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FAQ by Magic Mario

Version: 1.40 | Updated: 07/14/04

  MMMMMM  ;X        i8BM08.                                      MMMMM:
 MBZZ08M MMMMM     MMMB0@MMM                              ,SMMMMMM
rMZZXZr;M0aB8M@   MWSMB20BMM 2MMMMMM@7               77MMMMMMZ
 M0X22BW2 BMMS      MMM;        ZMMMMMMMMX           .:
 ;MMMMMM                     SBMMMMM@    ;MMMMMS   BMMMMM8   MMMMMZX       ; .
           :.@S   @MMMMMMMX   M;XXXZ0M M228MMB: MM8aZWMa2M.M82ZMW0aWW MMMWa7ZZM
               M@ .ZMW@M      MZaBMBaW MS@2Xr0 MWaaZMBMaZM MX220aMB8a,M7a2MMaZM
         rZ      X7MMMMW       7MMMMMM   MMMMMMM            MMMMMMX   MM@W0MMM

                             ~ R U N E S C A P E ~

                    |         ~ WALKTHROUGH/FAQ ~         |
                    |   Author : Kevin Bray               |
                    | Net Name : Magic Mario              |
                    |  Contact : magic_mario@hotmail.com  |
                    |   System : PC                       |
                    |  Version : 1.40                     |

|   INTRO    .----------------------------------------------------------------|
|------------'          ~ I N T R O D U C T I O N ~              .------------|
|----------------------------------------------------------------'   INTRO    |

     Ok folk this is THE Runescape FAQs. I can safly say that this is the best
text written guide on the net. I have been playing Runescape for a very long
time now and finally I decided to take my time and write a guide for it. Each
skill is broke down and decribed and I find that this will help a lot. Theres
tons of information in the guide, so use the Find option to get around. Have
fun folk, as I have had fun writing this.

|  TABLE OF  .----------------------------------------------------------------|
|------------'       ~ T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S ~       .------------|
|----------------------------------------------------------------'  CONTENTS  |

   SECTION                                                                CODE
   -------                                                                ----
1. Versions..............................................................[0001]
2. Basics Of The Game....................................................[0002]
3. Runescape (RS2).......................................................[0003]
   I. Skills.............................................................[003I]
      a. Agility (Members)...............................................[03Ia]
      b. Cooking.........................................................[03Ib]
      c. Combat..........................................................[03Ic]
      d. Crafting........................................................[03Id]
      e. Firemaking......................................................[03Ie]
      f. Fishing.........................................................[03If]
      g. Fletching (Members).............................................[03Ig]
      h. Herblore (Members)..............................................[03Ih]
      i. Magic...........................................................[03Ii]
      j. Mining..........................................................[03Ij]
      k. Prayer..........................................................[03Ik]
      l. Ranged..........................................................[03Il]
      m. Runecrafting....................................................[03Im]
      n. Smithing........................................................[03In]
      o. Thieving (Members)..............................................[03Io]
      p. Woodcutting.....................................................[03Ip]
  II. Quests.............................................................[03II]
 III. The Wilderness.....................................................[3III]
      a. Building the Right Wilderness Character.........................[IIIa]
      b. Ideal Places to PK..............................................[IIIb]
  IV. Items..............................................................[03IV]
      a. Weapons.........................................................[3IVa]
      b. Armor...........................................................[3IVb]
      c. Misc. Equipment.................................................[3IVc]
   V. Random Events......................................................[003V]
  VI. Jukebox............................................................[03VI]
 VII. Exp. Chart.........................................................[3VII]
VIII. Text Effects.......................................................[VIII]
4. Runescape Classic (RS1)...............................................[0004]
   I. Skills.............................................................[004I]
      a. Agility (Members)...............................................[04Ia]
      b. Cooking.........................................................[04Ib]
      c. Crafting........................................................[04Ic]
      d. Fishing.........................................................[04Id]
      e. Fletching (Members).............................................[04Ie]
      f. Herblaw (Members)...............................................[04If]
      g. Magic...........................................................[04Ig]
      h. Mining..........................................................[04Ih]
      i. Prayer..........................................................[04Ii]
      j. Smithing........................................................[04Ij]
      k. Thieving (Members)..............................................[04Ik]
      l. Woodcutting.....................................................[04Il]
  II. Quests.............................................................[04II]
 III. The Wilderness.....................................................[4III]
  IV. Certificates.......................................................[04IV]
   V. Items..............................................................[004V]
      a. Weapons.........................................................[04Va]
      b. Armors..........................................................[04Vb]
      c. Misc. Equipment.................................................[04Vc]
  VI. Exp. Chart.........................................................[04VI]
 VII. Text Effects.......................................................[4VII]
5. My Last Few Words.....................................................[0005]
6. Special Thanks........................................................[0006]
7. Copyright Information.................................................[0007]
8. Contact Information...................................................[0008]

NOTE: You might be wondering what the little numbers are next to the things
      above are. These are easy ways to find what you are looking for. Hold
      Ctrl and F at the same time and the Find Window will come up. Type in the
      code for the section that you want to go to, then hit enter twice and
      you will be sent to were you wanted to go. This is case-senstive!

| Code: 0001 .----------------------------------------------------------------|
|------------'              ~ 1 . V E R S I O N S ~              .------------|
|----------------------------------------------------------------' Section: 1 |

New Updates

Version 1.40
-Well Runescape 2 is finally out and I must say it is looking good. The new
 graphics look a lot better, and there is a lot more interaction with the game
 now then there was before. I have totaly revamped my guide and it will now
 include Runescape Classic (or RSC) and the regular Runescape (or RS2).

 Within the new guide is basily a whole new layout so get used to it. I have
 the guide spilted into 2 gaming sections. Runescape, and Runescape Classic.
 Each guide will be for ONLY that game. The Runescape section is for the NEW
 game and the Runescape Classic section is for people that still play RSC.

 Inside each of the game section it will be broke up into littler sections
 like Skills, Quests, Items, ect. Also each an every little section in this
 guide will have its own code. Type the code (not the brackets) into the find
 screen (Ctrl + F) and hit Find Next twice to get where you want to go.

 For the moment there will be a good amount of "Coming Soon" signs so don't
 expect everything to be done now. I hope to get this thing done (to a point)
 for all the people that keep e-mailing me about RS2 stuff. Well here you go!

Old Updates

Version 1.30
-Oh well I guess that wasen't the last update that this guide will see. I added
 a guide for the new Runecrafting skill. By me doing this I had to add the Rune
 Mysteries quest in the Quest Section. Added search codes for all of the
 section for easyer reading. Added and fixed a few things here and there.

Version 1.00
-I removed the Enemies Section because it is everychanging and I don't have the
 time to put a new monster up every time a new one is added. Plus I don't
 really know anyone who needs an enemy listing. Well this is the last update,
 it's final, I have finished the guide. I made a few revision but everythings

Version 0.90
-After along time of doing anything for this FAQs, and tons of people e-mailing
 me about it, I have started working on this thing again. The other six skills
 are all done and I only have the Monsters lets to do. Yay.

Version 0.86
-Almost done, only 4 Skills left, and then the Mosters, then I'm done! Maybe
 two updates left!

Version 0.80
-I have finished the Quest Section!

Version 0.70
-Fixed some things, and have all of the Free To Play Quests Done!

Version 0.51
-Fixed a lot of spelling errors.

Version 0.50
-Fixed the version number, finished another Skill, finished one Quest, and
 wrote a lot of Monsters down. I'm about halfway finished.

Version 0.40
-Getting bigger, have everything done, but Skills, Quest, and Monsters. These
 are going to take a good long time.

Version 0.25
-First update, have the Skills Agility, and Cooking finished. Have a lot of
 little things finished like Weapons, Armor, Text Color, Exp. Chart, and some
 other things. Next update is going to be bigger, a lot bigger.

| Code: 0002 .----------------------------------------------------------------|
|------------'    ~ 2 . B A S I C S   O F   T H E   G A M E ~    .------------|
|----------------------------------------------------------------' Section: 2 |

     There is a few things you might want to know before you go killing a
Dragon, or anything. Some of these suggestions will help you from being banned
so you might want to take a look.

-Also for new people, DONT BEG. You will get nothing, and it makes you look
 bad. Plus its annoying for a person to come up to you and ask for free crap.
 So don't do it.

-Don't call people bad names, it's mean, plus you can get banned for it. This
 also makes you look bad, and it can be bad for your health. The person that
 you were joking can get one of his strong friend to take you out. So don't do

-Fight, fight, fight. You will never get strong if you don't kill things. Go up
 from killing easy things, to killing harder things.

-Try not to get a Skull over your head. This can only happen in the Wilderness,
 and will only happen there if you attack another person. A skull lasts for 20
 minutes, and if you die in that time while the skull is over you head, you
 loss all of your equipment. This is bad, and sucks when you have Full Rune.

-Have Fun, and try not to tick off anyone. This is a great place to meet
 people, and interact. Talk and make a lot of friends, it will help you in the
 long run.


     Well to start things off, Runescape is an MMORPG, and this stand for
Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. You can see why they summed it
up in six letters now can't you?

     The basic sum of the game is to become the strongest person in the
Runescape World. This of chouse takes a lot of time. To be the best, means you
really have to spent tons of your time fighting, and gaining levels. A lot of
people of chourse just play to have fun, not to be the best, just have a fun
time playing. An example of that kind of people is me. I really don't spend a
lot of my time trying to be better than everyone, I just take the game one step
at a time and not let it interfere with my life. I think that's the best way to
do it.

     This is probably one of the few games I have seen where you can make
friends, and interact with other people. This makes good if you are very
unknown at your school and have no friends, but when you log onto Runescape,
the outside world leaves you and you're a different person. In real life you
could be a real nobody, but in Runescape, you could be a buff fighter that all
of the ladies love. It's a great thing to play if you have a lot of stress, and
you just need to get away. It's really just a great game we all know as

| Code: 0003 .----------------------------------------------------------------|
|------------'         ~ 3 . R U N E S C A P E   (RS2) ~         .------------|
|----------------------------------------------------------------' Section: 3 |

     This section is for the "New" Runescape, or RS2. Its the same game just
that it has better graphics and added odd and in things here and there. Most
people play this version of the game, but theres a few that cling to Classic
Runescape. This is the only version of the game that will still be updated,
because so little people still play RS1 that updating it would be a waste of

                              I. SKILLS - [003I]

a. Agility (Members) - [03Ia]

The Skill \____________________________________________________________________

     Agility is probably the most useless skill you can get up but after you
get high enough, there's some money in it. The skill itself is making your
character into an alaleat. You go around courses doing various things to get
experience and thats about it. The higher your Agility is, the faster you will
gain back your energy when you are walking, or standing.

The Courses \__________________________________________________________________

Gnomes' Course

     West of Ardougne you will find the Gnomes' Stronghold. After getting there
you will notice little Gnomes walking around telling you to go faster and
helping you with any questions you might have.

                            ______           _  ____
                           |      |         |       |
                           | Log  |         | Pipes |
                           |______|         |____  _|
                              |                ^
                              v Net            | Net
                             ______                ^
                            |__|___|               |
                               v                 Tree
                             Tree               Branch
                              Branch               ^
                                 -----> Tight Rope |

     Sorry about the crude drawing but I think it gets the point across. Since
the picture is so bad I will explain it below.

-Move across the log to begin the course.
-Climb the net and you will end up in a tree.
-Climb the branch to get to the 2nd level of the tree.
-Balance across the Tight Rope to get to the other Tree Branch.
-Climb the last Tree Branch to reach the ground.
-Climb over the last net.
-Crawl through the Pipes to finish the course.

                       | Obstacle         | Exp. Given |
                       | Log              | 7.5        |
                       | 1st Net          | 7.5        |
                       | 1st Tree Brance  | 5          |
                       | Tight Rope       | 7.5        |
                       | 2nd Tree Branch  | 5          |
                       | 2nd Net          | 7.5        |
                       | Pipes            | 7.5        |
                       | Completed Course | 92.5       |

Barbarians' Course

     After obtaining the 35 level in Agility, and finishing the Bar Crawl part
of the Scorpion Catcher you can go into the Barbarians' Course. To reach the
course you must go far North of Ardougne and past the Baxtorian Falls. You must
have 35 in Agility to go through the pipe to get to the course. Remember that
at this course you can get hurt if you fail a part of the course. You will
never get killed here because the damage you take is based on how much HP you
have left.

                            Crumbling Wall
                           ^                Rope Swing
                           |                  |
                           Ledge              v
                               <---         Log
                                   Net <---

     Yet another bad art of the course but hey it works. Again here is what the
drawing means.

-Rope Swing over the spikes. (Can take damage)
-Balance on the Log over the Pond. (Can take damage)
-Climb the Net and enter the building.
-Walk over the Ledge over the spikes. (Can take damage)
-Jump over the three Crumbling Walls and your through.

                       | Obstacle         | Exp. Given |
                       | Pipe             | 10         |
                       | Rope Swing       | 20         |
                       | Log              | 12.5       |
                       | Net              | 7.5        |
                       | Ledge            | 20         |
                       | Crumbling Walls  | 12.5 Each  |
                       | Completed Course | 139.5      |

Wilderness Course

     This course is located deep within the Wilderness, so theres a chance that
you will die before you even get to the course. After going through the gate
that connects the F2P wild and the P2P wild, go back to the level 52 wilderness
and to the West and you will reach a gate and a ledge. You must be level 52 in
Agility to walk across this ledge and if you fail then you fall down into the
wolfs. Bringing food out here is a good idea, and having some equipment never
hurts either.

                                 Stones  <----
                                   |      Rope
                                   v      Swing
                                  Log       |
                                |           |
                                v          Pipe

     Here is what the art means.

-Crawl through the Pipe and you will reach the Rope Swing.
-Swing over some spikes using the Rope Swing. (Can take danage)
-Walk over the lave on the Stepping Stones. (Can take damage)
-Walk over the pit by using the Log. (Can take damage)
-Walk past the Skeletons and climb the Rocks to finish the course.

                       | Obstacle         | Exp. Given |
                       | Ridge            | 20         |
                       | Pipe             | 12.5       |
                       | Rope Swing       | 20         |
                       | Stepping Stones  | 20         |
                       | Log              | 20         |
                       | Rocks            | 0 (???)    |
                       | Completed Course | 682        |

Agility Dungeon

     To reach the Agility Dungeon you must go North of Yanille. This is not a
course so there is no big total of things to do. There are Poison Spiders down
in the dungeon so it's a good idea to bring Anti-Poison Potions if you get

                  | Obstacle         | Exp. Given | Lvl Req. |
                  | Ledge            | 22.5       | 42       |
                  | Pipe             | 7.5        | 49       |
                  | Monkey Bars      | 20         | 57       |
                  | Pile of Rubble   | 5.5        | 67       |

     To get to the very back of the dungeon you must have 67 Agility. If you
can get back there then you have a chance to kill Salarin the Twisted. This
beast can only be hurt and killed by Strike spells, and if you manage to kill
it then you might get a Sinister Key. This key opens the Herb Chest in the
Skeleton room, and when you do open it, the chest poisons you. Inside the chest
is no less than 8 herbs all being higher than Marrentill, and a Torstol herb.

Other Obstacles

     There are a few other places that will let you put your Agility to use.
Here is a list of the place that you can mess with.

Obstacle:  | Crumbling Wall
Exp. Given:| 12.5
Lvl Req.:  | 5
Location:  | There is a part of Faladors West wall that is broken and can be
           | jumped over from the outside. Note that you can't leave the city
           | this way.
Obstacle:  | Monkey Bars
Exp. Given:| 20
Lvl Req.:  | 15
Location:  | Using this little shortcut will let you get to a place under
           | Edgevilles Dungeon. Swing across the bars and you will get to a
           | place where you can fight Earth Warriors.
Obstacle:  | Log
Exp. Given:| 8.5
Lvl Req.:  |
Location:  | Using this log will let you get to the Seers' Village from the
           | Coal Trucks.
Obstacle:  | Rope Swing
Exp. Given:| 3
Lvl Req.:  |
Location:  | There are some Moss Giants that you can only get to by going to
           | Brimhaven and using the Rope Swings.
Obstacle:  | Rope Swing
Exp. Given:| 3
Lvl Req.:  |
Location:  | West of Yanille there is an Island of Ogres that you can only get
           | to by using a rope on the Long Tree Branch and swinging over.
           | Remember that your rope will be lost from doing this.

Traning \______________________________________________________________________

Level 1-40: Start out at the Gnomes' Course until you are 40.

Level 40-60: After you are 40 in Agility it would be a good idea to start on
             the Barbarians' Course until you reach the 60th lvl.

Level 60+: Now just train at the Wilderness Course until you want to stop
           because this is the best place to level Agility

b. Cooking - [03Ib]

*** Coming Soon ***

c. Combat - [03Ic]

*** Coming Soon ***

d. Crafting - [03Id]

*** Coming Soon ***

e. Firemaking - [03Ie]

*** Coming Soon ***

f. Fishing - [03If]

The Skill \____________________________________________________________________

     Fishing is just as it says, fishing. You use either a Net, Rod, Lobster
Cage, or Harpoon to catch many different finds of fish. Fishing is usually used
along with Cooking so that you get them both up at the same time. First you
fish the fish, then you make a fire and cook the fish. Each fish heals for a
different amount of life, and the higher your fishing the better. This skill
isn't the best money maker, but lobsters sell for a pretty good amount of

The Tools \____________________________________________________________________

Net: This tool catchs Shrimp and Anchovys, and is the first fishing tool that
     you can use. You will start by fishing Shrimp and then you can upgrade to
     different tools.

Rod & Bait: You use these two together to fish Sardina, Harring, and Pike. This
            will be the second tool that you will use in your fishing quest.

Rod & Feathers: Using these two items together during fishing will let you
                catch Trout and Salmon.

Loobster Cage: This toll will let you finally catch Lobsters, or "Lobbies" for
               short (a nickname used by people). This fish is the most used
               by PKers, and regular people and costs less than Swordfish.

Harpoon: The Harpoon will let you catch Tuna (time to Harpoon me some Tuna) or
         Swordfish depending on your lvl. Now Swordfish heal more than Lobsters
         but they cost a fair bit more than Lobsters.

Big Net: This is the first Members fishing item that you can use, and it catchs
         either Mackerel, Oyster, a Casket, Seaweed, Cod, and Bass.

Oily Fishing Rod & Bait: This is only used to fish one kind of fish, the Lava
                         Eel. It's mostly only used for the Hero Quest, and
                         it heals for the same amount of life a Swordfish does.

Trawler Fishing Game \_________________________________________________________

     The Trawler Fishing Game is a little mini-game that is in Runescape. Its
a fishing trip that you can take with a few friends and fish to your hearts
content. The only thing is, is that your on a boat and the boat has to be fixed
during the trip. The screen will move up and down like a real fishing trip so
be prepared for that.

     Now first things first, the place to start the trip is North of Yanille
and South of Ardougne. Your best bet is to bring a team of close to 8 friends
that have over level 15 Fishing. Level 15 is the minimal level that you can be
at in order to fish anything on the trip.

     Ok before you start there are a few things that you will have to pick up
in order to do this trip.

[Swamp Paste]
-Used to fill leak in the ship when they appear.

*** Coming Soon ***

The Fishing Guild \____________________________________________________________

     The Fishing Guild is North of West Ardougne and is a great place to fish
if your Fishing Lvl is 68. Remember that a Fishing Potion raises your Fishing
Lvl by 3, so you can get in the guild at 65 if you use one.

     The Fishing part of the guild weilds two peirs to fish from, and both of
the peirs have just about all of the fish in the game. Since the guild is a
members option, you can use your Big Net there all day to fish different finds
of fish. There are about 11 one-click Lobster fishing spots, so if you can get
in, fishing Lobsters here would be your best bet.

     The guild has a Bank, a Fishing Shop, and a Range to cook all of the fish
you chought on the docks. After you can get in the guild, it is really the best
place to fish, so have fun.

The Tables \___________________________________________________________________

Fishs Name:     | Shrimp
Min Lvl To Fish:| 1
Exp. Given:     | 10
Tool Needed:    | Net
Where Found:    | Any Sea
Fishs Name:     | Sardina
Min Lvl To Fish:| 5
Exp. Given:     | 20
Tool Needed:    | Fishing Rod & Bait
Where Found:    | Any Sea
Fishs Name:     | Herring
Min Lvl To Fish:| 10
Exp. Given:     | 30
Tool Needed:    | Fishing Rod & Bait
Where Found:    | Any Sea
Fishs Name:     | Anchovy
Min Lvl To Fish:| 15
Exp. Given:     | 40
Tool Needed:    | Net
Where Found:    | Any Sea
Fishs Name:     | Mackerel (Members)
Min Lvl To Fish:| 16
Exp. Given:     | 20
Tool Needed:    | Big Net
Where Found:    | Catherby, Fishing Guild
Fishs Name:     | Oyster (Members)
Min Lvl To Fish:| 16
Exp. Given:     | 10
Tool Needed:    | Big Net
Where Found:    | Catherby, Fishing Guild
Fishs Name:     | Casket (Members)
Min Lvl To Fish:| 16
Exp. Given:     | 10
Tool Needed:    | Big Net
Where Found:    | Catherby, Fishing Guild
Fishs Name:     | Seaweed (Members)
Min Lvl To Fish:| 16
Exp. Given:     | 1
Tool Needed:    | Big Net
Where Found:    | Catherby, Fishing Guild
Fishs Name:     | Trout
Min Lvl To Fish:| 20
Exp. Given:     | 50
Tool Needed:    | Fly Fishing Rod & Feathers
Where Found:    | Rivers
Fishs Name:     | Cod (Members)
Min Lvl To Fish:| 23
Exp. Given:     | 45
Tool Needed:    | Big Net
Where Found:    | Catherby, Fishing Guild
Fishs Name:     | Pike
Min Lvl To Fish:| 25
Exp. Given:     | 60
Tool Needed:    | Fishing Rod & Bait
Where Found:    | Rivers
Fishs Name:     | Salmon
Min Lvl To Fish:| 30
Exp. Given:     | 70
Tool Needed:    | Fly Fishing Rod & Feathers
Where Found:    | Rivers
Fishs Name:     | Tuna
Min Lvl To Fish:| 35
Exp. Given:     | 80
Tool Needed:    | Harpoon
Where Found:    | Karamja Island
Fishs Name:     | Lobster
Min Lvl To Fish:| 40
Exp. Given:     | 90
Tool Needed:    | Lobster Cage
Where Found:    | Karamja Island
Fishs Name:     | Bass (Members)
Min Lvl To Fish:| 46
Exp. Given:     | 100
Tool Needed:    | Big Net
Where Found:    | Catherby, Fishing Guild
Fishs Name:     | Swordfish
Min Lvl To Fish:| 50
Exp. Given:     | 100
Tool Needed:    | Harpoon
Where Found:    | Karamja Island
Fishs Name:     | Lava Eel (Members)
Min Lvl To Fish:| 53
Exp. Given:     | 30
Tool Needed:    | Oily Fishing Rod & Bait
Where Found:    | Zamorak Dungeon Lava Fishing Spot
Fishs Name:     | Shark (Members)
Min Lvl To Fish:| 76
Exp. Given:     | 110
Tool Needed:    | Harpoon
Where Found:    | Catherby, Fishing Guild
Fishs Name:     | Sea Turtle (Members)
Min Lvl To Fish:| 79
Exp. Given:     | 105
Tool Needed:    | Trawler Fishing Game
Where Found:    | North of Yanille
Fishs Name:     | Manta Ray (Members)
Min Lvl To Fish:| 81
Exp. Given:     | 115
Tool Needed:    | Trawler Fishing Game
Where Found:    | North of Yanille                                           

Traning \______________________________________________________________________
Level 1-10: Grab yourself a Net and go to the fishing spot South of the Bank in
            Draynor Village and fish Shrimp until you get to level 10. You can
            either drop the Shrimp after you fish them or you can store them in
            the bank, but they only heal 3 so whats the use.

Level 10-20: Discard your Net and get a Rod and about 300 Bait. Stay in the
             same fishing spot as above and fish until you get to 20.

Level 20-40: Go get a Fly Fishing Rod and about 600 Feathers and go to
             Barbarbian Village. Fish Trout and Salmon until you reach level
             40. (or until all the feathers are gone)

Level 40-60: Buy a Lobster Cage and go to Karamja Island and fish Lobsters on
             the docks until level 60. Remember, Lobsters sell for good money
             so keeping some of what you fish would be a good idea. The only
             problem is, is that you have to go across on the boat to get back
             to a bank.

Level 60+: Buy a Harpoon and go back to Karamja Island and stab you some
           Swordfish. This is the highest level fish that you can fish in F2P
           so if you want to fish higher level fish then get Members.

MEMBERS Level 60+: Fish Swordfish until about level 80 then its Shark until
                   you get to level 90. From there you can either fish Manta
                   Rays or stick with Shark until you max out.

g. Fletching (Members) - [03Ig]

The Skill \____________________________________________________________________

     Got Members? Want to make a quick buck from making arrows? Well then
Fletching is just right for you.

     The skill Fletching is what lets you make bows and arrows. It is a very
quick way to make a few extra bucks because you can sell arrows for a pretty
good price. Remember that F2P can only use up to Steel Arrows, but Members can
use any arrow. The same goes for Bows because F2P can only use up to Oak Bows,
but Members can use any bows (lucky bastards).

The Tools \____________________________________________________________________

Knife: This will be the most used tool you will use while making arrows. This
       tool will turn logs into Arrow Shafts so that you can use them further.

Feathers: Feathers are used on Arrow Shafts as the second step to making an
          arrow. You use 1 Feather for every 1 Arrow Shaft. So if you had 230
          Arrow Shafts, it would take you 230 Feathers to get them halfway

Arrow Heads: There are different kinds of Arrow Heads to use and which one you
             use will determine what kind of arrow you will get. You must put
             Arrow Head on after you put the Feathers on the Arrow Shaft.

Flax: Found at either the Gnomes Stronghold or the Seers' Village and you will
      find Flax. You can pick it and it's very close to a bank. Flax is what
      you have to use for the Bowstring of the Bows. You must spin the Flax
      into a Bowstring before you can apply it to the Bow. You must be level 10
      to spin Bowstring.

Asorted Logs: Different logs make different Bows, but you must use regular logs
              for Arrow Shafts.

Tables \_______________________________________________________________________

Fletching Bows

                  | Type             | Lvl Req. | Exp Given |
                  | Short Bow        | 5        | 10        |
                  | Long Bow         | 10       | 20        |
                  | Oak Short Bow    | 20       | 33        |
                  | Oak Long Bow     | 25       | 55        |
                  | Willow Short Bow | 35       | 66.5      |
                  | Willow Long Bow  | 40       | 83        |
                  | Maple Short Bow  | 50       | 100       |
                  | Maple Long Bow   | 55       | 116.5     |
                  | Yew Short Bow    | 65       | 135       |
                  | Yew Long Bow     | 70       | 150       |
                  | Magic Short Bow  | 80       | 166.5     |
                  | Magic Long Bow   | 85       | 183       |

NOTE: The table above is shows experience for a fully strung bow. You get half
      of the exp show if you don't string it.

-Your first step towards making a bow is picking which type you would like to
 make. Remember that different type have different levels so you can only make
 things in your level range.
-After getting the type of log you would like to make, find a Knife. Use the
 Knife on the log and a screen will pop-up asking you would you like to make a
 Short or Long Bow. Short Bows are made during your lower levels and Long Bows
 will require you to be of a higher level.
-After doing this you will get a Unstrung Bow. You can choose to string it or
 not, but stringing it will wield better experence.
-To string the bow you will need to get some Bow String. You must first get an
 item called Flax first then spin it into Bow String. Flax is found at either
 the Gnomes Stronghold or Seers Village. Take this Flax and head over to a
 Spinner Wheel. You will need to be level 10 in Crafting before you can spin
 Flax so beware. After you get the Bow String, use it on the Unstrung Bow and
 it's complete.

Fletching Arrows

                | Type               | Level Req. | Exp Given |
                | 15 Arrow Shafts    | 1          | 5         |
                | 15 Headless Arrows | 1          | 15        |
                | 15 Bronze Arrows   | 1          | 39.5      |
                | 15 Iron Arrows     | 15         | 57.5      |
                | 15 Steel Arrows    | 30         | 95        |
                | 15 Mithril Arrows  | 45         | 132.5     |
                | 15 Adamant Arrows  | 60         | 165       |
                | 15 Runite Arrows   | 75         | 225       |

-To make Arrows you must first cut some Normal Logs and use your Knife on them
 to turn them into Arrow Shafts. You will get 15 Arrow Shafts a log.
-Now take 15 Feathers and use them on the Arrow Shafts to get Headless Arrows.
-Take the level bar you can Fletch and make some Arrow Heads with them. You
 will get 15 a bar, so use them on the Headless Arrows to get the type of Arrows
 you made completed.

Fletching Bolts

              | Types                  | Level Req. | Exp Given |
              | 2 Opal Tipped Bolts    | 17         | 6         |
              | 2 Pearl Tipped Bolts   | 33         | 12.5      |
              | 30 Barbed Tipped Bolts | 51         | 95        |

-Remember that you can't MAKE Bolts but you can tip regular ones with different
 things to make them more powerful.
-First you will need some Regular Bolts. These can be bought at all Arching
 shops for a fair price. Below I will explain how to get each kind of Bolt tip.

-[Opal Tipped Bolts]-
-After completing the Shilo Village Quest you will be able to mine gems there.
 Mine some Opal Gems and use a Chisel on them twice to get two Opal Tips.
-Use these tips on the Regular Bolts to make them tipped with Opal.

-[Pearl Tipped Bolts]-
-Fish some Oysters and use a Chisel on the Pearl in them twich to get some
 Pearl Tips.
-Use the tips on Regular Bolts to have them tipped with Pearl.

-[Barbed Tipped Bolts]-
-Enter the Rangers Guild and shoot the Targets there until you recieve 140
 Tickets. Exchange the tickets for 30 Barb Tips.
-Use the tips on Regular Bolts to have them have a barbed tip.

Fletching Darts

                   | Type         | Level Req. | Exp Given |
                   | Bronze Dart  | 1          | 18        |
                   | Iron Dart    | 22         | 32        |
                   | Steel Dart   | 37         | 75        |
                   | Mithril Dart | 52         | 112       |
                   | Adamant Dart | 67         | 150       |
                   | Runite Dart  | 81         | 188       |

-Before you can Fletch Darts you will have to complete the Tourist Trap Quest.
-First get the bar of your choice and make a Dart Body, then use some Feathers
 on it to get a Dart. Thats it!

Training \_____________________________________________________________________

Level 1-10: Grab your Knife and go into a forest with lots of Normal Logs and
            make Arrow Shafts as you walk.

Level 10-25: Start making Normal Log Bows until your level 25.

Level 25-40: Make Oak Long Bows until you reach level 40.

Level 40-70: Willow Long Bows all the way.

Level 70+: Yew Longs are the best way to go.

h. Herblore (Members) - [03Ih]

*** Coming Soon ***

i. Magic - [03Ii]

*** Coming Soon ***

j. Mining - [03Ij]

The Skill \____________________________________________________________________

     Using a Pickaxe on a rock full of ore is one of the most used skills in
Runescape. Mining is a skill that almost everyone uses and does the most. You
take a Pickaxe (there are different kinds) and you mine a rock hoping that you
get an ore from it. These ores can be sold for different prices, Rune being
the most expencive. Each rock has its own color and if it has no color and in
just gray then it has no ore in it. Each rock has its own respawn time, and
Rune takes forever to respawn.

The Tools \____________________________________________________________________

Pickaxes: You must have one to mine rocks. The better your pickaxe, the shorter
          takes to get the ore out of the rock. There are levels you must be
          at to use higher pickaxes, and they are based on your Mining level.
          All kinds of pickaxe can be bought from Nurmof in the Dwarven Mines.
          Here is a list of the different kinds of pickaxe:

                     | Type    | Lvl To Use | Price     | 
                     | Bronze  | 1          | 1 GP      |
                     | Iron    | 4          | 137 GP    |
                     | Steel   | 6          | 490 GP    |
                     | Mithril | 21         | 1,300 GP  |
                     | Adamant | 31         | 3,200 GP  |
                     | Runite  | 41         | 32,000 GP |

Tables \_______________________________________________________________________

Mining Ores
                    | Type    | Lvl To Mine | Exp. Given |
                    | Clay    | 1           | 5          |
                    | Copper  | 1           | 17.5       |
                    | Tin     | 1           | 17.5       |
                    | Blurite | 10          | 17.5       |
                    | Iron    | 15          | 30         |
                    | Silver  | 20          | 40         |
                    | Coal    | 30          | 50         |
                    | Gold    | 40          | 65         |
                    | Mithril | 55          | 80         |
                    | Adamant | 70          | 95         |
                    | Runite  | 85          | 125        |

-Mining is not a hard skill to do. Grab yourself a Pickaxe of any kind and find
 yourself a mining site. When you rock has color then you know it's ok to mine

Mining Gems

Types Found: Sapphire
             Dragon Stone *
             Opal *
             Jade *
             Red Topaz *


-Mining more Gems is a random thing that happens from Mining regularly, but
 there are some Gems (Opal, Jade, Red Topaz) that you can mine straight from
 rocks by doing this Shilo Village Quest. After doing this you can mine the
 rocks at Shilo Vilage.

Mining Guild \_________________________________________________________________

     Deep in the Dwarven Mines is the Mining Guild which you must be level 60
to even get in. Within the guild is 37 Coal rocks and 5 Mithril rock. There is
a ladder is the guide which leads above to Falador and is simi-close to a bank.
It is sometimes crowded in the mine (more so in Free 2 Play) and higher level
miners come to sometimes spend the day.

Training \_____________________________________________________________________

Level 1-30: Go South of Varrock and mine Copper or Tin until your level 30.

Level 30+: Get a good pickaxe and mine Iron until you get tired. Iron is about
           the best thing to level on.

Other Option: Level 70+: Mine Coal in the Mining Guild for the rest of the

k. Prayer - [03Ik]

*** Coming Soon ***

l. Ranged - [03Il]

*** Coming Soon ***

m. Runemaking - [03Im]

*** Coming Soon ***

n. Smithing - [03In]

*** Coming Soon ***

o. Thieving (Members) - [03Io]

*** Coming Soon ***

p. Woodcutting - [03Ip]

*** Coming Soon ***

                              II. QUESTS - [03II]

*** Coming Soon ***

                         III. THE WILDERNESS - [3III]

     The Wilderness is the only place in the World of Runescape (unless you
count the Battle Arena) that you can attack and kill other players in the game.
The Wilderness is a dangerous place to be unless you know what your in for. You
can die and loss it all if you aren't prepared for what you are getting into.

     As you might already know, if you attack another player in the wild then
you will recieve a skull over your head. This skull last for 20 minutes and if
you happen to die during this time then you will lose all you items you are

     Attack or killing a player is known as PKing, or Player Killing. If you go
into the wild then you will hear and use this term a lot. You will notice a
little number at the bottem-right of your screen. This number indacates what
level of wild you are in. The skull above it tells you if your in the wild or
not. The number tells you how high a level person you can attack, and what
level someone had to be at to attack you.

     If you are in the level 5 wild for example, you will only be able to
attack someone who is 5 levels higher or lower than you. This means that as you
go deeper in, higher and higher level people will be able to attack you. This
and other things are the things that make the wild such a dangerous place.

     RS2's wild differs a lot from RSC's wild because you can now team. That
and you don't have to wait three round to run away. If you don't like who you
are fighting then you can just run right away, they can chase after you of
chorse. Teaming is now a good way to kill people because you can have a group
of friend (say 4) and then you find someone that everyone can attack and bang,
4 vs 1. It may not seem fair but you have to do what you have to do right?

a. Building the Right Wilderness Character

     Now you can just take your main character and go a killing but you wont
have as good as an advantage as other who have made characters just for the
wild now will you?

Mages \________________________________________________________________________

     At the moment, Mages are the most used wild PKer. Mages are as there name
suggests, mages. They get very high level magic so that they can kill other
player quick and easy. Most Mages stats look like this:

Attack: 1
Strength: 1
Defense: 60+

Magic: 80+

     With this Mages are around level 50-60 and are extreamly dangerous. This
superpowered mage will be a hard one to kill, and it all goes for double in

How To Beat One

     Beating a Mage is hard because they hit so hard that you have to heal
every other attack. One thing that will get you killed is if you run, they will
Bind you and you will be dead before you will be able to run again. Fight one
until you are about to die then do a Varrock Teleport away so you don't die.

     Also remember to get your Magic level up because it is also your defense
against Magic. Another way is to take off your armor (all but weapon) or bring
some dragon hide with you. Both are good but taking off your armor leaves you
defenseless againsn't other melee fighters.

Pures \________________________________________________________________________

     A Pure is a character that raises only the combat stats. They don't use
Magic, Ranged, or Prayer because it brings there level up (exceptions go for
Prayer). Ideal stats for a Pure would be like this:

Attack: 50
Strength: 80+
Defense: 50

Prayer: 31 (depends)

     Remember that defence is RS2 is a lot more needed than it was in RSC. This
is because you used to have only three turns before you could run away, now you
can run away anytime you wont, so have higher defense is a good thing.

     Having Prayer on your character is sometimes disputed because it raises
your level, but being able to use Ultimate Strength is always a good thing.
Protect Item is another good Prayer because even if you have a skull and die
then you keep your most expencive item. Improved Reflexes helps a lot because
it help you hit more often.

How To Beat One

     The Prayer Protect from Melee is a good thing to have because it cuts all
damage done to you in half. Other that this have good food, and hope that you
hit more often then they do.

Defense Golem \________________________________________________________________

     I don't know if this is what this type of PKer is called but I think the
name is apropreate. This type of character has a very high Defense stat and
regular Attack and Strength stats. It would like something like this:

Attack: 40
Strength: 50
Defense: 80

     This makes it very hard for people to hit you, but you don't hit them as
hard as they "could" hit you. The only down side for this is that you don't
hit as hard as you could with a higher Strength stat.

How To Beat One

     Unless this type has a high Magic level then Magic would be the best thing
to use on one of these guys. Remember that high Defence doesn't block Magic, so
using Magic is a good idea. If you don't have magic then throw on some heavy
Prayer (Incredible Reflexes) and hope for the best.

b. Ideal Places to PK

     Picking the right place to end someone life is alway a good idea because
if you don't plan it right then it could be you who meets there end.

Level 1-5 Wilderness of Varrock \______________________________________________

-Black Knight (lvl 31) | Non-Aggressave
-Rat (lvl 6) | Aggressave

Start of Varrock Wild, Level 1


     The Varrock area of the Wilderness is always a dangerous place to PK
because it is always crowded, you can double team, and Mages live here. Mages
love this area because a lot of lower level place come here to make a living,
so Mages like owning little newbies. It's not very ofter that a group of high
level people come out here but it happens. You don't really see anyone here
over level 50, but this place is still dangerous.

Black Warriors Fortress \______________________________________________________

-Dark Warriors (lvl 8) | Aggressave

Starts at level 14 Wild, North of Edgeville


     This place is a major hangout for high level people and PKing Teams. A lot
of teams come here to kill people bcause you can shot doors on people and lock
them in. They will have to take extra time to open the door and this spells
doom for some people. The only downside to this place is that high level Mages
hang out here, and that people can teleport out when you fighting them. This
sometime smakes it very hard to kill people because they can get back to
Vorrock so easly.

Bandits Camp \_________________________________________________________________

-Bandits (lvl 21) | Aggeressave
-Speedy Keith (lvl ??) | Non-Aggressave
-Black Heather (lvl ??) | Non-Aggressave

Starts at level 17 Wild, right above the Black Warriors Fortress


     Bandits Camp used to be the place to PK because theres a Tamato and Cheese
respawn and you can buy Pizza Bases from Tony the NPC. Theres a Range there so
that you can make some Pizza. Theres also a Fishing Shop in the camp so you can
fish there (if you brought a fishing rod) and cook what you catch on the Range.
The only things here you have to worry about are the Bandits and the high level
people that sometimes come into the camp.

     This place isn't used as much as it was once used, but you will se a few
people there every now and then.

Lava Maze \____________________________________________________________________

-Lesser Demons (lvl ??) | Aggressave

40 something


     Unless you are at a high level then I suggest you stay far away from here.
This is a good hang out spot for very high level people and once your in the
maze it's very very hard to get out. There are asorted enemies throughout the
maze, the hardest being the Lesser Demon. Your best bet is to come here with
a group of people that are high levels.

Rune Rocks \___________________________________________________________________


Straight North of Edgeville, level 47 or 48 Wild


     This is it, the edge of the wild. This is where all (almost all at least)
can be attack and owned for coming out this far. The Rune Rocks are a great
place to make a kill because you not only get what they were wearing but you
get some Runite Ore. The only downside to this is that there are other people
trying to do the same thing you are so don't stay for to long because level
100s like to stay around there and cause all kinds of hell.

                               IV. ITEMS - [03IV]

*** Coming Soon ***

                           V. RANDOM EVENTS - [003V]

*** Coming Soon ***

                             VI. JUKEBOX - [03VI]

*** Coming Soon ***

                           VII. EXP. CHARTS - [3VII]

*** Coming Soon ***

                          VIII. TEXT EFFECTS - [VIII]

*** Coming Soon ***

| Code: 0004 .----------------------------------------------------------------|
|------------' ~ 4 . C L A S S I C   R U N E S C A P E   (RS1) ~ .------------|
|----------------------------------------------------------------' Section: 4 |

                              I. SKILLS - [004I]

a. Agility (Members) - [04Ia]
Agility is a strange skill, it lets you get to places that you could not go
before. Really not a money making skill, but its fun.

There are a few places that you can train Agility, each place I have listed
will show the name of the place and the level you need to be at to train there.

NOTE: If you can be Unsuccessful, you will always lose HP if you fall, and the
      amount you lose is based on your max HP.

Gnome Stronghold
Level to start training: 1
Train here until level: 35
Location: Northwest of Ardounge
Bed Location: It's in the tree that's close to the course. The bed is a

| Places To Train |
| Item        | Exp. | Can You Be Unsuccessful? | Lvl |
| Log         | 7.5  | No                       | 1   |
| Net         | 7.5  | No                       | 1   |
| Watch Tower | 7.5  | No                       | 1   |
| Rope Swing  | 7.5  | No                       | 1   |
| 2nd Net     | 7.5  | No                       | 1   |
| Pipe        | 7.5  | No                       | 1   |
| Full Course | 90   | N/A                      | 1   |

Barbarians Outpost
Level to start training: 35
Train here until level: 42
Location: South of Camelot
Bed Location: There's a Bed on the way to Catherby from the Outpost.

| Places To Train |
| Item        | Exp. | Can You Be Unsuccessful? | Lvl |
| Pipe        | 5    | No                       | 35  |
| Rope Swing  | 20   | Yes                      | 35  |
| Log         | 12.5 | Yes                      | 35  |
| Net         | 12.5 | No                       | 35  |
| Ledge       | 20   | Yes                      | 35  |
| Wall        | 5    | No                       | 35  |
| 2nd Wall    | 5    | No                       | 35  |
| Full Course | 155  | N/A                      | 35  |

Agility Dungeon
Level to start training: 42
Train here until level: 52
Location: Agility Dungeon (if anyone knows the exact location, e-mail me and
          tell me)
Bed Location: Upstairs in a little house north of the Magic Guild.

| Places To Train |
| Item           | Exp. | Can You Be Unsuccessful? | Lvl |
| Ledge          | 22.5 | Yes                      | 40  |
| Pipe           | 7.5  | No                       | 49  |
| Rope Swing     | 27.5 | Yes                      | 57  |
| Pile of Rubble | 13   | No                       | 67  |

Wilderness Course
Level to start training: 35
Train here until level: At least 67
Location: In the Wilderness (if anyone knows the exact location, e-mail me and
          tell me)
Bed Location: There's a Bed on the east side of the course along the fence.

| Places To Train |
| Item                  | Exp. | Can You Be Unsuccessful? | Lvl |
| Open Gate to Bridge   | 22.5 | Yes                      | 52  |
| Pipe                  | 12   | No                       | 52  |
| Rope Swing            | 25   | Yes                      | 52  |
| Balance on Rocks      | 20   | Yes                      | 52  |
| Balance on Ledge      | 20   | Yes                      | 52  |
| Vines to Full Course  | 472  | N/A                      | 52  |
| Full Course and Ledge | 494  | N/A                      | 52  |

Yanville Watch Tower
Level to start training: 42
Train here until level: Don't Train Here
Location: Yanville Watch Tower
Bed Location: Upstairs in a little house north of the Magic Guild.

| Places To Train |
| Item       | Exp. | Can You Be Unsuccessful? | Lvl |
| Hand Holds | 12.5 | No                       | 42  |

Used In The Shilo Village Quest
Level to start training: 32
Train here until level: Don't Train Here
Location: Used in the Shilo Village Quest
Bed Location: Shilo Village

| Places To Train |
| Item                 | Exp. | Can You Be Unsuccessful? | Lvl |
| Rock Climb           | 2.5  | Yes                      | 32  |
| Rock Jump            | 2.5  | Yes                      | 32  |
| Bridge Blockade Jump | 0    | Yes                      | 32  |
| Log to Island        | 3    | Yes                      | 32  |

In Brimhaven Jungle
Level to start training: 18
Train here until level: Don't Train Here
Location: Brimhaven Jungle
Bed Location: East, there's a little house with a bed in it.

| Places To Train |
| Item             | Exp. | Can You Be Unsuccessful? | Lvl |
| Moss Giant Swing | 5    | No                       | 18  |

From The Taverly To Behind Falador's West Bank
Level to start training: ?? (e-mail me if you know what it is)
Train here until level: Don't Train Here
Location: In Falador
Bed Location: There's a Bed by the spinning wheel near the east bank.

| Places To Train |
| Item       | Exp. | Can You Be Unsuccessful? | Lvl |
| Hand Holds | 12.5 | No                       | ??  |

GnomeBall is a little Mini-Game in Runescape. It's a different way to raise
Agility Exp., if you get tired of just going around the courses. To start
playing this game, go to the Northwest of the Gnomes Stronghold. The Bed that's
nearest to you is up a tree a little north of the courts.

b. Cooking - [04Ib]
Here is how you make different kinds of food.

| Cooking Meat |
| Exp. | Lvl | Healing |
| 30   | 1   | 3       |
-First kill a Cow, or a Rat of some kind, and get the Raw Meat they drop.
-Make a Fire.
-Use the Raw Meat on the Fire.

| Baking Bread |
| Exp. | Lvl | Healing |
| 40   | 1   | 4       |
-[Getting Water]-

-Buy a Jug or Bucket.
-Use it on a Fountain, Well, or Sink.

-[Getting Flour]-

-Buy some Flour at the Food Shop in Port Sarim.

-[Making Bread]-

-Use the Water on the Flour to make Dough.
-Use the Dough on a Range.

| Baking Pies |
| Filling    | Exp. | Lvl | Healing |
| Redberries | 60   | 10  | 6       |
| Meat       | 80   | 20  | 8       |
| Apple      | 100  | 30  | 10      |
-Get some Dough, a Pie Pan, and some filling if you want.
-Use Dough on the Pie Pan, and add some filling if you want.
-Come on a Range, and out comes a Pie.

| Baking Pizzas |
| Kind                      | Exp. | Lvl | Healing |
| Plain Pizza               | 110  | 35  | 10      |
| Meat Pizza                | 140  | 45  | 14      |
| Anchovy Pizza             | 140  | 55  | 16      |
| Pineapple Pizza (Members) | 110  | 65  | 20      |
-Get some Dough, Tomato, Cheese, and some Toppings if you want.
-When you get to pick what you want to make the Dough into, select Pizza Dough.
-Use the Tomatoes, then the Cheese on the Pizza Dough.
-Cook on a Range, than if you can, add some Toppings.

| Baking Cakes |
| Kind           | Exp. | Lvl | Healing |
| Cake           | 120  | 40  | 12      |
| Chocolate Cake | 120  | 50  | 15      |
-Get some Flour, Eggs, Milk, and a Cake Tin. If you are at a high enough, get a
 Chocolate Bar from Port Sarim.
-The only place you can get a Cake Tin, is from Cooking Guild.
-Use the Flour, Eggs, and Milk on the Cake Tin.
-Cook the Cake on a Range.
-If you can, use a Chocolate Bar on the Cake.

| Cooking Stew |
| Exp. | Lvl | Healing |
| 90   | 25  | 9       |
-Get a Bowl, Potato, and some Cooked Meat.
-Fill the Bowl with Water, then add the Potatoes, and the Cooked Meat.
-After you make it, cook it on a Range.

| Cooking Curry (Members) |
| Exp. | Lvl | Healing |
| 125  | 60  | 19      |
-Get a Bowl, Potato, Pot of Spice, and some Cooked Meat.
-Fill the Bowl with Water, then add the Potatoes, Pot of Spice, then the Cooked
-After you make it, cook it on a Range.

| Making Wine |
| Exp. | Lvl | Healing |
| 110  | 25  | 11      |
-Get a Pitcher (its purple), and some Grapes.
-Fill the Pitcher with Water, then add the Grapes.

| Cooking Fish |
| Type      | Exp. | Lvl | Healing |
| Shrimp    | 30   | 1   | 3       |
| Sardine   | 40   | 1   | 4       |
| Herring   | 50   | 5   | 5       |
| *Mackerel | 60   | 15  | 6       |
| Anchovy   | 30   | 15  | 3       |
| Trout     | 70   | 15  | 7       |
| *Cod      | 75   | 18  | 7       |
| Pike      | 80   | 20  | 8       |
| Salmon    | 90   | 25  | 9       |
| Tuna      | 100  | 30  | 10      |
| Lobster   | 120  | 40  | 12      |
| *Bass     | 130  | 42  | 13      |
| Swordfish | 140  | 45  | 14      |
| *Lava Eel | 140  | 53  | 11      |
| *Shark    | 210  | 80  | 20      |
*Members Only
-After getting the fish you wish to cook, use the fish on a range or fire to
 cook it.

c. Crafting - [04Ic]
Crafting lets you make jewelry, and other things like leather armor, and
pottery. You can also make amulets, which give you stat bonuses.

| Making Pottery |
| Name          | Exp. | Lvl |
| Spin Pot      | 6    | 1   |
| Fire Pot      | 7    | 1   |
| Spin Pie Dish | 10   | 4   |
| Fire Pie Dish | 15   | 4   |
| Spin Bowl     | 10   | 7   |
| Fire Bowl     | 15   | 7   |
-First off mine some Clay.
-Get a Jug and fill it with Water.
-Use the Water on the Clay to get Soft Clay.
-Go to Barbarian Village, and use the Soft Clay on the Pottery Wheel there.
-You can either make a Pot, Pie Dish, or a Bowl. At level 1 spin a Pot.
-Use the Pot on a Pottery Oven, to Fire it, then you have a finished Pot.
-Do the same thing for the Pie Dish, and the Bowl.

| Making Jewelry (Cutting Gems) |
| Name         | Exp.  | Lvl |
| Sapphire     | 50    | 20  |
| Emerald      | 67.5  | 27  |
| Ruby         | 85    | 34  |
| Diamond      | 107.5 | 43  |
| *Dragonstone | 127.5 | 55  |
*Members Only

| Making Jewelry (Rings) |
| Name         | Exp. | Lvl |
| No Gem       | 15   | 5   |
| Sapphire     | 40   | 8   |
| Emerald      | 55   | 18  |
| Ruby         | 70   | 30  |
| Diamond      | 65   | 42  |

| Making Jewelry (Necklace) |
| Name         | Exp. | Lvl |
| No Gem       | 20   | 6   |
| Sapphire     | 55   | 10  |
| Emerald      | 60   | 24  |
| Ruby         | 75   | 40  |
| Diamond      | 90   | 56  |

| Making Jewelry (Amulet) |
| Name         | Exp. | Lvl |
| No Gem       | 30   | 8   |
| Sapphire     | 65   | 13  |
| Emerald      | 70   | 30  |
| Ruby         | 95   | 50  |
| Diamond      | 100  | 70  |
| *Dragonstone | 150  | 80  |
*Members Only
-Buy a Mould from the Crafting Store in Ali Kharad, or Rimmington.
-Mine some Gold Ore, then use the ore on a Furnace to get a Gold Bar.
-Use the Gold Bar on a Furnace while the Mould you want is in your inventory.
-If you have a Gem you can have the choice to use it or not. Note that you cant
 put a gem in the jewelry later, so do it now if you can.
-To string an Amulet use Shears on a Sheep to get some wool. Then go to
 Barbarian Village, and use it one the Spinning Wheel to get String. Then use
 the String on the Amulet to string it.
-Now if you made an Amulet then you can enchant it if you would like. Get the
 Runes you need, and cast the spell it needs. The chart below explains what I'm
 talking about.

Amr:  Armor
WA:   Weapon Aim
WP:   Weapon Power
Mag:  Magic
Pray: Prayer
*:    Members Only

| Kind of Amulet | Spell Needed | Lvl | Effect                       |
| Sapphire       | Enchant Lv-1 | 7   | Magic +7                     |
|                | Amulet       |     |                              |
| Emerald        | Enchant Lv-2 | 27  | Armor +7                     |
|                | Amulet       |     |                              |
| Ruby           | Enchant Lv-3 | 49  | Weapon Power +10             |
|                | Amulet       |     |                              |
| Diamond        | Enchant Lv-4 | 57  | Amr,WA,WP,Mag +6             |
|                | Amulet       |     |                              |
| *Dragonstone   | Enchant Lv-5 | 68  | WA +10,WP +7,Mag,Pray,Amr +4 |
|                | Amulet       |     | Can Teleport after enchanted |
|                |              |     | at Hero Guild                |

| Making Holy Symbol |
| Exp. | Lvl |
| 50   | 16  |
-Mine some Silver Ore, then melt the Silver Ore at a Furnace, to get a Silver
-Buy a Holy Symbol Mould at a Crafting Store (Al Kharid, or Rimmington).
-Use the Silver Bar on a Furnace with the Holy Symbol Mould in your inventory
 to get a Holy Symbol, then string it like you do an Amulet.
-Take the Holy Symbol to Brother Jerrod, and he will bless the Holy Symbol, so
 now you have a Holy Symbol of Saradomin, which gives you +8 in Prayer.

| Leather Working |
| Type          | Exp. | Lvl |
| Gloves        | 13.5 | 1   |
| Boots         | 16.5 | 7   |
| Leather Armor | 25   | 14  |
-First buy a Needle, and some Thread from the Crafting Shop in Ali Kharad.
-Next go to the Cow Pin, and grab some Cow Hide. Make sure you have enough
 money (1gp per Cow Hide).
-Go to the Tanner in Ali Kharad and tell him that you got the cow hides, and
 that you want some leather, he will give you a Leather for every Cow Hide or
 money you have.
-Now that you have some Leather, you can make some Leather things. Use the
 Needle you have on the Leather and pick which Leather item you would like to
 make. Remember you have to have Thread in your inventory with the Needle if
 you would like to make Leather things.

d. Fishing - [04Id]
Fish are very good healing items, so to get the fish...well you need to go

| Type      | Exp. | Lvl | Tool/Bait     | Location          |
| *Boots    | 1    | 1   | Big Net       | Catherby Shore    |
| *Casket   | 10   | 1   | Big Net       | Catherby Shore    |
| *Gloves   | 1    | 1   | Big Net       | Catherby Shore    |
| *Seaweed  | 1    | 1   | Big Net       | Catherby Shore    |
| *Oysters  | 1    | 1   | Big Net       | Catherby Shore    |
| Shrimp    | 10   | 1   | Net           | Any Sea           |
| Sardine   | 20   | 5   | Fishing Rod + | Any Sea           |
|           |      |     | Bait          |                   |
| Herring   | 30   | 10  | Fishing Rod + | Any Sea           |
|           |      |     | Bait          |                   |
| *Mackerel | 20   | 16  | Big Net       | Catherby Shore    |
| Anchovy   | 40   | 15  | Net           | Any Sea           |
| Trout     | 50   | 20  | Fly Fishing   | Any River         |
|           |      |     | Rod + Feather |                   |
| *Cod      | 45   | 24  | Big Net       | Catherby Shore    |
| Pike      | 60   | 25  | Fishing Rod + | Any River         |
|           |      |     | Bait          |                   |
| Salmon    | 70   | 30  | Fly Fishing   | Any River         |
|           |      |     | Rod + Feather |                   |
| Tuna      | 80   | 35  | Harpoon       | Karamja Isle Dock |
| Lobster   | 90   | 40  | Lobster Cage  | Karamja Isle Dock |
| *Bass     | 100  | 46  | Big Net       | Catherby Shore    |
| Swordfish | 100  | 50  | Harpoon       | Karamja Isla Dock |
| *Lava Eel | 30   | 53  | Oily Fishing  | Zamorak Dungeon   |
|           |      |     | Rod + Bait    |                   |
| *Shark    | 110  | 76  | Harpoon       | Catherby Shore    |
*Members Only
-To Catch a fish, get the right equipment (Showen Above), and go to the spot
 thats right for you and fish away!

e. Fletching (Members) - [04Ie]
Fletching is a skill that lets you make Bows & Arrows.

| Making Bows |
|                 |     | Exp. For    | Exp. For      | Ranged Lvl |
| Type            | Lvl | Cutting Bow | Stringing Bow | To Wield   |
| Shortbow        | 5   | 5           | 5             | 1          |
| Longbow         | 10  | 10          | 10            | 1          |
| Oak Shortbow    | 20  | 16.5        | 16.5          | 5          |
| Oak Longbow     | 25  | 25          | 25            | 10         |
| Willow Shortbow | 35  | 33.5        | 33.5          | 15         |
| Willow Longbow  | 40  | 40          | 40            | 20         |
| Maple Shortbow  | 50  | 50          | 50            | 25         |
| Maple Longbow   | 55  | 58.25       | 58.25         | 30         |
| Yew Shortbow    | 65  | 66.5        | 66.5          | 35         |
| Yew Longbow     | 70  | 75          | 75            | 40         |
| Magic Shortbow  | 80  | 83.25       | 83.25         | 45         |
| Magic Longbow   | 85  | 91.5        | 91.5          | 50         |
-Get a Knife, and the type of log you want (Check the Woodcutting Section for
 more Info).
-Use the Knife on a log and select either a Shortbow or Longbow.
-Now get some Flax, and spin it into Bow String (Spinning Flax gives you 15
 Exp. on your Crafting Skill).
-Now use the Bow String on the Unfinished Bow to Finish if.

| Making Arrows |
| Type       | Exp. | Lvl | Bow Required |
| Bronze     | 30   | 1   | Any          |
| Iron       | 40   | 15  | Any          |
| Steel      | 65   | 30  | Oak Bow      |
| Mithril    | 90   | 45  | Willow Bow   |
| Adamantite | 115  | 60  | Maple Bow    |
| Rune       | 140  | 75  | Yew Bow      |
-To make arrows, you need three things:



-Get some logs, and a Knife. Use the Knife on a log and choose 'Make Arrow
 Shafts' (You get 5 Exp. for making 10 Arrow Shafts).


-You can get Feathers in lots of places. By killing chickens, or buying them at
 a store. Note that you cant put arrowheads on until you put the Feathers on.


-To make Arrowheads, get a certian type of Bar, and take it to an anvil. Then
 select 'Make Arrow Heads'. You will get 10 Arrowheads for every bar you smith.

-[Finishing the Arrows]-

-Use the Feathers on the Shafts, and then the Arrowheads on the unfinished
 Arrows. Now you have Arrows!

| Making Pearl Bolts |
| Exp. | Lvl |
| 12.5 | 34  |
-Fish some Oysters, and hopefully you will get some Pearls.
-Use a chisel on the Oyster, and you might get some Pearls.
-Now buy some Crossbow Bolts, and use the Pearls on the Bolts, to get some
 Pearl Crossbow Bolts.

f. Herblaw (Members) - [04If]
The ability to take herbs and grind them up to make different kinds of potions.
This is good for the sole fact that the later potions are worth a lot of money.

| Different Herbs |
| Name        | Lvl | Exp.  |
| Guam        | 3   | 2.5   |
| Marrentill  | 5   | 3.75  |
| Tarromin    | 11  | 5     |
| Harralander | 20  | 6     |
| Ranaar Weed | 25  | 7.5   |
| Irit Leaf   | 40  | 9     |
| Avantoe     | 48  | 10    |
| Kwuarm      | 54  | 11.25 |
| Cadantine   | 60  | 12.75 |
| Dwarf Weed  | 70  | 13.75 |
| Torstol     | 76  | 15    |

| Potions |
| Name              | Herb Used   | Ingredient Used     | Lvl | Exp.  |
| Attack            | Guam        | Eye of Newt         | 3   | 25    |
| Cure Poison       | Marrentill  | Ground Unicorn Horn | 5   | 38    |
| Strength          | Tarromin    | Limpwurt Root       | 12  | 50    |
| Stat Restore      | Harralander | Red Spider's Egg    | 22  | 62.5  |
| Defense           | Ranaar Weed | White Berries       | 30  | 75    |
| Restore Prayer    | Ranaar Weed | Snape Grass         | 38  | 87.5  |
| Super Attack      | Irit Leaf   | Eye of Newt         | 45  | 100   |
| Poison Antidote   | Irit Leaf   | Ground Unicorn Horn | 48  | 106   |
| Fishing           | Avantoe     | Snape Grass         | 50  | 113   |
| Super Strength    | Kwuarm      | Limpwurt Grass      | 55  | 125   |
| Weapon Poison     | Kwuarm      | Ground Blue Dragon  | 60  | 137.5 |
|                   |             | Scale               |     |       |
| Super Defense     | Cadantine   | White Berries       | 66  | 150   |
| Ranging           | Dwarf Weed  | Wine of Zamorak     | 72  | 162.5 |
| Potion of Zamorak | Torstol     | Janger Berries      | 78  | 175   |
-To make a potion, you will need the following things:

 -Water-filled vial
 -Inentified herbs

-Then use the herb on the vial. (filled with water)
-Use the ingredient on the unfinished potion.


-To ground items for Herblaw you will need to buy a 'Pestle and Mortar' from
 the Herblaw Shop in Taverly. You need this in order to get things like the
 Ground Unicorn Horn.


-After you are level 60 you can make the Weapon Poison Potion. Use this potion
 on a Dagger or an arrow to use to poison your opponent.

g. Magic - [04Ig]
Use runes to cast different level spells. A lot of people use different spells
for different reason. Find yours and you might fry someone real nice.

| Different Runes |
| Name   | Use                    | Location                             |
| Air    | Elemental              | On Karamja Island - behind Luthas'   |
|        |                        | house, near banana field, in the     |
|        |                        | forest west of Lumbridge.            |
| *Blood | Use for Wave Attacks   | No spawn point, you need to kill     |
|        |                        | monsters or thieve it.               |
| Body   | Use for Curse Attacks  | Al Kharid Scimitar Shop, Wilderness  |
| Chaos  | Use for Bolt Attacks   | Dark Wizards tower, Wilderness       |
| Cosmic | Use for Enchanment     | Deep Wilderness on the Ice Plateau.  |
| Death  | Use for Blast Attacks  | Southeast of Yanille surrounded by   |
|        |                        | Grey Wolves.                         |
| Earth  | Elemental              | North Varrock Forest, Varrock Sewers |
| Fire   | Elemental              | Al Kharid Mine, Karamja Dungeon      |
| Law    | Used for Teleportation | No spawn point, you need to kill     |
|        | and Telekinesis        | monsters                             |
| Mind   | Use for Strike Attacks | Lumbridge Castle                     |
| Nature | Used for Conversion    | Wilderness, Ardougne (chests)        |
| *Soul  | Used for High Level    | Wizard's Guild                       |
|        | Curse Attacks          |                                      |
| Water  | Elemental              | Al Kharid Mine                       |
*Memebers Only

Rune Key:
A:  Air
BL: Blood
B:  Body
C:  Chaos
CO: Cosmic
D:  Death
E:  Earth
F:  Fire
L:  Law
M:  Mind
N:  Nature
O:  Uncharged Orb
S:  Soul
W:  Water

| Spells |
| Name               | Lvl | Exp | Runes      | Effect of Spell               |
| Wind Skrike        | 1   | 22  | 1A,1M      | Strength 1 missile attack     |
| Confuse            | 3   | 26  | 1B,2E,3E   | Reduces opponents attack by   |
|                    |     |     |            | 5%                            |
| Water Skrike       | 5   | 30  | 1A,1B,1W   | Strength 2 missile attack     |
| Enchant lvl-1      | 7   | 35  | 1CO,1W     | Enchant Sapphire amulets      |
| Amulet             |     |     |            |                               |
| Earth Strike       | 9   | 38  | 1A,1M,2E   | Strength 3 missile attack     |
| Weaken             | 11  | 42  | 1B,2E,3W   | Reduces opponents strength by |
|                    |     |     |            | 5%                            |
| Fire Strike        | 13  | 46  | 2A,3F,1M   | Strength 4 missile attack     |
| Bones to Bananas   | 15  | 50  | 2E,1N,2W   | Changes all held bones into   |
|                    |     |     |            | bananas                       |
| Wind Bolt          | 17  | 54  | 1A,2C      | Strength 5 missile attack     |
| Curse              | 19  | 58  | 1B,3E,2W   | Reduces opponents defense by  |
|                    |     |     |            | 5%                            |
| Low Level Alchemy  | 21  | 62  | 3F,1N      | Converts an item into gold    |
| Water Bolt         | 23  | 66  | 2A,1C,2W   | Strength 6 missile attack     |
| Varrock Teleport   | 25  | 70  | 3A,1F,1L   | Teleports you to Varrock      |
| Enchant lvl-2      | 27  | 74  | 3A,1CO     | Enchant Emerald amulet        |
| Amulet             |     |     |            |                               |
| Earth Bolt         | 29  | 78  | 2A,1C,3E   | Strength 7 missile attack     |
| Lumbridge Teleport | 31  | 82  | 3A,1E,1L   | Teleports you to Lumbridge    |
| Telekinetic Grab   | 33  | 86  | 1A,1L      | Take an item you can see but  |
|                    |     |     |            | you can't reach.              |
| Fire Bolt          | 35  | 90  | 3A,1C,4F   | Strength 8 missile attack     |
| Falador Teleport   | 37  | 94  | 3A,1L,1W   | Teleports you to Falador      |
| Crumble Undead     | 39  | 98  | 2A,1C,2E   | Hit skeletons, ghosts &       |
|                    |     |     |            | zombies hard                  |
| Wind Blast         | 41  | 102 | 3A,1D      | Strength 9 missile attack     |
| Superheat Item     | 43  | 106 | 4F,1N      | Smelt 1 ore without a furnace |
| *Camelot Teleport  | 45  | 110 | 4A,1L      | Teleports you to Camelot      |
| Water Blast        | 47  | 114 | 3A,1D,4W   | Strength 10 missile attack    |
| Enchant lvl-3      | 49  | 118 | 1CO,5F     | Enchant Ruby amulets          |
| Amulet             |     |     |            |                               |
| *Iban Blast        | 50  | 70  | 1D,5F      | Strength 25 missile attack    |
| *Ardougne Teleport | 51  | 122 | 2L,2W      | Teleports you to Ardougne     |
| Earth Blast        | 53  | 126 | 3A,1D,4E   | Strength 11 missile attack    |
| High Level Alchemy | 55  | 130 | 5F,1N      | Convery an item into more     |
|                    |     |     |            | gold.                         |
| *Charge Water Orb  | 56  | 132 | 1CO,1O,30W | Charges the orb to Water      |
| Enchant lvl-4      | 57  | 134 | 1CO,10E    | Enchant Diamond amulet        |
| Amulet             |     |     |            |                               |
| *Watchtower        | 58  | 136 | 2E,2L      | Teleports you to the          |
| Teleport           |     |     |            | Watchtower in Yanille         |
| *Fire Blast        | 59  | 138 | 4A,1D,5F   | Strength 12 missile attack    |
| *Claws of Guthix   | 60  | 144 | 4A,2BL,1F  | Summons the power of Guthix   |
| *Saradomin Strike  | 60  | 144 | 4A,2BL,2F  | Summons the power of          |
|                    |     |     |            | Saradomin                     |
| *Flames of Zamorak | 60  | 144 | 1A,2BL,4F  | Summons the power of Zamorak  |
| *Charge Earth Orb  | 60  | 140 | 1CO,30E,1O | Charges the orb to Earth      |
| *Wind Wave         | 62  | 144 | 5A,1BL     | Strength 13 missile attack    |
| *Charge Fire Orb   | 63  | 146 | 3CO,30F,1O | Charges the orb to Fire       |
| *Water Wave        | 65  | 150 | 5A,1BL,7W  | Strength 14 missile attack    |
| *Charge Air Orb    | 66  | 152 | 30A,3CO,1O | Charges the orb to Air        |
| *Vulnerability     | 66  | 152 | 5E,1S,5W   | Reduces opponents defense by  |
|                    |     |     |            | 10%                           |
| *Enchant lvl-5     | 68  | 156 | 1CO,15E,   | Enchant Dragonstone amulet    |
| Amulet             |     |     | 15W        |                               |
| *Earth Wave        | 70  | 160 | 5A,1BL,7E  | Strength 15 missile attack    |
| *Enfeeble          | 73  | 166 | 8E,1S,8W   | Reduces opponents strength by |
|                    |     |     |            | 10%                           |
| *Fire Wave         | 75  | 170 | 5A,1BL,7F  | Strength 16 missile attack    |
| *Stun              | 80  | 180 | 12E,1S,12W | Reduces opponents attack by   |
|                    |     |     |            | 10%                           |
*Members Only
-To cast a spell you need the required runes (you know you have them when the
 spells name is Green) and then just click on the spell then on the target.

h. Mining - [04Ih]
Probably the most used skill in the game. This skill lets you mine for
different kinds of ore, and help make a lot of money too.

| Ore Chart |
| Type       | Exp. | Lvl | What Kind of Bar           |
| Clay       | 5    | 1   | Used for pottery           |
| Bronze     | 17.5 | 1   | Bronze Bar                 |
| Tin        | 17.5 | 1   | Bronze Bar                 |
| Iron       | 35   | 15  | Iron & Steel               |
| Silver     | 40   | 20  | Silver Bar                 |
| Coal       | 50   | 30  | Helps make Steel, Mithril, |
|            |      |     | Adamantite, and Rune Bars  |
| Gold       | 65   | 40  | Gold Bar                   |
| Mithril    | 80   | 55  | Mithril Bar                |
| Adamantite | 95   | 70  | Adamantite Bars            |
| Runite     | 125  | 85  | Rune Bars                  |
-Grab a Pickaze, and go to a mining place, and start mining.
-There are Soft and Hard Rocks.

 -Soft Rocks: Have a slower respawn time, but they raise fatigue slower.
 -Hard Rocks: Easyer to get ores out of, and have a faster respaen time, but
  they raise fatigue fairly fast.

-Remember, you can smith the ores you have into bars, and then makes things out
 of them (Scroll dwon to get to the Smithing Guide).

i. Prayer - [04Ii]
You can pray to the gods to give you strength and power, but first, you have to
bury a lot of bones to get there attation.

| Bone Chart |
| Type          | Exp. |
| Bones         | 3.75 |
| Big Bones     | 12.5 |
| *Dragon Bones | 60   |
*Members Only

| Prayer Spells |
| Name                | Lvl | Effect                    | Drain Rate |
| Thick Skin          | 1   | Increases defense by 5%   | 15         |
| Burst of Strength   | 4   | Increases strength by 5%  | 15         |
| Clarity of Thought  | 7   | Increases attack by 5%    | 15         |
| Rock Skin           | 10  | Increases defense by 10%  | 30         |
| Superhuman Strength | 13  | Increases strength by 10% | 30         |
| Improved Reflexes   | 16  | Increases attack by 10%   | 30         |
| Rapid Restore       | 19  | 2x restore rate for all   | 5          |
|                     |     | stats except hitpoints    |            |
| Rapid Heal          | 22  | 2x restore for hitpoints  | 10         |
| Protect Items       | 25  | Protect one item when you | 10         |
|                     |     | die                       |            |
| Steel Skin          | 28  | Increases defense by 15%  | 60         |
| Ultimate Strength   | 31  | Increases strength by 15% | 60         |
| Incredible Reflexes | 34  | Increases attack by 15%   | 60         |
| *Paralyze Monster   | 37  | Stops an enemy from       | 60         |
|                     |     | attacking                 |            |
| Protect from        | 40  | 100% protection from      | 60         |
| Missiles            |     | arrows                    |            |
*Paralize Monster-This only works on monsters, not human players.
-To do prayer, first you must gather bones and bury them. (Bone Chart Above)
-After getting to the level you want, click on the prayer you want. After your
 Prayer Points run out, go recharge at an alter.

j. Smithing - [04Ij]
This is the skill that goes along side the skill Mining. Mine ores, then smith
them into great weapons and armor.

| Different Bars |
|            |     |      | Primary    | Second  |                 |
| Name       | Lvl | Exp. | Ore        | Ore     | Use             |
| Bronze     | 1   | 6.25 | Copper     | Tin     | Smithing Bronze |
| *Iron      | 15  | 12.5 | Iron Ore   | None    | Smithing Iron   |
| Silver     | 20  | 13.5 | Silver     | None    | Crafting Silver |
|            |     |      | (Nugget)   |         |                 |
| Steel      | 30  | 17.5 | Iron Ore   | Coal(2) | Smithing Steel  |
| **Gold     | 40  | 22.5 | Gold       | None    | Crafting Gold   |
|            |     |      | (Nugget)   |         |                 |
| Mithril    | 50  | 30   | Mithril    | Coal(4) | Smithing        |
|            |     |      | Ore        |         | Mithril         |
| Adamantite | 70  | 37.5 | Adamantite | Coal(6) | Smithing        |
|            |     |      | Ore        |         | Adamantite      |
| Rune       | 85  | 50   | Runeit Ore | Coal(8) | Smithing Rune   |
*Iron has a half chance of success when you smelt it. If you use Superheat item
 on the Iron Ore then you have a 100% chance of success.
**If you smelt Gold in the Crafting Gauntlets then you get double exp. This
  should equal up to 45 exp per bar.
-To smith bars you need the required Ores and and good furnace. To do this just
 click on the primary ore then on the furnace.

| Bronze |
| Name            | Lvl | Bars | Exp.  |
| *Arrowheads(10) | 1   | 1    | 12.5  |
| Dagger          | 1   | 1    | 12.5  |
| Axe             | 1   | 1    | 12.5  |
| Mace            | 2   | 1    | 12.5  |
| Medium Helmet   | 3   | 1    | 12.5  |
| *Darts(7)       | 4   | 1    | 12.5  |
| Short Sword     | 4   | 1    | 12.5  |
| Scimitar        | 5   | 2    | 25    |
| Long Sword      | 6   | 2    | 25    |
| Large Helmet    | 7   | 2    | 25    |
| Square Shield   | 8   | 2    | 25    |
| Battle Axe      | 10  | 3    | 37.5  |
| Chain Mail      | 11  | 3    | 37.5  |
| Kite Shield     | 12  | 3    | 37.5  |
| 2 Handed Sword  | 14  | 3    | 37.5  |
| Plated Skirt    | 16  | 3    | 37.5  |
| Plate Mail Legs | 16  | 3    | 37.5  |
| Plate Mail Body | 18  | 5    | 61.5  |

| Iron |
| Name            | Lvl | Bars | Exp.  |
| *Arrowheads(10) | 15  | 1    | 25    |
| Dagger          | 15  | 1    | 25    |
| Axe             | 16  | 1    | 25    |
| Mace            | 17  | 1    | 25    |
| Medium Helmet   | 18  | 1    | 25    |
| *Darts(7)       | 19  | 1    | 25    |
| Short Sword     | 19  | 1    | 25    |
| Scimitar        | 20  | 2    | 50    |
| Long Sword      | 21  | 2    | 50    |
| Large Helmet    | 22  | 2    | 50    |
| Square Shield   | 23  | 2    | 50    |
| Battle Axe      | 25  | 3    | 75    |
| Chain Mail      | 26  | 3    | 75    |
| Kite Shield     | 27  | 3    | 75    |
| 2 Handed Sword  | 29  | 3    | 75    |
| Plated Skirt    | 31  | 3    | 75    |
| Plate Mail Legs | 31  | 3    | 75    |
| Plate Mail Body | 33  | 5    | 125   |

| Steel |
| Name            | Lvl | Bars | Exp.  |
| Cannonball      | 30  | 1    | 12.5  |
| *Arrowheads(10) | 30  | 1    | 37.5  |
| Dagger          | 30  | 1    | 37.5  |
| Axe             | 31  | 1    | 37.5  |
| Mace            | 32  | 1    | 37.5  |
| Medium Helmet   | 33  | 1    | 37.5  |
| Short Sword     | 34  | 1    | 37.5  |
| *Darts(7)       | 34  | 1    | 37.5  |
| Nails           | 34  | 1    | 34    |
| Scimitar        | 35  | 2    | 75    |
| Long Sword      | 36  | 2    | 75    |
| Large Helmet    | 37  | 2    | 75    |
| Square Shield   | 38  | 2    | 75    |
| Battle Axe      | 40  | 3    | 112.5 |
| Chain Mail      | 41  | 3    | 112.5 |
| Kite Shield     | 42  | 3    | 112.5 |
| 2 Handed Sword  | 44  | 3    | 112.5 |
| Plated Skirt    | 46  | 3    | 112.5 |
| Plate Mail Legs | 46  | 3    | 112.5 |
| Plate Mail Body | 48  | 5    | 187.5 |

| Mithril |
| Name            | Lvl | Bars | Exp.  |
| *Arrowheads(10) | 50  | 1    | 50    |
| Dagger          | 50  | 1    | 50    |
| Axe             | 51  | 1    | 50    |
| Mace            | 52  | 1    | 50    |
| Medium Helmet   | 53  | 1    | 50    |
| *Darts(7)       | 54  | 1    | 50    |
| Short Sword     | 54  | 1    | 50    |
| Scimitar        | 55  | 2    | 100   |
| Long Sword      | 56  | 2    | 100   |
| Large Helmet    | 57  | 2    | 100   |
| Square Shield   | 58  | 2    | 100   |
| Battle Axe      | 60  | 3    | 150   |
| Chain Mail      | 61  | 3    | 150   |
| Kite Shield     | 62  | 3    | 150   |
| 2 Handed Sword  | 64  | 3    | 150   |
| Plated Skirt    | 66  | 3    | 150   |
| Plate Mail Legs | 66  | 3    | 150   |
| Plate Mail Body | 68  | 5    | 250   |

| Adamantite |
| Name            | Lvl | Bars | Exp.  |
| *Arrowheads(10) | 70  | 1    | 62.5  |
| Dagger          | 70  | 1    | 62.5  |
| Axe             | 71  | 1    | 62.5  |
| Mace            | 72  | 1    | 62.5  |
| Medium Helmet   | 73  | 1    | 62.5  |
| *Darts(7)       | 74  | 1    | 62.5  |
| Short Sword     | 74  | 1    | 62.5  |
| Scimitar        | 75  | 2    | 125   |
| Long Sword      | 76  | 2    | 125   |
| Large Helmet    | 77  | 2    | 125   |
| Square Shield   | 78  | 2    | 125   |
| Battle Axe      | 80  | 3    | 187.5 |
| Chain Mail      | 81  | 3    | 187.5 |
| Kite Shield     | 82  | 3    | 187.5 |
| 2 Handed Sword  | 84  | 3    | 187.5 |
| Plated Skirt    | 86  | 3    | 187.5 |
| Plate Mail Legs | 86  | 3    | 187.5 |
| Plate Mail Body | 88  | 5    | 312.5 |

| Runite |
| Name            | Lvl | Bars | Exp.  |
| *Arrowheads(10) | 85  | 1    | 75    |
| Dagger          | 85  | 1    | 75    |
| Axe             | 86  | 1    | 75    |
| Mace            | 87  | 1    | 75    |
| Medium Helmet   | 88  | 1    | 75    |
| *Darts(7)       | 89  | 1    | 75    |
| Short Sword     | 89  | 1    | 75    |
| Scimitar        | 90  | 2    | 150   |
| Long Sword      | 91  | 2    | 150   |
| Large Helmet    | 93  | 2    | 150   |
| Square Shield   | 94  | 2    | 150   |
| Battle Axe      | 95  | 3    | 225   |
| Chain Mail      | 96  | 3    | 225   |
| Kite Shield     | 97  | 3    | 225   |
| 2 Handed Sword  | 99  | 3    | 225   |
| Plated Skirt    | 99  | 3    | 225   |
| Plate Mail Legs | 99  | 3    | 225   |
| Plate Mail Body | 99  | 5    | 375   |
*Members Only
-Smithing different weapons and armors is very easy, all you need is a Hammer
 and a good place that has anvil. Click on the bar of your choice and then on
 the anvil. A menu will come up and ask you what you would like to make. Pick
 what you want to make and you will have your very own weapon or armor.

k. Thieving (Members) - [04Ik]
This skillis a great way to get some quick money. You can acually steal other
people's money for yourself.

| Pickpocketing |
| Person           | Lvl | Exp.   | Location         | Loot                   |
| Man              | 1   | 8      | All around       | 3 Coins                |
| Farmer           | 10  | 14.5   | Around chickens  | 9 Coins                |
|                  |     |        | or plantations   |                        |
| Warrior          | 25  | 26     | Al Kharid,       | 18 Coins               |
|                  |     |        | Ardougne and     |                        |
|                  |     |        | Varrock          |                        |
| Rogue            | 32  | 35.5   | Lvl 54 Wild      | 25 coins, 40 coins,    |
|                  |     |        |                  | poisoned iron dagger,  |
|                  |     |        |                  | wine, 8 air runes, or  |
|                  |     |        |                  | lockpick               |
| Guard            | 40  | 46.5   | In Cities        | 30 Coins               |
| Knight           | 55  | 84.5   | Ardougne         | 50 Coins               |
| Yanille Watchman | 65  | 137.5  | Yanille          | 60 gold, Loaf of Bread |
| Paladin          | 70  | 151.75 | Ardougne         | 80 coins and 1 Chaos   |
|                  |     |        |                  | rune                   |
| Gnome            | 75  | 198.5  | Gnome Stronghold | 300 Coins, 1 Earth     |
|                  |     |        |                  | Rune, King Worm, Swamp |
|                  |     |        |                  | Toad, Gold Ore, or     |
|                  |     |        |                  | Fire Orb               |
| Hero             | 80  | 275    | Ardougne         | 100 - 300 coins, 2     |
|                  |     |        |                  | Death Runes, 1 Blood   |
|                  |     |        |                  | Rune, 1 Fire Orb, 1    |
|                  |     |        |                  | Cut Diamond, 1 Gold    |
|                  |     |        |                  | Nugget, or 1 Wine      |
-Find one of these people on the list and right-click on them to get the option
 of 'Pickpocket'. Use this and if they don't notice you then you get away.

| Stealing from Stalls |
| Name          | Lvl | Exp. | Loot          |
| Baker's Stall | 5   | 16   | Cake          |
| Silk Stall    | 20  | 24   | Silk          |
| Fur Stall     | 35  | 36   | Gray Wolf Fur |
| Silver Stall  | 50  | 54   | Silver Nugget |
| Spice Stall   | 65  | 81   | Pot of Spice  |
| Gems Stall    | 75  | 16   | 1 Uncut Gem   |
|               |     |      | (Varies)      |
-Go to Ardougne and find one of these stalls, right-click on it, and pick the
 'Steal From' option. If the stall owner catchs you then a Guard or Knight will
 come after you.

| Lockpicking |
| Location            | Lvl | Exp. |
| 1 Story Room East   | 1   | 3.75 |
| of Spice Stall      |     |      |
| Handelmort Mansion  | 21  | 15   |
| 2 Story House with  | 16  | 15   |
| Red Carpet in       |     |      |
| Northwest Ardougne  |     |      |
| 2 Story House East  | 14  | 15   |
| of Baker's Stall    |     |      |
| 1 Story Room South  | 16  | 15   |
| of Yanille Bank     |     |      |
| Ardougne Sewers;    | 32  | 25   |
| Doors Lead to Mine  |     |      |
| and Zombies         |     |      |
| Chaos Druid Tower   | 46  | 37.5 |
| and Blood Rune      |     |      |
| Chest               |     |      |
| Jail Doors in Ibans | 50  | 40   |
| Cave                |     |      |
| Ladder in 2nd Floor | 61  | 50   |
| of Paladin Tower    |     |      |
| Back Entrance to    | 84  | 50   |
| Agility Dungeon,    |     |      |
| Downstairs in       |     |      |
| Southern Yanille    |     |      |
| Pirate Door         | 25  | 35   |
-Go to one of these locations and right-click the door to get the option of
 'Picklock'. Do this to open the door. To get the lockpick item needed in order
 to open locked doors you need to kill a Rogue or two for them to drop one.

-[Trap Disarming]-

-Certain Chests and Stairs have traps in them. You might always want to check
 these things. Do this by right-clinking one and click on the option 'Search
 for Trap'.

l. Woodcutting - [04Il]
Ah, the art of cutting down trees, have fun.

| Log Chart |
| Type    | Lvl | Exp. | Used For                    |
| Tree    | 1   | 25   | Making fires, regular bows, |
|         |     |      | and arrows                  |
| *Oak    | 15  | 37.5 | Making Oak Bows             |
| *Willow | 30  | 62.5 | Making Willow Bows          |
| *Maple  | 45  | 100  | Making Maple Bows           |
| *Yew    | 60  | 175  | Making Yew Bows             |
| *Magic  | 75  | 250  | Making Magic Bows           |
*Members Only
-Grab a Harchet (Bronze<Iron<Steel<Black<Mithril<Adamantite<Rune), then go at

                              II. QUESTS - [04II]

One of the main things to do in this game is Quests. You go out and help
people, and they give you rewards. Seems simple enough, but its not.

Free Quests
These are the free Quests. Ones that you can do on either the Free or Members

Black Knights Fortress |
Description:                 | The black knights are up to no good. You are
                             | hired by the white knights to spy on them and
                             | uncover their evil scheme.
Difficulty Level:            | Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 12 quest points, Bronze Medium Helmet, Iron
                             | Chain Mail
Starting Location:           | Second floor of White Knight's Castle
Reward:                      | 2500 coins and 3 Quest Points
-Go talk to Sir Amik Varze in the White Knight's castle in Falador. He's
 upstairs. He'll tell you what you have to do.

-Before you head to the Black Knight's Castle which is North of Ice Mountain,
 retrieve iron chain mail and a medium bronze helmet from anywhere (make them
 if you have to). Then head over to the monastery east of Black Knight's
 Castle. Pick a cabbage from the field behind the monastery. Then head to the
 Black Knight's Castle.

-Put on your iron chain and your bronze medium helmet. Walk through the side
 door on the east side of the Castle. Then head north inside that little room
 and push on the odd-looking wall. Go up the ladder.

-Go up to that grate and listen in. The witch will talk to the black night
 about the secret weapon which is an invincibility potion. The little goblin is
 supposed to fetch that special cabbage. But he won't! :-)

-Head back down the stairs. Go through the door westward where the Black
 Knights are. The guard will tell you not to because those Knights will kill
 anyone who comes in. Go in anyways.

-If any knights attack you (level 46) just run away or kill them. Then head
 into the south room. Go upstairs, and then climb that ladder west of you.

-Once upstairs and up the ladder, go north and push against another odd-looking
 wall. Then use that cabbage you got on that hole. Now you should have
 destroyed the witch's magical potion. Good for you!

-Head back to the White Knight's Castle and talk to Sir Amik Varze for your

Cook's Assistant |
Description:                 | The Lumbridge castle cook is in a mess. It is
                             | the duke of Lumbridge's birthday and the cook is
                             | making the cake. He needs a lot of ingredients
                             | and doesn't have much time.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Bucket (can be bought from any general store for
                             | 2 coins)
Starting Location:           | Lumbridge Castle
Reward:                      | 1 Quest Point and 600 Cooking experience
-Go to Lumbridge Castle first. Go inside where the chef is in the main area.
 Grab the pot off the table or go buy one or make one. Talk to the chef. Tell
 him that you'll help him get the ingredients for the cake. Then get a bucket
 at a general store (2 coins, if you haven't already got one) or get one from
 somewhere else.

-Head north to the windmill and pick 1 grain from the field next to it. Go
 inside the windmill and go to the third floor. Use the grain on the hopper and
 operate it. Go back down to the bottom and collect your flour by using the pot
 on it.

-Now go outside and head east. Find the cows across the river and use your
 bucket on the cows. Collect a bucket of milk.

-Northwest from the cows on the same side of the river there are chickens. You
 will see a room with an egg spawn. Take an egg.

-Head southwest to Lumbridge and go back to where the cook is. Talk to him and
 give him the ingredients. He'll be really happy and reward you!

Demon Slayer |
Description:                 | A mighty demon is being summoned to destroy the
                             | city of Varrock, you find out you are the one
                             | destined to stop him.
Difficulty Level:            | Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Maybe some armor, and a weapon, not really
                             | needed.
Starting Location:           | The Gypsy in Varrock square
Reward:                      | 3 Quest Points, Silverlight Sword
-Talk to the Gypsy in town square of Varrock. Bring along 1 coin to pay her to
 talk to you. She'll ask you to give her silver. By this she means 1 gold coin.
 She'll tell you about the whole Delrith leveling Varrock story. She'll tell
 you that you are the one destined to kill him. She'll also tell you to talk to
 Sir Prysin to get the Silverlight. Make sure you ask, "What is the magical

-Talk to Sir Prysin; he is in the Varrock Castle, which is north of the Gypsy.
 Sir Prysin is normally on the west wing of the building wearing a helmet. Talk
 to him about the keys.

-After you talk to Sir Prysin, head north inside that building a ways and find
 a ladder leading up. Once you're up the ladder, try and find a guy named
 Captain Rovin. Talk to him about the keys. Tell him your story and then ask
 for the key. He should give you a key.

-Get a bucket (can be bought at a general store for 2 coins) and fill it with
 water. Bring it back to the Varrock castle and use it on the drain on the east
 side of the building. It should mention something about a key going into the

-Go around to the side (east side) and go down the manhole into the sewer. Go
 down just a little past a level 8 rat. If there isn't one there, just search
 around that area near the ladder. You should see a red dot on the map. If
 you're attacking a scorpion or zombie you've gone too far. Once you find the
 key grab it.

-Since you're down there, turn around back towards that ladder and kill some
 of those little rats running around. Try to get some bones. You need at least
 25 bones for the last key. If you need to go the bank go ahead. Just collect
 25 bones from anywhere and head towards the Wizard's tower. The Wizard's tower
 is south of Draynor Village or west from Lumbridge then south from Draynor.

-Once inside the Wizard's tower, go up the first ladder. Talk to Traiborn the
 Wizard, and he'll ask you to collect 25 bones for the magic spell to unlock
 the key. Talk to him again and give him the 25 bones. One at a time you'll
 give him the bones and after 25 he'll cast a spell, wave his arms and then
 give you a key after he smiles. Now you should have 3 keys; 1 from Captain
 Rovin, 1 from the Varrock sewer pipes, 1 from Traiborn the Wizard.

-Head back to the Varrock Castle. Once there, talk to Sir Prysin again, and
 give him the three keys. He should give you the Silverlight Sword.

-Take the new sword and maybe some armor, and head to the Delrith, southeast
 of Varrock by the Stone Hedge. Wield your Silverlight Sword and attack the
 Delrith. He is level 30. You should hit him a couple of times, and then you
 will say "Now what was that incantation again?" Then a list of spells to say
 will appear in the top left corner of your screen. Click the very bottom one.
 It should read, "Carlem Aber Camerinthum Purchai Gabindo." You will say it. He
 will regenerate his health, then it will go back down to 0 and you will ask
 what incantation was again. Click the very bottom one again. Now he should die
 and your quest is complete!

Doric's Quest |
Description:                 | Doric the dwarf is happy to let you use his
                             | anvils but first he would like you to run an
                             | errand for him.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Pickaxe
Starting Location:           | Doric's Anvil (north of Falador)
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, 180 coins, and some mining levels
                             | or some experience, and use of Doric's anvils
                             | there
-Head to Falador and get a pickaxe one way or another. Go down south to the
 Rimmington mine and retrieve 6 clay (there is 1 rock there), 4 copper (4 rocks
 there), and 2 iron ore (3 rocks there).

-Take these 12 ores and head north above Falador. There should be a guy named
 Doric inside a small building with 2 anvils. Talk to him.

-He'll tell you he needs the 6 clay, 4 copper and 2 iron for an amulet he is

-After he's done talking, talk to him again and then give him the ore you have

-Quest is done and your reward should be given to you!

The Restless Ghost |
Description:                 | A ghost is haunting Lumbridge graveyard. The
                             | priest of the Lumbridge church of Saradomin
                             | wants you to find out how to get rid of it.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy - Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| If you are low combat level you might need a
                             | weapon to kill a level 19 skeleton.
Starting Location:           | Lumbridge Church
Reward:                      | 600 to 2500 Prayer experience (depending on your
                             | level), 1 Quest Point
-Talk to Priest at Lumbridge, and he'll tell you about the ghost haunting his

-Go south around the long fence and go south until you find a hut. Talk to the
 Urhney there and tell him the Priest sent you. He'll give you the amulet of
 ghost speak.

-Go back to the church and go into the graveyard. Then talk to the ghost about
 his problems. Find out about the skull.

-Head to the Wizard's tower south of Draynor Village. Go down the ladder into
 the cellar and grab the skull down there. A skeleton (level 19) will attack
 you. Just kill it and take the skull.

-Go back to the ghost at Lumbridge. Put the skull in the coffin. Your quest is
 done. The ghost thanks you.

Goblin Diplomacy |
Description:                 | There's a disturbance in the goblin village.
                             | Help the goblins solve their dispute so the
                             | world doesn't have to worry about rioting
                             | goblins.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy - Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Maybe a weapon, 40 coins
Starting Location:           | Port Sarim Pub
Reward:                      | 5 Quest Points, 785 Crafting XP, 1 Gold Bar
-Talk to the bartender in the Port Sarim pub. He'll tell you about the goblins
 fighting over the color of their armor. Head west and get some onions (2).
 Then go to Falador and buy some woad leaves (2) from the gardener. Offer 20

-Go north above Falador and go to the Goblin village. Talk to General Bentnose
 and General Wartface about the armor. Tell them you will bring them some
 armor. Head to Varrock, and go south of it to the east and collect 3 red

-Now go kill some goblins and try to get 3 sets of goblin armor. That village
 doesn't seem to drop a lot of armor so go to the bridge by the Lumbridge, and
 there is a place with at least 4 of them in there, and at least 4 in the
 forest near there. Hobgoblins (level 32) also drop them. They can be found on
 the peninsula west of the crafting guild. You might be able to buy a set or
 two from the general store.

-Next, take your 3 goblin armor, 2 onions, 2 woad leafs, and 3 red berries
 along with about 20 coins, and head over to Draynor Village. Talk to Aggie the
 Witch and get a blue dye, a red dye, and a yellow dye. Once you get the red
 and yellow, mix them and make orange dye. Then use the blue dye on one armor,
 and the orange dye on the other armor. Leave one armor normal.

-Go back north to the Goblin Village. Talk to the Generals again and give them
 each of the armors. They will like the original light blue armor. Then you
 receive your reward.

Ernest the Chicken |
Description:                 | Veronica is very worried. Her fiancee went into
                             | the big spooky manor house to ask for
                             | directions. An hour later and he's still not out
                             | yet.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| None
Starting Location:           | Draynor Manor
Reward:                      | 300 coins and 4 quest points
-Talk to Veronica outside the Mansion in Draynor. She'll tell you about her
 fiancé Ernest. He went inside and hasn't been out in an hour. Go inside.

-Go upstairs and find the fish food. Then go back down stairs and go east
 inside and get the poison. Use the poison on the fish food.

-Then go east into the room with the spade and grab the spade. Head outside and
 go around the house westward and dig through the pile of compost by the
 cabbages by using your spade on it. You'll get a key.

-Then go use the poisoned fish food on the fountain south of there. The
 piranhas will die and then search the fountain and get the pressure gauge.

-Go back inside and use the key on the little room with the level 21 Skeleton
 just behind the main staircase. Grab the rubber tubing. Note: The skeleton
 won't attack you.

-Then go west and head down the ladder. Follow these directions:

 -Pull A. Pull B. Go through NE door.

 -Pull D. Go through SW door. Go through South door.

 -Pull A. Pull B. Go through NW door. Go through West door. Go through North

 -Pull F. Pull E. Go through East door. Go through East door.

 -Pull C. Go through NW door. Go through West door.

 -Pull E. Go through East door. Go through South door. Go through South door
          Go through West door.

-Then grab that oil can. Now you should have a rubber tube, a pressure gauge and
 an oil can.

-Head back east and go back up the ladder. Head up the main stairs.
 Then climb the nearest ladder behind you. Find Professor Oddenstein and he'll
 tell you what happened to Ernest. After he's done talking, talk to him again
 and give him the parts. He'll start up the machine and then Ernest will turn
 back to a human. Then Ernest will reward you.

Imp Catcher |
Description:                 | The Wizard Grayzag has summoned hundreds of
                             | little imps. They have stolen a lot of things
                             | belonging to the Wizard Mizgog including his
                             | magic beads.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| A weapon for easy killing of level 5 imps
Starting Location:           | 3rd floor of the Wizard's Tower south of Draynor
                             | Village
Reward:                      | 375 Magic experience, 1 Quest Point, and an
                             | Amulet of Accuracy
-Just walk around the world collecting beads by killing level 5 Imps, save any
 of them you get, maybe you could trade 1 yellow if you have 2 of them for
 another black. They can also be bought from other players, or from the general
 store. Once you get a red bead, a yellow bead, a white bead, and a black bead
 head to Draynor Village. It is strongly suggested that you buy the beads
 because killing imps and collecting the beads can take a really long time.

-Take those beads to the Wizard's Tower and head up the ladder on the northwest
 side. Head up to the third level. Talk to Wizard Mizgog and he'll ask you to
 find his beads. Talk to him once after that and tell him you have the beads.
 He'll be happy and reward you.

Pirate's Treasure |
Description:                 | Redbeard Frank knows where secret pirate
                             | treasure is hidden, it may require some work to
                             | persuade him to let you know where though.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 62 coins, a white apron (can be acquired during
                             | the quest), a spade (you can get one in Draynor
                             | Manor, on the first floor in the room to the
                             | east, in the Varrock general store whilst doing
                             | the quest, or in Falador Park)
Starting Location:           | The pub in Port Sarim
Reward:                      | 2 Quest points, 450 coins, a Cut Emerald, and a
                             | Gold Ring
-Go talk to Redbeard Frank in the Port Sarim pub. Tell him you are in search of
 treasure. He said he will tell you how to get some if you get him a bottle of
 Karamja Rum. Take the boat to Karamja (talk to one of the captains and ask to
 go to Karamja).

-Go west and talk to Zambo who is in his shop. Buy a bottle of Karamja Rum for
 30 coins. Don't go back to mainland. Talk to Luthas who is just northeast from
 the Wine & Spirits shop. Ask for work. He will tell you to load up the crate
 with bananas.

-Go pick 10 bananas in the field to the west of his house. Take the bottle of
 rum you have and put it in the crate. Then USE each banana on the crate. Once
 you have put 10 in, go talk to Luthas, he should reward you with 30 coins.

-Talk to Luthas again and ask where the bananas are going. He will tell you
 that he sells them to Wydin who runs a grocery store in Port Sarim. Take the
 boat back to Port Sarim (talk to the Customs Officer, let her search you, then
 pay 30 coins to get back to Port Sarim).

-Go buy a white apron, if you don't already have one. You can buy one in the
 Varrock Clothing Shop for 2 coins. Go to the Food Shop in Port Sarim.

-Click on the door that is next to the ladder. Wydin will tell you that only
 employees can go in there. Ask him if you can work there. He will tell you
 that you can, as long as you have your own apron. If you have your white apron
 in your inventory, which you should, you will say "Yes I have one right here",
 and he will tell you that you come prepared and will tell you to clean up the

-Put on your apron and go through the door. Search the crate and you should
 find your bottle of rum. Leave the store and go talk to Redbeard Frank, still
 in the pub. He will give you a key to "Hector's" chest, which is in the Blue
 Moon Inn in Varrock. This bar is in the southeastern part of Varrock.

-Go to the Blue Moon Inn, look on the World Map if you need to; it's in the
 southern most part of Varrock, on the east side. In the bar, there will be a
 ladder going up. Climb up and go to the west side, where the chest is. Use
 your key on the chest. You will get a message telling you to dig behind the
 south bench in the park. This is the park in Falador.

-If you have already got your spade, excellent you can skip this step. If not
 read on. Go to Draynor Manor, the big haunted mansion directly north of
 Draynor Village. Go through the door. Go to the east room and take a spade. To
 leave go through the north door of the room with the spade. Now go to the park
 in Falador.

-Use your spade on the flowers behind the south bench. Wyson the Gardener might
 attack you but you should be able to kill him. Once you dig up the flowers you
 will get your reward.

Prince Ali Rescue |
Description:                 | Prince Ali of Al Kharid has been kidnapped by
                             | the scheming Lady Keli. You are hired to stage a
                             | rescue mission.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Approx. 50 or so coins to get through the Al
                             | Kharid gate, and other minor expenses
Starting Location:           | Al Kharid Palace
Reward:                      | 700 coins, free pass through the Al Kharid gate
                             | whenever you want (the guards will know you), 3
                             | Quest points
-Talk to the King of Al Kharid (in his palace). He'll send you to his agent
 Osman, who will tell you what you need for the quest. Get these items:

 -Redberry:   Go grab 1 redberry in the woods south of Varrock by the mine.

 -Flour:      Buy a pot (1 coin) at a general store. Then go to the grain field
              northeast of Draynor village. Pick 1 grain from the field right
              next to it and go inside the windmill, and climb up the ladders
              to the top floor. Put one grain into the hopper. Then operate it.
              Then go downstairs, and in the chute you will find your flour.
              Use the pot on the flour and you'll pick up the flour. While
              you're around the windmill, pick up 2 onions. These can be found
              south of the windmill, behind the farmer's house.

 -Ashes:      Get some ashes by lighting a fire and letting it burn down.

 -Pink Skirt: Buy in the Varrock clothing store for 2 coins, or you can find
              one in the buildings on a table in southeast Varrock (also known
              as "Varrock Slums")

 -3 Beers:    You need this to get the bodyguard drunk. Go to the Barbarian
              Village (west of Varrock). They spawn on the tables.

 -Clay:       Go mine some clay in the mine south west of Varrock, then turn it
              into soft clay by mixing it with a bucket of water.

 -Bronze Bar: Go mine some tin and some copper, then take it over to Falador
              and mix it.

 -Rope:       Go buy some rope from Ned the Seaman (In Draynor Village in
              little house near bank) or just bring him 4 balls of wool. (Get
              wool by using a shear on a wool south of Varrock, then take the
              wool to the spinning wheel in the tower in Lumbridge castle, then
              use it on the wheel and you will get a ball of wool.)

 -Yellow Dye: You need the 2 onions you got from before and 5 coins and talk to
              the witch in Draynor Village who will make you yellow dye.

 -Wig:        You can bring Ned (in Draynor Village) 3 balls of wool and he
              will make you a wig.

-Take the yellow dye and mix it with the newly made wig. You should end up with
 a blonde wig. Take the ashes, the flour, the water in the bucket, and the
 berry and give it to the witch (in Draynor Village) to make a skin colored
 face paste. She will make it and give it to you and tell you now you will look
 good at the town parties. Good for you!

-Now that you have collected all of the items, head over to the jail which is
 surrounded by trees and is just east of Draynor or west of Lumbridge. Make
 sure you have all of the following: Blonde Wig, Rope, Soft Clay, Bronze Bar,
 3 beers, and face paste. Go inside and talk to Lady Keli. Start talking to her
 and say the right things, don't ever click the bottom one. Ask her what her
 plans are right now. She'll tell you she has a valuable prisoner locked up.
 Ask her if she has thought if anyone has come for him yet. She'll mention
 something about the key, and then say can I see it? Then say can I touch it?
 Once you touch it, you'll use your soft clay to make in imprint of it.

-Then talk to the Joe the Guard inside there also. Keep asking him questions,
 and try to find the one about what he does will his wages. He'll say he can't
 resist the site of a cold beer (my kind of man!).

-Then go talk to Leela outside the jail or around Draynor and ask her about the
 key. She'll tell you what to do (you just did it) now head over to Al Kharid.
 Once there, talk to Osman again and he'll tell you to go back to Leela. But
 while your there ask Osman if your missing anything. He'll go through the
 list. He will say you're missing. If your missing anything, go get it.

-Head back to the Jail and then talk to Leela again. She'll give you the key
 and ask what you're going to do about the guard. Tell her you're going to get
 him drunk. She says good idea, then after that, go tie up Lady Keli.

-Now go to the Jail, talk to Joe, and tell him "Here take some of these beers."
 He'll drink one, then you'll give him the rest and he'll be drunk. Then go
 into your inventory and use the rope on Lady Keli. It'll say you've tied her
 up. Then use the key on the door and talk to Prince Ali. You'll chat, you give
 him the disguise, and he escapes.

-Now head back to Al Kharid to collect your reward.

Romeo & Juliet |
Description:                 | Romeo & Juliet are desperately in love, but
                             | Juliet's father doesn't approve. Help them to
                             | find a way to get married and live happily ever
                             | after.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| None
Starting Location:           | Varrock town square
Reward:                      | 5 Quest Points
-Go talk to Romeo in town square of Varrock. He'll tell you to talk to Juliet.

-Head west past the bank and talk to Juliet who is on her balcony. She'll give
 you a message.

-Head back to Romeo. Give him the message.

-Then go talk to Father Lawrence who is northeast of Romeo inside the church.
 He'll tell you to go to Apothecary with cadavaberries.

-Talk to Apothecary who is south of the Varrock West bank, north of the tramp.
 Talk to him and he says you need to go get berries. Talk to him again and give
 him the berries. He'll give you the potion.

-Go talk to Juliet. She'll take the potion. Then go back to Romeo and talk to
 him. He'll tell you thanks and reward you.

Rune Mysteries |
Description:                 | The Duke of Lumbridge wants you to ask the
                             | Wizard whats up?
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Nothing
Starting Location:           | 2nd Floor of Lumbridge Castle, the Duke
Reward:                      | 1 Quest Point, Air Talisman, and the ability to
                             | Runecraft
-Go to the 2nd Floor of Lumbridge Castle and talk to the Duke to start things

-He will give you a Talisman that you need to bring to Wizards Tower. Go down
to the lowest floor and talk to the Light Blue Wizard.

-He will give you a package that you will need to take to Audury, the Rune Shop
 owner. He will give you some notes that you will need to take back to the

-He will give you an Air Talisman, and you will get 1 Quest Point.

Sheep Shearer |
Description:                 | Farmer Fred's sheep are getting mighty woolly.
                             | He will pay you to shear them.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Shears (can be bought from a general store for 1
                             | coin)
Starting Location:           | The house just west of the sheep, west of
                             | Lumbridge
Reward:                      | 1 Quest Point, 60 coins, crafting experience
                             | (depending on your level)
-Talk to Fred The Farmer in the shack north west of Lumbridge. He'll tell you
 to collect some balls of wool.

-Use shears on any sheep until you get 20 pieces of wool.

-Go up the south tower in the Lumbridge tower and use the wool on the spinning
 wool. Make the 20 balls of wool.

-Talk to Fred for your reward.

Shield of Arrav |
Description:                 | Varrocian literature tells of a valuable shield
                             | stolen from long ago the museum of Varrock by a
                             | gang of professional thieves. See if you can
                             | track down this shield and return it to the
                             | museum. You will need a friend to help you
                             | complete this quest.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy - Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 20 coins and you will need a friend to help you
                             | with this quest, someone who has not done it.
Starting Location:           | Reldo in Varrock Palace library
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, 2 certificates (each can be given
                             | to the King for 600 coins, however the reward
                             | can only be granted once)
-Go talk to Reldo in the Varrock Palace library (in the north part of the
 palace). Tell him you're in search of a quest. (Both people must do this). Go
 up to the bookcases and one of them will have a search option. Search the
 bookcase and you will find a book. Read it. Once you're finished talk to Reldo
 again, who will tell you to talk to Baraek.

-Go find Baraek who is in the Varrock square, hanging around near the armor
 shop. Give him 20 coins and he will tell you about the Phoenix Gang. They are
 found, as he said, in an alleyway, down a ladder, in southeast Varrock.

-Now you will need to choose your gang. Up to this point both participants will
 have had to do all of the above. Now below is one of the gangs you can join,
 the Phoenix Gang. The other person will need to join the Black Arm Gang.

-[Phoenix Gang]-

-Since you have already started to join the Phoenix Gang you will have to kill
 Johnny the Beard. He is level 10, so should be an easy kill. He is found in
 the Blue Moon Inn, which is the bar that is just north of the Gang
 headquarters. Kill him and he will drop a scroll.

-Return this scroll to the gang leader (who you will find out that his name is
 Straven. He will read it and now you will be able to enter the Gang
 Headquarters. He will also give you a key which you will need to give your
 friend, in the Black Arm Gang, so that he can get some Phoenix Crossbows. Give
 it to your friend, and you can get another from Straven if you want.

-The Shield of Arrav has been split into two parts. You will get one half and
 your friend will get the other. Your half is in the Gang headquarters in the
 southeast room, in the chest. Search the chest, you will find half the shield.

-[Black Arm Gang]-

-Go speak to the tramp that is just north of the south entrance to Varrock on
 the west wall, in an alleyway. Ask him what's back there, and he'll tell you
 it's the Black Arm Gang.

-Go through the alley into the building and speak to Katrine. Tell her you want
 to become a member of the gang and she will make you get two Phoenix crossbows
 from the Phoenix Gang.

-The member of the Phoenix Gang should give you one of his keys and go to the
 Phoenix storeroom, in the Varrock slums, near the entrance to the Phoenix Gang

Use your key on the door and go up the ladder. Get your friend to come up as
 well (he will have to get another key); your friend will talk to the level 25
 Weapon Master while you grab 2 phoenix crossbows. He could also kill him, or
 you can kill him (the Weapon Master). Go down either one of the ladders and
 make your way back to Katrine.

-Speak to her again and you are now in the gang. Go through the door and up the
 stairs. Go into a small room and search the cupboard. You now have half the

-[Finishing the Quest]-

-Give one person both halves of the shield. Go talk to Curator in the Varrock
 Museum, northeast Varrock, and you will tell him that you have retrieved the
 reward. You will get two certificates, which will grant you 600 coins each.
 You should give one certificate to your friend, as you can only retrieve the
 reward once, so it is quite useless. Talk to the King, found near the entrance
 of the Varrock Palace. He will grant you your reward.

The Knight's Sword |
Description:                 | Sir Vyvin's squire is in trouble. He has lost
                             | Sir Vyvin's ceremonial sword. Help him find a
                             | replacement without Sir Vyvin finding out.
Difficulty Level:            | Medium - Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Pickaxe
Starting Location:           | White Knight's Castle
Reward:                      | 1 Quest Point and about 2-8 Smithing levels (the
                             | lower your level the more levels you will gain)
-Talk to the squire in the White Knights Castle about the sword. Then head to

-Once at Varrock, go to the library (in the northern end of the Varrock Palace)
 and talk to Reldo about the dwarves. He'll tell you about the long gone
 dwarves. Get a redberry pie by making it (pie pan, flour, water, red berry pie
 filling then cook it) or buy one off somebody. Click here to get detailed
 instructions on making a redberry pie.

-Head south below Port Sarim and talk to Thurgo. First give him the pie. Then
 talk to him about the sword. He'll tell you he needs a picture of it. Head
 back to the White Knight's Castle. Talk to the Squire about the picture.

-Go to the northwest side and go up two ladders. You'll see sir Vyvin standing
 there. You need a partner to talk to him while you search the cupboard. Once
 you find the portrait go down.

-Get 2 iron bars, and a pickaxe with some armor and a weapon. Maybe some food.
 Then head back to Thurgo.

-Give him the picture and he'll ask for 2 iron bars and a blurite ore. Look in
 the smithing guide to learn how to get iron bars. Go around his little cliff
 and down into the mine where hobgoblins (level 32) then ice warriors (level
 58), and 2 ice giants await you (level 68). Usually there are people in this
 dungeon. Go on a crowded server for the least danger. Mine for blurite ore in
 the rocks and once you do get out of there. I found some blurite in the rocks
 in the northwest corner.

-Once you have the 2 iron bars and 1 blurite ore, go back to Thurgo and give
 him the stuff. He'll make the sword for you.

-The sword only has 11 aim and 11 power nothing special. Take it back to the
 squire at the White Knight's Castle and receive your reward.

Vampire Slayer |
Description:                 | The people of Draynor village live in constant
                             | terror. Their numbers are dwindling, all due to
                             | the foul creature lurking in the manor to the
                             | north known as a vampire.
Difficulty Level:            | Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Maybe some armor, and a weapon, not really
                             | needed, some coins to buy a few beers.
Starting Location:           | Draynor Village
Reward:                      | 3 Quests points, and possibly some attack levels
                             | (some experience)
-Head to Draynor Village. Go inside a building west of the grain field and go
 up a ladder. Search the cupboard and get the garlic. Then go downstairs and
 talk to Morgan. He'll tell you about Dr. Harlow.

-Head northeast to Varrock. North east of Varrock there is the Jolly Boar Inn.
 Go buy 2 beers from the bartender. Then talk to Dr. Harlow. Tell him Morgan is
 in trouble. He'll tell you to buy him a beer. Do this twice and the second
 time you'll automatically ask him about how to kill the vampires. If not, keep
 buying him beers until he does. After he does talk, he'll give you a stake.
 He'll also tell you that you need a hammer to hit the vampire right. Once he's
 done talking head back to Draynor. (If you don't have a hammer, go buy one
 from the a general store)

-Once at Draynor, head north into the mansion with some armor, your stake, a
 hammer and garlic. Once inside the mansion, head east inside it and you'll see
 stairs going down. Go down the stairs. You'll see Count Draynor (level 43).
 Attack him while wielding your stake. Once he's dead you'll be done! But to
 get out of this mansion you must go out the door east of the staircase then
 walk around.

Witch's Potion |
Description:                 | Become one with your darker side. Tap into your
                             | hidden depths of magical potential by making a
                             | potion with the help of Hetty the Rimmington
                             | witch.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 3 coins to buy an eye of newt
Starting Location:           | Rimmington
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, 275 magic experience
-Go to the Port Sarim Magic Shop and buy an Eye of Newt for 3 coins. Now head
 northwest and you will get to a chicken farm. Kill a chicken and pick up a
 piece of meat.

-Follow the path southwest and you should come to field on the west. Pick up an

-Head south into Rimmington. Talk to Hetty in the southeastern most building.
 She will tell you to get some ingredients for a potion.

-Go to the building just east of Hetty's house and kill a rat (level 2). It
 should drop a rat's tail. If you haven't started the quest then it won't drop

-Don't worry if your cooking level is too high not to burn meat. Go to the
 house north of Betty's and cook the meat on the range. If you don't burn it,
 use the cooked meat on the range and that will burn it.

-Return to Betty with those four ingredients:

 -Eye of Newt
 -Rat's Tail
 -Burnt Meat

-She will tell you to drink from the cauldron. Right click on the cauldron in
 her house and click "drink from cauldron". The quest is now finished.

Dragon Slayer |
Description:                 | Prove yourself a true hero. Kill the mighty
                             | dragon Elvarg of Crandor Island and earn the
                             | right to buy and wear the powerful rune plate
                             | mail body.
Difficulty Level:            | Very Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Steel bars. Bow and arrows, Level 33 magic. More
                             | than 2000 coins (approximately 2500), a hammer.
                             | You need to be a member of the champion's guild
                             | (at least 32 Quest Points). You definitely will
                             | need some GOOD armor and a good weapon. Ability
                             | to beat a level 110 dragon.
Starting Location:           | Champion's Guild
Reward:                      | 2 Quest Points. Depending on what level you are,
                             | 42-45 Strength, 41-43 Defense. At level 50
                             | Combat you will gain probably 1-2 Combat Levels.
                             | Also the ability to wear Rune Plate Armor.
-Go talk to the Guild Master in the Champion's Guild. Ask him about the rune
 plate mail. He will tell you Oziach in the cliffs sells them. Head to the
 little shack west of Edgeville.

-Talk to Oziach inside. Ask him where the dragon-breath shield is. Then ask him
 where the first piece of the map is. He should hand you a key. Ask him where
 the 2nd and 3rd piece are too.

-Talk to Oracle at the top of Ice Mountain. She will tell you that to get in
 the room (with the map piece) you will need to be carrying these items:

 -Crustation Cage - (Lobster Pot) Buy it at fishing store.

 -Bowl that has not seen fire - (Unfired bowl) Go mine some clay, mix it with
  water and take it to barbarian village and make a bowl. DON'T PUT IT IN THE

 -Sheet of worm string - (Silk) Buy some from Varrock clothing store or steal
  it from silk stall in Ardougne.

 -Drink of the Mage - (Wizard's Mind Bomb) Buy it from bar in Falador for 2

-Go into Dwarven Mine.

-Head east and go through a door. Search the chest. At the door your bowl, silk
 and other items should disappear. In the chest you should find the 2nd piece
 of map. Head west and go back up the ladder.

-Head south towards Falador. Once there, keep going and head south to Melzar's
 maze. Hopefully you still have the key Oziach gave you.

-For this part you will need to kill lots of monsters from all levels (up to
 level 79). Bring all the food necessary, good armor etc.

-South of the Crafting Guild, use your key on the door on the east side. Kill
 the right rat and get the red key. Use the red key on the northwest door
 there. Inside the room shaped like an "L" go up the ladder.

-Attack the level 25 ghosts until you get the orange key. There are 4 doors on
 the east side. Use the key on the 2nd one from the north.

-Then go up the ladder and attack those skeletons (level 31) until you get the
 yellow key. Then go through the most southwest door with the key. Go down the
 ladder. Go down another. Then another.

-You should be by some zombies (level 32). Attack and then get the blue key and
 go through the door most northwest Then attack Melzar the Mad (level 45). Once
 you get the Magenta key, go up through the north door.

-Kill the lesser demon inside (level 79), and collect the black key. Go through
 the north door, and search the chest. Once you have the other map piece, go up
 that ladder inside that room, out that door, use your maze key on that east
 door once again, and go outside.

-Go to your Falador bank and pull out some magic, or a bow and about 10-20
 arrows. Make sure you bring along one air rune and one law rune and that you
 have level 33 magic or higher. Now head south to the Port Sarim Jail and
 attack the Wormbrain Goblin (level 7). He is behind bars so you need magic or
 bow and arrow to kill him. He'll drop the third piece of map, and use
 telekinetic grab on it to get it. You should now have these 3 pieces of the

-Combine the 3 pieces by using 1 on the other.

-Now head towards Edgeville. Once there, head north into the wilderness until
 level 17. Find the graveyard on the eastern part of the wilderness and collect
 3 planks. Once you have them, head south until you hit Varrock. Once there, go
 to the anvils and get 6 steel bars from somewhere, and make them into 12 nails
 (minimum level 34 smithing). Once you have done that, head to Lumbridge.

-Once at Lumbridge, go inside and up the ladder on the south side. Talk to Duke
 of Lumbridge, and ask him for the Dragon-breath shield. Once you have that,
 head to Draynor Village.

-Go inside the bank there and get a hammer and 2000 COINS, along with your 3
 planks and 12 nails... Head over to Port Sarim and talk to Klarense. He'll
 sell Lady Lumbridge to you for 2000 COINS. Buy it, and then go inside it. Use
 your planks on the holes and fix up your boat. Once that is done, head back to
 Draynor Village.

-Go talk to Ned the ol' Captain. Tell him you need him to sail you to Crandor.
 He'll tell you ok and then head over to Port Sarim to your boat. Time to sail
 to Crandor. Make sure right now you have good armor, lots of good food
 (lobster or above) dragon breath shield, and maybe some potions. Fill your
 inventory up with food! NO MAGIC!! Magic or prayer is called suicide when
 attacking this dragon (Level 110). Now get on your boat mate!

-Once there, go north, then west inside a little cliff, then north again,
 Eventually while you wind around the island you'll make it to the top and go
 down some stairs. You'll run into some more skeletons (level 25). Run past
 these and you'll hit some level 56 skeletons.

 -A little side note: If you go past the dragon,demons and skeletons you will
  find two doors leading to the volcano 'dungeon' in karamajara. If you open
  one of the doors then your character will 'remember' where they are so if the
  dragon kills you, you can, instead of getting more planks or nails top fix
  the boat, use one of the two doors. This really helps, it helped me and two
  friends. This is for quickness. You still have to pass 4 sets of monsters
  before getting to the dragon, you face the same amount of monsters as if you
  came from the boat. You still need to buy the boat and get ned to sail it the
  first time round.

-Drink your potions now! Once you go through that door, there's almost no going
 back. Once inside, try to attack the dragon first, so you get the first hit.
 Make sure your wielding all your armor (dragon-shield the most) and your
 weapons. When you reach half health, or enough to where you can use some food,
 retreat and eat it! Then attack again! Once you kill it, it'll put you outside
 the door and reward you! Head down south now, opposite from where you came.

-Head past some lesser demons (level 79), try not to get killed now, and keep
 heading down south. You should run into a wall. Push against this wall and you
 should be by some red spiders (level 36). Head west past some skeletons and go
 up a ladder. You're now on the island of Karamja. You're right by the volcano.
 Head east now, and just sell something at the store for 30 coins and get off
 the island (unless you brought 30 coins). Your quest is done! Now you can wear
 Rune Plate Mail Body! Rune Plate Mail can be bought from Oziach for 65000

Member Quests
Only people that have Members can do these Quests.

Witch's House |
Description:                 | A young boy who lives in Taverley has kicked his
                             | ball into the garden of a scary old lady. He
                             | asks you to get it back for him. This proves
                             | more difficult than it first sounds.
Difficulty Level:            | Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Leather Gloves and cheese
Starting Location:           | Taverly
Reward:                      | 4 Quest points, and some experience to your
                             | hitpoints
-Once you have collected the leather gloves and cheese (In the witch's house in
 Draynor Village, it might be a good idea to get like 2 or 3), head north of
 Falador and go through the member's gate to Taverly.

-Talk to the little boy standing outside the house near the gate. He will tell
 you of his problem with his lost ball.

-Go to the front door. Search under the floor mat. You should find a key. Use
 this key on the front door.

-Once inside. Go up the stairs in front of you and read the diary inside the
 Witch's bedroom. It should explain about her excellent security system.

-Now go downstairs, and wear your leather gloves. Open the gate and search the
 cupboard. You should find a magnet. Once you do, go back upstairs.

-Go to the room where there is a door to the backyard. If you try to open the
 door it should be locked. Drop your cheese on the ground. A mouse should run
 out from the wall. Now use the magnet on that mouse.

-The mouse runs back under the wall or door, and the door unlocks. Go outside.
 Try to open the door to the shed where the ball is.

-The witch should say something now, and she is standing at the front door. Run
 back inside, but not the door you came through, but the little room north of

-The witch will come out and it should say you're peeking through the crack or
 something. She will unlock the shed door and say she's coming back to feed her
 little good monster. If you do not go inside that room, and the witch does
 come out, she'll yell intruder and cast a spell and then you'll be transported
 back to the onion field south of Falador. So make sure you go inside.

-Now's your chance! After the witch leaves, go outside and open the door. Try
 to take the ball sitting on the ground. If you have any potions, make sure to
 use them before you take the ball. Once you try to take the ball, the Shape
 Shifter will attack you.

-The shape shifter is level 24. It has 4 shapes. During this battle you should
 not run away! If you do, the shape shifter will become non-attackable and you
 will have to start over. You must kill it from beginning to end. After you
 have done this, you can grab the ball, and walk out of there.

-Beware! The shape shifter is annoying and can hit pretty powerful hits. If you
 are about to die, it is sometimes impossible to find a place to run away
 because the shed is so small. Do bring food in case you can run away, then
 you can heal yourself and go for it again. Prayer and magic can be used and is
 advised if you're lower level.

-Once you kill it, take the ball and return it to the boy outside the fence.
 He'll thank you and rewards you.

Lost City |
Description:                 | Legends tell of a magical lost city hidden in
                             | the swamps. Many adventurers have tried to find
                             | this city, but it is proving difficult. Can you
                             | unlock the secrets of the city of Zanaris?
Difficulty Level:            | Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting
Starting Location:           | Draynor Forest
Reward:                      | 3 Quest Points and the ability to go into the
                             | Lost City
-Go to Draynor Village. Head east and find some adventurers around a camp fire.
 Talk to one of them about what they're looking for. Keep tormenting them until
 they tell you about a leprechaun.

-Then look through some trees near the north east fence until you see one that
 allows you to search it. Search it and a leprechaun should pop out. He'll tell
 you about the lost city, about Entrana, and about the Dramen tree.

-Now go get some leather for some gloves and main armor. Also if you can get
 some very good potions (strength, attack defense), the best you have, grab
 them. Also, if you have 37 Prayer for Paralyze monster take some prayer
 restore potions. 3 Would work well. Next take some good food like lobster. You
 will need to kill a level 95 bare handed.

 -Here's a little tip: When going to the island you can carry runes (teleport
  runes), robes, and a black cape (+2armor I think) and I took my Gnome Amulet
  of Protection. I don't know about other amulets or gloves or other leather
  armor although I doubt it.

-Once you collect all your necessary items, head to Port Sarim. Go down to the
 south dock and talk to the monks. They will ask you if you want to take a Holy
 passage to their island. Say yes and they will say no armor or weapons. Go OK,
 and if they find something, try and think what it could be. Once you get on
 the boat, and over to the island, head east past the church. Then head north
 and west around the cliff and you will see a ladder with a monk standing next
 to it.

-Go down this ladder. Below you will find some zombies (level 32). Kill them
 until you get a bronze hatchet. Then head south and try to sneak past the
 greater demons (level 87). (If you have a high level friend with you he/she
 could try to kill greater demons to get you a better weapon, my friend got me
 a steel battle axe). It works best if your friend has paralyze monster, then
 he/she doesn't need armor, just prayer restore potions. Anyways, once you get
 past the greater demons, stand by the tree. Try to cut it down. The tree
 spirit (level 95) will appear. It will tell you that if you want to cut down
 the tree you must kill it first. Don't worry the tree spirit won't attack you
 yet. Drink your potions, and make your leather armor if you haven't already.
 Make sure you're all suited up because once you attack it, it doesn't let you
 run far.

-Now attack the tree spirit. Retreat and eat whenever you feel you need to.
 Here's a good tip: If you are on one side of the tree, you can quickly retreat
 to the other side and the tree spirit won't attack you. This will allow you as
 much time as you want to heal. (Ex. If you are one square south of the tree
 you can run to one square north of the tree, and the tree spirit won't attack
 you because the tree is in its path.) Once the tree spirit is dead, go over to
 the Dramen tree and cut down a branch, or 2 or 3 or 7. Get as many as you
 want, but these turn into staffs that you use to get into the Lost City, so I
 would get at least 5 if you have the room. Once done, either duel a player, or
 teleport if you brought the runes, or go back north to where the greater
 demons are and head east. Go though the door and you will be in the
 wilderness. Head south to Draynor Village.

-Once there, get a knife from and cut your Dramen Branch. It will turn into a
 Dramen Staff.

-Once you have the staff, wield it and head south east until you find a little
 hut in the middle of nowhere. Open the door and your quest is complete!

Hero's Quest |
Description:                 | Prove you are worthy to enter the hero's guild.
                             | To prove your status as a hero you will need to
                             | obtain a number of items. There are many
                             | challenges standing between you and these items.
Difficulty Level:            | Very Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Level 50 Mining, Level 25 Herblaw, Level 53
                             | Fishing and Level 53 Cooking. You must also be a
                             | member of Black Arm gang or Phoenix gang (you
                             | must have done the Shield of Arrav quest). If
                             | you are a member of Black Arm gang, then you
                             | will need a friend that belongs to Phoenix gang
                             | to help you. The same if you in Phoenix gang,
                             | you will need help of a friend in Black Arm
                             | gang. This quest can't be completed without help
                             | of a friend in the other gang. You must also
                             | have done all the quests above the Hero's Quest
                             | on the quest list, along with Druidic Ritual and
                             | Merlin's Crystal. As a result you must have at
                             | least 55 quest points. You will also need some
                             | really good armor, a good weapon, lots of food,
                             | about 2000 coins for expenses (possible more
                             | depending on what gang you are in). You will
                             | also need a Harralander herb
Starting Location:           | North of Taverly, outside the Hero's guild
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, access to the Hero's Guild,
                             | ability to wield Dragon Axe
-Speak to Achetties about joining the guild. Achetties will tell you to get
 three items. These are Firebird's Feather, Cooked Lava Eel and the Master
 Thieves Armband. You can get these in any order.

-[Firebird's Feather]-

-You will first need to get Ice Gloves. Bring everything you would need to beat
 a level 103 monster. You can use prayer and magic. Bring lots of food, as it
 is not a direct passage to killing the Ice Queen. Also, bring along a pickaxe.

-Go to White Wolf Mountain (west of Taverly, east of Catherby). In the
 northwestern part you will find a rockslide. Use pickaxe on rockslide to get
 passed. Now go to the north part, and go east and get passed the ice warriors
 (level 57) and stop when you get to the ladders.

-It is a maze. Always take the north ladder. Go down the ladder, and you will
 encounter two ice warriors (level 57) then go up the ladder.

-Pass the ice giants (level 68) and go down the north ladder. As you go through
 the passage you will encounter two ice spiders (level 64), then go up the
 ladder, then there's only one ladder to go down and there is the Ice Queen.

-She is level 103 and aggressive. Kill her and she will drop the Ice Gloves.
 Then to escape the maze go up the ladder. Go to the bank and put all armour
 and weapons into the bank but keep the Ice Gloves as you will need these.

-Go to Port Sarim and catch a boat to Entrana (talk to a Monk of Entrana). It
 (the firebird) is running around on the northeastern part of the island. This
 is on the north side of the bridge. It's only level 6, so you should have no
 problem with it if you can beat the ice queen. Kill it and will drop the
 firebird's feather. Make sure you are wearing the Ice gloves, without these
 you won't be able to pick the feather up!

-[The Master Thieves Armband]-

-You will need the help of a friend. If you're in the Phoenix gang then you
 will need the help of a friend in Black Arm gang, or if you're in the Black
 Arm gang you will need the help of a friend in the Phoenix gang.

-[For Black Arm Gang Member]-

-Go to Varrock and speak to Katrine about the Master Thieves Armband.

-She will tell you that you have to steal Scar Face Pete's Candlesticks. Scar
 Face Pete lives in Brimhaven on Karamja. You will need to get the I.D. paper

-Go to Palm Street and there is a gang office on the east side. Talk to him and
 he will give you the ID paper that you need to get into Scar Face Pete's

-Before going to Scar Face Pete's Mansion. You need to get Black Large helmet,
 Black Plate Mail Chest (male) and Black Plate Legs and wear them when you get
 to the Mansion (you can buy the helmet and legs at the Champion's Guild, and
 the plate mail at the Varrock Armor Shop).

-When you try to enter Scar Face Pete's Mansion you will be stopped by Garv.
 You must show him the ID papers and then he will let you in.

-Go talk to Grip inside and ask him if there is anything you can do around
 there. He will give you a 'miscellaneous key'. This key you MUST give to your
 Phoenix friend that's helping you with this quest. The Phoenix member will
 range the Grip (level 46) in the room with the cupboard and Grip will drop
 some keys.

-Grab the keys and go to the Treasure room, where you will find the
 Candlesticks. Give one Candlestick to your Phoenix friend.

-Go back to Varrock and talk to Katrine again, she will give you the Master
 Thieves Armband.

-[For Phoenix Gang Member]-

-Go to Varrock and speak to Straven about the Master Thieves Armband. He tells
 you to steal Scar Face Pete's Candlesticks and the Phoenix gang has an
 associate in Brimhaven on Karamja. Their names are Charlie the Cook and
 Alfonse the Waiter in the pub called Shrimp and Parrot. Straven also gives you
 a secret password; the password is 'Gherkin'.

-Make sure first that you have a key from your Black Arm Gang Friend This is
 the miscellaneous key.

-You will need a bow and arrows before going to the Shrimp and Parrot pub. When
 you at Shrimp and Parrot pub, talk to Alfonse the Waiter and Charlie the Cook.
 Don't forget to give password.

-Charlie the Cook will tell you about a secret panel. You must go through this
 panel to where there are some Guard Dogs; these are level 46 and are quite
 aggressive. Get passed these and into mansion. Use the key (from your Black
 Arm Gang friend) on the door.
 You will see holes in the wall into the room with cupboard. Arm the Bow, shoot
 through the holes at Grip and kill him. He will drop the keys for your Black
 Arm gang friend.

-Your Black Arm gang friend will get the Candlesticks and trade you one of
 them. Go back to Varrock and talk to Straven and he will give you the Master
 Thieves Armband.

-[Cooked Lava Eel]-

-Go to Port Sarim and talk to Gerrant in the Fishing Shop. He will tell you how
 to make an Oily Rod. He will give you a bottle of Blamish Snail Slime. You
 will need a vial filled with water, and a Harralander herb. For the vial and
 herb look in the herblaw guide.

-Once you have those three things use the Harralander herb with the vial, then
 use the unfinished potion with the blamish snail slime. Use the oil with a
 REGULAR fishing rod. NOT A FLY FISHING ROD. Now you have an oily rod. YOU MUST

-To Find the Eel, you need to go to Members dungeon (south of Taverly). For
 this part you will need your oily rod, an anti-dragon breath shield, a cure
 poison potion (look in the Herblaw guide), and really good armor and a weapon,
 and lots of food, don't forget some bait for fishing the lava eel.

-Keep walking deeper and deeper until you get to the level 26 poison scorpions.
 Now go south through a little walkway and go past the black knights (level
 46). If you've gone far enough south you will be in a room with a blue carpet.
 Go west now and go into the room with the prisoner. Talk to him and get a
 dusty key. Now head north until you get back to the poison scorpions. Go
 across the bridge over the lava, then go north up to the lesser demons (level
 79). Get past them and use the Dusty Key you got from the prisoner on the door
 to the west of them. Go past the Blue Dragons, Level 50 and level 105.

-Then you come to a lava pool, this is where you fish for Lava Eel. Return to a
 range and cook the Lava Eel.

-[Finishing the Quest]-

-Go back to Hero's Guild and talk Achetties and give her the 3 items. Firebird
 Feather, Cooked Lava Eel and Master Thieves Armband.

-You can now enter the Hero's Guild!

Druidic Ritual |
Description:                 | To start using the herblaw skill you will need
                             | to ask for some training from the druids.
                             | However they require some help with a ritual
                             | before they will help you.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Nothing
Starting Location:           | Druid's Stone Circle, north of Taverly
Reward:                      | 4 quest points, 250 herblaw xp (ability to do
                             | herblaw)
-Go talk to Kaqemeex at the Druid's Stone Circle, just north of Taverly. He
 will tell you that he will teach you about herblaw if you purify their Stone
 Circle. He will tell you to talk to Sanfew for info about your task.

-Sanfew is in a building in Taverly, on the west side. Talk to him and he will
 tell you to get four kinds of meat and then dip them in the Cauldron of
 Thunder. You will need to get the four kinds of meet:

 -Cow meat
 -Rat meat
 -Bear meat
 -Chicken meat

-They must be raw. Once you have these four kinds of meat you will need to go
 to the members dugeon. Don't worry, as long as you can beat level 25 skeletons
 you will be fine. Go into the members dugeon (down a ladder south of Taverly)
 and you will find as soon as you go south a door, guarded by 'suits of armor'.
 Click on the door and a suit of armor will attack you. Once you kill it, click
 on the door again, and the other will attack you. Once you kill both of them,
 go through the door and dip each meat into the Cauldron of Thunder. Now exit
 the way you came in.

-Return to Sanfew with the meat. He will tell you to talk to Kaqemeex. Go talk
 to Kaqemeex, who is still at the Druid's Circle, for your reward.

Merlin's Crystal |
Description:                 | Merlin the wizard has carelessly become
                             | imprisoned inside a giant crystal. Take up king
                             | Arthur's quest to free Merlin and become one of
                             | the knights of the round table.
Difficulty Level:            | Medium - Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Some good armor, a good weapon
Starting Location:           | Camelot Palace (the castle northwest of
                             | Catherby)
Reward:                      | 6 Quest Points, and the ability to do the Holy
                             | Grail quest
-Talk to King Arthur in the Camelot Castle north of Catherby. He will tell you
 about Merlin trapped in a crystal. Talk to Sir Gawain about how Merlin was
 trapped and learn about the Sorceress. Then talk to Sir Lancelot about how to
 get into Morgan Le Fayes stronghold. He'll tell you about the boat, then head
 west of the fishing areas.

-Stow away on the ship at Arhein's, but somebody has to talk to Arhein while
 you do it. Once you do you'll sneak under and arrive where Renegade Knights
 (level 51) are everywhere.

-Start walking up the stairs until you reach the top. Fight any renegade
 knights or just run. There should be 2 or 3 Sir Mordreds standing there around
 weird symbols on the ground. Attack one of these, nearly kill it and the
 sorceress will appear. She will ask you to stop. Tell her that you will if she
 tells you how to untrap Merlin. She will tell you about a black candle, some
 magic words, and Excalibur. Once done talking, go to the second story.

-On the 2nd story there is a ladder on the west side. Go down it and you will
 drop out of the fortress. There should be some bats or bat bones there
 outside. Attack a bat or pick up some bat bones and head over to the bank.
 Bank the bones. Head south to the docks where you boarded the ship and get a
 bucket from the crate near him. Now head north of the bank and get the insect
 repellent off the table in a room. Now head over to the beehives west of
 there. Use the repellent on the beehives, and after the bees leave get the wax
 by using your bucket on the hive.

-Talk to the candle maker in the shop next to the bank. Ask him about black
 candles. Then give him the bucket full of wax. Go bank your black candlestick
 he gave you.

-Head to Taverly and go south to the lake. Go out into the middle of the lake
 on the peninsula. Talk to the Lady of the Lake. She will tell you about
 Excalibur and then tell you to go to the Jewellery shop in Port Sarim. Head
 over to Port Sarim but first get some bread. Then go to the Jewellery shop.
 When you try to enter a beggar will ask you for bread. Give him the bread. The
 beggar turns into the Lady of the Lake and she will give you the magical
 sword. Now go north to Varrock.

-Head north of Varrock into the wilderness. Take only 3 items, but you don't
 need any really. Find an altar around level 10-12, which is surrounded by lava
 with the entrance on the north side. Search the altar and you will find an

-Now head back to Camelot. Bring your black candle, bat bones, and Excalibur.
 If your candle is not lit, light it with a tinderbox (can be bought from a
 general store for 1 coin). Drop your bat bones on the weird symbol under the
 white overhang northeast of the Camelot Castle. A demon will appear. Select
 the phrase that was shown to you on the altar: "Snarthon Candtrick Termanto"

-Now go over to the east wing of the Camelot Castle with your Excalibur. Go up
 the ladder, and then go across to the east side. Go up that ladder. Strike
 Merlin with the sword. The crystal should break!

-Go talk to King Arthur for your reward.

Scorpion Catcher |
Description:                 | Thormac has lost his rare lesser kharid
                             | scorpions after leaving their cage door open.
                             | These scorpions have hidden in areas that are
                             | rather difficult to get into. You will have to
                             | overcome various challenges (and drink a lot of
                             | beer) to get all the scorpions back. If you
                             | manage to help him Thormac will improve your
                             | battle staffs.
Difficulty Level:            | Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Level 31 Prayer or higher, Anti Dragon Breath
                             | Shield (strongly suggested), Cure Poison Potion
                             | (suggested), some runes or some way of
                             | teleporting (strongly suggested), good armor and
                             | a good weapon, some good food, dusty key (you
                             | can get it as you do the quest, but it's easier
                             | if you have it at the start), about 2000 coins
Starting Location:           | Top floor of the Sorcerors Tower, north of
                             | Ardougne and south of the Seers village
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, Thormac the sorcerer will enchant
                             | Battlestaffs for you
-Speak to Thormac the sorcerer. He tells you that he has lost his three
 scorpions and wishes for you to find them. He suggests that you go to speak to
 the Seer in Seers village since he might be able to help you find out where
 they are. You must do them in this order:

-[First Scorpion]-

-The Seer will tell you that the scorpion is between black demons and poison
 spiders. It is in the member's dungeon (South of Taverly).

-(Bring cure poison potion, anti dragon breath shield, and maybe some teleport
 runes) When you first enter the dungeon, you are able to see the scorpion,
 just past the west wall. Go deep into the dungeon. Once you get to the Poison
 Scorpions stop. If you have a dusty key skip step 3. If you don't here are the

-Now go south through a little walkway and go past the black knights (level
 46). If you've gone far enough south you will be in a room with a blue carpet.
 Go west now and go into the room with the adventurer. Talk to him and get a
 dusty key. Now head north until you get back to the poison scorpions.

-Go across the bridge, past lesser demons and use your dusty key on the door to
 the blue dragon room. Try to stay to the south wall if you do not wish to be
 attacked by a level 105 dragons! You will need to pass the level 156 Black
 Demons. Now keep going around and you will be with some poison spiders (level
 63). Check the wall for an 'odd-looking wall' and push it. Capture the
 scorpion with cage.

-Either teleport out of there, hopefully you brought the runes required, if not
 go back the way you came.

-[Second Scorpion]-

-Bring about 2000 coins. Go back and speak to the Seer again. He will tell you
 that the second scorpion is in a Barbarous Village, or something like that. It
's in the barbarian outpost. Go there and talk to the guard. He'll give you a
 barcrawl card that must have signed by all 6 bars on the list. They are: Jolly
 Boar Inn, Blue Moon Inn, The Rising Sun, Dead Man's Chest, The Forester's Arms
 and the Rusty Anchor. These are the bars in Seers Village, Falador, Varrock,
 northeast of Varrock, Port Sarim and in Brimhaven.

-Just go to each bar and say that you're doing the Alfred Grimhand barcrawl,
 and they'll give you a drink at your expense. Once done, go back to the
 barbarian outpost and he'll let you in and the scorpion is in the room right

-[Third Scorpion]-

-This is where you need level 31 prayer. Go back to the Seer again and he will
 tell you that the third scorpion is somewhere where there are brown robes on
 the floor. He means the monastery northeast of Falador.

-Go upstairs in the monastery and you will see the scorpion running around.
 Catch him in the cage.

-[Finishing the Quest]-

-Go back to Thormac the sorcerer and he will reward you. He will now enchant
 Battlestaffs for you.

Family Crest |
Description:                 | The Fitzharmon family crest has gone missing,
                             | and the family honour has been lost. Can you
                             | find the crest and return it to Dimintheis in
                             | Varrock? There are 3 different rewards
                             | available, but you can only choose one, so
                             | choose carefully!
Difficulty Level:            | Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Level 40 mining, level 40 smithing, level 40
                             | crafting, level 59 magic (or you can use a
                             | Wizard's Mind Bomb, bought in Falador bar), two
                             | cut rubies, all the runes needed to cast all of
                             | the "Blast" spells, a cure poison potion, a
                             | pickaxe, some good armor, a good weapon, and
                             | some food.
Starting Location:           | Southeast of the East Varrock bank
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, a pair of steel gauntlets (can be
                             | enhanced)
-Go to the little house southeast of the East bank in Varrock. You should find
 a man named Dimintheis. Talk to him about the family crest. You will need to
 talk to his sons who have the pieces of the crest. Do them in this order:

-[First Son]-

-He is located in a house just north of the Catherby bank. Talk to him and
 he'll give you his piece of the crest if you give him the following cooked

 -Note: If you don't have a high enough cooking of fishing level you can just
  buy the fish.


-Give him these fish and he will give you his piece of the crest. He should
 tell you about the second brother in Al Kharid. If he doesn't talk to him
 again and he will tell you to go to the Gem Trader in Al Kharid.

-[Second Son]-

-Talk to the Gem Trader in Al Kharid and he will tell you about a man with a
 green cape, hanging around the gold rock in the Chasm mine. Talk to this
 Nobleman and he will tell you that if you want his part of the crest you will
 need to give him a ruby ring, and a ruby necklace made from the finest gold.
 He will tell you that a dwarf named Boot knows where to find the finest gold.

-Go talk to Boot who is in the Dwarven Mine. (See the world map if you can't
 find Dwarven Mine, hint: it's north of Falador, down the ladder in a house on
 the ice mountain.) Boot will tell you where the finest gold is found. Bring
 along a pickaxe, good armor and a good weapon, and probably some food (you
 will need to beat a level 114).

-The finest gold is found in a dungeon east of Ardougne. To make this easy,
 just go to East Ardougne, and go straight east. You will find a ladder
 surrounded by archways. Go down the ladder. First you will meet some
 hobgoblins (level 48). You can't get directly to the finest gold; you have to
 pull a lot of levers to activate the door. Go to where the door of the
 Hellhound is. Do the following steps to unlock the door where the gold is:

 -Hint: If you don't know what a lever's status is (up or down) you can right
  click on it and click inspect.

 -On the north wall pull the lever down.

 -Go to the south wall; there are two doors, enter the room and pull that lever

 -Go to the north wall and pull that lever up.

 -Enter that room and pull the lever down.

 -Leave that room and pull the lever on the wall down.

 -Go into the south room and pull that lever up.

 -Go into the middle room and you will need to fight the Hellhound (level 114).
  Mine two gold nuggets, and get out before he respawns!!

-Use these gold nuggets on a furnace, and now you will have two gold bars. Get
 your two rubies, a ring mould, a necklace mould, and your two gold bars made
 from the finest gold. Use a bar on the furnace and make a ruby ring and a ruby

-Return to Al Kharid with your ruby ring and ruby necklace made from the finest
 gold and give them to the Nobleman. He will give you his piece, and will tell
 you about his younger brother.

-[Third Son]-

-For this part you will need a cure poison potion, it's a good idea to bring
 two, one for the son and one for you, probably some good armor, a good weapon,
 all of the runes needed to cast all four blast spells, and either a level 59
 magic, or a Wizard's Mind Bomb (can be bought in Falador Bar for 2 coins). By
 the way, a Wizard's Mind Bomb temporarily 3 magic levels, so you can do this
 part if you have a level 56 magic or higher.

-Once you have all of those items go to the Jolly Boar Inn. This is located
 northeast of Varrock. Look on the world map if you can't find it. It is the
 big bar. Go inside and go to the southern end. On the second floor you will
 find, in a room, a wizard.

-He is the third son. Talk to him, but he has been poisoned. Give him your cure
 poison potion and he will be cured. He will tell you all about the poison
 spiders, and about Chronozon (121) having his piece of the crest. He will tell
 you that in order to kill Chronozon you will need to cast all of the blast
 spells on him.

-Now get all of the items mentioned in step 1 and go to Edgeville. Enter the
 dungeon and fairly deep into the dungeon you will find a gate which can be
 only accessed on members' servers. (Examine the gates and eventually you will
 find one that says, "You can pass through this on members servers". This gate
 is protected by a couple aggressive skeletons. The members only area is known
 as the 'Wilderness Dungeon'.

-Go through the gate and you will first meet some thugs (level 18). Head west
 and get past the Chaos Druids (level 19). Go north and get past the skeletons
 (level 54) by heading west into the narrow hallway.

-You will need to make a run for it. Go as fast as you can (and I know it's not
 possible to run in this game but do your best). You will need to pass Black
 Demons (level 156) and some poison spiders (level 63). Once you think you can
 do it, go west then south.

-Now you should be in a room with the Earth Obelisk and Chronozon (level 121).
 If he hasn't already attacked you, attack him. While you are killing him, you
 must successfully cast all of the Blast spells, just once. If you don't he
 will regenerate. You can use prayers. Once you have killed him pick up the
 crest piece and get out!

-[Finishing the Quest]-

-Now that you have all three pieces, put them together and go back and talk to
 Dimintheis. He will be grateful and will reward you. You can get these
 enhanced. Look below and remember that you can only get them enhanced once, so
 make a wise decision.

-[Enhancing the Gauntlets]-

-Go to any son and talk to him. He will enhance the gauntlets for you if you

| Son & Location | Effect                                   |
| Chef(Catherby) | Burn less swordfish, shark, and lobsters |
| Nobleman (Al   | You gain more experience when crafting   |
| Kharid, Chasm  | with gold.                               |
| Mine)          |                                          |
| Wizard (Jolly  | Bolt spells are more effective           |
| Boar Inn)      |                                          |

Tribal Totem |
Description:                 | Lord Handelmort of Ardougne is collector of
                             | exotic artifacts. A recent addition to his
                             | private collection is a strange looking totem
                             | from Karamja. The Rantuki tribe are not happy
                             | about the recent disaperance of their totem.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 21 thieving, 60 coins for traveling to and from
                             | Brimhaven
Starting Location:           | Brimhaven
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, approx. 1250 thieving experience,
                             | and 5 cooked swordfish
-Go to Brimhaven and talk to Kangai Mau near the Shrimp and Parrot pub.

-Go to the Handelmort Mansion in Ardougne and talk to the gardener there. You
 will know that you cannot go into the mansion by the front door. Ask him about
 the security. He will tell you that the code is "his middle name".

-Go and talk to Wizard Cromperty in northeast Ardougne and you will find out
 that he has invented a patent pending teleport block, ask him to teleport you.
 You will end up in the RPDT Depot. Search the crates and you will find one
 going to be delivered to Handelmort Mansion. You will take the label
 automatically. Use the label with the crate that is going to be sent to the
 wizard's tower in Misthalin. You will stick the label on the crate. Talk to
 the RPDT employee and he will send the crate to the mansion instead of the
 wizard's tower.

-Search around in nearby houses and find the Guide book. Read it, ask about
 history, and it will tell you the name you need to know.

-Go talk to Wizard Cromperty and ask him to teleport you. You will end up in
 the mansion. Once you try to enter the door, you will need to choose 4
 positions. They are B, R, A and D in that order. Once you go through the door,
 you will need to pick the lock on the other door. Search for trap on the
 stairs and then go up. Search the chest and you will find the totem.

-To leave the mansion go back to the "BRAD" door at the entrance and go through
 the door. Go down the ladder. Now go north, then east, and up the ladder. You
 will now be in west Ardougne. Go east to the boat, go aboard it, and return
 the totem to Kangai Mau.

Fishing Contest |
Description:                 | The mountain Dwarves home would be an ideal way
                             | to get across White Wolf mountain safely.
                             | However the Dwarves aren't to fond of strangers.
                             | They will let you through if you can bring them
                             | a trophy. The trophy is the prize for the annual
                             | Hemenster fishing competition.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 5-10 coins, garlic (you can find one in Draynor
                             | Village on the second story of a house), a spade
                             | (you can find one in Draynor Manor in the east
                             | room on the main floor), a regular fishing rod
                             | (can be bought from any fishing shop) and at
                             | least lvl 10 fishing
Starting Location:           | Just west of White Wolf Mountain, talk to the
                             | dwarf
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, 3225 fishing experience, access
                             | to the underground home of the Mountain Dwarves
-Talk to the dwarf just west of White Wolf Mountain (north of Catherby). Try to
 convince him that you want to be his friend. He will ask you to win him the
 trophy at the Hemenster Fishing Competition.

-Go to the Hemenster Fishing Competition (southwest of Seers Village) and talk
 to the man who's in charge. Pay 5 coins and show him your pass and he will let
 you in. Now go talk to the Sinister Stranger and ask him if he's a vampire. He
 will say some pointless stuff about how he isn't, but he really is.

-Go out of the fishing competition and talk to Grandpa Jack. Ask him how to
 catch good fish around there. He will tell you that you can use red vine worms
 to catch really good ones around the sewer pipes. Now you have to get the red
 vine worms. Go north and follow the east wooden fence of McGrubor's woods and
 you will find a 'fence with loose pantlets' on the northern half of the fence.
 Push it and you will be in. Go west and you will find a red vine. Use your
 spade on the vine and you should get some red worms. Get a couple in case you
 mess up.

-Go back to Hemenster and enter the fishing area. If the man who's in charge
 won't let you in pay another charge of 5 coins. Now go use your garlic on the
 sewer pipe, and fish the spot next to the pipe. You should get a carp. Once
 you have three fish the contest will be over and you will be rewarded with the

-Bring this trophy back to the Mountain Dwarf and he will be quite happy. You
 have finished the quest.

Monk's Friend |
Description:                 | A monk's child has had their blanket stolen.
                             | Find the thieves' den and return the blanket,
                             | then help Brother Omad organise the drinks for
                             | the child's birthday party.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy - Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Maybe some armor and a weapon, and a hatchet
Starting Location:           | The church south of Ardougne
Reward:                      | 1 Quest Point, 8 Law Runes, 5000 to 8000
                             | Woodcutting experience
-Talk to Brother Omad in the building with 2 circular rooms south of Ardougne.

-Now go west of that building by some mining rocks and a ladder. Go down the
 ladder. A level 34 head thief might attack you. That is the hardest monster
 you will have to fight in this quest.

-Go to the south area and you'll see a light blue blanket on the ground. Some
 thieves (level 21) will attack you. Kill them.

-Take the blanket and head back up the ladder. Talk to brother Omad again and
 give him the blanket. Then talk to him again after that and ask about Brother

-Go northwest above the mining area. Talk to brother Cedric. Go find a bucket
 near him. There is also a well nearby. Use the bucket on the well. Then use
 the water on Brother Cedric. He should become sober.

-He'll then ask for a log. Cut down a log with your hatchet (that you should
 have if you read the "items needed to start").

-Go back to Brother Omad. Talk to him and he'll reward you.

Temple of Ikov |
Description:                 | A mysterious stranger called Lucien asks you to
                             | go on a mission deep under the Temple of Ikov in
                             | central Kandarin. He wants you to retrieve an
                             | artifact known as the Staff of Armadyl. Towards
                             | the end of the quest you are presented with a
                             | choice on how to complete the quest.
Difficulty Level:            | Medium - Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 42 thieving, 35 ranged, a Yew or Magic bow, some
                             | good armor and a good weapon, a candle (can be
                             | bought in Catherby), a tinderbox, 20 limpwurt
                             | roots
Starting Location:           | In the 'Flying Horse' bar west of the Ardougne
                             | River
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, a lot of ranged and fletching
                             | experience, the ability to now enter the Temple
                             | of Ikov (by wearing the Pendant of Lucien)
-Talk to Lucien who is hanging around the bar in Ardougne, west of the River
 separating East and West Ardougne. He will ask you to go on a mission for him
 to retrieve the sacred Staff of Armadyl. He will give you a pendant.

-Put on the pendant and get ready to go to the dungeon. Light your candle (use
 a tinderbox on the candle). Bring along the following items:

 -The Pendant of Lucien (obviously)
 -Some good armor and a good weapon
 -A Yew or Magic bow
 -Your lit candle
 -Plenty of food
 -20 limpwurt roots (if you don't have room for these then you can take them

-Wearing the pendant, go into the dungeon of fear (located northeast of
 Ardougne). Go through the door to the north of the ladder then go down the
 stairs to the west. If you cannot see anything it's because your candle is not
 lit. You should be able to see a spider's web. Cut it and get the boots. Put
 the boots on.

-Go back up the stairs and go through the door to the north. Make sure you are
 wearing the 'boots of lightfootedness'. Cross the bridge to the west and open
 the door. Take the lever. Go back through the door and cross the bridge.

-Head north. When you get to the split go north. You should find a lever.
 Search for traps on the lever (right click on it) and you should find a trap.
 Pull the lever. Return to the ladder (the entrance to the dungeon) but don't
 go up the ladder. Go into the room to the west. This room is guarded by ice
 spiders (level 64). At the end of the room you will see ice arrows. You have
 to get these one by one. Once you grab one, you will be teleported back to
 the start and you will have to get another. Rumour has it that you can just
 get one ice arrow and then use any other kind of arrow except bronze to kill
 the being. Once you have what you need leave the ice arrow room.

-Head north, through the door past the skeletons (level 54) and this time go to
 the west side. Use the lever with the lever bracket. Pull the lever and you
 will be able to go through the door next to you. Go through that door and
 wield your bow. You must range 'The Fire Warrior of Lesarkus' (level 63). Once
 you have finished killing it go through the door next to his cage.

-Go through the little alleyway and talk to Winelda. If you want to get across
 the lava (which you do) she will ask a payment of 20 limpwurt roots. If you
 have them with you, give them to her. If not head back to a bank and get them.
 Then return (you don't have to kill anyone this time) and give them to her.
 She will teleport you across the lava.

-Go north, then east, then south. You will see some lesser demon(s). At the
 southern end you will see a 'shiny key'. Pick it up. Now head north and in the
 middle of the east-west passage way you will see a 'Strange-looking Wall'.
 Push it and now you must make a decision.

-Do you want to go with the side of Lucien or the side with the Guardians? Both
 yield the same reward; it's just a little different ending. They both take
 about the same amount of time, so make you decision. Below you will see the
 end for the 'Side with the Guardians', then below that you will see the other
 ending, 'the side with Lucien'.

-[Side with the Guardians]-

-Take off your pendant of Lucien. Talk to one of the Guardians of Armadyl. You
 will tell them that you are working for a man named Lucien. They will be quite
 disappointed to hear that. They will give you a pendant and tell you to kill

-Go out of the room. Go west and you will see a ladder. Go up and you will find
 yourself in a room just north of McGrubor's woods. Use your shiny key on the
 door and you should go through. Head to Edgeville. Then cross the bridge, and
 head southeast.

You should find a house with Lucien inside. Wearing your pendant attack him.
 You will be rewarded.

-[Side with Lucien]-

-By choosing this side you are completing the mission you were asked to do.
 Head to the room north and you will see the Staff of Armadyl in the corner.
 Pick it up. If there are guardians around they will attack you. Eventually you
 will be able to pick it up, once you clear out the room. Once you have the
 staff leave the room. Now leave the room by going through the 'Strange-looking

-Go west and you will see a ladder. Go up and you will find yourself in a room
 just north of McGrubor's woods. Use your shiny key on the door and you should
 go through. Head to Edgeville. Then cross the bridge, and head southeast.

-You should find a house with Lucien inside. Talk to him and give him the
 staff. He will reward you.

Clock Tower |
Description:                 | Help the confused Brother Kojo find the missing
                             | cogs and fix his watch tower. Search the dungeon
                             | using brawn and brains to correctly place the
                             | four cogs.
Difficulty Level:            | Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Bucket of water, a weapon and armor if you need
                             | it to get past some ogres (level 58)
Starting Location:           | South of Ardougne Zoo
Reward:                      | 1 quest point and 500 coins
-Start off this quest by talking to Brother Kojo, who lives in the house with
 the clock tower, directly south of the Ardougne Zoo.

-Now you must collect all four cogs. They are all located in the basement. The
 colored blocks on the floor represent the general direction of the cog, but
 remember you can only carry one at a time.

-[Black Cog]-

-In order to get the black cog you must first get a bucket of water. Once you
 have a bucket of water, go into the basement and find your way west. You
 should find it surrounded by fires.

-Use the bucket of water on it to cool it off. Now you can pick it up.

-Now just put it on the black pole on the first floor.

-[Purple Cog]-

-You must first go to the hall that branches off to the east of the four
 squares in the basement.

-You will need to find a little passage way to a room with rat poison. Pick it

-Now you must go to the location of the Dungeon Rats, which are located north
 of the passage way with the rat poison.

-You will notice that there are 2 closed gates; you must adjust the levers so
 that they are both open.

-Now you must use the Rat Poison with the food trough. Now go close the gates
 then open them again. The rats will die.

-Now go into the cage and search the cage, by this I mean that you must go to
 the east end of the cage and click 'search' on the bars. You will climb
 through the bars.

-Now pick up the cog and go up the ladder and use the cog on the purple pole on
 the 3rd floor.

-[Red Cog]-

-To get the red cog you must go the four colored squares in the basement and go
 west then take the southwest passage to the ogres (level 58).

-Then pick up the cog, which should be near the chests (simple enough).

-Now just put it on the red pole on the second floor.

-[Blue Cog]-

-The blue cog is little harder to get. First go to that the monk who is drunk
 in the Monk's Friend quest (if you don't know what this means go west of the
 clock tower and you should see a bridge crossing the Ardougne River).

-Directly north of him is a bridge. Go over the bridge and to the west there
 will be a ladder.

-Go down the ladder and follow the passage way.

-When you get to the end push the odd looking wall. Then pick up the cog and go
 up the ladder.

-Now just put it on the blue pole in the basement.

-Now that all of the cogs have been placed talk to Brother Kojo again to
 receive your reward.

The Holy Grail |
Description:                 | King arthur is sending out his knights on a
                             | quest for the famous holy grail. If you are a
                             | knight of the round table go to king arthur for
                             | further orders.
Difficulty Level:            | Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| You MUST be a Knight of the Round Table (you
                             | must have done the Merlin's Crystal quest), some
                             | good armor and a weapon, and possibly one or two
                             | prayer restore potions if you have level 37
                             | prayer (which is strongly suggested), one or two
                             | cure poison potions would help
Starting Location:           | Camelot Castle
Reward:                      | 2 Quest points, about 5-10k defense experience,
                             | and 10750 prayer experience, or possibly more or
                             | less depending on your prayer level
-Talk to King Arthur in the Castle in Camelot. He will tell you that he wants
 you to go on a quest to retrieve the Holy Grail and that for more details you
 should talk to Merlin.

-Go up the stairs and go into the lab and talk to Merlin. He will tell you
 about Sir Galahad who lives west of McGrubor's woods.

-Go to Brother Galahad who lives in a house directly west of McGrubor's woods.
 Talk to him. He will tell you about how he once found the grail by accident
 but it didn't feel right to take the grail from its home so he left it there.

-Now you must go to Port Sarim and take a boat ride to Entrana Island, make
 sure you don't have any weapons or armor with you.

-Once you are on Entrana go to the church and talk to the High Priest. Tell him
 that you are interested in finding the Holy Grail. The Crone will interrupt
 and will start talking to you and about the Fisher King. She will tell you
 that the Fisher King is in pain and you must blow the whistle where all six
 heads point to. Also ask her about the whistle and about how to get it.

-Now go back to Brother Galahad. Talk to him and try to get him to give you an
 item. He will give you a Holy Table Napkin.

-Now go to Draynor Manor, located directly north of Draynor Village. Now go to
 the top floor and go to the room all the way east. You must have the napkin in
 your inventory or you will not be able to see the magic whistle. Pick up two
 magic whistles as you will need a second later on in the quest.

-Now you must get ready to kill the level 146 Black Knight Titan. You should
 have a prayer level of 37 so you can paralyze it. You must bring along your
 Excalibur from the Merlin's Crystal quest. If you do not have it for any
 reason, you will need to get another by talking to the Lady of the Lake. You
 will need this to finish off the knight.

-Once you are done preparing you must go to Brimhaven. Once you are there head
 all the way west, until you get to the poison scorpions. You will then see a
 small platform, step on it and blow the whistle to be teleported.

-Now it is time to kill the Black Knight Titan. Just head west and talk to the
 knight. Now just fight the knight and kill him. This is the hardest part of
 the whole quest.

-Now go all the way around the fence and head towards the small peninsula. Talk
 to the fisher man and ask him how to get inside the castle that you are next
 to. He will tell you to pick up one of the bells and ring it.

-Now go to the side of the castle and you will notice that a bell has appeared.
 Pick up the bell and ring it. You will automatically be teleported inside the

-Now that you are inside the castle talk to the Fisher King. He will tell you
 about his missing son and about his barren land that he hopes will once be
 filled with life again once his son returns.

-Now you must go to Camelot (blow the whistle to get out of the castle).

-Once you are in Camelot talk to King Arthur and ask him about the Fisher
 King's son. He will give you a magical feather that will guide you to the
 place you want to go.

-To make this faster just go to Goblin Village and go inside the hut that is
 all the way west. Right click on the sacks and prod them. The Fisher King's
 son will appear. He will tell you the story about how he ended up in there.
 Now just tell him that his father wants to speak to him. Now just give him the

-Once you have given him the whistle go back to the Fisher King's Castle. Talk
 to the Fisher King. He will tell you how happy he is that his son has

-Now just go up the stairs and then the ladder and pick up the Holy Grail.

-Go back to Camelot and talk to King Arthur to receive your reward.

Fight Arena |
Description:                 | The prosperous Servil family have been abducted
                             | by the infamous General Khazard. He plans to
                             | have the family battle for his entertainment in
                             | the fight arena. Can you rescue the Servil's
                             | before the tyrant has these innocent (not to
                             | mention wealthy) civillians slain.
Difficulty Level:            | Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Definitely some good armor and a good weapon
Starting Location:           | South of East Ardougne (south of the Zoo)
Reward:                      | 2 quest points, 1000 coins, (unknown amount of
                             | combat experience), approx 6000 thieving
                             | experience
-Talk to Lady Servil who will tell you about her husband and son.

-Head west and you find many houses. In one of them there will be a 'guard's
 cupboard'. Search it and you should find some Khazard Chainmail and Helmet.
 Put them on.

-Just south of there you will see a gated alleyway. Go through it and open the
 door. Talk to the guard. He will tell you that he loves Khali Brew.

-Leave the Fight Arena and go to the bar southeast from there (see the world
 map). Buy a Khali Brew from the bartender. Return to the Fight Arena and give
 the guard the Khali Brew. He will give you a key.

-Go talk to Jeremy. He is in a cell in the southern end. Free him.

-Go to the fight arena. Use the key on the door if you can't get in. You will
 have to fight an ogre (level 58). When you kill it you will end up in a cell
 with Hengrad. Speak to him, and then return to the fight arena.

-If the Giant Scorpion doesn't appear, talk to Jeremy. You have to fight the
 Giant Scorpion (level 46). Once you have killed it General Khazard will
 appear. He will send Bouncer (level 122) after you. Once you have killed it he
 will attack you. Once you are done with him talk to Jeremy. He will be

-To finish the quest talk to Lady Servil. She will be very grateful and will
 reward you.

Tree Gnome's Village |
Description:                 | The tree gnomes are in trouble. General
                             | Khazard's forces are hunting them to extinction.
                             | Find your way through the hedge maze to the
                             | gnomes secret treetop village. Then help the
                             | gnomes fight Khazard and retrieve the orbs of
                             | protection.
Difficulty Level:            | Medium - Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 6 logs, a good weapon and some good armour
Starting Location:           | Gnome Village
Reward:                      | 2 quest points, Gnome Amulet of Protection (can
                             | obtain another if lost), 10100 experience in
                             | attack, ability to teleport to and from the
                             | Gnome city using special trees
-Go through the maze until you are south of the city and near a ladder. Keep
 going a bit and push loose panels in fence. You start at the east end. Speak
 to King Bolren. You will be led out.

-Go north of the hedge maze, and speak to Commander Montai. He needs 6 loads of
 logs. Give them to him and he tells you about the next plan of attack, but he
 needs the exact coordinates of the main building and that he sent three men to
 get them.

-Go across the little bridge, and there are now aggressive level 28 Khazard
 troops all over the place. The first tracker is in between the two buildings.

-The second has been captured, and is in the cell east of the first tracker.
 However, you can talk to him through the gates.

-The third one is west of the main building but he is a bit too crazy to give
 you the coordinate. You are supposed to guess the coordinate but you don't
 have to, they are:

 -Height = 4
  x = 3
  y = 5

-Now that you have the coordinates, go back across the bridge and enter them in
 the ballista. Fire it and you will hit the building. If you don't hit the
 building make sure that you have them in the right order (not y = 5 or

-Go back across the bridge and go to the large building. Climb over the broken
 wall and there should be a level 41 Khazard Commander. Kill him if he attacks.

-Then, go up the ladder and search the treasure chest and you will have the Orb
 of Protection. Go back to the entrance of the maze and speak to Elkoy who will
 bring you to the Gnome Village.

-Talk to King Bolren. Now you have to go north past the buildings. You have to
 fight a level 100 Khazard Warlord. He is protected by three or more Khazard
Troops (level 28). Speak to the Khazard Warlord and he will attack you. When he
 dies, he you will automatically pick up the other orbs of protection.

-Go back to the entrance of the maze and speak to Elkoy who will bring you to
 the Gnome Village. Speak to King Bolren and you are now done the Tree Gnome
 Village quest!

The Hazeel Cult |
Description:                 | Discover the truth behind the Carnillean family
                             | fortune. Decide for yourself wheather to aid the
                             | Carnilleans in retrieving stolen goods, or join
                             | the hazeel cult members in their mission to
                             | resurrect the infamous Lord Hazeel.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| None
Starting Location:           | In the house just southwest of the Paladin Tower
                             | on the west side of the Ardougne River
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, 2000 coins, thieving experience
                             | (depending on your level, though not that much
                             | experience)
-Speak to Ceril and he will ask you to retrieve his stolen family armor. He
 will also tell you about their cave.

-Go into the cave that is south Ceril's house, you must cross the bridge and
 then continue south a bit. Talk to Clivet. Now you must make your choice. This
 quest has two completely different ways of completing it. You can either
 choose with Clivet, or you can continue with Ceril. Below is the way of
 completing with Clivet, under that solution you will find the 'Side with

-[Side with Clivet]-

-Clivet will tell you that in order to enter the gang you will need to kill a
 member of the Carnillean's. He will give you a bottle of poison.

-Go back to Ceril's house and go to the basement. (Go down a ladder in the
 southeastern part of the house.) Use the poison with the range. Now go
 upstairs and talk to the wife, and she will tell you that the dog is dead!
 Congratulations you have killed a dog...

-Return to Clivet and talk to him. He will give you a snake shield, which, when
 used with the sewer valves, should direct you towards the base.

-The sewer valves are along the wall to West Ardougne. Once you know the
 combination turn the valves towards the way they should go:

 -Valve 1 = Right
 -Valve 2 = Left
 -Valve 3 = Right
 -Valve 4 = Right
 -Valve 5 = Left

-Once you have set the valves to the proper setting return to Clivet. Ride the
 raft near him. Talk to Alomone. He will tell you that there is a scroll in the
 Carnillean's house.

-Go to Ceril's house and go downstairs. You will find a crate there; search it.
 You will find a key.

-Go upstairs and talk to the butler. Now go search the bookcase and it will
 bring you through a secret passage.

-Use your key on the Carnillean Chest. You will get the scroll. Go back down
 the ladder and speak to the butler.

-Go speak to Alomone. He will summon Lord Hazeel and Hazeel will reward you.

-[Side with Ceril]-

-Return to Ceril (once you've talked to Clivet) and talk to him.

-To be able to ride the raft you need to turn the sewer valves the correct
 directions. The sewer valves are along the wall to West Ardougne. Once you
 know the combination turn the valves towards the way they should go:

 -Valve 1 = Right
 -Valve 2 = Left

 -Valve 3 = Right
 -Valve 4 = Right
 -Valve 5 = Left

-Go back to the cave where Clivet is and ride the log raft near him. Talk to
 Alomone. He will tell you that the butler is really working for them. He
 should attack you and you have to kill him. He should drop the Carnillean
 Armor. If he doesn't try talking to Ceril again, then try talking to Alomone

-Return the Armor to Ceril. When you give it to him you will tell him about the
 butler. He will not believe you and you will be brought up to the second floor
 of the house. Search the 'Butler's Cupboard' and you will find the poison.
 Ceril will give you your real reward now and the quest is finished.

Sheep Herder |
Description:                 | Some plague infected sheep have escaped into
                             | East Ardounge. They must be found and disposed
                             | of before the whole town is infected, time is of
                             | the essence.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy (but tedious)
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 100 gold coins (gp)
Starting Location:           | Ardougne, east of the Paladin Tower
Reward:                      | 4 quest points, 3100 coins
-Talk to Councilor Halgrive in Ardougne who is hanging around the
 Adventurer's/General store.

-Go to the Church north of Councilor Halgrive and speak to Doctor Orbon. He
 will offer to sell you a protective suit for 100 gold coins, buy the suit, as
 it will protect you from coming to any harm when dealing with the plagued

-Now travel directly north past the edge of Ardougne to a small building with a
 farmer in. Talk to farmer Brumty about the quest and he will give you a pot of
 'poisoned sheep feed' that you must give to each of the four plagued sheep
 when they are safely in the pen. Also collect a 'cattle prod' in the farmer's
 house that will be used to guide the sheep.

-Now you must guide each sheep using the 'cattle prod' safely into the sheep
 pen where you are permitted to kill them. Clicking on the cattle prod and then
 clicking on the sheep does this. The sheep will then be teleported a little
 closer to the sheep pen. You must then run to the sheep and repeat this before
 it returns to its original position. By continuing to do this, the sheep will
 edge closer and closer to the pen and eventually will be forced to jump

-Each of the sheep is located in relatively close proximity to the sheep pen.
 The first plagued sheep is located southeast of the sheep pen, just above the
 edge of Ardougne. The second plagued sheep is located southeast of the sheep
 pen, next to the first plagued sheep. The third plagued sheep is located west
 of the sheep pen, beyond the group of warriors. The last plagued sheep is
 located southwest of the sheep pen, on the other side of the river flowing
 through Ardougne. All of the sheep are located in lines of three so that
 multiple people can do the quest simultaneously which also makes them easier
 to spot on the map.

-Once the sheep is inside the pen use the 'poisoned sheep feed' to kill the
 sheep then take the remains and use them on the furnace inside the enclosed
 building. This will mean the sheep has been safely killed.

-Return to Councilor Halgrive, where you first spoke to him, and talk to him.
 You will tell him that all of the sheep have been killed safely and he will
 then give you your reward.

Plague City |
Description:                 | A shadow of disease has overcast Ardounge.
                             | Edmond's daugher Elena has gone missing in West
                             | Ardougne whilst trying to help the plague
                             | victims there. See if you can find out what's
                             | going on.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy (but quite long)
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 4 buckets of water, Some rope (can be bought
                             | from Ned in Draynor Village for 15 coins), a
                             | bucket of milk (get a bucket and use it on a
                             | cow), a bar of chocolate (can be bought for in
                             | the Port Sarim food shop), pestle and mortar
                             | (can be bought at Herblaw shop), some snape
                             | grass (spawns on the peninsula west of the
                             | crafting guild)
Starting Location:           | North of the Paladin Tower, in northwest
                             | Ardougne
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, a Magic Scroll, lots of mining
                             | experience, which tells you that you can now
                             | cast the Ardougne teleport, required you have
                             | the magic level and the runes
-Go talk to Edmond, who is north of the Paladin Tower, in northwest Ardougne.

-Go to McGruber's Woods. To get in, go to the east fence, which is made of
 wood. On the northern part you will find a "fence with loose pantlets" Push
 it, and you will go through.

-Walk around in there and get 1 dwellberry. (WARNING - This place is guarded
 with level 46 aggressive guard dogs!)

-Return to Edmond with the berries. He will tell you to talk to his wife,

-She is in the little house next to Edmond. Talk to her, give her the berries,
 and then talk to Edmond.

-He will tell you that the ground is rock solid, so you need to get some
 buckets of water.

-Get 5 buckets of water, and pour them on the 'dug up soil' in the Edmond's
 yard, one by one.

-Go get the picture of Elena, and get the spade in the their house, and use
 them on the dug up soil. Make sure you bring the rope and picture. Use the
 spade on the soil. You will find yourself in the sewer.

-Go to the end of the sewer and try to pull of the grill. You can't. You need
 some rope ;-)

-Use the rope on the grill, then talk to Edmond. Put on your gasmask, and climb
 through the sewer pipe.

-Find Jethick, and talk to him. You will show him the picture (that you got
 from Edmond's house), and he will say that she is staying in a house to the
 north. Go to the house of the Rehnison's. Talk to Ted. Then go upstairs and
 talk to Milli.

-You will find out from Milli that Elena was kidnapped and is in a building in
 the southeast corner of West Ardougne.

-Go to the building, but then the mourner's won't let you in. Ask how you can
 get privileges to go in that house. They will tell you talk to Bravek.

-Go to the house with the wallclock, and talk to the clerk. Tell her you would
 like to talk to Bravek. Tell her it's important. Talk to Bravek. Find out what
 the cure is. Read the scruffy note that he gives you. It means:

 -Get a bucket of milk
 -Then grind some chocolate
 -With a pestle and mortar
 -Finally add some snape grass

-Now since I KNOW that you read the "Needed Items to Start" you already have
 all those things. So first grind some chocolate with the pestle and mortar,
 then use it on a bucket of milk, then add some snape grass. If you need to
 return to Ardougne you can go through the manhole where you came into the
 Plague city, and "climb the mud wall" which will bring you back to Edmond's

-Return to Bravek with the hangover cure, and talk to him. Tell him that you
 want to rescue a kidnap victim, and that the mourner's won't listen. He will
 give you a warrant. Now you can go into the house...

-Go back to the house and try to open the door. The mourner will say that you
 can't go in, but tell him about the warrant. He will say that he will talk to
 the head mourner, but when he turns his head, you will sneak in the house.

-Go downstairs and talk to Elena. She will say that there is a key to the gate
 hidden stashed away somewhere. Search the barrel next to the stairs and you
 will find a small key. Use the key to open the gate, and talk to Elena.

-You will chat for a while, then she will tell you to go back to her father,
 who will reward you.

-Return to Edmond and your quest is complete! To return to him go through the
 manhole where you came into the Plague city, and "climb the mud wall" which
 will bring you back to Edmond's house.

Sea Slug |
Description:                 | Something strange is happening on the fishing
                             | platform. Missing fishermen and the presence of
                             | dozens of strange sea creatures gives cause for
                             | concern. Investigate the platform, discover the
                             | truth before it's too late.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy - Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Level 30 Firemaking, a pot of flour, a
                             | tinderbox, and a hatchet
Starting Location:           | East of Ardougne, near the archway
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, lots of fishing experience, and 1
                             | item of oyster pearls
-Talk to Caroline, who is East of Ardougne, near the archway. She will tell you
 that she usually gets mail from her husband and her son, who are on the
 fishing platform. She wants you to get news about them and see if they are all
 right. She will tell you that Holgart can take you there.

-Talk to Holgart, who is hanging around Caroline. Ask him if you can go on his
 boat. He will tell you that his boat has many holes in it and he would love to
 if you filled up the holes. You will need a tar paste to fill the holes. This
 consists of flour and tar heated over a fire.

-Go to Draynor Village and go southeast. You should get to a swampy landscape.
 Near the ponds you will find a 'swamp tar'. Pick up one.

-Use your flour with the swamp tar to get uncooked swamp paste. Now build a
 fire (or go to Barbarian Village where there is one always burning) and use
 the uncooked swamp paste with the fire. It will now be warm and ready to use.

-Go back and talk to Holgart. Go aboard the boat.

-Talk to Bailey, who is in the building just east of the boat you just traveled

-Go on the west end of the dock and go up the ladder. Go to the eastern part of
 the building, and talk to Kenneth. He will tell you his dad left a few days
 ago to get help. Go back and talk to Holgart. You will leave and end up on a
 small island with Kent.

-Talk to Kent. He will tell you about the weird sea slugs. Now talk to Holgart
 and go back on the boat.

-Since Kenneth is upstairs you will need to get him. But when you try to go up
 the ladder, the fisherman will grab you. Talk to Bailey, who will give you a
 torch which you will need to light. Pick up the broken glass in the house that
 Bailey is in. Go outside and pick up some damp sticks. Now use the damp sticks
 with the broken glass. You should now have some dry sticks. Click on them to
 rub them together. This should light your torch.

-Go up the ladder next to the boat with your lit torch in your inventory. Talk
 to Kenneth. He won't go with you because he's afraid of the sea slugs. On the
 west wall of Kenneth's room you will see loose panel. Click on the panel. Now
 talk to Kenneth. He won't be afraid, except he can't get downstairs. To get
 him downstairs you have to operate the crane. Click on the crane, which is
 next to the ladder. Kenneth will jump on.

-Go back to Holgart and you will go back to mainland. Talk to Caroline for your

Waterfall Quest |
Description:                 | Investigate the death of elven leaders of old.
                             | Search for the elf king baxtorian's tomb and
                             | discover the mysterious hidden treasure of the
                             | waterfall.
Difficulty Level:            | Very Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Some rope (one if you do it right, but buy a few
                             | from Ned, in Draynor Village just in case, 15
                             | coins each), 6 air runes, 6 water runes, and 6
                             | earth runes, a good weapon, some good armor, a
                             | stat restore potion, lots of food
Starting Location:           | North of Baxtorian Falls, speak to Almera
Reward:                      | 1 quest point, 40 mithril seeds (make you into a
                             | tree for a short period of time), 2 cut
                             | diamonds, 2 gold bars, 14200 experience to
                             | attack and 17200 experience to strength
-Talk to Almera in there and she will tell you that her boy is looking for a
 treasure in the waterfall. Board the raft and you will end up on an island
 with a bare tree. You will talk to the boy. Then jump off. You will get hurt a

-You will be near a house. Inside is Hadley. Speak to him. He will tell you
 that the area is beautiful and tell you about the life of Baxtorian and his
 wife. Once you have finished talking to him, keep going north, past the falls,
 into another house.

-Go back and speak to Almera again. Now go back to Hadley, go upstairs in his
 house and you will find a book. Read all of it. Then speak to Hadley again. If
 you want, you can go look at the grave of the lady, and you will notice that
 the tomb has a hole for a pebble. You must get this pebble.

-The pebble is found in Gnome Village, directly west of the fight arena. To
 actually go inside the gnome village, you must go through a hedge maze. Make

 your way through the maze until you are south of the Gnome Village, and you
 will see a ladder. Go down the ladder, into the small dungeon which has an
 east and west side. Go east, search the crates and the one to the southwest
 will have the big key in it.

-Go to the west side now and open the prison, by using the big key on the gate.
 Speak to the gnome and you will get a pebble. Now go back to Ardougne and bank
 all of your armour and weapons that are in your inventory. Bring food and the
 pebble. The grave is located east of Hadley's tourist info center. Use the
 pebble on the grave and you will go inside.

-First you will encounter some zombies (level 24). Then there are some
 non-aggressive skeletons (level 21) and some aggressive moss giants (level 62)
 in here. There are two sections to this dungeon again. One has a cupboard with
 an urn inside. Then you must go to the tables still inside her grave, and
 click on the "odd looking wall". Go search the coffin with an amulet inside.
 Now that you have both the amulet and the urn, go up the ladder and get out.

-Go back to Ardougne and grab your armour some food, a stat restore potion, the
 18 runes mentioned at the top, the urn, the rope and the amulet. Put your
 armour on and wear the quest amulet and then go back to where you spoke to
 Almera and board the raft.

-You will be on the same island. Use the rope on the tree of the island you're
 on and you will go to the next. Do the same on this one. And now you're at the
 edge of the falls. Use the rope on the tree again and you are now in front of
 a large door. Your rope has now disappeared.

-Be careful, if you click you might possibly go down the waterfall. Right click
 the door and open it. Here there are level 53 shadow spiders. Inside this
 dungeon your prayer will be depleted by the spiders. Go to the east where
 there are some level 21 mage skeletons, who will take your combat stats way
 down, and level 54 skeletons, search the crates and you will get a key.

-Now go to the west side. Be careful, you must go through level 109 fire
 giants. Push odd-looking wall and go through passage. Use the key on that
 door. Now you are in a room with 6 pillars and a statue and a treasure on the
 ceiling. Use one of each rune on each pillar (one earth, one water, one air
 and then use the amulet on the statue.

-The floor will now rise and you can reach the treasure. Use the urn on the
 treasure and you will get it. If you don't you will get swept away and have to
 redo this, though you won't have to place the runes again. Now that you have
 the treasure, go back out the way you came and jump into the waterfall.

Biohazard |
Description:                 | Second part of an ongoing adventure. Help Elena
                             | discover the truth about the infamous Ardounge
                             | plague. Smuggle test samples across ardounge to
                             | Elena's old mentor.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy - Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| 12 coins
Starting Location:           | Talk with Elena in Ardougne. She now lives just
                             | across the street (east) of where her parents
                             | live.
Reward:                      | 3 quest points, 3.5k thieving experience, the
                             | ability to use King Lanthas' training field, and
                             | an amulet that will turn red for the next quest
                             | (no stats on the amulet)
-After talking to Elena go to Jerico, who is east of the river, while in his
 house search both cupboards, one will be empty the other will have pigeon food
 in, then go into the back yard and take the cage with the pigeons in.

-Go to the West Ardougne wall. Head to the south end. There you will findhe
 will tell you about the ladder and how you need to distract the mourner and
 there tower, he also says to go back to Jerico. DON'T.

-Go to the watchtower (north of Omart) and use the bird seed on the watchtower.
 Now release the birds; they will attack the tower leaving you to go and tell
 Omart then climb the wall.

-Once on the other side go, go north to the monsters quarters (most
 northeastern building in this area), go take the rotten apple to the
 northwest, go round the back of the quarters and put the apple in the cooking
 pot. Go to the front of the monsters quarters and talk to the mourner, he will
 tell you to go get the nurse.

-Now go talk to the nurse, she is in a hut south west, she will tell you about
 the mourners, now search her cupboard, and take the doctor gown. Go back up
 and enter the house

-Go upstairs and kill the mourner. You will get a key. Use the key with the
 gate and search the crates. One will have Elena's distillator.

-Now go back to Kilron (south end), talk to him, and climb the ladder. Go back
 to Elena and she tells you to go to the chemist in Rimmington to get some
 touch-paper, she also says the vials are fragile so don't get into any fights!
 Don't teleport! The chemist is found just west of Rimmington.

-When you get there, make sure you tell him Elena is a friend then say that you
 need the touch paper for Guidor, do not say you've got the sample or he will
 take it. Talk to the errand boys outside and give DeVinci the Ethena, Chancy
 the honey and Hops the Sulphuric Broline then go off to the Dancing Donkey Inn
 in the new area southeast of Varrock.

-When you get there talk to the boys and take the vials. Now talk to Guidor's
 wife, who is in the room to the east. She will tell you she want to see a
 priest, so go the party house shop (the house to the north) and buy the priest
 robes and put them on. Go talk to Guidor's wife and tell her you are a priest.
 She will let you in and talk to guidor, he will tell you that there is no
 illness. So this means head back to Elena.

-Back at Elena you will tell her about what Guidor says, and she tells you to
 go to the king of East Ardougne. Go to the paladin house (south of Elena, a
 gated area with lots of Paladins), talk to King Lanthas, and he will tell you
 about King Tyra, and then he will reward you.

Jungle Potion |
Description:                 | Trufitus Shakaya of the Taie Bwo Wannai Village
                             | requires that you collect five special jungle
                             | herbs for a potion so he can commune with his
                             | Gods.
Difficulty Level:            | Easy - Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| A weapon and some armour to get past Jogres
                             | (level 58)
Starting Location:           | Go to the most west house in Brimhaven, then go
                             | south and follow the west side of the water.
                             | Speak to Trufitus in the round house in the
                             | village.
Reward:                      | 1 quest point and some Herblaw experience
                             | (depending on your level) (at level 56 you gain
                             | 7400 experience)
-Speak to Trufitus and he will want you to get 5 herbs so that he can make a
 special brew, which will allow him to commune with the gods.

-The first herb, snake weed, is found south west of the round house. Cross a
 small crossing and they are to the west. There are level 47 Jungle Spiders in
 the area. Search the vines and one of them will drop the herb. Pick it up and
 identify it. Bring the herb back to Trufitus.

-The second herb, ardrigal, is found straight east of the round house. You will
 soon reach a very dense forested area of palm trees, search some of the palm
 trees and one of them will drop an herb. Pick it up, identify it and bring it
 back to Trufitus.

-The third herb, sito foil, is found near the building containing Trufitus.
 From this building, go south then west and you will see a large fire pit (it
 will look brown on your map). Search the scorched soil and it will drop the
 herb. Pick it up and then identify it. Return it to Trufitus.

-The fourth herb, volencia moss, is found south of the palm trees where you
 found ardrigal. On your map, you will see an area with a grey floor; it's a
 mine. One of the rocks will have a 'Search' option instead of 'Prospect'.
 Search it and it will drop the herb. Pick it up and identify it. Bring it back
 to Trufitus.

-The fifth herb, rogues purse, is found in a cave near the circle building.
 From the building, go east and north, through the thin passage and climb down
 the ladder. In this cave, go to the east, and one of the walls will be a
 'Cavern Wall'. Search the cavern wall. It will drop the herb. Pick it up and
 identify it. Bring it back to Trufitus.

-Trufitus will make the potion and he will reward you.

Grand Tree |
Description:                 | The Grand Tree, which shelters the majority of
                             | RuneScape's small gnome population, is dying. Is
                             | it human sabotage or an inside job? Help King
                             | Shareem to find the true cause and save the tree
                             | gnomes from an uncertain fate.
Difficulty Level:            | Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Level 25 agility, (helps if you have completed
                             | 'Tree Gnome Village' quest), able to beat level
                             | 175 demon
Starting Location:           | Grand Tree in the Gnome Stronghold northwest of
                             | Ardougne
Reward:                      | 11200 Agility experience (at level 25 you get 6
                             | levels), some attack experience, and 5 quest
                             | points
-Talk to the King at the Grand Tree, which is in the northern area of the Gnome
 Stronghold; he will give you a translation book and a bark sample. For this
 quest you may find it helpful to use the map provided by Das Pucko.

-Take these to Hazelmere, he is south of Ardougne, on a spit of land near the
 town with the fight arena and Yanille (magic guild town).

-There are level 47 jungle spiders on this peninsula. The house is on top of
 hill. Enter and talk to Hazelmere he will take sample and show you a message.

-The message when translated using your book says:
 -"Human came with kings seal,
  Gave human (dan)* Daconia rocks,
  Daconia rocks will kill tree"
  * This word seems to be a mistake, the king does not use it later, but I have
  given a direct translation. *

-Go back to the King at Grand Tree, talk to him, and select the message as
 above (you will have to select 'none of the above' 3 times before the correct
 selection appears).

-Go to Glough (in tree south and slightly west of path), talk to him, and he
 says he will take care of it and you should go back to talk to king.

-The King tells you that they have already caught someone; you ask to see the
 prisoner. The King gives you permission and tells you that the prisoner is at
 the top of tree.

-Charlie, the prisoner, tells you to search Glough's home.

-Go back to Glough, search cupboard, you will find a journal. (There is also a
 chest; you will get the key to this a little later in the quest).

-Take the journal back to the King and tell him of your suspicions. The King
 dismisses your ideas and sends you back to talk to Glough.

-Talk to Glough once again... you accuse him, and he has you arrested and
 imprisoned next to Charlie at the top of the tree.

-Whilst in prison Charlie tells you about warships being built on Karamja. He
 tells you a password to tell to the foreman of the shipyard.

-The King lets you out of prison; you can now use the glider to go to Karamja
 to find the foreman. (Jungle spiders (level 47) and Jogres (level 58) in this

-Try to open the gate; the shipyard worker (level 44) will ask for a password.
 Select the three choices:


-Talk to the foreman, he will ask 3 questions to make sure you've come from

 -How is Glough's wife? (She is dead)
 -What's Glough's favourite food? (Wormhole)
 -What is his new girlfriend called? (Anita)
  (If you get the answers wrong he will attack you and you will have to start
  again with a new foreman!)

-After this you will receive an invoice. Take this back to the King.

-You can't return by the glider, as it was broken when you landed. If you try
 to walk back the guards won't let you back in as they think you are a spy.
 Instead go to 'Gnome Maze Village' and transport back in via the spirit tree.
 (This is only if you have done the Tree Gnome Village quest). If you have not
 done that quest, go to the gate and talk to Femi, say you need to get
 in and she will sneak you in...(only once). However, this is only if you are a
 friend of Femi (if you have spoken to her before and lent her a hand to help
 her get the sacks through the gate). If you are not here friend, she will
 charge you 1000 gp.

-The King yet again refuses to believe your accusations against Glough.
 Go and talk to Charlie at the top of the tree again.

-Charlie suggests that you talk to Glough's girlfriend, Anita; she might be
 able to help you. Anita lives near the swamp, northwest of the Grand Tree.

-Talk to Anita and she will ask you to return a key to Glough. This is the key
 to the chest that you have been waiting for!

-Open the chest in Glough's house, you will get another translation book, (I
 assume this is because you need it again and might have dropped first one) and
 some notes.

-Take this evidence to the King. Once again, he doesn't believe you but he says
 that they have searched Glough's house and all they found was four pebbles.
 The King gives you the pebbles.

-If you check with your translation book you will find that, if rearranged, the
 pebbles will spell the word 'open'.

-Go to Glough's house and go up to the watchtower (this is why you need level
 25 agility to complete quest).

-Here you will find a stone stand. Place the pebbles on stand in the following
 order: (use the pebbles with stand)

 -'ho' in the far left position
 -'ni' in center left position
 -the dots ':::' in center right
 -and finally the 'ha' in the far right.

-Once you have done this, push the stone stand...be warned before you do
 this... After you drop down a Black Demon (level 175) attacks you. So be sure
 to go with plenty of prayer to paralyze or food!

-You have a brief conversation with Glough, and then a Black Demon appears and
 attacks you. Once you have killed it, follow the passageway until you see the
 King. Talk to him and he will express concern that you are hurt. At this point
 you once again accuse Glough.

-He sends guards to check out your story. Once proved he asks you to help one
 last time and find the last Daconia Stone. Search all the roots in the area
 until you find a small glowing rock.

-Once you find it return to King and he will reward you. You will also be able
 to use the glider, and there is a mine now open to you under the tree, if you
 push some roots. To access this mine in the future, enter grand tree and move
 the tile in the floor.

Shilo Village |
Description:                 | New areas in the Southern part of Karamja Island
                             | have been discovered with a mysterious village.
                             | Who knows what hidden treasures exist, and what
                             | dangers lurk to guard them?
Difficulty Level:            | Medium - Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Level 32 Agility, a spade, some money, lots of
                             | food, finished Jungle Potion, and ability to
                             | beat three level 83 monsters in a row without
                             | food
Starting Location:           | Talk to Mosol in the deep southeast of the
                             | Karamja Jungle
Reward:                      | 2 quest points, approximately 4000 crafting
                             | experience, Beads of the Dead, and allowed to
                             | enter Shilo Village by talking to Mosol
-Go talk to Mosol, and ask him why the Undead are there. He will tell you about
 the situation.

-Go north and talk to Trifitus the Witch Doctor; he is the guy with whom you
 start the Jungle Potion quest.

-After talking with Trifitus, go back down and talk to Mosol again and ask him
 about the legend.

-After talking to Mosol you need to go a little northeast and you'll find Bumpy
 Dirt, use your spade on it and then click on it to go through it.

 -For your information (FYI): You'll get hurt going down; it all depends on how
  many hit points you have.

-You are now underground; you'll have to search each rock for a plaque. Once
 found, use your spade on it to get the plaque off.

-Just a little south you'll find a 'Pile of Rubble' you can search; search it
 and you'll go to another area underground. On the other side go to the 'Pile
 of Rubble' just east from where you end up and search it twice to get the
 Tattered Scroll. Go through the path and you'll find a sack; search the sack
 and you'll get Crumpled Scroll. Now go to the end of the path to the gallows,
 search it and you'll get Zadimus Corpse. Now go back to the pile of rubble you
 came through and click the wooden table to craft as a raft.

-You'll end up near the Bumpy Dirt and go north again across the bridge close
 to the hill with the rocks. Stop at the hill with the rocks and climb it.
 You'll either fall off or make it successfully on the other side. When you
 make it, go to the twisted trees just west on the island and search the rocks.
 Go through the rocks and you'll end up in another underground place. (If you
 are lost at this point, just head to the western part of the jungle,
 eventually you will find a hill with lots of rocks. Climb up those rocks, then
 cross the bridge, and then, if you have made it successfully, find the
 "stacked rocks" on the little island and search them.)

-Go to the end of the underground path and search the Dolmen. You'll get
 Birvirius' Notes, a Sword Pommel, and a Locating Crystal. Once you receive
 them, climb the holds to get out. Go back to the other side to Trifitus the
 Witch Doctor.

-Talk to Trifitus and then use each item you just got on Trifitus. Trifitus
 will tell you what he thinks about each item you got. With Zadimus Corpse, go
 to the Statue in the center and bury them. Zadimus will appear as a ghost and
 talk to you then disappear and you'll get Bone Shard.

-Buy a chisel, a hammer, and a bronze bar from Jimina just to the west. Use the
 chisel on the Sword Pommel, which should make Bone Beads. Go to the anvil to
 the north and use the Bronze Bar on it, select craft, and then select craft
 wire. Use Wire on Bone Beads and you should make Beads of Dead.

-Now go east until you find a log, balance on the log to the other side, head a
 little farther east, and find two twisted trees. Search the twisted trees and
 a door will appear. Click on the door and it will tell you need a key. Now use
 the Chisel on the Bone Shard and you'll make a Bone Key. Get the door to pop
 up again and use the Bone Key on the door. You'll fight two Zombies inside and
 search the Metallic Gate, then wear your Beads of Dead and open it.

-Climb the rocks on the other side of the gate. Look at your map and take the
 path that shows a big clear room. At the end of the path, you'll find two
 doors that if you click them it'll say that it needs 3 recesses. The 3
 recesses are just you getting 3 bones. So kill three zombies and use the bones
 on the door. Never take off Beads of Dead!

-Look at the Dolmen and search it. Three minions of level 83 combat will come
 out one after another when you defeat them. Once all three are dead, look at
 the Dolmen again and you'll get Rashiliyia Corpse.

-Now go back to the entrance of the tomb and use the Bone Key first for the
 last time because it will disappear. Now go back to Birvirius's Tomb and use
 the Rashiliyia Corpse on his Dolmen. Rashiliyia will appear and talk to you.

Underground Pass |
Description:                 | The Underground Pass, sealed for thousands of
                             | years, has now been reopened to reveal a complex
                             | labyrinth of tunnels and chasms. You must find a
                             | way through, and get one step closer to the evil
                             | King Tyras. But the road is long and it could be
                             | lonely. When fatigue starts to take it's toll,
                             | mental strength is what you'll need...
Difficulty Level:            | Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Able to beat Level 98 demon, Pickaxe, Tinderbox,
                             | Bow, Arrows (Any type), Rope, level 25 ranged,
                             | helps if you have level 50 or so thieving and
                             | agility. You must have completed the Biohazard
                             | quest.
Starting Location:           | King Lanthas in Ardougne's Paladin Building
Reward:                      | 15 Death Runes, 30 Fire Runes, 5 Quest Points,
                             | Iban Staff (Must have Magic 50+, it will let you
                             | cast Iban Blast when you wield it), and some
                             | agility experience (from level 25 to 27, 2800
                             | experience at level 46)
-Talk to King Lanthas and get the info about the Quest. He will tell you to go
 to his helper,west of Ardougne.

-Walk into West Ardougne through the main gate.

-Talk to the King's helper,and go into the cave.

-Go south or north,and climb over various Obstacles until you reach the helper
 once more.

-Talk to him for a Piece of Cloth. Wind it around the Arrows. Use the Arrows
 with Cloth on the Fire for Flaming Arrows. Climb up the mountain,and shoot the
 Flaming Arrows on the Old Bridge to bring it down. *You can drop your Bow and

-Continue on until you reach some Rocks. Mine them for Rocks. *You can drop
 your Pickaxe*

-Use the Rocks on the nearby Swamp to cross it.

-Continue onwards until you come to rubble. Use your Rope on the first
 Stalagtite there to swing across.

-Now comes the HARD puzzle. Step on these tiles:

 -Row 1: 4th Tile from South
 -Row 2: 3rd Tile from South
 -Row 3: 3rd Tile from South
 -Row 4: 2nd Tile from South
 -Row 5: 1st Tile from South

 -In other words: West, west, south, west, south, south, west and you need to
 pull the lever to open the gate.

-Continue on, disarming traps on the piles of rocks.

-Ignore the furnace and zombies,and continue on past more booby-trapped rocks.

-[The 4 Passages]-

 -North Passage-Get two Planks and lay one down on the Spiked Passage to cross
  it. Get the Orb, and just walk back over the passage, lay another plank down.

 -Northwest Passage-Go past the enemies and pick up the Orb. Easy.

 -West Passage-Disarm the traps on the rocks, and at the end, pick up the Orb.

 -Southwest Passage-Use the rope on the stalagtite next to the passage way
  before entering it and you will recieve no damage falling in. Pick up the orb
  use the rope to climb back out.

-Go back over the Booby-trapped rocks and throw all Orbs in the Furnace.

-Grab another plank, and go back over the Rocks to the Passages, and climb down
 the Well.

-Search the Crate for some food,and talk to the helper once again. Continue on,
 and go into the 1st Cage to the north.Climb down the soil.

-At the end of this path, use the Rope on the Fence and climb over.

-If you have the appropriate thieving level (50) you don't need to go across
 the rocks and bats, just go through the area beside the path and picklock on
 the fence, it bypasses all the agility obstacles that hurt you so much.
 Otherwise, go east, fighting your way across the piles of rock and Giant Bats.

-Use a plank on the trap to walk to the path before the unicorn.

-Search the Unicorn Cage's Railing for a Railing Pipe. Head up the nearby
 handholds, near the south.

-Use the Railing Pipe to move the Boulder. Climb back down.

-Poor, poor (crushed) Unicorn. Grab his remains (A horn) and go down the

-Talk to the helper, and see as he is slowly being posessed....Continue on the
 path past Zombies and UndeadOnes (Why UndeadOnes here?!??!?!)

-Talk to the bearded Paladin, he will give you food and a prayer potion. Kill
 the 3 Paladins for Crests.

-Another Rock Trap. Disarm it.

-Use the Unicorn Horn and Crests on the Flames of Zamorak and go through the

-In this area, go to the south to find a Witch who guards a chest. Listen at
 the grate, don't try to open it. Go west for a Cat. You must first talk to one
 of the dwarves in the southwest area under the big witch maze.

-Go back to the Witch and put the Cat at her door. Knock on the door. While
 she's playing with it, sneak in and open the chest.

-Head to the southwest of this huge maze-like area. Kill the 3 Special Demons
 (2 Level 78's,1 Level 98) and get their Amulets. Open the nearby Chest for the
 Soul of Iban. Smear it on the Doll.

-When you drop down, you should and in a HUGE open area. Go to the southwest
 for some Dwarves. After you've got the Witch's items, Klank will give you
 Klank's Gauntlets. Take the Bucket. Empty the single indoor barrel in the
 house for Dwarf Brew.

-Go to the sast of this area for Iban's Tomb. Set it on fire with a Tinderbox.
 Take Iban's flesh and smear it on the Doll. *You can now drop your Tinderbox*

-Head to the northeast. Bend the Railing to go inside the spider cage. Kill the
 HUGE spider (Level 78) for Blood. Smear it on the Doll.

-Go upstairs (Stairs are to the northwest and southeast).

-Go all the way northwest of the Maze. Wear Klank's Gauntlets, and Search
 Cages. The Souless' will bite you, but will fail because you're wearing nice
 Gauntlets =) The cage that contains the dove is the furthest south cage of the
 furthest west row.

-One will yield Dove Remains. Smear them on your Doll.

-Now for the Final Battle. Head to the middle of the maze, kill some Iban
 Disciples for Zamorak Robes, wear them, and go inside. Before entering the
 temple, make sure you have 2 or 3 empty inventory slots.

-Iban will see you have the only weapon to destroy him, the complete Doll. He
 will blast spells at you!

-Walk towards him, hopefully dodging the shots, and throw the Doll into the
 Well. Iban will die.

-You will be flung into an underground area.Talk to the helper again and he'll
 take you outside.

-Go back to King Lanthas and report that Iban is dead. You can keep the Klank

Observatory Quest |
Description:                 | The observatory in southwest Ardougne has been
                             | ransacked by a family of nearby goblins. Can you
                             | help the professors to rebuild it?
Difficulty Level:            | Easy - Medium
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Level 10 crafting, able to beat a level 48
                             | guard. Also need molten glass, a bucket, a
                             | bronze bar, and three planks
Starting Location:           | Southwest of Ardougne, west of the Gnome
                             | Battlefield, northwest of Treegnome Village
Reward:                      | 2 quest points, some crafting experience
                             | (approximately 2,000 - 4,000, depends on your
                             | level), Uncut Sapphire, and a unique reward
                             | depending on what constellation you see at the
                             | end.
-Go to the observatory (starting location) and talk to the Professor. He says
 he needs help fixing his telescope because the local goblins have tampered
 with it. Agree to help him, and he'll say he needs 3 planks for the tripod. It
 is much easier to have all of the items listed in the requirements (planks,
 bronze bar, molten glass) before you start the quest. To get the planks, go to
 the Barbarian outpost east of Ardougne and pick them up at the spawn touching
 the building.

-After returning with the planks, he'll ask for some bronze. The easiest place
 to get it from here is the Port Khazard (south of Ardougne), which has tin and
 copper, and then taking back to Ardougne and using the furnace.

-After returning with the bronze, he'll say he needs molten glass for the lens
 of the telescope. Deposit all of your armor and weapons and go to the Port of
 Sarim, bring a bucket.

-Go to Entrana on the ship and head east, then travel over the bridge. West of
 the bridge is a seaweed spawn. Pick up one.

-Use the seaweed in the range in the building north of the ship to get soda
 ash. Head outside and use your bucket on the sand to get your bucket full of
 sand. Use the sand or soda ash with the furnace (also north of the ship) to
 get molten glass. Go back to the mainland and head to the nearest bank.
 Withdraw all of your weapons and armor you need to fight a level 48 guard, and
 one cure poison potion. Travel back to the observatory.

-At the observatory, talk to the professor again. He'll say that he can't use
 the molten glass without getting the Lens Mould. Head down the ladder in the

-This dungeon is a maze. Level 19 goblins are scattered through out the entire
 cavern, but aren't aggressive. Nearly all of the chests are filled with poison
 spiders, but the chest directly south-east (very close to the ladder you
 entered with) has one dose of cure poison potion, but I suggest you bring your
 own because you might not find it right away and become poisoned. The lens is
 in a small room inside some sacks, but the gate is locked. You need a key.
 Travel all the way east, then go all the way south, and once all the way south
 go as west as you can. You will find a chest. DO NOT open any chest other than
 the chest I described. There is poison spiders in every one of them.

-Inside the correct chest there will be a small key (when examined it's called
 the "prison key"). Travel back all the way east and all the way north, which
 is the way you came. Head a little west then south, and you will be by the
 room with the lens in it. If you try to open the door, a level 48 guard will
 attack you. Kill the guard and use the key with the gate. Search the sacks to
 find the lens, and exit the room. Head west to find the ladder that leads you

-Talk to the professor again. He says he's not good enough at crafting to make
 you the lens, so you have to do it. Use the lens with the molten glass and
 talk to him again. He thanks you and says to meet him at the telescope (which
 is on top of a hill right next to the observatory building, but you can't
 climb up the hill).

-Go back down the ladder and into the dungeon. Travel all the way east and then
 south, and then go west. You will eventually come to a second ladder (not the
 one you entered the dungeon with). Climb up the ladder.

-Talk to the professor. He thanks you again, and asks you to use the telescope.
 Use the telescope and a window with a constellation will pop up. Close the
 window, then talk to the professor again. He tells you what it is and rewards
 you. The quest is complete. To get back to the observatory building travel
 back through the dungeon.

-Two other items you should be aware of once you have received your reward:

 -Click on the Observatory Assistant and he will reward you with a wine
  (once only).

 -The pop-up when you click on the book in the Reception Area indicates
  that you have to locate the Spirit of Scorpius (just north of there),
  where you will get the mold to create Unholy Symbols.

-[Possible Rewards]-

-Along with the guaranteed award, which is mentioned up at the top of this
 page, depending on what constellation you saw at the end your reward will be

| Sign        | Effect                       |
| Aries       | Attack experience            |
| Capricorn   | Strength experience          |
| Virgo       | Defense experience           |
| Cancer      | Emerald Amulet of Protection |
| Taurus      | Super Strength Potion        |
| Leo         | Hits experience              |
| Sagittarius | Maple Longbow                |
| Pisces      | 3 Cooked Tunas               |
| Gemini      | Black 2-Handed Sword         |
| Scorpio     | Weapon Poison                |
| Aquarius    | 25 Water Runes               |
| Libra       | 3 Law Runes                  |

Tourist Trap |
Description:                 | Help Anna's Mother to find her long lost
                             | daughter.
Difficulty Level:            | Hard
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Full Desert Robe, 2 or 3 Full Water skins,
                             | Shantay Pass ticket, Bronze Bar, 10 Feathers,
                             | Hammer, A weapon (don't wield it while you are
                             | walking in the desert), Knife, 200 gp
Starting Location:           | South of Al Kharid Castle
Reward:                      | You can choose any 2 of the following skills to
                             | gain xp in (you can choose the same one twice)
                             | - Smithing, Fletching, Thieving, Agility. A key
                             | to a mine in the Mining Camp - Addy, Mith and
                             | Coal rocks
-Talk to Irena. Hear about her problems, and offer to find her daughter.

-Go south until you reach a Jail.

-Right click on the Mercenary Captain, choose to watch. You will discover he
 uses his guards to do his "Dirty Work".

-Talk to the Captain, ask if there isn't anything you can do for him, and when
 he tells you to kill the Tenti's chief. Tell him you cant do that. He will
 then threaten you to be removed by his guards. Then repond saying he never
 fights his battles for himself.

-Kill him and you get a key. Use the key on the gate to enter the jail.
 (Remember to not equip any weapons or the guards will throw u into the cell).

-Talk to the slave wearing a green slave robe, and listen to what he has to
 say, agree to help him remove the "handcuffs" and give your Desert robe for
 his slave robe.

-Enter the gate at the corner of the mountain. Go to the far end and talk to
 the guard there and tell him you want to change minning spot. He will tell you
 that he wants a pineapple.

-Exit the jail and head west to the Tenti's camp. Talk to the head chief there
 and tell him you want a pineapple. He will agree to give youa pineapple if you
 bring him the plans for a weapon. Agree and he will give you a key.

-Go back to the mining camp and enter the building on the surface, go up the
 ladder. Search the desk for a cell key. Then talk to him and tell him Fire!
 Fire! He will look out the window and u can loot the chest meanwhile! Go back
 to the Tenti's camp and show the plans to the chief there. He will tell you to
 get a bronze bar and 10 feathers. If you listened to me in the beginning you
 would already be carrying that. He will give you access to the tent on the
 otherside of the small lake.

-Show the plans to the guards outside the tent, enter and use the bronze bar
 with the anvil, create 10 dart heads, use the feathers on the dart to complete

-Go back to the chief and show him the weapon. He will give you a pineapple and
 you now have the ability to smith your own darts, he will also give you 6
 throwing bronze darts. Go back to the jail and enter the underground, go to
 the far end and give the pineapple to the guard. You can now enter the next
 part of the dungeon.

-Move on until you see a mining cart, examine a barrel and pick it up. Search
 the cart and ride the cart. On the next area follow the long small narrow
 path, the middle one to find Ana, talk to her about the possibility to escape.
 Then use the barrel on her, you will put here in the barrel, go back to the
 mining cart and use the barrel to send Ana back, then jump into the cart
 yourself, search the barrels there to find the one where Ana is in.

-Go to the lift there and use the barrel with it, ask for help. They will then
 ask you a question, answer "gregorious". Go back through the tunnels and exit
 the underground. Remember to wear your slave robe, otherwise the guards will
 catch you.

-Jump on to the cart and talk to the cart driver, talk to him and say some
 jokes, he will begin to laugh. Then tell him your problems. Then ask him to
 drive the cart for 10 gold without any questions asked, he will say he wants
 100, agree to his demands. Now you will be back outside with the barrel here
 Ana is in your inventory, head back to the gate and use the barrel with Ana's
 mother. Talk to her and she will reward you.

Watchtower |
Description:                 | Coming Soon
Difficulty Level:            | Hard (Long)
Items/Skills Needed To Start:| Level 14 Herblaw, Level 14 Magic, Level 15
                             | Thieving, Level 30 Agility, Level 40 Mining,
                             | Ability to defeat level 80+ monsters, Dragon
                             | bones, 1 Death rune, 20 gp(more than that if you
                             | aren't good in agility), 1 cure poison potion,
                             | food, 1 Gold bar, a Pickaxe, a Janger Berry, Bat
                             | bones, a Guam leaf, water filled vial, a pestle
                             | & morter, 1 lit candle
Starting Location:           | Watch Tower close to the city gates of Yanille
Reward:                      | 4 Quest Points, 5000 Gp, Magic Xp, Level 58
                             | Watchtower Teleport Spell
-You need to go outside of Yanille on the northwestern side of the town. There
 you will see a checkerboard building with handholds on the outside. Climb the
 handholds, go up the ladder, and talk to the wizard.

-He will tell you to look for evidence of the theft.Go down two sets of
 ladders, and go outside of the building. There is a candle in the room.
 Outside the building are several bushes, search them all until you find, a
 eyepatch, some fingernails, a dagger, and some armor.

-Go back into the building, and talk to the wizard again, he will tell you to
 check with the ogre settlements around the town to find a way to navigate the
 cave complex.

-Talk to grew on the ogre island past the Yanille Gates(West), he will ask you
 to get a tooth from his enemy Gorad, who lives in the southeast settlement.
 There is another settlement near Grew's Island. Talk to Og, and he will give
 you a key instructing you to get some gold out of a chest that Toban stole
 from him. He lives in the southeast settlement.

-Talk to Toban again, giving him his bones, and get the relic piece. Go back to
 Og, and Grew. After speaking with them I received three relic parts, and a
 crystal part. Take the items to the wizard, and use them on him, he will give
 you a assembled statue if you give him all three parts. Hold on to the crystal
 it's one of four that you need to complete the quest.

-Outside of Yanille Gates, near the stonehenge and the first ogre island, there
 is a road above some caves. Follow the road to the northwest, and have the
 statue on you, and the ogre guards will let you pass through the gate.

-In the center of the ogre mountain you will see a marketplace full of ogres.
 Steal from the stall to the southwest so you may give a cake to the guard as
 you try and pass the battlements on the southwest corner of the road. Do not
 eat the cakes- they fatigue you. There also is a poison spider on this road,
 so bring a cure poison along for this.

-Further down the road you will see chests along the way, there is nothing in
 them of use. You will come to one set of guards near a jump. You have to pay
 them 20 gp to cross.

-The next set of guards ask you a riddle, the answer is death rune. Give them a
 death rune, they give you a map.

-Take the southeastern path near the stonehenge. Next to the guards at that
 gate is a cave go in, and talk to the scavids. They will start you on your way
 to learning their language. You must now go to all the small caves, and talk
 to one scavid in each of them until you have given each one the correct

-Now go to the southeastern gate, taking with you one gold bar to bribe the
 guards. Cross the bridge and go into the cave to speak with the mad scavids.
 Give the mad scavids the proper response, and they will give you the 2nd
 crystal. There is a nightshade spawn in this cave. Pick it up.

-Go to the marketplace cave, and use the nightshade plant on the guards.
 Beware! There are some powerful creatures in there, blue dragons, ogre
 chieftians--do not talk to the ogre shamans! Go to the western side of the
 cave, pick up the shaman's robe, and search it. There you will find the third
 crystal. This might be a bug, because you get another 3rd crystal from the
 shaman after you destroy all of them.

-Go to the wizard, and talk to him.He will tell you how to make a potion that
 will destroy the shamen. Gather your janger berries from ogre isle, and your
 guam leaf, vial, and ground bat bones. Mix them in this order: First the guam
 leaves with the vial. Second the janger berries with the unfinished potion.
 Third the ground bat bones. Any other order will cause an explosion, and cause

 you damage. Take the potion back to the wizard, talk to him, and let him
 enchant the potion.

-Head back to the ogre merchants cave, use the nightshade on the guard, and
 proceed to use your potion on all of the six ogre shaman in the room. After
 that is done use your pickaxe to mine the boulder in the middle of the room.
 This will give you the fourth crystal.

-Go back to the wizard talk to him twice, he will ask you to pull a lever to
 activate the magic shield. And he will reward you.

                         III. THE WILDERNESS - [4III]

*** Coming Soon ***

                          IV. CERTIFICATES - [04IV]

Certificates or Certs as a lot of people call them is a quick and easy way to
carry certain things. Here is a list of the things you can cert.

Ores: Iron, Coal, Mithril, Gold, and Silver

Fish: Raw Lobsters, Cooked Lobsters, Raw Swordfish, Cooked Swordfish, and Raw
      Shark, Cooked Shark

Bars: Iron, Steel, Mithril, Gold, and Silver

To make get a cert, go next to the bank in Draynor Village, and talk to one of
the cert exchangers. Each one does a different kind of cert, so one does bar
certs, and one does fish certs. Anyway, you have to have five of one of the
ores, fish, or bar to cert it. So if you have 5 coal ore, go to the ore
exchanger, and he will give you a coal cert for your five coal ore. Remember
that the only way to get your things back is by taking the cert to the right
person, and exchanging it back for your stuff

                               V. ITEMS - [004V]

a. Weapons - [04Va]
Here are all of the weapons you have to use. Have fun killing things. But
before you go equipping all of this fancy equipment, here are the weapons level

| Type of Metal | Attack Level Requirements |
| Bronze        | 1                         |
| Iron          | 1                         |
| Steel         | 5                         |
| Black         | 10                        |
| Mithril       | 20                        |
| Adamantite    | 30                        |
| Rune          | 40                        |
| Dragon        | 60                        |
There you go. Now go kill something. :)


| Type            | Aim | Power |
| Dagger          | 5   | 5     |
| *Throwing Knife | 4   | 4     |
| Hatchet         | 6   | 6     |
| Mace            | 6   | 5     |
| Short Sword     | 7   | 7     |
| Scimitar        | 7   | 7     |
| Long Sword      | 8   | 8     |
| Battle Axe      | 8   | 10    |
| 2-Handed Sword  | 11  | 11    |
*Members Only


| Type            | Aim | Power |
| Dagger          | 6   | 6     |
| *Throwing Knife | 5   | 5     |
| Hatchet         | 6   | 8     |
| Mace            | 8   | 6     |
| Short Sword     | 8   | 8     |
| Scimitar        | 9   | 9     |
| Long Sword      | 10  | 10    |
| Battle Axe      | 9   | 13    |
| 2-Handed Sword  | 15  | 15    |
*Members Only


| Type            | Aim | Power |
| Dagger          | 8   | 8     |
| *Throwing Knife | 7   | 7     |
| Hatchet         | 9   | 12    |
| Mace            | 13  | 9     |
| Short Sword     | 14  | 14    |
| Scimitar        | 15  | 15    |
| Long Sword      | 17  | 17    |
| Battle Axe      | 16  | 21    |
| 2-Handed Sword  | 23  | 23    |
*Members Only


| Type            | Aim | Power |
| Dagger          | 11  | 9     |
| Hatchet         | 11  | 15    |
| Mace            | 16  | 12    |
| Short Sword     | 17  | 14    |
| Scimitar        | 19  | 25    |
| Long Sword      | 21  | 17    |
| Battle Axe      | 20  | 27    |
| 2-Handed Sword  | 29  | 23    |


| Type            | Aim | Power |
| Dagger          | 12  | 12    |
| *Throwing Knife | 8   | 8     |
| Hatchet         | 13  | 17    |
| Mace            | 17  | 12    |
| Short Sword     | 19  | 19    |
| Scimitar        | 21  | 21    |
| Long Sword      | 24  | 24    |
| Battle Axe      | 22  | 30    |
| 2-Handed Sword  | 32  | 32    |
*Members Only


| Type            | Aim | Power |
| Dagger          | 16  | 16    |
| *Throwing Knife | 9   | 9     |
| Hatchet         | 18  | 24    |
| Mace            | 25  | 19    |
| Short Sword     | 25  | 25    |
| Scimitar        | 29  | 29    |
| Long Sword      | 32  | 32    |
| Battle Axe      | 31  | 42    |
| 2-Handed Sword  | 45  | 45    |
*Members Only


| Type            | Aim | Power |
| Dagger          | 26  | 26    |
| *Throwing Knife | 10  | 10    |
| Hatchet         | 27  | 37    |
| Mace            | 39  | 29    |
| Short Sword     | 41  | 41    |
| Scimitar        | 45  | 45    |
| Long Sword      | 50  | 50    |
| Battle Axe      | 48  | 65    |
| 2-Handed Sword  | 71  | 71    |
*Members Only


| Type           | Aim  | Power |
| Dagger         | None | None  |
| Hatchet        | None | None  |
| Mace           | None | None  |
| Short Sword    | None | None  |
| Scimitar       | None | None  |
| Long Sword     | 72   | 72    |
| Battle Axe     | 69   | 75    |
| 2-Handed Sword | None | None  |
*Members Only

b. Armors - [04Vb]
This is the complete list of every armor in the game. But you do know that you
have to be at a certain level to be able to equip different armor. Here are the

| Type of Metal | Defense Level Requirements |
| Bronze        | 1                          |
| Iron          | 1                          |
| Steel         | 5                          |
| Black         | 10                         |
| Mithril       | 20                         |
| Adamantite    | 30                         |
| Rune          | 40                         |
| Dragon        | 60                         |


| Type             | Defense |
| Helmet           | +3      |
| Great Helmet     | +4      |
| Chain Mail       | +8      |
| Plate Mail       | +13     |
| Plate Legs/Skirt | +6      |
| Square Shield    | +4      |
| Kite Shield      | +5      |


| Type             | Defense |
| Medium Helmet    | +3      |
| Large Helmet     | +6      |
| Chain Mail       | +11     |
| Plate Mail       | +19     |
| Plate Legs/Skirt | +9      |
| Square Shield    | +7      |
| Kite Shield      | +8      |


| Type             | Defense |
| Medium Helmet    | +6      |
| Large Helmet     | +8      |
| Chain Mail       | +18     |
| Plate Mail       | +30     |
| Plate Legs/Skirt | +16     |
| Square Shield    | +11     |
| Kite Shield      | +14     |


| Type             | Defense |
| Medium Helmet    | +8      |
| Large Helmet     | +11     |
| Chain Mail       | +19     |
| Plate Mail       | +33     |
| Plate Legs/Skirt | +18     |
| Square Shield    | +15     |
| Kite Shield      | +18     |


| Type             | Defense |
| Medium Helmet    | +9      |
| Large Helmet     | +12     |
| Chain Mail       | +26     |
| Plate Mail       | +43     |
| Plate Legs/Skirt | +21     |
| Square Shield    | +16     |
| Kite Shield      | +19     |


| Type             | Defense |
| Medium Helmet    | +13     |
| Large Helmet     | +18     |
| Chain Mail       | +39     |
| Plate Mail       | +62     |
| Plate Legs/Skirt | +30     |
| Square Shield    | +23     |
| Kite Shield      | +28     |


| Type             | Defense |
| Medium Helmet    | +21     |
| Large Helmet     | +29     |
| Chain Mail       | +64     |
| Plate Mail       | +79     |
| Plate Legs/Skirt | +48     |
| Square Shield    | +37     |
| Kite Shield      | +45     |


| Type             | Defense |
| Medium Helmet    | +34     |
| Large Helmet     | +None   |
| Chain Mail       | +None   |
| Plate Mail       | +None   |
| Plate Legs/Skirt | +None   |
| Square Shield    | +50     |
| Kite Shield      | +None   |
*Members Only

Misc. Armors

| Type             | Defense |
| Cape(any color)  | +3      |
| Leather Boots    | +2      |
| Leather Armor    | +6      |
| Leather Gloves   | +2      |
| Wooden Shield    | +4      |

c. Misc. Equipment

Different Weapons

| Type           | Aim | Power |
| Knight Sword   | 11  | 11    |
| Silverlight    | 11  | 11    |
| *Excalibur     | 26  | 26    |
| *Silver Dagger | 2   | 2     |
| Scythe         | 11  | 11    |
*Members Only

                            VI. EXP. CHART - [04VI]

Here is the chart that took me along time to do, this thing tells you how much
Exp. you need to gain a level.

| Level | Exp. Needed |
| 2     | 83          |
| 3     | 174         |
| 4     | 276         |
| 5     | 388         |
| 6     | 512         |
| 7     | 650         |
| 8     | 801         |
| 9     | 969         |
| 10    | 1154        |
| 11    | 1358        |
| 12    | 1584        |
| 13    | 1833        |
| 14    | 2107        |
| 15    | 2411        |
| 16    | 2746        |
| 17    | 3115        |
| 18    | 3523        |
| 19    | 3973        |
| 20    | 4470        |
| 21    | 5018        |
| 22    | 5624        |
| 23    | 6291        |
| 24    | 7028        |
| 25    | 7842        |
| 26    | 8740        |
| 27    | 9730        |
| 28    | 10824       |
| 29    | 12031       |
| 30    | 13363       |
| 31    | 14833       |
| 32    | 16456       |
| 33    | 18247       |
| 34    | 20224       |
| 35    | 22406       |
| 36    | 24815       |
| 37    | 27473       |
| 38    | 30408       |
| 39    | 33648       |
| 40    | 37224       |
| 41    | 41171       |
| 42    | 45529       |
| 43    | 50339       |
| 44    | 55649       |
| 45    | 61512       |
| 46    | 67983       |
| 47    | 75127       |
| 48    | 83014       |
| 49    | 91720       |
| 50    | 101333      |
| 51    | 111945      |
| 52    | 123660      |
| 53    | 136594      |
| 54    | 150872      |
| 55    | 166636      |
| 56    | 184040      |
| 57    | 203254      |
| 58    | 224466      |
| 59    | 247886      |
| 60    | 273742      |
| 61    | 302288      |
| 62    | 333804      |
| 63    | 368599      |
| 64    | 407015      |
| 65    | 449428      |
| 66    | 496254      |
| 67    | 547953      |
| 68    | 605032      |
| 69    | 668051      |
| 70    | 737627      |
| 71    | 814445      |
| 72    | 899257      |
| 73    | 992257      |
| 74    | 1096278     |
| 75    | 1210421     |
| 76    | 1336443     |
| 77    | 1475581     |
| 78    | 1629200     |
| 79    | 1798808     |
| 80    | 1986068     |
| 81    | 2192818     |
| 82    | 2421087     |
| 83    | 2673114     |
| 84    | 2951373     |
| 85    | 3258594     |
| 86    | 3597792     |
| 87    | 3972294     |
| 88    | 4485776     |
| 89    | 4842294     |
| 90    | 5246632     |
| 91    | 5902831     |
| 92    | 6517253     |
| 93    | 7195629     |
| 94    | 7944614     |
| 95    | 8771558     |
| 96    | 9684577     |
| 97    | 10692629    |
| 98    | 11805606    |
| 99    | 13034431    |

                           VII. TEXT EFFECTS - [4VII]

This feature is kind of cool, you can change the color of your text. Here is
what you have to do.

To put color into text put @(the color you want)@, for an example, @ran@, will
make your text flash like a rainbow. Here is a chart with all of the different
colors you can have.

| Color   | Code  |
| Rainbow | @ran@ |
| Red     | @red@ |
| Cyan    | @cya@ |
| Green   | @gre@ |
| Yellow  | @yel@ |
| Black   | @bla@ |
| Blue    | @blu@ |
| White   | @whi@ |
| Orange  | @ora@ |
| Magenta | @mag@ |

| Code: 0005 .----------------------------------------------------------------|
|------------'     ~ 5 . M Y   L A S T   F E W   W O R D S ~     .------------|
|----------------------------------------------------------------' Section: 5 |

Well, I have to say, its been fun. It really has. I have had a fun time writing
this thing, and I hope you also had a fun time reading this. I think while
writing this I have doubled my skill in writing FAQs. I love doing this now,
its really fun. So if anyone wants me to write a FAQs or Walkthrough for any
game, just e-mail me, and let me know. Well its been fun, but I must let you go
now, hope you have fun in reading this, and one day maybe even writing your own
Walkthrough. You can always ask for help if you need if. See you folks later.

| Code: 0006 .----------------------------------------------------------------|
|------------'        ~ 6 . S P E C I A L   T H A N K S ~        .------------|
|----------------------------------------------------------------' Section: 6 |

Well I have a few people I would like to thank before I go.

-Myself for taking the time to write this.

-CJayC for have the best gaming site on the web.

-Andrew Gower for making Runescape.

-Runescape Tip, I got a lot of info off of that site.

-And you, for taking your time to read this thing.

| Code: 0007 .----------------------------------------------------------------|
|------------' ~ 7 . C O P Y R I G H T   I N F O R M A T I O N ~ .------------|
|----------------------------------------------------------------' Section: 7 |

This guide is Copyright 2004 to Magic Mario. Only use this FAQs if you ask me
for permission to do so. Runescape is not mine, I did not make the game, I own
no rights to the game. I just wrote a FAQs for it.

| Code: 0008 .----------------------------------------------------------------|
|------------'   ~ 5 . C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N ~   .------------|
|----------------------------------------------------------------' Section: 8 |

If you need to contact me about something that's wrong in the guide, or
something that would make it look better, E-Mail me at magic_mario@hotmail.com.
If you have a suggestion to another game I should write a guide for, mail me and
tell me what game it is.

Well its been fun fokes, hope you liked the guide.

                        |   _______________________   |
                        |__|                       |__|
                         |   ---------------------   |
                         |   M A G I C   M A R I O   |
                         |_  ---------------------  _|
                        |  |_______________________|  |
                        |                             |

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