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Thieving Guide by Fraghappy

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/21/03

--==Runescape Thieving Guide v1.0==--
Created by: morpheusjedi77
RS Username: mastertribal
E-mail: HimuraKenshin779@aol.com
Created: 3.21.03
Updated Last: 3.21.03

--==Table of Contents==--
I.     Introduction
II.    FAQs
III.   Beginner's Guide
IV.    Pickpocketing
V.     Stall Robbing
VI.    Chests
VII.   Picking Locks
VIII.  Credits and Such

--==I. Introduction==--
Perhaps one of the more profitable member's skills is Thieving. In the
beginning, you will only be able to make small amounts of money, but once you
get high enough, you will be able to easily get loads of GP, Nature Runes,
silver, gems, and more. It is also needed in several of the Member's Quests, so
it is definitely worth training. There are four methods of thieving... Stall
Robbing, Pickpocketing, Looting Chests, and Picking Locks.

Version Information
v1.0 - 3.21.03 - Just made the basic Thieving Guide. Maybe more updates in the

--==II. FAQ==--
1. Which way is the most profitable?

It really depends on your level. For the most part, chest looting is the best,
because you can get lots of rare items fairly quickly (blood runes, gems, etc.)
If you aren't high enough to open the big chests yet, try your hand at stealing
from guards. If you are below 40, it doesn't matter too much, because Thieving
isn't as profitable at that point.

2. Which way is the best for leveling up?

For fast leveling, I would go for pickpocketing, since there is no delay
between steals at the lower levels. The best spot for men is in Edgeville, for
Farmers, the farm area north of Ardougne, for Warriors, Al Kharid, and guards
in Falador or Ardougne Town Square.

--==III. Beginner's Guide==--
Thieving starts out fairly slow. At first, you will only be able to rob from
men for a meager 3 gp a time. Men are in almost every city on the map, but I
would recommend going to Edgeville at this point.

At level 5, you have a choice. You can keep stealing from men, or take a trip
to Ardougne and start stealing from the Baker's Stall. While you get better
rewards from the stall, and more xp a time, there is a delay between when you
can steal from a stall, and there are often other people there, which slows
progress down there greatly. Personally, I would recommend stealing from Men

When you get to level 10, go to the farm area north of Ardougne, and choose a
group of farmers to start stealing from. You will get more (8 GP) from these
guys, and a bit more xp.

After reaching level 20, you can steal silk, but I recommend that you stick
with farmers. Silk gives you 10 more xp per steal, but it can be tricky with
all of the guards hanging around by the silk stall, and often there are a lot
of people already there.

At level 25, go all the way back across the map to Al Kharid. Here, you can
steal from the purple-suited warriors. There are tons of these guys there, so
you should be able to get a lot of xp fairly quickly.

Once you get to level 32, you can risk going into the wilderness and stealing
from Rogues, and at 35 you can steal furs. Personally, I would work with
Warriors up until level 40, when you can steal from guards...

From here, it is up to you to discover the rest of the wide variety of thieving
skills and learn the tricks of the trade. Refer to the tables below for more

--==IV. Pickpocketing==--
In the beginning, the only thieving skill you can do is pickpocketing. Every
time you steal from a character, you will get a small amount of gold, or in the
highest levels, rare items. There is always a chance that the person will catch
you, and in that case, they will start fighting with you.

|Pickpocketing                                                   |
|Lvl |XP    |Character   |Reward                                 |
|1   |8     |Man         |3 GP                                   |
|10  |14.5  |Farmer      |8 GP                                   |
|25  |25    |Warrior     |18 GP                                  |
|32  |35    |Rogue       |25/40 gp, 8 air runes, or lockpick     |
|40  |47.5  |Guard       |30 GP                                  |
|55  |85    |Knight      |50 GP                                  |
|70  |152.5 |Paladin     |100 GP and 1 chaos rune                |
|80  |275   |Hero        |100/200/300 GP, Fire Orb, Diamond,     |
|    |      |            |Blood Rune, Gold Nugget, or Wine       |
|?   |?     |Gnome       |Random (any non-quest item)            |

While Men, Farmers, Warriors, Rogues, and Guards have no delay in how often you
can pickpocket from them, Knights, Paladins, and Heroes have a short delay
between when you can steal from them.

--==V. Stall Robbing==--
The second method of stealing you will most likely encounter is Stall Robbing.
Starting at level 5, you can try to sneak off with something from the stalls in
Ardougne. At first, you can only steal cakes, but if you manage to get your
thieving up to 75, you can enjoy the immense riches of stealing gems.

|Stall Robbing                        |
|Lvl |XP   |Item                      |
|5   |16   |Cakes                     |
|20  |24   |Silk                      |
|35  |36   |Furs                      |
|50  |54   |Silver                    |
|65  |81   |Spices                    |
|75  |100  |Gems                      |

--==VI. Chests==--
In your journies across the game, you will most likely encounter chests that
will have traps that damage you when you try to open them. You must search for
traps on the chests to disable them, and then you will be able to open them to
reap the reward.

**Table is incomplete... there are quite a few more chests than this, and I am
currently in the process of obtaining their information.
|Chest Looting                                              |
|Lvl |XP   |Chest                  |Loot                    |
|10  |7.5  |Wilderness - Axe House |10 GP                   |
|26  |25   |2nd Floored Ardg. Bld. |Nature Rune, 20 gp      |
|47  |140  |Hemenster (need lpick) |5 st. arrowheads, 20 gp |
|59  |250  |In Tower near Ardougne |2 Blood Runes, 500 gp   |
|72  |500  |Paladin Bld. Ardougne  |1 shark, 1 adam ore,    |
|    |     |                       |1 uncut sapph., 1000 gp |

--==VII. Lockpicking==--
The last thieving skill is lockpicking. This is one that most people do not
train on, as it doesn't reap a reward and doesn't give very much xp. It is
mainly a way for people with high thieving to access certain areas.

**Table is incomplete... there are quite a few more lockpick doors than this,
and I am currently in the process of obtaining their information.
|Lockpicking                                                 |
|Lvl  |XP   |Location                                        |
|7    |10   |Doors in Edgeville                              |
|14   |15   |Door to house opposite Nature Rune Chest blding |
|16   |15   |Door to Nature Rune Chest in Ardougne           |
|21   |15   |Door in Ardougne Mansion (need for Totem quest) |
|46   |37.5 |Door to Blood Rune Chest Tower                  |
|61   |50   |Door to Paladin Building                        |

--==VII. Credits and Such==--
I would like to thank Andrew and the guys at Jagex for making such a cool game.
Also, I would like to thank CJayC and GameFAQs for hosting the FAQ.

This guide is (c) 2002 Thorne M.
Please do not use this guide, in either part or whole for any website without
contacting me first. The only site with permanent permission to use this guide
is www.gamefaqs.com

If you see any mistakes, or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me
at HimuraKenshin779@aol.com

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