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Monster List by agentblue00

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/03/03




Version 1.3 Submitted to both IGN.com and Runescape Guides.cjb.net!

Fixes from version 1.0

*Fixed King Black Dragon information
*Sorted Monsters into Members and Nonmembers section.
*new monsters added to members list.
Fixes From version 1.1

*Added Black Knight Titan
*Added Fire Giant
*Added Bouncer
*Added Chronozon
*Added Extra information to the following monsters:
		King Black Dragon
		Pack Leader
		Grey Wolf
		Ice Spider
		Poisen Spider
		Sir Midred
		Animated Axe
Fixes From Version 1.2
2 new sites to host my faq, permissions have been changed. 

NOTE: Some monsters may be left out, and some treasures may not be accurate.
Fixes will come in later versions. Monster Level(ML)*2+20.

Free to play monsters.

Level 2

Rat: 2 hits. 24 XP. An easy one to kill. Can be found anywhere, and sometimes
drops a rat's tail, which is needed for a quest. Treasure: None.

Spider: 2 hits. 24 XP. Small, easy to miss creature, a good fight for a new
player. Can be found anywhere. Treasure: None.

evel 3

Chicken: 3 hits. 26 XP. Easy to kill, and it provides Rawmeat, which can be
cooked (see the Cooking section). Found on or near farms and the Champions'
Guild. Treasure: Meat and sometimes Feathers, which can be used for fly

Hans: 7 hits. 26 XP. Hans hangs out in Lumbridge Castle. he doesn't seem to
have any purpose, though you can talk to him.
Treasure: None.

Level 5

Imp: 8 hits. 28 XP. Hundreds of these nasty little buggers were summoned by the
Wizard Grayzag, and now they're stealing everything in sight, including four
magic beads from the Wizard Mizgog. They can be found in a variety of places,
which I will not mention, as they are part of a quest. Treasure: They drop
anything on the general items list, but no quest items (except for the beads,
of course).

Level 7

Goblin: 6 hits. 36 XP. These green creatures are found all over Runescape. They
are not aggressive, but they are a good fight for a new player. Treasure:
Usually 1-2 gold or runes, sometimes a bronze square shield or beer, rarely
fishing bait, chef's hat, crossbow bolts, a brass necklace, or a shortbow.

Level 8

Cow: 8 hits. 36 XP. Cows wander around in the fields on the farms near
Lumbridge. They can be killed for meat and cowhide, which can be taken to the
tannery to make leather. Treasure: Meat and Cowhide.

Giant Spider: 6 hits. 38 XP. A little more powerful than its smaller cousin,
can provide a tough fight for a new player. Can be found anywhere. Treasure:

Giant Rat: 8 hits. 40 XP. Larger versions of normal rats, these are found only
in the Varrock Sewers. They can be killed for meat. Treasure: None.

Wyson the Gardener: 7 hits. ?? XP. Wyson wanders the garden in Falador. He is
unique among Runescape mobs (him and Straven, but I don't have Straven's level)
in that you can't attack him, but he can attack you. He is part of a quest.
Treasure: None.

Level 9

Man: 8 hits. 38 XP. Men in black shirts and pants. Can be found anywhere.
Treasure: Usually a few gold or 1-2 runes, sometimes an herb, rarely 25 gold, 5
arrows, copper ore, or 1 fishing bait.

Level 10

Johnny the Beard: 9 hits. 41 XP. Johnny, a member of the Blackarm Gang,
frequents the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. He is part of the Shield of Arrav
Quest. Treasure: Johnny always has a Scroll, which you need for the quest.

Mugger: 10 hits. 40 XP. Men in red shirts and black pants who can be found in
the Varrock slums and the first part of the Ice Giants Dungeon. They will
attack anyone they encounter, hoping to get some gold, and will run if they are
being beaten. Treasure: Gold.

Level 13

Darkwizard (clean-shaven): 12 hits. 46 XP. These are the weaker wizards; they
can be found near the Stone Circle and just south of Draynor Village. They are
aggressive, and will always attack players who come too close. Treasure:
Usually gold, a staff, a black hat or robe, or 3-4 elemental runes/1-2 new
runes; sometimes thread.

Giant rat: 10 hits. 45 XP. Larger cousins of normal rats, giant rats can be
found all over Runescape. They are more aggressive, but will run away if they
are losing a fight. You can kill them for meat.
Treasure: None.

Goblin w/spear: 14 hits. 48 XP. A more powerful breed of goblin encountered on
the road between Varrock and Barbarian Village, the swamp south of Lumbridge
Castle, and the Goblin Village. Treasure: Usually 5-10 gold, sometimes a few
runes or a red cape, rarely a bronze axe or scimitar, blue wizard's hat, or

Highwayman: 13 hits. 46 XP. Highwaymen can be found only on the road north of
Morgan's Village and the crossroads just north of Port Sarim, where they waylay
passersby. Treasure: Always a black cape.

Monk: 15 hits. 44 XP. Bald-headed men in brown robes, they can be found in and
around the monastery in Asgarnia. They are peaceful and will heal some hits (8)
if asked, and always run from a fight. Treasure: None.

Level 15

Farmer: 12 hits. 50 XP. Men in brown clothes, can be found near the farms of
Lumbridge. Treasure: Gold, a few runes, or fishing bait.

Weaponmaster: 12 hits. 50 XP. Guard to the Phoenix Gang's out in the Varrock
slums. Treasure: Bones.

Level 16

Barbarian: 14 hits. 52 XP. These are bearded men in leather armor with iron
helms and bronze axes. They are found, obviously, in the Barbarian Village.
Treasure: Often gold, runes, or a flier for Bob's Axes, sometimes a fur or
staff, and rarely a beer, iron mace, 15 arrows, a ring mold, bronze axes, uncut
sapphire, or uncut emeralds.

Wizard: 13 hits. 52 XP. These blue-robed mages can be found at Wizard's Tower,
and one wanders around the crossroads south of Falador. They are not
aggressive, but put up a tough fight against low-level players. Treasure: A
Wizard's Robe and a Wizard's Hat (both blue, of course).

Level 18

Dwarf: 15 hits. 56 XP. Shorter versions of barbarians, they can be found in and
around the underground mine atop Ice Mountain. Treasure: Pick axe or hammer,
copper, tin or iron ores, sometimes a bronze bar or bronze medium helm, rarely
a bronze battle axe, coal ore, iron dagger, or iron bar.

Warrior, male: 19 hits. 56 XP. Purple shirted men who patrol the area around
the palace in Al-Kharid. Treasure: Often gold, sometimes 1-5 runes, a bronze
helmet, 5 arrows, copper ore, or cabbage, rarely an iron dagger.

Level 19

Monk of Zamorak: 20 hits. 59 XP. These evil monks look just like the good
monks, except that they wear red robes. They can be found in their tower at the
far NW corner of Asgarnia. If you attack them, try to pick up one of their iron
maces or the wine, or cast spells on them in battle, they also curse you,
lowering your Attack, Defense, Strength, and hits by 3!
Treasure: Iron mace.

Zombie: 20 hits. 68 XP. Blue-skinned walking corpses that infest the Varrock
sewers. They are not aggressive and flee when seriously wounded. Treasure:
Gold, sometimes 5 fishing bait.

Level 21

Scorpion: 17 hits. 64 XP. Another one that has caused the death of many a
newbie. These creatures can be found mainly in the Chasm Mine, where they
harass people trying to get ore from the rocks there, and in the sewers of
Varrock. Treasure: None.

Skeleton: 14 hits. 61 XP. To new players, this creature will appear red. It is
not recommended you attack it until you become more powerful. Skeletons can
easily overwhelm new players. Can be found in Draynor Manor, the basement of
Wizard Tower, and in the various dungeons.
Treasure: Gold, runes, or arrows; sometimes a jug, an herb, rarely iron ore.

Thief: 16 hits. 64 XP. These shady characters can be found in the slums of
Varrock and wandering around the docks of Port Sarim. Treasure: Usually gold,
sometimes a few arrows or fishing bait.

Unicorn: 15 hits. 61 XP. These can be found wandering the forests near Varrock
and north of the Barbarian Village. They always run from a fight. Treasure:
Unicorn horn.

Dark Warrior: 16 hits. ?? XP.
Location: Dark Castle, Wilderness.
Appearance: Black Plate chest and legs, Black battle axe, Black medium helmet.
Aggressive: No.
Treasure: coins, black mace, black medium helmet, bronze medium helmet.

Level 24

Bear: 20 hits. 68 XP. Bears can be found in the forests near Lumbridge and
Varrock. They can be killed for fur and meat. Treasure: None.

Zombie: 23 hits. 68 XP. These horrid undead things are found in any dungeon.
Unlike their lesser cousins, they attack mindlessly, but they do retreat.
Treasure: Usually gold, sometimes a crossbow or iron mace, rarely runes, a
hammer, or a bronze bar.

Level 25

Ghost: 20 hits. 70 XP. One of these can be found in the Castle graveyard (but
you can't attack it). Others roam Draynor Manor and the Varrock Sewers. The
ones in the sewers will attack you, but the others will not. Tough opponents,
and not worth the time it takes to kill them, as they don't even leave bones.
Treasure: None.

Darkwizard (bearded): 21 hits. 68 XP. These are the more powerful wizards,
found only near the Stone Circle. As with their weaker counterparts, they will
attack passersby. Treasure: They usually drop gold, black robes, or runes.

Skeleton: 24 hits. 72 XP. These resemble exactly their lesser cousins, but they
are aggressive and slightly more powerful. They are found solely in the middle
section of the Ghost Town Dungeon.
Treasure: Gold, sometimes 2 arrows, an herb, 8 air runes, an iron dagger,
bronze long or short sword, a jug, or grain, rarely iron ore.

Weaponsmaster: 15 hits. ?? XP. The Weaponsmaster guards the Phoenix Gang's
weapons store. He will always attack anyone who tries to take his weapons, but
is otherwise cordial. Treasure: None.

Witch: 74 hits. Witches wear black cloaks and black hats, and can be found in
Draynor Manor and in the house south of Al Kharid.
Treasure: None.

Level 26

Bear: 26 hits. 72 XP. These bears look just like their more peaceful cousins.
They are found solely in the Wilderness, however, guarding several arrow spawns
at Wilderness level 11, and a pair wander around due north of there, at Level
17. Treasure: Meat and fur.

Poison Scorpion: 21 hits. 72XP. These scorpions are just like thier relatives,
yet more dangerous. These bugs are aggressive & will poison you EVERY time you
fight them. They can be found in the members dungeon past the animated axes.
Treasure: Zilch.

Level 27

Pirate: 19 hits. 76 XP. Bearded men in black shirts and pink/red pants (yes,
pink - apparently they're secure in their masculinity), these guys hang out in
the Ice Giants' Dungeon. Treasure: Gold, a few runes, or a bronze scimitar;
sometimes arrows, rarely an iron dagger, chef's hat, or iron plate.

Warrior, female: 20 hits. 76 XP. These warrior women stride the halls of the
Varrock Palace sporting the new women's armor in iron and wield iron battle
axes. Treasure: None.

Level 28

Guard: 23 hits. 78 XP. These are the guys in iron chain mail and bronze helms
who wander around Varrock and Falador, breaking up fights between characters.
Treasure: Usually gold, grain, a jug, or a bronze helm, sometimes a bronze long
sword, an iron dagger, runes, or arrows.

Level 29

Monk of Zamorak: 28 hits. 77 XP. These more powerful monks look just like the
others, and they curse you just as badly. Treasure: Steel mace.

Level 30

Straven: 23 hits. 61 XP. Straven is down in the Pheonix gang wandering around.
I don't know anything else about him.

Delrith: ?? hits. 72 XP. This demon can be found in the Stone Circle near
Varrock; he can only be fought with Silverlight. Treasure: None.

Pirate: 27 hits. 80XP. These one eyes pirates are located only on in the new
members town of brimhaven(on the island of karamja). Although not powerful
these guys are not recommened for beginners. Treasure: Eye patch, nature
rune(1), chaos rune(1), law rune(1), fire rune(1), air runes(7), arrows(9-15),
iron daggers & scimitars.

Level 31

Giant Spider: 26 hits. 81 XP. Very big, hairy spiders found only at the far end
of the Varrock Sewers. Treasure: None.

Skeleton w/scimitar: 30 hits. 82 XP. As the name suggests, these are skeletons
with scimitars and buckler shields, found in the far end of the Varrock sewers.
Treasure: Often gold, sometimes runes, a wooden shield, iron dagger, or bronze
bar, rarely a hammer, bronze chain, or an iron helmet or scimitar.

Level 32

Hobgoblin: 31 hits. 84 XP. These creatures look just like beefed-up goblins
without spears. They can be found only in the Ghost Town dungeon and the Ice
Giants' Dungeon. They are aggressive, but flee whens seriously wounded.
Treasure: Gold, sometimes an iron axe, an herb, iron short sword or bronze
battle axe, or limpwurt root, rarely a steel dagger, steel longsword, goblin
armor, or crossbow.

Zombie w/Axe: 30 hits. 84 XP. These creatures can only be found near the end of
the Ghost Town dungeon. They guard the brass key that opens the door to the
small house north of Barbarian Village. They are aggressive, hard to kill, and
deal a fair amount of damage, but they do flee. Treasure: Gold, iron short
sword, iron medium helmet, sometimes runes or an iron scimitar, rarely an iron
bar or bronze kite shield.

Level 34

Jailguard: 29 hits. 68 XP. These guys guard the jail just south of Draynor
Village. Treasure: None.

Level 36

Deadly Red Spider: 32 hits. 92 XP. Large red spiders that inhabit the cave at
the very end of the Varrock Sewers. They are very aggressive, and very
dangerous. Their eggs can be combined with Limpwurt Root to make a 4-dose
Strength Potion.
Treasure: None

King Scorpion: 30 hits. 88 XP. These larger versions of the normal scorpions
spawn in the lower ends of the Dwarven Mines, where iron, coal, and other
high-level ores are mined. Treasure: None.

Level 37

Giant: 35 hits. 95 XP. Giants resemble large humans, and can only be found at
the end of the Ghost Town dungeon. They are aggressive, but easy enough to kill
if you're strong enough. Treasure: Lots of gold, a few runes, brown apron,
bronze mace, large iron helm, iron kite shield, beer, limpwurt root, iron
dagger, unfired pie dish, or rarely a steel long sword or iron mace.

Gunthor the Brave: 33 hits. 72 XP. Gunthor is the leader of the barbarians, a
mighty fighter. He can be found in the meadhall, and like the others, he is not
aggressive (but rude if you talk to him). Treasure: Gold, sometimes runes, a
flier, a dozen arrows, or an iron mace.

Level 43

Count Draynor: 35 hits. ?? XP. Count Draynor is a vampire, and the subject of a
quest. He lurks around his coffin the basement of Draynor Manor. He does not
attack unless provoked. Treasure: None.

Level 45

Melzar the Mad: 44 hits. 109 XP. Melzar the Mad owns the Maze just north of
Rimmington, and can be found in a small room in the basement. Treasure: He
always drops the Magenta key, as well as coins or runes of various types.

Level 46

Black Knight: 38 hits. 112 XP. There are only three black knights in Misthalin:
one between Morgan's Village and Wizards' Tower, one in the woods north of
Varrock, and one around the Boar's Head Tavern northeast of Varrock. They are
extremely powerful, but fortunately, they are not aggressive. There is an
entire castle of black knights atop Ice Mountain in Asgarnia, and more
(aggressive) ones wander the Wilderness. They also roam parts of the members
dungeon. Treasure: Gold, runes, bronze scimitar, short bow, tin ore, sometimes
an iron short sword, a herb, iron large helm, or steel bar, rarely a steel mace
and/or iron large helm, flour (no pot), or bread.

Level 54

Skeleton Warrior: 54 hits. 126 XP. Skeleton Warriors inhabit Crandor Isle, the
island where the Dragon lives. They guard the path to the dragon's lair.
Skeleton Warriors look exactly like Skeletons, just larger. Treasure: Gold,
bronze bar, bronze chain, iron axe, short sword, or medium helmet.

Level 56

White Knight: 43 hits. 132 XP. White Knights are the counterparts to black
knights. They wear iron armor and can be found in the White Knight Castle and
keeping the peace around Falador. Treasure: 5-70 gold, runes, bronze battle
axe, iron ore, iron long sword, steel short sword, long bow, half an apple pie,
pot of flour, med steel helm, or rarely 1-3 steel or iron bars.

Level 57

Ice Warrior: 59 hits. 172 XP. Ice Warriors are blue-skinned men in mithril
armor, wielding steel maces. They inhabit the Ice Caves and the Glacier along
with the Ice Giants. They are aggressive and fight to the death. Treasure:
Gold, runes, bronze or iron battle axe, rarely a mithril mace.

Level 59

Chaos Dwarf: 58 hits. 138 XP. Chaos Dwarves resemble normal dwarves, except
they have red skin, and wear steel chain. They are aggressive, and can be found
at Level 31 in the Wilderness. Treasure: Gold, runes, coal, rarely a muddy key,
mithril bar, mithril long sword, or mithril plate.

Level 62

Moss Giant: 56 hits. 144 XP. These resemble Giants, but carry staves and have
longer beards. Treasure: Lots of gold, limpwurt root, bronze two-handed sword,
sometimes a medium steel helmet or steel bar, or rarely a magic or air staff,
spinach roll, black square shield, mithril short sword, or mithril plate.

Level 68

Ice Giant: 60 hits. ?? XP. Ice giants look like big blue-skinned giants
wielding staves, and they can only be found in the Ice Giants' Dungeon. They
are aggressive and extremely dangerous. Treasure: Gold, 10-20 runes, banana,
iron plate skirt, iron two-handed sword, steel axe, dagger, short sword,
shield, or black kite, or rarely a mithril mace, mithril ore, mithril square
shield, or diamond amulet.

Level 79

Demon, Lesser: 83 hits. 175 XP. The lesser demon can only be found in a cave on
the island of Karamja, and in the cage in the top floor of the Wizard's Tower.
The lesser demon looks just like his weaker cousin Delrith in the Stone Circle.
They are aggressive, but run when they are reduced to a few hits. Treasure:
Gold, ashes, 2 death runes, 8 chaos runes, 40 fire runes, gold nugget, steel
scimitar, large steel helm, steel axe, sometimes 1-2 wines, or cadavaberries,
sometimes 2 tunas, rarely a mithril short sword, square shield, chain mail or
plate, or a runite medium helmet.

Level 89

Demon, Greater: ?? hits. ?? XP. Greater demons are found only in far edges of
the Wilderness (level 48), at the northeast corner. They are, of course,
aggressive, and very powerful. Treasure: Gold, runes, sometimes a mithril kite,
rarely a runite large helm.

Level 110

Green Dragon: ?? hits. 30,510/220 XP. The legendary Green Dragon is the subject
of a quest. There is a picture of it on the main RS page. Killing the dragon
gives you the right to purchase the fabled Rune Plate Armor. The XP totals
noted above are special: if you kill the dragon by yourself, as part of the
quest, you get the first number (55 for Attack and Hits, the rest split between
Strength and Defense). The second number is for when two or more people help to
kill the dragon. Treasure: None.

Level 3

(members only)Kalron: 4 hits. 26 XP. Can be found at the very beginning of the
Gnome Maze. Treasure: Bones.

(members only)Gnome Troop: 4 hits. 26 XP. Can be found anywhere in the Gnome
Maze, By Khazard Battlefield and in the Gnome Stronghold. Treasure: Bones.

(members only)Local Gnome: 4 hits. 26 XP. Can be found anywhere in the Gnome
Maze, By Khazard Battlefield and in the Gnome Stronghold. Treasure: Bones.

Level 18:

(members only)Chaos Druid: 16 hits. 56 XP. Red robed druids which are located
in the new members dungeon. One of the easiest ways to obtain herbs are through
these harmless fellows(1/12 chances of getting a herb). Treasure: Herbs, Bronze
Long Sword, Iron daggers, strenght potion, cure poison potion, defense potion,
law rune(1), fire runes(5), air runes(24).'

Level 26:

Poison Scorpion: 21 hits. 72XP. These scorpions are just like thier relatives,
yet more dangerous. These bugs are aggressive & will poison you EVERY time you
fight them. They can be found in the members dungeon past the animated axes.
Treasure: Zilch.

Level 27:

Warrior, female: 20 hits. 76 XP. These warrior women stride the halls of the
Varrock Palace sporting the new women's armor in iron and wield iron battle
axes. Treasure: None.

Level 31:

(members only)White Wolf Sentry: 31 hits. 82 XP. The weakest of the wolf family
are located on the ice moutian connecting taverly and catherby. They may seem
to be a weak foe, yet are challenging to many.They are also aggressive.

(members only)Black Unicorn: ?? hits. 82 XP. A branch off of the unicorn
family. They can only be found in lvl. 24 wilderness due east of the graveyard.
Nothing more known about them. Treasure:??

Level 32:

(members only)Giant Bat: ?? hits. 84 XP. The bats can be found at two member
locations. One, right outside of Morgan Le Faye's castle, and in the members
dungeon. They are aggressive and can be quite a task to finish off for a
beginner. There bones are used for a quest. Treasure: Bat bones.

Level 40:

(members only)Bandit: ?? hits. 100 XP. Nothing is really known about these men,
just that they give 100 XP. Treasure: ??.

Level 41:

(members only)White Wolf: ?? hits. 100 XP. The second weakest wolf in the
family is also located on the ice mountain connecting taverly & catherby. They
are aggressive and deadly to weak and helpless prey. Treasure: None.

Level 46:

(members only)Animated Axe: 35 hits. 112 XP. One of the more, /unique/ monsters
Andrew came up with, are Animated Axes. These Iron axes float around inside
parts of the members dungeon. Oh yes, for obvious reasons, these monsters don't
drop bones. Treasure: Iron Axes(who'd have guessed?)

Level 50:

(members only)Baby Blue Dragon: 38 hits. 120 XP. These are Baby Blue Dragons,
obviously. They only appear in one place, a large room full of Blue Dragons and
related objects(blue dragon scales, eggs) deep inside the Members Dungeon. They
may be rather low for Dragons, but adult Blue Dragons(lvl 105) wander in the
same room.
Treasure: Big Bones

Level 51:

(members only)Renegade Knight: ?? hits. 124 XP. These are the renegade knights
who guard Morgana's fortress. They are aggressive, and are clad in full black
plate. Treasure: Coins, iron short sword, large iron helmet.

(members only)Jailer: 45 hits. 122 XP. These burly foes are aggressive and very
powerful. They are located in the members dungeon by the explorer. Highly
touted to be a low level player killing enemy. Treasure: Jail cell keys,
coins(35), bones.

Level 58:

(members only)Sir Mordred: 45 hits. 136 XP. Sir Mordred is on the top floor of
Morgana's fortess. He is part of the Merlin quest, kill him, and his mother
pops out. He drops nothing, not even bones. Treasure: None.

(members only)Ogre: 45 hits, 136 exp. Found in Ladder east of Ardougne main
dock, Chaos Druid Tower, near Kandarin River Tresure: Big bones

(Members Only)Jogres:45 Hits 135 XP. Found in Brimhaven Jungle. Treasure: Big

Level 61:
(members only) Undead One:?? Hits. 142 XP. You can find them in an underground
passage, and looks like a zombie. Treasure:??

Level 63:

(members only)Poison Spider: 49 hits. 147  XP. Poison spiders, like the poison
scorpions, poison you. And just like the poison scorpions, they drop zip. They
are located deep inside the members dungeon I believe. Treasure: None.

Level 64:

(members only)Ice Spider: 49hits.149  XP. These guys roam the ice dungeon. They
don't drop anything, and are a real pain. Treasure: None.

(members only)Grey Wolf: 49 hits. 148 XP. Not much is know about the grey
wolves, but they are located in level 27 wilderness. Treasure:Grey Wolf Fur.

Level 71:

(members only)Pack Leader: 55 hits. 162 XP. These ferocious canines are located
on the ice mountain connecting catherby & taverly. The most poerful of the wolf
branch are aggressive and do not flee if weakened, which makes them a dangeroud
foe. Treasure: Nothing.

Level 76:

(members only)Lord Darkquarius: 79 hits. 172 XP. The lord of the black knights
palace in the underground members dungeon. A helmetless lord of the black
kights battles with the excalibur and is known to pick on high level players by
attacking and running & (like no other monster) heals for a hit point or 2.
This guy is aggressive. Treasure: Iron large helm, iron short sword,
gold(5-85), steel mace.

Level 83:
(Members only) Hero: 64 hits. 162 exp. Found in Ardongue, looks like a night
weithout a helm. Treasure:Half key, Blood rune, chaos rune, coins.

Level 95:

(members only)Tree Spirit: 92 hits. 210 XP. A giant tree(with eyes) located on
the new members island of entrana. A challenge for ANY player because you are
not allowed weapons on the island. Also the branch of this tree is used for a
quest. Treasure: Nothing.

Level 105:

(members only)Blue Dragon: 109 hits. 180 XP. The Blue Dragon is only found in
the Members dungeon. Deep inside the dungeon, the blue dragon practicaly owns a
large room full of eggs and Baby blue dragons. They are aggresive, and there
are more than one in the room. Treasure: Herbs, Bass, coins, Steel battle axe,
nature and water runes, rune dagger, mith battle, mith legs, mith plate.

Level 109:

Fire Giant: 87 Hits. 254 XP. Fire giant, Kin to the Moss Giants, and the normal
Giants, as well as the Ice giants. Can be found in Fire Giant Cave and the
Waterfall. Treasure: Coins, Herbs, Rune Scimitar, Big Bones, Nature Runes, Fire
Runes, Chaos Runes, Key Halves, Blood Runes, Steel Hatchet, Strengt Potion (2
dose), Gems, Mith Square, Lobster

Level 114:

(members only)Hell Hound: 121 hits. 248 XP. Nothing is really know about these
evil canines, just that they are located deep in the members dungeon. Treasure:

Level 121

(Members Only)Chronozon: 94 Hits. 282 XP. Found In edgeville, part of the
Family crest Quest. Treasure: Piece of Family Crest.

Level 122:

(members only) Bouncer: 94 Hits. 284 XP. Found in the Fighting Arena quest,
Like hell hound, but slightly stronger. Treasure: Nothing.

Level 140:

(members only)Red Dragon: 134 hits. 300 XP. These red fire breathers have thier
own habitat, on the red lava isle in level 27 wilderness. Like any other dragon
they are aggressive and highly dangerous even with anti-dragon shield.
Treasure: Chocolate cakes(2), mithril kites(3), coins(100-2k), rune long sword.

Level 146:

(Members Only) Black Knight Titan: 113 hits, 340 XP. An enourmous titan of a
man that roams the Wilderness. Treasures: Nothing

Level 156:

(members only)Black Demon: 142 hits. 332 XP. An enourmous demon that resides
deep inside the members dungeon. With arms the size of a player this monster
uses pure strength to hit up 19 even w/ silverlight! They are agressive and do
not run. Treasure: Coins(15-3k), rune chain, rune 2-hand, rune battle axe, rune
suare, adam bars(1-3), often rune medium(1/26 chance).

Level 200:

(members only)Black Dragon: 171 hits. 420 XP. The grand prize for all monsters
is the feared black dragon. Equipped with fire breathe and scalely skin(good
defense) this is one dangerous foe. They are only located in the very back of
the members dungeon. They are aggrssive and do not reatreat. Treasure:
Coins(90-??), rune kite(rare), adam 2-handers(1-3), law runes(3), death
runes(3), mtih 2 handers(1-5), herbs(1-5).

Level 245:

(members only)King Black Dragon: 190 hits. 510 XP. If you wish to put your
combat skills to a test, try to kill the King Black Dragon which will make for
a good challenge. They are aggressive and do not retreat. They are located in
the dungeon in level 40 wilderness. Treasure: Coins(3k-5k), dragon medium
helmet(rare), rune 2-handed swords(rare), rune battle axe, adamite plate chest,
rune long sword, rune hatchet, rune bar, 20 yew log certs, 20 iron ore certs,
ruby amulet of strength, air runes(70), fire runes(70), 10 death runes, 10
blood runes, 10 law runes, arrows(310+), half key.

My thanx goes to Andrew and Paul Gower as well as the rest of the Jagex team
for creating such
an amazing game. I also would like to thank CJayC for using my faq on his
website, and last but not least
I would like to thank myself, cause I'm the best there is, was, and ever will

Credits of those who helped with this faq:
Side Winder
Elite Hunter
and http://www.geocities.com/ngrunescape/bestiary2.html
for allowing me to base my faq from their website.

This guide is (c) 2003 Agentblue


Please do not use this guide, in either part or whole for any website without
contacting me first. The only sites with my permission to use this faq is

If you see any mistakes, or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me
at agentblue88@hotmail.com

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