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Free Quest FAQ by blackmage 200

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 07/12/07

Runescape quest guide
This document is copyright 2004-2007 Tom Tarling.


This guide will, obviously, revolve around the free version
of runescape 2, since thats the name of the guide.
I have done all the Free Quests, and thats why I decided to help others
that would like to complete them.
However, I am WARNING you that using a guide should only be a last 
resort, since the quests are supposed to be fun, yet challenging.

Also, please get my permission before using this guide on your site. If
you dont have permission, it counts as stealing, which violates the
copyright law.
GameFAQs may use my guide, please e-mail me if you see it anywhere else
at blackmage200@gmail.com

Also, I will block anyone who begs for gold or items instantly.

Feel free to email me for anything to do with this guide, f2p quests and
anything else related to runescape and quests!

I enjoy reading them... Please allow a few days for a reply, I always
forget to check my emails. :S


In order of appearence [Use Ctrl+F and paste the name in to find...]

Also, now I will list the rewards, in breif, in [brackets], so you 
know which quests to do if you want quick skill experience.
Then, after that, marked inside *_* will be how many quest points it
is worth, so you wanna-be champions can pick quests to get you into
the champions guild fast! It will also say the quests length after, so
you can also pick up the quick and easy 1 point quests. [Estimated]

Black knights fortress [Money]
*3* Medium

Cooks assistant [Cooking xp]
*1* Short

Demon slayer [Silverlight sword]
*3* Medium

Dorics quest [Mining xp]
*1* Short

Dragon slayer [Strength xp, Attack xp, can wear Rune Plate/Dragon]
*2* Very long

Ernest the chicken [Money]
*4* Long/Medium (Depending on how much you cheat using this guide)

Goblin diplomacy [Crafting xp]
*5* Long (Lots of walking back and forth too)

Imp catcher [Amulet of Accuracy, Magic xp]
*1* Varies [Long usually]

Pirates treasure [Gold ring, Emerald, Money]
*2* Medium

Prince Ali rescue [Money, Free use of toll gates]
*3* Long

Romeo and Juliet [None]
*5* Short

Rune Mysteries [New ability: Runecrafting]
*1* Short

Sheep shearer [Crafting xp]
*1* Short

Shield of Arrav [Money]
*1* Varies

Knights sword [Smithing xp]
*1* Medium

Restless ghost [Amulet of ghost-speak, Prayer xp]
*1* Short 

Vampire slayer [Attack xp]
*3* Medium

Witches potion [Magic xp]
*1* Short

Free quests

Black knights fortress:

Start location: Falador castle
Quest points needed: 12
Skills needed: None
Items needed: Cabbage from monastery, Iron chain mail and a bronze
med helm
Monsters inculded: Level 31 knights

Falador castle is around west falador
Black knights fortress is above white wolves
Monastery is on its own, near the wilderness [Its where prayer guild is.]
Chain mail shop is in south falador
Helm shop is in north west barbarians village

Walk through:
Get an iron chainmail (Wayne's Chains in south Falador is cheapest) 
and a bronze medium helmet (helmet shop in the Barbarian Village.) Then go to
the monastery (north west from Barbarians Village, its the best place) and 
take a few cabbages from the cabbage patch.
Next go to the Black Knights' Castle, it's at the northern base of Ice mountain.

You cant get in the front door, so go to the guards door and put on your iron
chain and bronze med, the guard will tell you to get back on duty, therefore
letting you go into the castle.

The castle is a bit maze like, you can explore yourself, or look at my guide
if your stuck:
Push the fake wall in the front room. Then go up 2 floors, there will be another
ladder there, go down it. Now go through 2 doors to the east, then up the ladder
Then down the ladder so you get past the iron wall [confusing huh?] You should
now be in a room with an altar, go out onto the balcony and down the ladder, 
avoiding the knight there. Walk along the narrow passage till you reach a vent
in the wall, right click and choose listen.

Now get your cabbage ready! Run back to the room you were first in when the 
guard thought you were one of them, avoiding damage from the knights on the way
This time you should go through the eastern door, go up a ladder and walk along
the wall till you reach a hole. RIGHT CLICK and use the cabbage on the hole.
Make sure you dont eat it, or you will have to get another! [This is the reason 
why I suggested taking several with you, just in case.]

Done that? Great! Almost done, go back to where you started the quest to claim
your reward, a well deserved 2500 gold coins and 3 Quest points!


Cooks assistant:

Start location: Lumbridge palace kitchens
Quest points needed: none
Skills needed: none
Items needed: Milk, 1 egg and a pot of flour
Monsters included: none

Lumbridge castle is near spawn point in lummy
Chicken farm is on the road to varrock to the north
Cow farm is also on the road to varrock to the north
The grain field is on the road to draynor
The windmill is near the Draynor-Falador crossroads

This is really easy, the easiest in the game even!
Get milk by using a bucket on a cow [Buy bucket from a store]
Get an egg from the chicken farm near lumbridge
Get flour by putting grain in a hopper in a windmill and pulling the lever, 
then go to the bottom floor and collect your flour from the large bowl.

Give all the ingredients to the cook and your done! You recieve cooking exp 
points for doing this simple quest, along with 1 quest point.


Demon slayer

Start location: Varrock square
Quest points needed: none
Skills needed: none
Items needed: 1 gold coin, a bucket full of water and 25 bones.
Monsters included: Delrith [Level doesnt matter]

Varrock square is the place with the big fountain in varrock
Varrock castle is in the northern part of varrock, west of the museum
Wizard tower is south of the crossroads on the way to falador
Varrock sewers are beneath varrock, there is a ladder near the museum
The castle tower is, suprisingly, in varrock castle!

Pay the gypsy in the tent at varrock square 1 gp, she will send you to
see Sir Prysin, who is located in varrock castle. He will instruct you to
find 3 keys.

Key number 1: The easy 1, ask captain rovin in the north tower of the castle
for it.

Key number 2: Go to the palace kitchen and fill your jug with water, then go
outside through the kitchen side door and "examine" the drain. Then use your
jug of water on it, which will wash the key down into the sewers.
Enter varrock sewers and follow the north western path till you find the key
next to a skeleton [dont worry! A dead corspe, not a level 25.] Take it!

Key number 3: Head to lumbridge and kill goblins till you have 25 bones. Then
go to wizard tower and talk to Traiborn, he will cast a spell to get the key
for you.

Now head back to sir Prysin with the 3 keys. Collect your silverlight. It is
time to kill a demon! Head to the dark wizard circle outside varrock and 
attack delrith [Wielding the silverlight, of course!]. Say the correct magic 
words and you will defeat him! [For you impacient people who skipped some text
 and missed the magic words, they are: 

<Removed old information>

With the recent addition of a cinematic, Jagex have made the magic words
different for every player, so be sure to write them down!

Congrats! You get to keep the silverlight sword as reward, which can weaken 
demons, which will be useful in later quests!
You also pick up 3 quest points for your troubles.


Dorics quest

Start location: Dorics anvils near members gate, NW of falador
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: Level 10 mining [or 200 gp to buy the items]
Items needed: 6 lumps of clay, 4 lumps of copper and 2 lumps of iron
Monsters included: None, unless you count the rock golem random event.

Dorics anvils is north west of falador, next to the members gate.
The mine is in 2 places:
-Stairs in residential falador [North east near town walls]
-Drawf mine ladder shaft, on a mountain on the way to falador [north road]

Go to drawf mine and mine the ores, or if you are below level 10 mining, buy
them from the ore shop in the mine. Take them back to doric and your done/

This is harder than it seems, since there is usually high levels hogging the
The reward is good though, 180 gold coins, lots of mining xp!!! and privilage 
of using his anvils. Oh, and 1 quest point towards your total.


Dragon slayer:

Start location: Champions guild
Quest points needed: 32 [to get into champions guild]
Skills needed: 35 smithing OPTIONAL 50 prayer, for protection from the dragon
Items needed: 3 planks, 90 nails, 1 unfired bowl, a wizard mind bomb [from 
most pubs] A lobster pot and a piece of silk.
OPTIONAL: Super potions and prayer potions.
Monsters included: A level 89 dragon [gasp!] and level 80 demons [remember
silverlight? Bring it with you!] And a level 2. [for items]

Locations: [Incomplete, full coming soon!]
Oracle is on ice mountain, the place below the black knights fortress, remember?
Melzars maze is near the crafting guild, south west of falador
Port sarim is south east from falador, but alot of east, not much south...
Ned is in draynor, near where the certificates were/are in runescape classic

You need to get map pieces.

Map piece 1: Either kill worm brain and telekenetic grab the map piece [cheap 
way] or buy it from him for 10,000 gold coins.

Map piece 2: Take a unfired bowl, a piece of silk, a wizard mind bomb beer 
and a lobster pot to the oracle on ice mountain.
Then search the chest in the room of dwarf mines.

Map piece 3: Bring lots of food for this one! Go into melzars maze and kill 
rats till you get a red key, use it on the door and go up a ladder. Kill the 
ghosts till you get the key to go on, then kill skeletons till you get the 
key to go on and then kill zombies till you get the key to go on... This is 
why I said to bring lots of food, its an endurance challenge really...
Talk to melzar then kill him and advance to the room with the demon in it. 
Kill the demon, get the key and go through the door to the chest with the 
last bit of map in it.

Tierd? Its only just started! [Im tierd of writing meh] But lets continue...

Take 2000gp to port sarim and buy a boat from the end of the harbour for 
2000gp. Wow, thats cheap! But considering that its got a huge hole in it, 
its not. Get your planks [availalble in the wilderness, graveyard of shadows]
and then smith some steel nails. Then go back and fix your poor boat 
[remember to bring a hammer!]

Use all the map pieces together if you havent already. Then go to draynor and
talk to Ned and ask him to take you to crandor. Bring some form of 
teleportation or you will have to fight your way through deadly spiders to 
get back out. 
Take some high healing food too, not cakes! They dont count, since it takes 
time to heal all 13 life...
Bring a dragon fire shield and a weapon, preferably a rune battle axe. You 
can get the shield from the duke of lumbridge.

Go to your boat and sail, when you get to the island run to the dungeon 
entrance. Equip your dragon shield and run into the dragons room! He wont 
hit too much if you have the shield and a high defence rating. A good tactic
is Run, heal, hit.
Do this as long as it takes to kill him. YAY!!!

You will be rewarded with tons of strength and attack xp, as well as the 
ability  to wear dragon bodies and rune full plate. Its worth the effort! But
you only get 2 quest points... Oh well, cant complain about the XP!

Break. [And I need one literally after that quest]

Ernest the chicken:

Start location: Outside draynor manour
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: None
Items needed: None [all are in the manour]
Monsters included: A skeleton [optional to kill]

Draynor manour is north of draynor.

Go to the top floor, and you will find a chicken that just happens to be the
person you are looking for [why must all the quests have complications?]
The professer will need your help to bring him back to his human form.

Take a spade from 1 of the rooms and dig in the compost to discover a rubber
tube. Then search the bookcase in the room with red carpet and you will find
a secret room! Solve the lever puzzle and collect the oil can.

SPOILERS for you lazy people out there: Solution to puzzle
Pull A, Pull B, Go northeastern door, Pull D, Go southwestern door, Go southern 
door, Pull A, Pull B, Go northwestern door, Go western door, Go northern door, 
Pull E, Pull F, Go eastern door, Go eastern door, Pull C, Go northwestern door, 
Go western door, Pull E, Go eastern door, Go southern door, Go southern door, 
Go western door.

Take fish food from the second floor and some poison from the witches room. Use 
the poison on the fish food, use the poisoned food on the fountain and then 
search it. You will find a pressure gauge.

UPDATE: I have received e-mails about the fountain. If my memory serves me 
correctly, it is in the grounds of the mansion. If anyone would like to 
check, please mail me with the results. [I did the quest in RS1]

Take the items back to the professer to finish, you will recieve 300 gold coins
and 4 quest points for helping!


Goblin diplomacy: [Another long one to type and to solve. Pain for the
writer and reader.]

Start location: Bartender in pub ar port sarim
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: None
Items needed: 3 goblin mails [kill goblins to get] 200 coins and some dye.
Monsters included: Goblins level 2 and 5 [to get mails from]

Goblin village is near the mind rune alter
Aggie is in a house in draynor

Speak to the goblin general after you have activated the quest at port sarim.
Ask if you should pick for them.

Go to aggie in draynore amd ask her what colour you need, the colour is
different for each player.
Here is a guide for making each dye:

Blue Dye: To make blue dye, you will need 2 woad leaves. Woad leaves are 
available from Wyson the gardener in the garden north of the Eastern 
Falador Bank. If you offer him 20 gp for one, he will give you two for your 
generosity, which saves you a little money [normally costs 15 each, meaning 
30 for 2]

Red Dye: To make red dye, you will need 3 redberries. These can be found 
South-east of Varrock, in the woods east of the dark wizard circle there are
two spots where they grow. Other berries grow there, which are useful for 
other quests so pick them all up if you want and bank the spares.

Yellow Dye: To make yellow dye, you will need 2 onions. These can be found 
in a patch just west of the mine in rimmington.

You can also mix these colors together to make other dyes!

Purple dye: To make purple dye, simply use red dye with blue dye. 
Orange dye: To make orange dye, simply use red dye with yellow dye. 
Green dye: To make green dye, simply use blue dye with yellow dye.

They wont like the colour you have made, so go and add some blue dye to make
them brown, which was the origional colour... They like it. -_- Foolish 

But anyway, you can now collect your reward from them: a gold bar and crafting
xp! And a HUGE 5 quest points, champions guild here we come!


Imp catcher

Start location: Wizard tower
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: None
Items needed: None
Monsters included: Level 2 imps

Wizard tower is south of the crossroads on the way to falador

Kill imps, which can be found everywhere. Keep killing them till you have
all 4 coloured beads.
Then take them back to the wizard at the tower.

The reward is and ammy of accuracy, magic xp and 1 quest point.


Pirates treasure

Start location: Port sarim pub
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: None
Items needed: 100 gold coins, white apron and a spade.
Monsters included:  None [Unless you get lost an karamja]

Port sarim is near the sea. Karajma is accesed from there too.

Talk to the sailors at the docks and pay 30gp to go to karamja. Go onto
the ship and sail there, then get off at karamja. Go to the nearby pub
and buy some rum from the bartender for 30gp.

The customs officer will tell you that Asgarnia has banned the import
of spirits, if you try to go through your alcohol will be confiscated!

Now go to find Luthas, who owns a banana plantation, he will tell you
that his exports dont get searched. Ask for a job and pick some
bananas and put them in the crate. Then put the rum in the plate, it
smuggling time! Now go back across to port sarim.

Put on a white apron and try to go through the food shops back door,
Wydin will stop you so ask him for a job. Then go and get the rum out
of the crates and take it back to where you started the quest.

Frank will tell you a story about treasure and will give you a key.
Take it to the Blue moon inn [SPOILERS] In varrock if you dont want
to search[/SPOILERS] Open the chest upstairs using the key you have.
You will get a note that gives you a clue to the location of the

Go to falador and dig [having a spade in your inventory] at the
location that the statue in the park points to, it will be 2 paths
crossed like an X.

Complete! you will get a gold ring, an emerald and 450 gold coins,
along with 2 quest points for the labour involved.


Prince Ali rescue

Start location: Al-kharid palace
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: None
Items needed: 500 gold coins, ash, water, flour, 7 balls of wool,
2 onions, redberries, soft clay, a bronze bar, 3 beers and a pink
Monsters included: None 

Ned is in the place where certificates were in Runescape classic
Varrock clothes shop is near varrock square
The witch is in draynor 
The prison is in draynor.

Talk to Osman to get all the information you need. Get the 7 balls
of wool and ask Ned [In Draynor] to make them into a rope and a

Now go to Leela and she will send you to the witch. She will offer
to make what you need if you provide the ingredients. Flour, ash,
water and redberries for the skin paste and 2 onions and 5 coins to
make the dye for the wig.

Now go to varrock clothes shop and buy a pink skirt. >_> Then go
back to leela and talk. Now get some clay and a bronze bar. Head
to the Jail and tell Keli that she is famous, then ask for her plan
and ask if shes sure that no one will try to free the prince, ask
if you can see the key and then touch it. You will have the print
of the key now. Give Osman the print and the bronze bar, then go
to Leela and get the key.

Go to the prison guard and talk to him, make sure you find out what
he buys with his wages. Then go back to Leela to discuss your plan.

Get your beers [and try not to drink them] and talk to the guard.
He will take all the beers. Now use your rope on Keli and use the
key on the prison door. Talk to the prince to escape with him.

Now go back to Hassan to claim your reward. Free passage through
the Toll gates and 700gp, and a nice 3 quest points.


Romeo and Juliet

Start location: Juliets house
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: Basic knowledge of varrocks layout.
Items needed: Cadaver berries
Monsters included:  None

See below note.

Note: Juliets house is near the west gate of varrock, it is
found on a branch of road to the north a little way along.

Talk to Juliet and she will explain the situation, deliver the
message she gives you to Romeo in varrock square, where the
big fountain is.

Romeo will send you to Father Lawrence is the North Eastern church
of Varrock. He will tell you to make a Cadaver potion, go to the
apothecary and talk to him. Get the berries and take them back
to him.

Take the potion to Juliet and she will thank you, then go back
to Romeo and claim your reward [Even if Romeo doesnt get it. -_-]

The reward is a massive 5 quest points! For such an easy and quick
quest too! Champions guild is drawing closer!


Rune Mysteries

Start location: Lumbridge palace
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: None
Items needed: None
Monsters included: None

Wizards tower is south of the crossroads on the way to draynor
The rune shop is directly south of varrock east bank.

After getting an air talisman from the duke in Lumbridge,
go to the wizard located in the basement of the Wizards Tower 
south of Draynor. 

After you've talked with him you'll  get a package to take to 
Aubury in the Rune Shop, located in the south-east of Varrock [its
a fire symbol on the map, you cant miss it. 
Talk with him twice and you'll get some notes you have to take back
to the wizard. 

Go back and talk with him, and your finished. You are rewarded
with the ability to make runes. ^_^ Oh, and 1 Quest point too.


Sheep shearer

Start location: Farm west of Lumbridge
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: None
Items needed: 20 ball of wool [If you want an instant complete]
Monsters included: Sheep [Not hostile at all, they are INVINCIBLE!]

The sheep farm is on the way to falador [Southern route via lumbridge]

Buy some shears from the general store and trim 20 sheep, then go
to a spinning wheel anywhere and spin the wool.

Take it back to the Farmer and get your reward: 60 gold coins and
150 crafting xp. At least you get a quest point, which is better than
the other rewards...


Shield of Arrav

Start location: Varrock libary
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: Having a friend
Items needed: 100gp 
Monsters included: None

All the places are found in varrock, the gangs hideouts are secret!
Im not telling! [since you find out as part of the quest anyway]
But anyway, the library is in varrock castle

Search the library till you find the book, get your friend to do the

Now this is the team work bit, 1 of you has to join the phoenix gang,
and the other has to join the black arm gang.


Talk to reldo and ask where their Headquarters are, then go to the
fur trader in varrock square and pay him 20gp to leak the gangs
location. Head over to the hideout, an alleyway in varrock for those
who skipped the text. Heas down the stairs and talk with the person

Kill Jonny the beard to get a report, take it back to straven for the key.
1 half of the shield is in the back, in a chest.


Talk to the tramp near varrocks entrance. Ask him whats down the
alley and he will tell you it's the Black arm gang base. Go into the
alley and talk to Katrine. Tell her you know about the gang, but wont
give away their information. Then tell her to test you to see if you
are trust worthy.

Ask your friend for the key they got from the phoenix gang. East of
the phoenix hide-out there will be a locked door, unlock it with the
key! Go up the stairs and kill the phoenix master of arms. Take the
cross bows dropped and take it back to Katrine, go upstairs into the
hideout and get the shield half.


Trade the half shield so that 1 person has both halves, then go to varrock
museums curator and he will give the person with the shield 2 certificates.
He/she trades you 1 of them, then you both go to the king of varrock to
claim your reward [In varrock palace, dur!]

The reward is 600gp and a quest point. This may not seem much, but the
friend and the gang you're a part of will be very significant in the members
Hero/Legend quest. [Cant remember which]


Knights sword

Start location: Falador castle
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: Level 10 mining and level 37 prayer [optional]
Items needed: 2 Iron bars, a pickaxe and a redberry pie.
Monsters included: Level 53 and 54 Ice Giants and warriors.

Varrock library is inside varrock castle
Rimmington is west of draynor [Confirmed, west of Port Sarim]
Thurgos house is south of rimmington.

After triggering the quest, go to the varrock librarian and ask about the
Imcando drawfs. Then go make a redberry pie if you need one.

Go south of rimmington and look for a drawf called Thurgo. Ask him
if he would like some pie, then asking him about making a special sword.

Go back to the squire for information on the looks of the sword. Go to
sir Vivins room in the castle and open the door, wait for him to walk out
and the search the cupboard for the painting. Take it back to the drawf.

He will tell you to collect 2 Iron bars and a blurite ore. Get the Iron
bars, now get ready to get some blurite. Go down the ladder in thurgos
house and put protect from Melee on. Or just run and hope you don't
get hammered into the ground by Ice giants. Mine a blue rock near
the Giants quickly and get out before your prayer runs out or you


There is apparantly a way to get 2 blurtie swords: This is from dark ninja:

"I found a way how to make a blurite sword for yourself and complete the quest.
When thurgo the imcando dwarf ask you to get the iron bars and blurite ores,
mine 2 blurite ores and get 4 iron bars.talk to thurgo and he will make the 
blurite  sword.now,drop the blurite sword on the ground and quickly talk to 
thurgo and he will make another blurite sword.Take it back to the squire and 
before talking to  him,drop one blurite sword and talk to the squire.He will 
take the sword and you complete the quest.Now,pick your blurite sword and it 
is yours!"

UPDATE: Apparently someone says they got 10 blurite swords. And now someone
else has confirmed it, but says its a huge waste of time. There you go.


Take the stuff back to the dwarf to get the sword. Take it back to the
squire to finish and claim your huge amount of smithing xp. If you were
level 1 you are probably level 22 now. O_o. You also net yourself
a quest point.


Restless ghost

Start location: Lumbridge church
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: None
Items needed: None
Monsters included: Skeleton

-The church is east of lumbridge castle, where the spawn point is.
-The swamp is south west of lumbridge, but you will have to go the
long way around.

After starting the quest, go to the swamp near lumbridge that has the
water alter in it. Look for a house with a person inside, go in and
talk to him, and explain that you need help. He will provide you with
an amulet of Ghostspeak. Dont lose it, you cant get another one.

UPDATE: Apparently, the man now replaces it if you lose it. But try not
to lose the first one eh?

Wear the amulet, and go back to the graveyard in lumbridge. Talk to the
ghost in the room with the tomb in it. He will explain that he cant rest
till he gets his skull back, which is missing!

Head to wizards tower, south from the crossroads between draynor and
lumbridge. You will find the skull in the basement, but be ready for a
fight! As you pick it up a skeleton will appear and attack you. Get rid
of it and return to the ghost. Place the skull on his coffin and were done.

Your reward is to keep the amulet of ghostspeak [DONT LOSE IT!!!] and a nice
1125 points of prayer xp!


Vampire slayer

Start location: Draynor
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: None
Items needed: Garlic, hammer and a wooden stake. Beer is optional. ^_^
Monsters included: Level 39 vampire

The pub is north of varrock, borderline wilderness[!]
The crypt is located in the basement of draynor manour

UPDATE: Dark ninja e-mailed me saying:
After talking to morgan,go upstaris and open the shelves which is hang on 
the wall.Search the shelves and you get a clove of garlic. 

Thank you! Bah, I wasted 100gp on buying one from a player. >_<

But anyway, after starting the quest, go to the Jolly boar inn near the
wilderness [!] above varrok. Once there talk to a doctor person, who wants
beers. Keep on giving him beers till he gives you the wooden stake.

CHECK! Do you have a hammer, garlic and the stake with you?
If yes, continue. If no, go to a bank and/or get the stuff.

Enter the mansion and go to the area with the crypt. Open the coffin in there
and count draynor will attack you. Once he is out of HP you will 
automatically kill him with the stake. If you try it without the 
stake he will regenerate his HP.

Note: To all you power stat trainers, dont start attacking him thinking he is 
easy xp since he regenerates, he gives 10% the normal xp. :P

Anyway, now you killed him you have finished, and get 4,800 attack xp and a
nice set of 3 quest points.


Witches potion

Start location: Rimmington
Quest points needed: None
Skills needed: Ability to burn meat. There is an alternative though.
Items needed: Meat, onion and a eye of newt
Monsters included:

Rats are found in rimmington
Meat is found all over the place, kill a animal
Onions can be picked from a farm on lummmys southern route to falador
The witch is in a house in rimmington.

Gather the items: 
Burnt meat: Cook meat twice on a fire
Rats tail: Kill rats around rimmington
Onion: Pick from a farm near lumbridge
Eye of newt: Buy from port sarim

Take them back to the witch to finish. You get 325 magic xp and 1 quest point.
>_> Wow.


I hope that my guide has helped you out when you were stuck.

I would like to thank:
-CJayC for hosting the FAQ
-Jagex for making the Game

Thanks for reading.

Version history

Any changes which occur are likely due to the re-working of quests
with cinematics by Jagex. Nothing major will change, however e-mail
me if you notice any significant changes to quests.

Version 2.1: Probably Final. Jagex changed one of the quests very
slightly, so minor update to ensure the guide is still valid.

Version 2.0: Final. I am now working on a members quest guide. Also, one
typo fixed in the rewards section.

Version 1.9: Finished rewards section, typos fixed.

Version 1.8: Rewards section created, so you know which quests to do to
train certain skills. It is located on the contents page, no doubt you
have noticed it already.

Version 1.7: Errors fixed, some information was confirmed, updated method to
get multiple blurite swords in Knights Sword quest.

Version 1.6: Errors here and there fixed. Surprised no-one noticed till now.:P

Version 1.5: Full- Update in legal Info... Also redid Contents so that it
was easier to read and use.

Version 1.5: Beta- Loads of tiny changes no one will notice... Other than 
the people who e-mailed me asking for the tiny changes of course! Im sure they
will be happy now... Also, the version history has. <SHOCK> been moved to
the end of the guide for "User friendlyness" Pfft. What is the world coming
too... A table of contents has also been made... Apparently it is too difficult
to know how to spell the quests name. <cough /rant cough>

Version 1.4- Pretty big update really...
Locations of important areas added to most quests, thanks
to a comment from a person who wishes to remain unnamed. Also, keep the 
e-mails coming! I enjoy reading them. Really, I do. As long as its 
constructive critisim or compliments that is. >_>

Version 1.3- More updates: Some guides made more clear, since there was
some confusion in places. Also, a method to get 2 blurite swords!
Thanks to dark ninja for pointing out things to me.

Version 1.2- Updates made: Garlic information added for vampire quest
Also, tried to make part of ernest the chicken more clear, since some
people were having problems finding the fountain.

Final version- Accepted by GameFAQs as a Free version guide. Everything
finished. All typos hopefully gone. Pfft, this wasnt final. <never uses
final as a version type again>

Version 1.1- Finished the free quests.

Version 1.0-  First draft, did most of free quests, submitted hoping
to help people that are trying those quests. I did cover the hard quests,
which should be most useful. Only a few more to go once I am less tierd.

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