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Fletching/Woodcutting Guide by Fraghappy

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/20/03

--==Runescape Fletching/Woodcutting Guide v1.0==--
Created by: morpheusjedi77
RS Username: mastertribal
E-mail: HimuraKenshin779@aol.com
Created: 3.20.03
Updated Last: 3.20.03

--==Table of Contents==--
I.     Introduction
II.    Woodcutting
III.   Arrowmaking
IV.    Bowmaking
V.     Credits and Such

--==I. Introduction==--
Fletching and Woodcutting are two skills that go hand in hand. Woodcutting can
be used by non-members to chop wood for fires, but members are able to chop a
wide variety of trees, which can be used for various parts of fletching, or bow
and arrow-making, a members only skill.

While Fletching is not the most profitable skill of sorts as you start out,
rarer items such as Yew Bows and even Magic Bows go for several thousand GP a
piece. This is also the single best way to obtain arrows to train your ranged.
Most stores selling arrows don't have enough in stock to really help you train
long enough.

Version Information
v1.0 - 3.20.03 - First release.

--==II. Woodcutting==--
In order to make anything in Fletching, you will first have to cut down a
substantial amount of wood. All of the types of wood can be used for the bows,
but only regular trees can be used for arrows. Also, if you use regular wood
with a Tinderbox, you can start a fire.

To cut the tree, you must have a non-battle axe, which can be found in various
stores, or be smithed. They come in all different types of metals, and the
higher quality metal, the less likely you are to miss cutting down the tree. At
first, you will only be able to cut regular trees, but as time progresses, you
will be able to cut wood such as Yew, or even Magic Wood...

The best place for woodcutting is around Seer's Village. There is a bank there,
along with every type of wood in the game, excluding Magic (which can be found
a way's to the south.)

|Types of Wood                |
|Lvl  |XP   |Name             |
|1    |25   |Regular          |
|15   |37.5 |Oak              |
|30   |62.5 |Willow           |
|45   |100  |Maple            |
|60   |175  |Yew              |
|75   |250  |Magic            |

--==III. Arrow-making==--
To make arrows, you need three things: arrow shafts, feathers, and arrowheads.
These are all relatively easy to find, and fortunately come in large

Making arrowshafts is simple. First of all, you need a knife (which can be
found in most general stores, and there is a respawn point near Seer's
Village.) Simply use the knife with regular logs and you will get 10

Feathers are fairly easy to obtain also. The fastest way is to camp out at any
of the farms on the map and kill chickens. They usually yield 1-4 feathers per
kill, and since they are lvl 3, they take no time to kill at all. The other
option is to buy them from a fishing store for 2-6 gp each. If they are in
stock, this can be rather quick, otherwise this method is almost pointless.

Arrowheads are the final piece of the equation. You get these by smithing, and
for every bar you smith, you get 10 arrowheads. Check the Smithing Guide for
more information (also written by me.) The other source is going to the Archery
shop in Catherby. However, make sure you are high enough level to fletch the
type of arrow (see chart below.)

Now, with this done, you can actually make the arrows. Use the feathers with
the arrowshafts, and they will attach, 10 at a time. Then, use the arrowheads
on the feathered arrows to make arrows. The types, along with required levels
are as follows:

|Types of Arrows to Fletch       |
|Lvl |XP* |Type of Arrow         |
|1   |30  |Bronze                |
|15  |40  |Iron                  |
|30  |65  |Steel                 |
|45  |90  |Mithril               |
|60  |115 |Adamantite            |
|75  |140 |Runite                |
* - XP figures represent xp gained from 10 arrows.

--==IV. Bowmaking==--
Fletching bows is a little less complicated. Again, you will need a knife, and
you will need flax for bowstring. Just southeast of Seer's Village is a small
patch of flaxplant, and you must then use it on a Spinning Wheel to turn it
into a bowstring. You must be level 10 crafting to do this, but you will gain
15 crafting xp for each one you spin. The closest Spinning Wheel is in Seer's

Once you have done that, you can proceed chopping down wood. Then, use your
knife with the wood to turn it into an unstrung longbow or unstrung shortbow.
At first, you will only be able to make regular shortbows, but over time you
can build up levels and make better and better bows. After making the unstrung
bow, use the flax with it to string it.

|Types of Bows to Fletch                          |
|Lvl |XP    |Wood Type     |Bow Type     |Color   |
|5   |10    |Regular       |Shortbow     |Green   |
|10  |20    |Regular       |Longbow      |Green   |
|20  |32.5  |Oak           |Shortbow     |Blue    |
|25  |50    |Oak           |Longbow      |Blue    |
|35  |67.5  |Willow        |Shortbow     |Yellow  |
|40  |82.5  |Willow        |Longbow      |Yellow  |
|50  |100   |Maple         |Shortbow     |Orange  |
|55  |117.5 |Maple         |Longbow      |Orange  |
|65  |132.5 |Yew           |Shortbow     |Red     |
|70  |150   |Yew           |Longbow      |Red     |
|80  |167.5 |Magic         |Shortbow     |Black   |
|85  |182.5 |Magic         |Longbow      |Black   |

--==V. Credits and Such==--
I would like to thank Andrew and the guys at Jagex for making such a cool game.
Also, I would like to thank CJayC and GameFAQs for hosting the FAQ.

This guide is (c) 2003 Thorne M.
Please do not use this guide, in either part or whole for any website without
contacting me first. The only site with permanent permission to use this guide
is www.gamefaqs.com

If you see any mistakes, or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me
at HimuraKenshin779@aol.com

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