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Skills FAQ by explodingjellogun

Version: .6 | Updated: 02/19/05

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Runescape (Online)
Skills guide
By explodingjellogun (Gamefaqs), or Mr Marbles91 (RS), or nintendofreak225 
Copyright 2005 Michael Eng
Current Version- 0.6
Last Update- 2/19/05
#Table of Contents#
1. Opening Information
   a. Legal Information
   b. Version Updates
2. Introduction
   a. Tips for all the newbs out there
3. Getting started on the skills
   a. Agility
   b. Combat (Close-range)
   c. Cooking
   d. Crafting
   e. Firemaking
   f. Fishing
   g. Fletching
   h. Herblaw
   i. Magic
   j. Mining
   k. Prayer
   l. Ranging
   m. Runecrafting
   n. Slayer
   o. Smithing
   p. Thieving
   q. Woodcutting
4. In-Depth Descriptions and Advancements
   a. Agility
   b. Combat (Close-range)
   c. Cooking
   d. Crafting
   e. Firemaking
   f. Fishing
   g. Fletching
   h. Herblaw
   i. Magic
   j. Mining
   k. Prayer
   l. Ranging
   m. Runecrafting
   n. Slayer
   o. Smithing
   p. Thieving
   q. Woodcutting
5. What happens once you have high levels in each skill
   a. Agility
   b. Combat (Close-range)
   c. Cooking
   d. Crafting
   e. Firemaking
   f. Fishing
   g. Fletching
   h. Herblaw
   i. Magic
   j. Mining
   k. Prayer
   l. Ranging
   m. Runecrafting
   n. Slayer
   o. Smithing
   p. Thieving
   q. Woodcutting
6. Author Recommendations on what Skills to Build up
7. FAQs
8. Closing statements
   a. Outroduction
   b. About the Author
   c. Contact information
   d. Acknowledgements
#1. Opening Information#

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
The ONLY website that may use this guide is Gamefaqs.com.  No other sites are
allowed to use it.  If they do, please let me know.  That would be greatly 
This guide is copyright 2005 by Michael Eng.
Version 0.2 (1/14/05)- Created guide.  Amazing idea, huh?  Completed up to 
Section 3, introduction.
Version 0.21 (1/18/05)- Damn cold, throwing my schedule off.  Oh well.  What 
can you do, right?  Completed the first Combat section (3b).
Version 0.22 (1/19/05)- It snowed!  And school wasn't closed early!  It's so 
unfair!  Oh, well.  Day off tomorrow (Inauguration of Bush, or Mr. 
Strategeryman), means a whole day in which I can either study for the massive 
tests I have on Friday, or just put studying off and write this.  Completed 
the first Cooking section (3c) and started the first Crafting section (3d).
Version 0.25 (1/20/05)- A day off from school for the Inauguration of Bush 
allowed me to add on to this thing.  Forgot to add Runecrafting to the Table 
of Contents, so added that.  Changed a few things here and there.  Completed 
the LONG first Crafting section (3d), the VERY SHORT first Firemaking section 
(3e), and started on the first Fishing section (3f).  At this rate, I'll never
be able to get this guide completed enough to submit to Gamefaqs......
Version 0.31 (2/5/05)- Some time to finally work on this thing.  Added the new
skill, Slayer, to the Table of Contents.  Finished the first Fishing, Magic, 
Prayer, and Mining sections.  So much homework- I hate school...
Version 0.5 (2/6/05)- Finished every f2p skill's first section.  And finished
sections 6-8.  Finally.  I wonder if it's ready to submit yet...?  Probably 
not...but I'll try anyway.
Version 0.53 (2/9/05)- The guide was accepted!  Holy crap!  *Dances with joy* 
Finished the second Close-Combat and Cooking Sections.  Not too bad for 30 
minutes' work.  Burglar-proofed the guide.  Made a couple of other changes.

Version 0.6 (2/19/05)- Finished the LOOOOOONG second Crafting section and the 
very easy second Firemaking Section.  Made a few other changes to make the 
tips for newbs easier to read.  Reworded some things.
#2. Introduction#
Welcome to my Runescape skills guide!  Even though there are a lot of other 
guides out there covering various skills in RS, I don't feel they're very 
beginner-friendly.  They're mostly descriptions of advancements and things 
like that.  This guide is different.  You see, this guide helps people get 
started with each skill until they're proficient enough at them to be able to 
advance them on their own.  I AM going to assume you've read the controls part
of the manual though on the website.  I'm going to try to keep this guide 
updated as much as possible, so check in often at Gamefaqs to see if I've sent
in a newly updated version.  So, sit back, relax, maybe set the mouse so it 
auto-scrolls, and enjoy reading the guide!  By the way, if you're looking for 
a particular skill or section, just search for the number and letter 
combination that are before it in the table of contents, followed by a period,
followed by a space, followed by the name of that skill.  Example:

I want to search for how to begin raising Smithing.  The number and letter 
combo (Section and Subsection) for smithing is 3o.  Search for: "3o. Smithing"
and you should find it.

Oh, right.  If you EVER see this guide anywhere OTHER THAN Gamefaqs and
Gamespot (since they're basically owned by the same company), let me know.  My
email address is
nintendofreak225 (at) Yahoo (dot) com
I didn't type it out properly because I'm a paranoid person.  I hate spyware, 
adware, viruses, spam, and all that other shit.  (HINT: Don't send that stuff 
to me!  You will be blocked if you do!/HINT)

2a. Tips for all the newbs out there
These are a few definitions and do's and don'ts for players that are new to 
Runescape.  Also, this section contains the biggest rule of all in Runescape.
-RS- Short for Runescape, which is what the 3d version is referred to as
-RSC- Short for Runescape Classic, which is what the original 2D version is 
-Newb- Short for newbie.  A player who is new to RS.  Please treat politely, 
unless they're being annoying and being noobish; in which case, please teach 
them a lesson.
-Noob- Something you don't want to be known as.  Noobs are beggars.  Annoyers.
Flamers.  Etc.  They're basically annoying as hell, and no one who's in their 
right mind would do anything for them, except maybe teach them a lesson by 
kicking their @$$es in the Wilderness.  Many are newbs who have resorted to 
begging to get what they want.  Others are just plain @$$holes.
-Wild/Wildy- Short for Wilderness.  The Wilderness, a region far north, is the 
one area in Runescape in which you can kill other human players.  It is 
divided into levels that define the range of players that can attack you.  
Basically, the further north you go, the more people you'll face.  And chances
are, they'll be much harder than anything you've ever seen before.  For more 
info, look at the other guides on Gamefaqs.
-Level- Usually the level number that appears when you right click on someone;
it signifies the total basic combat experience.  Low levels usually range from
3-20 or so.  Mid levels are from 21-49 or so.  High levels are from 50 and up.
This can vary a lot though, as a guy with level 50 magic can have a basic 
level of 30 or so if he hasn't worked on any of his other stats (Attack, 
Defense, Strength).
-Mith- Short for Mithril, a type of metal used in weapons and armor.  A dark 
blue color.  Usually worn or used by people who are level 20 or so and up.
-Addy- Short for Adamantite, another type of metal used in weapons and armor.
A dark green color.  Stronger than Mithril.  Usually worn by people who are 
mid leveled.
-Rune- Short for Runite, the best kind of metal used in weapons and armor.  A 
light blue color.  Usually worn by high level people.  You see this being sold
a LOT.                 
-r2h- Rune two hander.  A huge Runite sword.  Very strong.  Most people who 
are skilled enough to make these sell them to other people for LOTS of money 
(Think 40k or so- yes, some people do make this much gold on a regular basis).
Many people in the Wilderness have r2hs, and when they die, many lose them.
-Full *insert*- The plate armor, leggings, and full helm of a metal.  For 
example, full addy would have addy plate armor, addy leggings, and an addy 
full helm.  BTW, full addy sells for 30k (30000) on average with other 
-Pker- Player Killer.  Goes around in the Wilderness and makes a living 
killing other players.  Pretty prosperous way of life, but only if you're 
super, super strong.
-Pure- A person who has a really high level in just one or two combat skills.
Comes in two styles: Attack and Defense.  Makes sense, doesn't it?

-DO fight.  Fighting raises combat skills, which are essential if you want to 
have fun being a pker.
-DO trade with people.  Trading can get you some pretty cool stuff.  Have an 
extra item?  Carry it around with you through a town.  See if people are 
saying things like, "Buying *insert object*" or "Trading *insert object* for 
*insert object*".  You can get that last thing you need to get that last level
in a skill so you can start really taking advantage of it to make tons of 
-DO check out the general stores every so often.  Some fool might've sold a 
really good item to one that is really rare but they didn't realize it.
-DO recommend this guide to people who are new to the game or are just 
starting to build experience in a skill (okay, that was a gimme, but still)
-DO use the bank.  Trust me on this.
-DON'T be annoying.
-DON'T be obnoxious.
-DON'T be ignorant.  Know what the prices are so that you don't get ripped 
-DON'T beg.  Please.  You wouldn't believe how many "Free stuff plz" I hear 
over a 20-minute period in a large town (Falador, Varrock, Lumbridge, etc).  
It's annoying.
-DON'T BE A NOOB.  You want to be accepted and become famous?  Don't do 
anything that noobs do (definition above).
-DON'T sell anything to the general store.  They offer up to 50% less on an 
item that a specialty shop would offer.  The exception is bronze and iron 2hs,
which shouldn't even be made.  And there are no 2h shops in f2p for whatever 
reason.  So, if you have bronze and/or iron 2hs, sell them to the general 
store, and never buy/get/make them again.
-DON'T go into the Wilderness unless you know the consequences and the risks 
behind it.
-DON'T team up with people in the Wilderness who you don't know.  They could 
easily turn on you and kill you, especially if they're a higher level than 
-DON'T carry all your items with you.  If you die, you only get 3 of them back
(and less if attack someone in the Wilderness and lose).

-Making money is your biggest priority as a new player.  If you don't have 
money, you don't have any way to buy new things that will increase experience
in skills, and you'll be reduced to begging for free gps.  Always try to make
as much money as you can.

Okay, my bad.  That's not the biggest rule of all.  That's the GOLDEN RULE OF
RUNESCAPE (ha ha, golden, gold pieces, money, get it?  Get it? -_-;).  Here's 

-Have fun.  That's the bottom line.  Runescape is a game.  Games are meant for
personal enjoyment.  If you find yourself frustrated with some aspect of it, 
log off and do something else for a little while. Don't sweat it.  If you take
this too seriously, there could be serious consequences to your health 
(mental, psychological, and possibly physical).  And treat people as you'd 
want them to treat you.  Don't go around acting like an asshole and treating 
people (especially newbs who've done nothing wrong) like something lower than 
monkey crap.  Remember, these are real people with real emotions and thoughts
that are also playing this game.  Plus, you could get reported and banned 
anyway for that kind of behavior.  And that's no fun, especially if you had 
full rune and high levels in every skill that took you FOREVER to raise.
*3. Getting started on the skills*
Okay, you read the intro, and know what and what not to do.  Now, you're 
probably saying, "Get to the damn skills already!"  Well, you could've just 
searched for the skill.  Oh, well.  You're here now, so let's go!  Oh, one 
more thing.  If you ever want to look at the advances of a certain skill in-
game, just click on the skills button (the one with the bars), and click the 
picture that corresponds to the skill that you want to view.  Or, you could 
just use this guide.

3a. Agility
Coming Soon!

3b. Combat (Close-Range)
Ah, the art of brutally killing people up close.  Combat really has 4 
different skills, but I just stuck them all together.  So, yeah.  The three 
skills that make up combat are:

Attack is basically how accurate you are.  The higher this is, the more likely
you are to hit your enemy with your attacks.  Defense is kind of your evasion.
The higher it is, the less likely it is that your enemy will hit you.  
Strength determines, obviously, how strong (how much damage) your attacks are.
HP determines your hit points.  Once they're empty, you die.  You 
automatically gain HP experience whenever you fight.

The easiest way to level up combat is to, obviously, fight.  When you first 
spawn in Lumbridge after leaving Tutorial Island, you will have:
-Bronze Axe
-Bronze Sword
-Bronze Dagger
-Air and Mind runes
-Wooden Shield
-Cooked food 
You want to immediately equip the sword and the shield.  Now, click on the 
button that has the swords crossed.  Notice the 4 options there.  I believe 
they include Chop, Slash, Lunge, and Defend.  Those are attack techniques.  If
you use one of those, it will raise a certain combat skill.  Chop raises 
Attack, Slash raises Strength, Defend raises Defense, and Lunge raises 
everything, just at a slower pace than raising each skill individually.  So, 
choose an option.  In order of priority, raise defense, attack, then strength.
Lunge (Controlled) raises all 3, but at a much slower pace.  Then, start 
attacking the human NPCs that spawn in the town square a bit north of where 
you start.  I find them easiest to kill, and they drop the most gold.  When 
you find bones after you kill someone (or thing), pick them up, then bury 
them.  Burying bones raises Prayer, which can help you a lot in combat 
sometimes.  More on Prayer later on.  If you need to regain health, eat some 
of that food you have with you.  You can also run away and wait for your 
health to regenerate, but that takes awhile to do.

Once you've raised your combat level (the one called Combat Level in the 
skills section on the menu type thing) to level 4, go north, and enter the 
field that has cows in it.  Start attacking them.  After you kill one, always 
collect whatever it drops.  The cow meat will help you later on.  Cook the 
meat if you need food to regain health with, then keep killing.  Once you're 
at about level 11-14, head to Varrock, upgrade your equipment, store whatever 
goods that aren't important to you for right now in the bank, then move on to 
Barbarian Village, and start killing Barbarians (Not women yet).  Once you're 
at about level 15-19, start killing Barbarian Women.  You should have steel 
equipment by now, and be saving gold for Mithril equipment.
Keep killing Barbarian peoples until you're level 20.  Rejoice, for you can 
now don Mithril items!  You should have a good amount of gold (at least 3k or 
so), so time to go on a spending spree.  First, Varrock's sword shop.  Buy a 
Mithril sword (or longsword, depending on your money situation).  Second 
priority is a shield, and shields are found in Falador.  So run over to 
Falador, buy a shield if you can, equip it, store your valuables, and run on 
over to the Dwarven Mines.  You should train on the Scorpions there (note: 
AFTER you mine all the metals you want if you want any), upgrading your 
equipment (or not) as you go along, until you're level 30 or so.  And, there 
is where I stop this walkthrough because you can now use Adamantite equipment, 
and frankly, being able to wear/use Addy is a pretty good sign of someone 
who's definitely not a newb in the Combat department.

3c. Cooking
Okay, onto Cooking now!  Cooking, if you didn't know before, is the act of 
making food.  This includes baking and roasting meat and fish.  Being able to 
cook your own food comes in handy, especially if you're a Pker.  So, to start,
first, in Lumbridge, talk to the cook in the castle, and get his quest 
started.  I think it's called Cook's Assistant.  Anyway, head to the General 
Store and get a bucket and a pot.  If you already have a pot (can't remember 
if you get one on Tutorial Island or not), then don't buy another one.  Or buy
another one.  It's up to you.  They're pretty cheap anyway.  Okay, so you have
your pot and your bucket.  Now, head north to the cow fields (use the map if 
necessary), kill a few cows, take the meat, then use the bucket on a cow.  
You'll get milk, which is one of the ingredients that the cook needs.  Then, 
head to one of the chicken farms (northwest of Lumbridge, I think) and grab an
egg or two.  Then, head to one of the fields and pick wheat.  Then, go to the 
windmill on the way to Draynor Village and go up to the top level.  Stick one 
wheat...thing into the hopper and operate it.  Go to the bottom, and use the 
pot on the (hopefully) newly made flour to get it.  Go back to Lumby and give 
the ingredients to the cook.  Yay, you got some experience AND can use the 
range in the castle!  Lots of convenience.

The reason I had you do this quest was so that you could get some easy cooking
experience to start with.  Now, remember that cow meat I told you to get?  
Well, you get to put it to good use.  Chop down a tree with the axe, and use 
the lumber with the timberbox to make a fire.  Then, cook the meats on the 
fire.  Drop any burnt meats.  Keep the successfully cooked ones.  Another good
way to start to raise cooking is to catch fish with that net of yours (you'll 
have to be near the ocean, since that's where shrimp, the only thing you can 
catch, are) and then cook them.  Raising fishing AND cooking.  Ooooh, multi-
tasking skillz!  Um, okay then.  So, keep doing that until you reach fishing 
level 5.  Fish anchovies now.  Cook.  If you don't want to fish, kill 
cows/chickens.  Cook.  At level 10 cooking, you can make Redberry Pies.  
Mmmmmm, pie.  *clears throat*  Anyway, to make Redberry Pie, just get a pie 
dish, flour, water, and a redberry.  Then, mix the flour and water together 
(make Pastry Dough), use the dough with the dish, add the Redberry, then cook 
over a range.  A pie gives twice as much exp as cooking meat, so keep on 
making pies if you can.  And, cooking seems to be pretty repetitive until you
get to the higher levels (above 35 or so), so I won't go into any more detail 
on how to get started with Cooking.  More on higher-level cooking later on.

3d. Crafting
Crafting.  The art of making leather items, jewelry, pots and dishes, symbols,
glass objects, dragonhide accessories, and uncharged orbs for the crazily good
Elemental Battlestaves (the last two are allowed only if you're a member).  
Good stuff.  Plus, if you have a really high crafting level, you can make a 
lot of money from selling amulets and such.

Okay, to get started, you can either A) Make clay objects, or B) Make Leather 
objects.  It all depends on your mood.  On one hand, the clay object tools are
closer together than the Leather tools, but on the other hand, leather objects
are just flat-out more useful.  Like I said, it's completely up to you, since 
once you get to about level 16, you can make Holy Symbols from silver.  I'll 
go over clay and leather.

Clay is pretty easy to make.  All you need is a pickax and a bucket.  Also, 
you'll need a bunch of water.  The tools you'll be using are the pottery 
wheel, located in Barbarian Village, and the pottery oven, in the Barbarian 
Village as well.  First, get some clay from mining.  I recommend going to the 
mine just southeast of Varrock to get it.  So mine clay until you're happy 
with the amount you have, then go to Barbarian Village (bring a bucket with 
water in it) and just combine the clay with water (get more water from the 
Monastery- that's the closest source of water) until you have a bunch of soft 
clay.  Then use all those soft clays on the wheel, and make unfired pots.
Put them in the oven, and you'll get pots.  Some will be cracked, so be aware 
of that.  Eventually, you'll be able to make other clay objects too.
Leather, while being a bit more tedious to make, can sell for much more money 
than clay objects can.  The tools you'll need are a needle and multiple spools
of thread, gotten from the crafting store in Rimmington (buy some moulds while
you're there, they'll be needed for jewelry).  You'll also need cowhide, 
gotten by killing cows.  Once you have all the tools you need, stick them in a
bank, then go north of Lumbridge into the cow field, and start killing cows.  
Pick up their hides (also the meat and bones) until you have 112 or so.  You 
need a lot of hides because the Tannery, which you need to use to get the 
hides to be able to be sewn into leather objects, is in Al Kharid, which is 
far away, plus there's a toll to get in until you do a horrendously tedious 
quest.  Do the quest AFTER you sew all the leather things.  No, I'm not 
telling you how.  This is not a quest guide.  This is a SKILLS guide.  Anyway,
after you store all those cowhides in the bank, save up a good amount of gold 
(at LEAST 400 or so).  Do not beg, please.  Once you've got enough gold, grab 
100 of it, and head off to Al Kharid.  From Lumbridge, head east across the 
bridge, and you'll see a gate.  Pay the toll, then enter and head south.  When
you reach the bank, grab the rest of your money and 27 cowhides (you can only 
hold 28 items).  Head to the tannery, and get them made into leather (NORMAL, 
not hard).  Repeat until all the hides are leather.  Then, head back to the 
bank, stick the money (if you have any left) in, stick a leather in, take 
multiple spools of thread and a needle out (I think there's a crafting shop in
Al Kharid if you need to buy those things), and use the thread and needle on 
the leather to make gloves.  If you level up enough to make boots, make those.
Lather, rinse, repeat.  Oh, and before you leave Al Kharid to kill more cows, 
start that quest that I mentioned earlier.  Get around to completing it, and 
the toll into Al Kharid is removed.  Might be worth it after awhile.  That's 
about it for leather.  Higher-level leather goods are covered later on.
Okay, so keep whatever you chose to do going until you reach level 16.  Now, 
you can make unblessed Holy and Unholy Symbols.  Remember those moulds I told 
you to buy?  Well, here's where one of them comes into play.  Now, you'll need
to either mine or buy silver.  I'd recommend mining it.  I think you can mine 
silver in the desert mining site, north of Al Kharid.  Anyway, mine a crapload
of silver (read the Mining section if you need to get started), then go to the
nearest furnace and smelt all the silver (read the Smithing section to get 
started with that, you'll need a level 20 mining AND smithing to get silver 
bars) into bars.  Grab the Holy Symbol mould, and use the bars on the furnace 
to choose whether to make Holy or Unholy Symbols.  Nonmembers can only make 
Holy Symbols.  So make whatever, then if you want your symbols blessed, you 
have to string them.  So use Shears on a sheep to get wool (get as much as you
need from multiple sheep), and bring all the wool to a Spinning Wheel (f2p 
world ones are in Falador, Lumbridge, and Barbarian Village; p2p ones are in 
Seer's Village and the Tree Gnome Stronghold near the Agility training area).
Spin Wool into Balls of Wool, which can be used on your symbols (1 per symbol)
to string them.  Once you have all your symbols strung, if you want to reap 
their combat benefits, you'll need to get them blessed.  To get a Holy symbol 
blessed, get access to the Monastery's upper levels (lvl 31 prayer) and give 
them to Brother Jered.  He will bless them.  For Unholy symbols, you'll need 
to do the Observatory Quest, then talk to the spirit in the cemetery south of 
the Observatory, which is on the west side of the river that is west of Tree 
Gnome Village.  If you have a high enough prayer level, you can wear a Blessed
Holy Symbol and get +2 in all defense and +8 in prayer.  If you've done the 
Observatory Quest, you can wear a Bless Unholy Symbol and get +2 in all 
offense and +8 in prayer.  In all, you should get a pretty large amount of 
crafting experience from making symbols.  You can also sell them.
You'll need level 5 crafting, level 40 mining, and level 40 smithing to start 
crafting jewelry.

To start with jewelry, mine some gold.  Mine about a full inventory's worth of
gold ore.  The best area to do this is the mine southwest of Falador (on the 
path to Rimmington).  Go to Falador's furnace, and smelt all the gold into 
bars.  Get a ring mould and use the gold bars on the furnace.  When you put 
the bars into the furnace, rings should come out.  Members will be asked if 
they want to put gems on the rings first.  If you make a ring with a gem in 
it, you can enchant it using magic.  See the Magic section for more details.  
At level 6, you can make necklaces, so make those until level 8.  Then, make 
amulets if you're a nonmember, and rings with sapphires in them if you're a 
member.  Gems can be found by mining, and for members, after you do the Shilo 
Village Quest, they can be mined directly from rocks (no randomness) in Shilo 
Village.  Nonmembers will have to buy gems or find them randomly while mining.
You'll have to cut gems before even being able to use them in jewelry.  
Cutting sapphires requires level 20 crafting, so you might want to go with 
something else to raise your level to that, or just see if you can trade with 
people for cut gems.  More on jewelry later on.
Members can make glass objects.  However, glass doesn't become really useful 
until you're level 30 and above or so, so I'll cover glass later on.

Like glass, Dragonhide items are members only, and require very high crafting 
levels to make, so they will be covered later on as well.

3e. Firemaking
Firemaking is the skill of making fires to cook food on while you're away from
a town.  It's also a good way to use up unneeded wood if you're trying to 
level up Woodcutting so that you can cut really good trees for Fletching some
of the higher-level bows.
The best way to level this up is to cut wood, then use a timberbox with the 
logs to make fires.  This basically goes hand in hand with Fletching and 
Woodcutting, and only really comes in handy to have a high level in if you 
are, for whatever reason, in an area without regular trees and need to cook 

3f. Fishing
Fishing.  The sport of using something to catch a fish to eat.  Or to sell to 
Pkers.  This goes with Cooking.  Having a lot of cooked fish can really save 
you in the Wilderness, or even in one of the harder dungeons during one of the
harder quests (most of them being members-only).  To start this skill, get the
net that you received on Tutorial Island, and go to a fishing spot along the 
coast.  Fish shrimp and cook them until your Fishing level is 5.  Then, head 
to Port Sarim and buy a fishing rod and bait.  Go back to the fishing spot and
catch fish until you reach level 15.  Use the net now and catch Anchovies.  At
level 20, go back to the Port Sarim fishing shop and buy a Fly Fishing Rod.  
Kill a whole bunch of chickens to get some feathers.  Use the feathers and the
rod to catch trout at a RIVER spot until you reach level 25.  Use the normal 
rod and bait to catch pike until level 30.  Now, use the fly fishing rod and 
feathers to catch salmon.  That should be good enough to get you started 
fishing.  Tables and such will come later.
3g. Fletching
Coming soon!

3h. Herblaw
Coming soon!
3i. Magic
Magic.  The skill that lets you fire projectiles, convert objects into gold, 
teleport to certain places, enchant jewelry, and much, much more.  Magic is 
one of the best skills to focus on, simply because it lets you do so much.
To start magic, you'll need runes.  The ones you got on Tutorial Island will 
do for now.  First, go into the Lumbridge castle.  Talk to the Duke and accept
his quest.  Go back outside and head north a little bit.  When you're on the 
path where men respawn, click the magic button.  Click on the Air Strike icon,
and click a man.  You'll fire Wind Strike at him.  Keep doing this to men 
until you run out of runes.  You should be about level 2 or 3.  Now, remember 
that quest I mentioned before?  Well, you'll need to do that so you won't have
to buy runes.  That's just a waste of money at your level.  Later on, it may 
be economical to do so.  Anyway, the Duke said to talk to Sedridor in the 
Wizard's Tower, southwest of Lumbridge.  Head over there (DON'T attack the 
wizards there, they'll kill you easily), and climb down the ladder in the 
building.  Go talk to Sedridor.  Say you're looking for the head wizard and 
give him the thing that the Duke gave you.  He'll say to go talk to Aubrey in 
Varrock's magic shop.  He'll also give you a package.  Put it in the bank at 
Draynor Village.  Head to Varrock, take out the package from the bank, and 
enter the magic shop (use the map if you need to).  Talk to Aubrey, and give 
him the package.  He'll give you some notes.  Stick them in the bank.  Go back
to the Wizard's Tower, and talk to Sedridor again.  He'll take the notes, give
you back the thing that the Duke gave you (an Air Talisman), and you'll have 
the ability to Runecraft now!  Wow, I should've put that in the Runecrafting 
Oh well.  Anyway, go to Varrock and bring your pickax and nothing else.  Equip
the pickax.  Get Aubrey to teleport you to the Rune Essence mining site.  Mine
a full inventory's worth of Essences, then go into the portal.  You'll go back
to Aubrey's shop.  Once you're back, run over to the bank.  Get 1000 essences.
If you have enough money, I'd buy an elemental staff (I'd actually buy one of 
each type)at the staff shop (Zaff's Staffs- how original), and get some wizard 
clothing (witch-like hat, dress, and robe top).  Now, go to Falador.  Go to
its bank, and get the air talisman.  Head southwest of Falador until you see 
an altar (ask directions if you get really lost).  Use the talisman on it, and
you'll be warped to a restored version of the Air Temple.  Interact with the 
altar there to Runecraft.  You should gain a level or so.  Make a total of 500
air runes.  Then, hang out in a crowded place until you can get a mind 
talisman.  Once you have it, let it guide you to the Mind Temple.  Make 500 
mind runes.  You should be up there in Runecrafting level by now.  So, once 
you're all done, head back to Falador's bank, and grab 100 of each type of 
rune.  Then, equip your staff and choose the combat method "Attack with 
<spell>".  Click on the little book, and choose "Air Strike" from the menu.  
Now, you're set to start training magic! (Or, you could've just bought all the
runes you needed.  But that would be a waste of money, wouldn't it?)  Start 
training on the Woman that spawns in Falador.  Or, if someone else is there, 
find a place somewhere where there's a Man or Woman that spawns and keep 
attacking him/her.  You'll get money, bones to bury (increases prayer, more on
it later), and sometimes a few runes or even an Earth Talisman.  Once you've 
run out of runes, go back to Falador and get some more.  Repeat until you have
about 100 left of each type.  Now, buy a Staff of Water if you haven't already
and get the runes again.  Now, start to cast Water Strike on the innocent, 
easily killed civilians.  The Staff of Water gives you unlimited Water Runes, 
letting you cast a better spell.  It saves a LOT of time in the long run.  So, 
as you advance in attack spells, upgrade your staff and runes to match them.

BTW, the attacking elements from weakest to strongest are Air, Water, Earth, 
and Fire.  The attacking spell types from weakest to strongest are Strike, 
Bolt, Blast, and Wave.  So, that means that yes, Wind Bolt is stronger than 
Fire Strike.

That's about it for Magic...for now.

3j. Mining
Mining goes hand-in-hand with Smithing.  It's a necessary skill to know.  
Especially if you want to make a ton of money by smithing things.  So yeah.  
Plus, it's just easier in some ways than Crafting because you can start really
making a lot of money quicker than you can with Crafting.

Okay, to start Mining... get a pickax.  There are mines all over the Runescape
world, so just choose one.  It doesn't matter, since you're just starting out.
I'd recommend getting a Steel pick to start off with (buy at the Dwarven 
Mines).  It's cheap, yet much more effective than Bronze picks.  Which means 
that you'll be higher up on the ladder that is called, in my mind, the "Ore-
hogging ladder".  See, there are people who like to hog ores.  They don't just
mine out of one rock.  They mine multiple rocks, even if people are at those 
other rocks.  Most of these hoggers are people with Runite picks.  Hoggers 
with Addy picks are less common.  Hoggers with Mith picks are even less 
common.  So, by getting a Steel pick to start with, you get to be above the 
newbs who have their little Bronze and Iron picks, and have a half-decent 
chance of beating a hogger with a Mith pick to mine a rock.  So yeah.  Anyway,
since you're probably looking to start smithing if you're trying to mine, I'd
go to the mine southwest of Falador.  It's close to a furnace (unlike the 
Varrock mines) and usually not very crowded.  Especially around the Copper and
Tin rocks (which you need to make Bronze, which is all that you can smelt for 
now).  BTW, the most hoggers are at Coal rocks, since those are needed the 
most for Smithing (needed for Steel, Mithril, Adamantite, AND Runite things).
So you're at the mine.  Hopefully, you have an empty inventory (equip the 
pick, fool!).  Then, just click on a copper rock.  Mine a whole inventory of 
it.  Ignore anyone who drops a ton of copper, because you're not going to get 
any experience from that, and you want experience!  Get that first shipment 
(for lack of a better word) to the bank.  Go back to the mine.  Mine a whole 
inventory of tin.  Return to the bank.  Shove 14 tin in, take out 14 copper, 
head to the furnace, and make 14 bronze bars.  Bars in the bank, ores in the 
inventory, make 14 more bars, go back to bank.  Now, shove all the bars into 
the bank, and head northwest to Doric's hut.  Do his quest.  Basically, talk 
to him, then mine 6 clays, 4 copper ores, and 2 iron ores (you can buy the 
iron ores from the Dwarven mine shop if you don't have the levels to mine 
them).  Give them to Doric.  Yay, you just got a bunch of mining experience 
AND access to his anvils!  And a quest point!  And some money!  Good job!
Anyway, now that you have anvils accessible near Falador, take those bars, all
28 of them, and make them into things.  More on Smithing later, so I'll move 
At Mining level 15, you can mine iron.  Mine it.  NOW, NOOB! -_-; Sorry, I 
just get pissed off randomly sometimes.  It could be that I'm writing this at 
1 AM because that's the only time I have time for this, but whatever.  Anyway,
mine iron.  Level 20, you can mine silver.  Don't.  It's only worth it if 
you're going into the Crafting business anyway.  Level 30, you can mine coal.
That you should mine.  Also, buy an Addy pick.  And, that is where I stop this
because this is a way to get started and not what happens when you master this
skill.  That comes later.

3k. Prayer
Prayer.  It can really save your butt in the Wilderness, along with an item if
you're at a high enough level.  Only problem is, it's a HUGE pain in the ass 
to level up.  There are 2 ways to level up prayer:
-Burying bones
-Doing a quest that involves the undead/prayer/etc

Yeah.  Every monster (minus Imps I think) drops bones.  Pick them up and bury 
them.  Woohoo.  The quests I'm not going into since there's other guides out 
there that only cover quests.

To get started, kill things and bury their bones.  Pick up bones that you see 
throughout the world and bury them.  It takes awhile, but if you want to be a 
Pker, it's worth the effort to be able to conserve that one item that you 
worked so hard to get.  More on Prayer later.
3l. Ranging
Ranging.  AKA, firing projectiles at things from far away.  AKA, Archery.  A 
worthy skill to level up ONLY if you're a member and can fletch your own 
arrows and bows.  Otherwise, it's not that economical when you could just go 
with Magic.  The only time you'd need a decent Ranging level is in the Hero's 
Quest.  Whatever.

Anyway, to get started, equip the bow you got on Tutorial Island.  Equip the 
arrows that you got too.  Then, start firing them at people.  Fun, ain't it?  
A good place to train is the jail in Port Sarim.  Think about it.  Things 
locked up behind bars.  They can't attack you.  Easy experience, anyone?

Ranging doesn't get really fun until you're higher up in levels and a member, 
so more on it later.

3m. Runecrafting
I don't even know why I'm including this when I wrote up it up above... oh 
well.  Just look at Magic for this.  I'm too lazy, I know.  I just put this 
section in for the sake of symmetry in the FAQ.  So yeah.
Copyright 2005 by Michael Eng
The above is to make sure my name is in the guide, even if someone c/ps it 
illegally into their site.
3n. Slayer
Coming soon!

3o. Smithing
Smithing.  IMO, the best money-making skill in RS.  Once you're up there, the 
money just flows.  Constantly.
Okay, to get started, go to the Dwarven Mines and buy a Steel Pickax.  Sound 
familiar, anyone?  Go to a mining site (southwest of Falador or in the Dwarven
Mines are best) and mine 28 copper ores.  Go to a bank in Falador and store 
them in there.  Mine another 28 copper.  Then, store them in the bank.  Mine 
56 tin ore.  That does require two trips.  Okay, so once you have all your 
ore, get 6 clay, 4 copper, and 2 iron, somehow or another (NOT begging).  Go 
northwest and talk to the dwarf in the hut there.  When he gives you the 
quest, talk to him again and give him the items.  Yay, you have anvils close 
to Falador now!  And some gold!  And some mining experience!  And a quest 
So, take out 14 copper and 14 tin from the bank.  Smelt them into Bronze bars 
in Falador's furnace.  Repeat as necessary until you have 56 Bronze bars.  
Then, take out 27 Bronze bars and a hammer (please tell me you have a hammer).
Go to Doric's (the dwarf) hut northwest, sigh at the gate if you're not a 
member, then smith daggers until you level up.  Then make maces.  Then medium 
helms.  Then swords.  Keep in mind that higher-level things take more bars to 
make.  Things not to make, then sell, include:
-Scimitars (UNLESS you're going to Al Kharid to have leather tanned for you)
-Kite Shields (Too many of them in the Falador Shield Shop- Squares actually 
make more gold- Especially Iron ones)
-2-handers (No specialty shop in f2p, and no player would want one)
-Warhammers (Not worth it)
-Battle Axes (See above)
-Plate Skirts (They just look weird)
So, once you reach level 15, you can make iron bars!  Don't until you can 
smith Iron Longswords.  Bronze Plates (Level 18) make a TON of money (to 
newbs), much more than Iron Swords, or Maces, etc.
Once you're level 21, mine 56 Iron ores.  Then, smelt them.  There's only a 
50% chance that an ore will make a bar.  Impurity, my ass.  Anyway, once 
you've smelted all the iron into bars, smith it all into Iron Longswords.  Now
would be a good time to sell all your wares.  Sell your shields first to the 
shop in Falador.  Head on over to Barbarian Village and sell your helms to the
guy there.  Then, go to Varrock and sell plate armor and swords.  I wonder how
much money you made?  Hopefully a lot.
Copyright 2005 by Michael Eng
The above is to make sure my name is in the guide, even if someone c/ps it 
illegally into their site.
Keep making iron things until you reach level 35.  Steel Longswords are 
calling your name.  YAY!  Level up mining to 30 if you haven't already, then 
go mine 112 coals and 56 irons.  Steel bars take two coals and one iron.  So, 
make your bars, then smith, smith, smith!  Blah blah blah.  This is enough to 
get you "started".  More on higher-level smithing later.

3p. Thieving/Pickpocketing
Coming soon!

3q. Woodcutting
Woodcutting.  Essential only if you're a ranger who's a member.
To start:                    
Get a hatchet.  Bronze is fine for now.  Then, cut down normal trees.  For a 
LONG time.  In fact, level 30 is when you can cut down two more kinds of 
trees.  Oak and Willow.  Much more experience is acquired from Willow.
One more thing: you'll probably want a higher-level hatchet when you can cut 
down the rarer trees.  Rare trees= lots of hoggers.
More on this later.

*4. In-Depth Descriptions and Advancements*
Remember that * before an item means it's members only.  And it takes FOREVER 
to make a section's table, just to let you know.
Copyright 2005 by Michael Eng
The above is to make sure my name is in the guide, even if someone c/ps it 
illegally into their site.
4a. Agility
Coming soon!
4b. Combat (Close-range)
Hmmm, how to do this.  Okay, I got it.
So you're wearing your full Mith and got your 2-hander or whatever on you.  
How do you go about continuing to improve your skills so that you can wear 
full Rune and r2h?  Well, you're going to have to do that f2p quest, Dragon 
Slayer.  It's difficult, but the payoff is big (Rune plates- Combat people 
must learn to love these).    
Anyway, there's a few ways you could do this.  1) Do all the f2p quests.  Most
require that you kill some powerful monster.  2) Go into the Wilderness and 
kill people as a Pker.  Prey on newbs only until you get into Addy equipment.
3) Train, train, train on various enemies found in the world.  You know, 
skeletons, humans, guards, all of them.  This may be the best method.  That's 
just my opinion though.  It's good to become a member so that there's even 
more monsters to fight and kill for money and experience, either way you go.  
Unless you can't afford it or your parents won't let you.  In which case, 
please don't bankrupt yourself so you can get Dragon Equipment (different from
Dragonhide equipment) for your level-99 combat pure.  That would be stupid, 
since it's just a game.  That reminds me, the tables are needed (D-von, get 
the tables!)
COMBAT ADVANCEMENTS (with completely skilled ASCII art!) (Not really!)
Equipment type (Color)|Level Required (Armor = Defense, Weapons = Attack)
Bronze (Brown)        |1
Iron (Gray)           |1
Steel (Silver)        |5
Black (Black)         |10
Mithril (Blue)        |20
Adamantite (Green)    |30
Runite (Light Blue)   |40
Dragon (Members, Red) |60
So, as you can see, it's gonna take awhile to get to wear that crazily-good 
stuff the higher-level people are wearing.  
4b. Cooking
Cooking is very important, especially for a Pker.  Here's the tables.  There's
a LOT of food items.  They'll be covered in-depth after the table. * means 
members only.  When I mention Meat as an ingredient, I don't mean chicken.
Name of Food   |Level|        Ingredients              |HP healed
-Cow/Chicken/  | 1   |           Meat                  |  3
Rat/Bear Meat  |     |                                 |
-Bread         | 1   |       Flour, Water              |  4
-Redberry Pie  | 10  |   Flour, Water, Redberry        |  6
-Meat Pie      | 20  |     Flour, Water, Meat          |  8
-Stew          | 25  |   Water, Cooked Meat, Potato    |  12
-Apple Pie     | 30  |     Flour, Water, Apple         |  10
-Wine          | 35  |       Water, Grapes             |  11
-Pizza         | 35  |  Flour, Water, Tomato, Cheese   |  10
-Cake          | 40  |      Egg, Milk, Flour           |  12
-Meat Pizza    | 45  |    Pizza Ingredients, Meat      |  14
-Chocolate Cake| 50  |  Egg, Milk, Flour, Chocolate    |  15
-*Oomlie Wrap  | 50  |  Oomlie Bird Meat, Palm Leaf    |  14
-Anchovy Pizza | 55  |  Pizza Ingredients, Anchovies   |  16
-Ugthanki Kebab| 58  |  Flour, Water, Tomato, Onion,   |  19
               |     |       Ugthanki's Meat           |
-*Curry        | 60  |    Stew Ingredients, Curry      |  19
-*Pineapple    | 65  |Pizza Ingredients, Pinapple Rings|  20
   Pizza       |     |                                 |
That took forever to make...
Okay, onto the descriptions of each thing:
-Cow/Rat/Bear/Chicken Meats: Easy.  Grab the raw meat, cook it over a fire or 
a range.  All done.
-Bread: Pick a wheat.  Grab a pot.  Go to the nearest windmill, go up to the 
top floor, stick the wheat into the hopper, operate it, go back down to the 
bottom level, and grab your flour with a pot.  Fill a bucket or jug with 
water.  Mix the two together, and make Bread Dough.  Put the dough on a range 
or over a campfire.  Voila, Bread.  Mmmm...
-Pies: Make dough, but not bread dough- Pastry Dough.  Get a Pie Dish.  Use 
the two on each other.  Add the third ingredient.  Cook.  Pie is done.
-Stew/Curry: Get a Bowl.  Fill it with Water.  Cook some meat (NOT chicken).  
Grab a potato.  Add the meat and potato to the bowl.  Add Curry if desired.  
Cook.  BTW, you can get Curry from the Spice Stall in East Ardougne.  Steal or
buy it.
-Wine: Get a Jug.  Fill it with Water.  Get some Grapes.  Add Grapes to Water.
Stick mixture in bank.  Wait.  You should get Wine or Bad Wine.  Bad Wine is 
the Wineish equivalent of burnt food.  Don't drink it.
-Pizzas: Get materials needed to make dough.  Make a Pizza Base out of them.  
Get a tomato and cheese from the Port Sarim shop or from Draynor Village (one 
of the houses has them).  Use them with the base.  Use additional ingredient 
with base depending on what pizza you want to make.  Cook.
    -Pineapple Rings: Pick Pineapples off trees in Brimhaven and use a Knife 
on them.
    -Meat: Self-explanatory.
    -Anchovies: Use a Net with a Level 15 Fishing Level to get them.
-Cakes: Get a Cake Tin from the Cooking Guild.  You're gonna need a Chef's Hat
to get in, so be aware of that.  Get a bucket and use it on a cow to get milk.
Grab an egg from a chicken coop.  Get some flour.  Mix them all together with 
the tin to get a cake.  Add Chocolate if desired.  Cook.
-Oomlie Wrap: First, do the Legend's Quest.  Kill an Oomlie Bird or two south 
of Shile for meat.  Shake a palm tree to get a palm leaf.  Use them on each 
other and cook.
-Ugthanki Kebab: Get all the ingredients above.  Ugthanki meat can be acquired
by killing Ugthankis in the south Al Kharid desert area.  Cook the meat.  Make
some Pita Dough out of the Flour and Water.  Use the Tomato, Onion, and Meat 
with the Bowl to make the mix.  Cook the dough, and combine it with the mix.
4d. Crafting
Look at tables.  In-depth descriptions of each item are below.  * means 
members only.
Name                             |Level|  Materials needed  | Tool(s) used
Pot                              |  1  |  Clay Ore, Water   |Pottery Wheel
Leather Gloves                   |  1  |      Cow Hide      |Needle, Thread
*Cut Opal                        |  1  |        Opal        |Chisel
*Molten Glass                    |  3  |    Sand, Seaweed   |Bucket, Furnace
*Beer Glass                      |  3  |    Molten Glass    |Glassblowing Pipe
Pie Dish                         |  4  |  Clay Ore, Water   |Pottery Wheel
Gold Ring (No gem)               |  5  |      Gold Bar      |Furnace (2x)
Gold Necklace (No gem)           |  6  |      Gold Bar      |Furnace (2x)
Bowl                             |  7  |  Clay Ore, Water   |Pottery Wheel
Leather Boots                    |  7  |      Cow Hide      |Needle, Thread
Gold Amulet (No gem)             |  8  |      Gold Bar      |Furnace (2x)
*Gold Ring (Sapphire)            |  8  | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
Leather Cowl                     |  9  |      Cow Hide      |Needle, Thread
Gold Necklace (Sapphire)         |  10 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
Leather Vambraces                |  11 |      Cow Hide      |Needle, Thread
Gold Amulet (Sapphire)           |  13 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
Leather Body                     |  14 |      Cow Hide      |Needle, Thread
Holy Symbol                      |  16 |     Silver Bar     |Furnace
*Unholy Symbol                   |  17 |     Silver Bar     |Furnace
Leather Chaps                    |  18 |      Cow Hide      |Needle, Thread
*Gold Ring (Emerald)             |  18 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
Cut Sapphire                     |  20 |      Sapphire      |Chisel
Gold Necklace (Emerald)          |  24 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
Cut Emerald                      |  27 |      Emerald       |Chisel
Hard Leather Body                |  28 |      Cow Hide      |Needle, Thread
Gold Amulet (Emerald)            |  30 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
*Gold Ring (Ruby)                |  30 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
Glass Vial                       |  33 |    Molten Glass    |Glassblowing Pipe
Cut Ruby                         |  34 |        Ruby        |Chisel
Leather Coif                     |  38 |      Cow Hide      |Needle, Thread
Gold Necklace (Ruby)             |  40 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
*Studded Leather Body            |  41 |  Cow Hide, Studs   |Needle, Thread
*Gold Ring (Diamond)             |  42 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
Cut Diamond                      |  43 |      Diamond       |Chisel
*Studded Leather Chaps           |  44 |  Cow Hide, Studs   |Needle, Thread
*Uncharged Orb                   |  46 |    Molten Glass    |Glassblowing Pipe
Gold Amulet (Ruby)               |  50 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
*Gold Ring (Dragonstone)         |  54 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
*Cut Dragonstone                 |  55 |     Dragonstone    |Chisel
Gold Necklace (Diamond)          |  56 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
Green Dragonleather Vambraces    |  57 |  Green Dragonhide  |Needle, Thread
Green Dragonleather Chaps        |  60 |  Green Dragonhide  |Needle, Thread
Green Dragonleather Body         |  63 |  Green Dragonhide  |Needle, Thread
*Blue Dragonleather Vambraces    |  66 |   Blue Dragonhide  |Needle, Thread
*Blue Dragonleather Chaps        |  68 |   Blue Dragonhide  |Needle, Thread
Gold Amulet (Diamond)            |  70 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
*Blue Dragonleather Body         |  71 |   Blue Dragonhide  |Needle, Thread
*Gold Necklace (Dragonstone)     |  72 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
*Red Dragonleather Vambraces     |  73 |   Red Dragonhide   |Needle, Thread
*Red Dragonleather Chaps         |  75 |   Red Dragonhide   |Needle, Thread
*Red Dragonleather Body          |  77 |   Red Dragonhide   |Needle, Thread
*Black Dragonleather Vambraces   |  79 |  Black Dragonhide  |Needle, Thread
*Gold Amulet (Dragonstone)       |  80 | Gold Bar, Cut Gem  |Furnace (2x)
*Black Dragonleather Chaps       |  82 |  Black Dragonhide  |Needle, Thread
*Black Dragonleather Body        |  84 |  Black Dragonhide  |Needle, Thread
Man, that was a looooong list.  Left out a couple of things on it in the 
interest of making each item only one line long.  So, I'll explain each 
category of object in more detail.
Pottery is pretty easy to make.  Mine some clay, and get a bucket.  Go to a 
water source (Marked on the map by a water drop) and fill the bucket with 
water.  Use it with a clay.  Repeat as needed.  You'll have a bunch of Soft 
Clays now.  Go to a Pottery Wheel and use the clay on it.  Choose the kind of 
pottery you want to make, then make it.  You'll get Unfired Pottery.  Use this
on a Pottery Oven.
Leather items
Leather, while taking slightly longer to compile all the materials for, is 
more profitable than Pottery, since it's actually useful to someone, Rangers 
in particular.  You're gonna need a Needle, a bunch of Thread, some gold, and 
cow hides.  Kill cows for their hides.  One cow gives one hide.  Get as many 
hides as you want, then get the Needle and Thread(s) (Buy them in Rimmington 
or in Al Kharid) and the gold (for normal leather, 1 hide costs 1 coin to get 
tanned; Hard Leather is 3 gold per hide) and head to Al Kharid.  Take the long
way around to avoid paying the toll, or if you already did the Prince Ali 
quest, head through the toll gate, since the toll is removed.  If you're part 
of the Crafting Guild (North or so of Rimmington- qualifications are a brown 
apron and 40 crafting), then head there.  Anyway, head to the tanner, gets 
your hide(s) tanned into leathers, then use them on the needle to choose what 
you want to make.  Make it.  1 spool of Thread makes about 5 items.
For Studded items, smith some Studs out of Steel and use them on the item.
There are two types of Symbols, Holy and Unholy.  Unholy Symbols are members 
only, and dedicated to Zamorak.  Holy Symbols can be made by members and 
nonmembers, and are dedicated to Saradomin.
Copyright 2005 by Michael Eng
The above is to make sure my name is in the guide, even if someone c/ps it 
illegally into their site.
To start making Symbols, first get some Silver Ore.  You can mine it in the Al
Kharid Mine, the mine southwest of Falador, and the Dwarven Mines (I think).  
You'll need a Mining level and Smithing Level of 20 to make Symbols.  Anyway, 
mine the Silver, and smelt them into Silver Bars.  Get a Holy Mould.  Use the 
bars on the furnace while having the mould in your inventory.  Choose the kind
of Symbol you want to make.
Once you've got the Symbol(s) made, you'll need to string it/them.  Buy Shears
from a General Store and use them on a sheep.  Get as much wool as you need (1
Wool from 1 Sheep, 1 Wool needed per Symbol), and use the wool on a Spinning 
Wheel to make a Ball of Wool.  Use the ball on the Symbol to string it.  Now 
this will branch off in two directions, depending on the kind of Symbol you 
HOLY: Get into the Prayer Guild at the Monastery (Prayer level 31).  Bring the
Symbol to Brother Jered and get him to bless it for you.  If you have 31 
Prayer, you can wear the Blessed Holy Symbol and get a Prayer and Defense 
bonus from it.
UNHOLY: Complete the Observatory Quest.  Then, go to the graveyard south of 
the Observatory (on the west side of the river that is west of Gnome Village) 
and get the Spirit of Scorpius to bless it.  If you wear the Blessed Unholy 
Symbol (I thought that would be an oxymoron), you get a Prayer and Attack 
bonus from it.
Glassware is pretty useless until you have a high Crafting level.  I'm talking
a level in the 30s or so.  Until then, you can only make Beer Mugs.  And how 
useful are those?  Not very.  Anyway, you need to be at level 3 to even make 
the Molten Glass that's needed to make Glassware, so yeah.  BTW, Glass is a 
members-only thing.
To make glass things, get a bucket (General Store), Glassblowing Pipe (Spawns 
in a house south of the Entrana dungeon entrance), and Seaweed (Fishing).  Use
the Seaweed on a range or campfire.  Use the bucket on a sand pit to get sand.
Use the bucket of sand or cooked Seaweed on a furnace to get Molten Glass.  
Use the Glassblowing Pipe to make what you want.
To make good jewelry, you'll need gems.  They're found randomly while mining 
or can be mined from their respective rocks in Shilo Village after you 
complete the Shilo Village Quest (Members-only).  To put a gem into jewelry, 
you'll need to cut it first.  Buy a Chisel from a General Store and use it on 
the Gem to cut it.  (HINT for people who sell gems: Cut Gems are much more 
Jewelry is one of the best things you can craft.  The amulets with gems can be 
Enchanted (Magic spell) to make them give bonuses.  Here's a table for that:
Gem in Amulet|Magic Level|        Effects           |Name of Enchanted Amulet|
Sapphire     |    7      |+10 Magic(both)           |     Amulet of Magic    |
Emerald      |    27     |+7 all Defense            |    Amulet of Defense   |
Ruby         |    49     |+10 Strength              |   Amulet of Strength   |
Diamond      |    59     |+5 all Attack, Defense, & |     Amulet of Power    |
             |           | Strength; +1 Prayer      |                        |
*Dragonstone |    68     |+10 all Attack; +3 Defense|                        |
             |           |; +6 Strength; +3 Prayer  |     Amulet of Glory    |
Same levels apply for enchanted Rings, but they have different effects:
-Sapphire- When you get hit, 10% of the damage you got is sent back to your 
opponent; used up after 40 damage has been sent back
-Emerald- Teleports you to the Duel Arena; used up after 8 uses
-Ruby- Gives 100% success rate of smelting iron ore into bars; used up after 
140 uses
-Diamond- If your HP drops below 10%, you'll be teleported to Lumbridge; used 
up after 1 use
-Dragonstone- Monsters you kill drop rarer items; does not get used up
Bear in mind that Rings can only be enchanted and worn by members.
Definitely go for Amulets before going for Rings, except for the Dragonstone 
Anyway, to make jewelry, you'll need, at least, a Gold Bar.  Mine some gold 
(40 Mining required) and smelt it into Gold Bars (40 Smithing required).  Buy 
the Mould you want, and use the bars with a furnace to make it.  Add a cut gem
at this point if you want it (I think the game will ask you if you want to add
one into the jewelry).  For Amulets, to wear them, you have to string them.  
So, look at the Symbols section (up a little bit) for info on stringing 
things.  After the jewelry is all done, you can enchant it, then wear it.  
Good job!
Dragonhide items
Making Dragonhide items is similar to Leather items, except harder.  Mainly 
because you have to kill a dragon for its hide.  And that's just for the 
Vambraces.  You'll need 2 of the color hide for Chaps and 3 for Bodies.  
Yikes.  You gotta be able to kill a dragon or have a TON of money if you want 
to make Dragonhide items.  So, get your hide.  Grab a Needle and some Thread, 
and grab some gold.  Head to a tanner and get your hide tanned into 
Dragonleather.  Use the Needle on the Dragonleather.  Choose what you want to 
make.  BTW, if you can do it, Fletching Bows, Arrows, and other Ranging 
equipment and crafting Dragonhide armor to sell to Rangers (I'd recommend 
going on a Members Server) is a pretty lucrative business.  Try hanging around
a Members Server in Lumbridge or near the Ranging Guild.  You'll be sure to 
get a few customers.
4e. Firemaking
Type of Wood|Level to Light
Normal      |       1
Oak         |      15
Willow      |      30
Maple       |      45
Yew         |      60
*Magic      |      75
That was actually easy to make.  Wow.  How sad.
Not much to say here, the process is the same all around:
Get a Tinderbox and an Axe.  Cut down the tree.  Use the wood with the 
Tinderbox.  Why you'd want to make a fire out of perfectly good Yew logs is 
beyond me though...
Copyright 2005 by Michael Eng
The above is to make sure my name is in the guide, even if someone c/ps it 
illegally into their site.
4f. Fletching
This and the rest of the section coming soon!

*5. What happens when you have high levels in each skill*

All of these are coming soon!

*6. Author Recommendations on what skills to build up*
Well, it all depends on what you want to be.  Do you want to be a Pker?  How 
about a Mage?  Or, do you just want to be flat-out rich?
If you want to be a Pure Physical Pker:
-Smithing- Great if you can remake equipment that you lose in the Wilderness.
-Mining- You gotta get the ores to make the bars to smith somehow!
-Combat- This is a given.
-Cooking- It's always good to be able to cook food that restores high HP.
-Fishing- Fish are good to cook, especially Swordfish and Sharks.
-Prayer- Saves your butt sometimes, and can save an item if you have a high 
enough level.
If you want to be a Pure Ranger Pker:
-Ranging- This is a given.
-Combat- Defense always comes in handy when someone gets hit and rushes over 
to you to retaliate.
-Herblaw (members only)- Poisoned arrows, anyone?
-Fletching (members only)- Always nice to be able to remake bows and arrows 
that you lose.
-Woodcutting- This is a given for Fletching.
-Crafting- Crafting lets you eventually make ranger equipment.  Lightweight, 
but not too shabby in the defensive department, especially Dragonhide 
-Cooking- Food = Health.  Enough said.
-Fishing- Fish = Good food.
If you want to be a Pure Mage Pker:
-Magic- This is a given.
-Runecrafting- Also a given.  You know how much money you waste if you only 
buy runes?
-Cooking- Food.
-Fishing- Fish is good food.
-Crafting- Ammy of Magic is good to have.  Plus if you're a member you can 
make Elemental Battlestaves.  Which are very good things to have.
-Combat- Defense and Attack (Not strength) are necessary if you run out of 
Runes.  And if your Defense is nonexistant, you're pretty much dead at close 
range.  You're also gonna die if you face a ranger.  Remember, arrows spell 
death to mages without the "Protect from Ranged Attack" prayer, which most 
don't have.
If you want to be an Impure (any combination of the above) Pker:
-Magic- Being able to teleport away is good.  So is being able to immobolize 
people, especially those n00bs that won't leave you alone, but who keep 
fleeing whenever you actually start fighting them.
-Crafting- Ammys and Ranger equipment.
-Fletching- Ranger equipment
-Woodcutting- Essential for providing materials to make Ranger equipment.
-Mining- Gems for Ammys and ores for equipment.
-Smithing- Armor and swords are good.  Replacing lost armor and swords is good
-Herblaw- Poison is cool.  Potions are also cool.
-Combat- It's nice to go up close and hack someone to death.  It's also fun to
laugh at someone who can't hit you because of your high defense.
-Ranging- It's also fun to kill someone from afar.
-Runecrafting- Can't use spells without runes!
-Cooking- Food becomes health.
-Fishing- Fish is good, high HP food.
-Firemaking- Making a fire to cook things on is nice, but I'd do it BEFORE 
going into the Wilderness.
If you just want to be rich:
-Smithing- Full Addy can net you 30k.  Full Rune with 2-hander gets even more.
-Mining- Gems that can be sold, and metals for Smithing.  Coal is a mighty 
pain in the ass to get, though, so get a Rune Pick ASAP.
-Fishing- Lobsters and Swordfish net you a nice amount of money.
-Magic- Superheat alone is worth this.  Don't even need a furnace anymore.  
Alchemy is also good.
-Runecrafting- Fuel for Magical spells.
-Crafting- Amulets sell at a nice price.  So do Dragonhide armors.
-Combat- Killing Dragons and making Dragonhide things is a good way to make 
If you want to do all the quests (members too):
-Every skill- Every skill is needed here.  EVERY SKILL.  Well, minus 
Firemaking.  But you get the point.
*7. FAQs*
None yet.
*8. Closing Statements*
This has all the closing statement crap.
8a. Outroduction
This guide was fun to make.  Pain in the ass to make time to do it, but it's 
worth it.  Plus, I learned a lot about RS skills (mostly the members-only 
ones) from the research I did to make this guide.  So yeah.
8b. About the Author
What to say, what to say...
Okay.  I'm an Asian-American.  I was born in the USA, and get pissed off when 
people say that all Americans are stupid.  Remember, we have the nukes!  ^_^
Anyway, I enjoy listening to groups like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Limp 
Bizkit, Metallica, Nickelback, and Green Day.
I believe that the war in Iraq was a good idea, but poorly executed.  I'm a 
neo-conservative.  Conservative economically, liberal socially.  I don't think
that the government has the right to prohibit abortions or gay marriages.  I 
mean, seriously now.  Catholics (I am one, although I don't agree with all of 
their beliefs) don't have the right to impose their religious wills on the 
country.  Plus, really now.  If you know a baby's going to suffer all through 
its life from a birth defect, why make it suffer?  And, if homosexuality is a 
"choice" that people make, why would they want to be something that many 
people are prejudiced against?
While I sound like a complete liberal above, I am conservative economically.  
Taxes suck.  Income tax sucks even more.  I hate the IRS.  I'm in favor of a 
smaller government (which actually helps support my view on social policies).
Oh, and I've been a video game addict since I was 4.  And I actually don't 
have those really, really small Asian eyes that most Asians have.  And I don't
fluently speak any language other than English.  I honestly don't give a shit 
about being Asian.
My character, Mr Marbles 91, is a high-level mage.  He's got mining and 
smithing levels in the 50s.  Don't ask me to make something for you without 
naming a price that you'll pay first.  No, I don't go into the Wilderness.  
Not often, at any rate.  Yet.
8c. Contact Information
I can be contacted in various ways:
-Email- nintendofreak225 (at) yahoo (dot) com
-AIM- nintendofreek225 (I'm not on often though)
-Runescape- Mr Marbles91 (I'm on various worlds, just add me to your friends 
list to check which one)
-GAMEFAQS Message Boards- Explodingjellogun
Rules for contacting me:
1) When emailing, ALWAYS put the subject as "Runescape FAQ".  Otherwise, your 
email will be ignored and deleted (strict filters in place)
2) Before asking a question, read through the guide to make sure it's not 
already answered
3) Don't email me saying things like, "There's no Slayer skill!  What the ****
are you talking about, n00b?!!!!11!1!" or "You spelled Wilderness wrong in 
section 6" or things like that.  Be informed, will you?
4) Don't send me viruses or any other attachments.  I hate that shit.
5) Don't expect me to update this thing every day.  I have things to do 
outside of RS.
6) Don't ask me for my password.
7) Use proper grammar in your emails; i.e., don't send a message like this:
"hi d00d- I just know want how do mine? and thers no slayer skill n00b, I wil 
pWn j00 w/ mhy 1337 r2h and full rune unless you give me ur pw to RS cause you
suck monkey ***** why don't you update ur guide more huh its been 2 days since
u posted u scum-sucking n00bb!!!1!!1111!!!!
Yeah... be polite AND comprehensive.  No flaming, I hate that.
8) No chain letters.  PLEASE.  I hate those things and they take up space in 
my email inbox.
9) No, you may not use this guide on your site.  I don't trust anyone except 
GAMEFAQs, because CjayC always keeps guides updated and doesn't put any ads 
into the guides.  He also gives proper credit for the guides.  So don't email 
me asking/begging/threatening me to let you use this on your site.  Because 
I'll just say no.  If you do anyway, expect legal action from me.  Yes, I do 
have the power of lawyers on my side.
10) Compliments are fine.
8d. Acknowledgements
I'd like to thank the following people:
Me, for making this guide
Jagex, for making an awesome free MMORPG
My computer, for not dying as I typed this up and played RS simultaneously 
(it's a Windows 98 on an IBM)
Various people on RS, for helping me out when I needed it
Anh Lei and morpheusjedi777- I used their guides for research
RS, for being the best free MMORPG out there, so good that it motivated me to 
write a guide for it- plus it ate a lot of free time I had
Check out my other guide at Gamefaqs.  It's for the Sims: Bustin' Out.
More guides will be in the works... eventually.
Copyright 2005 by Michael Eng
Copyright 2005 by Michael Eng
I'm paranoid about sites that illegally steal my guides.           
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