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Crafting Guide by Fraghappy

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/21/02

--==Runescape Crafting Guide v1.0==--
Created by: morpheusjedi77
RS Username: mastertribal
E-mail: HimuraKenshin779@aol.com
Created: 10.21.02
Updated Last: 10.21.02

--==Table of Contents==--
I.    Introduction
II.   Version Information
III.  Clay
IV.   Silver
V.    Gold
VI.   Leather
VII.  Glass (Member's Only)
VIII. Battlestaves (Member's Only)
IX.   Flax (Member's Only)
X.    Credits and Such

--==I. Introduction==--
Crafting, perhaps one of the most versatile skills in Runescape. It currently
has 7 different media in which you can play around in to gain crafting xp and
create useful tools. Therefore, I have dedicated a small section to each in the

--==II. Version Information==--
v1.0 - 10.21.02 - The first version is done, with all sections complete.

--==III. Clay==--
Clay is probably the best way to start crafting. While you may break a lot of
pots at first, you can start doing it from level 1. In order to craft with
clay, you must first go to a mine with clay (the Dwarven Mines are probably the
best,) and mine dry clay. You then must get a bucket or pitcher and add water
to each lump of clay to soften it in order to make it workable. Then, you take
it to a potter's wheel and furnace to craft it into various things.

|Locations of Potter's Wheel and Furnace                |
|--There is one in one of the buildings in Barbarian    |
|Village. If you are mining clay from the Dwarven Mines,|
|this is probably the best place to craft it.           |
|							|
|--Another potter's wheel can be found in the buildings |
|in the north part of Ardougne.                         |

Once you are at a potter's wheel and furnace, you must use the lumps of clay on
the wheel and decide what you want to make, and then put it in the furnace to
harden it.

|Lvl |Item      |XP   |Use                |
| 1  |Pot       |12.5 |Holds flour        |
| 3  |Pie Dish  |25   |Used in making pies|
| 7  |Bowl      |25   |Used in making soup|

--==IV. Silver==--
Silver can be used for one thing, and one thing only: making Holy Symbols of
Sarodim. To begin, you have to have a Holy Symbol mould which can be purchased
from the Rimmington crafting shop. You must then mine silver (requires lvl 20
mining.) The best places for silver are in the mine north of Rimmington or the
Crafting Guild. Then, take it to a furnace and smelt it into silver bars
(requires lvl 20 smithing.) Again, use it with the furnace and choose to make
it into a Holy Symbol, and gain 50 crafting xp. You can then take it to Brother
Jerrod in the Prayer Guild above the monastery near the dwarven mines, and he
will bless them.

--==V. Gold==--
Gold can be used to make three types of jewelry: rings, necklace, and amulets.
To make these, you must first have a mould for the type of jewelry, which can
be purchased from the Rimmington crafting shop. There are five gems that can be
added to the jewelry to raise its value. These are (in order from least to most
valuable) sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond, and dragonstone.

Making jewelry is quite similar to silver. You must first go mine gold
(requires lvl 40 mining,) and take it to a furnace and smelt it into a gold
bar. Then, you must use it again with the mould and any gem that you want in it
in your inventory. In order for the gem to be set into the gold, you must use a
chisel on the gem to cut it.

That is it for creating jewelry, unless it is an amulet. In that case, you must
shear wool from a sheep, spin it at a spinning wheel, and then use it with the
new amulet to string it. You can then cast the enchant spell to give it various

Enchanted Amulet Bonuses
Sapphire Amulet    :: +7 Magic
Emerald Amulet     :: +7 Armor
Ruby Amulet        :: +10 Weapon Power
Diamond Amulet     :: +6 Weapon Aim, Weapon Power, and Magic
Dragonstone Amulet :: +10 Weapon Aim, +7 Weapon Power, +4 Magic, Prayer, Armor

|              Level Required                 |
|            | Cut | Ring | Necklace | Amulet |
|Sapphire    | 20  | 8    | 10       | 13     |
|Emerald     | 27  | 18   | 24       | 30     |
|Ruby        | 34  | 30   | 40       | 50     |
|Diamond     | 43  | 42   | 56       | 70     |
|Dragonstone | 55  | n/a  | n/a      | 80     |

|            Experience Gained                  |
|            | Cut   | Ring | Necklace | Amulet |
|No Gem      | n/a   | 15   | 20       | 40     |
|Sapphire    | 50    | 40   | 55       | 65     |
|Emerald     | 67.5  | 55   | 60       | 70     |
|Ruby        | 85    | 70   | 75       | 85     |
|Diamond     | 107.5 | 85   | 90       | 100    |
|Dragonstone | 127.5 | n/a  | n/a      | 150    |

--==VI. Leather==--
Leather is a good skill to work on after clay becomes too slow. It can be used
to create gloves, boots, and leather armor. To make stuff out of leather, you
first have to go to one of the cow fields (there is along the path between
Lumbridge and Varrock.) Kill the cows there, and along with bones and raw beef,
they will drop cow hide. Take this to Al Kharid to the Tanner, and he will tan
the leather for 1 gp a pop. You then need to go to the Al Kharid crafting store
and pick up a needle and several spools of thread. Each spool of thread can
make 5 things out of leather, and the needle lasts forever. Use the needle with
the armor, and the crafting choices pop up in the corner of the screen.

|Lvl |Item           |XP   |
| 1  |Gloves         |13.5 |
| 7  |Boots          |16.5 |
| 14 |Leather Armor  |25   |

--==VII. Glass==--
Glass can be made into beer glasses, vials for herlaw, and uncharged orbs. In
order to do this, grab a few buckets, dump your armor and weapons in the bank,
and take a trip to Entrana by talking to the monks in Port Sarim.

You need two ingredients to make glass, sand and sodium carbonate. Sand is
pretty simple. Just take the buckets you brought and use them with the sand pit
 near the docks of Entrana. To make sodium carbonate, you need seaweed. There
are a few seaweed respawn points near the mining rocks on the island, or you
can catch them elsewhere with a big net. Take these to the furnace, and use one
of them with the furnace, and it automatically uses the other to make molten
glass (and you get a cool 20 crafting xp.)

Next, you need a glassblowing pipe. There is one that respawns on one of the
tables in a nearby house. Pick one up, and use it with the molten glass, and it
will asks you what you want to make.

|Lvl |Item           |XP   |
| 3  |Beer Glass     |17.5 |
| 33 |Vial           |35   |
| 46 |Uncharged Orb  |52.5 |

--==VIII. Battlestaves==--
Crafting a battlestaff is a venture only undertaken by the most rich of players
who are incredibly skilled in crafting and magic. Each battlestaff costs around
60k to make for various supplies, runes, and the cost of Thormac enchanting
them. You must have also completed the Scorpion Catcher quest, otherwise
Thormac will not offer to enchant them.

To make a battlestaff, you must first have an uncharged orb and a plain
battlestaff (which can be bought from the staff shop in Varrock.) Take the
uncharged orb to the corresponding Obelisk for it's element, and cast the
Charge Orb spell onto the obelisk. This will allow you to charge the orb. Then,
you can attach it to the battlestaff and take it to Thormac who will do the
final enchanting for 40k.

|Locations of Obelisks                                  |
|Water :: This obelisk is in the Member's dungeon, up   |
|the ladder in the room with the Black Dragons.         |
|                                                       |
|Earth :: For those who have done the Family Crest, the |
|Obelisk of Earth should be familiar. It is in the      |
|Wilderness dungeon by Chronozon.                       |
|                                                       |
|Fire :: This one is just past the Black Demons also in |
|the Member's dungeon.                                  |
|                                                       |
|Air :: The Air Obelisk is in the Wilderness dungeon    |
|up the ladder past the Black Demons.                   |

NOTE: The level for casting the spell and making the battlestaff are the same.
The runes needed for the spell are 30 of that element and 3 cosmic runes.
|Lvl |Element | XP   |Mag. XP |
| 56 | Water  |100   | 132.5  |
| 60 | Earth  |112.5 | 140    |
| 63 | Fire   |125   | 146    |
| 66 | Air    |137.5 | 152.5  |

--==IX. Flax==--
Flax is probably the most basic, and is necessary for fletching. There is a
small flax field south of Camelot. Just pick an inventory full of flax, and
take it to a spinning wheel (there is one nearby in Seer's Village.) Spin them
on the wheel into bowstrings for 15 xp a pop. That is about it for flax.

--==X. Credits and Such==--
I would like to thank Andrew and the guys at Jagex for making such a cool game.
Also, I would like to thank CJayC and GameFAQs for hosting the FAQ.

This guide is (c) 2002 Thorne M.
Please do not use this guide, in either part or whole for any website without
contacting me first. The only site with permanent permission to use this guide
is www.gamefaqs.com

If you see any mistakes, or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me
at HimuraKenshin779@aol.com

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