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Quest Guide by Fraghappy

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/20/02

--==Runescape Quest Guide v1.2==--
Created by: morpheusjedi77
E-mail: HimuraKenshin779@aol.com
Created: 10.18.02
Updated Last: 10.20.02

I. FAQ & Version Information
II. Quest Walkthroughs
  i.     Black Knight's Fortress
  ii.    Cook's Assistant
  iii.   Demon Slayer
  iv.    Doric's Amulet
  v.     The Restless Ghost
  vi.    Goblin Diplomacy
  vii.   Ernest the Chicken
  viii.  Imp Catcher
  ix.    Pirate's Treasure
  x.     Prince Ali's Rescue
  xi.    Romeo & Juliet
  xii.   Sheep Shearer
  xiii.  Shield of Arrav
  xiv.   The Knight's Sword
  xv.    Vampire Slayer
  xvi.   The Witch's Potion
  xvii.  Dragon Slayer
III. Member's Quest Walkthroughs
  i.     Witch's House
  ii.    Lost City
  iii.   Hero's Quest
  iv.    Druidic Ritual
  v.     Merlin's Crystal
  vi.    Scorpion Catcher
  vii.   Family Crest
  viii.  Tribal Totem
  ix.    Hemenster Fishing Contest
  x.     Monk's Friend
  xi.    Temple of Ikov
  xii.   Clock Tower
  xiii.  The Holy Grail
  xiv.   Fighting Arena
  xv.    Tree Gnome's Village
  xvi.   The Hazeel Cult
  xvii.  The Sheep Herder
  xviii. Plague City
  xix.   Sea Slug Quest
  xx.    Waterfall Quest
IV. Credits and such

I. FAQ & Version Info
1. What is the point of doing the quests?
There are many benefits. You can gain access to special areas, get rare items,
GP, and access to the Champion and Hero's Guild.

2. What is the Champion Guild?
The champion guild is a building outside of Varrock, to the southeast. It
requires 32 quest points to enter, and inside is a chicken yard, a range, and
two shops with: rune chain, rune legs, rune skirt, rune mace, rune short, rune
long, black legs, black helmet, adamantine plate, and blue capes.

3. What is the Hero's Guild?
The Hero's Guild is a building north of Taverly, the Druid village. It requires
you complete all of the quests to enter, and inside is a blue dragon, several
mithril and adam rocks, a dragon battle axe, and the Hero's Fountain.

4. What does the Hero's Fountain do?
If you have a Dragonstone Amulet, you can dip it in there, and it will become
"charged up." When it is charged up you can use it to get a free teleport, but
after a few teleports, it will lose it's power.

5. Why are the quests listed in the order they are in?
They are listed in the order that they come on the list in the Stat menu.

Version Information
v1.2 - [Oct 20, 2002] - Fixed several small errors throughout the FAQ and added
a few new tips to some quests. (Thanks to kdkdkdkd, Robbie B, KingKai and
Bjorn414 for submitting them.)

v1.1 - [Oct 19, 2002] - I fixed a few errors in some of the quests, and refined
a couple of things. Not many major changes.

v1.0 - [Oct 18, 2002] - Have all of the walkthroughs done!

i.     The Black Knight's Fortress
       "Help the White Knights foil the plan of the Black Knights."
       Difficulty - 7/10
       Requirements - Decent combat, 12 quest points
       Rewards - 2500 gp
       Quest Points - 3

To start the quest, talk to Sir Armik Varze in the top floor of the White
Knight's Castle in Falador. He will tell you that the Black Knights are
threatening to use a new "secret weapon" that they are developing, and he wants
you to destroy it.

To begin, you will need to either buy or smith a bronze medium helmet and an
iron chain mail. Equip these, and head toward the monastery near the dwarven
mines. Here, gather a few cabbage, and head toward the Black Knight Fortress
(north of the dwarven mines.)

You can go through the side door, as you have the guard uniform on, so proceed
through, and pres the "odd looking wall" just north inside. Go up the ladder
there, and "listen through the grate" that is upstairs. A Black Knight, Goblin,
and Witch will talk about the plans for the "invincibility potion." They talk
about needing some cabbage from Draynor Manor, and how any other cabbage would
ruin the potion forever.

With this information in mind, go back down the ladder, and attempt to enter
the Great Hall with the Black Knights in it. You will be halted by a guard, who
say they will attack any visitors who come in. Go in, and equip your regular
armor. You will be attacked by the Black Knights, but slowly make your way to
the other end, by fighting or running. At the other end, go up the stairs,
followed by the ladder, and go to the north to find another "odd looking wall."
Press it, and use the cabbage with the hole in the room to ruin the secret
potion (the hole leads down into the cauldron.)

If a message pops up that says you have ruined the secret potion, you can
return to Sir Armik Varze to claim your reward.


ii.    Cook's Assistant
       "Help the cook get the ingredients he needs."
       Difficulty - 2/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - Small amt. of cooking xp, use of Range in the Castle Kitchen
       Quest Points - 1

In Lumbridge Castle, speak with the cook there to start the quest. He says he
needs 3 ingredients to complete a cake he needs baked tonight: egg, flour, and

Milk - To obtain milk, you must first purchase a bucket from the General Store.
Visit the cow fields on the path to Varrock, and use the bucket with a cow to
get milk.

Egg - Eggs respawn in the chicken coups on either path away from Lumbridge.

Flour - To obtain flour, you must first purchase a pot from the General Store.
Head toward the wheat field near Draynor Village, and get some wheat there.
Take it to the top floor of the windmill next door, put it in the hopper, and
click again on the hopper to operate it. Return to the bottom floor, and use
the pot with the pile of flour there to get this ingredient.

Take all three ingredients back to the chef in Lumbridge and you will gain your


iii.   Demon Slayer
       "Save Varrock from the evil Delrith."
       Difficulty - 5/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - Silverlight (sword with bonus against all demons)
       Quest Points - 3

Travel to the marketplace at Varrock, and speak to the Gypsy near the clothing
shop. She will speak of the downfall of Varrock because of the demon Delrith.
She will give you an incantation to speak at Delrith's death, and will tell you
you need the Silverlight. To get the Silverlight, you first need the three

Key 1 - Fill a bucket with water. Find the drain near the back of Varrock
Castle, and use the bucket with the drain to wash the key down into the sewers.
Enter the sewers (there is a manhole near the museum in northeast varrock,) and
you should see the key not far from the entrance.

Key 2 - In Varrock, go to the upper floors of the castle, and find Captain
Rovin. Speak with him to get a key.

Key 3 - Speak with the Wizard Traiborn on the second floor of the Wizard's
Tower (southwest of Varrock,) and he will ask you to obtain 25 bones for him.
Gather them, and he will exchange them for the final key.

Go downstairs in a room toward the east side of the palace, and use the keys on
the chest there to get the Silverlight. Equip it and go the the Circle of
Pillars just south of Varrock. Attack Delrith, and say the correct incantation
before the final blow (Carlen-Aber-Cmerinthium-Purchai-Gabindo.) After he is
defeated, the mission immediately ends.


iv.    Doric's Amulet
       "Help Doric gather supplies for an amulet."
       Difficulty - 2/10
       Requirements - none (mining levels help, but aren't required)
       Rewards - 180 gp, small amt. mining xp, and use of Doric's Anvils
       Quest Points - 1

Visit Doric, who lives in a small house near the gate to the members server.
Talk to him, and he will say he needs materials for an amulet:
     -6 clay
     -2 iron
     -4 copper
Simply go and mine them from the dwarven mines, or even buy them from the
mining shop in the mines, and bring the materials back to complete the quest.


v.     The Restless Ghost
       "Help the wandering spirit finally rest in peace."
       Difficulty - 4/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - Small amt. prayer xp
       Quest Points - 1

Pay a visit to the church in Lumbridge and talk to the priest. He will ask you
to help him get the ghost living in the cemetary to finally be put to rest. He
will tell you to visit his hermit father, who lives in the swamp south of
Lumbridge Castle for advice. Find his house in the swamp, and he will give you
the Amulet of Ghostspeak.

Return to the church, and go and visit the ghost in the graveyard while wearing
the Amulet of Ghostspeak. The ghost will tell you his skull has been taken. Go
to the Wizard's Tower southwest of Varrock, and find the skull in the cage in
the basement. You will be attacked by a skeleton when you pick up the skull.
Defeat the skeleton (or run if you have to) and return to the graveyard. Use
the skull with the coffin to return it's proper place, and the ghost will rest
in peace.


vi.    Goblin Diplomacy
       "Quell the neverending fights of the goblins."
       Difficulty - 5/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - Small amt. crafting xp, gold bar
       Quest Points - 5

Speak with the bartender in the bar in Port Sarim. He will mention that the
goblins are at war again, and this time it is about the color of their armor.
Travel to Goblin Village, located to the north of Doric's house. Talk to
General Bentface and Wartnose, and they say they are looking for new colors of
armor. To complete their requests, you are going to need to get 3 sets of
goblin armor, and one of each of the colored dyes.

The goblin armor is fairly simple. Fight goblins for awhile, and 1/20 drops a
set of it. The dyes are a little trickier. Go to Draynor Village, and speak to
Aggie the witch about the dyes. She will mention they cost 5 gp each, and that
she needs 2 onions for yellow, 2 woad leaves for blue, and 3 redberries for

Onions can be found either in a garden patch north of Rimmington, or in a small
gardening patch behind a farmhouse south of the windmill near Draynor Manor.
Redberries respawn in several locations in the woods to the southeast of
Varrock, or can be purchased at the Food Shop in Port Sarim. Finally, you must
travel to Falador to get woad leaves. Talk with Wyson the Gardener and offer
him 20 gp, and he will give you two woad leaves. (NOTE: If you did not talk to
Aggie about the dye ingredients, Wyson will not talk about the woad leaves.)

Take the ingredients back, and get your dyes. Mix the yellow and red dye to get
orange, and use it on one of the goblin armors. Use the remaining blue dye on
one of the other two, and then return to Goblin Village. Talk to one of the
generals, and you will first offer the orange armor (which they will take at
first, and then reject,) then the dark blue armor (which they will do the
same,) and finally they accept original color, and you complete the quest.


vii.   Ernest the Chicken
       "Get Ernest back into his old body."
       Difficulty - 4/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - 300 gp
       Quest Points - 4

Speak with Veronica near the gate of Draynor Manor. She will say her husband,
Ernest has been changed into a chicken by the mad scientist! Go to the top
floor and talk with Scientist Oddenstein to see what you can do. He says he can
reverse the effects, but he needs 3 items to fix the machine: a pressure gauge,
a rubber tubing, and an oil can.

Rubber Tubing - The rubber tubing is located in the closet with the skeleton
(who won't attack if you enter,) on the bottom floor. In order to get in there,
you need a key. Last time it was seen was in the compost heap in the back. Get
a spade (there is a respawn by the side door) and go out and dig through the
compost heap to find the key.

Pressure Gauge - The pressure gauge was last seen in the fountain outside. Too
bad it is infested with man-eating pirhanas! You need to find another way.
There is some Fish Food that respawns on the top floor, and some Poison in the
kitchen. Use the Poison on the Fish Food, and "voila!" Poison fish food! Use it
on the Fountain, and the Pressure Gauge is yours.

Oil Can - In the basement, there is a huge switch maze with the Oil Can at the
end. There are six switches labeled A-F. Pull them in the following order:
A, B, D, A, B, F, E, C, E
All of the needed doors will now be open, and you can get the oil can.

Return to Oddenstein with the items, and he will fix the machine, allowing
Ernest to become human again.


viii.  Imp Catcher
       "Get the beads back from the filthy thieves!"
       Difficulty - 2/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - Small amt. magic xp, Amulet of Accuracy
       Quest Points - 1

Talk to Wizard Mizgog on the 3rd story of the Wizard's Tower, and he will
complain about the little "imps" that have stolen his four colored magic beads
(red, yellow, white, and black,) and asks if you can help him find them.

This is a quest you must do slowly over time. Everytime you see an imp (small
lvl- 3 red creature) running around, kill it, and hope for a bead. Once you
have them all, return to Wizard Mizgog to claim your reward.

Robbie B adds:
"The Imp Catcher quest can be done very quickly by taking 60 gp and going to
Karajma... Quite a few imps respawn around the volcano and it's much quicker
than going around the main land."


ix.    The Pirate's Treasure
       "Find Redbeard the Pirate's treasure."
       Difficulty - 4/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - 1 gold ring, 1 emerald
       Quest Points - 2

Talk to Redbeard Frank, who wanders around the pub at Port Sarim. He talks
about his treasure, and will let you in on it... if you bring him Karamja Rum.
Before you go anywhere, get a white apron. If you don't have one in the bank,
they can be purchased at the Varrock Clothing Shop.

Go to Karamja, and you can buy Rum in the liquor shop there. However, you
cannot return to the mainland with it in your possession, as the Customs
Officers will confiscate it. Instead talk to Luthas, the owner of the Banana
Plantation, and ask him for work. He will tell you to fill the crate outside
with 12 bananas, and he will pay you. Do this job, but before you go to tell
him you have finished, slip the rum in there to. Now, talk to him, get paid,
and return to Port Sarim.

The bananas sold were shipped to the Food Store right there in Port Sarim. Go
into the store, and you should be able to see the crate in the back. Try to go
through the door back there, and the shop owner stops you, saying that if you
want to help, you need to be wearing a white apron. Do so, and go back and
search the crate to get your rum.

Take the rum to Redbeard Frank, and he will give you a key to a chest in
Varrock's Blue Moon Inn. Go there, and open the chest, and you will find a note
that tells you to dig behind the bench in Falador Park. There, you must kill
Wyson, who will not let you dig behind the bench. Then you can dig behind there
to claim the treasure.


x.     Prince Ali's Rescue
       "Help free Al Kharid's prince."
       Difficulty - 6/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - 700 gp, free access through Al Kharid Toll Gate
       Quest Points - 3

Speak with Chancellor Hassan inside the palace in Al Kharid. He will ask you to
see his assistant Osman, as he is in a tough situation. Osman will tell you
about how Al Kharid's archenemy, Lady Keli, has kidnapped the prince, Ali. He
will tell you that there is a spy, his daughter, in Draynor Village who can
help you further. Before continuing, collect the following long list of items:

       2 Onions - Onions can be found in a small garden patch south of the     
          windmill near Draynor Village. The patch is behind a farmhouse.

       Ashes - Light a fire (use Tinderbox with logs) and wait for it to burn  
          out, and it will leave ashes.

       2 Waters - Get two jugs or buckets, and fill them up in a fountain or   

       Redberries - Redberries can be found in the forest past the Circle of   
          Pillars near Varrock.

       Flour - Get a pot, and pick a grain in the field near the windmill. Take
           the grain to the top floor. Put it in the hopper, and operate it,   
          and go back to the bottom floor. Use the pot with the pile of flour  
         in the chute.

       Pink Skirt - They can be bought in the Varrock Clothing Shop.

       8 balls of wool - Buy shears in the general store, and use them with a  
          sheep to get unspun wool. Take it to the spinning wheel in the west  
         tower of Lumbridge Castle, to spin it into balls of wool.

       3 Beers - These can be bought in almost any bar, and can be found in the
           Barbarian Village pub for free.

       Clay - Mine this from a clay rock or buy it.

       Bronze Bar - Mine or buy 1 tin and 1 copper ore. Use one in a furnace,  
          and they will both be used to make a bronze bar.

Now, after you have retrieved the long list of items, head towards Draynor
Village. Go find Leela (Osman's daughter) and talk to her. She will inform you
of the plan. To prepare for the imprint of the key, use one of the waters with
the clay to get soft clay. Get Ned (lives in a building in Draynor,) to make
you a wig and rope out of the wool balls, and take the onions, redberries,
flour, ashes, and water to Aggie to get Makeup and Yellow Dye. Use the yellow
dye with the wig, and you will get a blonde wig.

In the Jail, talk to Lady Keli, and you can ask her to see the key. She will
agree, and you will automatically take an imprint and return it to her. Run
back to Al Kharid with the imprint and bronze bar, and Osman will give you the
jail key. Scurry back to Draynor to carry out the plan. Quickly talk to Leela
again, and she will remind you to offer the bodyguard some beers to get him

First of all, talk to Lady Keli's bodyguard, and offer him the three beers. He
will accept, and immediately get drunk. Use the ropes on Lady Keli to tie her
up, and unlock the door to the jail. Talk to the prince, and he will get into
his disguise and go back to Al Kharid. Follow, and talk to Osman, and you will
gain your reward.


xi.    Romeo & Juliet
       "Shakespeare's classic, Runescape style."
       Difficulty - 1/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - none
       Quest Points - 5

Start off by talking to Romeo in the Marketplace in Varrock. He will ask you to
deliver a message to Juliet. Go tell her (she lives in the house just outside
the gate to Varrock) and she will explain the situation, and tell you to ask
Father Lawrence for help. Father Lawrence hangs around in the church near the
sewer entrance in northeast Varrock. Talk to him, and he suggests a
Cadavapotion, and promises to notify Romeo. Go get cadavaberries from the
forest to the southeast of Varrock, and take them to the Apothecary. He will
make you the potion, which you can bring back to Juliet. She drinks it and
falls into the "death-appearing" sleep. Go talk to Romeo to finish the quest.
It turns out he didn't get Father Lawrence's message and Juliet was buried
alive. Oh well, doesn't follow Shakespeare's version, but it was fun


xii.   Sheep Shearer
       "Baaa, Baaa. Help a farmer shear his sheep."
       Difficulty - 1/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - VERY small amt. of crafting xp, 60 gp
       Quest Points - 1

Shop at any general store for a pair of shears. Go to the farmhouse north of
Lumbridge, and talk to "Fred the Farmer." Fred complains that his sheep are too
wooly, and asks you to obtain 20 balls of wool from them. Go out into the
fields and shear until you have 20 mounds of unspun wool, and then go to
Lumbridge Castle's 3rd floor. There you can find a spinning wheel to spin the
wool. Return to Fred the Farmer for your reward.


xiii.  Shield of Arrav
       "Save the Runescape Artifact... which was broken into 2 halves."
       Difficulty - 6/10
       Requirements - a friend in the other gang
       Rewards - "Scroll" which can be exchanged for 600 gp
       Quest Points - 1

This quest requires you and a friend to both play, in order to get both halves
of the shield. To start out, talk to the museum curator, who will be upset
about the missing shield. It was broken and one half was taken by the Phoenix
Gang, and the other by the Black Arm Gang. One friend must join Black Arm, and
the other Phoenix.

Phoenix Gang Half - Search through the books in the library at Varrock Castle.
You should find one book about the Shield of Arrav. Talk to the librarian, and
he will say to talk to the Baeraek. Do that, and give him 20 gp to tell you the
location of the hideout. Talk to the leader in the hideout to get a task that
you must complete to join. He says you must go into the Varrock Blue Moon Inn
and kill Johnny the Beard, and bring back the intelligence report he carries.
Do that to gain access to the hideout. Search the chest in the back to get the
Phoenix half of the shield. Finally, give a Phoenix Gang Armory key to your
friend, and he can start on his half.

Black Arm Gang Half - Talk to the tramp near the swordshop, and ask what is
back in the alleys, and he will tell you the location to the hideout. Talk to
Katrine, and she will give you a simple task to complete to gain access to the
hideout. You must steal 2 Phoenix Bows from the Phoenix Gang Armory. Get your
key from a friend, and go up into the armory. If you try to pick something up,
you will be attacked by the Weapons Master (lvl- 25.) Kill him, take two
crossbows, and return to your hideout. Give them to Katrine and she will let
you in. Your half of the shield is on the second floor in a cupboard.

Let one player have both halves of the shield, and go talk to the curator. He
will thank you and give you two certificates (one for you, and one for your
friend,) that can be exchanged for money by the king. (NOTE: You cannot keep
both, it will only let you exchange one.)


xiv.   The Knight's Sword
       "Help the distressed squire find his master's sword."
       Difficulty - 7/10
       Requirements - Lvl. 10 cooking, Lvl. 15 smithing, withstand Ice Giant
       Rewards - Fairly high amount of smithing xp
       Quest Points - 1

Speak with the squire in the bottom floor of White Knight's Castle in Faldador,
and he will explain the terrible situation he is in; he lost his knight, Sir
Vywin's favorite sword sword, a legendary sword that has been in the family for
years. Now, you must make a new one, but the fine crafting can only be done by
the legendary Imcando Dwarves.

Go to Varrock and go into the castle's library. Speak with Reldo there, and ask
what can be done. He says that the Imcando Dwarves have a love for redberry
pie. Make the redberry pie, and find the only remaining Imcando Dwarf in the
peninsula to the south of the path connecting Rimmington and Port Sarim.

Give him the redberry pie, and speak with him, and he will say he needs a
picture of the sword to continue. Return to the squire for help. He says that
Sir Vywin has a picture of himself holding the sword in the upstairs cupboard.
If you attempt to take the picture when no one is talking to him, however, he
will stop you from getting it. So get a friend to talk to Vywin, and slip out
with the picture.

Return to Thurgo, and he asks you to gather materials: two iron bars, and one
blurite ore. The iron bars are simple, as you just need to mine a few iron and
smelt them. For the blurite ore, you must mine back in the dungeons of the ice
giants and ice warriors. Go down the ladder near his house, and work your way
toward the back. Hopefully, many other players will be training, and you can
mine some ore from one of the rocks in the corner.

Once you have the ore, return to Thurgo, and he will smith you a brand new
sword. Take it back to the squire to complete the quest.


xv.    Vampire Slayer
       "Save Draynor from turning into bloodthirsty vampires."
       Difficulty - 5/10
       Requirements - Lvl 20 combat or higher
       Rewards - Medium amount of attack xp
       Quest Points - 3

At Drayor, find and speak with Morgan. He will tell you about the vampire
terrorizing the village, and asks you to help him to stop it. You will need, of
course, garlic and a stake. The garlic is easy. It is in a cupboard on the
second floor of one of the houses. To get the stake, visit the Jolly Boar Inn
northeast of Varrock. Here you will find Dr. Harlow, who will give you the
stake if you buy him a few drinks. Finally, you need a hammer to work the stake
with. Just buy this in the Dwarven Mines. Head back to Draynor, then go north
into Draynor Manor. Go down the stairs, and find the vampire in the basement.
Equip the stake, and go for it. Defeat him to finish the quest.


xvi.   The Witch's Potion
       "Help Hetty complete her potion."
       Difficulty - 3/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - Small amount of magic xp
       Quest Points - 1

Go to Rimmington, and talk to the witch, Hetty. She will ask you to get several
ingredients for her potion, to help her complete it.

Onion - there is a small garden to the north of Rimmington. You can get an
onion here.

Eye of Newt - go to Port Sarim, and purchase one in the Magic Shop. They cost
1-5gp depending on the number in stock.

Burnt Meat - to the north of Port Sarim, there is a chicken farm. Kill a
chicken and you must burn the meat. If you have a high cooking level, this can
be hard, so you may have to ask someone with lower cooking to help you.

Rat's Tail - go south from the path between Port Sarim and Rimmington, and you
will eventually find rats. Kill one, and you will get it's tail.

Return to Hetty to complete the quest.


xv.    Dragon Slayer
       "Defeat the Green Dragon on Crandor Isle."
       Difficulty - 9/10
       Requirements - High combat (must defeat lvl 110 Dragon, lvl 79 lesser   
                       		      demon), lvl 33 magic, lvl 30 smithing, 32 quest
       Rewards - 20k combat xp, can equip Rune Plate, can purchase Rune Plate, 
                		 Anti-Dragon Breath Shield (works on all Dragons.)
       Quest Points - 2

Inquire the Guildmaster in the Champion's Guild about a Rune Plate. He will
tell you to talk to his friend Oziach about it. Go visit Oziach, who lives in a
house northwest of Varrock, near Edgeville. Oziach says you must past a test in
order to have a rune plate, the slaying of the Crandor Isle Dragon. He will
tell you that you need the three map pieces and a special shield for
protection, and give you the Melzar's Maze key, a maze containing one of the

Anti-Dragon Breath Shield - go to Lumbridge, and find the Duke of Lumbridge on
the second floor. Talk to him, and he will gladly give you the shield

Map Piece 1 - you must conquer Melzar's Maze. The maze is located to the
northwest of Rimmington, and you must kill enemies for keys to move through the
dungeon. In each room there are several of each enemy, that will sometimes drop
the needed key.

       Red Key - dropped by the lvl. 13 Rats. Take it, and use it on the       
          	northwest door.

       Orange Key - dropped by the lvl. 25 Ghosts. It can be used on the door  
               	that is directly north of the railing.

       Yellow Key - dropped by the lvl. 31 Skeletons. Use this key on the door 
                	that is the most southwest.

       Blue Key - dropped by the lvl. 32 Zombies. Use it on the door to the    

       Magenta Key - dropped by Melzar the Mad (lvl 45.) Take it and use it on 
                	the north door.

       Black Key - dropped by the lvl. 79 Lesser Demon. Use it on the door to  
               	the north, leading to a chest with the map piece
Map Piece 2 - In the Dwarven Mines, attempt to go through the door in a room
off of the passage to the Mining Guild. It is an oracle that gives you hints to
several items needed to enter. Once you have them, open the chest inside to get
the second map piece

       "bowl that has not seen fire" - While you are here, mine some clay. Use 
         	a jug of water with the clay to soften it. Then, take it to the      
         	potter's wheel in Barbarian village, and make it into a bowl.

       "small crustateon cage" - Buy a lobster pot from the fishing shop in    
         	Port Sarim.

       "worm string changed into sheet" - Buy a sheet of silk from the silk    
         	trader in Al Kharid, or steal it from the Silk Stall (lvl 15) in     

       "drink of the mage" - Purchase a Wizard's Mind Bomb in the bar in       
Map Piece 3 - In the jail at Port Sarim, you must kill the goblin "Wormbrain"
in one of the cells using magic or ranged. He will drop the map, so you must
telekenetic grab it from the cell.
Go outside and talk to Klarense at the docks. Offer him 2,000 gp for the Lady
Lumbridge. However, the ship still needs to be repaired. Take 6 steel bars, and
smith it into 12 nails (NOTE: Keep the hammer in your inventory, you need it
when fixing the ship.) Now, travel up into the Wilderness and salvage 3 planks
for the repairs. Return to the Lady Lumbridge, and repair the ship. If you have
not already, combine all of the pieces of the map into one (use one piece on
another and it should happen automatically.)

Go and get your best armor, and lots of food. Swordfish, lobsters, chocolate
cake, and anchovies all work well. Go to Draynor Village and ask Ned to sail
your boat. He gladly accepts, and you sail to Crandor Isle.

Slowly work your way up to the top of the mountain, and take the ladder down
into the dungeon. Follow the path (which is guarded by several high-level
enemies) until you get to a door leading into a large room with the dragon in
it. It all ends here! If you get low on health, run away and heal quickly.

Once you have beaten the dragon (good job!) you will be teleported to the
outside of the room. You automatically beat the mission, but since the Lady
Lumbridge was severly damaged on the rocks, you must find another way out.
Continue past the dragon room, and you will come to an odd-looking wall. Push
it, and you will be in the very familiar Karamja Volcano dungeon.
Congratulations! You can now purchase Rune Plates for Oziach for 65k.


i.     Witch's House
       "Help a little boy get his ball back."
       Difficulty - 5/10
       Requirements - Good fighting skills
       Rewards - Medium-high amount of hits xp
       Quest Points - 4

Talk to the worried little boy standing to the north of the huge house in
Taverly. He will say he accidentally sent his ball over the wall into the
Witch's House, and wants you to help him get it back. Before continuing, go and
get a piece of cheese and a pair of gloves.

When you have those,  go to the front door. It is locked, but you can check
under the doormat to find the key. Go in, and walk upstairs to find her diary.
It basically explains the witch's very crazy security system outside. Now that
you know how to operate it, you should be able to get around it.

First, go back downstairs and wear the gloves. Go through the gate to get the
magnet. Then, proceed through the door opposite the front door and drop the
cheese. The mouse scampers out, so you can attach the magnet onto him.

Now the door back into the yard opens up. Go up to the shed, but when the witch
starts to come, go through the other door and wait. She comes out and goes into
the shed, and leaves. With everything clear again, you can go into the shed and
get the ball, but you are attacked by a Shapeshifter. Kill him and take the
ball back to the boy to finish the quest.

ii.    Lost City
       "Find the mythical Lost City."
       Difficulty - 7/10
       Requirements - High combat, lvl 31 crafting, lvl 36 woodcutting
       Rewards - Access to the Lost City (great place for cooking cakes)
       Quest Points - 3

To begin, go into the swamps south of Lumbridge. Huddled around a campfire, you
should find a group of adventurers. Speak with them to learn about their quest,
the search for the Lost City. They have heard of the gateway to it being in the
swamp itself, and a magical leprechaun that knows the way.

You need to find the leprechaun, and to do this, get an axe and go woodcutting
in the trees to the north of their campfire. Eventually, the leprechaun will
pop out, and you can ask him about the Lost City. He mentions the need of the
"Dramen Staff," a special staff cut from a tree on a holy island.

The holy island is Entrana, the island that the monks will not let you bring
any armor or weapons on. However, you will be doing quite a bit of fighting, so
gather up as much high-healing food as you can. When you are ready, go to Port
Sarim and board the boat for Entrana.

Walk around the island until you find a run down building with a ladder guarded
by two monks. Talk with them, and convince them to let you go down. Down in the
dungeon, you will first encounter some zombies. Kill them until one of them
drops a bronze hatchet. It is little to work with, but it will have to do.
Proceed through this small dungeon, and you will meet up with a pit of Greater
Demons. I advise just to make a mad dash through, and then you arrive at the
Dramen Tree.

Before you can get a branch of the tree, you must kill the lvl 95 Tree Spirit
that is protecting the it. Just run up, attack, run away when you are low on
hits, and heal in that cycle. The tree spirit should fall eventually leaving
you to get a branch of the tree. Simply use the bronze hatchet you got with the

Now, if you happened to bring teleport runes, you can teleport out. Otherwise,
go back to the ladder that you passed on the way there. Climb up, and you end
up in the Wilderness. Make a mad dash for the safety of the normal part of the
map, and get a knife. Use it with the branch and you get the staff. Now, go
back to the swamp south of Lumbridge, and try to find a small wooden shed. If
you go inside the shed with the staff equipped, you should be transported


iii.   Hero's Quest
       "Gain entrance into the famed Hero's Guild."
       Difficulty - 9/10
       Requirements - Completed all other quests, lvl 50 Mining, lvl 25
                      lvl 53 fishing, lvl 53 cooking
       Rewards - Entry into the Hero's Guild
       Quest Points - 1

To begin the quest, speak with Achetties outside the Hero's Guild. Ask her how
you can be admitted into the guild. She will say that all prospective members
must go on a quest to obtain three rare items. The Firebird Feather, Master
Thief's Armband, and Cooked Lava Eel.

Firebird Feather
To get the Firebird Feather, you first need some way of carrying it. The only
way of doing so is gaining the Ice Gloves. Grab a pickaxe, and head to White
Wolf Mountain. Instead of going across the mountain, head north until you get
to the rockslide. Use the pickaxe on it, and provided you are level 50 mining
or higher, you make your way through it. Work your way past the Ice Warriors to
a set of three ladders. Take the left most one. Work your way through the
cavern of Ice Warriors, until you come up surrounded by Ice Giants. Again, take
the left most ladder, and go down and make your way past the Ice Spiders. At
the end you face the lvl 103 Ice Queen who drops the Ice Gloves. Now, go to
Entrana, and kill a Firebird there. Equip the Ice Gloves and pick it up.

Cooked Fire Eel
In order to catch a Fire Eel, you need an Oily Fishing Rod. Talk to Gerrant in
the fishing shop in Port Sarim. He says you need Harralander and Blamish Snail
Slime to make the Oil. He gives you some slime, and get the Harralander and mix
them together in a vial of water. Use the Oil on a Fishing Rod to make an Oily
Fishing Rod.

Proceed to the Member's Dungeon south of Taverly and find the Black Knight's
dungeon hideout. Kill the Jailguard to get the keys to the cells, and use them
to free the adventurer in one of the cells. He gives you a dusty key to help
you get deeper in the dungeon. Open the door in the Lesser Demon room, which
leads into the Blue Dragon area. Pass through this area to the lava pool, where
there is a solitary Lava Eel fishing spot. Use the Oily Rod there to get an
eel, and take it to a range and cook it.

Master Thief's Armband
Like in the Shield of Arrav quest, you need a companion from the rival gang in
order to complete the quest...

Black Arm Gang Member - Speak with Katrine in Varrock about the Master Thief's
Armband. She says she will reward you with it if you can steal Scar Face Pete's
Candlesticks. You recieve ID Papers that you will need to get inside the
mansion. Go get a set of black armor (large helmet, plate, and legs) and travel
to Karamja and journey to Brimhaven. When you arrive at Scar Face Pete's
Mansion, you will be stopped by a man named Garv. Wear the armor, and show him
the ID Papers, and he will give you a key, and let you in. Give the key to the
Phoenix Gang member that is helping you, and go back inside. Your Phoenix
friend will range the guard named Grip in the room with the cupboard, who will
drop some keys. Use them in the treasure room to get two candlesticks. Give one
to your Phoenix friend.

Phoenix Gang Member - Speak with Straven in the Hideout about the Master
Thief's Armband. He offers to give you an armband in exchange for stealing one
of Scar Face Pete's Candlesticks in Brimhaven on Karmja. He mentions
affiliation with two people on the island, Alfonse and Charlie, employees in
the restraunt Shrimp and Parrot. The password to talk to them is "Gherkin."
Grab a bow and arrows, and head there. Talk to Alfonse, and he lets you in back
to talk to Charlie, who is a cook. Charlie tells you about a secret panel on
the mansion. Your Black Arm Gang friend should now give you a key. Go through
the secret panel, cross the room full of Guard Dogs (lvl. 46), and come into a
room with a hole in the wall. Shoot and kill the guard named Grip through the
hole. Your Black Arm Gang friend should be able to take it from there.

Return to Achittes with all three items, and she grants you access to the
legendary Hero's Guild!


iv.    Druidic Ritual
       "Become a druid and learn the basics of Herblaw."
       Difficulty - 2/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - 2 Herblaw lvls (allows you to start Herblaw)
       Quest Points - 4

Talk to Kaqemeex in the Druid's Circle north of Taverly. Ask him for a quest,
and he says to go talk to Safnew back in town. Safnew wanders about randomly,
but find him, and ask him what you must do. He says you must collect the four
types of meat (bear, chicken, beef, and rat) and dip them in the Cauldron of

To find the Cauldron of Thunder, go south of Taverly to the Member's Dungeon.
Proceed until you get to the door guarded by two suits of armor. Attempt to go
in, and they will attack you. Defeat them both, and go inside and dip the meats
in the cauldron. Take them back to Safnew, who will say to talk to Kaqemeex to
learn about Herblaw.


v.     Merlin's Crystal
       "Free Merlin from his crystal prison."
       Difficulty - 6/10
       Requirements - Medium combat
       Rewards - Excalibur sword
       Quest Points - 6

To begin, talk with King Arthur at Camelot Castle, and ask for a quest. He will
ask you to go on a quest to help free Merlin from the crystal he is trapped in.
Talk with the other knights to learn about the Sorceress in Keep LaFaye, and
how to stow away.

Go to Catherby and find the merchant standing near the boat. While someone is
talking to him, stow away on his boat, and arrive at the Keep. Work your way up
to the top, until you attack a knight that apparently is the Sorcerress's son.
She appears and asks you to spare him. Say you will do so if she tells you how
to free Merlin. After she tells you how, use the ladder there to leave.

Go to the lake near Taverly and speak to the Lady of the Lake. She will say
that you need to prove your worthyness to wield Excalibur, and tell you to go
to the Jewellry Shop in Port Sarim. Grab a loaf of bread at the food shop
there, and attempt to enter the Jewellry Shop. A beggar will stop you, and ask
for food. Give him the loaf of bread, and go to the upper floor of the shop to
find the Lady of the Lake again. She will give you the Excalibur for helping
the beggar.

Bat Bones
These are easy. Just kill a bat that is flying around outside the Keep.

Black Candle
Get a bucket, and search the houses of Catherby for a bottle of Bug Repellant.
Go to the beehives near the flax field southwest of Camelot. Use the Repellant
on yourself, and get some wax with your bucket from one of the hives. Take it
to the candlemaker in Catherby to get a Black Candle. Light it with a Tinderbox

The Words
Go directly north from Varrock, and examine the chaos altar on the island
around lvl 12 Wilderness. It displays the words.

The Demon
Go to the backside of Camelot at the area with the pentagram. Drop the bones on
the symbol, and the demon appears. Use the magic words to bind him, and go
upstairs to Merlin's Crystal and use Excalibur on the crystal to free him.


vi.    Scorpion Catcher
       "Get Thormac's rare scorpions back."
       Difficulty - 7/10
       Requirements - Medium combat, lvl 31 prayer
       Rewards - Thormac will enchant battlestaves for 40k, Strength xp
       Quest Points - 1

Talk to Thormac the Sorceror in the tower south of Seer's Village. He will ask
you to find his 3 rare scorpions, and gives you a cage to catch them in. You
can talk to any of the Seers in Seer's Village for a clue, but it isn't

First Scorpion
Journey to Member's Dungeon south of Taverly and find the Black Knight's
dungeon hideout. Kill the Jailguard to get the keys to the cells, and use them
to free the adventurer in one of the cells. He gives you a dusty key to help
you get deeper in the dungeon. Take it, and use it in the room with the Lesser
Demons. Pass the Blue Dragons, Black Demons, and Poison Spiders, until you get
to a hall. Search for an odd-looking wall. Back behind it is the first
scorpion. Use the cage with the scorpion to catch it.

Second Scorpion
This one is in the Barbarian Outpost near Ardougne. Talk to the barbarian at
the entrance to get the Barcrawl card. Go to all of the bars listed on the car,
and show it to the owner to get their best brew. Return with the card to gain
access to the outpost. Inside is the second scorpion.

Final Scorpion
If you have lvl 31 prayer or higher, this one's easy. Just go to the Prayer
Guild above the monastery near the Dwarven Mines. The scorpion is up wandering
around in there.

Take them back to Thormac and he thanks you, and offers to enchant any
Battlestaffs later for 40k. You also recieve a decent amount of strength xp.


vii.   Family Crest
       "Put the family's crest back together."
       Difficulty - 8/10
       Requirements - lvl 40 mining, lvl 40 smithing, lvl 40 crafting, lvl 59  
       Rewards - Steel Gauntlets (which can be enchanted to do various things.)
       Quest Points - 1

Begin by talking with Dimintheis in a hut near Varrock's east bank. He asks you
to retrieve the family's crest, which was split among three brothers. He says
last time he heard, one of the brothers was living in Catherby.

First Brother
The first brother is indeed working as a cook in Catherby. He is cooking in a
house at the north part of town. He says that they had broken up the crest into
3 parts, and each brother took one third. He says he will give you his third in
exchange for 5 types of cooked fish: Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna, Bass and Swordfish.
After collecting these for him, he gives you his third, and tells you to ask
the Gem Trader in Al Kharid where the second brother is.

Second Brother
Talk to the Gem Trader, who says that the second brother is standing outside
the Scorpion Chasm mines to the north. Speak with him, and he says he is
searching for the source of the finest gold. He wants to make a ruby necklace
and ring, and asks you to go talk to a dwarf named Boot to find out more.

Boot, who lives in the Dwarven Mines, past the anvils, says the rocks are in a
small dungeon south of Camelot, near Ardougne. Go to find a small dungeon, at
the entrance is guarded by hobgoblins. Work your way in to find a set of

Pull the lever down on the north wall, and then go to the south wall where
there are two doors. Enter and pull the lever in there down. Then return to the
first lever at the north and pull it up. Then enter the room again and pull
that lever down, and pull the lever on the north wall up. Return to the wall
and pull the lever down again, and return to the south room and pull the lever
up. Now, you can enter the cage with the Hellhound (lvl. 114) in it. Inside are
three "finest gold" rocks. Mine two lumps of gold, and make a ruby amulet and
necklace for the second brother. Bring them back to him to get the second
portion of the crest.

Third Brother
Go to the Jolly Boar inn north of Varrock to find the final brother. He was out
in the wilderness, and was poisoned by the spiders there. Use a cure poison
potion, and he will recover and tell you about the demon, Chronozon, who stole
his crest piece.

Get enough runes to cast all four versions of the "blast spells" (the ones that
need death runes), and go into the Edgeville dungeon. At the very end of the
dungeon, by the Earth Obelisk, you will find Chronozon. Cast all four spells on
him, and he will no longer be invulnerable. If you suceed in killing him, he
drops the crest piece

Putting the rest together
Use one piece on one of the others, and the crest should automatically rebuild
itself. Now, return it to the father, who will give you a pair of steel
gauntlets. You can take this to one of the brother, who will enchant them for

First Brother -- He will make them make you burn food less often.
Second Brother -- He will make them give you more crafting xp.
Third Brother -- He will make your magic hit harder.


viii.  Tribal Totem
       "Recover the lost totem."
       Difficulty - 3/10
       Requirements - lvl. 21 thieving
       Rewards - 1 cooked swordfish cert, Medium Thieving xp
       Quest Points - 1

Visit Brimhaven, and talk with Kangai Mau, who has had a prized Tribal Totem
stolen by a man from Ardougne. Travel to Ardougne, and speak with the gardener
outside of the Handelmort Mansion to learn more about the mansion's security.

Go to Wizard Cromptey's house nearby, and ask him to teleport you. He teleports
you to the RDPT station, where the other block is. It is in the box addressed
to the Wizard's Tower. Search the other boxes, and you will remove a label from
a package to be sent to the Handelmort Mansion. Use it on the teleport block's
box, and you will put it over the old label. Talk to the RDPT employee, and he
sends it.

Search nearby houses for a tourist guide, which will come in handy shortly.
Read it, and then return to Wizard Cromptey's. Ask him to teleport you again,
and this time you will be inside the mansion. Try to open the door, and it will
ask you for the password. Type in whatever the tourist guide says is
Handelmort's first name. In the next room, pick the other door's lock, and
finally search the stairs for traps. Then go upstairs, and search the chest to
find the totem.
Take it back to Kangai Mau, who rewards you with a cooked swordfish cert for
your small amount of trouble.


ix.    Hemenster Fishing Contest
       "Win the mountain dwarves a trophy."
       Difficulty - 5/10
       Requirements - lvl. 40 Fishing
       Rewards - White Wolf Mountain shortcut, Medium Fishing xp
       Quest Points - 1

Talk to the dwarf outside the entrance to the mountain dwarf's home on either
side of White Wolf Mountain. Ask if you can come in, and he will say you need
to prove yourself by winning the trophy at the Hemenster Fishing Contest. He
hands you an entry card, and points you in the direction of north of Ardougne.

Before going further, stop and get some garlic in Draynor Village from a
cupboard in the upstairs of one of the houses, and get a spade and fishing rod.
Go to the forest near Seer's Village, and look along the side of the fence for
a loose-looking panel. Push it to sneak inside. Find the huge red vine, and use
your spade on it to get some red worms. Do this until you have around 10.

Now, proceed to the contest to the south. Pay 5 gp to enter the contest, and
try to take the spot closest to the pipes. When you are told it is taken, put
the garlic in the pipes, which scares of the mysterious figure using it. Take
over the space, and fish until you catch the hugest fish there.
Take the trophy you win back to the dwarf to complete the quest.


x.     Monk's Friend
       "Help out the monks living south of Ardougne."
       Difficulty - 3/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - 8 Law Runes.
       Quest Points - 1

The Blanket
Talk to Brother Omad, who lives in the small monastery south of the zoo in
Ardougne. He asks you to help find Androe's son's blanket, because he is kept
up all night by the small child's crying. Go to the west and find a ladder
surrounded by rocks. Go down to find the blanket guarded by a lvl 34 Thief.
Take it back to finish the first part.

Brother Cedric
Talk to Brother Omad again, and he asks you to help him find Brother Cedric,
who has gone missing. Find Brother Cedric next to the broken cart northwest of
the monastery. Go get a bucket, and fill it with water. Bring it back to revive
him. Now he asks for help repairing his cart. Chop down several trees, and
bring him back the logs to repair the cart

Speak again with Brother Omad to finish the quest, and recieve the runes as
your reward.


xi.    Temple of Ikov
       "Unlock the mystery of the Staff of Armadyl"
       Difficulty - 7/10
       Requirements - Ranged lvl 35, Thieving lvl 42
       Rewards - Medium Ranging xp, Medium Thieving xp, Pendant of
       Quest Points - 1

Before beginning the quest, go collect 20 limpwurt roots (dropped by
Hobgoblins), a lit candle, and a yew/magic bow. Then, travel to Ardougne, and
speak with Lucien in the Flying Horse Inn.

He asks you to go into the Temple of Ikov and recover the lost "Staff of
Armadyl." He gives you a "Pendant of Lucien" which will help you through the
temple. Leave Ardougne, and travel northeast until you find the ladder leading
down into the Temple of Ikov (it is surrounded by several columns in a
rectangle shape.)

Inside, wear the pendant, and proceed into the Room of Fear. Go down the
staircase into the dark room, and if you have the lit candle you should be able
to see. Chop down the spider webs with whatever weapon you have to gain access
to the Boots of Lightfeet.

Return up the stairs, and go out the door on the other side of the Room of
Fear. Inside are several lvl 54 skeletons. Wear the boots and cross the sagging
bridge over into the room with the lever handle, which you will need later.

Proceed just a little farther into the room where you will find a lever on the
wall, which is guarded by a trap. Search for traps (lvl 42 Thieving needed),
and then pull it. Return to the very start of the Temple, past the Room of
Fear, and the first door will now be open.

Now, you must collect lots of Ice Arrows. They are guarded by lvl 68 ice
spiders. You must go down the corridor to the end, fighting your way through
them, to pick them up. Each one you pick up teleports you back to the entrance.
Repeat this cycle until you have as many as you need to kill a lvl 68 Fire

When you have all of the arrows you need, go all the way back through the
Temple again, and proceed farther than the lever with traps that you pulled.
You will come to another lever on the wall, but this one is missing the handle.
Use the handle you picked up earlier with the socket, and you can pull it to
open the door. Inside is the Fire Warrior, who you must kill through the cage
with the Ice Arrows.

When the Fire Warrior is killed, the other door in the room opens, leading to a
huge pit of Lava. Give the witch in the room, Toher, 20 Limpwurt roots, and she
will teleport you across. Then you must go past all of the skeletons and lesser
demons in the room, and get the shiny key at the end.

Return to the start of the corridor and find the Odd-looking wall. You now have
two choices, to side with the Guardians of Armadyl, or with Lucien.
Guardians: If you want to side with the Guardians, take off the Pendant of
Lucien before entering. Talk with them inside, and you volunteer your story.
They say Lucien is evil, and ask you to slay them, and give you a Pendant of
Armady to protect you.

Lucien: If you want to side with Lucien, leave the pendant on, and then enter.
Inside, you must kill all of the guardians in order to take the staff.
No matter which way you choose the quest, leave the room, and go up the ladder.
Use the shiny key you got earlier on the door up there to leave. Proceed to
Varrock, and find his house north of there near the Wilderness. Either kill him
or give him the staff, depending on which side you supported, to complete the


xii.   Clock Tower
       "Fix the broken clock tower."
       Difficulty - 4/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - 500 gp
       Quest Points - 1

In order to start the quest, go speak with Kojo in the clock tower south of
Ardougne. The clock tower hs broken, and each floor is missing a cog. The cogs
are large, and you can only carry one at a time, so you have to go back and
forth and replace the cogs one by one.

Basement - Blue Cog
Go through the entrance of the dungeon to the west of Brother Cedric and his
cart, and follow the corridor below. Take it to a place with an Odd-looking
wall to push, so you can enter the small room with the Blue Cog. Take the
ladder in the room back up to the first floor of the house. Place it on the
blue pole in the basement

First Floor - Black Cog
For this cog, you need a bucket of water. Find the cog in the middle of the
dungeon, surrounded by fire. It is too hot to pick up, so use the bucket of
water on it to pick it up. Place it on the black pole on the first floor.

Second Floor - Red Cog
Grab the Red Cog back in the corner of the dungeon where the lvl 58 Ogres are,
and take it to the second floor, and place it on the red pole.

Third Floor - Purple Cog
The Purple Cog is the hardest. Go to area of the dungeon to the side where the
rat cage is. Take the rat poison and put it in their feed trough, and push the
lever to lock the cage's doors. They will go mad, and chew threw the part of
the cage in the back, and then die. Go back to the back of the cage and search
the wall to find they nearly chewed through it. You manage to push your way
back into the room with the Purple Cog. Take it to the third floor and replace
it on the purple pole.

Talk to Brother Kojo again, who thanks you for fixing the Clock Tower, and
gives you a measly 500 gp for a reward.


xiii.  The Holy Grail
       "Help the Knights of the Round Table find the Holy Grail."
       Difficulty - 7/10
       Requirements - Must have completed "Merlin's Crystal."
       Rewards - Prayer xp
       Quest Points - 3

Talk to Merlin and King Arthur to learn about the Holy Grail, and they will ask
you to help them find it. Arthur mentions talking to Sir Galahad and the High
Priest of Entrana for more information.

First, go talk with the High Priest who will tell you more about the Holy Grail
and where to find it. Then, go talk with Sir Galahad outside McGrubor's wood
north of Ardougne. Talk with him to get a Cup of Tea (no use), and ask him more
about the grail. He will give you a napkin, and point you toward Draynor Manor.

Go to the top floor of Draynor Manor to get two magic whistles. You need to
take these to the place where the stone faces point and blow one of them, as
the High Priest of Entrana said. Load up on food, grab the Excalibur, and head
to Karamja.

NOTE: If you do not have the Excalibur anymore, you can get another from the
Lady of the Lake.

Make your way over to Brimhaven, and go to the north. You should be able to
find a square stone on the ground. Stand on it and blow the whistle, and it
summons the lvl 146 Black Knight Titan. Defeat it with the Excalibur to move

This takes you to the Holy Grail Castle. To get inside you have to talk to the
Head Fisherman. He tells you about the secret location of a bell. Find it, and
ring it to get inside. In the castle, talk to the King, and he will tell you
about his son, Sir Percival. Ask King Arthur back in Camelot about this new
information, and he will give you the Golden Feather.

Take the Golden Feather and blow on it to get the direction you need to go.
Follow it to the Goblin Village where you find him trapped in some sacks in one
of the buildings. Give him one of the two whistles, and he goes ahead to the
Holy Grail Castle.

Return to the Holy Grail Castle, and the King will be happy again as you have
returned his son to him. The land around you has become much greener and
happier. Percival has taken over for duties as king, and he will let you take
the Holy Grail upstairs, and take it back to King Arthur to claim your reward.


xiv.   Fighting Arena
       "Rescue the prisoners of the Fighting Arena."
       Difficulty - 6/10
       Requirements - High combat lvl
       Rewards - 1000 gp, Thieving xp, Combat xp
       Quest Points - 2

Go to the small village south of Ardougne, and find the Lady Servil. She will
tell you about how her husband and son were kidnapped and taken to the Fighting
Arena to the west of the village.

Travel west to the Fighting Arena, and search through the cupboards in the
houses there until you find a set of Khazdad guard armor, and equip it. Go into
the Fighting Area building and talk to the guard standing outside one of the
cells. He mentions liking the beer at the local pub. Pay a visit to the pub and
buy the Kheli Brew, and bring it back to the guard, and gives you a key.

Go free Jeremy from his cell, and he runs off to go help his dad in the Arena.
Follow him, and defeat the Ogre that is attacking him. After defeating it, the
guards come out and lock you in a cell.

Talk to the guard outside your cell to return to the battles. You first fight a
Giant Scorpion, followed by "Bouncer," General Khazdad's pet, and then finally
General Khazdad himself.

Return to Lady Servil, to get your thanks and your reward.


xv.    Tree Gnome's Village
       "Help save the home of the Tree Gnomes."
       Difficulty - 7/10
       Requirements - High combat lvl
       Rewards - Gnome Amulet of Protection, High amt. Attack xp
       Quest Points - 2

To begin, go to the huge hedge maze near the battlefield. Talk with Elkoy and
he will tell you that the Gnome Village is at the end of the maze. Search the
maze until you see the part of the fence with loose panels, which you can push
through to enter into the village.

Talk to Bolren, who will tell you about the oncoming Khazard attack upon the
Village and the power of the orbs. You are teleported to the beginning of the
maze, and you can go speak with Commander Montai. He will tell you about the
conundrum with the ballista. Go grab an axe and chop down some trees to get six
logs, and return and talk with him again, he repairs the ballista, but you
still need the coordinates. You have to go find the trackers outside in the

Search the battlefield around the stronghold to find the three trackers, and
find the coordinates as being 4, 3, 5. Return to Commander Montai and give him
the coordinates to fire the ballista.

Return to the stronghold, and climb over the newly-destroyed wall into the room
with the first orb. Return to the hedge maze and talk with Elkoy, who will lead
you through the maze this time. Take the orb to Bolren, who will say that there
are two more orbs that the Khazard Warlord has.

Get some food if you need it, and find the Khazard Warlord north of the
battlefield wandering around. Kill him, and he drops the orbs, which you can
take back to Bolren to finish the quest.


xvi.   Hazeel Cult
       "Learn the bizzare mysteries of this weird cult."
       Difficulty - 5/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - 2000 gp
       Quest Points - 2

Talk to Ceril Cerillian in the mansion in the southern part of Ardougne to
begin the quest. He says a local cult has stolen a family heirloom piece of
armor, and mentions their hideout just to the south of the mansion. Enter the
hideout, and you now have a choice to make. You can either side with the cult,
or with Ceril.

Siding with the cult: Talk to Clivet, and he will tell you that in order to
join the cult you need to kill a member of the Cerillian family, and gives you
some poison to slip into their meal. Return to the house, and go into the
basement, and dump the poison in the soup pot down there.

Return to the hideout, where they will give you the pendant that is a symbol
that you are in the cult. You need it, along with the combination of sewer
valves in order to make it farther into the hideout.

Sewer Valve 1 - Turn Right
      Valve 2 - Turn Left
      Valve 3 - Turn Right
      Valve 4 - Turn Right
      Valve 5 - Turn Left

Now, return to the hideout and hop onto the raft to proceed deeper into the
hideout. Talk to Alomone to learn about the scroll needed to ressurect Lord
Hazeel. It is hidden somewhere in the Cerillian Mansion.

Return to the bottom floor of the mansion again, and search the crate down
there to get a key. Now, search the bookcases upstairs to find a secret passage
into another room, where there is a chest. Use the key on the chest to get the
scroll. Take it back to Alomone, who ressurects Lord Hazeel, who is very
gracious, and gives you your reward.
Siding with Ceril: Go back to the mansion and talk with Ceril again who will
tell you about the sewer valve combination. You must turn the valves in the
right directions in order to drain the sewers the right way in order to get
deep into their hideout.

Sewer Valve 1 - Turn Right
      Valve 2 - Turn Left
      Valve 3 - Turn Right
      Valve 4 - Turn Right
      Valve 5 - Turn Left

In their base, take the raft deep into their hideout. There is a man named
Alomone who will mention that the butler is on the cult's side, and then attack
you. Kill him and he drops the armor.

Return to the mansion and give the armor to Ceril. He won't believe you about
the Butler, however. When you are taken to the place where the butler is,
search the cupboard there to find a scroll. Take it back to Ceril who will
reward you.


xvii.  Sheep Herder
       "Get the plagued sheep away from Ardougne."
       Difficulty - 3/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - 2000 gp
       Quest Points - 1

Talk to Councilor Halgrave near the general store in Ardougne. He is currently
trying to solve the problem of the plagued sheep that are getting the citizens
of West Ardougne sick. Your job is to capture them and put them out of their
misery, so he gives you some poison sheep feed.

You first need a suit to help protect you from the sheep. Talk to Doctor Orbon
in the monastery, and he will sell you a suit for 100 gp. Go to the home of
Farmer Brumty, where you will have to trap the sheep in the pen there. In his
house is a prod which you can use to move them forward.

Find the four sheep scattered about the area, and one by one, keep prodding
them until they go into the pen. There, feed them the poison feed, and collect
the remains. After you have killed all four, take the bones inside the farmer's
house to the furnace, and burn them.

Return to Councilor Halgrave to get your reward.


xviii. Plague City
       "Help find the missing daughter."
       Difficulty - 5/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - Magic scroll
       Quest Points - 4

In the northern part of East Ardougne, talk with Edmon to begin the quest.
Apparently his daugther, Elena, went into the plague-infested West Ardougne in
order to help the sickened people, and she hasn't come back. You will need a
mask to survive the plague over there, so go talk to his wife, Alrena inside
the house.

She offers to give you a mask if you can go fetch her some dwellberries from
McGrubor's Wood. Search the side of the fence for an area of loose panels, and
you can slip in and grab some. Return to her and she give you the mask. Grab
the picture on the way out.

Now, get four buckets full of water, a spade, and a rope. Take them back to
where Edmon is, and find the pile of soil nearby. Pour the four buckets of
water to loosen the soil, and use the spade to dig through. Underneath, use the
rope with the pipe with the grate, and talk to Edmon, who will help you open
it. Proceed through to come out in West Ardougne.

Talk to Jethink standing outside of the exit, and he will point you in the
direction of the Rehinison, and give you a book to take back to them. Go to the
house, and return the book. Ask about the daughter, and they will say a strange
man kidnapped her, and trapped her in the windowless house.

Try to enter the house, and the mourner guard on duty will not let you in. In
order to get entrance into the house you need permission from the Baerak. Find
the Baerk's house near the manhole, and ask to be let in. He has an awful
hangover, and says he is unable to write out the form, and hands you the recipe
from his now-dead doctor.

Get a bucket of milk, some snape grass (from south of Falador near the Crafting
Guild,) and some chocolate. Grind the chocolate in a Mortar and Pestle, and
then mix all of the ingredients together. Take them back to the Baerak and he
will thank you, and give you the form.

Return to the Plague House, and the mourner will now let you in. Go into the
basement, and search the barrels to find a key. Use it to free Elena, and then
return back to Edmond to recieve your reward.


xviv.  Sea Slug
       "Solve the mystery of the weird happenings on the Fishing Platform."
       Difficulty - 5/10
       Requirements - none
       Rewards - Oyster pearls, High amount Fishing xp
       Quest Points - 1

First, talk to Caroline right outside of the east gate of Ardougne, and she
asks you for help. Her husband works out on the Fishing Platform, and he took
their son Kenneth out. She hasn't heard from them since, and asks you to go
with her friend Holgart to find out what is going on.

Talk to him, and he says that the boat isn't seaworthy. He needs some paste to
fill in the holes, made from the swamp tar south of Lumbridge. The tar can be
found in the swamp just south of the Adventurer's Camp. Mix it with flour, and
cook it, and bring it back to Holgart. He takes you over to the platform.

When you arrive, you will see the platform completely covered with slugs, and
the fisherman will attack you. Go up the ladder, and find the son Kennith in
the back room. He will say his father left days ago looking for help. Go back
and talk to Holgart, who will decide to take you elsewhere to look for Kent.

On the way back, you stop at a small island where Kent crash-landed. He had
been stuck on the island for weeks, and asks you to go back for Kennith.
Apparently, they pulled in a huge catch a few weeks ago, and hundreds of little
slugs appeared. They started biting the sailors, and taking control of their
minds. Talk to Holgart, who will take you back to the platform.

Go back into the building on the bottom floor and talk to Bailey the chef. He
hasn't been bitten by the sea slugs, and has found out that the slugs are
scared of heat. He hands you the last torch, but has no way to light it. Grab
the broken glass in the room, and take some of the damp sticks from outside.
Use the glass on the sticks to heat them up, so the water evaporates, and then
rub them together to start a fire.

Upstairs, none of the fisherman will attack you, as they are afraid of the
torch. Talk to Kenneth, who is still to scared to do anything. Search the wall
near him, and find the loose panel of the wall. Kick it, and it opens up to the
point that Kenneth could slip through. Talk to him again, and he says he'll
leave once you figure out how you can get him downstairs. Operate the fishing
crane near the ladder, and he will jump down below to Holgart.

Talk to Holgart again, who has already taken Kenneth back, and he will bring
you back to shore. Talk to Caroline to complete the quest.


xxv.   Waterfall Quest
       "Unlock the mystery of the Baxtorian Waterfall."
       Difficulty - 6/10
       Requirements - Decent combat, must have done "Tree Gnome's Village"
       Rewards - 2 diamonds, 2 gold bars, combat xp, and a Mythril seed case
       Quest Points - 4

To begin, talk to Almera, who lives at the far north end of the map north of
Ardougne. She is worried because her son has gone looking for a mysterious
"treasure" hiding under the waterfall. Leave, and find the bridge across the
river near the waterfall. Then, walk up north to find the son. Talk to him, and
he will go home. Go back to Almera, and she will suggest checking out the
Tourist Center to the south.

Make your way down to the tourist center, and go upstairs. Search the bookcase
and find a book on Baxtorian. Learn about Baxtorian's wife and the Glarial's
Pebble. Read all of the options, then head to Tree Gnome Village. Have Elkoy
take you through the maze, and then leave the village back into the maze.
Follow the maze back, and you should quickly find a ladder, and take it down.

Down in the passage, take a right, and search all of the crates to find a key.
Then, take the left passage, and use the key on the door to free the trapped
gnome, Golrie. He will let you look through the junk and take the Glarias
Pebble. Leave, and go back to the Tree Gnome Village. Use the old tree to
teleport out of there.

Deposit all weapons and armor in the bank, and head back up to the waterfall.
Southeast of Almera's house is a small memorial to Glarial. Use the pebble on
the tombstone to enter a small dungeon. First, go into the room with the
cupboard and find an urn containing some of Glarial's remains. Then, search the
wall in the middle room to find an odd looking wall leading back into a
memorial for Glarial. Search the coffin inside to find a special amulet. Take
these and go back to Ardougne and get some food and armor and a rope. You also
need 6 of each Earth, Water, and Air runes.

Return to the house where you started from. Take the raft and crash on a small
island with a leafless tree. Continually use the rope with the leafless tree,
and eventually you should come to the small passage under the waterfall. Make
your way through the passage to the right, and search the crate to get a key.
Watch out for the Skeleton Mages, as they will cast rot and lower your stats.

Now, return to the center room and take the left passage past the Fire Giants.
Push the odd-looking wall, and find a locked door. Use the key you found in the
crates to go inside to the memorial of Baxtorial. Here, you must place one of
each of the runes on each of the columns, and place the necklace around the
statue of Baxtorian. The place behind you rises up, and you can then place the
urn into the grail above to get the treasure.

V. Credits and Such

I would like to thank Andrew and the guys at Jagex for making such a good game
and GameFAQS, the best game help site on the net...

kdkdkdkd and Bjorn414 for pointing out some small errors in the FAQ.

This guide is (c) 2002 Thorne M.
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contacting me first. The only site with permanent permission to use this guide
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If you see any mistakes, or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me
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