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Examination/Definition Database by LanceHeart Gothann

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 08/14/04

**                       RUNESCAPE 2 DEFINITION LIST                        **
**RuneScape2 Definition List - Version 0.1                                  **
**Guide Written By: Alan Lalonde A.K.A. LanceHeart Gothann                  **
**Copyright 2004 Alan Lalonde A.K.A. LanceHeart Gothann                     **
**Email: gothannl AT yahoo DOT com (bot protection purposes)                **
**Website URL: http://www.lanceheart.tk                                     **
**RuneScape2, items and definitions are copyright of Jagex                  **
**                                                                          **
**Unauthorized reproduction of this guide for profit or simply without my   **
**permission is strictly prohibited.  ASK ME FIRST BEFORE TAKING ANYTHING.  **
**                                                                          **
**Allowed sites to host this guide: LHG Domain, RuneHQ, and GameFAQs        **
This list is copyright 2004 of LanceHeart.  All names and definitions are
copyright of Jagex.  Permission is given to LHG Domain (my website), RuneHQ
and GameFAQs to post my list.  For RuneHQ, they only have the right to add it 
to their monster and item databases in their information tables.  They can
only make it into a guide with my agreement stipulations.
The way I work to create this guide is becoming more and more painfully long.
With every new definition, a new entry must be retyped by me.  For the amout 
of time it takes me in order to finish everything, I'm thankful that I have 
the patience to do this.
I've examined each item in this definition list, furthering my claim that this
is list is accurate through first-hand experience and my own creation during
gameplay of this catalogue.  Since the game is ever-changing, it will never be
totally completed.
**                         HOW TO VIEW DEFINITIONS                          **
The definitions are viewed through a right-click command in RuneScape, where
you get the option that looks like this:  "Examine X".  When you examine it,
a definition appears.  This guide contains the most possible definitions I can
access within the game.
**                                  CONTENT                                 **

The content of this FAQ is listed below within categories.  Everything within
each section is classified in alphabetical order.
In order to find a section, search (CTRL+F) for the exact titles given here.

1. Version History

2. Items

3. Monsters

4. Terrain Items

6. NPCs

7. Disclaimer

8. Copyright Info

9. Thanks to...

**                             Version History                              **

Version History goes from most recent to eldest log entry in the guide.

Version 0.3 - Total Work Time: 10 hours
I've added NPCs, some seem to have multiple definintions.  I've also updated
the other sections with all of the new items I've come across that were added
in the latest releases within the game.  In total I have over 50 new items
in the list, 30 new terrain definitions, and 15 more monsters.  Add that to
about 15 NPCs, I've done well over 100 new definitions in under two hours!

Version 0.2 - Total Work Time: 7 hours, 12 minutes
Second release, first one was rejected by GameFAQs so I added monster and
terrain definitions to broaden the horizons of my guide.  NPCs will be the
next part of the guide.

Version 0.1 - Total Work Time: 5 hours, 42 minutes
First release, I've done over 5 hours of work and I can sincerely say that
I've been able to make a guide that's quite extensive, albeit incomplete.
I expect to work on it much more soon.  Since I estimate over 150 items in
the list, I think I'm off to a very powerful start in RS2.

**                                  Items                                   **

***Adamant Chainbody***
A series of connected metal rings.

***Adamant Full Helm***
A full face helmet.

***Adamant Longsword***
A razon sharp longsword.

***Adamant Mace***
A spiky mace.

***Adamant Pickaxe***
Used for mining.

***Adamant Platebody***
Provides excellent protection.

***Adamant Platelegs***
These look pretty heavy.

***Adamant Plateskirt***
Designer leg protection.

***Adamant Sword***
A razor sharp sword.

***Air Rune***
One of the 4 basic elemental Runes.

***Air Staff***
A Magical staff.

***Amulet Mould***
Used to make gold amulets.

***Amulet of Defence***
An enchanted emerald amulet of protection.

***Amulet of Magic***
An enchanted sapphire amulet of magic.

***Asgarnian Ale***
Probably the finest ale in Asgarnia.

A heap of ashes.

***Axe Handle***
Useless without the head.

***Axe Head***
It's missing a handle.
Attach Message: You carefully attach the two pieces together.

***Ball of wool***
Spun from sheeps wool.

Mmm this looks tasty.

A glass of frothy ale.

***Beer Glass***
I need to fill this with beer.

***Blurite Ore***
Definitely blue.

Bones are for burying!

Nice crispy bread.

***Broken Axe*** (all types)
Bob can fix this for me.

***Bronze Axe***
A woodcutters axe.

***Bronze Arrows***
Arrows with bronze heads.

***Bronze Pickaxe***
Used for mining.

***Brown Apron***
A mostly clean apron.

It's a wooden bucket.

***Burnt Meat***
Oh dear, it's totally burnt!

Yuck I don't like cabbage.

***Cadaver Berries***
Poisonous berries.

***Cake Tin***
Useful for baking cakes.

***Cape*** (black cape)
A warm black cape.

***Cape*** (blue cape from Champion's Guild)
A thick blue cape.

***Cape*** (red cape)
A bright red cape.

***Chaos Rune***
Used for mid level missile spells.

It's got holes in it.

***Chef's Hat***
What a silly hat.

Good for detailed crafting.

***Chocolate Bar***
Mmmmmmm chocolate.

Light weight head protection.

***Coins*** (no matter how many you have)
Lovely money!

***Cooked Chicken***
Mmm this looks tasty.

***Cooked Meat***
Mmm this looks tasty.

***Cooking Apple***
Keeps the doctor away.

***Copper Ore***
This needs refining.

***Cosmic Rune***
Used for enchant spells.

***Cow Hide***
I should take this to the tannery.

This fires crossbow bolts.

***Death Rune***
Used for medium level missile spells.

***Dragonfire Shield***
This shield is said to have magical properties against dragon flames.

***Dragonhide Chaps*** (green, bought at champion's guild)
Made from 100% real dragon hide.

***Dragon Vambraces*** (green, bought at champion's guild)
Made from 100% real dragon hide.

***Dwarven Stout***
A pint of thick dark beer.

***Earth Rune***
One of the 4 basic elemental Runes.

***Earth Staff***
A Magical staff.

***Earth Talisman***
A mysterious power emanates from the talisman...

This looks valuable.

***Emerald Amulet*** (unstrung)
It needs a string so I can wear it.

***Emerald Amulet*** (strung)
I wonder if I can get this enchanted.

***Emerald Ring***
A valuable ring.

***Eye Of Newt***
It seems to be looking at me.

Used for fly fishing.

***Fire Rune***
One of the 4 basic elemental Runes.

***Fire Staff***
A Magical staff.

***Fishing Bait***
For use with a fishing rod.

***Fishing Rod***
Used for catching sardine or herring

Get your axes from Bob's Axes.

***Fly Fishing Rod***
Used for catching salmon or trout.

A posh water bowl.

This would make warm clothing.

A clove of garlic.

***Ghostspeak Amulet***
It lets me talk to ghosts.

***Goblin Mail***
Armour designed to fit goblins.

***Gold Bar***
It's a bar of gold.

***Gold Necklace***
I wonder if this is valuable.

***Gold Ring***
A valuable ring.

Some wheat heads.

Good for hitting things!

***Hardleather Body***
Harder than normal leather.

Used for catching really big fish.

***Iron 2H Sword***
A two handed sword.

***Iron Ore***
This needs refining.

The jug is empty.

***Jug Of Bad Wine***
Oh dear, this wine is terrible!

A meaty kebab.

The key to the Phoenix Gang's weapons store.

A dangerous looking knife.

***Hole Mould***
Used to make Holy Symbols of Saradomin.

***Law Rune***
Used for teleport spells.

***Leather Body***
Better than no armour!

***Leather Boots***
Comfortable leather boots.

***Leather Chaps***
Better than no armour!

***Leather Cowl***
Better than no armour!

***Leather Gloves***
These will keep my hands warm!

***Leather Vambraces***
Better than no armour!

This looks tricky to eat.

***Lobster Pot***
Used for catching lobsters.

A number of wooden logs.

A nice sturdy bow.

***Magical Staff***
A Magical staff.

***Maze Key***
A key to Melzars' Maze.

***Necklace Mould***
Used to make gold necklaces.

***Mind Rune***
Used for low level missile spells.

***Mithril Pickaxe***
Used for mining.

***Monk's Robe***
Keeps a monk's knees nice and warm.

***Nature Rune***
Used for alchemy spells.

Used with a thread to make clothes.

***Newcomer Map***
Issued by the RuneScape Council to all new citizens.

It seems to be written in some kind of code.

***Oak Logs***
Logs cut from an oak tree.

***Oak Longbow***
A nice sturdy bow made out of oak.

***Oak Shortbow***
A shortbow made out of oak, still effective.

***Phoenix Crossbow***
Former property of the Phoenix Gang.

***Pickaxe Handle***
Worthless without the head.

The pot is empty.

This could be used to make a good stew.

This is meant to be good for spots.

***Pot Of Flour***
There is flour in this pot.

***Raw Beef***
I need to cook this first.

***Raw Bear Meat***
I need to cook this first.

***Raw Chicken***
I need to cook this first.

***Raw Rat Meat***
I need to cook this first.

***Red Bead***
A small round red bead.

Very bright red berries.

***Research Package***
This contains some vital research results.

***Ring Mould***
Used to make gold rings.

A coil of rope.

***Rune Chainbody***
A series of connected metal rings.

***Rune Essence***
An uncharged Rune Stone.

***Rune Longsword***
A razor sharp longsword.

***Rune Mace***
A spiky mace.

***Rune Platelegs***
These look pretty heavy.

***Rune Plateskirt***
Designer leg protection.

***Rune Sword***
A razor sharp sword.

An intelligence report.

Used for shearing sheep.

Short but effective.

The magical sword 'Silverlight'.

***Silver Ore***
This needs refining.

***Small Fishing Net***
Used for catching small fish.

A slightly muddy spade.

It's a slightly magical stick.

***Steel Axe***
A woodcutters axe.

***Steel Battleaxe***
A vicious looking axe.

***Steel Dagger***
Short but pointy.

***Steel Kiteshield***
A large metal shield.

***Steel Scimitar***
A vicious curved sword.

***Steel Square Shield***
A medium square shield.

***Steel Warhammer***
I don't think it's intended for joinery.

***Strength Potion(1)***
1 dose of strength potion.

***Strength Potion(2)***
2 doses of strength potion.

***Strength Potion(3)***
3 doses of strength potion.

***Strength Potion(4)***
4 doses of strength potion.

Used with a needle to make clothes.

***Tin Ore***
This needs refining.

This would make good ketchup.

***Uncut Ruby***
This would be worth more cut.

***Unstrung Symbol***
It needs a string so I can wear it.

An empty glass vial.

***Water Rune***
One of the 4 basic elemental Runes.

***Water Staff***
A Magical staff.

***White Apron***
A mostly clean apron.

***Willow Logs***
Logs cut from a willow tree.

***Wizards Hat*** (black)
A silly pointed hat.

***Wizards Hat*** (blue)
A silly pointed hat.

***Wizard's Mind Bomb***
It's got strange bubbles in it.

***Wizards Robe***
I can do magic better in this.

***Wooden Shield***
A solid wooden shield.

**                                 Monsters                                 **

***Al-Kharid Warrior***
Part of Al-Kharid's elite fighting force.

***Barbarian*** (level-7)
Not very civilised looking.

***Barbarian Woman*** (level 8)
Scary in an argument!

***Bear*** (level 19)
Eek! A bear!

***Black Knight***
A dark-hearted knight.

***Chicken*** (level-1)
Yep, definitely a chicken.

***Cow*** (level-2)
It's a dairy cow.

***Dark Wizard*** (level-7)
He works evil magic.

***Dark Wizard*** (level-20)
A practicer of dark arts.

***Delrith*** (level-27)
A freshly summoned demon.

***Dwarf*** (level-10)
A short angry guy.

***Farmer*** (level-7)
He grows crops in this area.

***Giant Rat*** (level-6)
Overgrown vermin.

***Goblin*** (level-5)
An ugly green creature.

He tries to keep order around here.

***Gunthor the Brave***
A mighty warrior!

He holds up passers by.

***Imp*** (level-1)
A cheeky little imp.

One of RuneScape's many citizens.

A holy man.

He jumps out and attacks people.

***Pirate*** (level-20)
Yar! Shiver me timbers!

***Pirate*** (level-25)
This ones had too much to drink!

***Rat*** (level-1)
A popular dwarven delicacy.

***Rock Golem*** (levels vary)
Rock with attitude.

***Swarm*** (no level)
A swarm of vicious insects!

***Tree Spirit*** (levels vary)
A very angry nymph.

Known for his lightfingered qualities.

A man down on his luck.

Horse with a horn.

***White Knight***
Nice armour!

One of RuneScape's many citizens.

***Wormbrain*** (level-2)
A badly behaved goblin.

***Wyson The Gardener*** (level-3)
An old gardener.

**                                 Terrain                                  **

***Altar Slab***
I shudder to think what has taken place here.

***Animal Skull***
Dead animal head. Lovely.

Used for fashioning metal items.

***Anvil (Doric's)***
It says "Property of Doric the dwarf." on the side.

***Axe Cabinet***
Break glass in case of emergency.

***Bamboo Tree***
A terribly tall tropical tree.

***Bank Booth***
The bank teller will serve you from here.

***Bank Booth (no banking options)***
This booth is for private customers only.

***Bank Notice Board***
'Ask about our low, low interest rates!'

***Bank Table***
Banking transactions are processed here.

***Bar Pumps***
If only I had one of those at home...

The perfect way to sit at the bar.

A wooden barrel for storage.

A woven storage basket.

A drab looking bed.

Great for sleeping in.

***Bed (large)***
Lovely comfy looking big bed.

***Bed (Goblin Village)***
Technically a bed.

***Bed (2nd floor of the Varrock sword shop)***
A stylish looking bed.

Sit back and relax...

***Blacksmith's Tools***
Various implements for working with metal.

A good source of books!

A huge lump of rock.

A pile of boxes for storage.

A pile of bricks.

Good for sweeping.

***Bull's Head***
Looks like the bull lost.

A commonly found bush.

***Bush (2nd)***
Found in wild areas.

***Bush (leafless)***
All the leaves have fallen off.

Cabbage... yuk!

The perfect place to store things.

How do these things manage to grow?

It's amazing what bees produce!

Posh candlesticks.

One horse power, wooden suspension. A beauty.

***Cauldron (Aggie's)***
I don't even want to think about what's cooking in that.

***Cauldron (Hetty's)***
A large bubbling cauldron, smells... Ugh!
Drink From: "As nice as that looks I think I'll give it a miss for now."

Good for sitting on.

***Chair (type 2)***
The ideal thing to sit on.

***Chair (padded in red)***
A comfortable seat.

***Chair (in Hetty's house)***
Do I dare sit on this?

***Chair (Falador Bar)***
The perfect way to sit at the bar.

***Chaise Longue***
A comfortable seat to recline and recuperate.

***Chaos Altar***
Shrine to the glory of Zamorak.

Trinkets and stuff.

***Chemistry Table***
There are some strange chemicals here.

***Closed Bank Booth***
This booth is closed.

***Closed Chest***
I wonder what's inside.

***Clothes Model (female)***
I'm guessing it's for making womens clothes.

***Clothes Model (male)***
Helps making human clothing.

***Coffin (closed)***
Whoevers inside must have been rich.

***Coffin (2nd closed one in museum)***
A really posh upright coffin.

***Cooking Pot***
Something is cooking nicely here.

***Cooking Shelves***
Storage for cookery items.

Now that's what I call a slimline!

Now he's just too thin.

***Corpse (sitting)***
He looks very relaxed.

Items are for sale here.

An old crate for storage.

***Crumbling Wall***
It looks like I might be able to climb over this piece of the wall...

***Crystal Ball***
The scrying glass of a seer.

***Cupboard (closed)***
This may be worth opening.

***Curtain (closed)***
The curtain is closed.

***Curtain (open)***
The curtain is open.

***Curved Bone***

Commonly found in grassy areas.

***Dead Tree***
It's only useful for firewood now.

***Door (Closed)***
The door is closed.

***Door (Open)***
The door is open.

***Dragon's Head***
Not what I would pick as a wall decoration.

***Drawers (closed)***
These open and close!

***Drawers (open)***
This may be worth searching.

The perfect accompaniment to a bedroom.

The easiest opponent I'll ever fight.

***Eerie Statue***

A hardy evergeen tree.

***Evil Eye Decoration***
Looks like an eye with huge lashes.

A commonly found fern.

***Fern (next to Varrock bank)***
A fern is growing here.

***Fern (next to Varrock bank, humorous)***
Is this a weed?


A fire burns brightly here.

***Fishing Spot***
I can see fish swimming in the water.

***Fire Remains***
A recently extinguished fire

A grand old fireplace.

***Flower (light blue)***
That's pretty.

***Flower (red)***

***Flowerbed (blue)***
These smell nice.

***Flowerbed (red)***
A bed of red flowers.

Very rare flowers.

***Flowers (three red flowers)***
Don't flowers make you feel better?

***Flowers (two light-blue)***
I wonder what these are?

***Food Trough***
Animals have no table manners.

Everyone needs a water feature.

A hot place for forging things in.

A wooden gate.

***Gate (metal)***
A wrought iron gate.

A tablet covered in weird looking squiggles and pictures.

***Gnome Glider***
Fly Gnome Air.

***Grandfather Clock***
Tick-tock, it's a clock.

***Hanging Banner***
Mmmm decorative!

***Hanging Banner (2nd)******
I don't know art, but I like it!

***Hat Stand***
A stand for hats!

***Hay Bails***
I bet there's a needle in it somewhere.

Smells lovely!

***Heather (special, near north part of wall leading to Port Sarim)***
Who is this heather girl?

Keeps the neighbours out!

***Large Bone***
A dog's idea of heaven.

***Large Door***
A sturdy wooden door.

***Large Door (double)***
A large double door.

Used to squeeze moisture from the hide.

***Market Stall***
Always a source of good bargains.

Looking good!

Not good for eating.

***Mysterious Ruins***
There is a powerful presence about these ruins...

***Mystical Wall Chart***
Weird looking symbols and diagrams.

A beautiful old oak.

It's a onion. (the typo is in the game)

***Open Chest***
Perhaps I should search it.

***Open Cupboard***
This may be worth searching.

A beautiful landscape.

I never learnt to play.

***Piano Stool***
Time for a recital?

***Pile of Skulls***
Disturbing but tidy.

An old crumbled pillar.

***Plant (round, bushy)***
A small bushy plant.

***Plant (full of leaves, flatter)***
A leafy fern.

***Plant (large leaves)***
A leafy shrub.

It's like a land rudder.

A painting of the King looking royal.

Hail to the King!

***Potted Fern***
A small potted plant.

***Potted Plant***
A large potted plant.

***Potter's Wheel***
Used for fashioning clay items.

***Pottery Oven***
Bake your clay pots in here.

Makes you taller.

Ideal for cooking on.


***Rocking Chair***
Good for rocking in!

A rocky outcrop.

A deposit of rocks.

Broken parts of an old temple.

These may have something in them.

***Sacks (Goblin village, easternmost house)***
Unusually lumpy looking.
Prod: "You hear a muffled groan.  The sack wriggles slightly.
Open: "I have no reason to do that."

A wooden structure used in the process of building.

Use this to get changed behind and retain modesty.

Storage for all needs.

***Shelves (Falador Bar, full)***
Full of lovely drinks!

***Shelves (Falador Bar, empty)***
Someone was thirsty...

Ideal for washing things in.

***Small Fern***
A commonly found fern.

***Smashed Chair***
Not so good for sitting on.

***Spinning Wheel***
Used for spinning thread.

***Staircase (going up)***
I can climb these stairs.

***Staircase (going down)***
They go down.

***Standard (Asgarnia)***
A standard of Asgarnia.

***Standard (Barbarian Village)***
A tatty old standard.

***Standard (Varrock)***
A standard of Varrock.

***Standing Torch***
A crude torch stuck in the ground.

An unusual symbol of ancient times.

***Statue (in museum)***
An expertly chiselled statue.

***Statue (2nd in museum)***
A carving of a figure from the history of RuneScape.

***Statue (bird, in museum)***
An expertly chiselled statue of a bird.

***Statue of a King***
A monarch chiselled in stone.

***Statue of a Warrior***
This person was of great importance.

***Statue Steps***
A base for the statue to sit on.

I can climb over the fence with this.

A bit large for a bracelet!

Some small stones.

Good for sitting on.

***Suit of Armour***
Looks kind of like a man made of metal.

***Suit of Armour (Museum)***
I always wonder if someone's hiding inside when I see these.

***Sword Cabinet***
Break glass in case of emergency.

A nice sturdy looking table.

Useful for putting things on.

***Table (large)***
A banquet could be eaten from this.

***Table (in Hetty's house)***
A creepy looking table.

***Table (Rommik's place)***
Items for making clothes are kept on here.

***Table (smashed)***
At one time it was for putting things on.

***Tanning Line***
Prepared hides hang here drying.

A kingly seat for a royal behind.

***Timber Defense***
These obviously mean keep out!

Link an animal dinner table.

A commonly found tree.

***Tree (form 2)***
One of the most common trees in RuneScape.

***Tree (uncuttable palm tree)***
A tree found in tropical areas.

***Tree Stump***
This tree has been cut down.

An expertly crafted model of a vase.

This contains dye for leather.

***Wardrobe (closed, in Aggie's shop)***
I wonder what this spooky item contains.

***Wardrobe (open, in Aggie's shop)***
It smells funny in there.

***Warehouse Shelves***
Storage for all needs.

Best used with a bucket.

Baby bread.

A handy workbench for a handy person.

A splendid tree.

**                                   NPCs                                   **

A financial expert.

It's a Blue Morpho Butterfly.

These look much better in the wild.

Oh, it's a camel.

If crafting's your thing, he's your man!

***Gem Trader***
Makes his money selling rocks.

Maybe he'll grant me a wish...

***Gnome Pilot***
He can fly the glider.

***Kebab Seller***
Kebabs are full of meaty goodness!

He looks a little shifty.

***Shop Assistant***
Likes you more the more you spend.

***Shop Keeper***
A product of consumerist society.

***Silk Trader***
Very snappily dressed!

Manufacturer of fine leathers.

Sells superior scimitars.

**                                Disclaimer                                **

This list is copyright 2004 of LanceHeart.  All items and definitions are
copyright of Jagex.  Permission is given to LHG Domain (my website), RuneHQ
and GameFAQs to post my list.  For RuneHQ, they only have the right to add it 
to their monster and item databases in their information tables.  They can
only make it into a guide with my agreement stipulations.

My website, for referrence, is http://www.lanceheart.tk
The RuneScape 2 website by Jagex, fore referrence, is http://www.runescape.com
The RuneHQ website, for referrence, is http://www.runehq.com
The GameFAQs website, for referrence, is http://www.gamefaqs.com

**                             Copyright Info                               **

This guide is copyright 2004 of Alan Lalonde A.K.A. LanceHeart Gothann
RuneScape, RuneScape 2, and RuneScape Classic are copyright of Jagex
All items and definitions are copyright of Jagex

**Sites allowed to have my information**
LHG Domain (my site) - http://www.lanceheart.tk/
RuneHQ - http://www.runehq.com/
GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com/

If you've read this text-based guide on a site other than those listed,
PLEASE contact me immediately at gothannl *AT* yahoo *DOT* com
Please replace the *AT* by @ and the *DOT* by . to email me. (SPAM Issues)

**                               Thanks to...                               **

Myself, LanceHeart Gothann, for not giving up on this guide.
My parents for letting me chase a dream of contributing to any community.
CJayC for hosting the largest FAQ/Walkthrough site in the web's history.
Weezy and MrStormy, owners of RuneHQ, for using my info with credit.
Jagex for making RuneScape 2 such an addictive and fun game.

YOU, for taking the time to read this guide!

**                          Thanks for reading!                             **

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