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Player-Killing Guide by Civicracer59

Updated: 01/29/03

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R    R
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RRRR     U    U   N NNN    EEEE    SSSSS    CCCC     AAA A    PPPPP     EEEE
R   R    U    U   NN   N  E    E  S        C        A   AA    P    P   E    E
R    R   U    U   N    N  EEEEEE   SSS     C       A     A    P    P   EEEEEE
R     R  U    U   N    N  E           SS   C       A     A    P   P    E
R     R   UUUU    N    N   EEEE   SSSSS     CCCC    AAAAAAA   PPPP      EEEE

                   ~*~*~*~*~Player Killing Guide~*~*~*~*~
              []                                                      -_
              []_____________________________________________________ -

                            Made by: Civicracer59

*note* This guide mainly revolves around free-to-play. I apologize if this may
have caused some inconvenience!

| Introduction \

     Player killing (also known as Pking) is only one of the many wonderful
things you can do in Runescape. This allows you to pit yourself against other
players. I prefer to consider Pking a gamble. If you play your cards right,
your rewards will be grand. But if you make a brainless flaw, then you've lost.
This guide will help you get started on creating your own Pking character. So I
bid you fare well, and good hunting.



1. What is Pking?
2. Pker character styles

  - 2.1 Pures
  - 2.2 Prayer Beasts
  - 2.3 Mages
  - 2.4 Archer Pkers
  - 2.5 Never-Before Tested Styles

3. Pker equipment
4. Non-combat skills
5. Pking in the wilderness

  - 5.1 The Do's and Dont's of Pking
  - 5.2 Battle tactics
  - 5.3 Survival in the wilderness
  - 5.4 Special style techniques
  - 5.5 Adapting to your opponents
  - 5.6 Strategy with Partners

6. Super-Secret Pking Guide
7. Boredom Games (when you're bored)
8. Words from the Wise (a must-read topic!)
9. Credits

|1. What is Pking? \

     Pking is a feature that lets you fight other players in Runescape. In
order to pk, you have to be in the wilderness. However, you can only attack a
certain amount of players, depending on the level of the wilderness you're in
and the level of the other player. When you attack a player, you get a skull
above your head, which means that if you die you lose everything in your
inventory. Without the skull, you'd normally be able to keep 3 of your best
items if you were killed. If you do not attack another player within the next
20 minutes, your skull will disappear.
     Pking to me is like a gamble, as I've said in the introduction. The
wilderness is like the playing table. The items you bring with you is your bet.
Other players in the wilderness are your opponents, each bringing their own
bet. When you are engaged in battle, you are playing your cards. If you win,
you win your opponent's bet. If you lose, you lose your own. This explains the
circle of Pking.
     Pking is one of the most enjoyable things about Runescape. The feeling you
get when you kill someone and see all of the different items under your feet is
a great whirl of excitement. The pure tingling of cruelty rushes throughout
your body. Knowing that you attained a great item in a few seconds which might
have taken a person months is a great feeling. This is why pking is so much
fun. However, you may also become the victim. You may end up not playing for
days, weeks, then end up quitting all together. But most people get over it,
because they know that fact that it is only a game. So be prepared when you go
into the wilderness, you never know what can happen...

|2. Pker Character Styles \

     There are many players who pk. In the process, many of them have
discovered different styles of pking. The main idea is to kill your opponent as
fast as you can, hopefully 3-hit killing them. This section will teach you the
different styles, and how they benefit in pking.

-=2.1 Pures=-

     Pures are the most common type of pkers. This style only builds up on the
main attributes of the combat skills. Here are some of the most common stats
Pures have:

Black Pure

att: 20-40+
def: 10
str: 50+

Pures of this type have VERY low defense, but build up in high attack and
strength. Most pkers of this type range on levels of around 17-25, but some
have managed to train to become as high as level 40, or higher. These pkers are
known for their ability to 3-hit their victims, but have a weakness because of
their low defense.

Mithril Pure

att: 30-40+
def: 20
str: 55+

Mithril Pures have a decent defense, and high attack and strength. They range
from levels 25-45. These types of pkers are highly dangerous, and can easily
3-hit their victims.

Adamantite Pure

att: 30-40+
def: 30
str: 55+

These pures like to evenly divide their combat skills. Most of them usually
have a rune 2 hander, and range from levels 35-65. These pures are EXTREMELY
dangerous, as they can 3-hit their opponents on the first attack. Their only
weakness is their own style of pures and some of the Rune pures.

Rune Pure

att: 40+
def: 40+
str: 50+

Rune pures are the bad boys of pking. These pures range from levels of 45+, and
they often use potions to help their strength. They like to try and kill
opponents, but also look out for themselves. They are the pures that can
counter other pures. Their weakness is their strength, and their foolishness.

    As you can see, all pures have one thing in common: to raise their strength
as much as possible. They aim to kill players in 3 rounds, which is fairly
tough. You can easily notice a pure. Almost all pures have a skull, have a full
set of 1 kind of armor with a weapon of greater metal than the armor. Some have
equal armor and weapons, and some hide their items to fool others. However, if
a pure with a skull dies they lose everything. So this is a disadvantage to
players that depend on items.

-=2.2 Prayer Beasts=-

     Prayer Beasts are the 2nd common style of pkers. Prayer Beasts range from
levels of 35-60. They usually have at least 25 prayer, so they can protect an
item if they die. They also use prayer to increase their fighting for a short
time. They can also use prayer to parylize their opponents (which prevents the
opponent from attacking them).
     If you are going to be a prayer beast, make sure you have at least 25
prayer. First, raise your prayer to level 6. Then, do the ghost quest. You
should have around 11 prayer. From 11, it should take about 530 big bones to
get to level 25. So raising prayer is very gruelling, but the skills you attain
will be well rewarded. Most Prayer Beasts wear monks robes, an amulet, a
helmet, and have a rune weapon. If a Prayer Beast is going to die, they put on
"protect item" so they can save their weapon. The only loss is the monks robe
outfit, the amulet, and the helmet. This is a very successful and conservative
way to pk.

-=2.3 Mages=-

     Mages range from levels 10-15, as they are pure mages. They usually have
VERY high magic, allowing them to fire bolt their enemies. Magic can really
inflict damage to someone wearing black armor, but not as much to mithril
armor. This is why most pure mages will not be any higher in level. (Thank you
Psx19! ^_^) However, the weaknesses in mages is that they cannot hold as much
food as other pkers. So if you choose to be a mage, be careful.

-=2.4 Archer Pkers=-

     This style of pking is merely a bonus to every other style of pking. Any
style can have an arching skill, because arching doesn't affect combat until a
certain point.

Ranging Formula (thanks to Psx19! ^_^)

(att. lvl) + (str. lvl)  | range lvl x 1.5

example: 40 att. + 55 str. = 95  |   60 x 1.5 = 90

                95 > 90

Ok, in the example, the attack and the strength combined equals 95. And the
range multiplied by 1.5 equals 90. Since your attack and strength is higher
than the range times 1.5, range will not affect your combat. Thank you Psx19
for the information!

-=2.5 Never-Before Tested Styles=-

     These are just some of my ideas for a new type of pure. I don't know if
they have already been tried before, so I'm sorry if they were. Well, here you

Defense Pure

att: 20-35
def: 50+
str: 40+

This would be a cool pure. No one would lay a hit on this guy, since defense
counters attack, not strength (thank you Jet0r! ^_^). However, he wouldn't be
able to hit a lot of damage, so the opponent could easily escape.

Accurate Prayer Beast

att: 50+
str: 45+


This pker wouldn't miss! He's also got decent strength, good enough to 3-hit if
your lucky. This would take a lot of training, but it would be well worth it.

Pure Attack

att: 60+
def: 1-10
str: 1-30

Heh, this would be more of a weak, but accurate pker. You couldn't lay very big
numbers, but you couldn't miss even if you tried.

*note* This mostly revolves around combat lvls 35-50. Just make the stats
higher for a higher combat level.

|3. Pker Equipment \

     These are the top 5 essential items for a pker, listed from the least
important to the most. Items are not as important as stats, but play an
important role nonetheless when you pk.

5. Strength Potion - Strength potions give a boost of 8 in your strength stats,
but temporarily. A strength potion can be made with a Limpwurt Root and some
Red Spider Eggs. Take them to the Apothecary in Varrock, and he'll make you a
bottle for 5 gold. Each bottle has 4 doses. Strength potions aren't THAT
important when you pk, but they do help damagewise. If I ever use strength
potions when I pk, i only bring 1 bottle. 4 doses is more than enough for 1
pking trip.

4. Amulets - Amulets boost some of your main combat skills for as long as you
have it equipped. Most amulets boost 1 of a specific stat, but the Diamond
amulet boosts multiple stats.

Amulet of Accuracy: +4 attack
Sapphire Amulet of Magic: +10 magic
Emerald Amulet of Protection: +10 defense
Ruby Amulet of Strength: +10 strength
Diamond Amulet of Power: +6 defense, +6 strength, +7 magic
Holy Symbol of Saradomin: +8 prayer

3. Weapons - It's common sense to always bring a weapon to pk with. But if you
are going to bring a weapon, make sure you feel safe about using it and
consider taking the risks of losing it. 2 handers are always the best kind of
pking weapons, as they have the highest attack and strength than any other kind
of weapon. However, you cannot use a shield. Either way, weapons is one of the
MUSTS when you pk.

2. Money - You will need money if you are going to pk. Most pkers have a "main"
character that provides all there needs. That's all there is to it.

1. Food - This is a NEED for all pkers. Food is the #1 thing that saves lives.
Lobsters and Swordfishes for example is food that pkers use to heal themselves.
If you are going to pk, get a source of food that will heal at least 1/4 of
your hit points. For example, if you have 36 hits, get a food that heals at
least 9. You can still have food that heals more, but I'm only saying to get at
least 1/4 of your health in food. You will need room in your inventory for lots
of food. I say leave at least 22 spaces for food. This will save your life in
the toughest of times.

|4. Non-Combat Skills \

     Non-combat skills can be very helpful for a pker. This way, you wouldn't
have to continuously transfer (not saying that most pkers actually have mains
that transfer), or have someone help you transfer items. It's also good so you
can show off your skill total. Anyone who has 10 times their combat level in a
skill total is pretty good. Here is a list of some helpful Non-combat skills
that you can try:

Fishing - Really helpful on getting your food source. It also helps on getting
money. Start with fishing shrimps until your level 20. Then, get some feathers
and start fishing trout. keep the trout in your bank and keep fishing until you
run out of feathers. I raised my fishing level from 0-35 in 1 day doing this!
(Thank you Psx19! ^_^)

Mining & Smithing - Very boring, but helpful in the end. I'd say start mining
tin and copper until level 60. Keep it all in your bank. When you reach 60,
mine iron and keep it all in the bank. After around level 70, start mining coal
until level 75. Then smelt and smith like mad! I never bothered to do this yet,
but I'm pretty sure that you guys can. (thank you jet0r & Psx19! ^_^)

Cooking - This helps to not burn food so much. You can raise cooking by
fishing, or by cooking a ton of pies. Once you reach level 35, you can start to
cook plain pizzas, which heals 11 each. You can cook pizzas at the Bandit Camp
in the wilderness. It might take a while to gather all the ingredients for the
pizzas, and you might burn them often. But hey, food is food right?

Crafting - Very helpful for prayer beasts. It is very boring to try and raise,
but can make you big money later on. First, before you start to craft, you
should have at least level 40 mining and smithing. This way, you can mold
amulets. Next, buy a ton of thread. Then, start killing cows and collect their
hides in your bank. Once you have as much as you have thread, take them to the
tanner and get them turned into leather. Then start making leather items. Once
you are high enough, start mining a lot of gold. Go to the Sapphire house and
pick up respawning sapphires, but beware of high level players. Start making
magic amulets and sell them, don't enchant. Remember that you are still pure.
In time, you can make emerald, ruby, and then diamond amulets! Have someone
enchant them for you, or have your main do it. That is, if you have one.

|5. Pking in the Wilderness \

     Now that you've made your pker (hopefully), you can begin pking! A great
place to start pking is up by around the steel short sword respawn on the far
east side of the wilderness. This will help you build up chasing techniques and
patience. Plus, not many other pkers go there. After a while, move on to better
places. Then, when you're ready, head over to the Dark Warrior Castle, where
anything can happen. Make sure your ready for anything before going there!

-=5.1 The Do's and Don'ts of Pking=-

     Here are some of the "Do's and Don'ts" when you pk. These are important,
and they can help you survive while you pk. So take a look!

1. Scope out your enemies
 Do: Look for easy targets. A good start is people with mixed armor. If you are
around level 45, anyone ranging from level 45-67 that has a rune plate is fair
game. If you want, kill people with skulls and nothing on. Just be aware that
some pkers like to hide their true weapons and armor. Anyone with no armor can
be a trap, so take caution when trying to kill them.

 Don't: Never attack other pkers. Let them attack you. If they are killing you
badly, run, heal, and potion if you have one, and retaliate. If they are still
killing you, then run and log out. If you see multiple people with similar
names or armor, it's likely that they are a team. Never try to challenge a team
unless you are sure that you can beat them.

2. Restock on your food
 Do: If your out of food, you can either go back to the bank and get more, or
if you think it's safe, go to the bandit camp and make pizzas. It's risky up
there, a lot of pkers like to kill for food. Always restock on food when you
are out.

 Don't:If you have no food in your bank or cannot cook pizzas, don't pk anymore
until you do. Remember that food is your #1 survival item. Don't try taking
risks, because there is always someone out there who can and will kill you.

3. Find some friends

 Do: Enemies can become friends. When you attack someone, see how good they
are. If they are better than you, it's most likely that they won't become your
friend. After the first 3 rounds, run, heal, do whatever you do. Then attack
again. During the 2nd bout, ask if they will team with you. Say stuff like,
"Let's team instead of wasting our food." Try to outsmart your enemies. Just
remember to be careful on who you trust.

 Don't: Never underestimate your opponents. And never ever try to team on the
first 3 rounds. They can easily turn on you and create an ambush. Also, don't
ever ask to team when you are down to 5 hp, because then they'll just kill you.

4. If you want to ambush

 Do: Try to be patient if your going to ambush someone. You should ambush
someone in the Dark Warrior Castle, because it is hard to escape out of.
Usually if you call peace, then that means you won't attack that person. When
you call peace, then wait until the right time to attack them. You will know
the right time: When they are about dead from fighting other players or the
Dark Warriors (even though that would be ironic, getting owned by Dark
Warriors), or when they get a skull. Immediately close the doors and attack
when they get the skull. But you have to be really quick at doing this. I
myself usually just close 1 door and attack.

 Don't: Don't say "peace" then close the doors. Say "peace" and stick around.
Otherwise they will log, and you would lose your kill. Don't ever egg them on
to attack you, because it's pretty obvious by saying, "plz kill me i want to
die", or "cmon noob attack me". Because then they'll just run away or log out.
Instead, aim for everyone's weakness: Greed. I always like to say that i am
waiting to give a friend 5k so he can train cooking at the Bandit Camp. Don't
say "I'm low on hits" or "i have 25k on me and 3 r2hs" because that's just a
dead giveaway and it will make you look like an idiot. Try to be more

-=5.2 Battle Tactics=-

     Here are some advanced ways of battle in the wilderness. They are sort of
complicated, but the more you practice the better you will get.

 Chasing - When your first 3 rounds are up, it's most likely the enemy will run
south. Why? because that's the way out of the wilderness. So what should you
do? Run south after the first 3 rounds. This way, you can get closer to your
opponent. But when you are right even with your opponent (your 2-D sprite is
combined with your opponent's), don't attack them. I don't know why, but most
of the time a glitch will make you run to the previous spot they were in, and
they would get away. Make sure your about 2 steps away from them, then click
attack. If your behind, just let them go. Another good technique is to select
"follow" on your opponent while fighting. Then when they run, you can always be
 right behind them. (thank you Psx19 and a few other people! ^_^)

 Running - When in doubt, run and log out. That's as simple as that. When you
run, always use the map. And go to places you know that won't have a lot of
obstacles. This includes buildings in the way, monsters that attack, or lots of
trees. Run diagonally, as this is much faster than horizontal running (thank
you Psx19! ^_^).

 Healing - SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE! Healing is one of the most, if not the most
important thing about pking. Depending on how you manage your food can effect
the outcome of the battle. Just 1 little meat can decide whether you win or
lose. You should ALWAYS pk with 1 click healing items, unless you are a very
low lvl 15 pker or such. Plain pizzas are an excellent and cheap food source.
Carry as much food as you can! 22 at the minimum. For low lvl pkers, cake is by
far the best food source you can have. A plain cake can heal you instantly. And
best of all, it carries 3 times more than normal food (if you fill your
inventory with it that is...). For the higher levels, eat when you need to.
When you are at about 1/2 health, then eat. If not, then dont bother healing
unless they get you down lower. If you get a kill but need some room, only eat
as much as you need to make room. Don't eat anymore than that. Then go deposit
and replenish your food supply. Once your down to about 5 pieces of food, go
replenish. Don't stick around until you're completely out, because you never
know what can happen...

 Enhance your Battling - Ah yes, this is for those strength potion users and
prayer beasts. Strength potions can really help you kill someone. It gives you
a temporary boost of +8 strength. Prayer also helps greatly. This is also
temporary, considering on how many prayer points you have. For potioners,
always only carry 1 full bottle. 4 doses is more than enough to last you a
pking trip. When you find someone you want to kill, don't drink a dose, but
attack them. See if the first 3 rounds were good to your advantage. If you
could clobber them without a potion, then don't use it. Save it when you really
need it. This also goes to prayer beasts. Only put your prayer on when you are
in combat. When the combat is disengaged, then chase them and turn your prayer
off. Do it in that order so you don't lose your kills. And when you use
"protect item", only click on it when you are about to die. An example is when
you are at 1/2 health, without anymore food. And when you are chasing someone,
take off your other stat-boosting prayers. This conserves your prayer points
and helps you practice doing multiple things at once.

-=5.3 Survival in the Wilderness=-

     Don't be responsible for your own death. When you're in the wilderness,
never ever put yourself in a position where you could be killed. If you have to
go and log out, make sure your in an outside place, not inside a building.
Don't ever log out inside a building unless you're really desperate. Also
remember to always bring a bit of food just incase. Here are some other tips:

-Try not to be so gullable in the wilderness. If a complete stranger asks to
team with him, that basically means he wants to kill you.

-Watch out for higher levels! Most of the time they WILL try to kill you.

Basically, it's all common sense...

-=5.4 Special Style Techniques=-

     For the basic all around pure, the best you can do is 3-hit kill people.
The best way is to set your combat style to "strength" and hope for the best!
Here are some techniques for the pker that fits your description:

Prayer Beasts: Since you have prayer, it's best to put your combat style to
"attack" and use a prayer that boosts strength. Remember that prayer is
temporarily, so try to conserve it when you can. Also, if you have something
greater in smithing requirments to the rune 2-hander, and you use "protect
items", you will not protect your rune 2 hander. For instance, if you have a
rune plate and a rune 2-hander with a skull, you will save the rune plate if
you die since the plate is higher in smithing requirements than the rune
2-hander. (thanks Upas! ^_^)

Archer Pkers: Be aware that arching does take up at least 2 spaces of your
inventory, limiting your food supply a little. Also when arching, always
remember that it's harder to ambush, since your opponent might be afraid when
you shoot. When teaming up with someone, always shoot while standing from the
south, that way you can catch them if they run. You've got to be quick though,
you can't engage combat with a ranging weapon. I like to shoot until I know
that 3 rounds is almost up and then I switch to my melee weapon.

Mages: Ah yes, the infamous and most-hated of all pkers. Mages are anything
from impure rune plate pkers to normal wizard look-alikes. For mages, it's
always really good to continuously lower your opponent's attack, and then lower
their strength. Don't bother using the damage spells unless you are level 20 or
below, or your magic is really high. And instead of running, mages have the
advantage to teleport. It's always frustrating to the pkers.

-=5.5 Adapting to your Opponents=-

     Being able to adapt to your opponent gives you full advantage over the
battle. Knowing what your opponent will do, how fast he can eat, how he chases,
and many other things can take play and change the outcome of the fight. Here
are some tips on how to adapt:

How they chase: After 3 rounds, if you seem a bit low on health, run. Most
pkers tend to run south, so they can catch you. Run a different direction and
see how fast they can recover. If they are a bad catcher,then it's most likely
they are a good runner.

How they run: If you have the better odds, then watch closely on how they run.
If they are smart, they will run diagonally, knowing that running diagonal is
much faster (thank you Psx19! ^_^). After a few more rounds, you should start
to see a pattern. Now you can predict on their running direction.

Their health: If you knock some pretty high numbers on your enemy, and he runs
and fully heals, then he's packin' some pretty big food. A good way to find out
their hp level is to watch their health bar. Add up all the numbers you hit on
him when he reaches half and multiply it by 2 is one good way. Or another is to
hit a number and figure out how many times it can fit inside the bar. Don't
overheat your brain if your really bad at mental math. I don't like to look
them up on the highscores page because it wastes time and could get you killed.

Their battling: After the first 3 rounds, be very observant on the next set. If
your opponent starts hitting higher numbers than usual, then he's probably got
either prayer or potion, or even both! But you've got to be careful, or you
WILL die.

-=5.6 Strategy with Partners=-

     Partners are a BIG help in the wilderness. I always say, two Rune
2-handers are better than one. Archers can be quite helpful. Mages are very
helpful too, by lowering the opponent's stats and shooting damage. A slight,
tiny problem with partners, however, is sharing when you kill someone. If you
are teaming up with someone you haven't known for more than a week, then there
is a very high chance that they will backstab you, so take caution. Here are
some tactics on killing people with partners:

Basic Teaming: Usually you have an archer with you when you team. When you
attack someone, the archer usually stands by and shoots the enemy. A good way
to do this is have the archer stand opposite of you and a bit south. This way
they can catch the opponent if he runs. If your the archer, select "attack" on
the opponent and immediately go to your inventory. If you have a weapon, place
your mouse pointer over it and get ready to click. When your opponent runs,
immediately click your weapon and select "follow" on your opponent. You've got
to be really fast. if they are still catchable, select "attack".

Using your Environment-

Castle: This is by far the BEST place where you can pk! It is literally a
death-trap. The structure looks something like this:

                          ----        ----     * are the doors
                         |    |______|    |
                         |_ __*______*   _|
                           |  |      | *|
                           |  |      |  |
                           *  |      |  |
                          _|  |      |  |_
                         |  * |______| *  |
                         |    *______*    |
                          ----        ----

Well this isn't the best map, but as you can see, it clearly is a place where
anyone can be killed. If you ever find someone worthy of killing at the
northwest corner of the castle, immediately have your partner close the doors
behind you and attack him. The only way out is the 1 door in the middle on the
west side, and the northwest corner is blocked off with a wall, which means
you'll have to go ALL THE WAY AROUND the castle to get out. Be careful though,
you could get caught yourself. Also, if you are guarding the door, and the
opponent opens the door, DON'T CLOSE THE DOOR! Some stupid glitch allows your
opponent to get through and you'll block off your partner. Instead, keep the
door open and gaurd the next door. If your partner manages to attack before the
victim gets out, then you can close the door. Also, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR just
to get inside and watch. If you see 2 health bars dwindling next to each other
through the entrance wall, then DON'T OPEN THE DOOR. Wait until you see 1 run
away from the other. When they engage battle again, open the door, get inside,
and close it very quickly. Many kills get away because hard-headed people open
and close the doors improperly.

Bandit Camp: This is a good place to pk. If you're ever half full on food, stop
by here and cook pizza. Be careful, there can be high-level pkers that can
catch you. If you ever see anyone cook pizzas and are capable of killing, then
kill them for some food! If you are alone, then kill a few bandits to gather
money. Then buy some pizza bases from Tony and cook some pizza. Remember you
need lvl 35 cooking. If you try to attack someone outside of a building in the
camp, a blue-shirt bandit will say, "Rumble!" and attack you. It's always good
to kill them off or have your partner do so while you fight. Also, The only way
in and out is a bridge, guarded by black-shirt bandits that attack. Use them to
your advantage!

|6. Super Secret Pking Guide \

     Heh, it's always a tradition to come up with your own ways of making
money. I've pked some pretty crazy things. If you have the brains, you can too!
Remember to be creative when you do so. Be aware of the risks and the gains. I
myself have come up with a few but I decided to keep them to myself, sorry :(.
However, if you ever find a way to pk very effectively, then keep it to
yourself! Let other people find ways. Always remember to have fun!

|7. Boredom Games (when you're bored)  \

     If you ever get bored with runescape (which happens A LOT), here are some
games I made up when I've been bored. Maybe you can create your own sometime!


The object of the game is to make it out of the wilderness alive with the most
valuable items. Challenge a friend and see who makes it out the richest! This
is how you play. You set a time limit for you and/or your friend. For that time
limit, you must stay in the wilderness with NOTHING with you. Both of you
wander around looking for things to find. You can obtain items in any way:
Pking, random drops, etc. However, if you die, you automatically lose. The
whole point of this game is to survive with what you can scavenge. It's pretty
fun, and a decent way of making money. My friend once got a rune medium helmet
from this!

Problems: If your playing against your friend, there is a possibility that they
may be cheating by hiding armor or food in there inventory. Or maybe they died
and never told you. Don't worry about it too much. After all, you guys are

Hide and Seek

This is simple. You and a friend or a few friends set boundaries. Then, one if
you goes and hides. The others then try to find you. If you find the person,
then you must send a trade request to them. If the request is successful, then
you've caught them! However, if they are too far or an object is in the way,
then it doesn't count. If the hider logs out on your friends list, then they
lose and you get to hide. You can modify this game by having 2 hiders, or
multiple hiders and 1 seeker, etc. Just have fun!

Scavenger Hunt

Great game! It's very fun with a bunch of friends. You have a person be the
main guy that gives the list of items for you to obtain for him. He waits in
one spot and tells you what to get. You must be the first to get the items for
him. I was the main guy and I asked for 5 full strength potions, a black
dagger, a red cape, a pink skirt, a bronze large, leather armor, and 20 bronze
arrows. I got a bunch of strength potions, black daggers, and arrows from this.
You can also set limits to the value of items too. It's up to you guys, just
have fun!

Drop-Transfer Police

One of my favorite games! You can challenge yourself or a few friends. Each of
you start in a different world and see if you can spot any drop-transferers. If
you do, try and see how much value you can get from them! I've gotten 63k from
this once!

Problems: There is a possibility that your friend may lie to you. But then
again, you can always trust friends.

|8. Words from the Wise   \

     Here are some lessons from the wise, such as me ^_^. Use them to control
your tempers and your runescape life:

-Always remember, beggars never prosper. (from MadOnion)

-When in doubt, run and log out. (from me)

-Talk is cheap. Don't ever listen to what other people say. Only listen to what
they do. (from me)

-Work hard for yourself. Don't try to scam, you'll only waste time. (from
numerous people)

-The life of a pker is tough. There are great losses, struggles, betrayal, and
sacrifices. But stick to it, for the prize at the end is well worth it. (from

-Stuff happens. The best you can do is go with the flow. (from Souper P K)

-Never underestimate anyone. Even the weakest can defeat the strong. (from a
few of my kills)

-To get the fullest of pking, you must not care whether you live or die. (from

-Stooping down to a no0b's level only makes you a no0b yourself. (from Jet0r)

-Playing runescape is fun, but always remember; it's only a game. (from me)

|9. Credits  \

I'd like to give thanks to:

My victims: Without them I wouldn't have made this guide. I respect them for
their efforts.

My killers: Thank you for making me strong through tough times. I will not give
up and hope to one day revenge my deaths ^_^.

Psx19: Thanks for the info!

Jet0r: Thanks for the info!

Souper P K: Thanks for the info!

Upas: Thanks for the info on the "protect items" bit!

My friends: Thanks for being there and putting up with my frustration. You guys
are my fo0s for life ^_^!

Thanks for everyone who plays the game. I hope you all are happy with this and

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