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Herblore FAQ by Fraghappy

Version: 1.1.0 | Updated: 04/24/04

--==Runescape Herblore FAQ v1.1.0==--
Created by: morpheusjedi77
RS Username: mastertribal (not on much anymore)
E-mail: fraghappy@staff.whisperingrealms.com
Created: 3.20.03
Updated Last: 4.24.04

--==Table of Contents==--
I.     Introduction
II.    Beginner's Guide
III.   Finding Herbs
IV.    Secondary Ingredients
V.     Potions

--==I. Introduction==--
Herblore is a members-only skill that allows you to create a wide variety of
potions that give you temporary stat bonuses, or restore lost points for things
such as prayer. In order to start Herblore, you must have completed the Druid's
Circle quest, which can be started in Taverly. For more information, please see
the help on it in the Quest Guide also written by me.

Herblore is a skill that takes time to level up, and can get quite boring, but
in the end you can get some incredible rewards. Most potions offer a temporary stat
bonus, while others give you needed benefits such as protection from the breath of
dragons, or cure from poisons that may be inflicted upon you. It's a skill you'll
have to level up gradually over time, as herbs can be sometimes very hard to come

Version Information
4.24.04 - v1.1.0 - Wow, it's been over a month since I've update the FAQ. I've
updated the guide to include all of the changes made in Runescape 2, and I changed
the title to "Herblore Guide" for that reason.

3.20.03 - v1.0.0 - 8 KB - Just a basic FAQ with basic information on how to start
Herblore, where to find herbs and other ingredients, and charts detailing the amount
of xp, levels needed, etc. for potions.

--==II. Beginner's Guide==--
After you complete the Druid's Circle, you will have level 3 Herblore, and you
won't be able to do much. For now, you can identify Guam Leaves and make Attack
Potions. In order to make a potion, you must have three things:

-A vial of water. Vials are dropped by druids, can be crafted with glass, and
are also sold in various shops around the map.
-An herb.
-A second ingredient. For each potion, you will need a different ingredient,
some of which are very hard to get.

The first thing you will need is some herbs. So, where do you get them?
Monsters drop them. While nearly half of the monsters you will encounter may
drop an herb or two, the main target should be the various kinds of druids. For
more information on finding them, check section III, finding herbs.

As you start collecting herbs, you will notice that you won't be able to
identify most of them. Don't toss them out, you can identify them later when
your level is higher. Once you get a few Guam Leaves, it is time to start
making some potions.

Buy some vials and fill them up at the nearest sink or fountain. Then, go to
any magic or Herblore shop and buy some Eye of Newts. Use the herb with the
vial, and you will mix the herb into the vial. Then, just pop the eye in there
too, and you just made an attack potion.

Keep doing this until you get to level 5. Then, you can now identify a new
herb, Marentill. With this, along with a groundunicorn horn, you can make a
Cure Poison Potion. There are unicorns wandering around the forests of Camelot
castle, so stop by there and get a few horns, and then use them with a Mortar
and Pestle (which can be purchased in the Taverly Herblore Shop) to grind them

Before long, you will start to learn tricks of the trade and understand the
patterns. Refer to the rest of the guide for more information about what to do
after mastering Cure Poison potions...

--==III. Finding Herbs==--
There are several monsters that seem to drop herbs often...

Men :: Level 9 - Men will actually drop herbs somewhat often, but about 90% of
the time, they are Guam Leaves. This is still useful for beginning Herbloreists

Chaos Druid :: Level 19 - These low-level druids are found in dungeons
scattered across the game, and drop tons of herbs. The first of these is in the
Member's Dungeon south of Taverly. Just past the area with all of the ghosts,
there is a small room in which several of these guys respawn. However, there
are usually so many people here that it is hard to get in a battle. The second
location is in the Edgeville dungeon up at the Northern-most reaches of the
map. Go back towards the wilderness part of the dungeon, and some Chaos Druids
respawn around lvl 2. The last place to check is for only those very skilled in
Thieving. There is a tower to the Northwest of Ardougne in which 4 of these
guys spawn, but you have to have at least 46 Thieving to pick the lock, and
even then, you will usually fail.

Druid :: Level 29 - There are several of these druids that hang around Taverly
and the Druid's Circle to the north. These guys are slightly higher level, but
still go down fast, and drop loads of herbs.

Once you get the herbs, you must identify them. The higher the level you are,
the more herbs you can identify. You also gain a small amount of xp for
sucessfully identifying an herb.

|Types of Herbs                     |
|Lvl  |XP    |Name                  |
|3    |2.5   |Guam Leaf             |
|5    |3.75  |Marrentill            |
|10   |5     |Tarromin              |
|20   |6     |Harralander           |
|25   |8     |Ranarr Weed           |
|40   |9     |Ifit Leaf             |
|48   |10    |Avamntoe              |
|54   |11.25 |Kwuarm                |
|65   |12.5  |Cadantine             |
|67   |?     |Lantadyme             |
|70   |13.75 |Dwarf Weed            |
|77   |?     |Torstol               |

--==IV. Second Ingredients==--
Along with an herb, every potion also requires a second ingredient. Here is a
list of all of them, and where to find them:

Eye of Newt - This can be purchased in any magic or Herblore store for 3-5gp.

Ground Unicorn Horn - You must kill a unicorn (lvl-21) to get it's horn. They
respawn around Camelot, and in the forest southeast of Varrock. Then, use it
with a Mortar and Pestle to grind it up.

Limpwurt Root - These are dropped by various monsters, most often by
hobgoblins and giants.

Red Spider's Egss - These respawn in the two DeadlyRed Spider nests (one in the
back of the Varrock Sewer dungeon, and another in the Volcano of Karamja).

White Berries - These can be found in the Red Dragon's Nest in the Wilderness,
and are dropped by various other monsters.

Snape Grass - This respawns on a small little piece of land sticking out into
the ocean right by the Crafting Guild and the Makeover Mage.

Ground Blue Dragon Scales - You can grab a few Blue Dragon Scales if you dare
in the Blue Dragon Nest towards the middle of the Member's Dungeon south of

Wine of Zamorak - This one is nearly impossible to get without help. North of
Falador, on the edge of the Wilderness, is a small temple in which there are
several Monks of Zamorak. If you try to attack one, or take the jug of wine on
the table, they will curse you (lowering all of your stats,) and attack you.
Bring some Stat Restore Potions and some friends to try to take out all of
them, and then grab the wine from the altar.

--==V. Potions==--
There are a multitude of potions that you can make. Here is a complete chart:

|Types of Potions                                                   |
|Lvl |XP    |Potion                |Herb         |S. Ingredient     |
|3   |25    |Attack Potion         |Guam Leaf    |Eye of Newt       |
|5   |37.5  |Cure Poison Potion    |Marentill    |G. Unicorn Horn   |
|12  |50    |Strength Potion       |Tarromin     |Limpwurt Root     |
|22  |62.5  |Stat Restore Potion   |Harralander  |Red Spider's Eggs |
|30  |75    |Defense Potion        |Ranarr Weed  |White Berries     |
|38  |87.5  |Restore Prayer Potion |Ranarr Weed  |Snape Grass       |
|45  |100   |Super Attack Potion   |Irit Leaf    |Eye of Newt       |
|48  |105   |Poison Antidote       |Irit Leaf    |G. Unicorn Horn   |
|50  |112.5 |Fishing Potion        |Avantoe      |Snape Grass       |
|55  |125   |Super Strength Potion |Kwuarm       |Limpwurt Root     |
|60  |137.5 |Weapon Poison Potion  |Kwuarm       |G. Blu. Dragon Sc.|
|66  |150   |Super Defense Potion  |Cadantine    |White Berries     |
|68  |?*    |Anti-Dragon Breath Pt.|Lantadyme    |Blue Dragon Scale |
|72  |?*    |Ranging Potion        |Dwarf Weed   |Wine of Zamorak   |
|78  |?*    |Potion of Zamorak     |Torstol      |Janger Berries    |

--==VI. Credits and Such==--
I would like to thank CJayC and GameFAQs for hosting the FAQ.

This guide is (c) 2003-2004 Thorne M. (fraghappy)
Please do not use this guide, in either part or whole for any website without
contacting me first. The only site with permanent permission to use this guide
is www.gamefaqs.com

If you see any mistakes, or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me
at fraghappy@staff.whisperingrealms.com.

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