some decent business sense will give you a relatively
        fair deal.  Good Merchants & Brokers will try to be competitive while
        keeping a decent (or small) profit margin.

        Please be aware that rarer commodities (like Trimmed Armor & colored
        gloves) will cost more because the supply is VERY LIMITED!

Q.6) What price should I set for my commodity?
A.6) Pretty much set your selling price slightly higher than your purchase
        price OR your production cost.  You should limit your mark-up to no
        more than 25% of cost of your commodity; however, you may be able to
        get away with a higher mark-up for low-cost items.

        With Rune Essence, if you buy at 20 G / ea...  you should sell your
        stock at 25 G / ea, giving you a 5 G (or 25%) profit.

        With Cow Hides, if you buy at 5G / ea...  you should sell your stock
        at 10 G / ea, giving you 5 G (or 100%) profit.

        Again, it's totally up to you to set your own prices...  However, you
        can look in section 18 or a Runescape website (in section B) to help
        you figure out a price that most people will accept.

Q.7) How much do I need to become a broker?
A.7) It depends on the commodity you're working with & how you want to start.
        * If you want buy your commodity first, start with 5,000 G to give you
        a fair start.

        * If you want to sell your commodity first, get about 100 units of that
        commodity & turn it into bank notes.

        * If you want to be a full broker, get 5,000 G & 100 units of the item
        your trading in.  That way you can buy & sell at the same time.

        When playing a broker, space out your buying & selling phases based
        on your inventory.  If you have a lot of money, start buying!  If you
        have a lot of items, start selling.  Just remember that your selling
        price MUST BE HIGHER than your buying price!  This way you can let
        your money grow in the process.

        THE MOST IMPORTANT THING when playing a broker is to buy & sell your
        items in NOTE FORM!  Bank Notes, regardless of quantity, only take
        up 1 slot in your inventory for each type of bank note.

Q.8) What should I be aware of when buying / selling stuff?
A.8) First of all, know how much an item cost by find the street value is.
        This can usually be found on a Runescape Website (listed in Section
        B) or a compiled item guide.

        Second, know how much POTENTIAL PROFIT a "refined" item can make.
        For example, a Hard Leather Body (made from Cow Hide) can be sold in
        a general store for at least 17 G / ea. (or more).  HOWEVER, it costs
        3 G to get the Cow Hide tanned & 0.2 G (1 G / 5) for thread.  This
        gives a Hard Leather Body a potential profit of 14.8 G / ea.  Since a
        person must make some profit off the selling of the Hard Leather Body,
        the maximum reasonable selling price would be 12 G / ea. (giving the
        buyer a profit potential of 2.8 G / ea.)

        Finally, take into account of the item's potential use.  For example,
        Rune Essences have the potential of becoming Law Runes (worth around
        500 G / ea.) while Cow Hides only have the potential be becoming
        Hard Leather Bodies or other lesser leather goods.  The more potential
        an item has, the more people are willing to pay a higher price.

        People who set outrageous prices for some items usually forget the
        last two items.  Somebody selling Cow Hides for 100 G / ea. is pretty
        much stealing 85 G from the buyer (which is the NET LOSS on the item
        after refining it).  It's NOT THE JOB of a broker to make OTHERS broker
        (as in poorer) in the process.  A Broker's Job is to help the economy
        WHILE raking in a small profit in the process.

        In short, take the Wall Street ideal: "Buy Low, Sell High; Take a
        PIECE of the pie!" (not 5 or more whole pies).

17) Cloaks & Daggers -- A Street Market Guide
OK!  So you have some coins (like a couple hundred or so) that's burning a
hole in your pocket?  Here's a few things that you should be aware of so that
you won't depart with too much of your money.

17.1) Know What You Want to Buy
If you don't know what you want, you'll probably do better going to a general
store because Street Market vendors only have a few items for sale...  Unless
the person is having a "Bank Sale", where the person is selling various items
just to clean out their bank space.

You can either advertise what you want to buy OR wait for somebody to announce
that they're selling the item(s) you want.  Usually, if both the buyer & the
seller announce that the same item, they'll eventually catch each other's eye
& start dealing.

17.2) Know Where to Buy
When buying on the Street Markets, knowing where to go can really increase
your chances to finding what you want.  Street Merchants usually hang out
near banks throughout the game as they can keep their on-hand inventory down
to a minimum.

You can also find street merchants in Varrock Square (the big fountain between
the two banks) & a few merchants in Falador Square (the area round the statue
between the two Falador Banks).  Unless you're in Varrock or Falador, you'll
want to stay near the bank to make your deals.

17.3) Stick to Your "Home Worlds" Whenever Possible
When buying on the Street Markets, it's best to stick to the Worlds that you
normally play on to buy your items.  It may take longer to find your item,
but you'll have an easier time finding the item you want on your own worlds
than trying to make a deal on a "Trade World".

"Trade Worlds" (like World 1 & 8, for example) are worlds in Runescape that
are around 1900 players where most players are trying to sell items.  While
it may easier to find the item you want, it may be hard to start the trade
due to the number of people advertising what they're buying or selling.
If you think of each person advertising their wares as a pop-up ads & you can
see how badly it can be trying to start a trade.

Trade Worlds may also have higher prices than your Home Worlds because of all
the money that's floating around.

17.4) Have an Idea of the Price
The Street Merchants (or at least the good ones) know how much their items
are worth or know much it costs to make/obtain the items they're selling.
HOWEVER, merchants usually let their buyer name their price in hopes of
getting more for the item than normal.  However, since prices will vary from
merchant to merchant, you will usually want to consult a price guide for a
good idea.  You could also check the stores for a price check on an item you
want to buy, but it's not a great method as players RARELY sell any of the
good items to the stores & if somebody does so, the item is sold quickly.

In short, street market prices will vary from 3x Shop prices to a price that's
in between the shop's buying & selling price.  See Section 18 for a list of
prices for various items.

17.5) Drive the Hard Bargain
Once you haven an idea about the price, try to stay close to your target price
as others will try to rip you off by charging double, if not triple the price
than what you'd expect.  A key skill in the street market is haggling with
the merchant to get a price that both of you can agree.  If somebody is asking
for double the item's value, you may be able to get the person to drop their
prices by 25% or so (which would be around 150% instead of the 200%).  If you
set a hard price (meaning that you won't increase your offer), you may lose
the deal with some merchants, but you those who REALLY want to get rid of
their merchandise, they may accept it.

As a last resort, walking away from a deal may give you the upper hand on
some merchants as some may run after you just to seal the deal.  This is a
rare occurrence however as I have only experienced getting the price I wanted
from this & most merchants prefer to stay near their respective marketplaces.
Sometimes, you may find a better deal with a different merchant.

"Quid Pro Quo" deals are usually complex & are very easy to get ripped off on
without knowing it.  You are essentially trading one item for another instead
of buying or selling an item.  Since you're not dealing with any base units
that have been created in the bartering system (which are gold coins), it's
easy to wind up with an unfair deal.

There are only two exceptions to this rule.

 1) Dealing with Rune Essences instead of gold coins -- Rune Essences have a
        base value of 10g a piece (20g is the standard street value) & are
        generally safe to accept in lieu of gold as long as you establish a
        base value for them.  Please be aware that Pure Essence is worth DOUBLE
	than regular Rune Essense.

 2) Trading Raw materials for finished goods -- This type of trade is usually
        done with craftsmen who offer their services for free.  If you can
        cut gems (like sapphires), you can trade a cut gem for an uncut gem
        of the same type (sapphires for sapphires, rubies for rubies, ect.)
        without much thought.  The same can be done with ores/bars (2 iron
        ores for 1 iron bar) & bars/items (2 bars for 1 full helm).

Unless the merchant is specializing in "Quid Pro Quo" deals at the moment,
the merchant will usually kill the deal & state that they're a "Cash Only"
merchant before starting up another trade.  It's best to ask the merchant if
they'll accept a trade of raw materials for their finished goods.  If you give
the merchant the exact amount of raw materials needed to make the finished
goods (usually in notes), they'll either give you the finished item for free
OR give you a reduced price (like 1-2K +5 Addy Bars for an Addy Plate) for the
item which is the cost of their time.

When in doubt, keep things simple by sticking to pure, liquidable (as an asset)

17.7) Search for Bargains by Buying Indy Items
As you may NOT KNOW with some items, namely full armor sets (Full Helm, Kite
Shield, Plate Body & Leg Plates / Skirt Plate) seem to have prices that are
UP TO 65% HIGHER than their individual items!  This premium is more of a
"convenience fee" as the person who's selling the full armor set has done the
legwork earlier in obtaining (or crafting) the armor pieces for that type of

If you're willing to spend more time in the street market to buy each piece
individually, you can save some of your hard-earned cash.  You will not be
able to save ALL the money due to market inflation, but you can get the armor
you want for less than what's stated in the market guide in the next section.

18) The Little Black Book... of Street Market Prices
Wondering if you're getting scammed by others on a deal?  This section was
designed to help point out if you should be working harder on making a good
deal.  Prices listed here are a general guideline of prices you should try to
follow, but please be aware that prices may be higher than stated due to
natural inflation of the market (& the greed of your fellow players).  Some
items (like Rune Essence) are normally obtained in bulk have more of a steady

Please be aware that the prices listed here are "per item" & prices do not
apply to in-game shops.

Not all items listed in this guide have known price ranges.  These will be
added in a future edition of this guide (as I find out about them).


1) There's a POTENTIAL MARKET ERROR OF 500% on prices (due to market flux).
2) Anything marked with "*" or "[UNCONFIRMED]" has not be verified with other
        sites / people for accuracy.
3) Anything listed as "[MEMBERS]" is a members-only item (for use).

18.1) Ores
Clay       --      1 G -     50 G
Tin        --      3 G -     50 G
Copper     --      3 G -     50 G
Iron       --     50 G -    110 G
Mithril    --    300 G -    450 G
Adamantite --    800 G -  1,200 G
Runite     -- 10,000 G - 13,000 G

Silver     --    100 G -    400 G
Gold       --    100 G -    500 G

Coal       --    100 G -    200 G

18.2) Metal Bars
Bronze     --     20 G -    150 G
Iron       --    100 G -    200 G
Steel      --    500 G -    600 G
Mithril    --    900 G -  1,100 G
Adamantite --  2,000 G -  3,300 G
Runite     -- 13,000 G - 20,000 G

Silver     --    150 G -    400 G
Gold       --    200 G -    500 G

18.3) Gems
*Uncut Sapphire    --       100 G -       500 G
*Uncut Emerald     --       200 G -     1,300 G
*Uncut Ruby        --       300 G -     2,000 G
*Uncut Diamond     --       400 G -     5,000 G

*Uncut Dragonstone --    37,500 G -    80,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Uncut Onyx        -- 2,000,000 G - 4,300,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Uncut Red Topaz   --        25 G -        60 G [MEMBERS]
*Uncut Opal        --        40 G -       100 G [MEMBERS] 
*Uncut Jade        --        25 G -        60 G [MEMBERS]

*Cut Sapphire      --       100 G -       400 G
*Cut Emerald       --       200 G -     1,300 G
*Cut Ruby          --       300 G -     2,000 G
*Cut Diamond       --       400 G -     5,000 G

*Cut Dragonstone   --    37,500 G -    80,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Cut Onyx          -- 2,000,000 G - 4,300,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Cut Red Topaz     --        10 G -        30 G [MEMBERS]
*Cut Opal          --        30 G -        80 G [MEMBERS]
*Cut Jade          --        10 G -        30 G [MEMBERS]

18.4) Jewelry / Tiaras / Talismans 
*Sapphire Ring        --       100 G -       120 G
*Emerald Ring         --       750 G -     1,500 G
*Ruby Ring            --       800 G -     2,000 G
*Diamond Ring         --     4,500 G -     5,000 G
*Dragonstone Ring     --    50,000 G -    70,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Onyx Ring            -- 2,000,000 G - 4,500,000 G [MEMBERS]

*Sapphire Amulet      --       300 G -       500 G
*Emerald Amulet       --       500 G -       600 G
*Ruby Amulet          --     3,000 G -     4,000 G
*Diamond Amulet       --     7,500 G -     8,000 G
*Dragonstone Amulet   --    40,000 G -    90,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Onyx Amulet          -- 2,250,000 G - 5,000,000 G [MEMBERS] 

Amulet of Magic       --       300 G -     1,000 G
Amulet of Defense     --       500 G -     2,000 G
Amulet of Strength    --     3,000 G -     5,000 G
Amulet of Power       --     8,000 G -    11,000 G
*Amulet of Glory      --    75,000 G -   120,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Amulet of Fury       -- 2,350,000 G - 5,100,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Amulet of Accuracy   --       500 G -     1,000 G
*Amulet of Nature     --    30,000 G -    80,000 G [MEMBERS]

Holy Symbol           --       300 G -       500 G
Unholy Symbol         --       300 G -     1,000 G [MEMBERS]

*Necklace of Games    --       300 G -       600 G [MEMBERS]
*Necklace of Binding  --       700 G -     1,200 G [MEMBERS]

Ring of Recoil        --       100 G -       500 G [MEMBERS]
Ring of Dueling       --     1,000 G -     2,000 G [MEMBERS]
Ring of Forging       --     1,000 G -     5,000 G [MEMBERS]
Ring of Life          --     3,000 G -     8,000 G [MEMBERS]
Ring of Wealth        --    50,000 G -   110,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Ring of Stone        -- 2,300,000 G - 4,500,000 G [MEMBERS]

*Air Talisman         --       100 G -       500 G
*Mind Talisman        --       100 G -       300 G
*Water Talisman       --       100 G -       300 G
*Earth Talisman       --       100 G -       300 G
*Fire Talisman        --       100 G -       500 G
*Body Talisman        --       100 G -       100 G
*Cosmic Talisman      --     1,500 G -     8,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Chaos Talisman       --     2,000 G -     5,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Nature Talisman      --     4,000 G -    15,000 G [MEMBERS] 
*Law Talisman         -- <===== UNTRADABLE? =====> [MEMBERS]
*Death Talisman       --    30,000 G -   100,000 G [MEMBERS]

*Air Tiara            --       300 G -       750 G
*Mind Tiara           --       300 G -       450 G
*Water Tiara          --       300 G -       450 G
*Earth Tiara          --       300 G -       450 G
*Fire Tiara           --       300 G -       750 G
*Body Tiara           --       140 G -       150 G
*Cosmic Tiara         --     4,000 G -    10,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Chaos Tiara          --     3,000 G -     7,500 G [MEMBERS]
*Nature Tiara         --    10,000 G -    23,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Law Tiara            -- <===== UNTRADABLE? =====> [MEMBERS]
*Death Tiara          --    40,000 G -   120,000 G [MEMBERS]

18.5) Magic Runes
Air Rune           --        10 G -        20 G
Mind Rune          --         5 G -        25 G
Water Rune         --         5 G -        10 G
Earth Rune         --         5 G -        10 G
Fire Rune          --         5 G -        12 G
Body Rune          --         2 G -         5 G

Chaos Rune         --       100 G -       160 G
Cosmic Rune        --        50 G -       300 G
Nature Rune        --       200 G -       400 G
Law Rune           --       275 G -     1,000 G
Death Rune         --       200 G -       300 G

Blood Rune         --       300 G -     1,000 G
Soul Rune          --       300 G -     5,000 G

*Mist Rune         --       800 G -     1,000 G
*Dust Rune         --       800 G -     1,000 G
*Mud Rune          --       800 G -     1,000 G
*Smoke Rune        --       800 G -     1,000 G
*Steam Rune        --       800 G -     1,000 G
*Lava Rune         --       800 G -     1,000 G

Normal Rune Ess    --        20 G -        30 G
Pure Rune Ess      --        50 G -        75 G [MEMBERS]

Air Staff          --     1,500 G -     1,600 G
Water Staff        --     1,500 G -     1,600 G
Earth Staff        --     1,500 G -     1,600 G
Fire Staff         --     1,500 G -     1,600 G
*Ancient Staff     --    40,000 G -   130,000 G [MEMBERS]

*Air Battlestaff   --     6,000 G -    10,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Water Battlestaff --     6,000 G -    10,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Earth Battlestaff --     6,000 G -    10,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Fire Battlestaff  --     6,000 G -    10,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Lava Battlestaff  --    30,000 G -    80,000 G [MEMBERS]
*Mud Battlestaff   -- 2,300,000 G - 4,800,000 G [MEMBERS]

18.6) Food
NOTE:  Prices listed for COOKED FOOD ONLY!
        Uncooked items go for HALF of these prices!

Meat            --   3 G -     5 G
Chicken         --   3 G -     5 G

Shrimp          --   3 G -     5 G
Sardines        --   3 G -     5 G
Anchovies       --   5 G -    10 G
Herring         --   5 G -    10 G
Mackerel        --   8 G -    15 G
Trout           --   8 G -    20 G
Pike            --  13 G -    25 G
Salmon          --  20 G -    30 G
Tuna            --  30 G -   100 G
Lobster         -- 150 G -   200 G
Bass            -- 200 G -   230 G
Swordfish       -- 250 G -   400 G
Shark           -- 900 G - 1,000 G

Bread           --   3 G -    10 G
*Stew           --  50 G -   200 G
*RedBerry Pie   --  25 G -   100 G
*Meat Pie       --  30 G -   150 G
*Apple Pie      --  50 G -   200 G
Wine            --  50 G -   200 G
Cake            --  10 G -    40 G
Chocolate Cake  --  25 G -   100 G
Plain Pizza     --  30 G -   100 G
Meat Pizza      --  40 G -   150 G
Anchovy Pizza   --  50 G -   500 G
Pineapple Pizza --  50 G -   500 G [MEMBERS]

18.7) Bronze Equipment
Bronze Dagger         --  0 G -    20 G
Bronze Sword          --  0 G -    50 G
Bronze Scimitar       --  0 G -   100 G
Bronze Long Sword     --  0 G -   105 G
Bronze 2-handed Sword --  0 G -   105 G
Bronze Mace           --  0 G -    50 G
Bronze Warhammer      --  0 G -   100 G
Bronze Battleaxe      --  0 G -   100 G

Bronze Med Helm       --  0 G -     5 G
Bronze Full Helm      --  5 G -   125 G
Bronze Square Shield  -- 10 G -   200 G
Bronze Kite Shield    -- 20 G -   300 G
Bronze Leggings       -- 10 G -   350 G
Bronze Skirt          -- 10 G -   350 G
Bronze Chainmail      -- 15 G -   115 G
Bronze Plate          -- 30 G -   400 G

Full Bronze Armor Set -- 50 G - 1,000 G
                                 (-30.00% - 17.50% Premium)

18.8) Iron Equipment
Iron Dagger         --  20 G -    75 G
Iron Sword          --  60 G -   100 G
Iron Scimitar       --  70 G -   250 G
Iron Long Sword     -- 100 G -   300 G
Iron 2-Handed Sword -- 150 G -   350 G
Iron Mace           --  30 G -   150 G
Iron Warhammer      --  50 G -   150 G
Iron Battleaxe      -- 140 G -   200 G

Iron Med Helm       --   0 G -    10 G
Iron Full Helm      --  10 G -   250 G
Iron Square Shield  --  20 G -   300 G
Iron Kite Shield    --  40 G -   400 G
Iron Leggings       --  40 G -   450 G
Iron Skirt          --  40 G -   450 G
Iron Chainmail      --  20 G -   225 G
Iron Plate          --  50 G -   600 G

Full Iron Armor set -- 100 G - 1,500 G
                                (-40.00% - -13.33% Premium)

18.9) Steel Equipment
Steel Dagger         --    50 G -   125 G
Steel Sword          --   250 G -   350 G
Steel Scimitar       --   300 G -   500 G
Steel Long Sword     --   400 G -   600 G
Steel 2-Handed Sword --   400 G -   750 G
Steel Mace           --    80 G -   225 G
Steel Warhammer      --   200 G -   300 G
Steel Battleaxe      --   400 G -   650 G

Steel Med Helm       --    15 G -    30 G
Steel Full Helm      --    50 G -   650 G
Steel Square Shield  --   100 G -   500 G
Steel Kite Shield    --   300 G -   800 G
Steel Leggings       --   200 G - 1,000 G
Steel Skirt          --   200 G - 1,000 G
Steel Chainmail      --   200 G -   650 G
Steel Plate          --   500 G - 1,200 G

Full Steel Armor Set -- 2,000 G - 4,500 G
                                (47.50% - 18.89% Premium)

18.10) Black Equipment
Note: Black Equipment CANNOT BE MADE!  Black Equipment is usually sold by
members (from treasure trails) OR sold by other players when upgrading to
other equipment.

(t) = Trimmed
(g) = Gold Trimmed
(h) = Herald Trimmed

Black Dagger             --     200 G -     250 G
Black Sword              --     400 G -     500 G
Black Scimitar           --     400 G -     500 G
Black Long Sword         --     700 G -   1,000 G
Black 2-Handed Sword     --     800 G -   1,000 G
Black Mace               --   1,000 G -   1,500 G
Black Warhammer          --     600 G -     800 G
Black Battle Axe         --     700 G -   1,000 G

Black Med Helm           -- <===== UNKNOWN =====>
Black Full Helm          --   1,000 G -   1,200 G
Black Square Shield      --     750 G -   1,000 G
Black Kite Shield        --   1,000 G -   1,500 G
Black Leggings           --   2,400 G -   2,600 G
Black Skirt              --   2,400 G -   2,600 G
Black Chainmail          --   1,700 G -   2,000 G
Black Plate              --   3,000 G -   3,200 G

Full Black Armor Set     --   6,000 G -  10,000 G
                                        (-23.33% - 15.00% Premium)

Black Full Helm (t)      --  20,000 G -  40,000 G
Black Kite Shield (t)    --  35,000 G -  50,000 G
Black Leggings (t)       --  30,000 G -  50,000 G
Black Skirt (t)          --  25,000 G -  50,000 G
Black Plate (t)          --  40,000 G -  60,000 G

Full Black (t) Armor Set -- 150,000 G - 200,000 G
                                        (16.67% - 0.00% Premium)

Black Full Helm (g)      --  40,000 G -  50,000 G
Black Kite Shield (g)    --  60,000 G -  80,000 G
Black Leggings (g)       --  50,000 G -  70,000 G
Black Skirt (g)          --  50,000 G -  70,000 G
Black Plate (g)          --  65,000 G - 100,000 G
Full Black (g) Armor Set -- 220,000 G - 400,000 G
                                        (2.27% - 25.00% Premium)

Black Kite Shield (h)    -- <===== UNKNOWN =====>

18.11) Mithril Equipment
Mithril Dagger         --   200 G -    450 G
Mithril Sword          --   700 G -  1,100 G
Mithril Scimitar       --   900 G -  3,000 G
Mithril Long Sword     -- 1,200 G -  2,500 G
Mithril 2-Handed Sword -- 1,650 G -  3,000 G
Mithril Mace           --   500 G -  2,200 G
Mithril Warhammer      --   800 G -  2,250 G
Mithril Battle Axe     -- 1,500 G -  2,000 G

Mithril Med Helm       --   300 G -    500 G
Mithril Full Helm      --   800 G -  1,500 G
Mithril Square Shield  -- 1,000 G -  1,500 G
Mithril Kite Shield    -- 1,500 G -  2,500 G
Mithril Leggings       -- 1,200 G -  5,000 G
Mithril Skirt          -- 1,200 G -  5,000 G
Mithril Chainmail      -- 1,000 G -  2,500 G
Mithril Plate          -- 2,500 G -  5,400 G

Full Mithril Armor Set -- 8,000 G - 14,000 G
                                        (25.00% - -2.86% Premium)

18.12) Adamantite Equipment
Note: Trimmed Equipment CANNOT be made, Trimmed Equipment can only be obtained
through Members (Treasure Trails) or other players who are upgrading to other

(t) = Trimmed
(g) = Gold Trimmed
(h) = Herald Trimmed

Adamantite Dagger             --     600 G -   1,250 G
Adamantite Sword              --   1,400 G -   1,900 G
Adamantite Scimitar           --   4,000 G -   6,000 G
Adamantite Long Sword         --   3,000 G -   4,000 G
Adamantite 2-Handed Sword     --   6,000 G -   8,000 G
Adamantite Mace               --   1,400 G -   3,500 G
Adamantite Warhammer          --   3,000 G -   3,250 G
Adamantite Battleaxe          --   3,000 G -   5,000 G

Adamantite Med Helm           --     800 G -   1,000 G
Adamantite Full Helm          --   2,000 G -   3,200 G
Adamantite Square Shield      --   2,000 G -   4,500 G
Adamantite Kite Shield        --   5,000 G -  10,000 G
Adamantite Leggings           --   4,000 G -   7,000 G
Adamantite Skirt              --   4,000 G -   7,000 G
Adamantite Chainmail          --   4,000 G -   6,000 G
Adamantite Plate              --  10,000 G -  16,000 G

Full Adamantite Armor Set     --  25,000 G -  35,000 G
                                        (16.00% - -3.43% Premium)

Adamantite Full Helm (t)      --  20,000 G -  50,000 G
Adamantite Kite Shield (t)    --  50,000 G -  70,000 G
Adamantite Leggings (t)       --  45,000 G -  60,000 G
Adamantite Skirt (t)          --  40,000 G -  60,000 G
Adamantite Plate (t)          --  55,000 G - 100,000 G

Full Adamantite (t) Armor Set -- 200,000 G - 400,000 G
                                        (15.00% - 30.00% Premium)

Adamantite Full Helm (g)      --  40,000 G -  70,000 G
Adamantite Kite Shield (g)    --  70,000 G -  80,000 G
Adamantite Leggings (g)       --  70,000 G -  80,000 G
Adamantite Skirt (g)          --  50,000 G -  80,000 G
Adamantite Plate (g)          --  80,000 G - 120,000 G

Full Adamantite (g) Armor Set -- 300,000 G - 450,000 G
                                        (13.33% - 22.22% Premium)

Adamantite Kite Shield (h)    -- 100,000 G - 200,000 G

18.13) Runite Equipment
Note: Trimmed Equipment CANNOT be made, Trimmed Equipment can only be obtained
through Members (Treasure Trails) or other players who are upgrading to other

(t) = Trimmed
(g) = Gold Trimmed
(h) = Herald Trimmed

Runite Dagger             --     3,000 G -    12,500 G
Runite Sword              --     8,000 G -    20,000 G
Runite Scimitar           --    30,000 G -    45,000 G
Runite Long Sword         --    20,000 G -    30,000 G
Runite 2-Handed Sword     --    40,000 G -    50,000 G
Runite Mace               --    10,000 G -    25,000 G
Runite Warhammer          --    25,000 G -    40,000 G
Runite Battle Axe         --    45,000 G -    55,000 G

Runite Med Helm           --     5,000 G -     7,000 G
Runite Full Helm          --    20,000 G -    40,000 G
Runite Square Shield      --    20,000 G -    45,000 G 
Runite Kite Shield        --    50,000 G -    60,000 G
Runite Leggings           --    45,000 G -    55,000 G
Runite Skirt              --    45,000 G -    55,000 G
Runite Chainmail          --    20,000 G -    45,000 G
Runite Plate              --    50,000 G -    75,000 G

Full Runite Armor Set     --   170,000 G -   230,000 G
                                                (2.86% - 0.00% Premium)

Runite Full Helm (t)      --   200,000 G -   350,000 G
Runite Kite Shield (t)    --   275,000 G -   450,000 G
Runite Leggings (t)       --   275,000 G -   450,000 G
Runite Skirt (t)          --   230,000 G -   450,000 G
Runite Plate (t)          --   400,000 G -   550,000 G

Full Runite (t) Armor Set -- 1,000,000 G - 1,900,000 G
                                                (-15.00% - 7.89% Premium)

Runite Full Helm (g)      --   250,000 G -   400,000 G
Runite Kite Shield (g)    --   300,000 G -   550,000 G
Runite Leggings (g)       --   300,000 G -   550,000 G
Runite Skirt (g)          --   250,000 G -   550,000 G
Runite Plate (g)          --   450,000 G -   700,000 G

Full Runite (g) Armor Set -- 1,100,000 G - 2,300,000 G
                                                (-18.18% - 4.35% Premium)

Runite Kite Shield (h)    --   300,000 G -   700,000 G

18.14) "God" Armor
Saradomin Helm           --   400,000 G - 1,000,000 G
Saradomin Kite Shield    --   700,000 G - 1,300,000 G
Saradomin Leggings       --   600,000 G - 1,300,000 G
Saradomin Plate          -- 1,000,000 G - 1,700,000 G
Saradomin Skirt          --   400,000 G - 1,300,000 G

Full Saradomin Armor Set -- 3,100,000 G - 5,830,000 G
                                                (12.90% - 9.09% Premium)

Guthix Helm              --   300,000 G -   600,000 G
Guthix Kite Shield       --   400,000 G -   750,000 G
Guthix Leggings          --   400,000 G -   750,000 G
Guthix Plate             --   550,000 G - 1,000,000 G
Guthix Skirt             --   300,000 G -   750,000 G

Full Guthix Armor Set    -- 1,600,000 G - 3,410,000 G
                                                (-3.13% - 9.09% Premium)

Zamorak Helm             --   400,000 G - 1,000,000 G
Zamorak Kite Shield      --   700,000 G - 1,300,000 G
Zamorak Leggings         --   650,000 G - 1,300,000 G
Zamorak Plate            --   900,000 G - 1,700,000 G
Zamorak Skirt            --   400,000 G - 1,300,000 G

Full Zamorak Armor Set   -- 2,700,000 G - 5,830,000 G
                                                (1.85% - 9.09% Premium)

18.15) Ranged Weapons
Bronze Arrows     --     0 G -    15 G
Iron Arrows       --     5 G -    30 G
Steel Arrows      --    35 G -    50 G
Mithril Arrows    --    45 G -    70 G
Adamantite Arrows --   100 G -   150 G
Runite Arrows     --   375 G -   500 G

*Arrow Shafts     --     8 G -    10 G [MEMBERS]
*Headless Arrows  --    15 G -    20 G [MEMBERS]

Short Bow         --     0 G -    20 G
Long Bow          --     0 G -    20 G
Oak Short Bow     --    10 G -    50 G
Oak Long Bow      --    15 G -    50 G
Willow Short Bow  --    20 G -   100 G
Willow Long Bow   --    32 G -   100 G
Maple Short Bow   --    40 G -   200 G
Maple Long Bow    --    64 G -   200 G
Yew Short Bow     --   100 G -   400 G
Yew Long Bow      --   300 G -   600 G
Magic Short Bow   --   600 G - 5,000 G
Magic Long Bow    -- 1,100 G - 5,000 G

18.16) Potions
*Attack               --    100 G -    150 G
*Super Attack         --  1,000 G -  2,000 G
*Anti-Poison          --    100 G -    300 G
*Super Anti-Poison    --  1,000 G -  1,500 G
*Strength             --    700 G -  1,000 G
*Super Strength       --  2,000 G -  3,000 G
*Energy Restore       --    500 G -    700 G
*Super Energy Restore --  2,000 G -  2,500 G
*HP Restore           --    100 G -    110 G
*Super HP Restore     --  6,000 G -  7,000 G
*Defense              --    500 G -    700 G
*Super Defense        --  2,500 G -  3,000 G
*Prayer Restore       --  5,500 G -  6,000 G
*Fishing              --  1,500 G -  2,000 G
*Agility              --  4,000 G -  5,000 G
*Range                --  3,000 G -  3,500 G
*Magic                --  5,000 G -  7,000 G
*Anti-Fire Breath     --  5,000 G -  6,500 G
*Saradomin Potion     -- 10,000 G - 12,000 G
*Zamorak Potion       -- 10,000 G - 12,000 G

18.A) Misc. Stuff
*Cow Hide         --     5 G -   150 G
*Soft Leather     --    10 G -   300 G
*Hard Leather     --    15 G -   300 G
*Green Dragonhide --   800 G - 2,000 G
*Blue Dragonhide  -- 1,000 G - 2,300 G
*Red Dragonhide   -- 1,500 G - 5,000 G
*Black Dragonhide -- 1,250 G - 3,000 G
*Snake Hide       --   100 G -   350 G

Feathers          --     5 G -    15 G

*Normal Log       --     5 G -   120 G
*Oak Log          --    10 G -    20 G
*Willow Log       --    30 G -    35 G
*Maple Log        --    90 G -   110 G
*Yew Log          --   300 G -   340 G
*Magic Log        --   900 G - 1,000 G

18.B) RARE (Discontinued) Stuff
*Red Party Hat          -- 120,000,000 G - 129,000,000 G
*Yellow Party Hat       --  93,000,000 G -  96,000,000 G
*Green Party Hat        --  96,000,000 G - 105,000,000 G
*Blue Party Hat         -- 200,000,000 G - 230,000,000 G
*Purple Party Hat       --  80,000,000 G -  83,000,000 G
*White Party Hat        -- 140,000,000 G - 160,000,000 G

*Party Hat Set (6)      -- 750,000,000 G - 850,000,000 G
                                                (2.88% - 5.85% Premium)

*Red Halloween Mask     --  16,500,000 G -  18,000,000 G
*Blue Halloween Mask    --  12,000,000 G -  12,500,000 G
*Green Halloween Mask   --   8,000,000 G -   8,200,000 G

*Halloween Mask Set (3) --  35,000,000 G -  45,000,000 G
                                                (-4.29% - 14.00% Premium)

*Christmas Cracker      -- 140,000,000 G - 180,000,000 G
*Santa Hat              --   7,500,000 G -   8,500,000 G
*Pumpkin                --   3,000,000 G -   3,800,000 G
*Easter Egg             --   3,300,000 G -   4,000,000 G

*Disk of Returning      --   4,000,000 G -   7,000,000 G

19) Questionable Offers & Scams
As you head out to the street markets, you'll be confronted with various items
& services that are being presented by other players.  Here's a small guide
to make sure that you don't become a victim of a scam.

You should be aware of the "Golden Rule" of RuneScape: "Only Risk what you
can afford to lose"...  meaning that you not give anything to others that you
cannot afford to replace.

19.1) Free Armor Trimming
There are some people that will state that they'll trim your armor for free.

THIS IS A SCAM!!!  AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS!  There's no way that anybody can
trim armor, regardless what their crafting & smelting levels are.  There's
nowhere inside the game that states you can do this!  The only way to get
trimmed items is to actually buy them off another player because only members
can obtain them through Treasure Trails.

Please Report All occurrences of this to keep scammers like these down.

19.2) Free Gem Cutting
There are some people that will state that they'll cut your uncut gems for

This is a QUESTIONABLE DEAL as some players may take your gems & split while
others will cut your gems & return them.  If you are planning to allow someone
to cut your gems for you, ALWAYS ASK FOR A SECURITY BOND of at least 50 G per
uncut gem (the rarer the gem, the more you should ask for) OR ask them to give
you a cut gem for your uncut gem.  This way you don't have to wait for them to
cut your gem.  Bonded Craftsmen use their money OR the cut gems as form of
trust & should the bonded craftsman decides to split with your gems, you won't
be left empty-handed.

19.3) Free Ore Smelting / Item Smithing
There are some people that will state that they'll either smelt your ores or
make an item for you if you given them the ores/bars required to make it.

This is another QUESTIONABLE DEAL as some players may take your ores/bars &
split while others will honor their word.  Again, when in doubt...  ASK FOR A
SECURITY BOND to cover the cost of the materials.  You may ask for the person
to trade you the finished item for your raw materials.  This way, you don't
have to wait for them to make the item they're willing to work on.  Again, if
you ask for a security bond BEFORE giving them the items, you won't leave
empty-handed if the deal goes sour (like them running off).

This offer is nice if you would like better equipment, but you don't have the
smithing skills to do it yourself...  but it's generally safer to do it the
work yourself & you'll get some smithing experience out of it in the process.

19.4) Free Jewelry Enchantments
There are some magicians that will offer to enchant your jewelry for free.

This is a HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE DEAL for two reasons:
* 1) The cost of the Runes for the spell can easily cost 500 G or more!
* 2) Free users can only wear enchanted amulets

Due to this, you must request a SECURITY BOND of 2K to cover the costs of the
amulet, should the magician runs.  You should do it yourself to save yourself
the trouble & you'll get some magic experience in the process...  but expect
to spend 500 G for the runes (mainly, the cosmic runes).

The best route would be to give trade your unenchanted jewelry for it's
enchanted counterpart, which is essentially what the magician is offering to do.

19.5) "Account for Sale"
Sometimes, a player will offer to sell his account for in-game cash.


The player that is selling the account has most likely stripped the character
of all items (including the bank account) & usually has some way of recovering
the account.  The seller may use the password recovery system a week or two
after selling the account to take everything that the buyer has done.

The player may have established a Bank PIN for that account as well, which
makes it nearly impossible (1 in 10,000 chance) of getting into the bank
account for the character.  Making the Bank useless for at least a week.


19.6) "Password Blurt-Out Protection"
There are some players that state that Jagex (the company that created &
maintains the operation of RuneScape) doesn't allow you to say your password
inside the game.


Since passwords can be anything (like "Goblin Mail" as an example), Jagex
cannot keep a custom filter to prevent everybody from blurting out their
passwords.  Most of the players who try to do this try to make you believe by
doing a fake demonstration by posting "****************".  If you do believe
them, you will essentially give them your user name & password (or Bank PIN)
though the game...  which also gives them the ability to completely steal
your user account & use it for whatever they desire.  This may include...

* Loss of items & equipment -- on hand & in the bank
* Abuse of your count by breaking the rules under your name
* Attacking people on your friend's list
* Other stuff not listed here

Again, your password is the ONLY THING keeping others off your account!  You
have complete access to your account & therefore do not need your password at
all!  The staff of RuneScape have the power to actually change your password,
if they really wanted to!


19.7) Taxi Service
There are a few people that will take you to the destination of your choice,
by letting you follow them, either for free or for a price (up to 100 G).

This service is questionable, but relatively safe as it's a low-risk deal.
The two pitfalls with this service are "pay-n-dash" & Wilderness-baiting.

Pay-n-Dashers are people who claim to take you to your destination, but will
run away (or change worlds) right after you pay them.  To prevent this from
happening, it's best to hold your money until services are rendered... (like
normal taxi services) OR only pay half of the required fare at the start &
half at the destination.

Wilderness-baiting are people who will take you into the Wilderness INSTEAD
of your destination & will try to kill you once you're in The Wilderness.
Since The Wilderness is such a dangerous place, the makers of RuneScape will
warn you shortly BEFORE you enter The Wilderness & the "Skull & Crossbones"
icon will appear in the lower-left corner of the game screen (warning you
that you're in the wilderness & vulnerable to PKers).  To prevent this, have
an idea on WHERE YOU'RE GOING FIRST!  If your "driver" tries to take a turn
into The Wilderness, break the deal & save yourself!

19.8) Hired Workmen
There are a very few people what will offer to give you large sums of money
(like 75K G) if you work on something for them (like mining Rune Essence) for
a week.  Please be aware that only the higher-level players will ever make
this offer.

This is a questionable deal as there can be plenty of ways for both players
to break the deal & possibly scam a player out of either items or money.  You
should also be aware at how much work that may be involved as well!  Using
the example of 75K a week for mining Rune Essence, you'll be essentially
agreeing to mine anywhere between 2,500 & 3,750 Rune Essence for that week
(or roughly 358 - 535 Rune Ess per day).  Considering it takes at least 2.5
minutes per load of 27 Rune Ess with a Rune Pick or about 5 minutes with other
picks (& a lower mining level), you'll have to mine between 4 & 11.5 hours
that week (or 33 minutes - 99 minutes a day) to make your quota.  Should you
miss your quota, you may not get the entire amount (IF ANY) promised by your

RUNESCAPE!  This means that either player may break the contract without
notice & without legal restitution, so it's possible that person you've
entered in a work contact with may cancel or forget about the deal before it's
IN RETURN!  You may be able to report a player for scamming immediately after
you lose your items (with 60 seconds of the act), but the admins will not
give you any restitutions for your lost items.

If the player you have agreed to work for fails to present the proper pay
during the trade, BREAK THE DEAL & HOLD ONTO THE ITEMS!  Remember, VERBAL
CONTRACTS ARE NOT LEGALLY BINDING, so if they don't hold up their part of the
deal...  you don't have to hold up your part of the deal.  You can then sell
your items you've obtained to others who're willing to pay your price.

Overall, if you're a casual player or have a low boredom threshold, you may
want to pass on these offers & stick to "Freelance workers" for greater
flexibility as you get to set your own work hours & prices.

Recent rumors that I've heard by local Runescape players is that you're only
allowed to perform certain actions continuously for 6 days without running the
risk of getting banned.  While this rumor was never confirmed, the use of
macros & bots have been cracked down upon by the Runescape staff.

19.8.1) Hired Workman Alternative
An alternative to a set contract (like 75K per week) is when a person gives
you a "Standing Offer", which is an open-ended work contract.  This type of
work contract guarantees you a specific price on an item on a "per item"

For example, a person who wants Rune Essence may give you a standing offer
of 25 G per Rune Essence.  So if you mine 200 Rune Essence under that work
contract, you'll make 5,000 G.  Another example is that somebody wants gold
ore & gives you a standing offer of 200 G per gold ore.  If you mine 500 gold
ore under that work contract, you'll make 100K.

The upside with this work contract alternative is that it's open-ended, so
the more you work, you more you can earn.  There's no hard quota to reach,
although the buyer may ask you for a set amount.  This contract also allows
you a lot of flexibility as you can set your own hours.  This type of contract
doesn't force you to sell the items you mine/make to one person.  If somebody
else makes the same or better offer (one time or standing offer), you can
take advantage of it without jeopardizing any other offers.

The only downside with type of working contract is that the person who made
the offer may break it without warning.  HOWEVER, since you still have the
items you've obtained for the contract, you can go to somebody else to sell.
Just make sure you get the cash for the items your selling AT THE TIME OF
TRADING (don't go for the "Buy Now, Pay Later" deals as they're usually scams).

20) Randomcadabra! -- General Random Events
One thing that makes the game interesting this that strange things CAN happen
while you're playing the game.  These are called random events as they will
happen at random intervals to every player.  Some events can be beneficial to
you while others pop up to annoy (& possibly kill) you.  While other random
events are specific to certain skills (like mining), the events that are
listed here can happen anywhere at any time to anyone in the game.

20.1) Shade / Zombies
Shades (Vengeful Spirits, looks Death) & Zombies (the Undead) are pretty much
attracted by the same thing: graves.  Any time you bury bones, there's a
chance that either a Shade or a Zombie will appear to attack you.

Since their combat level is based on yours (& always higher than you), the
best advice I can give you is RUN!!!  You can fight if you want, but it's
your funeral here...  Shades & Zombies will eventually vanish after a you
leave the area for a minute.

20.2) Niles, Miles & Giles (The "Notaries")
After retiring from the "certificate" (Notes) business, these three former
businessmen wander the world, giving items to the players they meet... granted
you can help them out.  If you're wrong, you're items will be noted.

DO NOT IGNORE THEM!  If you don't talk to them when they appear for you, they
will try to convert your inventory items into bank notes.  This could be very
annoying if the item you need is a bank note, where you have to go to the
bank to retrieve that item.

20.3) The Drill Demon
The Demonic army is forming & you've been (forcefully) drafted!  Prove your
worth by following the Drill Sergeant's order & you'll receive a part of the

Ignore the Drill Sergeant's order & you'll be stuck there...

20.4) The Drunken Dwarf
The Drunken Dwarf is a merry wander, who's willing to share a beer & a kebab
with the people he visits.  However, the Drunken Dwarf is a little moody to
those who ignore him...  Those who don't accept his goodwill will find him
chucking rocks at you, or even teleport you to a different area!

20.5) The Freaky Forester
This strange man may teleport you a forest clearing in a distant area.  All
he wants from you is to help him kill the pheasant of his choice.  Assist him
& you may pick up some of his rustic clothes.

20.6) The Frog Prince(ss)
Like so many fairy tales & legends, this fun random event is pretty simple.
Just kissing the frog will transform back into their true form & will reward
you with a frog token, which you can trade for froggy items at the Varrock
clothing store (NOTE: 1 piece / set per token)

Just don't ignore them or you may become them.

20.7) The Genie
This enjoyable random event has a genie giving you a magic lamp.  This lamp
will grant you a wish to improve one of your skills.  HOWEVER, if you ignore
Mr. Genie, he may teleport your items (or yourself) away from where you were.

The magic lamp will give you 10 exp per level in the skill you select.  For
example, if your Cooking Skill is at Lv 10, you'll get 100 exp for cooking.
Magic Lamps are rumored to have a short lifespan (only a few minutes until
they disappear) & they're untradable...  so use it on a skill you're working

20.8) Rick Turpentine (the Reformed Thief)
Rick Turpentine has finally seen the errors of his ways & willing to settle
up his debts on society by give you back by coins & possible a few gems.

HOWEVER, Rick seems to have a short temper & will fall back into old habits
(attacking you WHILE stealing) if you ignore him.

20.9) Cap'n Hand (the Lost Pirate)
Cap'n Hand has appeared to a little lost, but he's willing to give you some
of his booty (coins & possibly gems) to those who are willing to talk to him.

However, Cap'n Hand is an impatient fellow & usually armed.  Those who ignore
him will face his rage!

20.10) The Mysterious Old Man
The Mysterious Old Man is a true mystery as there's FOUR possible events that
can occur with him & ignoring him can be hazardous to your health.  The events
that may occur are...

1) He just gives you free stuff (like a gem)

2) He gives you a Strange Box, which you must solve the riddle to receive
        your reward.  If you ignore the box or answer incorrectly & the box
        will multiply & fill up your empty slots of your inventory.

3) He teleports you to a Maze -- Just find the center of the maze as fast as
        you can to return where you were & receive a reward.  The longer you
        take in the maze, the smaller your reward will be.

4) He teleports you to Mime School -- Just follow the Mime's lead & you'll
        graduate with the Mime emotes & possibly a part (if not all) of the
        mime costume.

20.11) The Quiz Master
You've been invited to participate in Runescape's hottest quiz show, Odd One
Out!  All you need to do select the one item from the group that doesn't
belong there.  Get enough questions right & you'll leave with a reward!

However, what do you take: the cash prize (1000 G) OR the mystery box?

The EVIL CHICKEN usually appears to attack people who've been hanging around
an area a little too long.  Since their combat level is based on yours, the
best thing you can do is RUN!!!

20.13) The Swarm
The swarm of insects seem to group around people who stick around an area a
little too long & can be pretty annoying as they nickel & dime you to death
with 1-2 pts of damage.

Since you can't defeat the swarm, just leave the area until they disperse.

20.14) EVIL BOB!
It seems that Runescape's favorite character (Bob the Cat) has an evil twin
in an alternate (bizarro) universe & it seems that he wants YOU to be his
slave.  The only way to escape from Evil Bob's Island is to serve him.

Once you talk to Evil Bob, he'll tell you to catch some fish for him.  Grab
the fishing net nearby & talk to the female servant to point you to the area
(with a statue) of where you need to fish... SO PAY ATTENTION!!!

Once you've caught a fish, you'll find out that it's already cooked (what do
you expect in an alternate universe?).  Just use the "Uncooking Pot" near
Evil Bob to uncook it before you give it to him.  If you give him the right
fish, he'll find it delicious & will start to get drowsy.  After Evil Bob
eats several of the correct fish, he'll eventually fall asleep & give you an
opportunity exact by using the portal.

For your troubles, you'll receive either 650 fishing or magic experience,
depending on what you were working on at the time.

20.15) Leo the Gravedigger
Leo the Gravedigger is awfully near-sighted & happened to misplace 5 coffins
in his graveyard.  He needs your help to place those coffins into their proper
graves.  You'll need inventory space to work this random event.  If you don't
have the room, you can temporarily drop off some of your items in the nearby

You pretty much have to open up the coffins to find clues to where that coffin
should go.  For example, if the coffin contains a pickaxe, you should place
that coffin in the grave that the headstone matches.

Once you thing you have everything completed, check with Leo for positions &
will let you go with your reward.  You'll receive a piece of Zombie Clothing
or even unlock the Zombie emotes!

20.16) Pious Pete (the Acolyte)
Pious Pete has been trying to keep his candles lit, but he keeps getting
dazzled by the light every time he tries.  So he needs your help for his &
he has access to the monastery's treasury to reward those willing to help him.

Pretty much all you have to do is move the taper to light the candles.  You
don't need to worry about the burnt out candles, as Pete will sort them out

20.17) Prison Pete
Another problem from the another alternate universe of Runescape (called
Scaperune).  A sinister cat (Evil Bob, perhaps?) drags you off to Scaperune &
locks you in a very strange jail with Prison Pete.

The keys of the prison portals are hidden inside the little ballon animals
that are wandering around the prison floor.  Just talk to Pete & then pull
the big lever to see what animal you need to pop.  Just pop the right balloon
animal to get the a key, which Pete will try on all the doors.  Just keep
repeating this process until you find the key to the exit.

20.18) The Sandwich Lady
Need a snack?  The Sandwich Lady will visit to give you a tasty treat!  Just
take the snack from the tray that she tells you (like an apple pie) or she'll
get very angry with you for being greedy (by taking something she didn't tell
you could have).

20.19) The Abyss
While Teleporting is the fastest way to travel, it's not perfect & there's an
occasional glitch in the Runescape Teleportation Matrix (which is the magical
super-highway).  This glitch cause you to wind up in The Abyss, which is a
small pit where errant magical travelers are dropped into.  All you need to
do is find the one odd level (the one that's not like the others) to proceed
on your way.  If you pull the wrong level, you'll take 1 HP of damage & you'll
have to try again.

When you do wind up in The Abyss, you lose access to all the upper tabs in
the user system.  This means that you will not be able to use any magic or
any teleportation items while you're in The Abyss...  as you're not suppose
to be IN The Abyss under normal circumstances.  You can, however, still talk
to people on your buddy list.

The Magical Transportation system (or the "Abyssal Services") will apologize
for any inconvenience the glitch may have caused.  They will send you to your
original destination (before the glitch occurred) & they will refund the runes
you previous used or give you some rune essence for your troubles.

Please be aware that teleportation to & from the Rune Ess Mine are subjected
to this glitch, even though you didn't cast the spell yourself (including the
portal back).  Since you didn't cast the teleportation spell, you won't get
any free law runes, but you will get some NOTED Rune Essence instead.  This
random event will most likely happen to you when making Rune Ess Mining runs
(as the teleporation usage is a lot more frequent) than using the occasional
teleportation spell as Law Runes are expensive on free servers.

20.20) The EVIL TWIN
In this Random Event, you're teleported to a guilding with a girl that's
having a crisis thanks to her evil twin.  Your job is to catch the evil twin
& put them behind bars.

However, before you start on this task, you must take a good look at the
"good twin" because you won't be able to see her once you start.  Once you
start, you have to go to the "Magic Claw" control panel...  which is pretty
much those "crane games" that you've seen so many people waste their money on.
You have TWO CHANCES on catching the evil twin.

Once you've succeeded or fail to catch the evil twin, you talk to the good
twin to get your reward (or not) & returned back from where you came.

20.21) The Security Guard

This Random Event happens when you DO NOT HAVE YOUR PASSWORD RECOVERY
QUESTIONS SET!  The Security Guard will not leave you alone until you actually
do this or you leave the Stronghold of Security as it's a critical part of
account security.

20.A) Random Member Events
Runescape Members have a couple of events that are unique to them, here's a
short list of events that can occur with Members.

* Watchmen -- The policemen who are after thieves...
* Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde -- Pretty Obvious event, even when you ignore him!
* Pirate's Combo Lock -- A pirate discovers treasure in your field!
* Strange Plants -- Free restorative fruit, if you act quickly...
* Poisonous Gas -- Anti-theft measure...
* Pillory -- Escape from Jail!

Check the Runescape's Knowledge Base for more information...

20.B) Tangle Vines (DISCONTINUED)
NOTICE: This random event has been REMOVED from the game before this guide
was written due to the complaints from players about this event.  It is only
included in this guide as a historical reference...  which may still exist in
RuneScape Classic (the original version of the game), which this guide may
not properly cover.

Tangle Vines are vines that randomly pops up on the ground & can seriously
cripple your travels AS WELL AS A POTENTIAL KILLER!  When Tangle Vines appear
around you, STOP MOVING ALTOGETHER!!!  Any movement within the vicinity of
the Tangle Vines WILL INFLICT DAMAGE to anybody that moves.  The Tangle Vines
will vanish after 30-60 seconds, which you can then resume your travels.

21) Clan Search -- Finding a Clan that's Right for you
While playing the game & earning experience in the various skills, you may
start thinking of playing RuneScape with others.  Clans are one option that
you may want to explore.  Clans are a group of people that come together in
the game under a common ideal, belief, or an interest.  You may try to find
clans from by asking around OR you may get invited to one.  Before you
actually get committed to a clan, you should really check into the specifics
about the clan.  Here's a few things you should find out.


21.1) What is the Clan About?
Every clan is tied to something.  You should try to find out what ideal the
clan has or exactly how the clan formed.  Knowing how the clan is formed will
give you some idea on what they'll do in the game & what you may be required
to do.

21.2) What are the Clan Requirements?
Since each clan is bound to different ideals, how to actually get into these
clans will greatly vary as well.  Some clans may have an open-door policy
(meaning anybody can join) while others have a little more restricted policy
or is a clan that you can only join "by invite only".

Open-door clans may be preferable to most players as their clan's ideals may
be pretty broad & may serve a "social purpose".  They may be good for meeting
other people who play the game, but that's about it.

Restrictive Clans may be more focused around an ideal & may have a requirement
that may be outside the game.  Some restrictive clans can be formed around a
specific website & all that's required is to become a productive member of
that site.  This type of restriction is minor & may serve a more focused
"social function", but the restriction that's placed usually creates a bond.

Other restrictive clans may require that you have a certain proficiency in a
skill or that you have a certain item.  Clans that have this restriction will
usually have them listed on their website, if they choose to be public.
These clans can develop strong bonds with their members, but may have a higher
demand on their members.  Just be aware that you know what you're getting
yourself into before trying to get in.

"Invite Only" clans are pretty exclusive clans as they only allow those who
are "worthy" in their member's eyes.  Please be VERY CAUTIOUS about these
clans as they may have a dark purpose that you may not to support!  You will
usually want to get some outside views about these types of clans to see if
they're reputable.

21.3) What is the Clan's Reputation?
The best way to learn about a clan's reputation is to check with other players
about the clan you're planning to join.  Please be aware that small clans may
not be on the radar with other players, but the large clans may have been
heard of by the mid & high-level players.  If the clan has a fairly good rep,
it should put your mind at ease as there's no reservations against them.
If the clan has a neutral or no rep, proceed with caution as they might be
performing a few shady things.  Needless to say, a clan with a bad rep should
be avoided like the plague as they're most likely doing stuff that seems to
be objectionable with others OR that some of their members are on the Game's
"Banned List".

21.4) What do I need to get into the Clan?
Again, since each clan has different requirements, you may have to do certain
things to get in.  Usually with Open-Door Clans, just getting the clearance
from the Clan master is all that may be needed.  The restrictive and "Invite
Only" clans may require you to perform a task or two.

The least restrictive clans may only require you to join their clan's website
(which may be open-door as it is) & keep up-to-date with things that are going
on their website.  The "Invite Only" clans may require a test of skill
proficiency OR a test of trust.


21.5) OK, I'm in...  Now What?
Once you get into a clan, you may be required to participate in clan events.
These may be something as simple as posting on the clan's boards (if they
have a website) or as demanding as performing a group event in the game on
a weekly, bi-weekly or a near-daily basis.

The worst (& darkest) event that your clan may require you to do is to lure
people to the Wilderness, kill them & loot their bodies.  Even though PKing
is allowed in the Wilderness, it's "bad form" to lure others (including
newbies) to the Wilderness just to loot their dead bodies.  This is usually
something that some people just refuse to do because it's practically
legalized theft by murder.

21.6) Stop the Clan!  I want out!
As you find out the true nature of the Clan, you may find yourself with the
urge to get out the clan.  Getting out of the clan can be as difficult as
getting into them.  It's for this reason why finding the right clan for you
is important!  Unless the clan has "exit policy" in place, you can generally
consider yourself enrolled with the clan FOR LIFE.  Most of the "social clans"
will allow you to leave the clan easily with little in-game repercussions.
However, the more restrictive the clan, the harder it is to get out without
any serious repercussions...  like having your former clan members purposely
attacking you.

Please be aware that other players / clans will consider you as a sympathizer
for your former clan.  This does mean that it'll be harder to join another
clan, especially a rival clan because of your previous connections.

If you really want out of the clan, here's a few things you should do.

1) Contact the Clan master that you want to leave.
2) Contact the Clan members you normally fraternize with that you're leaving
        the clan (you may need to explain why).
3) Remove all Clan members from your friends list (excluding actual friends).

If problems occur with your former clan members...

4) Add the clan members (that are bugging you) to your ignore list.
5) Report the clan members that are harassing you (as it is against the rules
        to harass other players).

If that doesn't work, consider starting a new character...  liquidate the
bank inventory of your old character & give it to your new character.  You
may be breaking the rules momentarily, but it'll give you a head-start on your
new character since you'll have a decent bankroll.

22) Final Beginner's Tips & Advice
OK!  You're pretty much done with this guide, except for a few questions & a
stupid glossary of terms that you probably should know already, here's a few
final tips & some advice to help make your time in RuneScape more enjoyable.

22.1) Carry ONLY what you need
You can only carry 28 items in your inventory, excluding the stuff that you're
wearing.  Therefore, you'll want to keep only the items you need to complete
whatever task you're doing.  There's three reasons behind this:

1) You keep your weight down, which allows you to run further.
2) It allows you to pick up items that you really want or need.
3) You have a lower risk of losing most of the stuff you have if you die.

You should also make it a habit of visiting the Banks often to drop off items
that you don't need, but want to keep OR pawn off the unwanted items at a
general store for some coins.

22.2) Keep your money in the Bank until you're ready to buy stuff
Money, no matter how much you carry, takes up space in your inventory & the
more you have...  the more likely you'll become a target against others.  If
you die in the game, you lose practically EVERYTHING in your inventory & you
probably won't be able to return to your grave & recover everything you had.

If you must keep some cash on you, try to limit it to about 10% of your bank
account or less.  This way you can buy some smaller items on the fly, but you
won't be able make any large purchases (like weapons / armor).

Pretty much the reason for this is so that you can finance your own "Life
insurance policy"... just in case the unfortunate event happens.

22.3) Work hard for your money & Buy hard with your money
It hard to make money in RuneScape, especially for beginners & you should
work hard to make sure that you're getting your money's worth when buying
items.  You have probably heard of the old cliche‚ proverb "A fool & his money
are soon parted" & in RuneScape, there's no exception.  People will rip you
off, either by gouging you with their prices or ripping you off with their

Again, get an idea on the price tag on items (either using a price guide or
by asking friends or peers on a board) before buy or sell items to get a good
idea on what the market demands are.  If the offer for the items you're
selling are too low, ask for more or state your minimal price.  If the asking
price of the item you want is too high, try to haggle the price down.  One
thing that merchants REALLY HATE is trading items & it's the fastest way to
kill a deal if you offer other items in lieu of gold coins.  Usually the items
that the player is trying to push on you is probably worthless garbage that
you'll get like 10 coins or less OR it's an item that you cannot use.

Finally, if you can't get the price you want for the item.  There's no shame
in killing the deal & trying another player.  You may find better luck with
another player who's willing to sell you the item at a price that's more to
your liking.

22.4) Keep a large amount of "Emergency Cash" in the bank
As I've said before, it's hard to make money in RuneScape if you're new to
the game.  It can be even harder for somebody that recently died & unprepared.
You may consider it "hoarding", but in the unlikely event that you do happen
to die in the game, you should store enough cash (if not more) to cover the
cost of all the items that you've lost due to your death.

You should keep track of price for all the equipment that you buy & then add
half to that total (so it's 1.5 times your purchase prices), this is to allow
for possible in-game inflation for items as well as to cover the greed of the
selling merchants.  If you haven't done this, here's a list of estimates for
general combat equipment (see section 18 for more detailed prices on separate

Bronze Melee      --       300 -       500 G
Iron Melee        --       600 -     1,200 G
Steel Melee       --     3,000 -     6,000 G
Black Melee       --    15,000 -    30,000 G
Black (t) Melee   --   150,000 -   300,000 G
Black (g) Melee   --   350,000 -   700,000 G
Mithril Melee     --    20,000 -    40,000 G
Adamant Melee     --    40,000 -    80,000 G
Adamant (t) Melee --   300,000 -   800,000 G
Adamant (g) Melee --   400,000 -   900,000 G
Rune Melee        --   250,000 -   500,000 G
Rune (t) Melee    --   500,000 - 1,000,000 G
Rune (g) Melee    --   600,000 - 1,200,000 G
"God" Melee       -- 3,000,000 - 5,000,000 G

Generic Mage      --    10,000 -   500,000 G

Generic Archer    --    10,000 -   250,000 G

Again, these are only rough estimates on what you should have saved in your bank
account & doesn't include high-value items (like Pickaxes & Woodcutting axes),
so you may want to add an extra 40,000-100,000 G on top of this.

22.5) Don't Drink & Fight
Even though there's plenty of alcoholic drinks available in the game, with
some of drinks temporarily boosting a skill (like strength, magic or mining &
smithing skills), all alcoholic drinks do come with a price beyond gold.
With every drink to down, your attack skill will temporarily drop as well.
Since your attack skill is needed for melee attacks, you'll inflict less
damage with each drink you down.

IT'S EXTREMELY BAD TO HAVE 0 ATTACK!  0 Attack means that you will not be able
to inflict any melee damage against anybody.  This also means that if have to
fight, even if it's against a low-level enemy, you won't be able to properly
swing your weapon in your drunken stupor to scratch them.  All you can do is
wait for your attack skill to slowly return (while your boosted stat will
return to normal) before you can actually return to battle.

The key is moderation & knowing your limits.  A good rule of thumb is that
you can one drink for every 5 levels of attack you normally have.  Using
this rule will allow you to keep some of your attack skill should you be
forced to fight.  If you're a Mage or an Archer, this may not totally apply
to you unless you run of out runes/arrows, but you should still practice in

22.6) Magical Training can be Useful
Even if you prefer to be a Knight or an Archer, working on your magic skills
does have it's advantages.  Even if you stop training once you get to Lv 25,
being able to teleport can save your life when you're getting ambushed by
PKers in the Wilderness or about to be killed by high-level monster.

You can also use magic to save some time or money by doing the work yourself
as others may charge you a lot more for the same services.

October, 2006 Update: The makers of RuneScape have added a special "No Runes"
teleportation spell to your "home area" (which is Lumbridge for free players)
which is available for everybody.  Please be aware that the spell is slow to
cast, so any combat will interupt & cancel the spell.  It also takes 30
minutes to recharge, so you cannot abuse the spell easily.

For those who need a quick exit out of an area, using a regular teleportation
spell is still preferred.

22.7) Don't Annoy Other Players When Possible
What people hate most are players that are total jerks & those who use their
skill levels to muscle other players out of stuff.  I know that some ores are
relatively hard to come by (due to low quantities), but if there's plenty of
the ore around & more than one player who wants them...  try to pound out an
agreement with them.  Pretty much work out an agreement that everybody can get
some of the ore without people fighting over it.

One unspoken agreement that most players take is the "Open Ore" policy, where an
open player take the next available ore & leave the players that are busy mining
an ore alone.  When the a player that finished mining an ore will take the next
open ore that's available...  This policy also allow players to "park" at an ore
& wait for it to become avaiable.

Next, respect other people's property.  People usually work hard to obtain the
items they have.  It's very disrespectful to ask (or demand) to give you an item
of value (like an Addy Kite Shield) without fair compensation.  On the flipside,
it's also disrespectful for a player to show another player items they want &
not pound out an acceptable deal at all.  I'm not saying that those who are
selling items disrespecting you for declining your offer, it's just those who
show & don't accept ANY OFFER are the annoying ones.

Third, don't rely on a stranger to answer "calls of help" in the game.  You have
no idea of that person's life other than they're online at the same time as you.
You don't know what they're doing or how long they're planning on being online.
Unless you're both doing the same thing at the same time, your call with either
not be answered, seriously delayed (like minutes before they reach you) or they
sudden drop out for some reason before you no longer require their assistance.
If you're going into an unknown area, either get really prepared OR get a friend
to assist you.

Finally, avoid using the word "Noob" to everybody under your skill / combat
level!  It's EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL to anybody over Combat Lv 10 (although not
as disrespectful for those under Combat Lv 5) to call them this!  Only Elitists
(people who think they're better than everybody else) call others noobs & are
on the road to getting ignored.  A good measure of a person's character is not
how they treat their equals or superiors, but how they treat their inferiors
(others that aren't up to their level). 

23) The Wilderness -- Going Where Few People Dare to Go
The Wilderness a vast area where only those who are strong enough venture.
The Wilderness is a dangerous place as there's not only strong, high-level
monsters there, but there's other players that would love to meet you with a
blade through your chest (or your back, depending on their style).  In order
to help prevent low level players from accidentally wandering into the
Wilderness, the makers of RuneScape have included a warning prompt that will
appear once per session when you're reaching the border of the Wilderness.

Once you're in the Wilderness, a Skull & Crossbones icon will appear in the
lower-left corner with a level counter underneath it.  The level counter tells
you how far you're in the Wilderness & the gives you the combat level range
that can attack you.  If your combat level is 20 & you're in Lv 5 Wilderness,
you can get attack by anybody with a combat level between 15 & 25.  If you
haven't figured it out, the further you go in...  the more people that can
attack you.

The Wilderness is the only place where PKing is legal.  However, the first
person that attacks another player will receive the "PK icon" (which is the
Skull & Crossbones) over their head for 20 minutes.  During that time, they
will lose EVERYTHING THEY HAVE if they're killed...  which includes all
armor & weapons they have on hand.  Some PKers will, however, place everything
in the bank & commit suicide in order to remove their PK icon.  Others will
leave the Wilderness & do something peaceful (like mining Rune Essence).

If you're wondering why anybody in their right mind would actually go into
the Wilderness, there are a few things like Runite Ore that's available only
in the Wilderness for free players.  As another old saying goes, "Nothing
Ventured, Nothing Gained."  The same goes for the Wilderness, however, you
will really want to prepare yourself (with high HP-recovering food, runes to
cast a teleport spell, ect.) before you go out...  or you'll return to town
6-feet under.

24) Beyond the Mist -- Member's Benefits
OK!  So you've had your fill of the free stuff... and you're not too sure on
what stuff you'll be able to do once you've become a member?  Here's what the
member's version of RuneScape has to offer once you start paying the member
fees ($5/mo. using a credit card or $7/mo. w/o a credit card, in US funds).

* Access to the Member's Servers -- meaning less traffic, less lag & better
        connections to the servers... as well as no ads!

* Expanded Bank Space -- meaning you can store a lot more than 7-8 lines of
        items in the bank.

* Access to the ENTIRE WORLD -- You'll be able to explore areas you haven't
        been to before, including new towns, shops & guilds!

* MORE QUESTS -- Giving you a lot more stuff to do in the game besides working
        on your skill levels...  There's like 80 extra quests here!

* Expanded equipment -- Giving you more & better items to help improve your
        offense & defense with specialized items

* Expanded character customization -- Allowing you to personalize yourself
        with different & colored items not available for free players.

* Expanded skills -- Giving you more skills to work on & use, some that can
        be very beneficial!

* The ability to have your own house & farm -- A member's exclusive part of
        the game is farming.  The ability to grow your own food for cooking
        ingredients or even herbology for less.  Members can now build their
	own house & use it however they like...  within legal reasons...

* Treasure Trails -- You'll be able to go on a treasure hunt for valuable goods
        that you can sell to other players (sometimes at high prices)!

* Full access to the RuneScape Forums -- You'll be able to make posts AND
        participate in polls on the forums instead of just reading them!

All this can be yours for the low monthly cost of $5/mo. with a valid credit
card or about $8/mo. with alternative payment methods.  Please be aware that
you can get access to the member servers within an hour with a credit card,
but it can take 2 weeks to get access with alternative methods.  Please be
aware that $5/mo. rate is a reoccurring charge (meaning that RuneScape will
repeat) on your credit card until you cancel it.  Alternate payment methods
allow players to buy blocks of 1 months or longer ($20/3 months, $80/yr).

All prices listed here are in US funds & will vary per country (either in US
Dollars or Euros, as RuneScape was created in England).  Please check the
RuneScape website for the exact prices for you.

NOTICE!: All membership subscriptions are non-refundable once payment has
been received!  If you're paying with a credit card, you can cancel the
monthly membership renewals, but you cannot cancel your membership for the
current month.  If you're paying through alternate methods (which may include
multiple months), you cannot get a partial refund.  Unless you can commit to
being a member for a month or longer, don't subscribe!

Please be aware that if you're banned from the game for ANY REASON, all your
member benefits will be terminated immediately & no refunds will be given...
unless you can successfully appeal your ban...  & you may still recover your
member benefits.

RuneScape regulations state that ONLY FAMILY MEMBERS can pay for your
membership subscription if you can't pay for it directly.  It's easier to
pound out payment agreements with your family than friends or strangers, as
you'd be frustrated if you were suddenly cut off when that friend/stranger
stops paying the reoccurring charge.

25) Potentially Stupid (& Not-So-Stupid) Q & A
You're probably asking yourself "Who would be stupid enough to ask some of these
questions?"  Believe it or not, there's always some idiot that seems to ask at
least one of these sooner of later.  Since I'm not online all the time to answer
these questions when they come up, I've decided to post some of the more common
questions that are most like would come up.

These questions are not in any particular order, I just add them as they come
up in my life as a guide writer for this game.

Q.1) Can I change my [Gender/Skin/Hairstyle/Beard/Clothes] after starting?
A.1) YES, you CAN change the "base look" of your character (as in no armor)
	after you start playing...  HOWEVER, it's going to cost you!  Here's
	the quick information on where you make the changes.

	Gender / Skin -- The Makeover Mage (WSW of Falador) -- 3000 G Total
	Hairstyle / Beard -- Barbers (Western Falador) -- 1000 G/ea.
		Color changes are included in the cost.

	Clothes (Tops / Bottoms) -- Clothing Shop (Varrock Square) -- 500 G/ea.
		Color changes are included in the cost.

	Unless you hate wearing armor all the time or you made a serious
	mistakes when making your character, most people will not notice the
	differences you make here.

Q.2) Can I have more than one account?
Q.2) You ARE allowed to have more than one account, but there are some rules
	that you must acknowledge here.

	1) Member Benefits only apply to ONE ACCOUNT -- This is to prevent
	players from sharing benefits with others.

	2) Your accounts cannot be on the same world at the same time --
	The makers of RuneScape hate "item mules" (accounts created for the
	sole purpose of holding items) & they not want you to be trading items
	inbetween them.  Doing so violates the Laws of Runescape & BOTH of your
	accounts can be banned.

	3) NO SHARING of accounts with others -- This is more of a personal
	safeguard as you cannot be sure if the other player you're sharing with
	is trustworthy.  This can also fall under the rule stated above & it's
	expressly forbidden by the Laws of RuneScape.

	When in doubt... don't do it with your accounts...  See Laws 1-3 in
	Section 2 for more information.

Q.3) Is there a benefit of having multiple player accounts?
A.3) There's no direct benefit of having multiple accounts as there's more for
	you to keep track of, but some do this as an organizational deal so they
	can focus on one individual attack type.  This is also a way to keep
	your bank accounts relatively open as you're not storing stuff for every
	attack type.  It's hard to keep stuff for two attack types on a free
	account without running short on space.

	Unlike other MMORPG's (like Diablo & Diablo II), your account isn't
	necessarily dedicated to one attack style.

Q.4) Can I delete an account that I will no longer use?
A.4) I'm sorry to state that once you create an account, you cannot delete it.
	The main reason for this is to protect the reputation of the former
	user from hackers & other "less reputable" users.

	If you leave an account inactive for 6 months, the staff of RuneScape
	may reset your account (as in delete everything you have, set your
	skills back to Lv 1 & 10 HP AND send you back to Tutorial Island).
	This is about as close as you'll get.  It's unknown exactly when an
	inactive account is actually deleted, but I know it's longer than 15

	For Runescape Classic players (now restricted to Member's only), any
	free player that doesn't play for 6 months will lose their Runescape
	Classic account PERMANENTLY!

Q.5) Can I beg others to give me free stuff?
A.5) It would be in your best interest NOT to beg other players for free stuff.
	Begging for items totally undermines the game's "Captialism" ideal as
	most people are usually wanting something for nothing...  Most of them
	usually have marketable skills, but are too lazy to use them.  In short,
	most beggars are taking advantage of the goodwill of others that have
	spend their time (& possibly some money) to produce the items would
	help real beginners in order to line their already gold-lined pockets.

	In the HIGHLY UNLIKELY EVENT that you've died & you're stupid enough
	NOT to have a "Life Insurance" plan (keeping enough gold to cover the
	costs of the items you've lost), grab a bronze pickaxe or some fishing
	gear & work your way back to your former lifestyle.  See Section 13 for
	moneymaking ideas.  It will be time consuming, but at least you're not
	begging for items.

	If you're feeling REALLY GENEROUS & you want to really help out some
	real beginners in the game, take the items you want to give (like
	bronze & iron stuff) to Lumbridge Castle.  Give them to players that
	are at Combat Level 5 or lower (actually Combat Level 3 is best).

	PLEASE BE AWARE that begging under false pretenses can be classified as
	item scamming & is a reportable offense!

Q.6) Why can't I say certain words in the game?
A.6) The makers of RuneScape are EXTREMELY STRICT on what is said in the game &
	they've created an EXTREMELY STRICT language censor to block any word
	that might be remotely offensive, including "workarounds" so you can't
	add spaces or punctuation to bypass it.  The language censor also blocks
	you from giving out web addresses as well to prevent some "questionable"
	sites from infecting your computer with spyware or a keylogger.

	RuneScape is an international game with origins in England.  There are
	some words or letter combos that may seem innocent for use (in the US
	or Canada), but it may be offensive in other countries & the makers
	decided to censor it.  Please be aware that your 1st Ammendment rights
	(in the US) DO NOT EXTEND TO RUNESCAPE!  The makers of the game have
	the rights to censor anything that goes through their site.

	I should note that two unrelated words may get partically censored.
	Like the words "Give me that for a bit, Chuck."  would come out
	"Give me that for a *******uck."

	Finally, USE YOUR HEAD!!!  Even though this is a game, it is not a
	consequence-free environment!  You can offend & hurt people within the
	game & they could make your life miserable in the game...  I have no
        idea on what they could do, but it could really bad.

Q.7) How do I report somebody who's breaking the rules?
A.7) The makers of RuneScape have a "Report Abuse" button at the bottom-right
	corner of the chat window.  If you see anybody breaking the rules, jot
	down the offender's name & click on the "Report Abuse" button.  Then
	type in the offender's name & click on the appropriate violation to
	report them.

	When you send in a abuse report, you're sending the administrators a
	snapshot of the last 60 seconds from your perspective (so they can see
	the violation).  Once they get enough evidence against a person, they
	will ban the person.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ABUSING THE SYSTEM (by
	sending fraudulent abuse reports) can come back & ban you instead.

	Finally, don't tell the player you're reported on of your actions.  It
	just enrages the player & could make things a lot worse.  Also, DO NOT
	SEND "PROXY REPORTS" (reports done at the request of others) as you
	MUST catch the violation yourself to properly report it.

Q.8) I think somebody's been hacking into my account...  What can I do?
A.8) First of all, contact the admins IMMEDIATELY through their support system!
	This will make them aware that somebody other than you may be accessing
	your account & they'll keep a closer eye on the details (like the IP
	addresses of the users logging in).  Second, change your Password, Bank
	PIN & recovery questions on your account.  This will help deter the
	unwanted users from attempting to get on your account.

	Third, SECURE YOUR COMPUTER!  Use an anti-virus program, anti-spyware
	program & even a firewall will help prevent hackers from stealing your
	account information.  Sometimes, outside programs could be leaking the
	information you're trying to protect.

        Actually, to re-secure your account, here's what you should do:

        1) Scan your computer for viruses & spyware
        2) Contact the admins
        3) Chance your password, PIN & recovery questions.

Q.9) What is a Macro & how can I tell if a player is using one?
A.9) Macros are program scripts that automate repetitive or undesired tasks.
	Most Macros are used with Office applications (like MS Office or Open
	Office), but they can be made & used with other apps.  For Runescape,
	they're forbidden as you're giving a computer access to your account.

	Here are some signs that a player may be using a macro:

	1) The player has a Combat Level of 3
	2) The player's "base look" is a bald man with plain clothes
        3) The player isn't wearing any armor at all (or "default stuff")
	4) The player is doing high-level tasks that is way outside their
		other relative skill levels.
	5) The player is ignoring everybody & avoiding random events
	6) The player is highly repetitive in their actions

	The more of these signs you see, the more likely the player is using a
	macro...  but it isn't totally foolproof.  However, it's best to test a
	player out before you submit a report.  Most players usually don't talk
	when they're working as it may give others a chance to take whatever
	they're trying to obtain.  Some players usually don't wear any armor in
	order to keep their weight down (& allow them to run longer), but these
	are usually higher level players.

Q.10) Why won't RuneScape load up for me?
A.10) There's 3 possible reasons behind this:
	1) You don't have Java installed on the computer.  Go to www.java.com
	to download it.  This is most likely the case for players that are
	Firefox, Netscape, Opera or Mozilla as well as portable apps users.

	2) The computer (or network) Firewall or security system is prevent the
	java applet from loading.  If any prompts show up on your computer when
        loading up the game, you'll need to hit YES for it to load.  If you are
        using the "NoScript" extention with Firefox under maximum settings,
        you'll have to allow Runescape.com to get it to load.

	3) The Runescape servers are flooded with loading requests or they've
	shut down the game servers for updates.  This most likely happens over
	Christmas when there's extremely high number of players on at one time.
	All you can do is wait a couple of minutes & try again.

Q.11) Why won't RuneScape let me log in?
A.11) There's 4 possible reasons behind this problem as well:
	1) The world you're trying to get on is full or experiencing very heavy
	player loads.  Each world can only support 2000 players at one time.
	When a world is around the 1900 or more players, you may have to wait
	until somebody gets off before you can get on.  Just wait a couple of
	seconds (10-15s) & try again.

	2) You've just left another world OR you didn't properly sign out on
	another world.  Just wait a couple of seconds (like 15s) & try again.
        Most cases, the world's server will delay your sign-in for the time
        needed to transfer your account data to your new server.  The server
        will actually have the running timer for you before you get logged in.

	3) The world you're trying to get on is OFFLINE.  It's unlikely, but it
	can happen when they're working on the servers.  Just try an different
	world in the meantime.

	4) You've been banned from the game due to Law Violations either in the
	forums or in the game.  The only thing you can do is submit an appeal
	& pray that they unban your account.

Q.12) Why do some players have crowns next to their names?
A.12) The crowns are actually "Staff Badges", meaning that the player is either
	a Mod or an Admin for the game.

	Moderators (Mods) are denoted with a Silver Crown.  They have the power
	to mute players & they can using their status to get a player banned.

	Administrators (Admins) are denoted with a Gold Crown.  They have the
	power to ban players from the game.

	If you happen to see a Mod or an Admin in an area, please be on your
	best behavior as they can make short work of outlaws.

Q.13) How can I do those cool text effects?
A.13) The makers of RuneScape have managed to put in special text effects in
	the game to make your messages stand out a little more.  To use them,
	you must enter them at the start of your message.  Here's a partial
	list of effects you can use:

	* White: -- Makes your text white
	* Cyan: -- Makes your text light blue
	* Green: -- Makes your text green
	* Red: -- Makes your text red
	* Wave: -- Makes your text wavy
	* Wave2: -- Makes your text move in a wave
	* Flash: -- Makes your text flash in different colors
	* Flash2: -- Makes your text flash in different collors, but slower
	* Scroll: -- Makes your text scroll, like a news ticker

	Please be aware that yellow is your default text color.  If you want
	to stack text effects, you MUST place the color first before the action
	effect, like:

	* Green:Wave:Testing!

	Please note that you MUST NOT HAVE ANY SPACES between your text effects
	AND the colon!  If you place a space, the game will not acknowledge the
	text effect & will post it as part of your message.

Q.14) What this Crossed Swords icon in the lower-left corner of the main game
	window mean?
A.14) The Crossed Swords icon means that you've in a "Mass Combat" area.
	This means that the standard rules of combat (one player per creature)
	doesn't apply in that area.  It allows two or more players to attack
	the same creature.  However, it also means that two ore more creatures
	can attack one player.  These areas CAN be more dangerous than normal,
	but you can get assistance as well.

	Please be aware that in these areas, only the first person that deals a
	hit on the creature will get the spoils.  Reguardless on how much you
	assist another player, it's still "First Blood, First Serve".

Q.15) What's this skull icon with a level number underneath it in the lower-left
	corner of the main game window mean?
A.15) The Skull icon means that you're in...  THE WILDERNESS!!!  The level
	number below it indicates how deep you're in.  The higher it is, the
	deeper you're in the wilderness.  Please be aware that the higher that
	number is, the more players can attack you.

	If you're in Lv 10 Wilderness with Lv 30 Combat, any player with Lv 20
	to Lv 40 Combat can attack you.

	Please check Section 23 for more information.

Q.16) What's this timer in the lower-right corner of the game window?
A.16) That timer means that the admins have initiated the SERVER SHUTDOWN
	SEQUENCE!  That's how long you have to LOG OFF THAT SERVER before you
	lose all progress done in your current gaming session, or worse... your
	entire account!


Q.17) What world(s) should I play on?
A.17) Generally, you'll want to play on the worlds that would give you the best
	connections...  or the worlds that are the closest to you.  These are
	what I call "Home Worlds" as they're the ones that will give you the
        best connection, which means less lag.

	If you have a friend in the game that doesn't use the game home worlds,
	select a world that works well for both of you.

Q.18) Why to the show owners give pay me less than what they said when selling
	items & charge more than what they said when buying items?
A.18) The in-game shops work PURELY on the laws of supply & demand as well as
	they do all their transactions on a "per item" basis.  When you buy or
	less multiples of an item, the game is understanding the command as
	"Buy / Sell this item x times", where x is either 1, 5 or 10.  When the
	shop's supply of an item changes, the price is readjusted & you're
	given or charged the value of the item at that instance.  Under the law
	of supply & demand, as their supply goes up, their prices (buying &
	selling) go down.  When their supply goes down, their prices go up.

	For example, you have 17 Unblessed Symbols & the shop has none.  When
	you check their buying price, they state they'll pay 80 G for one.
	After you sold one & check again, they'll pay 74 G for the next one.
	To speed things up, the shop's buying algorithm for Unblessed Symbols
	is 80 - 6x, where x = the number of symbols on hand.  This means that
	if you sold 10 Unblessed Symbols, instead of getting 800 G, you would
	only get 530 G (80 + 74 + 68 + 62 + 56 + 50 + 44 + 38 + 32 + 26 = 530)
	& the next Unblessed Symbol would be bought at 20 G.  Fortunately, the
	shops do have an absolute minimum value they give to items, so you
	can't get buying price of every item to 0 G.

	The same goes for the selling price of the items the shop has.  Let's
	say you're buying feathers & the shop has 1000 of them.  The shop would
	start selling them at 1 G / ea., but when they have 900 left, the price
	would go up to 2 G / ea., 3 G when 800 are left & so on.  While the
	price of feathers doesn't go up as fast as other items, it's a fair
	example of the increasing prices.

	Street Merchants are players who are selling items & they usually don't
	change the prices as their supply decreases & vice versa.  When a 
	street merchant says they're selling Rune Essense at 20 G / ea., they
	will sell you 1,000 Rune Ess for 20,000 G...  but some merchants may
	give you a discount when buying in bulk.

Q.19) What is a full armor set?
A.19) A full armor set is a complete set of armor in a specific metal.  It's
	practically a one-stop purchase as it includes all the armor a player
	would want in a specific metal.  Full armor sets include ALL of the
	follow items:

	* Plate Body
	* Full Helm
	* Leg Plates / Plate Skirt (depending on the gender)
	* Kite Shield

	Please note that sets may include a Med Helm &/or Square shield instead
	of the items listed above.  These are less desirable (as they provide
	less protection in comparison) & market demands a lower price than
	normal for these items.

	Please see section 18 for price ranges on full armor sets

Q.20) What are trimmed pieces & why are they desireable?
A.20) Trimmed pieces are armor pieces of a specific metal that has a different
	color lining the seams (or trim) of the item.  The color or style of
	the trimmed article is different than the usual color of the item.
	Trimmed pieces are noted with one of three suffixes:

	(t) denotes Trimmed articles & the most common of the trimmed pieces.
	The trim on these articles are usually a different color than the
	original article, depending on the metal.

	(g) denotes Gold Trimmed articles & more desireable articles.  The
	trim on these articles are done in gold for all metals, hence they're
	more desireable by players.

	(h) denotes Herald (or Harlequin) Trimmed articles & the rarest, most
	desirable of the trimmed articles.  Herald trim uses a kind of color
	pattern similar to a "coat of arms" look.  Unfortunately, Herald trim
	can only be found on Kite shields.

	The main reason why trimmed armor is desired by players is that it's
	fairly rare on free worlds & it adds a touch of customization to their
	characters.  Those who wear trimmed armor are usually those who are
	fairly wealthy & like to show off a little bit.


Q.21) Why do some people want more than what's stated in your guide for a
	specific item?
A.21) Quick Answer: CAPITALISM!

	The LONG answer is that there various reasons for the discrepancies
	between their price & the prices listed in this guide.  There's a mix
	of guide error, market support (demand) & natural greed.  Some people
	try to squeeze as much money out of people while others are just trying
	to break even or make a little money on an investment.

	Again, I must stress that the prices listed in this guide are just a
	GUIDELINE to the prices as they will fluxuate as the demands of the
	players vary.  It's easy for rare items to go for more than what's
	stated here, so don't get upset if the price of an item you want is a
	lot higher than you planned.

	The only advice I can give you is to drive a hard bargain & attempt to
	drive the price back down.  You may lose some trades, but you will get
	the item(s) you want at a price you're willing to pay.

Q.22) Where can I get a (Rubber Chicken / Wooly Cap / ect.)?
A.22) As newer players will hate to hear this, but these "unique" items are
	special holiday items that can only be obtained by completing the
	holiday task for that year.  The holidays that are celebrated in
	RuneScape are Halloween, Christmas & Easter.  Each holiday celebration
	lasts about a week the holiday is in (from Sunday to Saturday, GMT) &
	the rewards are generally NEVER AVAILABLE AGAIN!

	These special items are usually UNTRADABLE & IRREPLACEABLE, so you must
	be online that week & complete the tasks to get those items.  In more
	recent events, Diango (the Toy Merchant of Draynor) has made special
	arrangements with the holiday characters to allow players to replace
	old holiday items that you have have destroyed (as you cannot drop the
	items on the ground), but there's no guarantee with them.  IF an item
	is replacable with Diango, the character that gives your the item will
	tell you about it.

	There are other, non-holiday items (like Frog Masks) that can only be
	obtained through specific random events.  These are replaceable, but
	it may take a long time (like weeks, months or even years) before you
	get that even again.

Q.23) Can a broken axe / pickaxe be repaired?
A.23) YES, you can get your axe / pickaxe repaired for a fee as long as you
	have the axe head.

	For Woodcutting Axes, you'll need to go to Bob's Axes in Lumbridge.

	For Pickaxes, you'll need to go to Nurof's Mining Store in Western
	Dwarven Mines (NOT the store next to the northern entrance).

	Show the appropiate person the axe / pickaxe that you want repaired &
	they'll give you a quote to fix it (based on the metal).  Once you pay
	them, they'll fix your axe / pickaxe.  I suggest taking 2,000 G with
	you to cover the repair cost as it'll cost around 1,100 G to repair a
	runite pickaxe.

	If you don't have the axe head (only the handle), you'll have to look
	around the area where you were working OR you'll be out of luck &
	you'll have to pay full price to replace that axe / pickaxe.  

Q.24) What's better: Talismans or Tiaras?
A.24) Both have their pros & cons, but it's more of a matter of preference.
	If you're new to Runecrafting, you may want to use talismans until you
	can remember the locations to the Rune Alters.  If you're an expert
	Runecrafter, tiaras are the way to go so you can make more runes per
	trip to the Rune Alters.

Q.A) Why are there spelling errors in this guide?
A.A) When it comes to writing my guides, I take the "low tech" approach as I
	use the older, more basic programs like MS-DOS's edit or Linux's GEdit
	programs.  These have the column counter & a way to keep me from going
	over the 80-character limit per line (which Game FAQ's mandate for all
	of their guides).  The downsides is that they don't have any spell
	checker with them.

	When I want to spell-check a guide, I have to use Open Office Write
	(as MS Word doesn't touch plain text files for some idiotic reason) &
	their spelling dictionary isn't as complete as Microsoft's.  I also
	don't like adding a bunch of custom words to the dictionary as well,
	especially when I'm not totally sure of the spelling.  It's a pain to
	do the spell checkings as it's a 10 minute job to catch 3 words.

	Finally, I normally do most of my writting at night, when I'm fairly
	tired & I'm unwilling to proofread a 100-plus-page guide as I would
	most likely fall asleep on the keyboard & wreck the guide (either in
	print or on screen).  So if you catch any spelling errors, please just
	forgive them.

Q.B) Why are you using letter instead of numbers here?
A.B) Numbers are for important stuff.  Letters are for unimportant crap that I
	place in here for reference...  like "Appendix stuff".

Q.C) What's up with the metal in the version name?
A.C) I'm using the "Olympic Metal" system to denote how finished the guide is
	at that time.  I decided to do this because I NEVER USE the word "FINAL"
	as a version, especially as RuneScape is an ever-developing game.
	Bronze versions are very rough (like betas), Silver versions are fairly
	complete & Gold versions are complete & polished.

	I am planning on doing a "Platinum Version" in the future, when time
	allows as it will include images (like maps) & will be presented in
	Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF).  The entire guide will be redone in MS Word
	or Open Office Write & would definately be something that could go to
	a publisher (or a copy store) & be a great reference book.

Q.D) Can we be friends in RuneScape?
A.D) Unless we can be friends OUTSIDE fo RuneScape (like another site or in
	real life), it's highly unlikely that it'll happen.  More or less any
	player that add to my friends list usually gets tossed after 2-4 weeks
	(or 3 months at the longest) as we're rarely online at the same time.

	I do have a life outside of RuneScape (as well as Game FAQ's & other
	sites that I regularly visit) & if you're not more a part in my online
	world, you'll eventually fade into obscurity & eventually drop off my
	list.  It's just a sad fact of my life...  either live with it or you
	can fight your way in.

	FRIENDS!  I may perform "random acts of kindness" with other players,
	but that's all it is.  It's not that I like you, it's just that you
	caught me feeling generous.

	CAUTION: Anybody who gets on my ignore list practically has no chance
	of getting off that list.  There's probably a 0.1% chance of it ever
	happening to you, so don't get on that list.

Q.E) May I use your guide on my website?
A.E) As outlined in Section D (Copyright Information & Licensing), you must get
	my permission first before you do so.  Please be aware that I may
	choose to perform a quick "background checks" of your website (or web
	server) before giving an OK.  I'm hesitant of sites that have bad reps
	using my guides.

	Please be aware that sites that have a usage license with me will get
	version updates directly from me.

	You are allowed to use this guide (in print or digital form) for
	PERSONAL USE without permission...  just as long as you don't rip off
	any information for your guide(s).

26) The Newbish Glossary
Another idiot-friendly section (remembering that there are more idiots online
than I'd like to acknowledge) with terms that you'll most likely hear within
the game.  This glossary is alphabetized (with similar terms grouped together)
for your convenience.

Please be aware that this glossary ONLY COVERS IN-GAME JARGON!  This glossary
DOESN'T COVER standard Cyberslang terms.  If you haven't run across the most
common terms (like BTW, WTF, BRB, ect.), you can visit my CyberDictionary at
www.geocities.com/TStodden.geo/CyberDictionary to give yourself a crash course
on Cyberslang as those pages will be updated faster than this guide (because
I don't have to go through the review system).

+ -- Added-value suffix to a set (like trimmed or better)
- -- Loss-value suffix to an imcomplete set (like trimmed armor set)
(g) -- Gold Trimmed (HIGHLY collectible suffix)
(h) -- Herald/Harlequin Trimmed (EXTREMELY collectible suffix)
	 Applies ONLY to Kites.
(t) -- Trimmed (Collectible suffix)
2h -- Two-handed Sword
a la cart -- A term meaning that you're buying/selling items individually.
Addy -- Adamant / Adamantite (type of metal, greenish-gray color)
Ammy -- Amulet
B Ax -- Battle Axe
Bounty -- A reward for a person that completes a specific task
Camping -- A term for staying in one area for a long time, usually to fight
        or obtain certain (usually hard to get) items
Camper -- A term for a person that stays in one area for a long time
Chain -- Chain Mail (less desirable type of armor)
Elitist -- A derogatory term for a high-level player that believes they're
        better than other players, especially towards lower-level players
EXP -- Experience Points
 * XP -- Experience Points
F2P -- Free-to-Play (Non-Member)
Full [metal] -- A Full set of armor in a specific metal
G -- Gold (Pieces)
 * GP -- Gold Piece(s)
Git -- A derogatory British term for a person who's being a jerk
 * Goit -- Another derogatory British term for a jerk
Helm -- Abbreviation for Helmet
Indy items -- Individual Items
K -- Thousand (based on the prefix "Kilo")
Kite -- Kite Shield (Preferred type of shield)
Leggings -- Leg Plates
 * Legs -- Abbreviation for Leggings
Lobby -- Lobster
M -- Million (based on the prefix "Mega")
 * Mil -- Million
Market Value -- The generally accepted price for an item on for sale
 * Street Value -- The most common term for Market Value
Mith -- Mithril (type of metal, bluish color)
Nats -- Nature Runes (Mid-level Rune)
Newbie -- A neutral term for a new, unexperienced or a low-level player
 * Noob -- A derogatory term for a newbie (commonly used by elitists)
NPC -- Non-Playing Character, or any character that isn't a player.
Pick -- Pickaxe
PKer -- Player Killer (denoted with a skull over that person's head)
PKKer -- Player Killer-Killer, a person who kills PKers
Plate -- Plate Mail, the most common type of armor
 * Pl8 -- Abbreviation for Plate Mail                              
Pure Ess -- Pure Rune Essence (a high-level "blank" rune)
QP -- Quest Points (obtained by completing quests)
Rune -- Runite (type of metal)
Rune Ess -- Rune Essence (a "blank" rune)
Scimmy -- Scimitar
Skirt -- Skirt Plate (the female compliment for Leg Plates)
Square -- Square Shield, a more common (but less preferred) type of shield
 * SQ -- Abbreviation for Square Shield
Tally -- Talisman
WC  -- Wood Cutting (type of Axe)

<<< ============================ PART  FOUR ============================== >>>
                          ~THE BORING, FINE PRINT~

I know you don't like reading about who helped me make this guide or what
changes have happened during the history of the guide (which, I've compressed
considerably just to save time & space).  I have to include this garbage just
to make this guide complete, but I've spared to you the trouble of actually
having to print this part of the guide out by shoving into the back of it.

It may not be smart or correct, but it just one thing that sets me apart from
the other FAQ/Guide writers.  I CARE ABOUT MY READERS!  I care enough to
shove all this garbage into the back just to make it easier for my readers to
print out my guide without wasting any paper to actually get to the good
stuff.  If you're a hard-core reader that actually reads everything in a
guide, go right ahead & knock yourself out!  Otherwise, I hope to see you
reading one of my other FAQ/Guides!
<<< ====================================================================== >>>

A) Acknowledgments
I'd like to thank the following people, companies & sites for their help in
making this FAQ available to the public.

* Jagex -- The creators of RuneScape, as well for their Knowledge Base
* Game FAQ's -- For hosting this FAQ
* Brady Greene -- For parts of his fishing guide
* Scott Moore -- For parts of his mining & range guides
* Sean D'Hoostelaere -- For parts of his cooking guide
* Nick Jakeman -- For parts of his Pricing Guide
* Tom Tarling -- For parts of his Free Quest Guide
* Shadow47001 -- For parts of his Equipment Guide
* Karl Li -- For correcting some errors in my guide up to v1.7 Gold
* Daleron Hastur of Runescape -- For adding & correcting some errors that
        have evaded detection earlier.
* DarthPryo84 of GameFAQ's -- For posting prices in the forums
* The Marcus Runescape Association -- For giving me the invaluable resource
         of "Play Testing" my guide.  Without them, I wouldn't be able to
         refine this guide...  Without me, they've probably would have as hard
         of a time getting started in Runescape. ^_^

If you would like to contribute to this FAQ, either by making a suggestion,
a correction or a contribution, send an E-mail to TStodden@hotmail.com with
"RuneScape FAQ:" in the subject line.  Please be aware that it may take
2 weeks or so for me to read your e-mail as it's a secondary address.

B) Suggested Viewing
If you would like this Guide & you would like more information about certain
parts of RuneScape, please check out the following guides.

* The Runescape Knowledge Base (on Runescape's website)
* RuneScape Mining Guide by Scott Moore (on Game FAQ's)
* Various RuneScape FAQ's on Game FAQ's
* www.tip.it/runescape -- A great RuneScape Fan Site (a very professional
    site & very user-friendly) for information.
* www.runehq.com -- A good RuneScape Fan site that has a fairly accurate &
    complete equipment list, which include prices.
* www.geocities.com/TStodden.geo/CyberDictionary/ -- My CyberDictionary for
    those who don't know what RTFM is from STFU.
* www.geocities.com/TStodden.geo &
  TStodden.tripod.com            -- Shameless Plugs for my own website(s),
     which may include a more updated version of this guide, probably with
     graphics & in Adobe Acrobat format...

C) Version History
The "Alpha Era" -- 2:36 AM 5/13/05 to 2:24 AM 5/20/05
The First drafts of the Guide...  It was pretty small, insignificant &
incomplete compared to the guide this is now...

Version 1.x Era -- 4:52 PM 5/26/05 to 11:52 AM 6/28/05
The First Published versions of the guide...  The only one update was actually
published during this area, but a few of the big sections like "Potentially
Stupid Q&A", Street Market Guide, Final Beginner's Tips & The Newbish
Dictionary were added during this era.

This era also saw the first "fine print promotion", where I actually gave
away around 3,000g during the life of the promotion to people who actually
read my guide.

Version 1.x Silver Era -- 2:28 PM 6/28/05 to 3:10 PM 7/8/05
As I've been working on the guide for over a month now, I've started to add
areas that I previously omitted (Fishing, Woodcutting, Firestarting & other
obscured skills) as well as some information about the Wilderness & added
information.  The guide wasn't totally polished during this age, but it was
definitely getting there.

When Version 1.6 Silver was published on GameFAQ's,
it measured in at 44 Pages PRINTED (with 1/2-inch margins), but the last 4
pages of the guide contained some useless meta-data like this stuff...

Version 1.7 Gold Age -- 1:06 AM 8/9/05 to x:xx PM 9/12/05
Roughly a month after I published Version 1.6 Silver (from what I wrote down,
I probably forgot to leave a few notes), I started work on what I thought
would be the Final Update for my guide.  The "Final Polish" that my guide
needed would take me a month to develop.  The actual timestamp on Version
1.7 was left unmarked as the final touches were added minutes before it was
submitted for publishing...  & I forgot to keep a copy of the pre-publishing
changes to the guide.

During this time, the old "fine print" promotion was discontinued & a new
promotion was started.  I will not write down in the age it was written, but
it was something that I may bring back here someday...

The guide, when I thought it was finished measured in at 51 pages printed
(with 1/2-inch margins), but people would only be interested in the first 46
pages.  The last 5 pages was meta-data crap, which you're reading now.
In my defense, 46 pages of usable information is still pretty amazing since
I don't use any of that fancy ASCII-art garbage that others include.  Just
the cold, hard facts...  mixed with dry, sometimes sarcastic, humor.

My final words that were written in that guide were:

"Unless I make any corrections or updates to this guide in the future...
I guess this is Good-bye.  I hope to see you on RuneScape some day!"

Little did I realize that I'd be taking these words back...  After a few
e-mails from readers of my guide, who seem to love my guide, have noticed a
few errors.  Since making an update seemed to be more of a cop-out here, I've
decided to do something on a larger scale.

Version 2.0 beta Era -- 7:00 PM 9/30/05 to 5:49 PM 10/14/2005
In order to save space here (which you probably don't care about), I've
consolidated all the revisions here & limited the information update.

b1: "I've Rewritten the Book of Guides" Edition
The Rewrite has begun!  Sections 1 to 6.12 & Part Four completed (21% Done)

b2: The "Oops!  I Did It Again!" Edition
The continuation of the tedium continues...  Up to 7.3.2 completed (36% Done)

b3: "Three is Not Enough" Edition
Still working on it...  Up to 7.4 completed (38% Done)

b4: "B4U Go..." Edition
The Half-way point is in sight!  Part Two is nearly completed, just Sections
14.2 & 14.3 left & Part Three to go!

b5: "Area 51" Edition
Almost Done here!  I've added the Quest Walkthrough Section & added more TOC
marks to the guide (which were added to the Table of Contents).

B6: "Halloween 666" Edition
The guide is pretty much complete now as all sections from the old guide has
been transplanted into the new guide.  Only a few more additions to write into
this monster of a guide!

Version 2.x Silver Era -- 10:02 PM 10/14/2005 to 4:44 PM 12/08/05
ANOTHER History consolidation here...  This is where this guide went from
being a beginner's guide to a FULL SIZED GUIDE (although it's still listed
as a beginner's guide).  The guide was downgraded back to "Silver" during
this time as there was a lot more room to grow.

During this era, another "fine print" promotion was started at 10/25/05 &
ended at 2/14/06 (with the release of Ver 2.3 Gold), which was done as part
of a "Christmas Promotion".

Pretty much the major additions to the guide during this era were:

+ Mining, Woodcutting & fishing reviews added
+ Full Armor Set premiums
+ Color(blindness) correction with Iron / Coal

Pretty much 30 pages of data was added during this era.

Version 2.2 - 2.3 Gold ERA -- 3:50 PM 12/14/05 to 11:35 PM 2/14/06
ANOTHER History consolidation here (pretty much because I hate wasting space
to document changes).  During this era, some more additions were made to help
fill out the guide.  Even though I thought I would be ready to work on the
Platinum version of my guide off Game FAQ's...  little did I know that I would

The major changes done during this area were:

* Completion of the Skill Review sections
* Additions / Logging of Random Events
* Correction done to "Ernest the Chicken" for easier comprehension

Version 2.4 Gold Era -- 4:00 AM 3/12/06 to 11:20 PM 3/18/06
Yet ANOTHER History consolidation (less yack & crap for you to read)...
Here is what happened during this time...

* Major Graphical Updates done with the game (Falador / Barb. Village area)
* Changes done to the Beastiary due to changes (Barb. Village)
* Rewritten the "Laws of Runescape", since 6000 players were banned for
        breaking the laws & removed the "LAN PARTY" cautions.
* Rewrote the entire Random Events section (section 20), excluding skill-based
        random events (which are listed elsewhere)

Version 2.4r1 GOLD -- 3:37 AM 3/31/06
Added Section 16.A to the guide as a little Q & A section on becoming a
Runescape Commodities Broker.  There's probably a little more philosophy in
there than information, but my beliefs on being a broker is to make your money
work for you by helping the economy while take a small slice in the process.

Version 2.5u1 GOLD -- 4:49 PM 4/20/06
Added a little extra information about "The Abyss" random event, as it applies
to the transportation to & from the Rune Ess Mine (personal experience).

I've also added a newly discovered (or at least for me) type of trim: the rare
Harlequin Trim (h) that applies to Kite Shields.

Finally, I rewrote the caution on the price guide section as it needed just a
little more clarification about the potential inaccuracy of my price guide.

Version 2.5 GOLD -- 3:40 AM 5/10/06
Besides a little history consolidation, there was a couple of changes made to
the game... mostly the Rune Ess changes & some minor changes to make the game
work on more computers & browsers.

The major update to the guide is price guide (Section 18), which has grown
practically overnight thanks to a Game FAQ user (see section A).  While most
prices are subject to verification (as some see off), I've posted them in the
meantime as it's better to have something that's potentially off than not
posting something at all (& risk getting totally ripped off).  Some price
ranges may seem pretty wide, but they'll get fixed with the next update as
I verify prices with other sources.

I might start up another "fine print" promotion, but it'll be different that
other promotions previous done...  however, don't hold your breath as my mood
may be different when I publish the next update.

FUN FACT: This is 106 pages long w/ only 6 pages of crap at the end!

Version 2.6 GOLD -- 7:33 PM 06/02/06 to 4:35 PM 06/20/06 
To Reduce the boring crap here, I'm grouping all interium updates in one entry.

Updates (including interiums) are:

* [u1] Quick Updates to include more support with alternate systems as well as
	Firefox support.
* [u1] Quick run over the new Construction Skill, which is related with the
	Player House system (Members Only Skill).
* [u2] Added a quick "Macro" check for players as well as the advice NOT to
	annoy other players.
* [u3] Added Meat Cooker's Table & Health Recovery
* [u4] Added Super Cheats (www.supercheats.com) License to the FAQ.
* [u4] Rewrote the Q&A section to make it a little more organized.
	(Guide reduced by 182 lines or 2.5%)

Version 2.7 GOLD -- 2:30 PM 08/20/06 to 2:45 PM 08/29/06
Updates (including interiums) are:

* [u1] Minor Renumbering of the Quests
* [u1] Added Basic Information about The Stronghold of Security
        -- I've classified it as a quest (15.A) even though it's more of a
        side-quest thing.  However, since it does require some assistance,
        I've working on writing a walkthrough for it.
* [u2] Added Walkthrough to The Stronghold of Security
* [u3] Added The Stronghold of Security to training areas
* [u3] Added information about "The Evil Twin" Random Event
* [u3] Added "The Security Guard" Random Event

Version 2.8 GOLD -- 12:31 AM 10/02/06
Short & Sweet update which includes:

* Modification of the old Lumbridge Swamp Mine (now the Wizard's Mine)
* Addition of the "New" Lumbridge Mine
* Addition of the FREE Teleportation spell.

Pretty much if you've kept up to date with the game, you'll know about these.

D) Copyright Information & Licensing
(c) 2005-2006 TStodden, (c) 2005-2006 NESpresso Multimedia Entertainment
All Rights Reserved

Licensed for use on Game FAQ's, Gamespot, CNet & their affiliates for
whatever they want to do with this FAQ (other than rip my FAQ off, which took
many hours and days to research as well as many hours to write up).

Licensed for use on Super Cheats & the Video Game Network affiliates for
whatever they want to do with this FAQ (other than rip my FAQ off).

Replication of this document is allowed for PERSONAL USE ONLY & may not be
used to create or supplement any other documents without permission.


If you would like to pick up a usage license (or duplication permission) for
this or any other FAQ's from TStodden & N.M.E., please send an e-mail with
"xxx FAQ:" (replace "xxx" with the game's name) in the subject line to
TStodden@hotmail.com.  Failure to place the proper subject on your e-mail
may result in your e-mail getting ignored or possibly sent to the junk mail
folder & possibly deleted before it gets read.

PLEASE BE PATIENT IN YOUR REQUESTS!!!  This is a secondary e-mail address &
does not get checked as often.  It may take upwards of 2 weeks to receive a
reply.  All legitimate e-mails that are within the inbox will get a reply.
Anybody that sends more than 3 requests within a 2-week period will rejected
automatically & will be reported to MSN as a spammer.


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